by Dee Finney


1-10-00 - VISION - I was seeing a railroad switching yard with numerous troop trains in it. Then I saw numerous soldiers dressed in dark green colored dress uniforms get off the trains and run along the tracks ahead of the trains.


1-10-00 - VOICE - "This morning at 6 a.m., all the boats in the harbor lurched."


1-23-00 - (2:45 a.m.) VISION - I saw two fold-out pages in a magazine of city streets. The scenes were rather yellowish. The second fold-out page was brick red. A voice said, "A woman who is going to be showing these cities on television at 9:30 a.m. and an earthquake will strike at 9:33 a.m.

NOTE: I turned on the TV at MY 9:30 a.m. Nothing was live on the news channel, but they showed, Clinton, Iowa, Atlanta, Georgia, somewhere in South Carolina, New York City, and Miami in that order.


1-26-00 - VISION - I closed my eyes for a moment and had a vision of these words:  


In December 1974, the New York Times reported that the CIA had conducted illegal domestic activities, including experiments on U.S. citizens, during the 1960s. That report prompted investigations by both Congress (in the form of the Church Committee) and a presidential commission (known as the Rockefeller Commission) into the domestic activities of the CIA, the FBI, and intelligence-related agencies of the military. In the summer of 1975, congressional hearings and the Rockefeller Commission report revealed to the public for the first time that the CIA and the DOD had conducted experiments on both cognizant and unwitting human subjects as part of an extensive program to influence and control human behavior through the use of psychoactive drugs (such as LSD and mescaline) and other chemical, biological, and psychological means. They also revealed that at least one subject had died after administration of LSD. Frank Olson, an Army scientist, was given LSD without his knowledge or consent in 1953 as part of a CIA experiment and apparently committed suicide a week later.   Subsequent reports would show that another person, Harold Blauer, a professional tennis player in New York City, died as a result of a secret Army experiment involving mescaline.

The CIA program, known principally by the codename MKULTRA, began in 1950 and was motivated largely in response to alleged Soviet, Chinese, and North Korean uses of mind-control techniques on U.S. prisoners of war in Korea. Because most of the MKULTRA records were deliberately destroyed in 1973 by order of then-Director of Central Intelligence Richard Helms, it is impossible to have a complete understanding of the more than 150 individually funded research projects sponsored by MKULTRA and the related CIA programs.  Central Intelligence Agency documents suggest that radiation was part of the MKULTRA program and that the agency considered and explored uses of radiation for these purposes.  However, the documents that remain from MKULTRA, at least as currently brought to light, do not show that the CIA itself carried out any of these proposals on human subjects.

The congressional committee investigating the CIA research, chaired by Senator Frank Church, concluded that "prior consent was obviously not obtained from any of the subjects." 'we have no answer to the moral issue.'" The committee noted that the "experiments sponsored by these researchers . . . call into question the decision by the agencies not to fix guidelines for experiments."  (Documents show that the CIA participated in at least two of the DOD committees whose discussions, in 1952, led up to the issuance of the Wilson memorandum.) Following the recommendations of the Church Committee, President Gerald Ford in 1976 issued the first Executive Order on Intelligence Activities, which, among other things, prohibited "experimentation with drugs on human subjects, except with the informed consent, in writing and witnessed by a disinterested party, of each such human subject" and in accordance with the guidelines issued by the National Commission.  Subsequent orders by Presidents Carter and Reagan expanded the directive to apply to any human experimentation. 

Following on the heels of the revelations about CIA experiments were similar stories about the Army. In response, in 1975 the secretary of the Army instructed the Army inspector general to conduct an investigation.  Among the findings of the inspector general was the existence of the then-still-classified 1953 Secretary of Defense Wilson memorandum. In response to the inspector general's investigation, the Wilson memorandum was declassified in August 1975. The inspector general also found that the requirements of the 1953 memorandum had, at least in regard to Army drug testing, been essentially followed as written. The Army used only "volunteers" for its drug-testing program, with one or two exceptions.  However, the inspector general concluded that the "volunteers were not fully informed, as required, prior to their participation; and the methods of procuring their services, in many cases, appeared not to have been in accord with the intent of Department of the Army policies governing use of volunteers in research."  The inspector general also noted that "the evidence clearly reflected that every possible medical consideration was observed by the professional investigators at the Medical Research Laboratories."  This conclusion, if accurate, is in striking contrast to what took place at the CIA.

SEE:  Courts  Dissents Invoke the Nuremberg Code


1-28-00 - DREAM - I was taken to a small airport in the dark and requested to accompany a young woman who was a rather new pilot on a trip she had never made before in a plane she had never flown before.  Rationally speaking this is a totally ridiculous thing to even consider, but in the dream, I spent a long time coming up with reasons not to make the flight with this woman who didn't want to do it herself. She could only do this if I went with her. At the same time, we knew we were being asked to haul drugs to an unknown location which would be told to us only at flight time. She and I did not speak to each other. She was expected to make this flight whether she wanted to or not.  I was the one who could make or break this deal. I had time to go home and pack a small bag for the flight.  I had a business card with the man's name on who made this request and I had to call him 10 minutes in advance if I wasn't going to do this.  Finally, deciding that the reasons not to make the flight outweighed the reasons to do it and overcome my fear of flying, but feeling a load of guilt I reached for the phone to call it off.

I went into the bedroom to make the call. Firstly, the phone I was going to use was on a small square table rather behind the bed with an impossible tangle of wires on it that wouldn't even let me take the receiver off the hook. There was another phone on a smaller round table near the door but a young woman was talking on it. I told her I needed to use the phone and she reluctantly got off the phone to let me use it. I dialed the number and there was no answer on the other end.

Finally, I had two huge stacks of paperwork I needed to re-sort into two other piles   . . . the ideas and thoughts I already knew and understood but hadn't been done yet, and a pile for things I had never seen before but needed to study.  I was sorting through these things, seeing some software on CDs that were labeled TRIAD, which I knew I should probably look at first. I woke up while I was still sorting these stuff, still feeling the guilt for not making the drug run with the first woman and still rationalizing my thoughts on it as I woke up.



2-1-00 - VISION - I saw army soldiers, dressed in dark green uniforms, carrying long black rifles. They were jumping out of a helicopter.  The words 'sneak attack' were placed on top of the scene.

I hope everyone in the world still has some Y2K supplies left because I don't know where this is.  See this page:  Dreams of War


2-2-00 - VOICE - "The changes are coming more and more in big jumps and little jumps!"


2-3-00 - DREAM - I was in a house with my son Bill. The soap opera "One Life to Live" was on the TV. I went into the livingroom and saw what a mess it was on the floor. There was another smaller TV in this room with some other show on. Deciding that I had to clean this room, I thought I could change the station on this set to 'One Life to Live' while I worked.

There were toys and laundry all over the floor.  My son Bill, who was about 4 years old had a box of crayons in his hand. I didn't know whether I should put the toys upstairs in the bedrooms or downstairs in the basement.

While I was deciding, my son Bill picked up a red table that they played with . . . it kind of looked like a red airplane for a moment.

He left the room with the table/airplane and I decided to go out into the hallway.  I opened the door to the hallway which was all white and had white doors to all the other rooms.  On the far wall in the biggest letters I've ever seen was the word 'COLD' written in black crayon. Every door had huge black scrawls on them in black.

I opened the door to another hallway where the stairs were. That room was done in oak and I didn't see any marks in that room, just in this one.

Then I saw over to the right, in black crayon also. . . a message like from God.  It started out, "There are NO fixes"  there was more writing but it was really fancy like calligraphy and I could make sense out of the rest of it.  It went on and on like a long letter and I couldn't read the rest.

My son had never written on the walls before so I was really distressed about this.  The message from God... "There are no fixes" has me really upset.



2-4-00 - DREAM  (Note, these dreams were manipulated by some outside entity or I miss my guess)

I was standing on a porch on Center St. in Milwaukee. The sky was just getting dark. There were lots of people outside because it was warm.

Suddenly a bright light flew over heading west and everyone got all excited. We were seeing a real UFO. I started screaming excitedly, "Oh my God! Oh my God!"  Other people were awestruck.

All of a sudden, I saw the lights from a huge American jet plane with wide wings like a big bomber flying after the UFO, then followed by another jet and another jet.  The first jet shot at the UFO and hit it.

The UFO started spinning and jumping around in the sky and the other jets started shooting at it also.  Then the unbelievable happened...the UFO started shooting at the jets.

The people were cheering for our side.

Our jets were helpless against the UFO and the sky was a blaze with white lights and planes blowing up.

My heart start beating fast with the excitement and suddenly, the whole scene disappeared and I saw an ugly yellow and blue face in my dream with it's tongue hanging out and wagging in the air... and I hollered out loud.... "it's just a DREAM!".

I woke up really upset that the whole thing was faked.


2-5-00 - DREAM - I was an apartment building. I think I was the manager. Some devastating event had happened and the hallway was full of large shreds of wood and fallen, broken trees.  (In order for this to happen, one would assume that there was no roof, but I didn't notice that  at all.) Every apartment door that we went past was open. I could see a shaft of sunlight inside every apartment, but there was nobody in these apartments. They were all vacant. I was thinking about the wisdom of having these doors open. Normally, all vacant apartment doors are kept closed.

As I and the other people went down the hallways, we were pushing some kind of cart and had to push all the shards of the destruction aside in order to get to the other end. It seemed that the hallways was extraordinarily long compared to normal.

When we got to the other end, we went downstairs to our meeting room where survivors of the destruction were gathering.

As people gathered, I noted that my husband was missing. I started to get concerned as others came in and he didn't show up. I mentioned this to another person, then another, trying to figure out where he might be. I remembered that he had gone to a church meeting and just had not returned. I wondered if he might have gotten involved with some kind of occult church and they were hiding him.

Down the hallway, I spotted a friend of my husband and the group of us who were now concerned about his being missing went down to question the friend about this, and I mentioned the possibility of his being in an occult group to him also.

While we were quietly discussing this, I saw a group of black people come into the building. They all lived together down on the far end of the building. They were very noisy and were following a young white man. I couldn't tell if they were arguing or questioning, but they were very loud. They all went into an apartment but didn't close the door. I saw the young white man go into another room and all the black people followed him in there, still all hollering excitedly.

Meanwhile I was talking to my little group of people about my missing husband and the noise was very distracting.  So, I motioned to the young white man to take their argument or whatever it was 'outside'.  So, the young white man went out the door and all the black people followed him on down the street. I saw him follow along a long aluminum cyclone fences. He went through a gate and I woke up.


... There are over 100 primary and secondary concentration camps across the
US. ... In 1997, 20 more concentration camps were under constrction. ...


2-8-00 - DREAM -  This was a commercial for a water treatment. I first saw a square bathtub ... the scene seemed to be black and white. The tub was square on the top, but as it angled down towards the bottom, it became rounded with the drain in the center bottom. Then a girl came in and the dream was in color. She sat down on the edge of the tub and poured a blue chemical into the water. She swished the water with her foot and the blue chemical went out into the water and blended with it as the music played ... the name of the chemical was in the song ... but I don't remember it.  The water meanwhile turned yellow, then green, then back to blue, and then back to clear... while the song went on. The focus was on the water, not on the girl. When the song ended, the dream ended.


is found in drinking water as a result of industrial waste contamination. ...


2-9-00 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee, somewhere on the south side on 16th St. I was outside with some other people, and got bit by some kind of bug, maybe a mosquito. I got a lump on my right arm, high up. I scratched the lump which was itchy and the lump kept getting bigger and bigger. The bigger it got, the more I scratched it. Finally, I looked at my arm and a huge blood bruise had developed on my arm.

I looked at the bruise which was growing and moving upward. I showed it to the other people and we were all worried about it because it was getting so large. I pressed on the bruise and saw that the blood was working it's way up under my skin, so it was spreading ominously.  All of a sudden, a line of blue rivulets started to run down my chest in thin rivulets from my collar bone area. I got scared and leaned over and I was spraying blue blood all over the ground in long thin lines.

The blood finally stopped and I decided I should go home and headed north on 16th St. As I crossed Wisconsin Ave. which is the 7th north cross street, the street became a tunnel which was an icy lane almost like a skating rink, and I shushed through the tunnel like I was on skates, but I just had on boots. It was very slippery. There were other people behind me.  The tunnel had railings all along the sides which we could grab and help propel ourselves along.

The tunnel turned into a long hallway which was all iced the same and we all continued shushing through this long building which was 16th St. and finally came out into a large orangish area which was like a lounge in a hospital or hotel. The room was empty of people when I got there, but there were many people behind me and the room was soon full of lots of people who all stopped for refreshments.

Some people started a card game, which consisted of matching cards, somewhat like Aces High, but it was a double deck because one man who showed up ended up with two kings and that stopped the game until he reshuffled the cards inserting the Kings into the deck without looking. It had to be secret so nobody knew where the Kings were.

The cards were then lined and up and counting began, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc. When the counting was done, I saw a double row of shapes that were unusual which had three ridges on them. Then the counting began 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3, etc. and finally the shapes and number 3's began downloading into rows and as I woke up it was like my gameboy game with the numbers descending and piling up at the bottom.

These are the shapes:  

... Rev 18:9 And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived ... page
which is no longer available: of http://www.arab.net/iraq/history/iq_saddam ...
www.greatdreams.com/wariraq.htm - 61k - Cached - Similar pages

TE Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) | British Soldier and Author
... authorities, but they resolved the problem in their own way by granting Hussein a
nice villa in Cyprus, where the father of the kings of Iraq and Jordan lived ...

... year. 119 is the area code to Iraq/Iran. 1 + 1 + 9 = 11. Twin ... Wedel). OSAMA
BIN LADEN A ... sin. 1 Kings 11~Solomon's many wives lead him astray. 2 ...
www.greatdreams.com/trade_numbers.htm - 63k - Cached - Similar pages

... Mindanao in the Philippines, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia ... its creation in 1988, Osama
bin Laden has controlled ... of Heaven which I revere above all earthly kings. ...
www.greatdreams.com/blowback.html - 58k - Cached - Similar pages

The American Tragedy: A Symbolic Event, Part One
... It was located in the general area where Iraq and Kuwait ... 25, referring to the story
in 1 Kings, where Elijah ... Osama Bin Laden is from Saudi Arabia, but moved to ...


2-9-00 - DREAM - I had two dreams about the harvest. I no longer have all the details of the dreams.  

In the first dream, there were several rows of corn growing which had huge ears ready to be harvested.  They were growing really closely with all the ears facing east. However, in these rows, they were growing at the end of a clothes rack on which all my clothes were hanging on triangular shaped wire hangers. All the clothes were sorted by color, slacks and skirts and there were colored cloth tabs on the rack showing which colors went where. Everything was orderly.

There were 4 judges of the harvest, 3 men and a woman.  They also brought two young men with them. They called them by a special term which I unfortunately can't remember. (They weren't called the 'witnesses' but I know they were called by a term that meant that)

In the second dream, the same people were involved so I couldn't tell the two dreams apart from each other.  There were two games going on at the same time outside the house. One was a baseball game and one was a car race.  We could see both stadiums from the house, but not out the same window, though in the same direction. I could catch glimpses of both events going on while we talked about them.

Finally, I decided I'd try to watch the car race out the window, but it had a long reddish-brown shade on the window which went all the way to the floor. I raised the shade but it only went half way.  So, I took the entire shade off the window and was disappointed to find that I couldn't see the whole car race anyway because there were too many trees in the way.

In this last scene, I found that I had misbuttoned the top two buttons on my shirt and I made mention that the shirt was either a 58 or a 64 and one of the judge guys said, "Make it a 64".    (That was supposed to be in reference to the size of my bosom)



2-11-00 - VISION - I saw a page of what looked like Christmas decorations. The one in the center was a bright yellow teapot with two blue dots on it.

