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We use different standards in judging what is true! For example: In our judicial system, one eyewitness can convince a jury to send an accused person to their death. Yet thousands of witnesses in a paranormal event such a UFO sighting is completely unacceptable to science as proof of their existence.

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Assassinations and Attempts in U.S. Since 1865

Lincoln, Abraham (President of U.S.): Shot April 14, 1865, in Washington, D.C., by John Wilkes Booth; died April 15.

Seward, William H. (Secretary of State): Escaped assassination (though injured) April 14, 1865, in Washington, D.C., by Lewis Powell (or Paine), accomplice of John Wilkes Booth.

Garfield, James A. (President of U.S.): Shot July 2, 1881, in Washington, D.C., by Charles J. Guiteau; died Sept. 19.

McKinley, William (President of U.S.): Shot Sept. 6, 1901, in Buffalo by Leon Czolgosz; died Sept. 14.

Roosevelt, Theodore (ex-President of U.S.): Escaped assassination (though shot) Oct. 14, 1912, in Milwaukee while campaigning for President.

Cermak, Anton J. (Mayor of Chicago): Shot Feb. 15, 1933, in Miami by Giuseppe Zangara, who attempted to assassinate Franklin D. Roosevelt; Cermak died March 6.

Roosevelt, Franklin D. (President-elect of U.S.): Escaped assassination unhurt Feb. 15, 1933, in Miami.

Long, Huey P. (U.S. Senator from Louisiana): Shot Sept. 8, 1935, in Baton Rouge by Dr. Carl A. Weiss; died Sept. 10.

Truman, Harry S. (President of U.S.): Escaped assassination unhurt Nov. 1, 1950, in Washington, D.C., as 2 Puerto Rican nationalists attempted to shoot their way into Blair House.

Kennedy, John F. (President of U.S.): Shot Nov. 22, 1963, in Dallas, Tex., allegedly by Lee Harvey Oswald; died same day. Injured was Gov. John B. Connally of Texas. Oswald was shot and killed two days later by Jack Ruby.

King, Martin Luther, Jr. (civil rights leader): Shot April 4, 1968, in Memphis by James Earl Ray; died same day.

Malcolm X, also known as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (black activist): Shot and killed in a New York City auditorium; his killer(s) were never positively identified.

Kennedy, Robert F. (U.S. Senator from New York): Shot June 5, 1968, in Los Angeles by Sirhan Bishara Sirhan; died June 6.

Wallace, George C. (Governor of Alabama): Shot and critically wounded in assassination attempt May 15, 1972, at Laurel, Md., by Arthur Herman Bremer. Wallace paralyzed from waist down.

Ford, Gerald R. (President of U.S.): Escaped assassination attempt Sept. 5, 1975, in Sacramento, Calif., by Lynette Alice (Squeaky) Fromme, who pointed but did not fire .45-caliber pistol. Escaped assassination attempt in San Francisco, Calif., Sept. 22, 1975, by Sara Jane Moore, who fired one shot from a .38-caliber pistol that was deflected.

Jordan, Vernon E., Jr. (civil rights leader): Shot and critically wounded in assassination attempt May 29, 1980, in Fort Wayne, Ind.

Reagan, Ronald (President of U.S.): Shot in left lung in Washington by John W. Hinckley, Jr., on March 30, 1981; three others also wounded.

Some others have been deamed suicides and should be questioned !!!!

Others have been called accidents and should be questioned !!!!

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NOTE: 12-11-08
Anomalies suggested by Author Brian David Andersen
in his e-book - "My God I'm Hit" show that President Kennedy was never assassinated -
- a substitute body was in the trunk and Kennedy - after
being shot in the right shoulder, and Greer - after setting
off a fireworks in the car to simulate brain tissue spraying
behind the car - the authorities in charge of what was taking place took JFK to Russia to a special camp where he underwent therapeutic LSD treatments.

The reader gets to see testimony from a variety of witnesses. Andersen presents "evidence" to prove his theories as if he were a lawyer with the job of proving Kennedy did not die by the hands of Lee Harvey Oswald, but rather abdicated the office of President to live the rest of his life in secret in Russia. The reader is to make up his own mind -- guided by Andersen's interpretation of events -- as to whether or not JFK truly died in Dallas.

Why would JFK abdicate? According to Andersen, there are many, many reasons that include:
• 1) JFK's health. He had Addison's disease, old injuries, incurable VD, prescription and non-prescription drug addictions.
• 2) "By 1960, the United States of America was ruled and operated by a committee not elected or known by the citizenry."
• 3) Jackie was having an affair with Aristotle Onassis.
• 4) JFK was having his own affairs -- with Florence Pritchett and Mary Pinochet (who got him hooked on LSD).
• 5) Something about Cardinal Spellman, who was indoctrinated by the "Black Pope" rather than the one in Rome. Andersen keeps stating for the juror to "look it up" rather than give background on things the juror might not already know about.
• 6) Joseph Kennedy, JFK's father, called in favors to get his son elected, and JFK didn't feel he truly deserved the office.
• 7) LBJ

8) The "Powers-That-Be" knew JFK was about to address concerns with fluoridating water that would impact certain corporate profits.
• 9) JFK wanted out of the public scene "in the worst way by any means possible."
• 10) JFK knew the upcoming moon landings were going to be faked and didn't want to be associated with this lie.
• 11) The "Powers-That-Be" were pissed at JFK for signing "Executive Order 11110 that returned the power of creating money to the U.S. Treasury Department." This would take power back from the Federal Reserve System
a "private, for profit, central banking corporation owned by a cartel of private banks."

There were many conspiracy theories mentioned in this book.  The captain of the Titanic sank the ship on purpose. The Twin Towers were brought down by explosives set by the United States government. Even The X-Files gets a nod.

Andersen contradicts himself as he presented "evidence." For example, he talks about the "fake" Zapruder film and shows pictures from that film where he says the Stemmons Freeway sign was drawn in by Hollywood artists. Yet, he later has a picture taken by Hugh Betzner Jr., taken from across the street, that shows Zapruder while he was filming on abdication day. The Stemmons Freeway sign is seen and would have been in the path of Zapruder's filming as the Kennedy car passed. 

Andersen makes statements of fact that may or may not be the case. Example: "The criminal omission and failure of not creating crime scenes are hard, absolute, concrete and undeniable proof a conspiracy took place in Dallas before and after JFK arrived and departed Texas for the last time." Andersen may be right. Or, maybe it is simply proof of an incompetent police department suffering the same shock as the rest of the American public.

By the end of that fateful episode in history, there were two fake dead bodies, according to Andersen -- one for JFK, one for Oswald. The Z-film was faked by animators. Doctors were involved at the hospital. The Vatican and the Black Pope were involved. The CIA was involved. The conspiracy was huge! And everybody kept their mouths shut for fear of being killed for real.  To quote from the book, "Eliminate the far-fetched, crazy and impossible and what remains is the truth however improbable." Whether there was a conspiracy or not on some level remains open.

Regardless of how good (or bad) his ideas about the Kennedy assassination may be, it was not convincing that he proved his case -- even with what Andersen calls the "Rosetta Stone" of this investigation -- the diary of eyewitness June Dishong. I am only one jury member, however. He just very well might convince you.


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In a message dated 5/31/2008 2:27:11 P.M. Pacific Standard Times:
You be the judge.  

Two defendants to a murder charge face trial. 
Their names are Shooter A and Shooter B. 
The trial produces the following facts:

1.                  Shooter A and Shooter B do not know one

2.                  There is no evidence they made any
agreement to commit the crime.

3.                  Both Shooters were found with guns at
the scene of the crime.

 4.                  The public coroner testifies that the fatal
shot to the victim was point-blank to the back of his
 head next to the right ear.

 5.                  The coroner also testifies that the victim
was struck with three other bullets, also at close
range from behind and to the right.

6.                  Twelve eyewitnesses say that Shooter A was
 at all times to the victim’s left and in front of him and
was never within two feet of him.

7.                  Shooter B admits that he was immediately to
the victim’s right and behind him.

 8.                  Shooter A was grabbed by another person
after firing two shots, after which he fired aimlessly.

 9.                  Including the fatal shot, there were thirteen
bullets accounted for by investigators.

10.              Shooter A had a gun that held eight bullets.

11.              Shooter B had a gun that held nine bullets.

12.              The guns were nearly alike.

13.              No one has matched Shooter A’s gun positively
 to the victim’s bullets.

14.              No one has ever checked Shooter B’s gun to
see whether it matches the bullets.

What is your verdict?  

Here is what happened in to the two shooters
regarding the real-life incident 40 years ago:
Shooter A was actually convicted of first-degree
murder and now resides at Corcoran State Prison
in California.  He has spent 39 years in prison.

Shooter B was never considered a suspect by the
authorities and now lives in the Philippines.

Who are they?  

Shooter A is Sirhan Sirhan.  

Shooter B is Thane Eugene Cesar, a security guard.  

The victim was Senator Robert Kennedy, candidate
for President of the United States.

Why does it matter?   It matters to Sirhan, who has
now spent over twice the average time in prison for
first-degree murderers.

It matters to those who voted for Kennedy, who were
  It matters to history, regardless of
 whether it changed for the worse or for the better.

 It matters to our judicial system, which should protect
those falsely convicted of crimes and pursue those for
which there is more evidence of wrongdoing.

It matters to all of us – if people in power orchestrated
a false conviction and got away with it, they or their
associates probably still have the ability to do it again.

Dean Hartwell, JD

Read which government conspiracy theories
have merit and which ones do not. T
ruth matters at
Dean T. Hartwell
Author of the new book "Dead Men Talking: Consequences of Government Lies" and the 2001 classic "Truth Matters: How the Voters Can Take Back Their Nation"




Admits two shooters but nothing about them. 
Proves that Sirhan Sirhand did not kill RFK
Admits second shooter - video
Video - aftermath of shooting -
The acoustics evidence
The CIA connection to the shooting
Coverup by the police of photos of the shooting
Sirhan in front - Kennedy shot from the back



















David Morales (CIA) was Chief of Operations and once told friends:

"I was in Dallas when we got the son of a bitch and I was in Los Angeles when we got the little bastard."   


The April 5 issue of Rolling Stone features the deathbed confession of CIA operative and key Bay of Pigs/Watergate/Nixon administration figure E. Howard Hunt, "The Last Confession of E. Howard Hunt" by Erik Hedegaard.


TWYMAN: One of the reasons I called you was that I believe you're one of the few people who heard David Morales make that famous remark [referring to John Kennedy], "Well, we took care of that son of a bitch, didn't we?"   

WALTON: Only three (3) people heard that remark: myself, my wife and Ruben Carbajal [Morales' childhood friend from high school]. It took place in a hotel room at the Dupont Plaza [in Washington D.C.], and we were the only three there. 

TWYMAN: That's an amazing story. Have you ever written about it or documented it? 

WALTON: I haven't. In fact, I had all sorts of problems with that. It happened in 1973 and I had just had a coronary and I'd taken some time off.  

TWYMAN: Do you have an opinion formed as to whether or not he did participate in the Kennedy assassination?

