When the Moon is in the Seventh House, and Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace shall guide the planets, and love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius




compiled by Dee Finney


On 12-29-05/12-30-05 we listened to John Major Jenkins talking about what is going to happen in 2012, specifically December 21, 2012 when the Mayan calendar ends.

I have dreamed of 2012 and the Mayan calendar before. What I dream does not relate to what other people say about 2012, except that I dream in numbers frequently. 

After I shut off the radio I had this dream: 

DREAM: I was in a warm climate somewhere. Out the window of the house I was in, I saw 2 plane crashes, one after another, and then saw a strange-shaped cloud in the sky that suddenly went scudding across the sky really fast. The cloud changed so that it looked like a Mayan astronaut on a magic flying carpet - all in white.

I ran home because I heard my daughters screaming. When I ran into the room, the girls shouted that the Christmas tree was falling over and they were trying desperately to keep it up by propping it up with wooden canes with handles on them. I couldn't get the tree to stand up either and leaned it on the round dining room table.

On the table was a blue table cloth I had knitted with a circular pattern on it.  The pattern consisted of 3 stacked rows of numbers and right/left glyphs in block style. I knew this represented the Mayan calendar 

At the innermost part of this calendar circle was a small scissors shape and I knew I should use a 'thame' to divide the stack of numbers and when I used the scissors and drew it down the stack of numbers, the numbers that were 1 - 1 became 2-2 and the ones that were _ - 1 became 1 - _.  The ones that were _ -1 became 1 - _ .  

Joe came rushing in and I showed him what happened to the Mayan calendar cycle and that it had shifted and doubled its numbers. He looked at it and then realized that the third row over should be shifted as well.  What as ||||| - _ should be _ - ||||| and the lines that were _ - ||||| should be _ - |||||.    So he physically shifted them over one by one leaving them looking like big holes _____ and I knew I was going to have to mend the holes so that it once again became the shifted pattern it was supposed to be. 

Joe was all excited that we had discovered what had happened to the Mayan calendar cycle in 2012. It wasn't ending, it was shifting and doubling.  Joe said, "I'm going to have to call George Noory and go on the radio and tell him this."

End of dream:

This related to another dream I had of the Mayan Calendar: http://www.greatdreams.com/26.htm

1-14-2001 - I had spent an hour knitting an afghan which was very complicated. My eyes were getting tired, so I decided to lay down and take a nap. The dream was very strange, related to the knitting I had just been doing ... but the numbers in the vision and the way I was knitting was NOT normal.

Women who know how to knit will understand this better than men will. I knitted a cast-off of 26 stitches on a swatch of material.  In the next row I cast back on 26 stitches so that it created a long narrow rectangular window, rather like a button hole.  I also cast-off one stitch in one row, then cast on that same stitch on the next row, thereby making a square hole. The dream showed me that it was labeled 'camera'.

Then a box was created (which is impossible to do in knitting) of 26 cast off stitches, a number of rows knitted up, then cast back on 26 stitches so that a square box was created and it was held open by a stick on the diagonal from corner to corner, left bottom to upper right.

I wasn't even going to write this down, but the numbers keep nagging at me and why was that one stitch called, 'camera'?

NOTE: After researching the number, it appears that the '26' represents the long count and the '1' represents the short count of the Mayan calendar system.

Some Mayan groups froze their New Year to July 26, “when Sirius rises in that part of the world.”

On January 1 at midnight, Sirius culminates, reaching its highest point in the sky, at the only time of year when it is visible all night long.

NOTE: I wondered why the planes fell out of the sky at the same time the Mayan cloud scudded across the sky - and that could be caused by a sudden pole shift. That would probably explain the Christmas tree falling over making the girls scream, but I was obviously oblivious to what had just happened.  It didn't affect me physically.

I found this: 'in camera' (adverb)

Synonyms: SECRETLY, by stealth, clandestinely, covertly, furtively, hugger-mugger, privately, stealthily, sub rosa, surreptitiously

Thus the word camera is not just a noun ... the name of an object we take for granted .  Perhaps there is something else going on.

the divine Name Jehovah Elohim, we should note that, in Hebrew, Jehovah adds to 26, the number of letters in the english alphabet and the value of GOD in the LUX code. In the NOX code, the Holy Word of Tantrick Buddhism, OM, as well as the Lost Word of the Master Masons as MABN, or ABMN, also add to 26. The Hebrew transliterations of these two secret Words possess the same value as our Word of the Law, Thelema, 93.


Long Count

Another component of the Mayan calendar is called the Long Count. It is made up of the larger cycles of the Mayan calendar and seems to extend to infinity. It is composed of a 360-day cycle called tun, a 20-tun cycle called katun and a 20-katun (400-tun) cycle called baktun. There are also larger cycles calculated by multiplying the baktun by twenty, and the resulting cycle by twenty and so on.

In the astrological use of the Long Count, a 13-tun cycle, a 13-katun cycle and a 13-baktun cycle are also counted. Notice the similarity between the 360 days of the tun and the 360° of a circle and the zodiac. Don't confuse the 360-day tun with the 365-day Haab. The 360-day tun is composed of complete 20-day Daykeeper cycles (18 x 20 = 360), while the 365-day Haab is not.

What is relevant to us today is that we are approaching the end of a 13-baktun cycle. When people generally say that the Mayan calendar ends in 2012, they are referring to the end of this 5125-year cycle that began in 3114 BCE. There is some controversy over the starting and ending dates of this particular 13-baktun cycle.

In order to better understand why some believe that the Mayan Long Count actually ends in 2012, it is necessary to recognize certain astrological and galactic cycles. There exist astrological cycles that map the "light" of creation, the "seedings" from the darkness and the interplay between the light and the dark that is fundamental to creation itself. The cycles of the Sun and Venus together are a key light cycle. Eclipse cycles are a fundamental cycle of darkness for the Earth. The interrelationships between the cycles of light and dark reveal the ongoing creation of life on the Earth and the evolution of the Earth within the Galaxy.

A major Sun/Venus event occurs in 2012, as do two profound solar eclipses. The coming together of a cycle of light and a cycle of darkness at the time of the conclusion of a unique series of galactic alignments hints at the underlying reason why the conclusion of this Mayan 13-baktun cycle is sometimes called the end of the Mayan calendar.

In 2012, there will be the rare occurrence of a transit of Venus. This is when Venus passes directly in front of the Sun from our perspective on the Earth. It is a perfect alignment between the Earth, Venus and the Sun. The last transit of Venus occurred in 1882, around the time of the rediscovery of ancient Mayan sacred sites. Transits of Venus occur on the average twice every 120 or so years.

See: http://www.greatdreams.com/poleshift.htm


The Mayans used the stars and planetary cycles to keep time since the stars and planets can pretty much be counted on to remain the same from year to year. Many cultures did this - keeping track of the rising and setting of the moon, sun, and various planets and stars over time, marking them with standing stones such as Stonehenge and others around the world like that. 

Here are some examples:


According to the Manuscript of Serna, a missionary report from central Mexico, the natives "adored and made more sacrifices" to Venus than any other "celestial or terrestrial creatures" apart from the sun. The Manuscript also tells us that 
"The reason why this star  was held in such esteem by the lords and people, and the reason why they counted their days by this star and yielded reverence and offered sacrifices to it, was because these deluded natives thought or believed that when one of their principal gods, named Topilzin or Quetzalcoatl, died and left this world, he transformed himself into that resplendent star."
The Maya equivalent of Quetzalcoatl was Kukulkan. Both the Nahautl and Yucatec names translate as "quetzel bird-snake" or "plumed serpent". Kukulkan was a post-Classical deity, perhaps introduced to the Maya by the Toltecs, who were influential at Chichen Itza and other centres in the northern Yucatan. Bishop Landa, writing in 1566 reported that 
"[With] the Itzas who settled Chichen Itza there ruled a great lord named Cuculcan, as an evidence of which the principal building [pyramid] is called Cuculcan. They said he came from the West, but are not agreed as to whether he came before or after the Itzas, or with them. . . and that after his return he was regarded in Mexico as one of their gods, and called Cezalcohuati [Quetzalcoatl]. In the Yucatan also he was reverenced as a god, because of his great services to the state, as appeared in the order which he established in the Yucatan after the death of the chiefs, to settle the discord caused in the land . "

In Maya myth, Venus is the companion of the sun. This no doubt reflects the fact that Venus is always close to the sun in the sky, rising not long before sunrise as morning star or after sunset as evening star. In the Classical period (250-900 AD), Venus was associated with Hun Ahaw, who guided his twin Yax Balam, the sun, through the Underworld.  Hun Ahaw later became Hunaphu in the Hero Twins myth cycle in the post-Conquest  Popul Vuh. Translator Dennis Tedlock interprets these myths as an account of the apparitions of Venus from heliacal rise as morning star, through disappearance beneath the night time horizon, to rise again as evening star. See "The Chinkultic disk" for more about the Hero twins

Hun Ahaw Hunapu
The association between the sun and Venus appears to date back to the pre-Classical period.  A huge pair of jaguar masks decorated a temple facade at Cerros in about 50 BC.  According to Schele and Freidel, the lower masks represent the sun at each horizon; the upper masks symbolize Venus as morning and evening star.

The Venus table in the post-Classical  Dresden Codex  (c. 1200 AD) begins with heliacal rise of the planet on the date 1 (hun) Ahaw in the sacred almanac known as the tzolk'in.  But the post-Classical deity most closely associated with Venus is Kukulkan, the Maya counterpart of the Aztec/Toltec culture hero Quetzelcoatl. He is illustrated in the Dresden Codex Venus table. However,  the table actually includes a whole pantheon of Venus deities.  Kulkukan is portrayed as only one of four Lords of Venus at heliacal rise. There are also four Lords of Venus as morning star, and Venus Lords for each of the other apparitions of the planet.  More about the Dresden Codex Venus table and Venus deities

From: http://members.shaw.ca/mjfinley/glyphs.html

Patrick Geryl writes in Chapter 17 of his book "The World Cataclysm in 2012", "Venus, The Key to All Mysteries".  He writes on page 244:  " I want to pay full attention go the planet Venus.  As you know, it takes 243 days to make an entire circle around the sun. With this number, many codes can be broken. My intuition drew me straight to the number that shows the shifting of the Zodiac.  I divided this number by the orbit period of Venus and came to the amazing conclusion:  25,920 divided by 243 = 106.66666. "

Patrick Geryl relates the number 106.66666 to the Apocalypse. After a lot of calculations, on page 247, he says, "I found it! This was exactly what the Bible predicted. The number 66666 indicates that the end of an era has been or will be reached. And Venus is the main code in it!"

On page 249, he writes: "my attention was drawn to a chapter about the period of the orbit of Venus. I thumbed through it - maybe I could discover something interesting, you never know. Suddenly I felt as thought I had been struck by lightning. What I saw that the period of the orbit of Venus was not 243 but 224.7 days. the number 243 was mentioned beneath the orbit period, and involved the number of days Venus needs to rotate on its own axis. Our earth only needs one day to do this, but Venus takes a lot more time. It turns so slowly that it takes over a Venusian year to make one rotation - the Venusian day is longer than its year. ... This led me  to discover something incredibly important, you will understand in a minute. "

On page 250, he continues: " Since 1964, radar observations have provided another point of view, proving that the rotation lasts 243 days and runs backwards! ,,,,

"1) The codes prove that the number 243 is important and was well known by the people of Atlantis.

 2) The number 25,920 shows us the precession of the earth. That means that after 25,920 years, the earth has made one retrograde rotation around its axis. Each year, the earth rotates 3,333 seconds less around its axis, which amounts to 86,400 seconds (or one day) after 25,920 years. This is a similar code to the one of Venus because the movement of Venus is opposite of the earth. It takes Venus 243 days to turn around its axis in reverse mode to the earth. That is the reason why these 243 days were found amongst their code calculations. The earth and Venus have a common point of contact, the orbit period lasts one day in 25,920 years in earthly time and 243 days in Venus time! They couldn't have chosen a more brilliant point of departure.