NOTE: Joe says that a constellation is called 'the teapot'. It is Sagittarius and is on the southern horizon when we can see it in the northern hemisphere. It contains the Star Antares.



2-13-00 - DREAM - This was a getting ready for war dream. The number 58% was used as was the letter "C".  At the end, I looked out the window and I could see a soldier in camoflage sitting huddled out in the pouring rain with what looked like blown down tent material around his feet which were in about 6" of water.

In the room with me was a soldier from our side, wearing beige khaki colored uniform. He was resting on a cot. I called his attention to the guy outside. He didn't want to believe that there was a soldier out in the rain.


2-17-00 - MEDITATION - I saw a map of cities along an ocean. These were all small maps on one large map sheet. The small maps were close-ups of the streets alongside the water in each case.

There was no indication of what this represented.

NOTE:  Later on when I was thinking about this, I realized that there was something strange about these maps.  In each one, the water was at the top of the maps, not on the side like all the other maps I've seen, so in each map, the water had to have been to the north of the city.

2-17-00 - MEDITATION - I meditated on the map and saw the words,  ____ , Brazil,  Detroit, MI, and one other I could recall.


2-22-00 - VISION - I heard a voice say, "Look at this!"  I saw a light green sheet of paper that was large like a map.  On the left was a large circle that had a mountainous area inside of it.  On the right one above the other were two circles - each one looked like the world with several wavy cracks on it.


3-1-00 - VISION - I saw a man holding two books on his lap. He held them up for me to see the titles. In his right hand, he held a book titled "Sacred Sites". In his left hand the book was titled, "Rod invitation".  The books were open but he only showed me the titled.

Following immediately, I had a vision of a white square chart card. The title of the card was 'RAYS'.  On the left side of the card was a large circle that was divided into 8 pie shapes. Over the circle there was a 'rod of power' and it was spinning clockwise very fast.

NOTE: I added this vision to the Giza Pyramid page since I had just received an invitation to take a tour there and the Null page is about the rod of power and putting the capstone back on.  http://www.greatdreams.com/null.htm



3-23-00 - DREAM - I can't remember much of the dream, except that I was working in an office and telling a woman that I liked the standup files in a square bucket next to my desk which made it easy to get at the purchase orders in the files.

At the end of this dream, I had a vision of what looked like electrical connections on the bottom of a radio or some other communication device.  The word  PKEA 4 was on the side of it.   (I recall seeing this word before)   (The lines below were solid, not disjointed. They were like liquid solder laid down in a path between the two large hexagons.)


              / /
             / /

      \ \

 / /

         \ \

/ /

           \ \

|  |
|  |
|  |
|  |


Appeared near the sun on  4/5/00 11:06UTC




3-25-00 - DREAM - I was in a city somewhere. I had some electronic equipment and pressed a button on it. I discovered then that I had pressed a button which started the process of downloading of a program that would cause a huge rocket ship that would come to earth.

On the street, to my right, was a big steel bridge that had a lighted sign on an archway over it that said whether one could go or not. There was a huge bus coming across the bridge towards us. The bridge was too narrow for two way traffic.

On the sign in the distance, on the other side of the bridge, I saw the lighted image of a rocketship that looked like a tall fat bullet (such as pictured in the Sumerian drawings) that was going to ultimately come to earth.

The people would have plenty of warning because of the sign, but I couldn't tell if people saw the sign for themselves.  

The light on the archway of the bridge turned yellow as the bus was coming across and it said  'VIA' within the light.

I knew the highway I-43 was already jammed with cars.


3-30-00 - DREAM - I was in a room with a black man who was crouched down on the floor wrapping rolls of dynamite around television cables. He smiled and told me he had to wrap it around 2 1/2 times one way, and then 2 1/2  times the other way.

I ran out of the room, not wanting to be there in case the dynamite blew up.  I suddenly had a vision of a white man, dressed all in white, standing in a field below a house on a hill and I felt I was in Ireland.

Instantly, this song jumped into my head:  


Countin' flowers on the wall
That don't bother me at all
Playin' solitaire till dawn with a deck of fifty-one
Smokin' cigarettes and watchin' Captain Kangaroo
Now don't tell me I've nothin' to do


4-10-00 - The radio was on while I was sleeping, so my dreams were colored by the radio broadcast.  The radio show on Art Bell had the guest Nick Begich and the subject matter was 'giving up your freedom for security'.  Nick Begich wrote the book, "Angels Don't Play This HAARP".  

In my dreams, the characters were patriotic and were asking me to help them.  In the last dream, it seemed I was in a place like a hospital/church area. I was laying down in a pew and several men came by to discuss the subject of 'giving up your freedom for security."  I listened to an old army veteran give a speech on the subject, and a younger man asked me to help him to help the public by posting information on the subject on the wall.  I agreed I would do this.  

See:  Are You Giving Up Your Freedom for Security?


4-28-00 - DREAM - Though unremembered as a people dream, the theme was Israel and a wall and the numbers 9, 6 and 5 and seems ominous.

NOTE;  There have been way too many deaths over the Israel/Palestine wall.


5-2-00  - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee, WI, on 16th St. at home. It was rather like twilight time of day. The kids were playing outside and lots of people were in the streets as it was warm outside.

All of a sudden I heard a kind of 'ziiiing' noise and an airplane clipped the tree top down in the next block as it went by very low. It rather slewed through the air and crashed with a huge explosion.

Then another plane and another plane came by doing the same thing, clipping the tree tops with a 'ziiiing' noise and crashing with a huge explosion.

It almost seemed like these planes had a different type of propulsion than normal because we didn't hear them coming.  Everyone was running for dear life to get home. I got the kids in the house just as another plane came 'ziiiing' over the tree tops and exploded with an even larger explosion than all the others.

NOTE: My plane dreams seem all too common.  We don't even hear about most plane crashes.


5-6-00 - DREAM - (Qualifying note: Lori Toye the end times map prophetess was on the radio while I was dreaming)  

I was somewhere in California on a farm.  We all had to leave because the ocean was going to be coming in and covering the land where we were. I looked toward the barn.  There were two side by side lofts in the barn with like an abyss below it.  On the left were white goats and on the right were white sheep.  I had to get them down and take them with us, but there was no way to do this unless they would jump down into my arms across the abyss.

What was even worse was that there was a humongous bull in the yard that I was afraid to pass and he was getting ever closer and was dangerous.  

I also saw some farmers coming over the hill and knew that when they got to the house, we had to be out of there.  It seemed impossible to get the goats and sheep to jump out of the barn lofts over the abyss and I couldn't figure out how to accomplish this and we had to leave.

However, by then, the farmers all arrived and the lead man came up to the door and pushed his fist in through the door through a round hole about belly level and I knew the time was up.


5-6-00 - (Qualifying note:  Lori Toye, the end times map prophetess was on the radio)

DREAM:  I was with a young couple who were going to be looking for a home to purchase. They had a map which was showing a subdivision right along the ocean coast.  The streets were labeled A, B, and C.  C was right along the cliff overlooking the ocean. All the lights were on in the houses and it was truly a beautiful street with an incredible view of the ocean.

However, I knew the ocean was going to come in and cover all this land and I couldn't encourage this young couple to buy a house here.


5-6-00 - (Note: We shut the radio off)  The first dream repeated with the goats and the sheep. I still didn't get them to come down from the barn to cross the abyss in time to leave.


5-17-00 - VISION - I was laying in bed, thinking of nothing. I heard a tone in my right ear. I then had a vision of a coastal area with a bay, similar to San Francisco, but it could have been any similar coastline.  It was partly cloudy. I was like flying overhead, two long wispy clouds were over the coastline. The color of the area was like a map, yellow, brown, and green like high and low areas.  

NOTE: I think this was an earthquake warning. The tone on the keyboard was the note, 'B'


6-8-00 - DREAM - I was with Brian De Palma the movie director and we were talking about the movie Firestorm. He said, "You can't ever know the full truth until you buy shoes in more than one country. He was meaning Mexico.  I was thinking ... "Anyone could borrow my shoes ... they don't stink!"

NOTE: Brian De Palma didn't direct Firestorm. see:  Firestorm


6-13-00 - DREAM - (I had this dream at least 7 times during the night)

This was a web page about mass landing of UFOs. There are absolutely no details, only whiteness on whiteness. I put this list on a different web page each time so that everyone would know about it. The 2nd last time I had the dream, I saw the year 2029. The last time I had it, I saw the number 432.

I feel absolutely exhausted like I was awake all night making sure the work got done  ... basically that's exactly what I did.



I don't know what city I was in.  I was with a man going somewhere along a sidewalk. There was two way traffic so we stayed to the right. We actually walked on the grass on the right and left the sidewalk to the people going the other way. I was telling the man that I could walk this way without even opening my eyes because the grass was so dark and the sidewalk was so white, I could tell where I was with my eyes closed.  I actually had my eyes open a tiny slit and was cheating but he didn't know that. However, we came to a wider place where it was all concrete and I had to open my eyes all the way or I couldn't see which way I was going.

As we left the building, there was some kind of deal where you couldn't get in unless you had a Master key but if you didn't have the key you could knock and they'd have to look to see who you were and then decide whether they wanted to let you in or not.  As we were leaving, we accidentally kicked the key out the door. It was a long silver key.  I really didn't want to take the Master key, but there was a man watching me and I tried kicking the key back into the door and not take it, but with the man watching me, I had to pick the key up and take it with me.

We then went on our way towards the city and I went to a huge building that had a high dome on top of it and people lived way up near the top of the building.  There, I met a Master key person who showed me a Master key blank  which was gold and in the shape of a large square at the bottom.  I compared it mentally with the Master keys I was in charge of in Milwaukee which we used in our building outside doors. When I looked closely at it, one could see that it was hinged and could bend back against itself so it wasn't as wide as it first appeared. The whole key blank was there in duplicate. I showed him that I knew how the Master key worked and showed him how the Master keys looked that I was familiar with.  They were only half as wide.

I then went on down the hallway inside the domed building to the other end where there was a maintenance worker sitting waiting for someone to come and inspect the building.

I was very impressed how beautiful it was outside the window where he was sitting; immense flower beds were right there. I couldn't see the door and assumed it was around a slight corner next to the window.

However, off to the side of this hallway, the floor of the dome went right on down to the bottom of the dome which was a mirror reflection so to speak of the dome overhead, it went down to almost a point on the bottom where I could see a small circle from which the dome walls went upward.  Inside the building was built like a ball and we were inside of it.  The people lived above that.

The inspector came and I was off to the side and could hear them speaking about the roof of the dome ... it had cracked.  The inspector told the maintenance man that the first crack had come and they had just watched it zip across the ceiling and it wasn't dangerous so they had just paid "Mary" the owner ... $3,000,000 for the damage.

However, a new crack had just opened up and he took a long stick and I saw him reach way up to the top of the dome and show the maintenance man that huge sections of the dome were now loose and he pushed against the concrete dome and it creaked ominously. I watched as huge portions of the dome pushed upward ... punky and soft like they could easily fall down ... like it was water soaked from above.

I felt really afraid that the dome would collapse at some point and all those people would die when they fell into the open space where we were now standing because they didn't know how to fix the domed ceiling.  When it cracked, there was no stopping it, and there was no way to stop the seeping of the water which was damaging the domed ceiling either.  The further cracking and falling in of the ceiling was inevitable.  

I tried to envision how it could be fixed perhaps in small sections, but with all those people living above the dome ... it was feat way beyond my imagination.


7-9-00 - VISION - I went back to bed and was thinking about the dream and a vision that was square like the master key I had been shown. On the key was written some words and I saw 6 o like I was being told that's where the crack in the dome was ... at 6 o latitude. I hope I'm wrong.


I was laying in bed, wondering if the above dream was related to a dream I had last year about a house that my Father had built that was hollow underneath and there was a crack in the floor and you could see down into the abyss below. Then when my Father went underneath the house I could see what a thin layer of dirt was underneath the floor and it was all hollow underneath.  I then fell asleep and had the following dream.

7-9-00 - DREAM - I was in a room where we were taking care of a vine that was on a pedestal.  But the vine fell off the pedestal and blew across the floor. There was like a drop off between where the floor linoleum ended and became wood and there was a white toilet there with no lid on it.  The dried up vine slid into the toilet.

I retrieved the dried up vine and put it back up on the pedestal, but it was obvious it was too late to save it.  It was dead, and the man whom we were taking care of it for was coming back.  I wouldn't know what to tell him.  The vine had died.


7-9-00 - VISION - I was looking at a newspaper that was green. At the bottom where the advertising was, there was 4 rectangular ads, all of which was Dreams of the Great Earthchanges at the top of each one. The fourth was said, "Dreams of the Vine." and I knew I had to look at those.

That vision was barely acknowledged when above the ads I saw a long rectangle which said, "Fenra the Second"  and I knew it was about the Fenris Wolf at Ragnarak. It was going to happen again.

NOTE:  See http://www.greatdreams.com/holwdrms.htm


7-13-00 - VISION -  As I was waking up, I saw the number 6/30 and some words. The voice said, "The wings fell off the plane and it fell into the ocean."

Pacific Ocean Crash?

Nauticos, a Hanover, Maryland, company that performs deep-ocean searches and other ocean research services, is leading an effort to locate Earhart's plane where they believe it crashed: in the Pacific Ocean in the vicinity of Howland.

In March and April of 2002, the company used a high-tech, deep-sea sonar system to search 630 square miles (1,630 square kilometers) of the ocean floor near Howland. They didn't find the plane, but plan to return in 2004 to continue searching.


See: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2003/12/1215_031215_ameliaearhart.html


7-14-00 - DREAM - I don't know where this was for certain, but it looked like Wisconsin. We lived in the country and were very happy where we were but the government or someone official was moving us to another location because a foreign government was coming into our area with excavation equipment and other working type equipment and our government didn't want us to get into trouble by being too close to where they were going to go.

We were told that when the foreign government came in with their equipment, we were not to pay any attention to them when they came by ... it was better to pretend to ignore them like they weren't even there.  We were shown what this equipment looked like and it looked like excavating equipment ... like they were going to be looking for something that wasn't apparent on the surface.

Just before they were to arrive, the men of our group decided they were going to try to figure out what the foreign government was going to be looking for.  So we all went to the area and saw that there were the foundations of old buildings there .  We began to dig along these foundations ourselves to see if we could find what was hidden.

We had empty bags and boxes with us to put the debris in so we didn't make a mess, but there wasn't enough time and our government came to get us out of the way.

At one point, our car was stuck in the middle of the street and a policeman came and asked if he could help in some way. Our driver said that our wheels had a problem but we were ready to leave. The policeman praised our driver for taking care of the problem so that we were safe.  

We drove on down the street, following the tracks of a train or streetcar, knowing we were leaving just in time.  Sure enough, just as we pulled out, the foreign government came in with their equipment. We ignored them just as we had been told.

NOTE: The question is, which foreign country is this?


7-14-00 - DREAM - This was like a series of visions of a web page. I recall 'Dolores (profile in time)', Apollo, Constellation, and a blueprint drawing of what looked like the German Iron Cross except that the end was different ... this had a beveled, fluted end ... drawing below.  The measurements were:  36 across the inner level and 37 1/2 across the outer beveled level.  I saw only the arm that was measured and it was on this angle as well.

NOTE: I got the impression that the Iron Cross was also a  representative symbol of the Grand Cross.