WALTON: I have NO doubt. When he told me, "We got that son of a bitch," he told me he was in Dallas. He said, "I was in Dallas and I was in L.A. when we got that Bobby, too."

TWYMAN: Oh, he said he was in Dallas, too?

WALTON: No doubt in my mind he was there. I doubt very much that he personally pulled the trigger or anything else, but he was there ... he helped ORGANIZE it. 

TWYMAN: Well, that's important that he mentioned he was in Dallas. He said he was in Dallas? Well, I'll be damned. 

WALTON: He said, "We got that son of a bitch and I was in Los Angeles also when we got Bobby." 

TWYMAN: When "we" got Bobby?

WALTON: When we got Bobby. And when he said "also," I linked that back to Dallas. I'm not sure he ever said "I was in Dallas," but he DID say, "I was in Los Angeles when we got Bobby."

TWYMAN: I see. You can't specifically remember he said that he was in Dallas. 

WALTON: No. Just the way he linked it on with, "and I was ALSO in L.A....."

DAVID MORALES "MAGIC CARD": The one thing that never ceased to amaze both attorney Robert Walton and Morales longtime friend, Ruben Carbajal, was Morales' "magic card" given to him by the CIA. 

Morales would reach into his pocket and pull out a little black plastic card -- it looked a little smaller than your typical credit card, just maybe slightly smaller. And it just had a few gold numbers or letters on it -- no insignia or anything else. He'd show that and he could get whatever he wanted. He could get anyone on an airplane that was overbooked, he could get a party into a restaurant....

According to Robert Walton, it was "amazing ... a magic card." He never did find anyone else in the CIA at the time who could tell him what it was and how it worked so well for Morales. 


David Morales was born in 1925 in Phoenix, AZ. At the time of the Kennedy assassination, he was 38-years-old and was a seasoned veteran in CIA covert operations.

Morales graduated from Phoenix Union High School in 1944. He was president of his class and a star letterman in four sports. He was not a afraid of a street fight. Ruben Carbajal remembers in high school when Morales singlehandedly and coolly took on a small gang of street bullies who had harassed them, and dispatched all of them in quick succession. 

Morales joined the Army and was assigned to paratrooper training. He joined the CIA in 1946, underwent special training, and reported as a "political officer" for the State Dept in Caracas, Venezuela.  Morales rose high in rank while assigned to the CIA -- to brigadier general -- and he had an office in the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon before he retired. Morales had a parking spot in the front row with the top brass with his name on it! 

David Morales died young of a sudden heart attack at age 53 in 1978. A very long line of high-ranking military brass and well-dressed, important-looking people in civilian clothes wearing sunglasses flew in from all over the country to attend his funeral services in Phoenix, much to the surprise of his old friends who had NO idea he was such an important person.

When Morales' body was interred in the small town of Wilcox, AZ, the line of mourners extended all the way through town, amazing the local citizens.

JFK Murder Plot "Deathbed Confession" Aired On National Radio

E. Howard Hunt names numerous individuals with both direct and indirect CIA connections as having played a role in the assassination of Kennedy, ... | CIA Confesses to Kennedy Assassination - CIA Confesses to Kennedy Assassination - Trial Testimony by Deposition Under Oath of CIA agent Marita Lorenz From the Defamation Trial of E. ...

Hunt's Deathbed Confession Reveals JFK Killers

The Last Confession Of E. Howard Hunt - US government/CIA team murdered JFK By Larry Chin ... Of course he was talking about the Kennedy assassination. ...

Saint John Hunt -"Bond of Secrecy"

E-Mail Link to Saint John Hunt Link to Saint John's Biography Link to Link to Purchase DVD E-Mail Contact Link.

Rolling Stone : The Last Confessions of E. Howard Hunt

After a while, he had St. John wheel him into his bedroom and hoist him onto his ... He was E. Howard Hunt, a true American patriot, and he had earned his ... -

Was JFK plot buried with Hunt?

"From that point on I felt relevant in his life, that I was the one he could count on," said Howard St. John Hunt, now 52, who is called St. John. ... -

Strange Days with Howard Hunt, March 30, 2007 (III Publishing blog ...

That would be Howard St. John Hunt, son of Howard Hunt, CIA operative and Watergate burglar. I had already met a few sons of rich and famous people. ... -

E. Howard Hunt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

On the April 28th, 2007 edition of Coast to Coast AM hosted by Ian Punnett, an audio tape sent to St. John Hunt contained his father's January 2004 ... -

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EUREKA, CALIF. — Howard St. John Hunt remembers the night of the Watergate break-in as a bonding experience with his father.,1,1203859.story - Jun 2, 2007


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The First Pope Paul VI

The Second Pope Paul VI?

Pope Paul VI
born September 26, 1897;
died August 6, 1978
was pope from 1963 to 1978.
He was baptised Giovanni Battista Montini.
He was ordained in 1920.

Paul VI  (Which version Pope is This?)

born September 26, 1897, Concesio, near Brescia, Italy
died August 6, 1978, Castel Gandolfo

Age at Death: 80 - Cause of Death: Heart attack

original name Giovanni Battista MontiniItalian pope of the Roman Catholic church (reigned 1963–78) during a period including most of the second Vatican Council (1962–65) and the immediate postconciliar era, in which he issued directives and guidance to a changing Roman Catholic church. His pontificate was confronted with the problems and uncertainties of a church facing a new role in the contemporary world.

Last Sunday (August 6, 1978), about five o’clock in the afternoon, Pope Paul VI was stricken by a heart attack while he was assisting at a Mass celebrated by his personal assistant. It was the Feast of the Transfiguration.

Burial & Eternity

Some Catholic papers, as well as secular magazines, have reported that Paul VI, after his burial stank so badly that the coffin had to be opened several times to put more formaldehyde in to stop the stench. In fact photographs show the face of Paul 666 rotting even before he was buried, thus prompting his masonic cardinals to bury him poste haste. The rot was already seen by hundreds if not thousands of people as they filed by his open bier.

Scandalous Photos of Pope Paul VI

The Writings of Pope Paul VI

Pope Paul Seen In Trouble - Prayers Asked
Jacinta's Visions of the Holy Father

Photo Used in 1967

Photo Marked 1964 (same newspaper as the one below)
Photo Used in Germany, year 2000

Year Unknown - Remembering High Chief Tuatagaloa Palepa Yandall
From 1975

In the photographs taken of Pope Paul VI, one might think that the differences are just because of aging, but that is not the case. The later photos show a Pope with a more hooked nose, of a different shape, more rounded, from the earlier Pope.  The ear shapes are completely different, including the size of the lobes. The jaw of the earlier Pope is much more prominent than the later Pope.

The later Pope is thought to be an Italian Actor, who had plastic surgery to make him look like the Pope, supposedly arranged by Cardinals Villot, Benelli and Casaroli. These three men made sure that few people got close to the new Pope, who was being kept hostage, drugged and bound to his chair.

Other people suspected something strange was going on and investigated it. Author Theodor Kolberg of Germany wrote his findings on the case in his book "Unsturg um Vatikan? (An Overthrow of the Vatican?). He even got voiceprints of the two Popes to show the differences using recordings of public blessings. Father Malachi Martin also was aware of the situation.

One of the duties of the imposter Pope was to present new encyclicals which put the Catholic Church in bad standing. The real Pope endured as a hostage until he finally died in 1978. Meanwhile the false Pope installed Benelli to a Cardinal in 1977 so he would have a chance at becoming Pope himself. He aligned himself with communist and Masonic forces to become a likely candidate to antipope.

Once it became clear that Benelli would not become Pope, he arranged it so Albino Luciani would be elected Pope John Paul I.  As you will see below, Pope John Paul I was murdered with 1 month of his election to Pope. Luciani was naive to politics and was vocal with announcing his intention to continue the reforms of his predecessors. He was in good health. Everyone was shocked when he died of an apparent heart attack 34 days later. What was more unusual, 4 other people died of apparent heart attacks within  that same 4 weeks of his papacy.

Benelli fell short of the 75 votes needed to be elected the new Pope and after Cardinal Giovanni Benelli’s candidacy stalled, the electors decided they would look outside Italy, and König suggested a man from behind the Iron Curtain. and unexpectedly Carlinda Karol Wojtyla of Poland was elected. What was strange was that Villot, Benelli, and Casaroli were selected by the new Pope to run important departments within the Vatican. Since they worked so closely with the new Pope, the communists felt assured they had a victory even though Benelli didn't become Pope.

In 1981 when Pope Paul II was gunned down in the streets, the communists were even more sure they were victorious, but miraculously, the Pope overcame his dire injuries. There were several other attempts on his life, but he escaped with his life intact.

Much time has passed since then. Villot died in a car accident on March 9, 1979. Casaroli died on June 10, 1998. According to Kathleen Keating in her book, "The Final Warning", Benelli is still alive but quite old now, however, reputable websites say that Cardinal Benelli died in 1982. (Cardinalate. Created cardinal priest, June 27, 1977; received red biretta and title of S. Prisca, June 27, 1977. Attended IV Ordinary Assembly of World Synod of Bishops, Vatican City, September 30-October 29, 1977. Participated in conclave of August 25-26, 1978. Participated in conclave of October 14-16, 1978. Attended I Plenary Assembly of Sacred College of Cardinals, Vatican City, November 5-9, 1979; V Ordinary Assembly of World Synod of Bishops, Vatican City, September 26-October 25, 1980. Death. October 26, 1982, Florence. Buried, metropolitan cathedral basilica S. Maria del Fiore, Florence. .
It is quite obvious that Pope John Paul II does not have much longer to live as he is extremely frail.

It is critical to remember that this will be the first conclave of the third millennium. That fact alone will impose tremendous psychological pressure on the electors to be forward looking, choosing a man who embodies the church of the future. That means the developing world, where seventy percent of Catholics today live - and the only place where the church is experiencing significant growth.  This could mean an African such as Nigerian Cardinal Francis Arinze, but for men accustomed to “thinking in centuries,” the African church (below the Sahara) probably seems far too new, too fluid to be ready for the papacy. There aren’t enough Catholics in Asia for that region to make sense. Thus if the cardinals want a Third World pope, it seems more likely they will turn to a Latin American.

The Cardinals and the Conclaves to Elect the New Pope

Pope John Paul I - 1912 - 1978

The Murder of Pope John Paul 1

........At 4.30 a.m. on the morning of Fri September 29th , 1978 Sister Vincenza carried a flask of coffee to the study..... At 4.45 am she returned. The tray of coffee in the study was untouched.....she moved to the bedroom door and listened. There was no sound. She knocked on the door, timidly at first, then with greater force. Still there was silence. There was a light shining from under the door of the bedroom. She knocked again on the bedroom door. Still there was no answer.

Opening the door she saw Albino Luciani sitting up in bed. He was wearing his glasses and gripped in his hands were some sheets of paper. His head was turned to the right and the lips were parted showing his teeth. It was not the smiling face that had so impressed the millions but an expression of agony. She felt his pulse.. Recently she recounted that moment:

"It was a miracle that I survived. I have a bad heart. I pushed the bell to summon the secretaries, then I went out to find the other sisters and to awaken Don Diego."

.....after a mere 33 days as Pope, Albino Luciani had died alone...