 3) The orbit period of Venus can only be registered by a sophisticated technological apparatus. Did the people of Atlantis have such equipment? If they did, the implications are enormous, but I cannot find any other explanation. Furthermore, we know now that they had knowledge about solar magnetism, and the sunspot cycle, for which you need at least telescopes and probably other equipment. And what is more, you need precision clockwork to measure the orbit period of Venus and the earth, as well as to fix your position...... continuing: The Venus table in the Dresden Codex gives us a clear view of the ritual Maya calendar, showing the positions of Venus in the sky. This Venus table refers to 65 cycles of 584 days, which means 37,960 days all together, equal to `46 of the total number of cycles of 260 days of the Maya calendar, as well as to 104 of the Maya solar years of 365 days.

In Chapter 18, on page 254, Patrick Geryl refers us to the number 20, also prominent in Maya time references:

He writes: "The number 20 in the calculations of the solar magnetism: 68, 328 x 20 - 1,366,560 = code number  The Dresden Codex for the Maya sunspot cycle.  

"68,302 x 20 = 1,366,040 = the number that refers to the 20th cycle in which the sunspot cycle switches poles. All these numbers show us very clearly the source of this number 20. In this case you still don't believe me, divide 576 by 50 invisible days and the result is: 576 divided by 50 = 11.52.  When you now multiply this by 1000, you get the exact interval of the previous crash! 

He continues: " There were still the eight days during which Venus disappears behind the sun. When I multiplied eight by the small "Holy Numbers' of the Maya and the Egyptians, I obtained the number of the shifting of the Zodiac and the orbit period of Venus. Now I know both numbers refer to Venus.

72 x 8 = 576
73 x 8 = 584

"Once again, this proved that the codes were related to each other. The period of eight days when Venus disappears behind the sun indicates that Venus and the sun are closely connected. Venus refers to the bygone switches of the magnetic field of the sun, and also the big one to come, which will cause the catastrophe on earth.

"I found one additional connection: Venus makes 13 orbits around the sun in eight years. This was once more a remarkable reference to the previous numbers already known.

13 x 8 = 104.  104 is a well-known Mayan number. "

After many more number calculations, all relating to Venus and the Sun, he concludes that in 2012, we are going to have a major crash catastrophe on earth because it has happened previously.

See:  The World Cataclysm in 2012


Some time ago, in January, 2000, I wrote about the number nine which I dreamed about several times. This also fits into the time cycle of the Mayans: http://www.greatdreams.com/nine/nine.htm

In ancient Greece, 9 was the number of the Muses, patron goddesses of the arts. They were the daughters of Mnemosyne ("memory"), the source of imagination, which in turn is the carrier of archetypal, elementary ideas to artistic, realization in the field of space-time.

The number 9, that is to say, relates traditionally to the Great Goddess of Many Names (Devi, Inanna, Ishtar, Astarte, Artemis, Venus, etc.) as matrix of the cosmic process, whether in the macrocosm or in a microcosmic field of manifestation. The reason for the suppression of her image by a clergy interested in the claims only of a divinity heavily bearded, therefore, can be readily surmised; but why the same company of priestly doctors so artfully concealed in their document an unmistakable notice of their own knowledge of her power awaits interpretation.

The profundity and sublime majesty of the suppressed mythology can be appreciated best by way of two apparently unrelated clocks, one, the ultimate clock of outer space, and the other of inner space - respectively, the astronomical precession of the equinoxes and the physiological beat of the human heart.

Regarding the first; the slow westward motion, in the course of years, of the equinoctial points around the  beltway of the zodiac (the vernal equinox, for example, moving from the sign of Aries, where it had been before the birth of Christ, through Pisces, where it is now, toward Aquarius, where it will be in a couple hundred years )

NOTE: that date is highly controversial:  See AQUARIUS and AGES

This complete cycle of the twelve zodiacal signs exactly 25,920 years, which term is known as a "great" or "Platonic" year. But if we divide 25,920 by 60 (which is the ancient Mesopotamian soss, or basic segesimal unit of astronomical measurement, still used in the measurement of circles whether of time or of space), the quotient is 432. Moreover: 2+5+9+2+0 = 18.

And regarding the second, the inward clock: I have read in a popular book on physical education that "A conditioned man, who exercises regularly, will have a resting heart rate of about 60 beats per minute or less . . . Sixty per minute time 60 minutes, equals 3600 beats per hour. Times 24 hours, equals 86,400 beats a day.

NOTE: In another article read just moments ago, it was stated that the heart rests in between beats for 9 hours a day.

It is strange that in our history books, the discovery of the precession of the equinoxes should be attributed always to the Greek Hipparchus, second century BC, when the magic number 432 (which when multiplied by 60 produces 25,920) was already employed in the reckoning of major cycles of time before that century. "

See: The Number 432 by Joe Mason
See: The Code of the Ancients

Along with this subject comes this fitting dream:

9-13-98 - DREAM - The dream started out with a vision of a clock-like symbol which resembled a rounded diamond-like shape with the largest point up, down, and to both sides. These points all had feminine names. There was a dark man involved also to prevent us from getting all the way around the Zodiac clock.

I woke up and went back into a dream in which I was at home at my 16th St. house. It was going to rain and I rushed inside the house to get a gauge to hang up to measure the rain because the prediction was for 71 inches of rain.

I hung up the first part of the gauge which was a rectangle-like block plaque with a slot on it on which I balanced what looked like a small book which looked like a diary to keep records in. There was a name written on the book. (I can't remember what it was) A strong mist began to fall as I rushed back to the house to get the gauge tube and my mother held open the door for me because I had to hurry if I was going to catch all of the rain which I knew was going to get a lot heavier.

End of Dream

Sounds rather Deluge-like to me!!!!

Pacal VOTAN was the Mayan prophet who lived in the seventh century of this Christian era between the years 631 and 683. It took nine years after 683, when he disincarnated, to build the nine-leveled Temple of the Inscriptions at Palenque, and at the bottom of the temple in his tomb. His tomb was dedicated in the year 692. When the departure of the Maya took place in 830 A.D. at the end of the tenth baktun, no one knew about that tomb any longer

The Mayan Calendar



Shadow of the Seven Triangles

On the equinoxes, the Sun crosses a center point and makes an exact 90-degree angle directly over the Pyramid of Ku'Kulkan (El Castillo) at the sacred site of Chichen Itza on Mexico's Yucatan peninsula (a place that represents the turtle's head on the continent known as Turtle Island or North America).

The Castillo is part of the Mayan calender's Path of the Sun (solar calendar) with 4 stone stairways of 91 steps each plus an upper platform for a total of 365. The Maya had an 18-base for their mathematics and 18 months in a year. The pyramid has nine levels divided by the staircases or 18. The relationship of the Sun to the Earth at this sensitive point creates the phenomenon of the dramatic Shadow of the Seven Triangles, shadow triangles projected on the north staircase with serpent heads at the base. The triangles undulate in an ascending fashion in March and descend during the fall equinox.

Following 360-day Maya solar calendar are five "nameless days." The New Year started after this five-day period, a time unfit for work; a time for ceremony when the old world is symbolically destroyed and a new one created. These 5 days are considered unlucky days comparable to the time of chaos before creation and before world order was established. Ancient Egypt also commemorated these 5 days. Coincidentally(?), on the first of these five days both the Egyptian grain god, Osiris, and the Mayan grain god, Hun Hunahpu, were born.

Joe Mason, whose several articles on the relations between various chakras and crop-circles are found on his website http://www.greatdreams.com/crpcirc.htm , contributes this excerpt from Moira Timms' book, "Beyond Prophecies and Predictions" (p. 256):

"The name Quetzalcoatl is derived from the quetzal bird of Guatemala and Mexico. The quetzal had golden-green and scarlet plumage, and was considered the most beautiful of all birds. "Quetzal" also means precious. "Coatl" is serpent. In the Maya language, "Kukulcan" means approximately the same thing. According to Hunbatz Men, "Ku" is sacred, God. "Kul" is coccyx, the base of the spine, where latent spiritual energy resides. "Can" means serpent. "Kukulcan" therefore is synonymous with "kundalini" - which is what the Kukulcan/Quetzalcoatl archetype is all about, of course. To be iconographically correct, however, the god Quetzalcoatl is not himself the feathered serpent, but the one who emerges from the serpent, just as the spirit emerges from the body through the top of the head, and the Morning Star emerges from the horizon."



Mayan, Prophecy of the End of the Great Cycle

UXMAL - The Great Pyramid

Originally nine levels high, the Great Pyramid has been partially restored. It seems that another temple was to be superimposed on the existing structure and some demolition had taken place before the plans were halted, leaving the pyramid in bad condition.


(Aztec) Mictlantecuhtli's wife who helped govern the nine layers of the underworld and its nine rivers.


(Aztec) Creator and ruler of the underworld (Mictlan).

If we examine Maya inscriptions, we find evidence that implies an understanding of the Fibonacci numbers. The ancient Mesoamericans viewed the cosmos as a layered universe. The heavens were conceived of as thirteen in number, with the earth included as the first layer. There was also a nine-layered underworld, beginning with the earth again as the first layer. This is depicted on page 2 of the Codex Vaticanus A.65 This is one of the examples of the use of the Fibonacci numbers 8, 13 and 21. There are 21 "worlds," when the earth is "counted" twice as the first world. (We note that the number one appears twice at the beginning of the Fibonacci series). There is evidence that the Maya also expressed the day as having 13 hours of daylight (the Thirteen Birds of the Day) and 9 hours of darkness (The Nine Lords of the Night).

Most relevant for our discussion here, there is the 260-day calendar, which is based on Fibonacci numbers. There have been many theories that attempt to explain the origins of the 260-day cycle, and most of them show the connection with natural cycles. For example, the cycle of seed-to-harvest for certain types of corn grown in Guatemala is about 260 days. In the Dresden Codex, there are 258 days between Venus rising as an evening star and its emergence as a morning star, a period which correlates with the Aztec myth of Quetzacoatl's journey to the underworld. Perhaps the most significant correspondence is the period of human gestation. Nine lunar months are approximately equal to 260 days. One Mayan scholar discovered that some modern Mayan people explicitly state the human gestation period as the explanation for the origin of the tzolkin.

There is much evidence that multiples of 364 days, particularly 20 x 364, were used by the Maya. The quantity 20 x 819 (or 45 x 364 = 16,380 days) was also used. The 819 days is equivalent to three tzolkins (39 veintenas) plus 39 days (or 20 x 41, minus one), which means it could function as a "footstep." In 819 days, the trecena coefficient and that of the Lord of the Night (a multiple of nine) remains the same, but the day name (and the kin coefficient in the Long Count) drops by one

Fibonacci Numbers

The 2012 Calendar Detailed


Here goes some interesting information someone put together on Surfing the Apocalypse.net about previous and future poleshifts:.

Poleshift in 9792 BC

Slosman's translation of Chapter 17 of the Book of the Dead implies that the Earth has previously undergone some kind of pole-shift which caused the "sun to rise at a new horizon", and that Osiris, who was represented in the sky by the Orion constellation, had something to do with it. This could have been via an axis shift, crustal displacement, or a change in the direction of rotation. Slosman also gives "an intermediate note" that this event - the Great Cataclysm - happened on July 27th in the year 9792 BC. Gino Ratinckx checked manually, (since his astronomical software didn't go back to 9792 BC), to see if there was any astronomical pattern on 27th July 9792 BC that repeated on 21-22 December 2012 AD. He claims to have found "the positions of Orion and Aldebaran match both data precisely". Not only that, but Gino says (p.28) that the configuration "occurs three times in twelve thousand years! The other date is 3114 BC." This latter year is, of course, the year in which the Mayan long count started. Later in the book, when checked with astronomical software, only 2 matches were found to be correct- 9792 BC and 2012 AD.

Eventually, Slosman's even-rarer second book, Le Grand Cataclysme, was tracked down, in which he tells the whole story of the end of Atlantis, and how the Atlanteans had calculated the precise date 200 years before the event. They were able to do this because there had been a previous cataclysm in 21,312 BC, and a third one back in 29,808 BC. Slosman had given various lengths for 8 of the astronomical ages, and Geryl went to work decoding precessional clues. The next step was to try and find The Labyrinth, since Slosman indicated that the Atlanteans built this huge building in order to store all their astronomical and cataclysm-calculating knowledge. Gino followed the lead of Robert Bauval, and laid a sky-map over a map of Egypt, lining up Orion's belt with the 3 Giza pyramids. The temple of Dendera was found to correspond to the star Deneb; Esna temple corresponded to the star Altair; the Hawara area corresponded to the position of the Hyades, and Hawara pyramid corresponded to the star Aldebaran. The Hyades are known to astronomers as...the Labyrinth! What is more, this place is exactly where an explorer called Lespius claimed that the Labyrinth had once been. After visiting Egypt, the pair confirmed that Dendera has an association with Deneb, and also that all the signs reported by Herodotus, who had visited the Labyrinth, showed that Hawara was the location, but that it was not destroyed, but buried right there, beneath the water table, and that Lespius had not dug deep enough! However, it would take a lot of funding to excavate under the water table.