Web pages I found with information relating to this: The mythology of the God Apollo is mentioned on these pages

Draco the constellation

The Astrology of the Astronomy

The Mythology

The Constellations

... ALSO SEE: http://www.greatdreams.com/chems.htm ... Constellations and their Stars; Constellation
Web Page; Cosmic Images of Ron Kohl; Crimean Astronomy Page ( USSR ...
www.greatdreams.com/constellations/constellations.htm - 22k - Cached - Similar pages

The 7 Sisters of the Pleiades - THE BIG DIPPER
... the sky. These 'pillars' are the constellations in the zodiac where
the sun is located at the equinoxes and solstices. The equinoxes ...
www.greatdreams.com/pleiades/7sisters.htm - 101k - Cached - Similar pages

... Nile, the Egyptians appear to have regarded LIBRA as the first of the zodiacal
constellations. ... NOTE: See this page: http://www.greatdreams.com/dogstar.htm. ...


7-28-00 - DREAM - I was in an apartment building I had just moved into in a large city. I don't know what city. I don't know how many floors there were in this building, but it had to be a large building. What was unique is that the ceilings were at least 12 feet tall and some of the apartments were really big ... extraordinarily large.  

I went with an older woman to an apartment to show it, and while we were there, the whole building started to shake. I knew it was an earthquake ... and it shook for some time ... a little more ... a little less ... through out the time.  At least a minute or so.  We ran out of the apartment into the hallway and some people said to come down to the lobby and see the buildings across the street.

I went to the lobby stairway ... it was definitely not wheelchair accessible in this building. The stairs were wide and very steep ... probably about 30 steps down to the glass doorway at the bottom of the steps.  

I looked across the street and saw that the church across the street was tilted way over. While I was looking, a tanker truck went by that was crushed way in from something falling on it from the earthquake. However, there was lots of traffic on the streets ...

I went back upstairs to check the damage ... plaster had fallen in the hallways from the shaking. It seemed that the ceiling was hung in sections and the plaster in between the sections is what fell.  There was a lot of minor damage, but nothing major.

I went into apartment #9 which was the biggest apartment of all. I looked at it, thinking I'd like to live in that one myself, but even as a manager, I couldn't afford the rent on that one.

I then went to apartment #1 which the maintenance man and his wife lived in. I told him, "Even though it's Sunday, I'm going to have to ask you to work because there is so much damage done to the building." He and his wife agreed to help out.

I then went back to my own apartment ... (I don't know what the number was) The telephone rang and it was my boss (voice was Ralph from Milwaukee) He was calling to make certain we were all working, but he told me he was making a long trip elsewhere for a time. I told him we were on top of it.

NOTE:  If the numbers are any clue, this earthquake 'could' take place on 9/1/2000 which is a Sunday.



8-6-00 - DREAM - I was doing a web page on my computer about the deaths of the Presidents, that it makes a difference how a President dies as to how people think about them. There were 10 web sites linked per President about how and when they died.  

As I was walking to the bathroom after I woke up, these words came into my mind ... The Curse.  Every President elected in a year with a 0 starting in 1860 died in office ...  ooops -  will the curse be broken this time?  

See:  The Death of the President


8-10-00 - DREAM - I was with some people, awaiting a second space shot after a day where some astronauts had gone up and come back down again. I said, "It seems to me it would be better to send these guys home and bring in fresh troops." The other people nodded, but nobody did anything. We just sat there and waited.

The scene switched to one where I was in the city and came to an intersection where there was dark blue snow and ice. I took a butter knife and dug out the snow and ice drifts so it could melt. I then made a comment to bystanders about earthquakes. I said, "It seems to me that we have less earthquakes here than anywhere else."


8-29-00  - DREAM - I was in an odd place with an entity I never really saw. I don't know where this was but it was like a dim workplace or workshop.  We were using symbols to create rain. Each one was different.  Each place had their own symbol.  I can only recall the last symbol. It looked rather like a small branch with a downward hanging leaf with lightening coming down from the three tips of the leaf. The symbol was like a bathroom tile would look with a frame around it except it was colorless.  

When we were done, we got in a car to go home. While we were on the road, I could see the horizon in several directions as we were up high.  The clouds in the sky looked really strange. Higher up was a large black mass of clouds and the strange thing was the white towering cumulus clouds between the black mass of clouds and the ground. They looked like wild looking cloud pillars. Arranged around at least two horizons in a semi-circle it was the oddest looking sky I ever saw.

We came over the hill to where we would cross a bridge over the river to the opposite hill where the forest was.  We came to a screeching halt as I screamed, "Oh my God! Stop the car!" There was so much water from the risen river from all the rain we had created, the bridge was washed out and the river was 10 times it's normal size. The water was raging through the valley. Anything in it's path would have been washed away and was long gone.

NOTE: Must be about creating rain!!!


8-30-00 - DREAMS - There were several dreams about cleaning and getting ready for something. I had help placing a dresser in each bedroom which we had removed and were now replacing and putting in their proper place.

At the end, people were playing a game and I was seeing lists of cities. The one I noticed clearly was Reker and Alabama side by side. These were cities which were going to have destruction in.

At the end of the last scene, people were gathered together and had the names of the cities listed on their bodies, on their heads, faces, on their clothing. These were the cities where the destruction would be and the game was to choose which cities were done first.

The moment I woke up, a voice in my head said, 'MUST KNOW!"

So, the first thing I did was look up the name Reker to see if there was a city by that name. I found lots of people with that name, including on pages with the state Alabama. 

NOTE;  I can't be absolutely sure this is it, but this article is about the abuse of children by priests, which came into the news a lot in recent years (2003-2004) I have met others who have been abused by other men of authority - who are supposedly high-standing Protestant churchmen.  This destruction of our children and their minds is not limited to Catholic priests. 



8-30-00 - Afternoon nap time:  I was thinking about Reker and Alabama and had a visions of a woman standing on a precipice with a young child about age 2 or 3 and she toppled off the precipice headlong with the child.

I saw a page of statements. The clearest one was,"You sat on the lap of the Provider".


9-5-00 - DREAM - I was living in a big old house on a corner on a hilly street in a big city. There were a lot of children in this house as well as adults, but it seemed to be a childcare place; there were so many kids. The house seemed to be all bare wood, like it was made of cedar boards.

Life was going on normally ... the kids were playing with toys everywhere and I saw dried bread crumbs mixed in with the stuff on the floor ... just like kids do normally.

I went out the side door of the house onto one street and saw that the high stairway coming up to the house had a crack between it and the ground next to it.  There was a big old grey overstuffed livingroom chair sitting on the top step.  (This was not a really neat place)

We went about our business of taking care of the kids and the next time I looked out that same door, the steps seemed to be over about an inch from where it had been.  A little more time went by and when I looked out that same door again, the steps seemed to be over another inch.

I had a really strong feeling that the whole section of ground where the steps were was going to sink in within the week, and that the rest of the house would slide over into another shift within the year.

I was so certain of how I felt that I had to tell someone.  I told one of the women and she said, "Oh! Jack is coming to look at that tomorrow." So I wasn't the only one who had seen this.

There was an older woman there named Margaret, and I pulled her aside and asked her to come with me so I could show her what I had noticed.

While we were walking through the house I made note that the entire house seemed to be slanted in the direction I thought that the land was going to shift, like it had shifted before in this place.

We got over to the particular door and I told her what I thought, and she said she had similar feelings about the land going to shift but that she thought it was going to happen within 5 years.

She walked away and as I stood there, the land started to sink exactly where I said it was going to. There were dozens of kids playing on the steps and the grass as it sank.  I grabbed them and pushed them over to an area that wasn't sinking.  As I grabbed kids, there were men sitting there on the non-sinking portion talking to each other and they didn't even help me save the kids. I hollered at them. "Can't you even see what is happening in front of your own eyes?"  Then they noticed what was happening and started to help.

By now, the land had sunk about 20 feet and was still sinking.  I was still grabbing more kids from the sinking land and saved the rest of them.  The land stopped sinking but now I knew that the rest of the house was going to slide in the same direction within the week.

I went back into the house to tell the others.  Nobody had noticed a thing. Women were sitting around reading magazines and kids were playing in the house just like before. I picked up some books and magazines I was interested in.  One was a Spring garden catalog with large pink flowers on the cover. (These catalogs normally arrive in the late fall of the year)

I went over to a door that had black glass in it, which was a door to a bedroom where a woman and her husband slept.  It was still early morning and I was afraid that they were sleeping, so I took a small flashlight and shone it through the glass to warn them that I was coming.

I opened the door and found that the woman was sitting up in bed reading a magazine and her husband had already gotten up and was in the bathroom. She looked very familiar to me, and she probably was the owner of this house we were in.

I went over to her and sat on the bed next to her, facing her. I told her a little timidly, "Margaret is teaching me to be a psychic.  We already had a small shift in the land, and I feel that there will be an even larger shift within the week that will cause the whole house to shift and collapse."

And I woke up.


9-10-00 - DREAM -  I was sitting in our current livingroom on the couch with Joe who was to my left and our 8 to 10 year old son on my right. (We don't have a son)

The television was on and the weather show was showing a tornado cloud that looked exactly like the state of Texas.  The lower part where it comes to a point was made of pink dots, but the upper part was pitch black.

I turned to my left to look out the window. (there is no wall or window there) Out the window I saw the exact same cloud in the sky.  The sky itself was pure sky blue, but the cloud, in the shape of Texas was as black as black can be, except down towards the southern point, it was like pink dots.  The blackest was in the northern sections.

It looked like a cloud does with the sun right behind it, with brilliant silver edges, but the blackness was so scary.  I've never seen a cloud that black. It seemed 'evil'.

NOTE: My opinion is that the son's years 8-10 means 8 to10 days or 8 to 10 months of time. I don't feel that it means years. Dreams with tornado clouds in them don't normally mean real storms either, but storms of anger and emotion.

The Presidential Election of George W Bush of Texas certainly fits into this category: 

... I ended the meditation. I got no sense of who won the election. ... http://www.greatdreams.com/pol2000.htm.

The Illuminati Rally Around the President
By Nat Hentoff Saturday, October 10 ... THE ELECTION 2000 - DREAMS AND VISIONS. ...


9-18-00 - If anyone wants to take this next idea and write a book, go ahead. I don't have time. It doesn't seem real - maybe it's symblic for cloning, which I've written about before. 

DREAM - I was somewhere in the world ... I don't know where. There was a world leader who was less than honorable, but had a huge following.  Even though he was less than honorable, and there were people who were against the man, his following grew by leaps and bounds.  At the same time people who were against this man were disappearing and not found again.  There is a lot of the dream that was instantly forgotten, but before I woke up I realized that the followers of this man weren't necessarily real people.  They were, but weren't.  I was trying to figure out what was going on and I came across a vat of fluid that looked really odd in an underground room. Then suddenly, while I was looking at the vat from a distance, the headless, armless, legless torso of a human being hopped into the room, jumped up and down a few times and threw itself into this vat of fluid.  It was at this moment I realized that the world leader's followers were made up of body parts of people and that technology had come so far that they could take the bottom half of a person taken from a car wreck and attach it to the top half of another person and infuse it with this fluid and it would follow this world leader anywhere and do anything it said. They took body parts of several people if necessary and if they infused the attached parts with this fluid, it couldn't help itself but follow this world leader.  The fluid was made of cloned cells of the world leader ... The world leader's detractors were used for these body parts after their brains were removed and replaced with a cloned brain after being infused with the fluid ....


Clinton. She was mad at me because I wouldn't discuss 'cloning' with her. ...

12-27-2002. updated 1-4-2003. ... Chris Kaynes. NEWS ON CLONING AND STEM CELL RESEARCH. ...


9-21-00 - - VISION - I saw a solitary person standing in the blast of a nuclear wind. It was said to be a 1.58


10-13-00 - DREAM - For a long time, I was watching a scrolling dark gray screen with typing I had done at least 6 months ago. It was a list of steps necessary leading to WAR. It was scrolling down and was almost to the end and it stopped scrolling.  I noticed that there was one misspelled word  'Forom'.  It was supposed to be  'FROM'. I thought I would correct the word, but then had second thoughts about it because it might make the paper finish scrolling and I was scared to find out what would happen after that.  As long as it wasn't scrolling war couldn't come.

I woke up, got up and went to the bathroom, then came back to bed and lay there for a few minutes waiting to go back to sleep.

I then saw the computer screen again. The word From was now corrected, the paper changed from dark gray to red, white, and blue, and a large white box in the center had the word PERMIT in it, and the page started scrolling to the end.  All the steps had now been done for WAR to start.


9-15-00 - DREAM - I was in a large place like a warehouse, yet it was divided into sections and had a huge kitchen.  It also had a bedroom and livingroom. In the kitchen was a large marker board or something where a menu was displayed. In one of spaces, of which there were 12 - in 3 rows of four, was written the words ' 1st sign of the end'. It was so outstandingly out of place, yet nobody noticed it but me until I told the others about it.

There was discussion over the appearance of the sign of the end and it's placement on the menu board. To me it was rather ominous ... to others, they didn't even take notice of it.


9-16-00 - DREAM - I was in a car with my husband, driving south on 172nd St. in New Berlin.  Ahead of us in the sky was a small plane flying low .. like a Piper Cub.  As it flew over, it emitted a dark spay of exhaust or something which formed a dark cloud that slowly drifted downward.

We slowed our car so that when the dark cloud came down to ground level, it was just past us to the west and we didn't drive through it and breathe that exhaust.

Again, another plane came over and did the same thing.  Again, the dark cloud came down just to the west of the road and missed us again.

Then a third plane came over and started spraying the exhaust a little farther to the east so that the dark cloud was coming down right where we were going to drive through. I told my husband to stop the car and he slowed down just enough so that the dark cloud floated over just enough so we didn't breathe it.

I jumped out of the car then at the intersection of 172nd and Beloit Rd. I could still see the small plane flying off towards the west and I needed to jump over a deep ditch into a field on the south-east side of the intersection.

I made the leap easily and it was like landing in a featherbed of burlap colored coverlet. I knew I had to buy this land and that if I looked northwest towards the last plane, I'd see a light in the sky.

I actually looked through the fingers of my hand and thought I saw a light in the sky but figured it was a mirage or trick of sight. So, I looked towards the west and on the horizon was a brilliant bright white light.

I knew this was the right place.

NOTE: A plane crashed at Singapore airport ... out of LA. 179 people were on the plane. A typhoon was going on with winds of 106 km per hour.


1-20-01 - DREAM - I was looking at some charts about earthquakes. What was interesting was the correlation between the days of the week and the type of earthquake it was ... that quakes had 'footprints' ...

NOTE: That is fascinating ... I know that people who study earthquakes look at different criteria to try to predict when they are going to happen ... but never heard of 'this' correlation. Really worth checking out....


The next two dreams go together: 

1-24-01 - Prophecy from a friend/reader

There will be a plane crash near Marikesh, India on June 4th or 5th, possibly the 3rd depending on how their time compares with our time. It will be caused by a terrorist bomb on the plane ... and will end up like TWA-800 ... with no recognizable bodies ... it will be that bad.

There is an open pit copper mine somewhere in the world, where people with huge trucks are now going in and out of a limestone cliff with no observable tunnel.  The gov't is going to construct some kind of machine to test inside this tunnel.  The type ... not known ... The ETs say it is too soon to interfere since the digging could begin again and be fixed. They are going to wait until it's too late to repair the damage from an earthquake that will be externally created so the test can't be done. This is a very dangerous project.


1-25-01 - STUPID DREAM?

I was working at a large office building.  The dream started out that I was looking at a computer screen that had htttp://www urls ... three wide on the screen divided by 'and' and 'or' .

I was partly lucid, partly dreaming ... and I was able to consciously divide these urls into long numbers and short numbers. Therefore I originally thought this had something to do with the Mayans.

However, then, another woman came into the office and showed me that these numbers represented past employees who were going to be given monetary awards for past service which they hadn't gotten paid for yet, and the three wide meant the seating arrangement they were going to be in.

The numbers were now on a chart that was a physical ... large piece of heavy paper. We were trying to determine how to make a list of employees names and social security numbers so that the people could be called up in proper order and given an envelope with the correct check in it.