Less than twelve hours earlier Albino Luciani had told Villot of his impending replacement by Benelli. Now, far from being a former Secretary of State the Pope's death..... ensured he would remain in office......

Beside the Pope's bed on a small table was the medicine that Luciani had been taking for low blood pressure. Villot pocketed the medicine and removed the notes on the Papal transfers and appointments from the dead Pope's hands. They followed the medicine into Villot's pocket. From his study desk his last Will was removed. Also to vanish from the bedroom were the Pope's glasses and slippers. None of these items has ever been seen again.....

All the hopes, dreams, aspirations were shattered. The plans Luciani had made, the changes, the new direction, all had come to nothing.....

Cardinal Benelli.. With tears still running down his face... said: "The church has lost the right man for the right moment.   We are very distressed. We are left frightened....."

[David Yallop In God's Name Johnathan Cape London 1984]

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Now the Truth can be told of the Rabin Assassination

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For research purposes, here is a list of mind control projects
that have been exposed over the years:

Chapter - In 1947, the Navy conducted the first known post-war mind control program, Project CHAPTER, which continued the drug experiments. Decades later, journalists and investigators still haven't uncovered much information about this project - or, indeed, about any of the military's other excursions into this field. We know that the Army eventually founded operations THIRD CHANCE and DERBY HAT; other project names remain mysterious, though the existence of these programs is unquestionable.

Mockingbird - This unlikely land of enchantment is the creation of MOCKINGBIRD. It was conceived in the late 1940s, the most frigid period of the cold war, when the CIA began a systematic infiltration of the corporate media, a process that often included direct takeover of major news outlets.

In this period, the American intelligence services competed with communist activists abroad to influence European labor unions. With or without the cooperation of local governments, Frank Wisner, an undercover State Department official assigned to the Foreign Service, rounded up students abroad to enter the cold war underground of covert operations on behalf of his Office of Policy Coordination. Philip Graham, __a graduate of the Army Intelligence School in Harrisburg, PA, then publisher of the Washington Post., was taken under Wisner's wing to direct the program code-named Operation MOCKINGBIRD

Operation MOCKINGBIRD — The CIA begins recruiting American news organizations and journalists to become spies and disseminators of propaganda. The effort is headed by Frank Wisner, Allan Dulles, Richard Helms and Philip Graham. Graham is publisher of The Washington Post, which becomes a major CIA player. Eventually, the CIA’s media assets will include ABC, NBC, CBS, Time, Newsweek, Associated Press, United Press International, Reuters, Hearst Newspapers, Scripps-Howard, Copley News Service and more. By the CIA’s own admission, at least 25 organizations and 400 journalists will become CIA assets.

"Whispers" is a collection of case histories of paranoia that Siegel had studied. One of these cases is a man named Tolman who believes that his mind is being controlled by computers via a satellite system named POSSE (Personal Orbiting Satellite for Surveillance and Enforcement). Siegel implies that claims like this are similar to the James Tilly Matthews case. And indeed they are, but it is clear that Siegel is trying to dismiss Tolman's claims by implying that similar reports existed two centuries before this technology could have existed.


Chatter - 1951 Project CHATTER, a highly classified Navy program to search for a truth drug, began. They were looking for a way to make someone talk "fast" in the event of a security emergency. These experiments used barbiturates, amphetamines, and heroin. The drugs were supplied by the Bureau of Narcotics and pharmaceutical companies. Some of the experimental subjects included the scientists themselves, and mostly students. 1953 Project CHATTER was abandoned by the Navy.

Bluebird - 1950 Project BLUEBIRD was approved by the first CIA Director, Roscoe Hillenkoetter. He also approved the use of unvouchered funds to pay for its sensitive areas. This began the CIA's first structured behavioral control program. Their goals consisted of "controlling an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against such fundamental laws of nature as self-preservation." Some of their experimental subjects included North Korean prisoners of war and suspected double agents.

The newly-formed CIA plunged into this cesspool in 1950, with Project BLUEBIRD, rechristened ARTICHOKE in 1951. To establish a "cover story" for this research, the CIA funded a propaganda effort designed to convince the world that the Communist Bloc had devised insidious new methods of re-shaping the human will; the CIA's own efforts could therefore, if exposed, be explained as an attempt to "catch up" with Soviet and Chinese work. The primary promoter of this "line" was one Edward Hunter, a CIA contract employee operating undercover as a journalist, and, later, a prominent member of the John Birch society. (Hunter was an OSS veteran of the China theatre - the same spawning grounds which produced Richard Helms, Howard Hunt, Mitch WerBell, Fred Chrisman, Paul Helliwell and a host of other noteworthies who came to dominate that strange land where the worlds of intelligence and right-wing extremism meet.

Hunter offered "brainwashing" as the explanation for the numerous confessions signed by American prisoners of war during the Korean War and (generally) UN-recanted upon the prisoners' repatriation. These confessions alleged that the United States used germ warfare in the Korean conflict, a claim which the American public of the time found impossible to accept. Many years later, however, investigative reporters discovered that Japan's germ warfare specialists (who had wreaked incalculable terror on the conquered Chinese during WWII) had been mustered into the American national security apparat - and that the knowledge gleaned from Japan's horrifying germ warfare experiments probably WAS used in Korea, just as the "brainwashed" soldiers had indicated. Thus, we now know that the entire brainwashing scare of the 1950s constituted a CIA hoax perpetrated upon the American public: CIA deputy director Richard Helms admitted as much when, in 1963, he told the Warren Commission that Soviet mind control research consistently lagged years behind American efforts

Artichoke  1951 Project BLUEBIRD was renamed Project ARTICHOKE. The CIA director approved a liaison with the Army and Navy who were interested in finding a truth drug. Another liaison was formed with the Air Force who wanted to study interrogation techniques. Information was also exchanged with the Canadian and British governments.

Some of Project ARTICHOKE's experimental subjects included: suspected agents, suspected double agents, people who "had a known reason for deception," American college students (supposedly for more benign testing), and foreigners (since the CIA was more likely to try certain procedures out on them rather than American citizens.) "Terminal," or "to the death" experiments were usually carried out in other countries.

According to Bowart, the control method used on two agents involved drugs and hypnosis (narco-hypnosis). The subjects were hypnotically regressed and made to relive past experiences. Posthypnotic suggestions were given to induce total amnesia of their interrogations. The CIA called this experiment "very successful."

Castigate - 1952 Project CASTIGATE began when the Navy and the CIA teamed up to test a "secret potion" that consisted of a depressant, a stimulant, and the active ingredient in marijuana. The drugs were to be administered over a three-day period. The experiment was carried out in Germany at a secret CIA base on a military installation. Experimental subjects included one known double agent, one suspected double agent and three defectors. Project CASTIGATE was considered a failure.

MKNAOMI - 1952 MKNAOMI (Pronounced M-K NAOMI with M-K standing for mind control.) TSS's agreement with the Special Operations Division of the Army's biological research center at Fort Detrick, Maryland. SOD's job was to produce germ weapons for the CIA's use.

MKULTRA - 1953 MKULTRA, a CIA program for the covert use of biological and chemical weapons began. Bowart states, "According to CIA documents, MKULTRA was 'an umbrella project for funding sensitive projects' and covered 'policy and procedures for the use of biochemicals in clandestine operations...' " "MKULTRA was exempted from normal CIA financial controls and allowed TSS to begin research projects without contracts or written agreements." TSS stands for Technical Services Staff and was an agency referred to as "the Gadget Wizards," similar to what "Q" is to James Bond.

Drugs, electronics and electroshock
Targeting: Short range
Frequencies: VHF HF UHF modulated at ELF
Transmission and Reception: Local production
Purpose: Programming behavior, creation of "cyborg" mentalities
Effects: narcoleptic trance, programming by suggestion
Subprojects: Many.
Pseudonym: Project Artichoke
Functional Basis: Electronic Dissolution of Memory, E.D.O.M.

As usual, MKDELTA and MKNAOMI had already been set up prior to the CIA being given official permission for MKULTRA. MKDELTA became the operational side of MKULTRA.

MKULTRA focused on drugs, specifically LSD since the CIA had a phobia about LSD ending up in the hands of the Russians. The CIA wanted to use LSD as a weapon. The Russians and the Cold War were used as a national security excuse for most of the CIA's actions. The CIA studied hundreds of other drugs besides LSD, as well as experimenting with: "radiation, electroshock, psychology, sociology, anthropology, psychiatry, harassment substances and paramilitary devices and materials."

It appears that the scientists enjoyed trying these drugs on themselves, but they also used many hospital patients, volunteers (mostly students), inmates who were usually paid for their participation with more drugs, and eventually anyone the CIA could get, without their consent, of course. The CIA "scientists" even reduced themselves to misting and spraying unwitting American citizens as they walked down busy city streets. Later they would study how they could manipulate genes, and develop compounds that could simulate heart attack and stroke.

At least one person committed suicide after becoming an unwitting subject of a CIA LSD test, crashing through a highstory plate-glass window in a New York hotel as his Agency guardian watched. (Or perhaps the guardian did more than watch. In June 1994 the victim’s family had his thirty-year-old corpse exhumed to check for signs that he may have been thrown out that window.) Numerous others lost their grip on reality.

MK-ULTRA was the code name the CIA used for its program directed at gaining control over human behavior through “covert use of chemical and biological materials,” as proposed by Richard Helms. The name itself was a variation on ULTRA, the U.S. intelligence program behind Nazi lines in World War 11, of which the CIA's veteran spies were justly proud.

Helms later became CIA director and gained a measure of notoriety for his 'Watergate "lying to Congress" conviction and a touch of immortality in Thomas Powers's aptly named biography, The Man Who Kept the Secrets. Helms founded the MK-ULTRA program and justified its notably unethical aspects with the rationale, “We are not Boy Scouts.”

MK-Ultra: The CIA and Radiation
MK-ULTRA Information
Material on the CIA funded MK-ULTRA experiments using LSD.
Radiation Experiments Hearing Text
Transcript of 3/15/95 public hearings of the Advisory Commitee on Human Radiation Experiments.

Project Moonstruck, 1952, CIA:

Electronic implants in brain and teeth
Targeting: Long range
Implanted during surgery or surreptitiously during abduction
Frequency range: HF - ELF transceiver implants
Purpose: Tracking, mind and behavior control, conditioning, programming, covert operations
Functional Basis: Electronic Stimulation of the Brain, E.S.B.

Project Orion, 1958, U.S.A.F:

Drugs, hypnosis, and ESB
Targeting: Short range, in person
Frequencies: ELF Modulation
Transmission and Reception: Radar, microwaves, modulated at ELF frequencies
Purpose: Top security personnel debriefing, programming, insure security and loyalty
Pseudonym: "Dreamland"

MKDELTA - 1960, CIA:

Fine-tuned electromagnetic subliminal programming
Targeting: Long Range
Frequencies: VHF HF UHF Modulated at ELF
Transmission and Reception: Television antennae, radio antennae, power lines, mattress spring coils, modulation on 60 Hz wiring.
Purpose: programming behavior and attitudes in general population
Effects: fatigue, mood swings, behavior dysfunction and social criminality, mood swings
Pseudonym: "Deep Sleep", R.H.I.C.