Appleby parallels & retrograde loops

At this point, Geryl and Ratinckx's quest was sounding very similar to that of Nigel Appleby and his Operation Hermes team (see items 26-28). Appleby had also laid a sky-map over a map of Egypt, lining up the belt of Orion with the 3 Giza pyramids, to find the position of the Hall of Records, which would contain a time-capsule of crucial information left by Atlanteans, to prepare us for another catastrophe in 2012. In Appleby's case, the time-capsule corresponded with the position of the star Sirius. There is also another parallel: on p.359 of his book, Hall of the Gods, Appleby refers us to a figure 121 and says,

"you will notice that as Leo and the Sun are rising at the same time, Venus is visible above them, following the same path. In these particular circumstances, Venus's path forms a planetary loop, lasting for just 6 months in any one year, which takes it across the top of the constellation of Orion. This phenomenon only occurs once every 12,500 years, and the next time it will occur happens to be the year 2012."

When Gino got a new astronomical software package, ("Loadstar"), and was able to reconstruct the sky of 9792 BC, Patrick asked him to look for a link between Venus and Orion. Gino found that in both 9792 BC and 2012 AD, Venus makes a "planetary retrograde loop" above Orion, and near Gemini. Gino said that Venus makes the same "movement" "about every 250 years", but "only in 9792 BC and 2012 is the precession the same!" This seems to contradict the earlier conclusion that the position of Orion (and Aldebaran), recur 3 times in 12,000 years (and we can only assume, since it is not explained, that the 3114 BC position was an error due to working it out manually). It also contradicts what Appleby said, and I asked Patrick about it in the following e-mail exchange;

I said:
Interesting about the planetary retrograde loop of Venus - Appleby said in Hall of the Gods, (p.359) that this effect occurs every 12,500 years - where it goes across the top of Orion (you said every 11,000 years). Like you, he said it will happen in 2012, but implies it last happened around 10,500 BC, where you say 9792 BC
His reply:


I then remembered that Adrian Gilbert had referred to the same event in his book, Signs in the Sky (see item 47), but had said that in August 2012, Venus will be "stationary in the hand of Orion". I also remembered that at the Gizagate conference in London in March 1998, I had heard lectures by Nigel Appleby, Adrian Gilbert, and Gino Ratinckx! West and Bauval were also speaking. (See SC magazine number 80 - Sep/Oct 1998 - for summary of the conference). I will have more to say about this later in this review.

Book of the dead confirms it

When Geryl turned back to Slosman's Le Livre de l'Au-dela , de la Vie, he found that there was a paragraph that was written entirely in red to stress its importance, and in Slosman's commentary, he said that within this paragraph (or just following it) there was a hidden code concerning the 9792 BC catastrophe. Geryl and Ratinckx were astounded to find what seemed to be corroboration for their discovery of the retrograde loop linking 9792 BC to 2012 AD. The passage concerns the "Mathematical Combinations" of the starry vault that were a portent of destruction, following which, "the old Lion turned around". These starry combinations would seem to involve "The Twins" and "Osiris (Orion)". "Life began again after that, under the course of the new Sun....Thus the survivors of the catastrophe coming from heaven, are purified, in order to accomplish the Orders originally passed on by Osiris (Orion)."

To the authors, here was conformation from ancient Egypt that around the time of the catastrophe, in 9792 BC, there was an astronomical phenomenon occurring near Gemini (the Twins) and Orion, and that the survivors' task was to transmit the knowledge down the ages, that when it recurred, so would the catastrophe. The catastrophe, which came from heaven, during the age of Leo, caused the Earth's magnetic poles to reverse, (scientists now warn this is about to happen) and (as the core disconnected from the mantle), crustal slip occurred, accompanied by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tidal waves. The Sun was reborn from a new horizon, as the Earth came to a stand-still in its axial rotation, and began to rotate in the opposite direction (see item item32). From this point on, the precession of the equinoxes were reversed, so that the equinox sun slowly precessed back out of Leo into Cancer. This was supported by Herodotus when he said "The Sun fell into the sea".

Surprisingly, Geryl and Ratinckx forgot to include an even more significant quote from Herodotus, who said, when reporting the wisdom of Egyptian priests, "The sun, however, had within this period of time [341 generations], on four several (sic) occasions, moved from his wonted course, twice rising where he now sets and twice setting where now he rises.'3 Herodotus converts the figure of 341 generations into a period of 11,340 years. This fits their data very well, including the previous catastrophes. If the average age of a generation used by Herodotus was increased by about 1.4 years, from 33.25 to 34.6, it would give a period around the 11,803 year-period of Slosman.

Part 2: The down-side

Geryl and Ratinckx go on to conclude that Maurice Cotterell (in The Mayan Prophecies) was right, and that the cataclysm will be caused by a major magnetic reversal on the Sun, that reverses the earth's magnetic poles, and they also (p.152) repeat from The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls (Morton & Thomas p.206); "just before sunset, Central American time, 21-22* December 2012", that "Venus sinks below the western horizon, and at the same time, the Pleiades will rise above the horizon in the east. Symbolically speaking, we will see the death of Venus and the birth of the Pleiades" This, they say, means a new precessional cycle. Morton & Thomas got the whole idea from Adrian Gilbert, (Cotterell's co-author of The Mayan Prophecies,) who based it around his discovery that the Birth of Venus occurred in the same symbolic way, on 12 August 3114 BC, at the start of the current 13-Baktun cycle (see item 35 ). However, John Major Jenkins checked and double-checked Gilbert's claims and found Gilbert had made a mistake. He then interviewed him, but Gilbert had no explanation (click here for the interview). In the same interview, regarding the observation that the complex mathematics and graphs in The Mayan Prophecies do not actually explain the end of the 13-Baktun cycle in 2012, Gilbert's answers were not convincing (see item 3 ) *Morton & Thomas have "21 December 2012"

Apart from the authors' endorsement of The Mayan Prophecies, there are several other points that did not quite add up. The first is the authors' identification of the Amenhemet III pyramid at Hawara with the star Aldebaran. As you can see in this map of the Nile area (from The Complete Pyramids by Mark Lehner, Orion added), when Orion is drawn to scale, with the belt stars aligned to the 3 Giza pyramids, Aldebaran's position ( in the constellation of Taurus), is nowhere near the Hawara area - not even in the same direction.

This means that the identification of the Labyrinth building with the Hyades (the astronomical Labyrinth) is also wrong. I haven't got a map showing Dendera and Esna's positions in relation to Giza, so I can't comment on those.

Retrograde loops: explained

I did an internet search on the retrograde loops of Venus, to try and find the facts. I found out that all the planets perform a retrograde loop, when they pass the earth (Mercury & Venus), or when the earth overtakes them (the other planets). The whole thing is covered on a site called AJ's Cosmic Thing, which includes this explanation:

"The simplest familiar analogy to this phenomenon is perhaps that of two vehicles passing one another on a freeway. The vehicle being passed is moving forward relative to a distant object (say a tree some distance from the road) as seen from the other vehicle when at a significant distance. Once the passing vehicle comes close to and overtakes the other vehicle, the passed vehicle will briefly appear to move backwards as against the distant tree. As the passing vehicle moves farther away, the regular apparent relative motion resumes, with the passed vehicle appearing to move forward relative to the tree".

There is also a Cosmic Thinglet (applet) at this site, where you can project the orbit of Venus and some of the other planets, forward at a variety of speeds. It only goes up to 2003 unfortunately, but you can watch as Venus goes through a loop starting on (approximately) Jan 1st 1998 where she reverses direction until 6/7 February 1998, when when she resumes normal rotation. If you keep it running, you will find that the next time Venus stops in her tracks is 2 August 1999, when she loops backward until 12 September 1999, then resumes forward motion. The period between retrograde loops (6 Feb 98 - 12 September 99) is thus 584 days. This 584-day Venus cycle was watched very closely by the Maya - 65 of these 584-day cycles = 1 Venus round (37,960 days), which equals 2 Calendar Rounds; (584 is the average figure, since there are slight variations). The first of these loops had Sagittarius in the background; the second had Leo in the background. The pattern continues, with Venus looping against another part of the zodiac every 584 days. After 5 loops, Venus is back to its starting point, so that the 5 points form a pentagram. 5 x 584 = 2920 days = exactly 8 Mayan Haab cycles (of 365 days each).

As you can see in this diagram, (which is not accurate, but just for illustration purposes), when Venus returns to the its starting point, (at the top of the circle) after 8 years, it is actually slightly further round the zodiac circle (by about 2.4 degrees). It takes 243 years for Venus to return to the exact point where it started, which is 152 of the 584-day cycles (the true average is around 583.92). This is equal to 30.4 pentagrams, or 30 pentagrams plus 2 extra 584 day cycles (or 2 points of a pentagram), bringing it into alignment with the original 5 points. NB This is not a complete revolution of the pentagram, but a 72 degree revolution. It takes more than a multiple of the 8-year pentagram because the constellations have also precessed over 240 years, by about 3 degrees. One complete revolution of the pentagram takes 1199 years. I have checked all these movements on astronomical software - thus, the pattern which starts with a standstill on 14th May 2012 AD, is a repeat of the pattern which started 243 years previously on 12th May 1769 AD, and these are both repeats of the pattern which occurred 1199 years previous to 2012, on 26th April 813 AD. Here are 3 sites where you can download free astronomical software, to check for yourself (thanks to Zyzygyz of Time Wave Zero 2012 for his help on this):

Loops - all loopy

This explains Geryl & Ratinckx's "250-year" Venus retrograde loop cycle, but what about the 11,803-year cycle (between 9792 BC & 2012 AD)? None of the above free software is designed to go back as far as 9792 BC, but the My Stars software can be "forced into it" by entering the date BC 9792/11/25, then running it back & forth till you find it. (The display date will probably show something like" BC 9790/-8/-12 "; but be warned: my computer crashed several times trying this). However, just around here was the exact pattern shown by Geryl & Ratinckx for 9792 BC:

The Venus loop in 9792 BC

The loop in 2012 was at first thought by the authors of The Orion Prophecy to be the same as the 9792 BC loop, (p.137-138), then they realized that in 2012, the loop appeared to the right of Orion, while in 9792 BC, it had appeared to the left of Orion:

The "opposite" Venus loop in 2012

Patrick Geryl had thought this loop was the code they were looking for, but now, he was "starting to doubt it" (p.138), until Gino reassured him that it only happens "about every 250 years", but that precession only matched in 9792 BC and 2012. The authors then concluded that, since the 9792 BC & 2012 loops are "opposites of each other" in 3 ways,4 and that "the Earth also starts turning in the OPPOSITE direction after a polar reversal", then this must be a code of OPPOSITES. However, they failed to spot that, since every 8 years, the point of the pentagram returns to a point about 2 degrees away from its position 8 years previously, this means that between 1924 and 2012 there are 12 retrograde loops of Venus above Orion.

Positions of 12 Venus loops at 8-year intervals above Orion, between 1924 and 2012

This has all been checked on the free software mentioned above. Every 243 years, the loops recur in exactly these same 12 positions over another 88-year period (1681-1769). As a result, the "opposite" status of the 9792 BC loop position and the 2012 loop position becomes much less obvious. Scroll up to the 9792 BC loop, above, and then back to this selection of 12 loops, to decide which is "opposite" to the 9792 BC one. All of them have the same 3 opposite criteria 4 as the 2012 loop. I would say that the 1980 loop is the best candidate for opposite, ( 9792 BC: 2nd standstill above hand of Orion, 1980: first standstill above hand of Orion) while the 1924 loop is the best match (which is what authors were originally searching for p.137-138) to the 9792 BC loop, since these both stand still in Gemini and loop back towards the hand of Orion.