At the same time, we had to figure out how to feed these people, and what to feed them.

I told her I would like to be in charge, but they decided finally, that three people should work together since they wanted someone there all the time in case they came in during the day and wanted their check ... out of order... someone had to be there at all times and in case someone needed to go to the bathroom, there would be someone on duty.

So, we agreed to all this.

Meanwhile, people were showing up, and we all had things to do. I got some paper to write on, then had to pick up my mail and then go pick up ham  sandwiches for everyone.  

At the mailbox, I discovered that my ex-husband Ed had a mailbox and on top of his box, there was a plastic bag with a small size 'bong' from which he could smoke drugs. I put that back and went towards my own mail box.  (I don't think I ever got to it because we had to go get the ham sandwiches.

On the way to get the ham sandwiches, we met other people, one woman who was singing, another woman who said she would help me get away from Ed if I wanted to, and other people... I can't remember the details.

Finally, I got back to the office, without the sandwiches as the guy who was driving disappeared somewhere.

I was now back to looking at the seating chart of numbers, trying to decipher exactly what they were. I got down to the end of the page, feeling quite frustrated by now, and the very last number on the page was TWA 831

NOTE: I looked up TWA 831.  Flight TWA 800 exploded on July 17th at 8:35 p.m.  One page states that 831 is the section number of the investigative board of TWA. Another page says to stand on the shore of Long Island exactly at 8:31 on July 17th and see the sun glint off of another plane to prove that there was no missile that brought down TWA 800.

OR is TWA 831 a future plane?  Air India's Planes

Air India also had 831 as part of their phone number.


2-10-01 - DREAM - I was in a first floor apartment or store front with a huge window overlooking the street.

In front of the window, parked at the curb, was a long, grey, wooden, buckboard wagon. On the wagon was a large, silver, old fashioned tape recorder - the reel to reel kind.  

I wanted that tape recorder really bad; so bad I was willing to steal it.

Just then three men and a boy  (a young man) came from across the street and stood behind the wagon like they were getting ready to leave, but the boy, who was dressed in a long black winter coat, came up to the left side of the window where I stood, and rang the doorbell to the apartment upstairs. (There must have been a stairway to the upstairs to the left of the window)

I turned around and left the window and saw that I was in a huge hall like an auditorium with lots of people in it. It was not very light in it and the people were just milling around. It seemed to be Presidential event.

There was a table there, a square card table. On the table was a series of rods made up of three straightened out coat hangars. Three wires were taped together at one end and loose on the other.  The one I picked up was black on the end either with tape or black paint ... for about 6 inches. The object of these rods was to push them up a tube which was curled over at the other end. When you pushed the wires up the tube, the curled head was forced to straighten out.

I then saw a map, which I believe was New York State. The City appeared to be along the Hudson River and I knew that this rod was to be inserted so that the wires went from west to east along the street pointing towards the Hudson River.

Just then, I saw that the rod had the letter B at the end, which was multicolored like a Fruitloop. The letter B started to sing, "I hope you know I am, for I am a bleeding star."

Later in the morning, I was still tired and lay down, hopefully for a nap.

At this time I had a visions of two black web urls on a page.

I couldn't figure out what that meant, and I then had a vision of the United States with a pinwheel over the state of New York. The whole thing was white.  I looked for the meaning of a pinwheel and only came up with the meaning of the Swastika - both positive and negative which spin like a pinwheel. 

See:  http://www.greatdreams.com/ny/newyork_quakes.htm


2-21-01 - DREAM - I was in the country somewhere, where there were no buildings. I was being driven by someone. What was unusual was that we were driving very fast along a road up into the hills and then the road branched off to the right and to the left, but none of these roads went anywhere. Each road gently ended in the uphill way towards the top of the hill.

Our vehicle stopped at the end of one of the roadways which was like a truck runaway ramp I've seen along highways where the roads goes steeply downhill... but this was all uphill.

I got out of the vehicle and walked along to the end of the roadway, which ended in a rectangular concrete buttress which held up the land at the end of the roadway. The roadway was also concrete in a large rectangle, and was buttressed roughly with another smaller rectangle at the other end of the rectangle concrete slab to hold the rectangle slab in place.

I was told in the dream that this was done to keep the pressure of the hills from sloughing off down into the valley like it does in earthquakes.

None of this made any sense to me, since there were no people living in this area. The land could have been left natural as long as no people were around.


2-28-01 - DREAM - I was dreaming about a short web page. I was shown that there would be 20 earthchange events, some were grouped together closely, then the rest were separated, one here and one there. I don't know what the changes were, but they were all black type on a white page.

NOTE: When I was awake, I was having rolling chills, and later in the morning, an earthquake event occurred in the Seattle area and it was officially a 6.8. (Seattle)


3-5-01 - DREAM - I was at a place where a large dinner was cooked for many people. I helped with the dishes afterwards.  At that point, I was with another person and drove away from the place in a large vehicle like a SUV.  There was heavy snow and we were forced to drive in snow that was from 3 to 4 feet deep. We had no problem with that, but then we saw snowplows coming from the other way, which were throwing up piles of snow up to 10 feet deep so we had to stop.

A glass topped vehicle coming from the other way stopped across from us and we got out of the SUV and got into the vehicle which was like the Pope-mobile.

We went to another place that was like a TV station. I was asked to participate in a game, which I did to my detriment.

Bernie Shaw from CNN was the man who began to tie me up in the room with long rubber thongs .  The thongs were from corner to corner in a large X shape. One end went to each arm and to each ankle.

A shorter white man came into the room and asked Bernie whether any danger was MY fault and Bernie said, "No!" The short man was rather upset about that.

I was sitting on the floor,  tied with the thongs, and I saw a large sign on the wall that said 'DEATHWALKING'.  At the same time, Bernie had a cage in his hand that was headsized. He asked me, "What would it take for you to stay alive?"  I was going to say , "To breathe!" but by then I was getting scared and my heart was racing and feeling hot, and I forced myself awake ... heart racing.  

NOTE:  I got up, went to the bathroom, went back to bed, had another dream which I can't recall and when I woke up from that dream, I again remembered the word DEATHWALKING and my heart began to race again.  It slowed right down when I made myself stop thinking the word .....

What a scary experience.

NOTE:  It wasn't long after I got up that it was announced that there was another school shooting, this time in California. Two kids killed, 14 injured, near San Diego.  I put it on the Deathstar page.


3-6-01 - VISION - I was praying ... "Our Father which art in Heaven, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven "... and my mind went blank... I saw a golden cage with two white birds in it. Someone opened the cage and the birds flew out... a voice said, "The father has set two birds free ... they are called Polar Motion ...

I got up, typed these notes and went back to bed. As soon as I closed my eyes, I saw the white birds again ... and they flew to opposite sides of my vision

See below: link no longer works:


March 6 ,2001

Earths Magnetic Field In Unsettled State

NASA Space Science News

SOLAR WIND: This morning Earth entered a solar wind stream flowing from a coronal hole on the Sun. NASA's ACE spacecraft, which monitors the solar wind, is registering gusts as high as 600 km/s.

Sky watchers living at geomagnetic latitudes greater than ~55 degrees could spot modest auroras around local midnight.

[NOAA geomagnetic latitude maps: N. America, Eurasia, S. Africa & Australia]

GEOSTORMS: Earth's magnetic field has been unsettled since Sunday when the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) around our planet turned south for nearly 12 hours. South-pointing IMFs create a weak spot in Earth's magnetosphere and make it more vulnerable than usual to solar wind disturbances. The IMF is back to normal now, but Earth's magnetosphere will likely remain unsettled in response to the solar wind stream described above.


POLAR MOTION. A PROPHECY &. THE SCIENCE. March 6, 2001. updated 3-8-2001. ... A voice
said, "The father has set two birds free ... They are called "Polar Motion" ... ...
www.greatdreams.com/motion.htm - 25k - Cached - Similar pages

POLAR AXIS SPIN - The Current Location Of The Spin Axis
... don't know what else to call it. See for yourself. http://www.greatdreams.com/motion.htm


3-9-2001 - DREAM. I went to a mall in some large city. I went into a book store. Inside the store, a man in a large wheelchair was being interviewed by a reporter.  The man in the wheelchair had airtanks on a platform behind his seat, and he was wearing like a diver's bell glass helmet over his head with air tubes going both in and out, so he didn't breathe on the people, not to protect him from the customers. He had some kind of contagious air breathing disease he could spread around to anyone he came in contact with.

The clerk told me she was leaving to eat lunch and that if I needed anything I could call her from the lunch room. So, I stood around looking at various books. One in particular on a sale table was from 1990 and was about the religious group Astara. I was particularly interested in it because I had belonged to the group in 1990 and this particular book was the results of their annual financial report and I wanted to see how it came out.

There was a closet off to the side of the table and I wandered into the closet and on the shelf were some interesting looking notebooks. There were just 5 of them there. I love office supplies so I picked it up and it was a record keeping book. Somehow I connected the first book to this one, so I decided to buy this one as well.

The shelves in this closet had all kinds of stuff in it including a video which I was rather forced to watch, about forceable lesbian rape of a woman by a blonde woman with long blonde hair who also had a long blond wig and wore beautiful gowns ... (the two famous blondes in Washington D.C. come to mind) ( I don't want to name names but Rich and Clinton come to mind easily)

On the top shelf in the closet was a thick/heavy large dark brown bag which  contained clothing of someone. I couldn't figure out why clothing would be stashed in the closet of a bookstore. Unless something was being stored that way.

I turned around and there stood a short older, balding man with a large clipboard, held sideways to him, against his stomach, on which he had an open magazine like  Time Magazine. It was open to the centerfold page, so that the picture was double  paged. The picture was a HUGE explosion ... all black and red fire ...I'm talking  HUGE. On the picture, across both pictures were the words ' NATIONAL SECURITY'.

End of Dream.

I don't have a subscription to Time Magazine so I don't know how many pages are normally in that magazine, but it came to me that it was necessary to know this number. But, I just happened to have an old copy of the Time Magazine with a picture of McVeigh on the cover, dated May 1, 1995, so I went to count the pages in it. The article about the Oklahoma bombing started on the centerfold page, with a double paged picture of the Oklahoma building that was bombed. It was on page 36 The article ran from page 36 to 51.

Today is March 9, so if you add 36 to March 9, you come to April 14th ... and the spread of pages of 36 to 51 would end at April 29th. Right in the middle is April  19th, the anniversary of the Oklahoma bombing. Since I don't have any other copies of the Time magazine, the numbers might come out a little different, but this is too close to be comfortable for me.

On March 15 1995, I had three dreams in which the word Oklahoma was given to me, and one of the dreams had McVeigh in it with a group of Arab looking people in a bunkhouse type building and in the dream, McVeigh's head blew up and his brain was made with wires sticking out of it. At the time, I didn't have internet access and didn't know anyone, and didn't even know that dreams could be predictive of anything. Besides that, where is the Arab looking suspect with dark skin they didn't question enough?

When I say that the dream had McVeigh in it, I'm not kidding ... it was his face ... how can you forget that face ... he is wanting to be executed... on what date? On the anniversary or close to that date?

Enough questions. I suggest someone remote view this and see if I'm just whistling in the dark with this.

See Waco Revisited

... The man in the wheelchair had airtanks on a platform behind his seat, and he was
wearing like a diver's bell glass helmet over his head with air tubes going ...
www.greatdreams.com/wacovst.htm - 101k - Cached - Similar pages

... http://www.greatdreams.com/lgmnwil.gif The long man of Wilmington This is an example ... The
man in the wheelchair had airtanks on a platform behind his seat, and ...


3-11-01 - We watched a movie about Little Big Horn and Custer's Last Stand just before bedtime.  I dreamed about making a web page about this.  I already did this last year ... NATIVE AMERICAL LINKS and A THOUSAND LIES

DREAM 2 - I was in the basement of a large office building. I finished cleaning up the kitchen of the cafeteria, and put away some food into a perfectly clean refrigerator for later eating.  Then I went through my purse to look for something and found some long chocolate candy sticks. I saw ants crawling on them, so threw them all away ... very reluctantly I might add, but I did it.

As I was leaving, there were some Aztec Indian type women - Mexicans? in the basement. They were moving two mattresses out of the room and putting two colorful sofas into a closet.  I went with them to the elevator, which was a large frieght elevator.

I stood in the elevator and allowed one of the women to 'drive' the elevator.  We went up, but ended up on the 5th floor which was the executive floor of this building.  So, the woman pushed the button again and we then eneded up back in the basement, but when the door opened, the hallway was dim ... I saw a woman in the hallway, but all the other lights had been shut off.

I told the women I was going to 'drive', and pushed the button for the 1st floor.  When the elevator arrived at the first floor, the elevator was about 6" off and even through we could have stepped off the elevator easily, there was still the matter of dragging the mattresses out of the elevator and there was a rubber gasket for the door that stuck up about 6" because we weren't right exactly at the floor.  So, we had to allow the door to close again so we could try again to get to the exact level to get off the elevator.

As I was waking up, I saw a blue screen with two dates ... 2/17 and 1/17

NOTE: I didn't see any connection between what I dreamed on both dates. On 2/17, was a dream where I talked to a young boy whose father was trying to teach him hate and war.



3-14-01 - DREAM - I was in a large area, somewhat a suburb area, where there were large green spaces, yet lots of people around.  I was outside with my friend Donna from highschool.  (Donna means 'lady') (Madonna means 'my lady')  We were walking on the path after a long rain. There were many puddles still on the sidewalk, and dark clouds still glowered in the sky.

Donna pointed at the puddles, and there we saw reflected from the clouds, swirls of purple, red, and blue, somewhat like the clouds do when they are about to part and let the sun shine through.

It was amazing to see, and I raised my eyes and  looked up into the sky, rather than in the puddle, and there the clouds where shimmering like water ... red, blue, purple, shifting and glimmering as though to let the sun shine through.

Suddenly, against the background of the shimmering colors, I saw a huge man in the sky ... it was like a television screen against the clouds. The man looked like a warrior/teacher.  He would have had to be 10 miles tall and  many miles wide ...

Then the man came down out of the clouds and landed at our feet. He was a mere man size ... a beautiful guy ... somewhat like the director of the games on the Survivor television show.  

He had been on earth once before and taught this class that he as about to teach again.  He said that this time, he wasn't going to start with lesson 1. He was going to start with lesson 7 through 15 of the 1st book, and 1 through 5 of the second book.

My friend Donna had her notebooks in her hands. She had two fat notebooks from having studied the lessons before. The books reminded me of the calendar books/diaries that businessmen keep.  She showed them to me proudly.

I didn't have any such books from studying the classes before. I told her I had my journals and notebooks from studying my dreams for the last 20 years, and had been studying metaphysics for 30 years.  I could take notes in little black books as well as she could.  

She looked a little sheepish to realize that one didn't have to sit in a classroom to learn.  There were other ways to learn the same lessons.  

Lots of people were gathering around this man.  He was easy to look upon as well as masterful with people.

Besides that, there was now a masterful stallion there which was to be used for the teacher and the teacher indicated that Donna, I, and another man take the stallion in hand, tame him to ride, and ready him to stud an equally magnificent mare to foal a beauty of a colt.  The man we chose actually did the work, while Donna and I held the reins on either side of it's head.  

We were then on the city streets, and lots of people were gathering.  One woman asked me to care for her child so she could study.  I took him in my arms and carried him with me.

Then, the man asked us to recruit some boys to play a game of baseball. He wanted only the best players. He told me to go round up only those boys who could hit over 50.  

I went to the local school where all the boys were gathering.  My son Tom had gotten there ahead of me and was already choosing the best players.  He had been given the same orders before me.  I told my son Tom that we were going to be choosing the same boys, playing one team against another ... we should line up all the best players ... he could have the 1st player in line, I would take the second, he would take the third player, I would take the 4th player ... right on down the line.  He agreed that was fair.  There would be no choosing Mother against son, ...