Derby Hat - 1960 - The Army Assistant Chief-of-Staff for Intelligence (ACSI) authorizes field testing of LSD in Europe and the Far East. Testing of the european population is code named Project THIRD CHANCE; testing of the Asian population is code named Project DERBY HAT.

Project MONARCH - Mind control is absolute. Under MK-Ultra Project Monarch trauma-based mind control, ... a subsection of the CIA's Operation Artichoke which is also known as Project MK Ultra ... [involving] the sophisticated manipulation of the child's mind to protect itself from extreme trauma by creating Multiple Personality Disorder.

Operation Monarch by Mark Phillips
Cathy O'Brien - An Open Letter on Project Monarch
Cathy O'Brien - My Introduction to Humanity
Cathy O'Brien - Transformation - Epilogue
Outpost of Freedom
Mind Control - The Secret History
Project Monarch
Offline Illumination
Operation Monarch
Ritual Abuse Links
David Icke Recommended Reading
Project Monarch: The Tangled Web

Mind Control - Mark Phillips & Cathy O'Brien
Transcription: Cathy O'Brien's Presentation Mind Control

MKSEARCH 1964 MKULTRA became MKSEARCH. Many sub-projects stayed under MKULTRA while the most sensitive behavioral experiments went to MKSEARCH. These experiments were conducted on prisoners, terminal cancer patients and people who were described as mental "defectives." They also used radar waves on monkeys' brains (which risked "cooking" their brains) and one scientist took the head of one monkey and tried to attach it to the body of another. Other experiments involved studying telepathy, radio frequencies and memory.-

MKSEARCH continued into the early 1970's, and more experiments were performed under ORD, the Office of Research and Development. Some of these experiments consisted of implanting electrodes into the brains of cats, dogs, and reptiles and controlling the animals remotely. Animal experiments were always (and still are) performed first and heinously, but we don't hear much about these atrocities.

According to Bowart, the following agencies were involved in behavior modification and behavioral research projects: the Defense Department, the Department of Labor, the National Science Foundation, the Veteran's Administration, the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, the National Institute of Mental Health, the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (under the Department of Justice). "All of the above agencies were named in secret CIA documents as those who provided research 'cover' for MKULTRA."

Often/ Chickwit -1967 Or 1968, Project OFTEN/CHICKWIT was initiated by the Army Chemical Corps and the CIA's Office of Research and Development to create new drug compounds "that could be used offensively." Hallucinogens were tested on inmates in Pennsylvania, but very little is known about the experiments. "CIA documents mention 'several laboratory accidents' in which a drug designated as EA-3167 produced 'prolonged psychotic effects in laboratory personnel' "

U.S. Army dispenses Bacillus subtilis variant niger throughout the New York City subway system. More than a million civilians are exposed when army scientists drop lightbulbs filled with the bacteria onto ventilation grates.

It would appear that the CIA's drug testing continued throughout the 1970s since, "A CIA memo dated March 8, 1971, indicates that a backlog of more than twenty-six thousand drugs had been acquired 'for future screening'


Location: Montauk, Long Island
Electronic multi-directional targeting of select population groups
Targeting: Medium range
Frequencies: Radar, microwaves. EHF UHF modulated
Power: Gigawatt through Terawatt
Purpose: Loading of Earth Grids, planetary sonombulescence to stave off geological activity, specific-point earthquake creation, population programming for sensitized individuals
Pseudonym: "Rainbow", ZAP


Electronic directed targeting of individuals or populations
Targeting: Large population groups assembled
Display: Black helicopters flying in triad formation of three
Power: 100,000 watts
Frequency: UHF
Purpose: Large group management and behavior control, riot control
Allied Agencies: FEMA
Pseudonym: "Black Triad" A.E.M.C

RF MEDIA, 1990, CIA:

Electronic, multi-directional subliminal suggestion and programming
Location: Boulder, Colorado (Location of main cell telephone node, national television synchronization node)
Targeting: national population of the United States
Frequencies: ULF VHF HF Phase modulation
Power: Gigawatts
Implementation: Television and radio communications, the "videodrome" signals
Purpose: Programming and triggering behavioral desire, subversion of psychic abilities of population, preparatory processing for mass electromagnetic control
Pseudonym: "Buzz Saw" E.E.M.C.

TOWER, 1990, CIA, NSA:

Electronic cross country subliminal programming and suggestion
Targeting: Mass population, short-range intervals, long-range cumulative
Frequencies: Microwave, EHF SHF
Methodology: Cellular telephone system, ELF modulation
Purpose: Programming through neural resonance and encoded information
Effect: Neural degeneration, DNA resonance modification, psychic suppression
Pseudonym: "Wedding Bells"

Third Chance -In I991 operations Bug, Third Chance, Derby Hat and MKUltra under which various aspects of mind control were performed from BB size ear, eye nose and brain implants had been studied for two decades. And they were placed in the hands of South American dictators and others in operations against high echelon captured drug dealers and other prisoners.


Electromagnetic resonant induction and mass population control
Location: Gakona, Alaska
Frequencies: Atmospheric phase-locked resonant UHF VHF
Potential: DNA code alteration in population and mass behavior modification
Power: Giga-watt to Tera-watt range
Step-Down reflective frequencies: Approx 1.1 GHz, Human DNA resonant frequency, cellular system phase-lock


Electromagnetic resonant induction and mass population control
Location: Nationwide
Frequencies: Emotional wavelengths, data gathering through helicopter probes following media events - rebroadcast in order to restimulate population emotional levels for recreation of event scenarios.
Ref: LE#108, March 1998
Potential: Mass behavior modification
Power: Unknown. Possibly rebroadcast through GWEN network or cellular tower frequencies, coordinated from NBS in Colorado.


Red Rock Canyon School Sherman, Frank, Sean Habibian Traumatizing, brainwashing "treatment" school for teens Utah, California

This "treatment" school is a torture, traumatizing, brainwashing facility for teens that only causes extreme detriment to their well being in every possible way, (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, metaphysical) via abusive staff members and students. It is COMPLETE and UTTER Fraud. It's a scam, and most kids that get out of that school end up 2094823094821039840239840398402398402398X WORSE. 

For example, I was doing extremely well, living in a great house, had amazing friends, working with one of the biggest producers in the world, basically just succeeding and exceeding in life until I was sent to this disgusting program by my schitzophrenic/bipolar/psychotic/mentally ill mother, where I was killed from the inside out, just to sum it all up. When I got out I was homeless for three months, I stopped doing music because I was so traumatized in that horrible place, and I couldn't even any way because I was homeless and stressed what I was going to do, I ended up hanging out with other homeless people where I did drugs (which I NEVER did before) and incredibly angry and disgusted inside that hasn't gone away yet.

hese people are out to get you, and if you fall in their trap, guaranteed you will NOT be happy about the waste of money, and the result of your child.
Here's some info that could be of use:

A Laymans Guide to Brainwashing and Mind Control at Behavior Modification Programs for Teens

From 1951 to 1972 the C.I.A. conducted a variety of mind control experiments on their own agents, military personnel, psychiatric patients, prisoners, and the general public. These experimental projects were entitled Bluebird, Artichoke, MKULTRA, and MKSEARCH. The C.I.A. uses the term behavior modification interchangeably with mind control and brainwashing.

In the 1970s, following the Senate Hearings condemning these experiments, behavior modification programs for troubled teens began propping up around the country. Programs such as Provo Canyon School in Provo, UT began torturing and brainwashing children in 1974, but, it filed for its license and zoning shortly after MKSEARCH was supposedly discontinued.

Based on information gathered by HEAL5, behavior modification programs are sharing their data with the N.S.A., C.I.A., Foreign and Domestic Military Personnel, and other government and scientific research operations. This suggests that the brainwashing experiments continue in the form of teen help. We invite you to compare the brainwashing methods described by Dr. William Sargant in his research into the techniques of brainwashing used in Communist China and Stalinist Russia to the phase/level system(s) used at programs such as Provo Canyon School and Kids Helping Kids/Pathway Family Centers.
According to Dr. William Sargants2 research into brainwashing, there are four primary phases:

The first called the phase of physical control and lasts about two months. Novices are allotted all sorts of...physical tasks, often of a demeaning nature...During this period of physical exhaustion...themes are designed to instill a maximum of disillusionment in the mind...After two months of physical control a second phase of more intense indoctrination begins. Physical work is now reduced, and the number of small and large group meetings greatly increased. Care is taken that for six and sometimes seven nights a week the trainee shall go to bed mentally and physically completely exhausted...Finally, the remainder reach a third stage [phase] of crisis and breakdown. This occurs after about six months training [brainwashing]...With this [third phase] total disruption of old behavior patterns, the new ones [fourth phase] become much more firmly implanted...In place of his [the trainee or brainwashed person] feeling of guilt he is now fired with the conviction that he must publicize his newly found security and help others find peace of mind through service to the Organization [Cult]. It takes at least another four months of intense work to consolidate the hold on the now willing mind. Some rewards are given for enthusiasm and in appreciation of the conversion of the trainee.

The residential treatment/boot camp/wilderness therapy/behavior modification program industry uses a similar level/phase system in their
conversion of normal kids to Stepford children. Heres an example of the phases in a modern day behavior modification program:

Phase 1. Deny all contact with outside world. Deny interaction between students. Deny basic needs as punishment (food, sleep, clothing, heat, water, etc.). Create confusion and use physical and mental exhaustion as a tool to breakdown old behaviors. This causes a complete mental breakdown in the child. (Forced betrayal of ones self.)

Phase 2. Once a child becomes agreeable to submission, small rewards are given for obedience and the risk of being returned to the earlier phase is held out as the worst punishment one can receive. Children are persuaded to make up stories (false confessions) about themselves and others in the program in order to get rewarded for their honesty. (Forced betrayal of ones peers.)

Phase 3. The child has no more opinion of him/herself based on own self- image or the reflection of his/her peers. The child completely loses and disassociates between old life/old behavior and new life/new behavior. (Complete mental/emotional breakdown and intentional creation of disassociative disorder.)

Phase 4. The child is completely submissive and brainwashed. The child hates everything they once were or knew. The child only feels safe in the program and only credits the program with his/her success. Child is given responsibility to lead other children. (Child is now brainwashed and actively aiding his captors in brainwashing others.)

These methods are destructive and violate every sacred human right. And, according to world-renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Peter Breggin3, To [sic] force thousands and even millions of teenagers into...treatment against their will would not only be unethical, wrong-headed, and useless, it would further humiliate and alienate them. Our children deserve better.

1, & 2    

Sargant, Dr. William. Battle for the Mind. Malor Books. Cambridge, MA. 1997 (pp. 181-184) 3 Breggin, Dr. Peter R., Reclaiming Our Children. Perseus Publishing, New York,NY. 2000.    (p. 26) 4 5.