The implication of this finding is that, either...

a)...the 11,803-year period is wrong, and it should be a period of the same length as that between 9792 BC and 1980 AD (or 1924), but obviously not this particular period itself, since the world did not end in 1980 (or 1924). Therefore it should be a period of 11,715 (or 11,771) years (don't forget there was no "year zero", if you're working this out!), and that, presuming that the 2012 AD pattern is the warning sign, the original catastrophe must have been in 9704 (or 9648)BC. We are not told how Slosman got the year 9792 BC, so cannot speculate further... except, maybe it should be 11,520 years, since that is the period between the catastrophe in 21,312 BC and 9792 BC; and 11,520 = 7200 x 584, or 7200 Venus cycles. However, there was no Venus loop in 21,312 BC, so the authors say...so maybe that's wrong too.


b)...the whole theory is seriously flawed.

This means that not only is Appleby's conclusion erroneous as he was connecting it with 10,500 BC, but also Adrian Gilbert's, since the position of Venus as "stationary in the hand of Orion" was more accurate in 1924.

"Esoteric numerology"

Since we have now determined that the 11,803-year period is wrong, it makes most of the mathematics in the book superfluous. However, on p.135, Geryl says, "I'm begging you on hands and knees to review my calculations and maybe find other connections", so let's have a look: (skip this paragraph if big decimals make you giddy)

On p.129, Geryl admits that he made an error in calculating the period between the 9792 BC catastrophe and the one which follows it. He forgot about the fact that there is no "year zero" in the Gregorian calendar, since the year following the theoretical birth of Christ was 1 AD and the year previous to it was 1 BC. So one year always has to be taken off the calculation from minus to plus numbers. As a result, he initially calculated 11,804 years for the cycle length, and went on to play with the figure to see what he came up with. He claims that this helped him to solve the riddle, even though it was the wrong number. On p.130 he divides 11,804 by 117, which he got from The Mayan Prophecies (p.296-297), "because it was known and used by the Maya to obtain large numbers". The result is 100.8888888888. He then divided by 36 and 52 "because they were known by the Maya and old Egyptians", to get the numbers 327.88888888 and 227. He then subtracted 100.888888888 from 327.88888888 and got 227 (despite there being 10 eights after the first 100.8etc and 9 after the second, and eight after 327.8etc. - probably just a "misprint"). He then started to "multiply the number of days in a year, following the two calendars" (i.e. 11,804 multiplied by 365.25; 365; and 360 - Julian year, Haabs & Tuns). He got 3 numbers as a result - 4,311,411; 4,308,460; and 4,249,440. He then divided these 3 numbers by 227 to get 18,993; 18,980; 18,720. Then he couldn't believe his eyes, when he recognised the ""holy" numbers of the Maya" - 18,980 and 18,720.

18,980 is the number of days in a Calendar Round of 52 Haabs (52 x 365 = 18,980). Geryl probably takes 18,720 as a holy number because there are 1,872,000 days in the 13-Baktun cycle, and 18,720 is a harmonic of this number.

However, ANY number could have been used in place of 11,804, even 11,803 (we'll take 18,980 as an example, but this is true of all 3 calculations), because he originally got the number 227 by dividing 11,804 by 52. Then he multiplied the same number by 365, to get 4,308,460. He then divided the second result by the first to get 18,980. We can do the same thing with any number, such as 104 for example: 104 divided by 52 = 2. 104 x 365 = 37,960. 37,960 divided by 2 = 18,980. That's a simple example, but it will work with any number! Here is a similar problem:

if 10/5 =2; and 10 x 3 = 30; then 30/2 = 5 x 3

The numbers are developed further, until the conclusion is reached that the Maya and Egyptians predicted the same day for the end of the world.

The Maya and Egyptians used 10 decimal places!

On p.235-6, Geryl says that if he sees a decimal with repeating numbers, he takes it as a clue, and his calculations involve up to 10 decimal places (after the point), subtracting certain numbers "without knowing why" (p.131), or multiplying and dividing "purely out of curiosity" (p.133) any numbers used by the Maya or Egyptians. I pointed out to Patrick that the Maya did not use a decimal point (and that is why they used so many calendars as cross-checks, and counted long cycles to get extra accuracy using whole numbers):

I said:
But the Maya did not use the decimal point!

His reply:

It's time to name that mathematician! There are many more examples of this number-play, and Geryl himself, comes up with the term "esoteric numerology" (p.182), to describe these kind of machinations, even going as far as to say, (p.237), "If this is not a brilliant game, I am insane" (!) but thank Osiris, I don't have to go through them all because we have now shown that the cycle is not 11,803 years, unless the retrograde loops have nothing to do with it, and even if they don't, the maths needs to be completely re-done.

Other wild claims

p.184: "Finding the precession requires the knowledge of two points in a year when days and nights were equal"

Sorry, not true: Precession can just as easily, if not more easily, be measured from the Winter Solstice as Jenkins has shown the Maya did, (see item 5) or from the Summer Solstice, as Gilbert has suggested the Egyptians did (see item 47).

p.133-134: By a logic impossible to follow, Geryl concludes that "each year the earth is 3.33333 seconds behind, compared with the year before".

If you do an internet search on the slowing rotation of the Earth, you will find 3 main groups of answers to this. they lie in the range of 1.1-2.0 milliseconds per century; 4 to 5 milliseconds per year; 0.6-2.3 milliseconds per day; or the highest single claim I found: 0.8395 seconds per year. A huge variation, but none as large as Geryl's. Three examples: http://pages.prodigy.com/suna/earth.htm http://imagine.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/ask_astro/answers/980421b.html http://bowie.gsfc.nasa.gov/ggfc/tides/intro.html

p.110: Having found, with a GPS meter, that the Dendera Zodiac, the axis of the Dendera Temple, and the Temple at Esna all showed a deviation of 5 degrees to the East, the authors were unsurprised to find that the Great Pyramid and its 2 companions, were all aligned 5 degrees East of North.

Mark Lehner was director of the Giza Plateau Mapping Project, and in his book, The Complete Pyramids, p.108 &109, he gives the Great pyramid's deviation from North as 3 minutes and 6 seconds of arc. This is about 0.05 degrees, not 5.00 degrees! - More trouble with decimal points. This is even worse than Wilkie and Jones in their book Giza-Genesis - (see Whats New 29 ). The Great Pyramid has always been a marvel of precision, and famous for its accurate alignment to North. Either the GPS meter needs destroying or a visit to the optician may be in order.


The most crucial passage is given by the authors in the French translation of Slosman, and in the English version of the Belgian authors. On p148, the following announcement is made, regarding this translation:

"Anyone who can prove that we have incorrectly translated Slosman's work can have our royalties from this book."

Directly after this, on p.149-150, the French text is given, from line "161 to 167", (= Budge Ch. 17 line 126-132), followed by 2 paragraphs of Slosman's Commentary. The English translation of the verses can be found between pages 140 -145, while the English translation of Slosman's 2-paragraph commentary is on page 141-142. I'm afraid I've got some bad news for our authors...

In line 164, the words "...DES IMPORTANTES COMBINAISONS D'EN HAUT..." is translated as "...of the higher Important Orders..." Obviously, the word "Orders" here, is a mis-translation of the word "Combinaisons". "Commandements" has been translated as "Orders" 3 times; "Combinaisons" as "Combinations", once.5

If that's not enough to secure me the cash prize, brace yourselves for the 2 original French paragraphs (sorry - can't do the accents on this keyboard):

"Revenons plutot a l'explication de ce verset tres important qui merite que l'on s'y arrete du point de vue astronomique avec la Constellation du Lion. Car manifestement il s'agit d'une explication concernant le plus important changement dans les configurations astrales de notre ciel. Et elle vient apres un paragraphe ecrit presqu'entierement en rouge qui montre l'extreme importance du texte, tout en cachant la fin de l'alinea non pas pour en amoindrir la portee, mais plutot par une crainte instinctive d'en decrire les effets!

Lors du Grand Cataclysme, survenu le 27 juillet 9792 avant Christ, donc dans ce que nous appelons pour les natifs "en Lion" ou le Soleil durant son periple annuel y sejourne 30 jours environ. Mais le Soleil avancait aussi precessionnellement (durant plus de 2000 ans) devant la constellation du Lion, la Terre bascule sur son axe. Et, comme l'ecrivait Herodote "le Soleil tomba dans la mer". Ceci n'etant qu'une apparence puisque notre astre du jour est "fixe". Ce fut donc notre globe qui se retourna sur lui-meme et fit apparaitre depuis ce jour memorable le Soleil reculant dans l'Espace . Ce qu'il continue de faire encore aujour-d'hui."

The parts in bold red have been totally ignored in the English translation. That constitutes gross mis-translation. Here's the English translation as given by Geryl & Rattinckx:

"This is undoubted(ly) the most important explanation concerning the changing of the star-world in the sky. And this comes after a paragraph almost entirely written in red to stress its importance. The code is hidden in the end of the paragraph, so the full significance of the effects blows you in the face!

The Great cataclysm happened on 27th of July, 9792 BC. This was the age of the Lion and the earth turned on its axis. And as Herodotus wrote, "The Sun fell into the sea". This is because the earth started turning the other way around, which she still does to this today."

Blue = should have been included; green = should have been omitted. This should be enough to release a few Euros.


I had high hopes that this book might shed some new light on the 2012 Mayan end-point, but when the most fascinating part turned out to be a mistake, (the retrograde loops of Venus "code"), and the next most interesting item - the discovery (by overlaying sky maps onto a map of Egypt) that the "astronomical Labyrinth" (the Hyades) corresponds to the already known position of the Labyrinth building - also turned out to be wrong; that only left a French translation of the Egyptian Book of the Dead (or Chapter 17 of it, anyway), that has been partly translated into English (by a Belgian), and may contain codes about a catastrophe.

On the plus side, the book gives us access to part of a rare translation of Chapter 17 of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, encoding 3 catastrophes, (for which, as I said above, David Pratt has found corroboration in the Dendera zodiac). On the negative side, there is alot of misinformation in the book, but at least it does not add much to any anxiety we might have about the World ending soon.

When we're ready for another brilliant game, Geryl promises us (p.171), that when we read his "unbelievably accurate" decoding of the Dresden codex, in his next book, that we "will be almost shocked to death". I look forward to it.

UPDATE (1st /Nov/03)

When I reviewed the Orion prophecy, the three astronomical software programs I used, (all freeware or shareware), would not go back as far as 9792 BC (one of them almost did it, but kept crashing the computer & giving nonsense readings).

I recently tried the same thing on a program called Skyglobe. If that sounds familiar, that's because its the one used by Cotterell, Gilbert, Hancock and Bauval in their investigations of ancient Egyptian skies. Well, Skyglobe will reproduce any sky configuration visible from any from any of 120 cites on Earth, between 30,000 BC and 30,000 AD!

Skyglobe shows the 2012 loop exactly as described by Geryl and Rattinckx, when set to show the sky from a Cairo vantage point between May 14th 2012 and June 26th 2012 (the two standstill points in the loop of Venus. However, the 9792 BC loop is not at all the same as that shown in the Orion Prophecy. Skyglobe shows the loop in the Orion Prophecy to be one that occurred 96 years later, in 9696 BC.

In fact, the Venus retrograde loop of 9792 BC as shown on Skyglobe, has an exact match in the year 1609 AD! The exact match for the 2012 AD loop, actually happened in 9389 BC, (starting on 12 February), I found after much searching with Skyglobe. Check it for yourself if you don’t believe me:

Download Skyglobe (shareware)


1.Orion Prophecy p.25: Book of the Dead Ch. 17, lines 5-9 (Budge 1999 edition, p.376); Orion Prophecy p.25-26: Book of the Dead Ch. 17 lines 25-30; Orion Prophecy p.139-141: Book of the Dead Ch.17, lines 121-130; Orion Prophecy p.145: Book of the Dead Ch.17, lines 131-132; Orion Prophecy p.149-150: Book of the Dead Ch.17, lines126-132 (=Slosman's lines 161-167).