There was a young boy there, around age 11 or 12. He looked so lost ... like an orphan child. We took him with us and he changed into a happy young boy very quickly. He just wanted to belong... like all the rest.

We went back outside with the boys trailing behind us, ready to play the game. We met the teacher out on the field. We waved at me and said that the stallion and mare were ready to be mated, and that I should take charge. So I left the ball field and went to take care of the matter at hand.  I had never worked with horses before, but Donna, I, and the man were strong individuals and that's what it would take.

Meanwhile, there were some girls there who hadn't been assigned anything yet, and they were hanging around the local bar, having a good time, giggling, and waiting for classes to begin.  Classes wouldn't begin until after the ball game was played.  

A man came by, looking for someone with a long name starting with the letter 'N'.  The men had all gathered in one area, the women in another, so I took the man to where the men were sitting, getting ready to study, and left it to him to find the man with the other men telling him which way to go.

I found my friend Donna who had changed clothes and was now dressed in a fine linen dress with a flowery hat and jewels for buttons on the dress.  I spotted her and called out to her across the room, "We're going to have a baby.", to alert her that we needed to get the horses together.

A gay man stood between her and me with curlers in his hair.  He looked at me, all excited, like he was going to participate in this .  I looked at him and said, "In your wildest dreams...."   and I went over and hugged Donna. We were so excited to participate in this magnificent act.

I went inside the school where the parents of the boys had gathered, and I met the man who was the father of the young boy we had made friends with earlier. He was a large businessman, always out of town.  The mother was busy working and doing volunteer work and didn't pay any attention to the child either.  He asked about his son, and we told him that he was well in hand and happy.  The man asked us to keep him and care for him ... because he had never been able to be the father he wanted to be in life.

We agreed we would care for the boy. That was no problem for us.  The game was about to begin and the lessons to follow..

NOTE: If the two books we were to study were the Bible, the lessons in Book 1 is Judges through Ezra ... ... and Book 2 is Matthew through Acts.

In binary numbers  7 is 111 and 15 is 1111 -  In binary numbers 1 is 1 and 5 is 1001.  

See:  http://www.greatdreams.com/lessons/schldays.htm


4-3-01 - VISION - I had a series of visions about the earthchanges. I saw the date April, 1992, and April 1994. I also saw a picture of a Knight and it had a big red X across it.

Does this mean that the earthchanges are going to happen during the day? Or does this represent a Knight of some kind?

Then I saw a pink and white weasel... it gave birth to a smaller pink and white weasel. Hmmm who might that represent?



4-14-01 - Had this dream at exactly 2:00 a.m. DREAM - I was with a woman and her small children, her extended family and a bunch of other people in hilly county.  Off to the northwest from where we stood was a mountain or extremely high hill. It seemed to be several miles away. It was a lovely summer day, the sun was shining, and people were strolling around enjoying the weather. The mountain didn't have any snow on top, so it had to have been high summer.

All of a sudden, a spout of hot water came up out of the side of the mountain, similar to Old Faithful. But it shot up so high and so far that it sprayed hot water all the way over to where we were, several miles away. 

We were all rather shocked, and started to talk about it. And while we discussed this event, it happened again, only stronger this time, only it didn't stop, the water started spraying higher and higher and all of a sudden, the whole mountain let loose, water, steam, smoke, dirt, rocks, (like mount St. Helen's) except it just kept getting bigger and bigger. We knew that what went up had to come down, and there didn't seem to be any place to hide. 

It seemed stupid to run into a wooden building, but that's all I could think of. We ran down a winding path to a wooden building like a garage, between some fruit trees or whatever those trees were. The grandfather was carrying one of the little kids, the woman carried one of the toddlers, and a couple other kids around age 5 or 6 ran alongside. I hurried them along the path, which was actually more or less back towards the mountain that was exploding. Somehow, miraculously, the path we took was still dry, and we ran fast enough that we made it into the garage before the deluge of hot water, dust, ash, and rocks came back down.  

I doubt that the other people made it out alive, because there was no where else to run. The whole mountain had disintegrated in explosion after explosion.

NOTE: I hope I never see a disaster like that again. It was horrendous.  (The clock now says 2:22) 

MORE: I went to lay down to meditate on 'when' this was going to occur. Instead, I saw a white radio. On the front of the radio where the station would be listed, it said, "Microfront', and underneath that it said, "Volcanic Center" and then the word 'underground' came to me.


4-16-01 - DREAM - I was standing near the entrance to an office building, looking across the street towards a large hotel.

Over the hotel were several airplanes coming in for a landing. All of a sudden, two smaller jets looked like they bounced off the wing of a large jumbo jet, and then the jumbo jet veered off towards the right and crashed. I was so shocked, because I thought the two smaller jets hitting the larger plane was an optical illusion, but it wasn't. The jumbo jet crashed into some trees off to the right of the hotel and everyone died. 

I don't know if the jet planes crashed or not, but one of the bystanders told me it was Prince ??? of an Arabian country and his male secretary or some other office office like that. They were coming into the city to announce the changeover of his official status of the Prince into being the new ruler of the country.


4-18-01 - Gordon Michael Scallion was on Art Bell. He talked about his vision of the Pole Shift. The scene took place in summer because the trees were blooming (to me this is Spring) The sun came up to about 11 o' clock, then suddenly shifted to 2 p.m., but it didn't go from east to west, it went ''south". 

4-18-01 - VISION - I was drifting off to sleep and had a vision of a #10 envelope with Gordon Michael Scallion's name on it.  The envelope opened at the top like it was slit open on top. Inside was 'one' message.  (I don't know the significance of that.)

I then heard a voice of a young woman, who was working in an office which seemed to be above me in the room. She said to me, "We need to have a meeting. We need to give you the passwords so that you can access the information."  I agreed and thanked her, then fell asleep.


4-18-01 - DREAM - I was at a meeting with a lot of women I knew personally. These were all women who were abductees/contactees. There were 12 of us.  I asked them, "Does anyone here know what it means to dream of polar bears?

One woman said, "It stands for what is happening with the pole shift".  I replied, "Oh duh! I was just listening to Gordon Michael Scallion talking about the pole shift before I fell asleep."


4-23-01 - DREAM - I spent what seemed like hours making a web page about the earthchanges. It started off with a list of the changes that have already occurred with thumbnail maps, followed by pages describing each change along with large maps.  I closed down the page, then reopened it to make sure it was saved and worked.  The whole dream was in black and white.

NOTE: This was so detailed, I fully expected it to be done and on my computer when I woke up.


From a reader:

Date: 4-25-2001

From D.

Hi All- this was an ongoing dream which seemed to last most of the night, I would awaken and return to the dream- I assume, so I would get to the ending.

I was all over the globe in different parts at different times with different people (very few people) or sometimes with one. A disaster such as a massive global earthquake was imminent.

In one I was on the street in the midst of countless skyscrapers that were cracked like jigsaw puzzles in large blocks . People were standing in the streets, frozen in fear for there was nowhere to go as the buildings were about to crumble. We began singing "Amazing Grace" and we were safe.

I was in other places with other people and they had little safe places under arches and doorways and such.

Finale: I was in a small village not far from here and in a room and was cleaning the room up with a brush. On the floor was a large flat metal plate that was like a "lift platform". " Is this an elevator" I asked. end of dream.

1. The global earthquake or destruction did NOT happen.

2. There were very few people on our planet.

3. At one point there seemed to be a group searching for people and we seemed to be avoiding them, but they did not find us.

4. By singing "Amazing Grace"- by Grace we are safe

5. The elevator = ascension- and the cleaning up was preparation for this

6. I have no fear about events that may or could happen so this is not a fear dream and felt no fear at all upon awakening many times. If it had been a nightmare I would have awakened in fear.

7. The very small amount of people was an indication that most of the population was gone and the ones remaining were here for a purpose and not to have fear.


5-3-2001 - MEDITATION - I was thinking about Jimi Furia's book manuscript and I suddenly had a vision of the world like a huge blue ball and a red line came shooting out of one spot and going up and spinning into a spiral... not like a tornado sideways, but a large ball spiraling of string arcing up and then spiraling down and around into itself. The spiral was almost as large as the earth itself.

I lay there thinking about what that might be ... like a volcano spouting red lava ... a voice said, "It is nothing less than the power of the pyramid taking over today."

SEE:  http://www.greatdreams.com/null.htm   for picture


5-5-01 - DREAM - I was working on copying a web page about past events on a computer. Twice I came to 1967, 1968, and 1969 and there was no explanation at all. That seemed really strange until I realized that I was actually putting in doorways to other worlds.

NOTE: After writing this down, I started reliving the part of the dream where the doorways were placed.

Then I remembered being in an underground garage observing a black man with dreadlocks who looked like the so-called 'bad guy' R.J. in One Life to Live television show. I went wit him as he backed up his red car in the corner of the garage to show how fast he could 'OVERTAKE' and take out another guy who was going to release this important information. He was an 'OVERTAKER'.

Note: I dreamed about the Overtaker before.

Here it is:

11-11-89 - Dream: There was no work to be had in the country, (United States) so I had gone to town to look for a job. There were no longer stores along the main city streets, they were in clusters at intervals. There were big government offices everywhere. Along 17th street, lawns were being reconstructed and I tried to assist but there wasn't enough grass to go around. The men were huddled around the bars, not drinking but checking the stock market, worrying themselves sick to see if they had lost everything.

It was a well kept secret but I had been chosen as mediator between sides between our country and the Overtakers. The schools were being organized at this moment to march the children to government camps and take them away from their parents. I managed to sneak up to the 20th street school where my youngest son was in 1st grade. I spotted him and grabbed him by the arm and we rushed down the street together. He said, "I've been calling you all day, hoping you'd come and get me."

I was watching the other mothers who weren't able to find their children and rescue them before they were marched away  to camp. I helped to hold one mother up from collapsing. She was devastated that he daughter hadn't been seen.

I knew that the secret guns were trained on Madison, WI (The capitol city of our state) and these children were going to be used as hostages.

NOTE:  On May 9th, Dr. Stephen Greer went public with 21 witnesses to UFO events, trying to get Congress to study these UFO events that have been going on in this country for over 60 years.  Lots of luck Dr. Greer.


5-9-2001 - DREAM - I heard the words ' bi-aluminum, bi-chromium sulfate. then I saw a series of white bird wings and was told that the quantity of these chemicals have increased dramatically over the last 10 decades.



5-13-2001 - VISION - I saw the world - flattened out. The oceans were white and the continents were black. The continent of North America was spread out like a big black bird.


5-16-2001 - VISION - I was reading a newspaper and looked up and discovered I was supposed to be driving my car and a big black car was coming directly at me to crash head on.

NOTE:  That was the 3rd car crash I had experienced in a dream or vision in two days and this rather freaked me out. Then I went on the internet and listened to a sightings show about John Coleman expecting a crash of the stockmarket within 9 months and that made a whole lot of sense to my vision as well.

Of course when I told people about it, they didn't want to believe it.

NOTE 2: Not long after this, I was contacted by some people about a few paragraphs I had published written by John Coleman which they wanted removed.  I did this, after some deliberation, and put up a page to support him instead.  http://www.greatdreams.com/coleman.htm


5-29-01 - MEDITATION - I saw a vision of Europe and Portugal was named.

NOTE: I've had several dreams/visions like this over the years. They've been earthquake related.


6-9-01 - DREAM -  This dream is titled, 'THE MOON IS TOO TOO BRIGHT!'   The entire dream consisted of seeing a newspaper article titled, 'THE MOON IS TOO TOO BRIGHT!"  I saw a picture of the face of the moon, on which a portrait picture of a dark-haired woman in black and white was superimposed over the upper left hand side of the moon picture. The article went on to say that bacteria had been left behind on the moon by 'visitors' to the moon and was now at the flash-point. The picture then went animated and showed the bacteria reach a stage where it shifted forcefully in a jumping motion to the next area to it.

See Moon and Bacteria

6-10-01 - DREAM - I was observing and seemingly being observed by a round greenish white object that looked like the moon with a man's face on it.


6-11-01 - DREAM - I had been told there was going to be an event on the moon and I was visibly upset by the news. I heard a man's voice behind my left ear who told me I was looking at the event in the wrong way. He then took my glasses and bent the two lenses down  half way so that they were at a different angle.  Instantly, I had instant emotional peace.

I was with a group of people, both men and women who were involved with trying to stop the events on the moon. The men were going to become firefighters and the women were going to support them. My son Bill was going to be one of the firefighters and I was going to get on the bus with him. However, when the bus arrived, it was extremely tall, and I was unable to climb up to where the entrance to the bus with which was way at the top. Bill was boosted up and assisted to get into the bus door which was nearly at the top of the bus.

We knew that the firefighters might not be coming back from this journey to fight this fire. The rest of us left behind would gather to sing/pray for the firefighters going to work on the moon project.



6-21-01 - DREAMS - These were unusual.  All I saw was a square frame with seemingly nothing in them. The dream itself was downloaded into my memory and I KNEW that it meant the letter "C".

I had two more dreams, exactly the same except that they meant the letter 'D'.  

NOTE: Michele suggested that perhaps it meant  gamma and delta.  I don't know. My research didn't give me anything conclusive except I discovered that there are gamma and delta DNA cells in the body.

NOTE: Be sure to check out  June21_2001.htm - The eclipse and earthquake connection


7-18-01 - DREAM - I was sitting on a bench on the corner by the bank with my boss Ron Klofta. I saw a single cloud forming in the sky in the southeast. The cloud changed gradually into the shape of an airplane then then into the shape of a big white TV set.

I point it out to Ron and said, "You don't believe in UFOs?"  Look at that!" He looked up and the plane/TV set flew over the city, ominously and silently.

This probably isn't connected because it's about 4 planes... Terrorism at WTC.


7-22-01 - DREAM - I was living in a house I've never lived in before, but my ex-husband was re-painting the entire inside of the house black.  It looked really nice so I didn't question it.

An older man came into the house then, wearing an overcoat. He showed me a contract with 4 names on it. He asked me if I had ever seen it before. I said I didn't remember.

He said that the woman who had taken the air pipe apart was leaving an was being replaced. I didn't have much choice in the matter, but that was okay with me. She as rather destructive and unknowledgable.

We went into an office that was down a few steps from the rest of the house. The young woman scratched out her name and initialed it with another fake name she made up like ' green turtle' or something. The attorney said that was okay with him.

I was rather glad to see her leave since she had pulled my air/communication pipes apart.

Then my new overseer came in. It was a black man ... the newscaster Bernard Shaw. He scrawled his name in large letters over the top of everyone elses. I was rather appalled that my contract was so unprofessional looking, but the attorney said it was still legal.

Then the attorney handed me my contract and Bernard Shaw (who I call Bernie like they did on CNN before he retired) and I walked back up the stairs to the main house side by side. (He was on my right side.)

I then looked out the window and saw a tow truck with a black car hoisted up to take it away. I was afraid it was my car, but when I looked closer, I realized it was my landlord's car. It looked more like a hearse than a tow truck and the car was hoisted half way inside. (He is very sick both physically and mentally these days, due to old age)

I then looked around the corner and saw my own car. It was light aqua in color with a white stripe on the side like the 1957 Chevrolets had. It was a station wagon.

I then went outside and saw that my husband had repaved the whole parking lot which was large enough to be a church or mall parking lot. There stood my aqua and white car and 4 others (who I assume was my housekeeper and overseer) There was room for lots more cars as they were angle parked in painted rows.

The whole parking lot was paved with what looked like dark blue and white abstract design. There may have been a specific design but from my perspective I couldn't tell what it was. I would guess Fleur de lis but I can't say for certain)

I then went into an office building and lots of people were crossing in to go up an elevator. I was just watching from the lobby.