HEAL 126 SW 148th St. Ste, C100-422 Seattle, WA 98166-1984 (877)845-3232 e-mail: web:

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AUTHOR: wy8earp1969 - (United States of America)

SUBMITTED: Friday, June 17, 2011

Red Rock Canyon School is a non-profit residential treatment facility serving boys and girls ages 12 18 located in St. George, UT.  We are licensed in good standing through the Utah Department of Human Services, have full JCAHO accreditation, and are a certified non-public school.  We have comfortable living units and a beautiful campus.  Our students are involved with a variety of activities including sports, enrichment classes in dance, music, and art, and community service projects.

Red Rock Canyon School believes that each youth is a resource and nurtures positive growth in a caring, family-oriented environment.  The safety, security, and well-being of our students is and has always been our number one priority.  We work hard to teach each youth in our care to assume responsibility for helping not only themselves, but others in their group.

 As each youth gives of themselves, their own feelings of self-worth and positive self-esteem are increased.  

Red Rock Canyon Schools professional staff provides strong clinical and therapeutic support for a wide variety of psychological issues, as well as drug and alcohol treatment.  Students are supervised 24-hours a day by highly qualified caring staff.  We also work very hard at family reunification, emphasizing parental support and family therapy while in treatment.  


Red Rock Canyon School is also highly regarding in the Southern Utah for the humanitarian efforts that we provide to the local community.  Our youth are provided opportunities to help the sick and needy in our area along with efforts to send large masses of clothing and need items to areas that have been devastated by disasters such as the Samoan Tsunami victims.  Red Rock Canyon School students are able to leave our facility with a true understanding that when can show true care and
concern for another individual you can truly show care for themselves.  


Red Rock Canyon School welcomes questions and concerns about the treatment approach.  We can be reached at 800-635-4441.  Our website is  In closing, Red Rock Canyon School alumni have provided some kind words of what our program has provided these youth.


Red Rock was hands down the best thing that has happened to me in my life to date. I was on a very self destructive path, and only God knows where my life would have gone had i not gotten the well needed help and advice i received at Red Rock. I made amazing life long friends and learned an entirely new view on life.


Since leaving I got a college degree in business management, built the strongest relationship with my family that I've always wanted, and got an amazing job working at a fortune 500 company. I worked for Sprint for about 5 years moving my way up the corporate ladder as the best salesman in the state and recognized as one of the top in the nation. I have been living a very fulfilling and exciting life thus far and continue to look forward to where the next step will take me. Im hoping to get my masters in Psychology and even make a trip back down to St. George to see if I can help out some teens that are in the same position that I was at their age.


I love everyone at Red Rock and everyone that has helped me throughout my life to make me the man that I am today and only want to help others in the same way!


Ben T. Red Rock Alum


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  • ARCO (Atlantic Richfield Co.)

    --This company continually keeps popping up during investigations/research on Mind-control. John Coleman in report The Tavistock Institute states that several men on ARCO’s Board of Directors were trained by Tavistock incl. Jack Conway, Philip Hawley, and Dr. Joel Fort.


  • Alice Springs, Australia

    --is home of USAF Detachment 421 involved with intelligence


  • Amarillo, TX

    -- near Amarillo is a major underground programming center called "the Station." Inside Amarillo are other collaborating sites such as an ophthalmologist’s office.


  • Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center (AFMIC)

    -- This center uses mind-controlled slaves, incl. those who are members of the Green Berets.


  • Austin, TX

    -- The Rebecca Baines Johnson Convalescent Home, at 21 Waller St., Austin, ph. no. 512-476-6051, has had a Cray-3 computer (with at least a 1,000 megaflop capability) secretly placed into the Johnson Convalescent home for the purpose of secretly being a command post for sending control signals to people who have body suits of implants. Signals from here radiate to many far off places to control victims of implant mind-control.


  • Boulder, CO

    -- The headquarters for EMC, a type of electra-magnetic mind control that is being broadcast to modify the thinking of Americans, and to control slaves.


  • Bristol, Eng.

    -- Burden Neurological Institute.


  • The CIA empire

    -- The CIA’s empire carries out mind control of its assets in many locations. CIA HO, nicknamed "the campus", is a Langley, VA. It might be pertinent to point out a few of their organizations that are active in mind control. Staff D, has a CIA assassination group, referred to at one time as ZR/RIFLE. Their Central Cover Staff (fka Operational Services Division) manages mind-control agents. The Office of Scientific & Weapons Research has carried out some of the mind-control research.


    You will find mind-control regularly carried out within what has been called the Directorate for Research, the Directorate of Science & Technology (fka DDR), and the Directorate of Operations (fka DDP Dir. of Plans until ’73) which ran the TSD later known as the Office of Technical Services, and their CI Staff (Counterintelligence Staff a part of the Dir. of Ops.). The CIA operates a vast array of research & operational programming centers CIA assets:

    Programmed slaves are fanned Out into CIA organizations such as:

    • Air Asia,

    • Air Ethiopia,

    • American Newspaper Guild,

    • Communications Workers of America (CWA),

    • International Catholic Youth Federation,

    • The International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU),

    • International Federation of Journalists (with HQ in Brussels),

    • the International Police Academy (in Wash. D.C.) & the National Students Assoc. (NSA- with HO in Washington D.C.).

    Other known CIA fronts have included:

    • Allied Pacific Printing in Bombay, India

    • Asia Research Centre in Hong Kong

    • Gibraltar Steamship Company

    Programmed multiples also are injected into everywhere else too. They work at spying, drug mulling, assassination, and supplying the CIA leadership with sexual slaves.


  • Camp Bullis [sp.?], TX Dallas, Doctor’s Hospital

    -- An important major programming center, this is located at Garland Rd. at Buckner Blvd. Ph. 2 14-324-6 100. This hospital has a psych wing to it. Baylor Univ. Med Center, 3504 Swiss Ave. in Dallas is also involved in mind-control programming, as well as the Texas Women’s Univ., 1810 Inwood Rd. (214-689-6500), Dallas.


  • Deep Creek Cabins, just west of Ft. Detrick, MD.

    -- These cabins located in the general area of the Magothy River, are a series of cabins surrounded by water & used for sexual programming & sexual training by the intelligence agencies. The area was reported by one slave to have been labelled Subproject #74.


  • El Reno, OK

    --Federal Correctional Institution used for implant and electronic mind-control. Inmates were subjected to this type of mind-control as experimental fodder.


  • Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA.

    -- Esalen is the Tavistock of America. They give workshops on hypnosis, biofeedback, Witchcraft (for instance, their Rituals of Transformation class). Instructors include:

    • witch Margo Adler

    • Cranio-sacral D.O. Jim Asher

    • psychologist Adam Burke who specializes in trance training

    • Patti Lawrence (who does cranial work)

    • Caroline Muir (a tantric sex yoga expert)

    • Robert Swanson (a Dolphin expert)

    • Charles Tart (a expert w/ altered states of consciousness)

    • Karen Turner (a witch psychologist)

    • Anna Wise who is skilled in using EEGs to measure & train brain waves

    These are only a few of the many occult or interesting instructors that the Esalen Institute has.


  • Ft. Drum, NY (Camp Drum)

    --near Watertown, NY. This military reservation is used for training troops in winter fighting, as well as having been used for a remote mind-control programming facility in northern NY.


  • Ft. George Meade, MD, National Security Agency (NSA)

    -- It’s interesting that in Sidney Sheldon’s novel The Doomsday Conspiracy published by Time-Warner in 1991 that the author/researcher Sheldon has NSA commander Robert Bellamy thinking to himself as he enters Ft. Meade,

    • "My God, I’m in the land of Oz." (p.13)

    • After being given his assignment, he wonders (on pp. 20-21) "I feel like the White Queen in Through the Looking Glass. Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

    • "Well, this was all six of them."


    One of the projects that the NSA run with mind-controlled slaves is Project Mirror (Op. # 6317-ABL-4) which consists of about 30 programmed assassins, who are debriefed after their assassination mission and then killed and cremated. The NSA has had two RNM computerized systems for tracking people by monitoring their evoked emissions, and for transmitting thoughts (as well as audio and visual messages) to people’s brains. NSA Cryptologists have gotten computers programmed to decode what a person’s state of mind & thoughts are when their brain emissions are picked up from a distance. Other groups which conduct mind control which work closely with the NSA would include for instance:

    • Air Force Space Command/NORAD

    • Unified Command ELINT Centers

    • Space Surveillance

    The NSA’s "Human Sources" of intelligence are often subjected to mind-control. The Air Force has run a Texas facility called TRIMS, which has exhibition rooms for slaves, which has been used for mind-control programming.


  • Ft. Polk, LA

    --The Delta Forces are stationed here, and are programmed and trained here. MJTF (Multi-jurisdictional Task Force) troops, the BATF & other federal agencies train in kicking in civilian doors & martial law type tactics. Ft. Bragg is HO for the mind-controlled Delta Force. Ft. Bragg is a major satanic center in the military.


  • Kanoehe State Hospital, Oahu, HA

    --This hospital connects with the Naval Base and Naval intelligence. It has been used for programming slaves, as well as Tripler VA Hospital on Oahu island. Kunia, HA is the site of an NSA listening post. Kaneohe, HA also has an underground installation, which is used at least in part by the U.S. Pacific Fleet. Naval intelligence in Hawaii has been involved in mind-control.


  • Kirtland AFB, NM, Sandia National Lab

    --the Sandia Labs have been used for mind control. The one in NM is at Kirtland AFB 87117 (505-845-8692). It has bunkers that have been used for mind-control. The one in Hawaii is at Hanapepe on the Garden Island of Kauai (808-335-5611). Sandia Labs also has a presence in Aibuquerque, NM. Sandia Labs has worked on such secret projects such as the W-88 nuclear warhead which was mounted on the Trident II missiles carried by Ohio-class subs. Mind-controlled slaves help keep Sandia Lab’s research secret.


  • Lexington, Kentucky

    -- On the west side of Lexington is the Lexington airport and next to the airport is a castle that is just south of highway 60 and across from Keeneland Race Course. This castle’s original owner is dead. A CIA operative owned it for a while and then it went into receivership. Then the Federal government got the property (a 100 yr. lease). The castle was a major mind-control programming center, as well as a narcotics depot & a money laundering base.


    Tunnels existed. The castle is believed to no longer be in use for mind-control, although that is not known for sure. This Lexington, KT programming center within the castle was well situated to connect with a U.S. Veterans Hosp. on the NW side of Lexington, a nearby Fed. Correctional Institute (near Brackton), radio towers are all over the area, and the Kentucky State Horse Park with racetracks all built after 1965 is nearby. Scott Gen. Hosp. and an Orphan School at Midway, and the catholic St. Francis Mission are also in the vicinity.


  • Los Alamos, NM

    --A site for research into nonlethal weapons, such as syntel for mind-control. The T-13 Complex Studies Group has been researching artificial-life.


  • Maine

    --The CIA used an International Children’s Summer camp for MK Ultra mind-control. This summer camp was probably not related to the International Children’s School at South Burlington, VT which also has summer school. There is also an International Children’s School tied to the UN in New York, it is not known whether it ties in or not.