2. They are by P.Pierret, M. Lepage-Renouf, E. Amelineau, and Vicomte Emmanuel de Rouge,

3. Herodotus, The Histories, translated by G. Rawlinson, Everyman's Library, 1992, p. 194

4. Firstly (p.151): " in 9792 BC Venus made its circle above Orion AFTER the cataclysm. In 2012, Venus will make it BEFORE the cataclysm. Secondly (p.151): "In 2012, Venus will turn to the right above Orion, and in 9792 BC, it turned to the left above Orion. Thirdly (p.151): "in 2012, Venus will reach its furthest point at the 30th of June and then turn back to Orion. At that moment, Venus will be between Orion and the Pleiades. In 9792 BC, Venus reached its furthest point at the 25th of December, and then turned back toward Orion."..."The OPPOSITE turnings are very close to the days of the cataclysm." In other words, 30th June (2012 loop date) is close (ish) to 27th July, when the cataclysm supposedly occurred in 9792BC; 25th December (9792 BC loop date) is close to 21st December, when the next cataclysm will supposedly happen.

UPDATE 1/12/2004

Patrick Geryl replies:

On 7th November 2004, Patrick Geryl e-mailed me:
"I have send you my defintive answer to your remarks concerning the Venus-Orion code for 2012.
If you are a honest person, you will put it in RED on your review.
=> The facts are from experienced astronomers!"

"I had seen on the computer simulation that Venus makes its retrograde movement slightly to the right-hand side above Orion. But, was that true? Wasn't the screen giving an unclear image? I therefore decided to go to Urania, a star observatory and planetarium near my home. On an "open day" they simulated planetary movements, and I asked them to plot the movement of Venus in 2012. It was projected on an immense screen on which you could clearly see the circle-shaped movement. Some adjustments relating to the angle of the earth in relation to Venus were made, in such a way that Betelgeuse and Bellatrix came to lie aligned beneath Venus. The outcome was sensational!"

"In 2012 Venus will stand still exactly above Betelgeuse, a red super giant, and will make its retrograde loop. But this is not all. Venus also stands still above Bellatrix after which it will continue its loop! This means therefore that Venus will make an exact circle-shaped movement above the most important and highest stars of Orion, among which is found Betelgeuse! You cannot imagine a more spectacular code than this one! By this and other reasons am I so convinced of the fact that 2012 is the date of the next cataclysm."

"A Double Even More Spectacular Code!

While Venus makes her retrograde loop, it will pass before the Sun!

Venus passes before the Sun on the sixt of June 2012. She will be in the middle of the Sun at exactly 1.30 AM.

Venus will be in the middle of her retrograde loop the fifth of June at 20.18 PM. This means that Venus will stand in the middle above Orion while it passes before the middle of the Sun! Hence the connection from Venus, Orion and the Sun.

It is for this obvious reason that these scientists took this code as a warning for the End Times! The glyphs from my book The Orion Prophecy will become much clearer now!"

Straydog's comment:

So, if the software ("Loadstar"), showing the 2012 loop of Venus to the right of Orion is inaccurate, it is quite amazing that the independent software package, SkyGlobe, shows the exact same configuration for 2012 (see 2003 update, above). If both these packages have got the 2012 configuration wrong, and Venus will actually reach standstill in its loop above Betelgeuse, thus matching the pattern that Geryl and Rattinckx found for 9792 BC, then this means the modern software packages can't even predict the position of Venus just a decade from the event, so surely their configuration for the pattern in 9792 BC is far more unreliable than the pattern they predicted for 2012! In order to prove his point, Mr. Geryl needs to get the observatory to show him the pattern for 9792 BC. The need for this confirmation for the 9792 position is heightened by the 2003 update above, in which we found that SkyGlobe disagreed with the pattern for 9792 BC, and found that the SkyGlobe version of the 9792 BC pattern actually matched the pattern for 1609 AD!

The Venus Transit of 2012, which happens during the loop, may well be significant (it is already covered in several places on this site) and the Venus retrograde loop may also be significant (see 2012 & crop circles page), but as for any evidence that there was a catastrophe in 9792 BC, and that Atlanteans encoded the pattern of Venus looping over Orion as a warning of a repeat catastrophe in 2012; the evidence is still absent.

Birth and Death of Venus. In The Mayan Prophecies Adrian Gilbert said that he used astronomical software called SKYGLOBE to look at the sky as it was at dawn, on 12 August 3114 BC (where he dates the beginning of the Great Cycle). He found that as the Pleiades were on the meridian, the Sun was preceded by Venus as the morning star. This he took to be the mythical “Birth of Venus” associated with the start of the Great Cycle. Just as in ancient Egypt, the dawn rising of Sirius heralded the flooding of the Nile and the beginning of a new year, and the meridian transits of Orion correlated to the First Time and Last Time of Osiris; to the Maya, the meridian transit of the Pleiades announced the “Birth of Venus” as it rose over the horizon.  

Gilbert used SKYGLOBE to check the sky on 22 December 2012 (where he dates the end of the Great Cycle), and found that, just before sunset, as the Pleiades rise over the eastern horizon, Venus sinks below the western horizon. This, he thinks, is the symbolic “Death of Venus”, indicating the start of a new precessional age.   

   Immanuel Velikovsky 1895 - 1979. Millennium Prophecies. C. 1994. Carlton Books Ltd                                 Venus' early orbit. The Venus Legacy. C. 1998. (Shane O'Brien). Cumorah Hill    

                                     Velikovsky                                                                        The elliptical orbit of Venus following "her birth"  

Immanuel Velikovsky  has said in his book Worlds in Collision, that the Birth of Venus occurred when Venus was “born” from Jupiter. A cosmic collision caused a part of Jupiter to burst out, becoming a comet, and leaving the famous red spot where it burst out.  This is clearly illustrated in the Greek myth of Athene who sprang from the head of Zeus, making Mount Olympus tremble and stirring the sea, (Athene, reasons Velikovsky, is the planet Venus, and Zeus is the planet Jupiter). Velikovsky dated this event as contemporary with the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, explaining the plagues and parting of the Red Sea. Several Mayan and Aztec myths were also cited as evidence, including the fact that Quetzalcoatl, which means feathered serpent, is the well-known name for the planet Venus. It was also called “the star that smoked”. Velikovsky quotes from Brasseur de Bourbourg’s Histoire Des Nations Civilisees du Mexique:
 “…the sun refused to show itself and during four days the world was deprived of light. Then a great star …appeared; it was given the name Quetzal-cohuatl …the sky, to show its anger…caused to perish a great number of people who died of famine and pestilence…It was then…that the people [of Mexico] regulated anew the reckoning of days, nights, and hours, according to the difference in time.”

        Appeasing the plumed serpent. Millennium Prophecies. Steven Skinner. C. 1994. Carlton Books                 

                Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent causes death                       The planet Venus, associated by the Maya & Aztecs with Quetzalcoatl

This would explain the Mayan obsession with Venus, and we can now see why the Birth of Venus has been associated with the start of the Great Cycle. However, Velikovsky dated the event around 1500 BC with the Exodus. Graham Phillips has also convincingly explained the events of the Exodus as side-effects of the eruption of the volcano Thera (in his book Act of God), but Nigel Appleby has unified the theories with that of Nibiru, the tenth planet (see item 27).

                                     The orbit of Nibiru. The 12th Planet. C. 1976. Zecharia Sitchin

The existence of Nibiru was postulated by Zecharia Sitchin in his book The Twelfth Planet-(12 counting the Sun and Moon). Ancient Sumerian mythology implies that there is a large planet –Nibiru- on an elliptical orbit, which enters the solar system every 3,600 years. Velikovsky and Sitchin actually used the same Sumerian myth as part of the evidence for their respective theories (the Marduk and Tiamat myth). According to Sitchin’s chronology, the next return is due in 3400-3600 AD. 

  Appleby suggests that it was Nibiru that caused the disasters of the Exodus as it “shunted both Earth and Mars close to each other’s orbit…” and that it was this which triggered the eruption of Thera. However, Velikovsky didn’t say Mars was involved in the original Birth of Venus incident, but two later ones around 700 BC. Anyway, it IS an interesting idea, since it provides a large passing body to interfere with Jupiter and cause the ejection of Venus. What is more, it would mean that Nibiru is due to return soon (1500 BC to 2000 AD =3500 years), as Appleby suggested: 2012 - 2036 (see item 27).

  If we prefer  to correlate the Birth of Venus incident to 3114 BC, then the implication is that the Great Cycle is measuring the period of return of some OTHER huge planetoid (see items 8 & 10), due in 2012, on Snake Day.

  FROM: http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/5.htm

Venus orbits the Sun just a bit faster than 8 thirteenths of a year, more like 7.997. As we shall see this is a small but crucial difference.

Venus crossing the Sun at 6:30 am EDT on June 8th. Venus is the round black disk near the Sun's limb; the other object is a sunspot. This is a single frame from a movie created by Frank Reddy of Astronomy magazine.

The transit begins at 1:13 a.m. EDT (in the middle of the night) and ends at 7:26 a.m. EDT. If you can see the Sun before 7:26 a.m. EDT, then you can see the transit. Sky watchers east of the Mississippi River are favored. The transit will not be visible at all from Mexico, British Columbia and the following US states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Montana, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wyoming.

A transit of Venus isn't like a solar eclipse. The Sun won't be blotted out or even noticeably dimmed. Venus is too small; the disk of the planet covers only 0.1% of the Sun.

Above: A visibility map of the 2004 transit of Venus for North Americans. In the yellow zones, sky watchers can see, at most, Venus taking a tiny bite out of the sun's limb. In Alaska the transit begins at sunset on June 7th. Also available: A world map and a more detailed US visibility map.

From: http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2004/02jun_viewersguide.htm

Using data from NASA's SORCE satellite, scientists noticed that, when Venus came between the Earth and the sun on June 8, the other planet reduced the amount of sunlight reaching Earth by 0.1 percent. This Venus transit occurs when, from an earthly perspective, Venus crosses in front of the sun. When it happens, once every 122 years, there are two transits eight years apart. The next crossing happens in 2012 and will be visible to people on the U.S. West Coast.

"Because of its distance from Earth, Venus appeared to be about the size of a sunspot," said Gary Rottman, SORCE Principal Investigator and a scientist at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP), at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The SORCE team had seen similar reductions in the sun's energy coming Earthward during the October 2003 sunspot activity.

In October 2003 the Earth-bound sunlight dimmed 0.3 percent for about four days, due to three very large sunspot groups moving across the face of the sun.

"This is an unprecedented large decrease in the amount of sunlight, and it is comparable to the decrease that scientists estimate occurred in the seventeenth century," Rottman said. That decrease lasted almost 50 years, and was likely associated with the exceptionally cold temperatures throughout Europe at that time, a period from the 1400s to the 1700s known as the "little ice age."

Solar conditions during the little ice age were quite different, as there were essentially no sunspots. Astronomers of the time, like Galileo, kept a good record of sunspot activity before and during the period, encountering only about 50 sunspots in 30 years.

Rottman said, "Something very different was happening during the seventeenth century, and it produced a much more permanent change in the sun's energy output at that time." Today, the large sunspots are surrounded by bright areas called "faculae." Faculae more than compensate for the decrease in sunlight from sunspots, and provide a net increase in sunlight when averaged over a few weeks.

The large number of sunspots occurring in October/November 2003 indicated a very active sun, and indeed many very large solar flares occurred at that time. SORCE observed the massive record-setting solar flares in x-rays

The flares were accompanied by large sunspots, which produced a 0.3 percent decrease in the sun's energy output. SORCE simultaneously collected the energy from all wavelengths, something that had never been done before.

"The SORCE satellite instruments provide measurements of unprecedented accuracy, so the sun's energy output is known with great precision, and precise knowledge of variations in the sun's energy input to Earth is a necessary prerequisite to understanding Earth's changing climate," said Robert F. Cahalan, SORCE Project Scientist and Head of the Climate and Radiation Branch at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md.

From: http://www.spacedaily.com/news/solarscience-04u.html

The time of 1.6 years between Sun, Venus and Earth lining up is called the synodic period (synod = meeting). Fig 1 shows the lined-up positions from 1996 to 2002. You can see that there is a five spoke pattern. (Ignore for the moment the dotted line). The planets travel anti-clockwise and each lined-up position is 3/5 of the circle on from the previous one.