I saw President Bush come in with Laura Bush who looked young enough to be her own daughter. the people were so eager to get on the elevator, they didn't leave any room for the Bushes, but then some realized that the Bushes had just lost one of their daughters and they made room for them. Someone handed Laura Bush a yellow rose which she accepted with a look of interminable sadness on her face and they got on the elevator and I woke up.


7-25-01 - DREAM - I lived and worked in a large building in the city. I rather gathered that my boss Otto who seemed like a really sweet guy had retired. I ended up with his keys.

One of the other bosses wanted to give Otto a Polaroid Camera as a retirement gift. I was pretty sure he already had one, but the man told me to call a Mr. Peterson to send him one.

The men left and I took the keys and started exploring the old man's domain.

I had one small key that opened the mailboxes. I looked inside and there was no mail, but there was odd little things stored there which I can't recall. In one section was a tiny radio on which I could hear a woman broadcasting. there was like a 12 volt battery stack in there which I tried to remove because I couldn't see any way to shut it off, but even when I pulled the battery out, I could still hear the woman broadcasting.

While I was doing this, an evil-looking guy, who I only saw out of my peripheral vision grabbed something out of the box and ran off.

I was able to quiet the sound of the woman somewhat but I couldn't shut off the radio and she kept on broadcasting.

I then went into Otto's main office and started exploring, using his key ring and other small keys to open secreet doors that had other secret drawers and doors hidden behind them.

In the first few doors and drawers, they were all empty. Everything had been removed. One cabinet which looked like rosewood or cherrywood because of it s deep red color, I opened the little drawers and hidden inside were little storage compartments for fancy handled pipes which I knew he loved to smoke, but again this cabinet had been emptied out.

I then opened one last hidden door which opened into a small theatre-type room. It had theatre-type seats in it. The theatre was about 12 seats wide with aisles on both sides and the seats in the middle. I recall that the seats were royal blue but the light was rather dim in there.

However, on the 1st three rows of seats were stone or plaster castings of faces of people laying there. They seemed to be all profiles of men.

I asked a person who was behind me what this was all about. The person said without hesitation, "This is the New World Order".

The hairs on the back of my neck and arms stood on end and as I looked at the stone profiles, there were two large ones in the 3rd row that actually had horns on like the old pictures of the Devil.

I thought there was only one Devil, but there were two horned profile faces in the 3rd row.

I went to the 3rd row and picked up both stone faces. I intended to throw them out into the street and smash them, but as soon as I picked them up, they became animated and started writhing around in my hands until I dropped them.

Now on the floor, they started shape-shifting into little toy stuffed animals. I started to try to kick these little toy animals to try to get rid of them, but they were pretty quick in moving away so I never got a well-placed kick at them. They finally ended up laying in a corner. One looked like a little harmless pink bunny rabbit and the other like a little beige Teddy Bear.

I woke up before I could get rid of them.

NOTE: The pink bunny is "Bunny Harriman" and the Teddy Bear is 'Ted Turner"





I went to the bathroom and these two words boomed into my head. I researched them and added it to these two pages - TWO SUNS and STAR OF BETHLEHEM.

NOTE: SOL INVICTUS is the name of the Sun God worshipped before Christ. It was part of the symbolism in the religion of Mithras. Constantine, in the 300 A.D. wanted to get along with the Christians but didn't accept Christianity until he was on his deathbed. Constantine had the symbol of Sol Invictus on the revserse side of the Roman Coins.

Timothy McVeigh also used Sol Invictus in a poem read when he was put to death. Sol Invictus mean "the Unconquered Sun".


7-27-01 - DREAM - I was at a gathering place where people were coming together from every direction. This was all being done (in slow motion)

It was time for the trains to come in and many children were sleeping on the floor. We decided to just elave them there. A descending escalator was bringing people and suitcases down to the trains. Every so often, something would go astray. One time a sheet of US stamps got pushed off the escalator ramp. I was trying to decide whether to pick it up or not and it tore in half.

The one half stayed as stamps with US flags on them. The other half turned intoa silver business card which said, "JEWS USA and "THE JEWISH NATION!"

I was then standing on the train platform which all the trains came rushing by. There was barely an inch of space between them.

NOTE: In December of 2001, Israel and the Palestinians came close to a big war, there was lots of terrorism and suicide bombers killing people in Israel. It was a bad time.


8-2-01 - DREAM - (It seems that this dream was not about me, but about a group of people)

Most of the outdoor scenes take placed in the winter. The first scene was outdoors in the snow. The people didn't want to believe in the royalty of the group of people and their initials were ccc.

The second scene was indoors in a bathroom. I wasn't alone. I was on the toilet and bleeding heavily, almost hemorrhaging. This was quite shocking to me.

For some reason I had to go to a different bathroom and in order to do that I had to go outside through the snow.

I was wearing high boots that went up to my knees. I didn't know what to wear and pulled on a pair of dark green slacks, but they were for someone much taller than I and hung about 3 feet beyond my feet so I had to take them off again and run through the snow with just my underwear, my high boots and a long shirt which was long enough to be a minidress so it seemed that the shirt was for a larger person as well.

I got outside in the snow and there was no path to the other building which was some distance away. This must have been a pretty area when it was summertime, because there were small trees along what was probably a path under the snow which no one had walked on before me.

There were some men behind me, and other women around, yet I was alone in my predicament and as I made my way to the other building, in the distance I saw an army of men coming, all dressed in white winter snowsuits and boots which made them almost blend in with the snow. I saw them get down on one knee and shoot at the people I was with. They used long rifles. They took aim and fired at the people. The number 40 seems like the number of people left or the number shot.

I made it to the other building for myself. I don't remember past entering the second building and hoping I would be okay.

NOTE: This may point to the war in Afghanistan in the winter of 2001.


8-4-01 - MEDITATION - I was thinking about the chip visions and began to see a man and a woman dressed in black and white discussing something that the people weren't supposed to know yet.

NOTE: ON line, I have a dream called, "The Bridge Building Deception" where a woman demonstrates an exercise for the people to do like a 'bridge for humanity' which everyone thinks is great but they have to stand in line and get their hands stamped before they can participate and then a pilot puts on a show and everyone who participates in the military event by the 'tower' gets killed.


Until the plane bombing of the World Trade Center, I didn't know anything about towers, except the tower of Babylon.


8-6-01 - DREAM - I was shown that there is a political group which is distrusted and is known as the '21' They were shown to mow their lawns in circles about 3 feet across such that the center of the circle was slightly higher than the grass around it. The circles were mowed in perfect rows of these circles. In a secondary view of the circles, it was like double circles locked together.  They are highly distrusted.



8-7-01 - DREAM - I had the same dream for the 4th time this week. But this was like a flash 'knowing' not the dream itself. I'm certain it was about 'The 21' again.


THE AGE OF KALI - 8-14-01 - DREAM - My relatives all gathered together for a party to be counted. The unfortunate and upsetting part of this was that everyone cut off their hands and feet to be counted separate from their bodies. Each foot or hand counted for 1, but the body separately counted for 5.

This whole event was bloodless and at the end, I was lining up the limp sweat-suit covered bodies on the couch.

Then a rich black man drove up in the most beautiful bright red sports convertible car I've ever seen.

I and another black man went over to it to find out what kind of car it was.

At first I saw the name "Williams' on it. Then in another place I saw the name, "Subaru" on it, then the black man showed me on the back end was the name ISCHI.

SEE - Age_kali.htm



This turned out to be the WTC TRADE Buildings Disaster.


8-18-01 - DREAM - I was sitting in a small office observing a man in his 30's teach a young 10 year old boy how to do simple bookkeeping.

Everything that was purchased had a receipt and the amount was written in a ledger book. Then the boss would come over and initial both the receipt and the line in the book to show that he had seen both of them.

A reference was made as t how old 38 years old seems to an 18 year old girl and how long it takes to get to that age. Then when the 38 year old person looks back at 18, it seems like only yesterday.

A woman came in with a load of groceries she had just purchased. (On television, the woman plays the part of the Palace Innkeeper on One Life to Live. Renee Buchanan ) She said, "I just paid $1,000 for food that is going to cost $4780 later."

I marveled that she could know the prices would increase that much in the future.

Back at the workbench where the man was sitting on a high stool, he said to us, "The parts are starting to come in now for the machine I will build."

I was then shown a machine that traced lines on a long strip of paper that showed 'future' sound.

Again, I marveled at the possibility of a machine that could sense 'future' sound, and looked at the strip of paper and the huge dark bulge in the noise level the machine was measuring.

As I woke up, a male voice said, "Pakistan is preparing now for a future war. It would behoove others to prepare as well."

See: Pakistan Preparing for War


8-19-01 - DREAM - I was working or some important people in a large factory. I was in the section where all the spare parts were kept. There was some consideration made about lack of space in the place. I noted that one stack of shelves was held up by a set of 12" wheels, so I suggested that using 14" wheels instead would allow them to use the 12" wheels on a project that was being held up because they didn't have the 12" wheels they needed.

They heard me, but didn't comment. Suddenly then a woman came in and sowed me that they had actually ratcheted down the stacked shelves. They started ratcheting up the shelves then and I noted that they had deliberately done this so people didn't know the space was there, hidden from them.

I then went into a small room where the electronics, alarms, and other warning devices were kept.

However, they hunted me down and demanded that I get into a controversial topic with them.

They showed me that bringing these topics out into the open and discussing them actually ratcheted around opinions on them and that's why they hadn't brought them out into the open.

Then I discovered who the real boss was. It was Hilary Clinton. She was mad at me because I wouldn't discuss cloning with her.

She showed me that cloning was a 'pink'/female topic and demanded that I come into the bathroom and discuss it with her and a couple other women.

I quipped back at her, "I don't want to clone myself, but now we should discuss cloning you?"

She laughed and walked into the bathroom, fully knowing I was following her to discuss this controversial topic.

See: Hilary Clinton and Cloning


9-1-01 - DREAM - I was shown a sheet of paper or a web page that told me that 150 things were going to happen to mankind.


9-1-01 - DREAM - I was against shown the sheet of paper or web page with a series of events that were going to happen but they weren't all bad. However, as the page scrolled down, the bad things were highlighted - perhaps like links to other pages which would explain them. There were about 10 good things in between the bad things for the most part, but sometimes there would be two smaller bad things back to back.



9-7-01 - DREAM - I was in a house in a city. I was sewing up a rip in the pant leg of a tall, thin man. Another man was sitting on the couch nearby. I noted that I had patched and sewed this rip in the pants once before and couldn't figure to how it had come undone.

On the shelf nearby was a catalog with a picture of yellow dinnerware.

The man on the couch sniped at the other guy about an affair he had had in 1997 and how stupid that was. When I was finished sewing, I wrapped one thread around the catalog to keep it shut, but the thread was too short to knot it.

I went out in the yard then and saw black clouds looming higher and higher in the sky. A discussion started about how fast we could run for cover before the rain hit.

I grabbed whatever paper and sewing threads were on the table.

By the time we got into the house, it was pouring rain.

I looked out at the window and the moon was coming up in the west. It was 10 times bigger than normal. Was the moon closer or was that an illusion?  Since when does the moon come up in the west?

Just that fast, the clouds were scudding northward n the sky again really fast.

It seemed like the whole city skyline was moving with it.

I moved to the kitchen window but I couldn't see anything from there so went back to the other window to watch the clouds flying by. At least it wasn't raining anymore, but the moon was hidden behind the clouds.


9-10-01 - DREAM - I was in a house that was being remodeled. I was told that they would take care of everything else if I would take care of the baseboard. It seems that the baseboard was being cut in half lengthwise. There was some words carved into the baseboards but I couldn't read it because the words were white on white.

finally, I was shown the words on a piece of paper on a computer screen.

There was a box and inside the box it said:

water water water
water water water water water
water water water water water
water water water water water
water water water water water
water water water

See Hurricane and Typhoons of 2001/2002


9-11-01- Today was the bombing of the World Trade Center by terrorist suicide planes.

I was afraid to sleep.

When I closed my eyes the first time, I saw a young boy choking a young girl to death. Then I heard multiple women creaming. The third vision was of a black cat like Felix the cat. He looked like he had stuck his paw in a big electrical power line and his body and fur all stood out in every direction in the air.





9-14-01 - DREAM - I was in the streets of New York, looking up all the tall buildings. I had photographs of all the damage from the bombing. The photographs, instead of pictures was a series of long code made up of alphabet and numbers.

The next day, I went back downtown again where the big buildings were and I went to look at the pictures and watched as the codes rathcheted over to the next set of numbers.

The numbers and text assured them sets of pictures were now different and longer. It was like it happened a second time.


9-19-01 - MEDITATION - I meditated on what the job was I was supposed to have started last week. I saw a contract I was signing. It had 5 names at the top of the page. Aprazr was one of them, the woman I get my Dire_jesus messages from.



9-22-01 - DREAM - I was helping to look for victims at the mound of rubble at the World Trade Center in New York City. This was represented by big mounds of spaces on a computer screen. A teenage person was rescued by using the number 3 in a smaller space. When the person was revived, then the space went away as well.



I was outside with a large group of people. There was going to be a picnic. I thought that sounded like a lot of fun and volunteered to be the  corner post for the tent, which could be held up by human beings, not mechanical means.

People I knew were coming by and I invited them to come to the picnic, but they would say, "I'd love to join you, but I have something planned with my own family and I have to go get my ids and do my own thing."

I couldn't blame them for wanting to be with their own family, so eventually I took the red tent and wrapped it around myself like a blanket and went to see what my own family was doing and perhaps gather them together.

So I arrived at my mothers' house. She was angry at me for something I had done so she wouldn't speak to me. My grandmother was sitting on a bench over in a corner by herself. They weren't speaking to each other either.

A couple of my kids came by so I invited them to the picnic. They anted to do their own thing with their friends, so they were too busy to do something with Mom (ME).

So I left there and began to walk up the street by myself.

I came to an intersection where a highschool band was playing. It was a huge band, dressed all in blue with a white stripe down the pant leg. They sounded great.

The cheerleading squad was practicing too. the girls were beautiful with blue tops, silver skirts and high white boots. They looked so good together.

Then I saw a group of younger school children with their teachers. I saw a Father bring his son to class. He wanted to help teach his son, but the woman teacher said, "Oh No! you can't do that. only teachers can teach the children. The parents can only bring their children to the school and drop them off and leave again. You can't be part of the child's school life."

I felt very dismayed. I couldn't stay and be with the children either even though I had raised 6 of my own children back in the old days when parents knew what was good for their own children.

So I had to leave and went up the street by myself.

Then i met a man named David , an old friend. He had been gone for some time. While he was gone, and I didn't know if he would ever be back, I moved his clothes, hangars and all and hung them in my own closet, just in case he ever came back.  (David means 'love) I was happy that I had thought of him and hadn't forgotten about him, so we started to walk up the street together. David was the ultimate gentleman and walked on the street side of me like old-fashioned gentlemen used to do in the old days.  

The street was so steep, it was like climbing a mountain. It was really difficult and we were having a hard time. It seemed to get steeper and steeper, the closer to the top we got.

Then a big green car came along and David recognized the driver as someone he knew. This car was big with a powerful engine and could make it up the hill much easier than we could on foot, so David waved at the car and it pulled over to pick him up. David asked if I could ride along, and they said, "Sure thing," but it wasn't easy to get in the vehicle. It was only a two door car and one had to get in up near the hood over the engine which opened up like a flap. Then one had to squeeze past the edge of the front seat and crawl into the back seat.

The tall skinny guy said, "Only long-legged people can fit through there. I assured him I had long legs and managed to squeeze past the front seat and got into the back of the vehicle.

Once inside the vehicle, I saw that it had green carpeting and the inside of the vehicle was huge. It would hold dozens and dozens of people easily. It was just hard to get inside.