  • New Orleans, LA

    --Some of the hotels and restaurants are being used for mind-control. This author suspects (but has no proof) the Ursuline Academy (a Ursuline Convent school) on State St., Bacco Italian restaurant (a relatively new expensive restaurant named after the roman god Baccus and which has had lots of money put into it, and excellent food located in the Hotel de la Poste, French quarter), and the avant-garde Pelican Club (in the heart of the French quarter) tie in with the Network. Upper Bourbon Street is a gay community, and Bourbon St. was originally a voodoo center. Just off of Bourbon St. is the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum. This is the only voodoo museum in the world, and it has voodoo dolls and readings available for visitors.


  • Oswego, NY

    --Served as a programming site on Lake Ontario.


  • The Presideo of Monterey, CA

    --This place is not to be confused with the Presideo of San Francisco. This Presideo has the Monterey Defense Language Institute (DLI). Slaves who have scarred brain stems are sent here to develop language skills.


  • Princeton, NJ--


  • Salt Lake City, UT

    --St. Mark’s Hospital, 1011 Sunberry Dr., Salt Lake City (801-268-7422) has been used for programming.


  • Stockholm, Sweden

    --Soder Hospital has been involved in implants. Dr. Curt Strand & others, & the Swedish Police SAPO were involved in implanting unsuspecting victims.


  • Pelican Bay Prison, (WI?)

    --Isolation Tank Programming was what made this prison famous.


  • Utah State Prison (Gunnison Facility & Draper Prison) and Utah State Hospital, Univ. of Utah Med. Center

    -- inflicted directed energy rape of the inmates, pressure chamber sensations in the inner ear, voices and all types of electronic control. The med center was used to implant various types of implants into people. Prison psychiatric staff participated with the mind-control. They routinely used a variety of well-planned tactics to falsely label inmates as psychiatric cases so that they could force-medicate them and then subject them to mind-control. Inmates were subjected to round the clock brainwashing rhetoric for months on end, after they got the implants.


    These Utah institutions began cooperating with the secret implant mind-control experimentation in the 1980’s. When inmates complained of the mind-control they were forced medicated. Hundreds made complaints about the mind-control but the system was able to shut them up. The controllers running the implants had the voices being beamed coming from places like the planet "Astra." Several inmates got the Astra script.


  • Vancouver, B.C.

    --Hollywood Hospital was used for LSD programming for years.


  • Vermont

    --A remote mountain site is used for programming. Victims are helicoptered in.


  • Veterans Administration Hospitals, Medical Centers and Clinics

    -- All of these have been used for mind-control. These hospitals are located in:

    • Baltimore, MD

    • Battlecreek, MI

    • Bedford, MA

    • Birmingham, AL

    • Brockton, MA

    • Buffalo, NY

    • Butler, PA

    • Canandaigua, NY

    • Columbia, MO

    • Clarksburg, WV

    • Des Moines, IA

    • Fayetteville, AK

    • Fresno, CA

    • Huntington, WV

    • Hines, IL

    • Jackson, MS

    • Kerrville, TX

    • Knoxville, IA

    • Lincoln, NE

    • North Chicago, IL

    • Northport, NY

    • Prescott, AZ

    • Providence, RI

    • St. Miami, FL

    • St. Temple, TX

    • Salibury, NC

    • Salem, NC

    This list is not comprehensive as some have been closed and this is a list of active ones.


  • Washington, D.C.

    --The secret NOD underground installation which is connected to the intelligence groups like NSA and the CIA as well as many other nefarious groups lays under the White House with tunnels connecting this NOD installation with the House of the Temple. The Supreme council of the 33 of the Scottish Rite’s House of the Temple has a 14’ x 25’ room in it with 13 chairs where the Illuminati’s Grand Druid Council meet.


    The NOD Deep Underground Installation has numerous levels to it. One eyewitness, went to level 17 (via an elevator) and stated that he believes that deeper levels exist. The NOD installation is involved with psychic (demonic) and satellite control over slaves. This underground complex is to allow the government of the United States to escape a nuclear attack. The enormous complex radiates under Wash. D.C. and connects with many other sites. The tunnel system is used to move some of the mind-control sex slaves. The walls and ceilings of the tunnels are ceramic tile with fluorescent lighting recessed into the ceilings.

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Brian's Brain Implant - MRI Scan Robert Naeslund's Brain Implant being surgically removed. Robert Naeslund, showing wound from implantation Jay Kats'implants
Left - Brian: An MRI Scan showing a brain implant
Middle -
Robert Naeslund: A brain implant being removed; scar after surgery.
Right -
Ed Kats and Family: Two implants in Jay Kats' brain.

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Why were 'first responders' de-contaminated at the Pentagon?

Len Hart


De-contamination is done when one is exposed to radiation! Why, then, were 911 'first responders' to the Pentagon de-contaminated? That they were is not only compelling evidence that DU [Depleted Uranium] ammunition and armour-piercing technology were present, it is compelling evidence that Bush's 'official conspiracy theory' of 911 is utter bullshit! If DU was used at the Pentagon, then the fire and damage was most certainly not caused by a hijacked 757 airliner.

There is not a shred of hard evidence in support of Bush's 'official theory' which fails to explain almost everything about the Pentagon crash. A more rational explanation is required to explain the 'crash' and fire --an explanation that is consistent with observed and verifiable facts on the ground and in the photos. Facts unexplained by the 'official' theory include:

• a 16 x 20 penetration hole much too small accommodate a 757
• a punch out hole in the inner ring (too small; a soft, aluminum bodied 757 would not have made it that far anyway)
• the utter lack of even so much as a skid mark on a pristine, putting green lawn
• the fact that Ronald Rumsfeld referred to 'the missile that struck this building'
• the fact that the total debris gathered is but a small fraction of the total debris that would have been left by an airliner.

It is the job of 'theories' in law, science or forensics to explain. A 'theory' which raises more questions and issue than it explains is a bad theory --even if it is official. Bush's official conspiracy theory of 911 is not merely 'bad theory'. It's a lie.

Official FEMA photographs from the Pentagon depict what is obviously an engine rotor with a diameter estimated at about three feet, obviously from an aircraft much smaller than a 757. Only one such rotor was found.

Since the publication of the photographs in American Free Press last year, no one has dared claim the photos depict the rotor of a 757 engine --the aircraft that we are told hit the Pentagon. The engine rotor from a 757 is about three times the size at about 9 feet in diameter. If an airliner had crashed the Pentagon, two such rotors some 9 feet in diameter would have been found. They were not found because they were never there.

The three-rotor turbine was found near insulation and part of a 'housing', evidence that it was the wreckage of a much smaller aircraft than a 757. A Global Hawk, perhaps? In any case, its presence does not support Bushco's 'official conspiracy theory'; moreover, the 'official conspiracy theory' cannot explain the presence of small aircraft wreckage. The 'official conspiracy theory' utterly falls apart.

The Pentagon was and remains among the most 'surveilled' buildings in the world. Hundreds, perhaps, thousands of frames were taken of whatever it was that crashed the Pentagon. The point is clear: the debate about what actually struck the Pentagon could have been put to rest before it began had the government -- the Bush administration -- just released all the photos that were taken that day. If Bush is annoyed because people demand the truth, he has only himself to blame. He could have confessed, given himself up and saved the nation a nightmare.


Now --if Bush is guilty, his refusal to release the photos is completely understandable! A photo of a Global Hawk, for example, is compelling evidence, perhaps a 'smoking gun', that the attack on the Pentagon was an inside job. If Bush were entirely innocent of all wrong doing in connection with 911, it would have been in his interest to release every photograph and to have ordered a complete and thorough investigation of 911. Only if Bush is guilty is it in his interest to 'cover it up'. He covered it up and continues to cover it up today! Draw your own conclusions.

The nail in the coffin is the fact that 911 responders were de-contaminated at the Pentagon. The official theory doesn't even try to explain that fact because it was assumed that we would never find out about it. That 911 responders were de-contaminated does two things: 1) it completely demolishes the 'official conspiracy theory'; 2) it is material evidence that whomever ordered the 'responders' had reason to believe that dangerous radiation posed a threat to workers on the site. That the decontamination took place is evidence that they had been correct!

A 757 airliner is a civilian craft. It is not nuclear powered; it does not carry a nuclear war head or hardened nose cone. It carried no weaponry --conventional or nuclear! Had a 757 crashed the Pentagon there would have been no need to order decontamination procedures. No such procedures were carried out in New York. Clearly, 'officials' knew at the time that a civilian airliner had not crashed the Pentagon. Moreover, the only scenario that fully explains the necessity of decontamination procedures is that of a military craft crashing into the Pentagon. It is my belief that that is what happened in fact.

As I have written time and again, Bush's official conspiracy theory is full of holes. No part of it is defensible. There is not a shred of hard evidence in support of it. The 'story' itself is inconsistent. It violates Occam's Razor, raising more questions than it explains. It's a lousy theory. Even a bad theory should --at least --'sound' credible. Bush has only shock, trauma, grief and mis-placed patriotism in his defense.

By contrast, every explanation is, in fact, a theory. Theories, despite what Bush and the media would have you believe, are how both law and science proceed. A set of related facts are explained by 'theories' which must, of necessity, explain all facts. Theories inconsistent with proven facts must be discarded as false. Bush's theory explains nothing and is inconsistent with established science. By contrast, a technology called 'Global Hawk may very well explain the seemingly inexplicable events of 911 and, at the same time, point an accusing finger.

The salient feature of Global Hawk technology is that it is operated by remote control. Google 'Global Hawk'. You will find several articles about how the US outfitted a plane with Global Hawk technology and flew it from California to Australia. No human pilot! No Arab hijackers! Remote control.

America's greatest crime against humanity is radioactive genocide particularly against the children of Iraq who are the innocent victims of our illegal war, occupation and economic rape of Iraq. We have the blood of countless innocent children on our hands and it will take generations to remove the stain of our illegal and inhumane transgressions. Currently, more than 50 percent of Iraqi cancer patients are children under the age of 5, up from 13 percent. Children are especially vulnerable because they tend to play in areas that are heavily polluted by depleted uranium.--America's greatest crime is radioactive genocide

The most obvious holes in Bush's official conspiracy theory of 911 are connected with two buildings: WTC-7, ordered 'pulled' by Larry Silverstein; and the Pentagon where the 'debris' recovered doesn't add up to a 757 airliner which would have left behind several times the wreckage that was, in fact, recovered! [See: 911 ] The single engine 'rotor' that was found was only three feet in diameter. If a 757 had struck the Pentagon, two engines with rotors of about 9 feet in diameter would have been recovered. In fact, no other Pentagon wreckage was ever traced to an airliner of any sort.


The main reason for using "dense" or "heavy metal" in new version hard target bombs and cruise missiles is the increased kinetic energy available for an existing delivery system. High density metal (DU is 2.4 x heavier than Iron) means that the same weight length penetrator can be smaller diameter. This is important because new upgrades have to fit the same size missile bodies or bomb dispensers. See the FAS site Research data on ground penetration weapons relates penetration effectiveness to length against cross section area - thinner ones go deeper for the weight, whatever they are made of.

The pyrophoric (burns in air) quality of DU that helps it burn its way through armor is not relevant for the first stage of hitting hard targets. Bombs and cruise missiles go slower than anti-tank shells so DU is less likely to ignite on initial impact at slower speeds. Kinetic energy and nose cone design are most important to go through earth and concrete. Tungsten may be best for the tip if is not too brittle. But it would be far more expensive than DU for the main ballast or liners.