If we continue the pattern we can see that the next lining-up after 2002 will be in June 2004 in the same place as June 1996, 8 years previously. Almost, but not quite. Since Venus travels a little bit faster than one orbit in 8/13 of a year it catches up with the Earth a little bit before the meeting place 8 years previous. Consequently, if you draw the five spoke pattern 8 years on from Fig 1 it will look like Fig 1 but with the spokes rotated slightly clockwise.

We can start to see that 8 years might be a significant interval but it is still not clear how it relates to transits. For a start we have said that Earth, Venus and the Sun are lined up every 1.6 years, so why is there not a transit of Venus every 1.6 years? The answer is there would be if the orbital planes were exactly aligned. However, the orbit of Venus is at a small angle (3.4 degrees) to that of Earth. The result is that, although the planets appear lined up when looking down on the orbital planes, most of the time Venus viewed from the Earth will be either above or below the Sun. For a transit to occur the planets not only have to line up as in Fig 1 but they have to do it just in the place where the orbital planes cross, which makes it a much rarer event.

Referring back to Fig 1 the dotted line shows where the orbit planes of Earth and Venus cross. The crossing line corresponds to about 7 June and 8 December. We can see that the lining-up in 1996 was very close to the orbit-crossing line but was not quite there. Venus was near to the Sun but passed just south of it. On 8 June 2004 the lining-up will be even closer to the orbit-crossing line, in fact so close that Venus will transit the south side of the Sun for some 6 hours from about 5h 15m to 11h 15m UT. Eight years later in 2012 the lining-up will occur just the other side of the orbit-crossing line and there will be another transit, this time with Venus transiting the north of the Sun. 

Fig 2 illustrates the position of the Sun seen from Earth relative to the orbit path of Venus on the three occasions. (The orbit angle has been exaggerated so Fig 2 is an illustration rather than a precise picture).

After that there is a long wait until the January 1998 "spoke" in Fig 1 slowly makes its way round clockwise in eight year ticks until it gets close to the December orbit-crossing line in 2117. Eight years later in 2125 there will be another transit when the "spoke" ticks through to the other side of the orbit-crossing line. This time the orbit path rises from south to north so the first transit will be north of the ecliptic and the second transit south. There is then a long wait while the "spokes" tick round until the lower one arrives close to the June orbit-crossing line again. And so the process continues.

On a final note we saw that because the orbit time of Venus (measured in units of Earth-orbit time, ie one year) was close to 8/13 it led to 8 year cycles. A closer approximation to the orbit time of Venus is 243/395 years, which by similar logic leads to a longer run 243 year cycle.

FROM: http://www.chocky.demon.co.uk/oas/venus.html

SPACEWEATHER.COM - Shows current sunspots



Venus Transit

By Will Hart

We have experienced an increasing number of large-scale natural disasters since 1950. This includes earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes and floods. While people are waiting for an explosive 2012 event to announce Armageddon, the signs these are indeed the ‘End Times’ appear to have already occurred.

      According to the ancient Maya solar priests, the end of this age – the 5th Sun – would be precipitated by an era of increasing earthquakes. Seven of the ten biggest tremors of last century happened after 1950. In fact, there has been a sharp increase in the number of large-scale earthquakes and volcanic eruptions since 1960.

      The frequency in occurrence of earthquakes analysed from data accumulated since 1900 shows there were 120 strong (6-6.9) tremors, 18 major (7-7.9) and 1 great quake (8-8.9) on average annually. A chart for the number of earthquakes worldwide from the last decade is more revealing of recent tremor activity. In 1994 there were 161 strong, 13 major and 2 great earthquakes. The next year there were 185 strong, 22 major and 3 great earthquakes. In 2000 we find 153 strong, 16 major and 4 great earthquakes.

      The data makes it very clear that the latter half of the century diverged greatly from the first half in terms of Earth changes. From 1900 to 1960 there were few major volcanic eruptions. Over the past 43 years dormant volcanoes around the globe have become active again. The 1990s saw swarms of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the globe. At the same time weather patterns became more erratic and severe storms more potent.

      My research into the Maya 5th Sun prediction, over the past 3 decades, has turned up some very interesting connections: 1) the 2012 forecast is tied to the sunspot cycle and 2) the 2004-2012 Transit(s) of Venus.

      The solar priests appear to have been aware of short and long-term solar output cycles. I am convinced the Five Suns or ages the Maya Long Count calendar kept track of were linked to the 26,000-year equinoctial precession, which is connected to the patterns of alternating ice ages and warming interglacial periods.

      The Long Count calendar, which marks the passage of a ‘Sun’ cycle, about 5,150 years, began for this age in 3013 BCE. This calendar cycle simply counts the number of days in a ‘Solar’ age. When that number has elapsed the age comes to an end. The previous, 4th Sun, was said to have ended in a deluge, and this 5th Sun is predicted to culminate in earthquakes and impacts from cosmic objects in 2012.

      Now, here is where things get very interesting and even disturbing. When I realised the Transit of Venus occurred in June of 2004 and then again in December of 2012 I knew I had to go back and examine past transit cycles. Venus Transits are much like lunar eclipses only the planet passes between the Earth and Sun. It is a fairly rare celestial phenomenon and they occur, in pairs separated by 8 years, in alternating cycles every 105 and 120 years. My first surprise came when I went back and discovered a Venus Transit took place in 1518-1526.

      It was during this transit that Cortez invaded and conquered Mexico . The Aztec priests predicted this period would be fraught with danger and this is why Montezuma failed to meet the challenge the Conquistadors posed.

      During this 8-year period many paranormal events occurred in Mexico . Strangely enough, “shields” appeared in the skies booming out dire warnings to the citizens of the Aztec Empire. Several temples were set afire by curious beams of light flashing down from the heavens. And the people also told the Spanish chronicler, Bernardino de Sahagun, that a “Pillar of Fire” had been seen hovering on the horizon for an entire year.

      Perhaps even more chilling, a decade before these events took place unexplained events accompanied a lunar eclipse. Just after the lunar eclipse occurred, Mt. Popocatepetl erupted. The volcano, which can be seen from the Valley of Mexico, had been dormant for many years so the eruption made the people apprehensive. In 1991, a similar sequence of events took place. As the residents of Mexico City lined the streets to watch a full lunar eclipse, a UFO appeared over the city at 1 pm.

      Mount Popocatepetl and nearby Mount Colima began erupting shortly thereafter and they have remained active ever since. UFO sightings have become common throughout Mexico over the past decade. In fact, so numerous that local bishops petitioned the Vatican asking how they should handle the increasing inquiries about UFOs from their parishioners. The Vatican told them to simply accept the reports at face value.    

      I examined the next Venus Transit, which took place in 1631-39. I found that sunspots stopped appearing for 70 years immediately following this cycle. The radical drop in solar output caused the ‘little ice age’ from 1640 to 1710. Then I pulled up solar data and found that solar output has been on the increase for almost 300 years. Sunspots went from zero in the late 1600s to above 200 in 1960, which appears to have been the peak.

      This is when the real meaning of the 2012 prediction dawned on me. The ancient priests were alerting us to a change in solar output. I then turned to the 11-year sunspot cycle and found connections between rising solar maximums and increasing natural disasters, wars, economic cycles and so on. It became apparent that natural disasters and human activity were clearly tied to the sunspot peaks and troughs. You can look at the recent sunspot peaks in 1990-91 and double peak in 2000-02 to see the connections to earthquakes, volcanoes and wars.

      We are in a solar minimum phase right now, which would normally last until the end of the decade. The next solar maximum is predicted for 2012. Now, this certainly puts a sharp edge on the end of the 5th Sun prediction. It would appear the ancient solar priests were aware of this double conjunction, the sunspot peak and the second leg of the Venus Transit both occurring in the same year.

      Looking at a graph of sunspot activity over the past 300 years what jumped out was the fact 1960 was the peak. Sunspot peaks have actually been declining in each succeeding 11-year cycle since then, from over 200 down to about the 150 range. Oddly enough, the last two peaks have been mirror images of each other. There was a dramatic increase in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions from 1990-92 and again in 2000-02. In terms of the human sphere we witnessed attacks on the World Trade Centre and Bush I & II go to war against Iraq .

      The wild cards in this next cycle are the Transits of Venus. We have never gone through a Venus Transit since the advent of our ‘electromagnetic’ civilisation. The last transit was in 1882 and Mt. Krakotoa erupted in that year.

      My theory on the transit is that it disrupts the normal flow of energy, the solar wind and other energies the Sun transmits to the Earth. We already know solar flare-ups disrupt radio-telecommunications and even power transmission. If my take on the ancient perception of Venus is correct, we are in for some nasty surprises in the coming eight-year cycle.

      Normally, the solar minimum period from now until 2010 would be a fairly calm time with few natural disasters and little social unrest. However, the transit may change that scenario. We can surely count on the years from 2010-2012 being intense and chaotic. We have been very lucky so far because none of the huge earthquakes have hit major cities. If the 9.2 quake that hammered Alaska last year had struck Los Angeles, the American economy would have gone in the tank and taken the global system with it.

      We forget how interconnected we are today. My own forecast for this period includes a radical increase in paranormal events, UFO sightings and even miracles. The world is going to be transformed and that process is already underway.

      The unity of all life in the cosmos and the fact the Universe is teeming with intelligent beings on many worlds will be an undeniable reality by 2012. We will know the truth of the ancient mysteries and also experience the reality of being spirits in a material world.

FROM: http://www.newdawnmagazine.com/articles/Venus%20Transit.html



Effects of Electromagnetic Surges on the Earth

On the one hand, the Sun is known to “ring like a bell.” Furthermore, it changes its tune (or the acoustic frequency at which the sun oscillates), increasing slightly as the solar cycle goes from a minimum to a maximum – a change of about 1 part in 10,000. [14] There is also “a sharp drop in neutrino flux” as the solar cycle approaches its maximum. [15] This is mentioned in that one might have been missing some of their neutrino income during such times. From the technical scientific viewpoint, “Something does something to the neutrinos.” [15] Isn't science wonderful?

The effects of sunspot activity and solar wind conditions on the Earth and its inhabitants is considerable. Climate, for example, follows the sunspot cycle, such that “alternate sunspot peaks coincide with highs and lows in the temperature cycles. [16] Solar flares can cause compass readings to be wrong by as much as ten degrees, thus playing havoc with navigation. [17] “Fluctuations in the sun were once correlated with the taste of wine.” [18] In years when certain equatorial winds were blowing from the west, polar temperatures rise and fall with solar activity; but when these winds are from the east, the opposite effect is observed. [19]

Correlations also exist between peak sunspot activity and serious deterioration in electronic or electromagnetic power [20] and communication channels on Earth. Such solar activity affects weather and climate in significant ways, in some cases causing worldwide cooling [12]. As noted before, some researchers have noted correlations between sunspot activity and popular uprisings. Possibly first commented on “by the Estonian astronomer Ernst Opik in 1956, the years 1789, 1830, 1848, 1871, 1905, 1917, 1937, 1956, 1968, 1979, and 1989-90 are all notable both for their popular uprisings and maximum or near-maximum sunspot activity.” [13]

The gist of the argument by Estling [13] is that heavy sunspot activity leads to a decrease in the number of “negatively ionized gases in the Earth's atmosphere, and inasmuch as a heavy concentration of negative ions (atoms or groups of atoms with one or more extra electrons) provides an increased sense of wellbeing, it follows that a sharp rise in positively charged ions (especially hydrogen nuclei or protons) results in a decreased sense of well being and thus the occasion for yet another popular revolution!” One might note that the extremely heavy sunspot activity of 2000 led to the appointment of George Bush as president, and the instigation by various fundamentalists of a “popular revolution” which pointed the USA in the direction of a theocracy. Obviously, such a “popular revolution” is not necessarily a good thing!

The effects of massive solar fluctuations in the electromagnetic field can also influence life on Earth in other significant ways. For example, it is believed that extremely minute doses of magnetite in bacteria allow swimming bacteria to orient to the geomagnetic field. Similarly, homing pigeons, bees and termites are believed to use the same magnetite in conjunction with the geomagnetic field in the form of a navigational aid -- much as humans use compasses. Recently, researchers [21, 22] have found the mineral magnetite in human brain tissue, where it may represent part of a magnetic sensing system. The consistency of size, shape and distribution of the crystals has suggested that the magnetite has some biological function. In addition, such magnetite containing tissues may interact directly with weak magnetic fields.