So I settled down for the ride the rest of the way up the steep hill.

Once inside, a screen came up which showed all the small groups of people of the earth. there were lots of small groups and they were aligned in several columns and that seemed to be a very precarious way of living. The people were arranged in a loosely arranged stacks and not at all connected.

Then I noticed some new people come in near the bottom of the groups and they began to form a bridge between the 1st stack and the 2nd stack of people which made both stacks more stable.

I could see immediately, that the more bridges people built between each group, the more stable the whole of humanity would be. Perhaps a New World Order of mutual support wasn't such a bad thing after all.




10-4-01 - I saw the words  THE URBAN LEADER

VISION - A tall - 7 ft or more thin man said, "I was going to tell you, but I'm not going to tell you now."

VISION - A green reptilian said, "hang on, I'll get someone who knows."

VISION - I saw a playing card - King of Clubs.

Izzat Ibrahim al-Duri
Up to $10 Million Reward
al-Duri is wanted in connection with the spree of violence directed against United States personnel and facilities in Iraq.
al-Duri was the former Vice Chairman of the Iraqi Republican Command Council and has provided substantial supportand coordination to international terrorist groups.
If you have any information about this man, please contact the nearest Iraqi or Coalition Security Force, or use the following e-mail address: tips@orha.centcom.mil
or call Baghdad: 778-7096 -- from outside Baghdad: 01-778-4096.
Outside of Iraq: please contact the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.

10-5-01 - My friend Michelle's Mom's Dream - I was walking out in a desert-like area and came upon some Arab children. They were all dressed in rags and running every which way, all screaming in fear. I couldn't see what they were afraid of.

Then up ahead on the road, at the next intersection, I saw a line of children walking like in a parade, all going the same direction.

I went closer to them and saw that these were Arab children too, also dressed in rags. In their midst, they were carrying a coffin-shaped similar to the coffins Egyptian mummies have been found in.

The coffin was grey and all the children were somber and their clothing was grey too.

I felt a sudden love for these children, so much so that I got in line behind them and followed them. Along the way were many bombed out buildings and houses. We walked a long way and finally came to a cave. The coffin was placed in the cave and then one of the older children who was wearing a child's shoes on one foot and a man's shoe on the other started to preach about God. I can't remember what he said though I understood it in the dream.

We had to leave the cave then as we weren't allowed to stay.

Just as we left the cave, jet fighter planes flew over and started bombing the hell out of the area. The children began to run in fear in every direction. I gathered as many as I could around me, but I don't know if I kept them safe. I turned around to look for the cave and that had been bombed too.

NOTE: This is probably about Afghanistan.  The U.S. DID bomb the hell out of it.


10-6-01 - NAP DREAM - (11:30 a.m.) (I was having a problem with my left lung releasing phlegm and it rattled as I breathed out - I felt exhausted)

I was in a big city with Joe. We were on our way to a birthday party. (A real event Joe was actually going to alone because I was sick.)

We were driving uphill and had to stop behind an odd colored green car at an intersection when the light turned red.

Ahead at the next intersection, I heard sirens and a hearse or ambulance went by, carrying a body bag with a dead person in it.  My left lung shuddered and I woke up , feeling really upset by it.

I got up, went to the bathroom and crawled back into bed.

As I lay in bed, I started hearing the names of dead soldiers being brought back in body bags from war. The first two were common names - Montgomery, and Gray. They had common first names too. So I stopped that from happening. I didn't' want to hear that.

I felt asleep again. -

NAP DREAM - I was in an apartment building. Joe had gone to a birthday party alone. I had stayed home because my lungs were wheezy. There was a birthday party in the building for another woman which I also didn't want to go to. I was looking out the window and saw a woman coming down the street to go tot he party. I hid behind the curtain so I could watch her reflection walk by  but she wouldn't see me.

To my right, outside the door was the front lobby and women were going to come in the building that way for the party as well.

I was thinking maybe I should go to the party anyway and quit feeling sorry for myself.

There was going to be some singing going on at the party and all of a sudden Lorna showed up to practice the singing.

There were 3 beige metal chairs lined up. Lorna sat on one. One was empty and the 3rd chair had a dead or asleep person laying across it.

Lorna told me to take the empty chair but I said I had no problem sitting next to another person on a chair and sharing.

All of a sudden, the front lobby doors burst open and they started bringing body bags of young men inside who had died in the war.

Both of my lungs shuddered violently and I woke up.

(I was breathing fine now by the way)

NOTE: This probably was from Afghanistan because some men did die there when we bombed the crap out of Afghanistan.


10-9-02 - VISION 


When I saw the circles, I was told, "Hundreds of little circles came and killed the large circle.

NOTE: What could it be, the earth?


10-9-01 - VISION - a list of words on the left alphabetized - divided into groups of 4 or 5 - the top word started with C, was cross out like it means NO.

There were two men wearing army green  suits and gas masks facing the word.


10-13-01 VISION - I saw a sheet of paper with writing on it. The logo on top said EARTHCHANGES on a short white picket fence. The fence had 4 short pillars like candles spaced across it and two cute teddy bears sat on the fence and on the end pillars or behind the pillars was like red, white, and blue ribbon bunting with like a little flag on each end.


10-14-01  - DREAM - I was in a huge building which I used to manage but still lived in. They were getting ready to put new carpet in the hallways - bright green. The new manager didn't know anything and got in a fight with her boyfriend so I had to jump in and help out and talk to her about her behavior and question her about hitting her boyfriend.

While I was going through the hallway, there wa s shelf on which numerous knitting projects were stored while in process. I looked at some of the designs I wanted. I looked at some of the designs I wanted. One was a series of fancy white diamonds. I was trying figure out how to get them for myself.

I continued on down the hall and got into a discussion with the new manager which was a blonde goddess-like figure.

At the time I met her, I had been given a zippered satchel in which to hide my Bible because I couldn't carry out in the open  what belonged to me.

I went back to my room and she followed me. I opened a drawer in a bureau in which I kept my jewelry. In it  I had a turquoise necklace.  It was exquisite. The woman also had one very similar, but hers was not a necklace, hers was a brooch.

She and I discussed the differences in our jewelry. The stones were the same color, hers were larger than mine, but they were different and we had to discuss the differences.

I then went on to work on a project. Though I was working with paper patterns, they represented real people who had been hurt. These paper patterns represented real men and women who had been hurt in real life and I was putting them back together.

I then was seeing real photographs of what was happening in an aircraft carrier.

The last plane I saw was an AWAX radar plane.

I wasn't aware that AWAX planes landed on aircraft carriers but it was there.

NOTE: The U.S. brought in European AWAX planes to guard the U.S. after the WTC plane crashes.


10-15-01 - DREAM - I don't know where I was. I was given a tiny gold key. When the key was inserted into the gold lock, there was a mechanism around that lock that opened a larger lock.

I was then observing dark grey cities - like gun-metal grey really ugly grey and it seems there were 52 of them.



10-15-01 - DREAM - I was working in an office. I had written an article about the World Trade Center. there was a man on the phone in an office across the hall from where I walked who was interviewing me about the article by yelling across the hall.

I was standing up at my desk and my boss was sitting at another desk to my right.

The guy across the hall yelled to me, "What's your title?"

I didn't know what my title was, so I asked my boss, "What's my title?"

He was on the phone so he couldn't answer right away.

Meanwhile, the guy across the hall yelled to me, "Did you say that this whole thing depends on the mutual dependence of the World Trade Center?"

I was astonished. Had I said that? What did I mean? if did say that.?

NOTE: My title given in a dream previously was "Director of Casualty"


10-16-01 - VISION - A news web page

A male voice sang: "Thanks for Capitol"

10-16-01 - VISION - A web page -  7 events

occurred in Afghanistan

6 events happened in Guatemala and those were represented by a white Teddy Bear


10-16-01 - DREAM KNOWING - I was with a group of beings known as the Q's, but they didn't want to discuss the earthchanges.

NOTE:  There is a group known as the Q's in Star Trek, but I've never seen that show.


The Enterprise is attempting to save Bre'el Four from its moon, which is falling out of orbit. After one failed attempt, the crew are surprised to see Q appear, stark naked. After being clothed (and grousing about the colors), Q tells them he's been turned mortal by the Q-Continuum (and denies having anything to do with the moon). When he asks for sanctuary, then says he wants to be treated like any other mortal, Picard throws him in the brig. Shortly thereafter, a bright probe appears out of nowhere, and settles on the sleeping Q.

When Picard asks Q what happened, Q is too concerned about human frailties such as sleep, and says he needs guidance for being human, and offers his experience and knowledge with moons to assist. Picard assigns Data to Q, and the two go to Engineering, after Data observes that Q has "achieved in disgrace what I have always aspired to be."

Q tries to help, but only suggests impossible things like changing the gravitational constant of the universe. Geordi jumps on that idea as nonsense, but then considers doing its equivalent by tossing a low-level warpfield around the moon, changing its effective mass. Q, hungry, goes to Ten-Forward and encounters Guinan. When Guinan hears that the crew is not convinced Q is human, she stabs him with a fork to see if he can bleed, then tells him he should get used to begging for help. Suddenly, a plasma cloud shows up and tries to communicate, then sends a probe in which seizes Q. When shields are strengthened, the probe leaves, leaving Q free, but scared out of his wits.

Q tells them this cloud is part of the Calamarain, a race he once tormented, and that they want revenge. Riker suggests simply turning him over to them, but Data argues for Q, and Q and Data go to Engineering to help Geordi implement his plan. Q tries to take over and is quickly put in his place, then sulkingly helps out. However, as the process begins, the Calamarain move in and grab Q. Data holds Q safe in Engineering until shields can be put up, but then both fall to the floor, unconscious. When Q finds that Data is now heavily damaged, he begins to feel ashamed. He decides he'd rather not go on, and steals a shuttle, going out to meet the Calamarain.

Picard, claiming "it's a perfectly good shuttle", tries to beam the shuttle back, but cannot. On the shuttle, a second Q pops in. He says Q's a lost cause, but claims Q's selfless act would raise all sorts of questions back in the Continuum if he then died, and gives Q back his powers. Q literally blows the Calamarain away, and returns to the Enterprise to celebrate. He eventually leaves, but gives Data the parting gift of one really good laugh, and returns the moon to its orbit as he departs, leaving Picard to wonder if some residual humanity is still in him.

Highlight Listing: - "Deja Q." The crew is surprised by the appearance of their mischievous nemesis, Q.

Advertising Headline: - DEJA Q Q's appearance on the Enterprise could spell disaster for Data!

TV log listing: - Q wreaks havoc with the crew/STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION


10-17-01 - VISION - I saw an aircraft carrier bend in half by the flight deck near the front tip of the boat and sink like a rock - nose forward.


10-17-01 - DREAM - I was in a place with a meeting hall. There was a secret, behind closed doors meeting going on upstairs.

As I was walking down the stairs with a man who was like Michael J. Fox (who is playing the part of a mayor on TV) We were talking about ethics and I saw 3 letters on a dark background 'POD', which to me means 'Pay On Death' . I then saw a stack of photos of people.

I knew that their beneficiaries were going to get cheated by this guy and his cronies on their coming death.

As I woke up - superimposed on top of the people's photographs was another set of photographs of people, but rather than focusing on the people's faces, all I could see was like underwater weeds around them.

I told spirit that I couldn't see the photograph, so they showed them to me again after showing me the beginning of a blank newsreel film, then the colored photographs larger, but again only showing me the edge of the photographs where the underwater weeds were.

Finally, a voice said, "Are you sure you want these people to go on the cruise?"

NOTE: Here is another man's dream: I was on an old cruise ship on a vacation. I was with my co-workers. Something happened to the cruise ship and it began sinking. My co-workers and I found ourselves locked below the waterline and water was entering our space quite rapidly. They were overtaken with the water but I fled into a rusty room with a steel door with a tiny window in it. Water was slowly dripping in around me and I found myself all alone, trapped and my killer was slowly leaking in. Then all of a sudden the tiny window in the steel door broke poring tons of water around me. The last thing I remember is that I was in the middle of the room in about a foot of water. I began to kneel and pray, asking forgiveness. Any suggestions? This is a really scary situation.

—Brian, Age 20, Wellington, FL, USA

Another one: JANUARY 21, 2002:

In this nightmare, I was on the top deck of a small sized cruise ship. It was like one of those Carnival ones, but it was smaller, had a white hull, a single funnel that swept back, and was named "Radiance Of The {something} Seas". I forgot what the {something} was. The other distinguishing feature of the ship was it had a flat bow, rather than pointed like a regular cruise ship. This ship's bow looked like that on a garbage scow or a deep sea tugboat.

When I first "saw" the ship, it was close to shore in a harbor, and was in the process of sinking. It was listing sharply to one side, and lifeboats were being lowered from the side facing the water. It was as though I was watching from a point above and to the front of the ship.

Next thing you know, I was *on* the ship, on the topmost deck. At this point, lifeboats were rowing away and most everyone seemed to have been evacuated. The water was lapping right up to the edge of the deck. I tried to go forward towards the bow, but the deck plating pulled apart under me, and I ended up in the water for a brief time. I crawled back onboard near the ship's funnel (smokestack), and then "somehow" realized the cause of the ship's sinking was something in the funnel. So I opened a large hatch on the front of the funnel, and found it was stuffed totally full of wrapped Christmas presents. I grabbed at a few to get them out of the funnel, ripping some of the paper off. There was a bicycle, a toy vacuum cleaner, a wall urinator, and some other equally strange stuff. I felt compelled that something in there was something I really, really wanted or needed, and I briefly contemplated stealing one box. But the ship was going down and it was time to go. I crossed over the torn section of deck plating again, ended up back in the water, and made a swim for shore.

Next thing I remember was standing on a wooden dock near a (the) harbor building. Passengers from the ship were going by. I saw the ship, still going down, and contemplated going back for the Christmas presents. The ship listed some more, all the light bulbs blew up and the windows broke. It sank, but hit bottom with some of the superstructure still showing above water. At that time, a tall man in a flannel shirt and with *very* bloody hands appeared. I somehow knew he had just murdered some of the ship's passengers, and now he was coming after me. I ran into the harbor office and he chased. The inside of the office was very cluttered. I swung at him with things like brooms, buckets, and typewriter cords while running.

I came to a doorless storage room lit only by a yellowed bulb dangling from a wire, and saw a large red fire axe hanging from a holster on the wall, so I climbed over some junk and wrestled the fire axe out of the holder. I tried to take a swing, but it felt like there was a very heavy weight on my left hand. The bloody handed man was coming very close now, so I mustered the strength to take one mighty swing, and that took care of the killer for good. Then I woke up.

by Craig Johnson;

Here is his dream journal


July 31, 2002

By Petty Officer Sara Raymer


After 4:30 p.m. call (907) 463-2000

Release: 200-02

Cruise ship runs aground; Coast Guard assisting

KODIAK, Alaska - The Clipper Odyssey, a 340-foot cruise ship with 106 passengers and 78 crewmembers, went aground early this afternoon on St. Matthew Island in the Bering Sea.

The Clipper Odyssey, of Bahamian registry, was on a Bering Sea expedition when it went aground. The weather was reported by the skipper to be calm and favorable. The Coast Guard received notification of the grounding just after 2 p.m. There was no report of flooding or pollution.

The skipper began transferring fuel from the forward fuel tanks to the rear tanks in an effort to lighten the forward part of the vessel and back off the island but the effort was futile. The cruise line owners are making arrangements for commercial salvage services to move the vessel. The cruise ship passengers and crew will remain on board until commercial salvage arrives.

The Coast Guard has diverted the cutter Rush, which was on patrol in the area, to assist. The Rush’s estimated time to the scene is six to seven hours. It is likely the Coast Guard will launch a helicopter from the Rush to further assess the situation when the Rush is in range. Weather conditions are predicted to remain calm.