--Depleted Uranium Shells Against Afghanistan Population

If a real investigation of 911 should conclude that the weapon of choice was a Global Hawk, then the only conclusions consistent with that are 1) 911 was an inside job; 2) the 'President' actively tried to cover up the crime of mass murder to protect members of his administration and to hide his own complicity; 3) that tax monies --paid by US citizens to 'their' government were misappropriated and applied to the mass murder of fellow citizens.

Traditionally, treason is the name given serious acts of disloyalty to one's sovereign or one's nation. It was not until 1990, that the Criminal Justice Act 1990 removed the death penalty for acts of treason. But 911, is not only an act of high treason --the supreme act against one's county --it is a series of 'mass murders'. Certainly, if Bush were an ordinary human being subject to the laws that every other person is subject to, this crime would have landed him on death row in Texas awaiting a needle and an IV cocktail.

No Windows on Flight 175


It is hard, offhand, to cite a single crime in world history that is the equal of 911 in terms of sheer evil and horror. The name Bush will surely live in infamy. If Bush cannot be held accountable to the rule of law, which he claims to be above, then it is the patriotic duty of good, truth-loving Americans to keep alive his memory. The name 'Bush' should, by rights, live forever in infamy beside the names of history's great mass murderers --Nero, Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot!

Sources and essential resources;

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Actor Charlie Sheen refuses to accept the official explanation behind the terrorist atrocities of September 11th, 2001, and believes the US government ... - Conspiracy
When he was killed on 9/11, John O'Neill was the head of World Trade ... Conspiracy or Coincidence? Investigation by the Canadian Broadcasting Company ...

JFK, 9/11 and Conspiracy Theories - Maureen Farrell at
Last January, Mike Ward compared the post-9/11 conspiracy frenzy to what occurred in the aftermath of JFK’s murder. "Angry speculation -- focused mainly on ... - 

9/11 Conspiracy Chic, by Justin Raimondo
9/11 CONSPIRACY CHIC Suddenly, conspiracy theories are 'in' ... 9/11 Conspiracy Chic 9/10/03 Bush Speech: No U-Turn on the Road to Empire ... -

Daily Dish : Sheen Airs 9/11 Conspiracy Theory
Daily Dish: Hot celebrity gossip served Monday-Friday, courtesy of SFGate and the San Francisco Chronicle. sfgate/detail?blogid=7&entry_id=3747 - 

New York Post Online Edition: gossip
March 23, 2006 -- CHARLIE Sheen has joined the 9/11 gone-bonkers brigade. ... and hitting 75 percent of their targets, that feels like a conspiracy theory. ... - 

The September 11 X-Files
I learned this after I wrote a colu mn dismissing various 9/11 conspiracy theories. I expressed doubt that the Bush Administration would kill or allow the ... - 

Propaganda - Exposing the New World Order and ...
Von Buelow went public to say the US government carried out 9/11. ... 11 terror conspiracy roll on, officials in Europe have pondered an enigma: Where is ... - Kooky 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Go Mainstream?
Update: This doesn’t fall under the 9/11 conspiracy category, but it is another example of liberals gone loony. This time the video is of Alan Colmes ... - 

McKinney reopens 9/11
Conspiracy theories implicating president aired at 8-hour hearing ... But why would the president or his administration want the 9/11 attacks to occur? ... 3924/McKinney_reopens_9_11 - 

history of the "No Planes on 9/11" hoaxes
In March, 2005, Popular Mechanics published a front-page story about debunking 9/11 conspiracy theories that began with the pod hoax. ... - 

Charlie Sheen Talks 9-11 Conspiracy
Charlie Sheen Talks 9-11 Conspiracy This article is a Blog post from "Defamer". Defamer | Tuesday Mar 21 ... Charlie Sheen Joins Chorus Of 9/11 Conspiracy . ... -

9/11 conspiracy
Charlie Sheen Joins Chorus Of 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists ... Charlie Sheen Talks 9-11 Conspiracy This article is a Blog post from "Defamer" ... - 

There have been Guests since September 1st, 2004.Sponsor: Verizon Online DSL 2004 Great Conspiracy. All Rights Reserved. Site By: ads Studio Productions ... - 

Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG)
While solidly implicating bin Laden the day after 9/11, Atwan was also the media's "go-to" guy ... Such a conspiracy, if in fact perpetrated from within, ... -

$50000000.00 Reward Offer for 9/11 Conspiracy Proof. December 7, 2005. WhatDoesItMean.Com today announces that we are offering a reward of $50000000.00 ...$50MillionReward.htm - 

9/11 Blogger - Blogging 9/11 Related Alternative News: New York ...
New York Magazine Covers '9/11 Conspiracy Theorists' Family Member McIlvaine Comments on 9/11 Coverup Maxim Magazine Covers the '9/11 Truth Movement' ... new-york-magazine-covers-911-truth.html - 

Us Weekly Online Charlie Sheen: Actor, 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist
Charlie Sheen: Actor, 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist. Read More: Celebrities, Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards, Radio. 56024772.jpg. Getty Images ... 22/charlie-sheen-actor-911-conspiracy-theorist/ - 

Boulder Weekly | NewsandViews | CoverStory
Well the obvious thing is 9/11. This gave them the wherewithal to do their big ... One of the more extreme notions circulating among conspiracy theorists is ... - 

9-11 Review
Debunking Conspiracy Theorists Paranoid Fantasies About 9-11 Detract From Real Issues. Michel Chossudovsky Is the US going to WAR with IRAN ? ... -
More results from ]

Charlie Sheen: 9/11 "Feels Like A Conspiracy Theory"... | The ...
The wackiest 9/11 conspiracy theory of all is the "official version" as told by the 9/11 Commission Report. I have no idea what really happened, ... 03/23/charlie-sheen-911-feel_n_17746.html - 

Charlie Sheen Calls For Fresh 9/11 Investigation. Charlie Sheen He calls official explanation a 'conspiracy theory'... By: Chris Taylor on 3/25/2006 ...

9/11 - All the Proof You Need
911omit125 WaronTruth125 The Official 9/11 Conspiracy Theory: DEBUNKED! 9/11, Disinformation and the Anatomy of Terrorism ... - 

9-11 Conspiracy Theory With The Pentagon
Discussion about 9-11 Conspiracy Theory With The Pentagon . Post information or speak your mind and be heard here at - 263k - 

9/11 Conspiracy Theory Books Dominate Debate at Frankfurt Book ...
At the Frankfurt Book Fair, 9/11 conspiracy theory books are a hot topic of conversation. And three books -- all by German authors -- are topping the ... 0,3367,1441_A_993523_1_A,00.html - 

9/11 Conspiracy Theories on Arab and Iranian TV Channels 2004-2005. Egyptian Researcher Zaynab Abd Al-‘Aziz, Iqra TV, May 26, 2005 ... - 

Daily Kos: 20 reasons to question the official story of 9/11
(3) The 9-11 Commission refused to examine the vast majority of evidence about 9/11, ... Tags: 9-11, Conspiracy Theory, tinfoil (all tags) ... -

Leaks in the 9/11 Conspiracy
Why have there been no leaks in the 9/11 conspiracy? David Griffin tackles this in the Q & A section of his on-line lecture. ... - 

Download Videos
The Great Conspiracy - The 9-11 News Special You Never Saw 1of3 (WMV 48megs) The Great Conspiracy - The 9-11 News Special You Never Saw 2of3 (WMV 48megs) ...

Conspiracy Theories About Jews and 9/11 Cause Dangerous Mutations ...
Two years after the horrific 9/11 attacks on America, hateful conspiracy theories claiming the attacks were actually carried about by Israelis and Jews ...

9/11 Blogger - Blogging 9/11 Related Alternative News
Hollywood Actor Charlie Sheen Calls 9/11 'Conspiracy Theory' The National Ledger: ... Charlie Sheen Joins Chorus Of 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists ... 

Why 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Persist by Dean Hartwell
Four years after the tragedy of 9/11, we still have no proof of the official theory's truth. Dean Hartwell raises questions about the theory and shows some ... - 

Al Jazeera
The new US 20 dollar bill contains hidden pictures of 9/11- “Coincidence or a Conspiracy”? Washington has been holding talks with allies in preparation of ... conspiracy_theory/fullstory.asp?id=303 - Inside Job: The Shocking Case for a 9/11 Conspiracy ...
"Inside Job: The Shocking Case for a 9/11 Conspiracy" discredits the official story about 9/11. That is the sobering conclusion reached by millions of ... tg/detail/-/1579830188?v=glance - The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions And Distortions ...
Those still subscribing to the official 9/11 conspiracy theory might just be suffering from the "Neville Chamberlain syndrome", unable to accept that ... tg/detail/-/1566565847?v=glance -

Sheen airs 9/11 conspiracy theory - Yahoo! News UK
Actor Charlie Sheen refuses to accept the official explanation behind the terrorist atrocities of 11th September 2001 and believes the US government covered ... 364/sheen-airs-9-11-conspiracy-theory.html -

Freezerbox Magazine - Finally, Evidence to Put 9/11 Conspiracy ...
Finally, Evidence to Put 9/11 Conspiracy Theories to Rest (or Is It?) BY RUSS WELLEN 02.25.2006 11:25 | DISPATCHES. The 9/ll Truth Movement would have us ... -

New York Daily News - Breaking News - FDNY chaplain resigns after ...
FDNY chaplain resigns after 9/11 conspiracy remarks. ASSOCIATED PRESS ... "Was it 19 hijackers who brought it down, or was it a conspiracy?" ... breaking_news/story/351246p-299568c.html - 

AnandTech - 9/11 Conspiracy
Topic Title: 9/11 Conspiracy Topic Summary: Interesting Video Created On: 01/19/2006 01:03 PM. Search these messages. Topic View: ... messageview.aspx?catid=52&threadid=1784335&enterthread=y -






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Date: 10/10/1999

From: (APFN)


PDD 25


Toll free to the US Congress: 1-888-449-3511 or 1-800-449-3511

Pay for call at: 202-224-3121 OR 202-225-3121

Rep. Chris Smith blocks Rep. Ron Paul's "American Sovereignty Restoration Act" (H.R. 1146) which will get the US out of the United Nations.

It has been boldly stated by former U.N. Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali that "The time of absolute and exclusive sovereignty, however, has passed..." That's the real danger of the United Nations. And that's why the United States must get out of the United Nations. To achieve that, we must break Rep. Smith's roadblock and DEMAND that hearings be held on H.R. 1146.


1. Write or call Rep. Chris Smith and demand that hearings be held on H.R. 1146. His office number is (1-888-449-3511 OR 1-800-449-3511

Pay for call at: 202-224-3121 OR 202-225-3121 His address is:

Honorable Chris Smith
United States House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515.

2. Write or call the office of the International Operations and Human Rights Committee and demand that hearings be held on H.R. 1146 at (202) 225-5748. The address is

B358 Rayburn
House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515.

3. Call your congressman and urge him to cosponsor H.R. 1146.

The Capitol Hill House Switchboard phone number is: 1-888-449-3511 or 1-800-449-3511 Pay for call at: 202-224-3121 OR 202-225-3121.