Interactions of human or animal tissues with magnetic fields include the possible link of electrical distribution power lines with heightened cancer incidence and the onset of Alzheimer's disease [23]. In addition, there is increasing evidence that low intensity electromagnetic energy interactions might be fundamental to life processes, including the potential for therapeutic use [24]. Gregor Wieser [25] has conducted experiments with human subjects which suggest that changes in a magnetic field, rather than its mere presence, is the important factor; and that furthermore, weaker magnetic fields (such as the Earth's geomagnetic field) may be better at influencing the brain than stronger fields! The human immune system efficiency appears to particularly susceptible to fluctuating electromagnetic field (EMF) effects [26]. Obviously, a rapidly fluctuating geomagnetic field or a field reversal would have much greater effects on the human organism.

Effects of a geomagnetic pole reversal on the Earth as a whole is highly speculative, but could involve some dramatic effects. For example, any reversal of the geomagnetic field would influence the electrically conducting outer core of the Earth, particularly at the interface between the outer core and the Earth's mantle. This could result in a massive increase in volcanic activity. The fact that volcanic activity appears cyclical [12] may correlate with the cyclical nature of the planets, Sun and Moon – including their alignments. Volcanic activity is, in turn, intimately tied to weather and climate -- the massive flooding in the American Midwest during the spring and summer of 1993 was, according to some experts [27], directly caused by Mount Pinatubo 's eruption in 1991!

In addition to volcanic effects there is the possibility of a significant increase in the shifting of the continental plates, which would in turn, cause major increases in earthquake activity. While there is no evidence that the disturbances in the outer core-mantle interface would result in a geographical pole shift, the fact remains that such disturbances could act as a trigger for built up pressures in the continental plates. Major continental plate shifts of sufficient strength could then correspond to a geographical pole shift or something approaching such severity. This latter possibility is highly speculative, but not easily dismissed out of hand. It does, however, allow for the possibility that the Richter Scale may need some revisions upward.

From an energy viewpoint, an apparent geographical pole shift is possible by shifting the continental plates, while at the same time, the bulk of the Earth continue to rotate about the same axis. Thus the geographical pole's location with respect to the surface of the Earth and its relationship to the orientation of the continental plates has apparently been shifted, even while the bulk of the Earth continues to rotate essentially as before. In this fashion, major shifts of the continental plates with respect to the rotating bulk of the Earth have already been well documented by the events which occurred worldwide about the time of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, approximately 3,500 years ago [28]. See, for example, Sun, Stand Thou Still.

FROM: http://www.halexandria.org/dward761.htm



Radio Ham Discovers Sunspot-linked Geomagnetic Reversal. Kev Peacock, an Australian ham radio enthusiast claims to have discovered, by accident, as a result of investigating radio interference,  a forthcoming flip of Earth’s magnetic poles.  In 2011, there will be 3 eclipses between the 2nd of June and the 1st of July. (2 solar & 1 lunar)


These coincide with the height of the summer in the Northern  hemisphere, when the magnetic North pole of the Earth is closest to the Sun.. The combination of aligned Sun, Earth & Moon, with the 11-year sunspot cycle maximum, and the Earth’s North magnetic pole pointing to the Sun hasn’t happened for 65 million years, according to Peacock. (Peacock says that the sun’s polarity reverses every 11 years; the polarity of the sunspots  reverses – they appear on alternate solar hemispheres every 11 years. This is not the same as a "full reversal", or "super reversal", as predicted by the Maurice Cotterell theory).  By observing trends in geomagnetic activity and seismic activity, he claims to have predicted the forthcoming polar flip, which may take a year until 2012, to take full effect, judging by previous correlations of earthquakes to solar changes.

FROM: http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/6.htm



Geomagnetic Variations

For the last hundred years geophysicists have observed a steady and significant weakening in the strength of the Earth's magnetic field. The weakening rate suggests that the magnetic field may vanish altogether within the next 1,500 years [1]. This weakening is about one percent per decade, and has deteriorated over the last two thousand years by about fifty percent. The magnetic field pattern also rotates in some areas by about one degree every ten years [2]. Much more noteworthy, however, are major shifts in the locations of the magnetic poles, in the form of complete reversals and in the form of “excursions”.

Excursions refer to those cases in the sedimentary and volcanic records where the geodynamo apparently failed to complete a geomagnetic field reversal and ended up backtracking. These large leaps in the field direction may have been produced by abnormal secular variations or may be “manifestations of unsuccessful, or aborted, reversal attempts” [1]. For our purposes, the explanation of the causes of an “excursion” or a complete reversal of the magnetic poles is essentially the same, differing only in the intensity of the causal factor -- the lesser intensity events occurring when the geomagnetic field does not quite complete a reversal.

Evidence of reversals in the geomagnetic field indicates 200 reversals over the last 178 million years. This includes a 35-million year hiatus during the Cretaceous period, and 33 reversals in the last 25 million years. Over the last 70 million years, “polarity reversals have been taking place at an increasing rate” [1]. In fact, there have been 9 major reversals in the past 3.6 million years (i.e. on average one every 400,000 years), with the most recent one, 730,000 years ago. Even more noteworthy is evidence of a looping excursion by the geomagnetic field some 28,000 years ago.

The evidence of major variations in the geomagnetic field derives from sedimentary and volcanic lava records. These records provide the timing and location of the magnetic pole from the angle of dip and the horizontal orientation of magnetite material in the sediments and lava flows. Unfortunately, sedimentary records are limited in that they tell us more about the pre- and post-geomagnetic records than about the actual reversal process itself. Lava records, on the other hand, being laid down in a matter of days (instead of thousands of years in the case of sediments) provide much more detail in the description of events in a geomagnetic pole reversal.

It has been assumed by paleomagnetists that geomagnetic pole reversals do not occur instantaneously from one polarity state to the other, but occur over a period that typically spans a few thousand years [1]. However, evidence from lava flows indicate rapid shifts, perhaps taking only a few years [1], OR “fast enough that it would virtually be possible to watch a compass needle move” [3]. Data from the Steens Mountain lava beds in southeastern Oregon , for example, indicate that the geomagnetic poles were moving between 3 degrees and 8 degrees per day! [3, 4, 5, 6].

The paleontological records provide not only evidence of geomagnetic field reversals/excursions and a description of the reversal itself, but also yield clues as to the origins of the geomagnetic field and, albeit indirectly, the possible causes of the geomagnetic field reversals.

Origins and Reversals of the Geomagnetic Field

It has been generally accepted that the geomagnetic field is generated by the motion of free electrons in the convection outer core [1]. Temperatures in the outer core reach those of the sun's surface (5,800 degrees Celsius), allowing the liquid iron of the core to flow as readily as water and conduct electricity slightly better than does copper. According to theory the influence of the Earth's rotation and heat propels the molten iron in the outer core, which when interacting with the magnetic field of the Earth, generates a magnetic field as well, reinforcing the Earth's field [2]. The geodynamo is thus self-perpetuating.

However, this theory does not explain the original origin of the Earth's magnetic field, other than to postulate that it “has been present to some extent throughout geological time” [2]. Neither does the theory explain the cause of the dipole field's decay, nor the forces behind its secular variations (including westward drift). The dipole field, for example, is decaying about ten times faster than can be accounted for in the current theories [1].

Associated theories of geomagnetic pole reversals are similarly flawed. For example, Hoffman [1] suggests that “the reversal phenomenon may be triggered when something disturbs the convection pattern of the core fluid, and with it the magnetic flux” [emphasis added]. This “something” might derive from what some theorists conjecture to be the outer core of the Earth forming a chaotic system, and out of the chaos arising periodic geomagnetic reversals [3].

An alternative theory, but one which has found minimal support, is that a meteorite striking the Earth could loft dust into the atmosphere which would suddenly cool the Earth to the point where the formation of ice caps at the poles could speed the Earth's rotation, and thus in turn cause shearing between the mantle and outer core, and thereby cause the reversal [7]. The flaw here is that major volcanic activity could yield the same result, but that such activity during the Cretaceous Period actually resulted in a stable geomagnetic condition [8].

At the time it was initially proposed, a basic assumption in the outer-core-generated geodynamo theory was that there were no other planetary or solar system induced electromagnetic fields which, in turn, could account for the cause of the geomagnetic field. In effect, the theory was proposed prior to the discovery that the solar system is literally awash in electromagnetic forces. These forces include: the interplanetary magnetic field, the Sun's magnetic field (and its continually progressing reversal every 22 years or so), the solar wind, and the magnetospheres of various planets (including the Earth).

There is also the tendency for geo scientists of every stripe to specialize in their fields of research and thus ignore whatever was happening in the astro sciences! This is not an uncommon occurrence in mainstream, non-holistic science.

Bagenal [9] has shown mathematically that “magnetospheres of rapidly rotating planets with strong magnetic fields [e.g. Jupiter and Saturn] are dominated by rotation while the solar wind controls the plasma flow in smaller magnetospheres of slowly rotating planets [e.g. Earth].” If this is the case, then the Earth's geomagnetic field would have as its primary initiator, and possibly controlling factor, an externally generated field (possibly the solar wind and/or the interplanetary magnetic field).

External Electromagnetic Field Effects on the Geomagnetic Field

The Sun and the solar wind provides the primary influence on the Earth's geomagnetic field. The solar wind consists of charged particles from the sun, which varies with the degree of solar activity. This solar activity is best exemplified by sunspots, and results in a virtual sheet of current flowing from the sun (in turn producing a very complex magnetic field). Meanwhile, the Sun's magnetic field changes from being aligned parallel to its axis of rotation at the minimum of sunspot activity, to perpendicular at the peak of what is referred to as the sunspot cycle [10]. The sunspot cycle and thus the orientation of the Sun's magnetic field has a period, on average, of 22.25 years; and a longer term cycle of 178 years.

Planetary magnetic fields, such as Jupiter and Saturn, are considerably less documented, but appear to be rotation based. Because of the solar wind, the planets' magnetic fields in outer space take on the configuration of tear-shaped magnetospheres. In the case of Earth, the strange orientation of the magnetic poles twists this tear shape almost 30 degrees, and thus imposes additional complexity to the problem. In the case of Jupiter, its magnetosphere extends out as far as the orbit of Saturn, with material being forcibly “disconnected from Jupiter and flung down the tail” [9].

This electromagnetic movement of charged particles from Jupiter might be termed the “Jupiter Wind”. In each case, the magnetospheres of the planets act as a shield against the effects of the solar wind, but a shield which may not be entirely effective. In the case of the Earth, the geomagnetic pressure very nearly balances the dynamic pressure of the solar wind. This equalized pressure surface layer is termed the “magnetopause” [11], and acts as a shield for 99% of the solar wind [12].

Sunspots, the solar wind, and the interplanetary magnetic field induced primarily by the Sun, have numerous effects on the Earth. The Earth's geomagnetic field, in all likelihood, is caused or originated by the solar effects [9]. Variations in the solar field would also, undoubtedly, effect the Earth. These effects include everything from massive disruptions in electronic or electromagnetic communications during heightened sunspot activity to correlations between sunspot activity and popular revolutions and uprisings. In the latter case, Margaret Thatcher arrived and departed from 10 Downing Street at peak periods in the 11.25 year sunspot cycle [13].

The effects of other planets' electromagnetic fields on the Earth is generally dismissed as insignificant in comparison to the solar effects. While some astrologers may insist that all planetary effects must be taken into account, major effects such as other planets causing or triggering magnetic pole reversals are not considered as remotely possible. This is due to the fact that the solar wind dominates the interplanetary space.

However, if the solar wind was temporarily interrupted in a very limited locale, any planets' magnetosphere might significantly influence the electromagnetic properties of other planets. The basis of this paper is that just such a temporary, limited interruption can and does periodically occur.