4. Call Speaker Hastert and urge GOP leadership to demand hearings on H.R. 1146. Ph: 1-888-449-3511 or 1-800-449-3511 Pay for call at: (202) 225-0600.


--------------------YOU MUST CHOOSE -----------------------




For more detail on the United Nations plans for individual Americans and OUR LAND please consult the following documents.

1. The United Nations plan to separate the child from the parent and make the child a ward of "the state." For details on "--- this new concept of separate rights for children with the Government accepting responsibility for protecting the child from the power of parents], economic exploitation and social neglect." read the UN document: The U.N. Convention On The Rights Of The Child at

2. The U.N. plan to control the eduation of "YOUR" children.

3. The U.N. plan to control "YOUR" Mental Health.

4. The U.N. plan for a U.N. Cop On Every Corner In America??:

5. The U.N. plan to control "YOUR" Community

The Convention on Biological Diversity (1992)

contains the full text of the Convention on Biological Diversity, which was opened for signature at the 1992 Rio "Earth Summit".

To read an explanatory leaflet about the Convention on Biological Diversity click on the following:

6. The U.N. plan to take over vast areas of U.S. land mass. For an alarming visual perspective of this plan view the milti-color relief map at: THIS IS A "MUST SEE."

"Inside Yellowstone, the U.S. Park Service is shutting down campgrounds as the park is being prepared to become the core of a huge biosphere reserve, as part of the United Nations global biodiversity plan," he said. "Once established, no human activity will be permitted in the area," even though U.S. taxpayers must continue to fund the maintenance and upkeep of Yellowstone and other popular outdoor tourist sites. For detail information please refer to: United Nations Educational Scientific And Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Convention Concerning The Protection of The World Cultural And Natural Heritage (WHC-98/CONF.203/18) (Paris, 29 January 1999). To read the full text of this plan click on the following.

Due to the extreme urgency of this matter The Christian Alert Network (TCAN) respectfully requests that this ALERT be forwarded to the maximum extent possible by all organizations and individuals.

TCAN further urges all individual US citizens to make the above contact IMMEDIATELY and CONTINUE to make that contact until H.R.1146, has been successfully debated in the US House of Representatives.


Rev. "Curt" Tomlin
The Christian Alert Network,Inc.
POB 11746
Killeen, Tx 76547-1746

Ph: 254-628-7043
Fax: 254-628-7894

Web Site:

In 1932 William Z. Foster, then National Chairman of the Communist Party, USA, restated point one of the Communist Manifesto; "The abolition of private property". Then in terms specifically applicable to the U.S., Foster said, "The establishment of an American Soviet government will involve the confiscation of large landed estates in town and country, and also, the whole body of forests, mineral deposits, lakes, rivers and so on". USA Communist Party Chief Gus Hall stated, "...The battle will be lost, not when freedom of speech is finally taken away, but when Americans become so 'adjusted or conditioned' to getting along with the 'group' that when they finally see the threat, they say, 'I can't afford to be controversial".

Are we now so established or just on the way there? Realize the real agenda and what is happening before it's too late! We are almost there!

___________________My last postscript of the day____________________

End Federal and UN occupation of State lands by BLM, Fish and Wildlife, Forest and Park Services, UNESCO et al. Demand your State Legislatures to call for Congress to cede the so-called Public/Federal lands to your State as is Constitutional. It's either them or us.

Mary Denham, State Coordinator
Take Back Arkansas, Inc. Fax:


2167 N. Porter Rd. Fayetteville
AR 72704

Ph: 501/521-1933

TBA website

NOTE: In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107, any copyrighted material herein is distributed without profit or payment to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving this information for non-profit research and educational purposes only. For more information go to:


// APFN //


PDD 25


(Bill Coopers website has been disabled)

UN Heritage Sites in the USA.

UN - Alabama Committee to get us out of the UN

UN - United Nations Vehicles On U.S. Soil! (Posted 7/21/98) These photos are of actual United Nations vehicles on the soil of America. These vehicles are coming into our ports -- namely Port Beaumont, Texas--at a staggering rate.

UN Vehicles Just Off The Port

Rear View of the Vehicles


Another close-up

Transport through City

Convoy of Trucks

UN Ambulance 1

UN Ambulance 2

UN Bus

Missle Launcher Truck

East German Vehicles


Who's Who in the United Nations Drug Control Apparatus

Alabama Committee to get us out of the UN

The complete, original Al Cuppet audio interview
from Jeff Rense/Sightings. (Three Hours)
Contrails, Russian Troops, UN, Chinese Troops
and lots more scary stuff

New World Odor
- Paul Revere's second ride: The UN is coming! The UN is coming! One page, but with links to back up its argument.





WACO NEWS - 1999
The Waco, Texas, Massacre - April 19, 1993
The Massacre of the Branch Davidians
Catalog of Evidence
List of Autopsy Reports
Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum:   Burial
Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum - Linda Thompson Archives
Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum: Death
UNT CJUS Cults, Hate Groups, Militias and Terrorists Links
The Greatest Truth Ever Revealed To Mankind!
Gun/Firearms Related Media Articles
Apocalypse Forever
The Davidian Massacre
Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum
Merchants of Sex, Sin & Salvation
FBI Failures & Criticism
WACO: The Rules of Engagement - Home Page
Forensic Video Tape Expert
Getting The Facts Correct
Initial Assault on Waco - A newsflash story.
Questions for Congress About Waco - Wow, lots of questions.
TRAC ATF Site - Get your ATF stats here.

ATF - Articles about their abuses

Massacre at Ruby Ridge - Another good article.

Freeh Says FBI Actions at Ruby Ridge Were Flawed

The Secret Service
- A listing of some abuses by the Secret Service.

U.S. To Get "DOMESTIC Terrorism Center

IRS Abuse Reports
- Dedicated to stamping out the cancer known as the Internal Revenue Service.

- Dedicated to anyone who wants to know his/her rights protecting them from the IRS.

If an Agent Knocks
- Federal investigators and your rights.

On Tyranny
- More abuses by a tyrannical entity.

- My God, sounds like a union between Hitler and Farenheit 451.

Brady Bill Victim
- Gun Control makes another victim.

Law Enforcement Abuses
- Abuses cataloged by National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.




Weapons - Biological:

  1. Annals Of War - The Bioweaponeers - part 1 of 3
    Annals Of War - The Bioweaponeers - part 2 of 3
    Annals Of War - The Bioweaponeers - part 3 of 3
    Chemical And Biological Weapons Myths And Facts
    Revolutionary New Carbon Fibre
    Bioterrorism Facts: FAQ
    Chemical - Biological Warfare
    Confronting the Horror of Biological Warfare
    Gulf War Syndrome - part 1 of 2
    Gulf War Syndrome - part 2 of 2
    AIDS As Biological & Psychological Warfare

Weapons - Hi-Tech:

  1. Electromagnetic Weapons - part 1 of 2
    Electromagnetic Weapons - part 2 of 2
    Wonder Weapons
    B61-11: The Birth Of a New Bomb
    Radio-Frequency Weapons
    NATO Laser Weapon
    SDI Applications
    Hand-held Neutron Bombs
    Electronic Bomb
    The Ground-Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) System
    USAF Future Weapons
    US Military Non-Lethal Weapons - part 1 of 3
    US Military Non-Lethal Weapons - part 2 of 3
    US Military Non-Lethal Weapons - part 3 of 3
    60 Tons of Tank Will Be Invisible
    Orbital Lasers & SDI
    Space Based Lasers
    Top-Secret Weapons Testing? - part 1 of 5
    Top-Secret Weapons Testing? - part 2 of 5
    Top-Secret Weapons Testing? - part 3 of 5
    Top-Secret Weapons Testing? - part 4 of 5
    Top-Secret Weapons Testing? - part 5 of 5
    The Doomsday Gun
    Various Hi-Tech Weapons - part 1 of 2
    Various Hi-Tech Weapons - part 2 of 2
    Pentagon ET Weapon Systems



A-albionic Research
A ruling class/conspiracy research resource with archives of research, intelligence and catalogs.

Pearl Harbor


HAARP: The Unofficial Story
Chemical Manipulation of the Human Population

Was the Antichrist born on February 5, 1962, at 7:00 pm (EST) in Bethlehem, Israel?

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Jack Kemp - 33rd Degree Mason

Spy Spy conspiracy tour - TV Amsterdam
Conspiracy Theories
Conspiracy Nation
Conspiracy Theory
Conspiracy Theory
The Picasso Conspiracy

Deep Times
- News service with many stories on questionable CIA activity and a searchable archive of articles from Deep Times.

Nexus Magazine
- Australian journal of "suppressed information." Complete contents list, selected articles and catalog.

The Page of Paranoia
- Lighter site where you can view a random conspiracy or create your own.

- Commentary on theories about government conspiracies cover such topics as aliens and the Internet. Features editorial articles of two writers.

- Magazine that focuses on the strange and paranormal.

Real History Archives
- Articles containing links and a searchable archive. Claims to cover stories the mainstream press ingnores.

- Articles on a wide range of international and domestic conspiracy theories.

The Unreported Truth
- Alternative news about Clinton's scandals, the stock market, and Armageddon.

Conspiracy History of the Western World

Illuminated Conspiracy Hoagland Mason NASA Mars Moon Egypt C...
The Cow Conspiracy
The Riven 5 Conspiracy
The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Webring / Conspiracy Theory / Production Notes
The Universal Conspiracy Against Everything
Mad Scientist's Strange Theories & Zany Gadgets!
the new world order intelligence update
Now You Can Own the superb "sas urban survival handbook...
Own the famed "sas survival handbook", companion v...
fema - the u.s. "shadow government"

The Church of the SubGenius
Theatre Conspiracy
Christians & Conspiracy Theories: A Call to Repentance
Submission Requirements
The X-Filing Cabinet
Home Page
Skeptic Magazine
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Russian Gangs Amplify Drug Threat

Pentagon Uses Drug War as a Smoke Screen

Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia


Colombia's Crimson Night

U.S. provides assistance to Colombia to defeat rebels

Money Laundering

Kosovo Liberation Army Linked to Drug Trade

Office of International Criminal Justice

CIA Responsible for U.S. Crack Epidemic

U.S. Police/Government Sites




U.S. Legislative Information on the Internet

USA Project Vote-Smart toll-free 1-888-VOTE-SMART

Human Rights World Report 1999 The United States

Shielded from Justice Police Brutality & Accountability in USA

The Counter Terrorism Page

Understanding Human Rights UN page

Guide to Human Rights

Human Rights Watch


An a variation of conspiracy theoretics:

"We have shown what makes a conspiracy. It is not a secret meeting in a dark smoke-filled room. It is a belief that is so ingrained within a family or {power} group that it is carried down through the generations. One can relate it to DNA race memory. Such was the case of the members of the CABAL."

Quoted from: Christian Crusade for Truth, Pastor Earl F. Jones, HC 66 Box 39, Deming, NM 88030 (505) 895 5365

Approach meshes with multi-generational, trauma based mind control alleged to be practiced by the CIA? Monarch "Butterfly" system?


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