Alternative Theory for Geomagnetic Pole Reversals

During those periods which astrologers call “Sun-Jupiter oppositions”, the Earth is situated directly between the Sun and Jupiter. Strictly speaking, because of the differences in the inclination of the orbits of the two planets, such oppositions refer only to the longitudinal dimension—the latitudinal dimension is still considerably different. In most all cases the Earth is not effectively in alignment with the Sun and Jupiter. Instead the Earth is either considerably below or above the line connecting the Sun and Jupiter. A near perfect alignment of the Sun, Earth and Jupiter, when the Earth would quite literally cast an electromagnetic “shadow” on Jupiter's magnetosphere, occurs extremely rarely. Such a near perfect alignment occurs only when the Earth passes between the Sun and Jupiter longitudinally, and simultaneously, the difference in latitude between the Earth and Jupiter is less than one minute of arc. The key factor is that, in those cases when such a near-perfect alignment does occur, the effects may be significant!

The concept being suggested here is that during a near-perfect alignment of the Sun, Earth, and Jupiter -- i.e. the longitudes of Earth and Jupiter exact, and the differences in latitude within less than one minute of arc -- the “Jupiter Wind”, i.e. the giant planet's magnetosphere, responds to the temporary cessation of the dynamic pressure of the solar wind (caused by the Earth's electromagnetic “shadow” falling on Jupiter's magnetosphere) by an electromagnetic surge in the direction of the null spot of the solar wind, i.e. the Earth. Furthermore, this so-called Jupiter Wind consists of charged particles with the more energetic, negatively charged electrons leading the way and leaving the more massive, positively charged protons far behind [11]. The charged particles, no longer constrained by the pressure of the solar wind, are essentially flung out into space in the direction of the Earth.

The alignment is a dynamic event with the solar wind quickly reasserting its pressure as the Earth moves out from between the Sun and Jupiter. For this reason, with the charged particles reaching the Earth initially being electrons, and inasmuch as the protons might be turned back by the solar wind by the removal of the Earth's shadow before the protons can reach the Earth, the portion of the Jupiter Wind reaching the Earth might be predominantly electrons. Because of the distance from Jupiter to the Earth (about four times the distance from the Earth to the Sun) and the time for the Earth's electromagnetic shadow to pass over Jupiter's magnetosphere, it is likely that only the most energetic electrons would reach the Earth in this fashion.

The leading edge of the Jupiter Wind would effectively sweep across the earth (just as the Earth's shadow swept across the face of Jupiter), causing a negatively charged surge, which when in combination with the solar wind could cause a massive electromagnetic force against the Earth's geomagnetic field. In many respects, the Jupiter Wind could provide the trigger and “reversing mechanism” while the solar wind provides the power.

The potential for such a geomagnetic pole reversal event would thus be predictable by simply calculating those dates when the Sun-Earth-Jupiter alignment is sufficiently precise to cause the shadowing effect. However, the intensity of the solar wind, the orientation of the Sun's magnetic field, and the degree of sunspot activity might serve to add to or negate the Jupiter Wind effect. In this regard, at minimal sunspot activity and a relatively weak solar wind, the Sun's magnetic field is parallel to its axis of rotation. This results in the interplanetary magnetic field transferring greater amounts of energy into the Earth's magnetosphere [11]. Conversely, when the sunspot activity is at a peak, with a strong solar wind, the Sun's magnetic field is perpendicular to its axis of rotation [10]. There is also the possibility that the planet Saturn could conceivably accomplish a geomagnetic reversal as well, but because its magnetosphere is less than Jupiter, and because it is much further away, the chances of Sun-Earth-Saturn alignments causing a pole reversal is much less.

There is also evidence that sunspots are connected with the alignment of planets. For example, if one considers the larger sunspot cycle of 178 years and Jupiter's orbit about the Sun of 11.862 years, one obtains: 1/178 + 1/11.862 = 1/P where P = 11.121 (a value extremely close to the average solar activity of 11.125 years) [12]. Such a correlation lends credence to the concept that electromagnetism connects the solar system in a profound manner. If an alignment of the Earth with the Sun and other planets can cause a geomagnetic pole reversal, or an excursion, the connection is more than profound.

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The Ecliptic

The Ecliptic is the Great Circle that describes the apparent path of the Sun around the Earth (but which is really the orbit of the Earth around the Sun. The Ecliptic extends approximately 8-9° of arc above and below (North and South of) the actual path of the Earth/Sun. The other planets in the solar system are always visible within this band of sky. The longitudinal (East-West) position of celestial bodies (i.e. planets, asteroids, etc.) is measured along the ecliptic.

Signs. The Signs are units of measurement each equal to 30 degrees of arc along the ecliptic.




The precession of the equinoxes has to do with more than just the two different zodiac systems. As the equinoxes precess, they relate to the Great Ages of Man. These Ages mark different periods where significant evolutionary changes occurred. The Ages are defined by the Sidereal Sign that is the current location of the Vernal Point. Currently, the Spring Equinox (0° of Aries in the Tropical Zodiac) occurs at about 7° of the Sidereal Sign of Pisces and we will be in the Sign of Pisces until the Spring Equinox precesses into the Sidereal Sign of Aquarius, which will mark the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. (Even agreeing on this definition of the "Ages" there is much dispute as to the actual year that the "Age of Aquarius" will begin.

The general thoughts about the Age of Aquarius are that it will mark a period of enlightenment and freedom


Dreams, visions and inspirational writings, point to the fact that we are already in the transition between Pisces to Aquarius.

Joe Mason discovered a connection in the quatrains of Nostradamus. It is in Century 4, Quatrains 28-33.


When Venus will be covered by the sun,
under the splendour will be a hidden form
Mercury will have exposed them to the fire,
by a rumour of war will be affronted.


The hidden sun eclipsed by Mercury
will be placed only second in the heavens.
Hermes will be made the food of Vulcan
the sun will be seen pure, shining and golden.


More than eleven times the Moon will not want the Sun
both raised and lessened in degree.
Put so low that one will sew little gold;          
after famine and plague the secret will be discovered.


The moon, in the middle of the night over the high mountain
the young wise man alone with his brain has seen it
Invited by his disciples to become immortal
his eyes to the south, his hands on his breast, his body in the fire.


In those times and place that meat gives way to fish
the  common law will be made in opposition
The old order will hold strong, then removed from the scene
then all things common among friends put far behind


Jupiter joined more to Venus than to the Moon
appearing in a white fullness.
Venus hidden under the whiteness of Neptune
struck by Mars by the engraved wand.

This concerns the theories of alchemists about the sun (sulfur), the moon (salt), and Mercury (quicksilver). The glyphs on the corners of the triangle of Barbury Castle Crop Circle which appeared in 1991 are said to parallel these alchemical signs.

Their work involved the attempt to transmuting elements, such as lead into gold, and finding a substance that gave eternal life. This became centered on cinnabar, the Hell Fire Stone, which is the ore of mercury, sulfuric sulfide.

I believe it is symbolic of reaching the Trinity level of the Christ-Self, and eternal life.

The Age of Aquarius ...The New Age, refers to the Second Coming of Christ which occurs when one works to attain the Christ-Self Consciousness.

Another symbol of the New Age ... Aquarius - is the story of King Arthur returning which refers to the Second coming of the Christ. This is connected to the Grand Cross in the Sky when we have the Total Solar Eclipse on Aug. 11, 1999 which occurs at 11:11 a.m. in Cornwall, England.  More links about this and the King Arthur story are here: King Arthur and the Holy Grail

Nostradamus also said in C10, Q74 - "The year of the great seventh number accomplished, it will appear at the time of the games of slaughter, not far from the age of the great millennium, when the dead will come out of their graves." (this seems to be a metaphor about the death/rebirth of changing, transforming).

Photo taken on 11-10-06 in a Massachusetts cemetery

There were six steps on the ratchet/Mercury spiral of Barbury Castle Crop Circle. The angle from the center of the triangle to the southwest corner was at 120 degrees. From that point to the center of the ratchet, it was 108 degrees, a mythical/Gematrian number. 120 is a tetrahedral point. 120 x 108 = 12,960, six raised to the fourth power times ten, and half the precession number. Divided by the six arcs, it is 2,160, six to the third times ten, and the number of years in one Zodiac Age.

There was an additional clue in the date the pattern appeared, July 17, 1991. Read Genesis 8:4, where the Ark landed on the 17th day of the 7th month. Blavatsky tells how the Patriarchs represent Zodiac signs. For example, Judah is Leo. In Genesis 49:9, he is called a lion's welp, and he stoops down like a lion and lioness. (i. e., like a Sphinx). Noah is Pisces. These are strong clues that our Age is coming to an end, and Aquarius is near. (if not already begun). The Sphinx may well represent the same thing, that is, the Ages from Leo through Pisces, and the beginning of Aquarius.

About six months after I realized the number connection in Barbury Castle Crop Circle, a man at work told me a dream. He was in an airliner driven on a highway by a water treatment plant operator named, Andy. There was a detour because of construction. Then, he was with his boss, an engineer, and a woman. They were planning to install a new transformer at the water treatment plant, under a grill. The woman whispered something into the engineer's ear.

This is a form of the Trinity, I have found a number of times in dreams. It is the Triple Male Trinity with the combined consorts as the single feminine Deity, or First Power. Together, the make the Perfect Four. The (real life) boss's name in this dream translates to "the guardian of knowledge).

I asked if the dreamer knew which highway he was on. He said, yes, it was the highway that runs from Oakdale (California, about 20 miles from his home), toward Yosemite. That section of highway is where highways 120 and 108 RUN TOGETHER!

I had another dream in which I was helping disabled people to repair their lamps (the light of Second Coming of Christ) and the parts place was on 108th St.

Recently I had a dream in which the Old Woman (the Yuga in power) was going to be deposed and they wanted me to become the new goddess along with the Old Woman's two daughters.  The Triple goddess is representative of the consorts of the Triple Male which is also the Trinity.  I have had numerous dreams about the Triple goddesses and the Triple males within the last year. (1997-1998)

Another dream was one of the Old Woman who brought in her young grandchild and turned her over to me before she fell over dead and the little child was asked to name all the animals like Adam had in the Garden of Eden.  Another sign that a New Age was coming in.

At the same time, I and many other people have had numerous WATER DREAMS in which the water was either being spilled, or roaring up on shore of the ocean and a recent one in which I had to measure the rain which was beginning to fall in a fine mist but would ultimately accumulate to 71 inches. I had to quickly put up the tube that would measure that rain before it got any heavier.

This all leads me to believe the the transition has already begun of the transformation from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.  One can see this from the numerous web sites about the New Consciousness which people are attaining and of the Awakening that is occurring all over the globe. Dreams which show the awakening of people are numerous as well.

With the coming of the Age of Aquarius, we will see a transition from the patriarchal institutions and religions to those which are run by the 'feminine principle' and influence which teach that free thinking, creativity, intuition, are foremost, and that the education and nurturing of the children and the enhancement of the quality of life for all people will be uppermost on the agenda.

The sign of Aquarius is two parallel lines of waves,     The meaning of this sign is "the dissolution of forms," it does not represent water as one might expect.  Aquarius is an air sign, and is the 'water bearer'.  The forms that may be dissolving under the influence of the patriarchal systems of government, church, and family.  The waves that are dissolving them are the figurative waters of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth. This truth is on the airwaves, the waves of mass communication and the free press, which have made our globe, the Earth, into a village. The artificial barriers of nation, race, and creed, are breaking down, allowing individuals to see themselves as one flesh with all creation. The space flights of recent decades have enabled us to see 'from a distance' our whole planet as it really is with no fences, no barriers, no walls, no lines of demarcation between one or the other.

Our entire history has been steeped in Astrology from as far back as we can go in written language. The studies have been couched in symbolism over the years so that it could be practiced in safety outside of the patriarchal religions which attempted to wipe out everything that didn't conform to their power and authority.

In the Middle Ages during the time of Pisces which symbol was of two fishes going in opposite directions, the study of alchemy was not primarily the search for a metallurgic formula to turn lead into gold, but refer to the transmutation of a natural person into a spiritual person. The Gospel tenets are of service and sacrifice. The transformed person is often equated with wisdom, and the sacred form of holiness/wholeness.

With the coming of Aquarius, we will find that the institutions of the word will be reunited with the feminine counterpart which has been missing and this reunion results in the blessings of joy, and fertility of the union between the two, which will spread to family and community. The woundedness of the past will be healed and transformed.

The Astrological Background and Origin of New Age Spirituality



Some artwork and text excerpted from The Secrets of the Sphinx




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