The Coast Guard is continuing to monitor the situation.

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Cruise Lines Sinking

Stocks in the cruise ship industry have been swamped with selling pressure since the markets reopened on Monday, some losing as much as half their value. While the threat of terrorism is understandably bad for tourism, the magnitude of the selloff makes it worthwhile to look more closely at the industry to look for companies that can swim against the tide.

By Paul Larson (TMF Parlay)

September 20, 2001

You've heard about the airlines and the devastating effect last week's terrorist attacks had on their businesses. You've heard about the insurance companies gearing up to pay out billions in benefits. But have you heard about the cruise industry and the beating those stocks have taken as investors cried "abandon ship!" this week?

Three of the largest cruise lines, Carnival (NYSE: CCL), P&O Princess (NYSE: POC), and Royal Caribbean (NYSE: RCL), have been absolutely swamped. Their charts look remarkably similar: All three look as though they'd gone over a waterfall since the attacks. In the three-plus trading days since the markets reopened, Carnival is down over 35%, Princess has fallen over 40%, and Royal Caribbean sits at less than half what it was.

One reason for this is that many could not get to their previously planned cruises last week thanks to the airline shutdown. The airlines may have had essentially zero revenue for several days last week, and the cruise lines also limped along with a fraction of their normal business even though costs remained the same.

The larger story, however, is that many people are currently afraid to travel. The fear of terrorism is predictably bad for tourism, and it is especially bad for the cruise lines that have been targets in years past. Though security is much improved in the cruise industry, most cruise lines have nevertheless reported that their bookings are running at about 50% to 60% of what they were before the attacks acutely increased everyone's awareness about security.

While that in itself may not be so bad if one assumes the effect on bookings is transitory, this drop in demand comes at a time when the cruise lines are bringing record capacity online. The sluggish economy was already slightly stinging the industry, and last week's events are likely to make supply and costs grow much faster than demand in the short term.

Carnival earnings

Carnival reported earnings for its fiscal third quarter this morning, and the pre-attack numbers did look surprisingly good. Year-over-year, revenues were up over 20% to $1.5 billion. The company also earned $0.84 in the quarter, a full three pennies ahead of market estimates and well ahead of the $0.67 the company earned last year.

Carnival didn't, however, venture a guess as to what its fourth quarter would look like. "These events will undoubtedly have a negative effect on our business in the short-term," the company said. "However, at this point, it is too early for us to measure what the impact will be."

Time to bottom fish?

Given the dramatic stock declines across the industry, one may be tempted to bottom fish. Showing just how much the valuations have come down, Carnival now has $1.75 in trailing earnings per share, meaning the stock is trading at just over 10-times earnings. Royal Caribbean and Princess have single-digit P/E ratios now.

This may seem "cheap" on the surface, but that is because the future profitability is coming into question given the economy and the effect the attacks have had on the entire travel industry. The events of the last week will undoubtedly take a bite out of profits over the coming year and perhaps beyond, but the magnitude of the bite remains to be seen.

The bigger question is how this anemic demand will play against the backdrop of greatly increased capacity over the coming years. Princess has plans to add nine ships to its fleet over the next four years, while Carnival is planning to add 16 ships over five years. The reason the stocks are trading so low is because there is a very real concern that a shakeout could be ahead, which could send some of the sector's more highly leveraged players to Davy Jones' Locker.

There may nevertheless be room for some prudent speculation within the cruise industry. The industry is worth investigating further if one assumes that the overall travel industry will get back to "normal" sooner rather than later and that the cruise lines will be able to grow their businesses to fill the coming capacity. It's not an easy call by any means, but the magnitude of this week's selloff may make it one worth considering.

Paul Larson has never taken a cruise. You can see Paul's stock holdings online thanks to The Motley Fool's progressive disclosure policy.



9/4/03 -- Onboard the recent August 18 sailing of Princess Cruises' ship Regal Princess, which concluded in New York on Tuesday, September 2, there was an increased incidence of gastrointestinal illness among the passengers. This illness was confirmed through laboratory testing to be caused by Norovirus (also known as Norwalk Virus), which is a common but highly contagious illness that is easily transmitted from person-to-person. Over the full course of the voyage, a cumulative total of 302 passengers (20%) and 45 crew members (7%) reported ill with the virus. Princess began extensive measures to interrupt the spread of the virus when it was noticed on the third day of the cruise.

Regal Princess has now completed an extensive sanitation process over the last three days, and the ship has been thoroughly cleaned and is now ready for its next cruise departing this afternoon. CDC's Vessel Sanitation Chief Dave Forney has expressed satisfaction with Princess' response procedures and disinfection measures, and feels that the ship is safe for embarking passengers. He was quoted in the press yesterday as saying Princess' protocols are "top notch," and that "they notified the CDC well before they were required to do so." Throughout this sanitizing process, we have been working closely with the CDC, who are supportive of the measures we implemented.

NOTE: This is just an example of one ship. This is happening on MANY ships.


10-23-01 - VISION  I was looking in a knitting pattern book. I came to a page with 3 rectangles on it with sideways diamonds in a black and white pattern - each one different. This was from a woman named Mary.

Mary said, "These are nuclear".

VISION-VOICE - "There will be 5 blasts".

VOICE - "Smoky is the watchword."

NOTE: I was worried this might be Yellowstone, but the Smokey mountains are in Tennessee. Smokey might mean something else.


10-25-01 - DREAM SNIPPET - There were 2 planets or comets. One to the east and one to the west.  They had the number 888275 (or something like that starting with 888)

NOTE: Still working on what this means


10-28-01 - DREAM - I was observing the playing field of some kind of sport. It was a sport played internationally. I only saw one player, dressed in white, on the field which was rectangular like football or soccer. The game itself consisted of kicking a 'weed' or a stick down the length of the field to win.

I don't know where the other players were, but I was told that this particular player was going to get into trouble.

NOTE: The stick is the Taliban in Afghanistan. The player in white has to be the U.S.

Looking back now from the year 2002, it looks like the U.S. won the game.


11-7-01 - VISION - As I lay my head down on the pillow to go to sleep, the whole inside of my head felt like it exploded and I saw a vision of hundreds of people jammed together. The explosion was so violent, I jumped right up off the pillow. 

I then saw a line of thick black printing I couldn't read, and then the date, Jan. 2, 2997. I figured I wasn't going to worry about that, then I thought, "What if it's a typo and it means 2007?"

In the morning I thought about it again and figured it just meant 'population explosion.'


The blow-up of humankind, as we approach T1 means that in 2024 the population would double in less than a year, which is equally nonsensical. What has not been taken into account is the duration of the human life, an interval of time that characterizes our reproductive capacity and lifespan. It is this factor that has to be taken into account to set the limits of scaling.





11-13-01 - DREAM - I was sitting in a bedroom office writing and my Father came in from out in the garage. He put a multicolored afghan over my shoulders - like the one I sit on in the car which I call 'my afghan of many colors' i made it to meditate with because it has all the chakra colors. He also brought in the mail. There was an envelope addressed to Great Dreams Publications and a roll of stamps. In the envelope was a crisp new $1 bill. I told him I had entered one of those round robin contests where I sent $1 to someone and now I was getting repaid by others. He also gave me a bicycle to ride which I rode inside of a grid-like structure full of plants.

I was then typing on my keyboard at the computer and there were beautiful vines growing in the keyboard. It was hard to type because of the vine but they were really beautiful. 

My Father also came into my yard then with a vial of water, which I used to water a fruit tree which was blooming there. The flowers on the fruit tree were white. There were some down low on the trunk as well as in the branches. I watered the tree very carefully so it would keep blooming. My Father was riding in a big old light brown car like a model T and it seemed like he had a chauffeur because he was sitting in the back seat.

While my Father sat in the office with me, I also told him my whole Ted Danson flood dream.

I'm not sure if my Father gave me a black and green striped T shirt or if it was someone else, but it was slipped on over my head, over my other clothes. I was then told to raise my right arm.

Then my son Tom and a whole bunch of other kids and older people came in. All the young people were wearing the same green and black stripped T shifts and black pants or skirts. 

Some of the older men were just watching and didn't have their shirts on yet. They were observing on the sidelines like I was. 


My son Tom and all the other young people formed a ring around a huge rectangular table, raised their right arms and danced around this table in a circle. It was a ritual dance of some kind. 

I was then in my bedroom and my son Tom and another young man came in and sat on the edge of the bed and again I told the dream about Ted Danson and the 450 foot flood.

11-14-01 - DREAM - Joe and I were in a car riding east through the valley. I wanted to show Joe how high the hill was that I showed Ted Danson in my dream yesterday. We drove east towards the reservoir and went past Joe's mother's house. Her house was in a wooded area just before the reservoir. She wasn't home as we went by so we continued on up the road. The reservoir was just ahead and high hills were on both sides of the road, covered with trees.

Alongside the reservoir was a trail that went on through the valley. This trail wasn't a real road. It dead-ended at the end of the canyon we were in. 

On top of the canyon walls, kids were riding motorbikes. Our car was more like a jeep at this point and I was showing Joe which way to go.

We reached the end of the canyon and I could hear some young girls up ahead up on the top of the hill beyond. There were breaks in the stone wall ahead where we could climb up through. I hoped I had the strength to get up there.


11-14-01 - DREAM - I was in a classroom and the teacher was Michelle. We were learning how to tell the difference between a star and a planet.

Michelle was using a professionally made iceball to demonstrate with and she decided to throw it at me.

I couldn't let her get away with that so I grabbed some loose snow near me, formed a snowball and threw it over hand at her. 

I wasn't very good and missed. 

There was a taller, male teacher behind Michelle and he urged me to try again, so I got to throw several more snowballs, which also didn't fly very well, but I was improving my overhand throw. 

Michelle used real iceballs and the other students were cheering me on because I was the underdog. Finally I took the time to form a real iceball and whipped it at her and got her.

The rest of the dream got wiped out when I woke up.

NOTE:  The truth of the matter - according to James McCanney is that comets are NOT melting ice and snow balls - the are discharging plasma. They can be quite dangerous when coming near the earth.  See :  James McCanney


11-17-01 - DREAM - I was in a building where I was trying to get a project done, but I couldn't get all the parts I needed. I wanted to do a sewing project with hearts, but they had the template for the heart, which I could draw around and create the heart myself. 

They had two small antennas or communication devices there, that they were going to wire up for me.

Then the two antennas/communication devices fell out of the dream picture into a black and white screen below it. 

On antenna became a drawing of a set of building outlined. The other antenna became another drawings of a couple buildings, a mosque and an airport outlined.  Between the two buildings were 7 objects. 

Then appeared a small man on the left picture where the 1st set of buildings were located. A caption appeared a above the man's head that said, "Looks like germ warfare to me."


11-18-01 - VISION - I had a job, working to stop the rain. I pulled a little book off a shelf. It had the picture on the cover. 


11-25-01 - DREAM - I was writing about water and floods and making preparations for same so others would know about it.



11-19-01 - DREAM - I saw the Pope sitting on his throne. He was being electrocuted by lightening strikes coming from above like he was sitting in an electric chair. 

Someone came and gave me an armful of carrots of various sizes which had been dug up. My job was to replant them.

The garden had already been prepared for me.  All I needed to do was to dig the hole for each carrot, stick it in the ground and water it well and watch it grow. 

I placed all the carrots on the ground next to the garden, then went to get a shovel to do the job.

However, I got distracted by a woman who had a lot of problems. I didn't mind helping her but she was keeping me from planting the carrots, so eventually I just had to tell her that I HAD to get the carrots planted and I left her. 

As I went to plant the carrots in the garden, I came to an old tree stump. I looked at it closely and saw that the tree was made of carrots which was where the carrots I was planting had been taken from.

As I walked by, the carrot tree spoke to me and told me that because I had been diligent in getting the carrots planted, it was going to trust me to keep the old carrot tree watered as it was re-growing more carrots from the old stump. Next to it was a tiny carrot tree also which had one tiny carrot in it. So I took the water hose and began watering the carrot tree which it seemed I was possibly overwatering. Then I noticed that where the small carrot was planted, the water was just running past its roots and it needed to be reset in the soil properly.  So I had a big job ahead of me.

Then I went back to the house where I was holding a woman's baby. It's teeth were erupting. They were really pretty and white. The baby opened her mouth for me so I could see all the teeth. Inside her mouth, all the teeth were set into 2 perfect circles. All the small teeth were in a circle right in front of the tongue and all the molars were set in a larger circle in the front of her mouth. Not all of these teeth had erupted yet. It would be quite a mouthful of teeth by the time she was grown.

Her mouth was shaped like a crocodile inside. When she was grown, she would be very powerful.

NOTE: The crocodile is a spiritual symbol from Egypt: The carrot has spiritual means from the Hebrews.




12-28-01 - VOICE - 'GAS IN KANSAS CITY'.


1-10-02 - DREAMS - I was in a farm house in Wisconsin. I wasn't feeling very well, so my husband left the house and the older kids went to school. 

I was laying on a bed that had a blue cover on it. It started shifting beneath me and I was hearing lots of snapping noises in my head. 

I was laying my head down on my arm, feeling really out of it and my old friend Loretta and another woman came to the door. She really looked good compared to how I looked. She just asked, "What happened to you? I felt really old at that point.

All of a  sudden, a large wall-size map of Wisconsin appeared, which I could touch.

The lower southeast quadrant of the state was more or less inundated by water. All the lowlands was covered by water, with patched of land where the hills were.

Then anther map of Wisconsin appeared in the same place. This one was totally different. There were no features on the state at all - it was light brown and flat all the way down to south of Chicago. On this map, it said, ' ICE AGE - 2123'

Below the Illinois border, across the central 1/3 of the state were numerous rows of what looked like ice blocks or limestone blocks - perhaps ice.

The map vanished and I could hear a heavy wind blowing through the house. There was a young woman there trying to light the gas oven to no avail. The wind was blowing through the house really strongly. There were two children playing there who hadn't eaten anything.

I decided to grab two sandwiches that were wrapped up and go upstairs and go back to bed.

I wondered what happened to the old Mother and Father of this house. As I headed for the steps to go upstairs, I saw that they had locked themselves in their bedroom and I could hear the Old Man snoring.


1-10-02 - VISION - I was laying bed with my eyes closed. I could see a man standing in front of me with a large board covered with a white sheet. The man resembled the actor Garner. He said, "This is going to seem real misleading."  Then he pulled back the sheet. He said sharply, "OK - KILL 10 MILLION PEOPLE!"



2-2-02 - DREAM - This seemed it was something like the Dionne quintuplets in that there was 9 and then one died and then there were 8 and then ????

NOTE: This was not a people dream - just a comparison between comets and numbers.

NOTE:  This is evidently something about dead comet that is going to cause problems.


2-5-02 - EXPERIENCE - I heard the word Hezbullah loudly in my head while I was making scrambled eggs on the stove.



2-6-02 - VISION - I saw a webpage with the words - One more time around for FOXFIRE.

NOTE: I have a survival page and am working on it again.


2-7-02 - VISION - Check again into RING OF FIRE



2-7-02 - VOICE - "I knew she was right into the intelligence of Al Queda (sp?)"


2-8-02 - DREAM - (I woke up so scared, I've forgotten the whole dream)  I was in a school, getting ready for a dance or banquet. I was going to go to the store to get something for the party and decided to go to the bathroom first.  When I got into the bathroom, one of the stalls had no toilet, but as I stood there, two maintenance guy/plumbers came into the bathroom carrying a toilet. They had a teen age girl with them. I tried to leave the bathroom so they could do their work, and they all came back out of the bathroom with me. They were all standing in the hallway outside the principal's office. I was trying to figure out why they were all standing around so strangely, when I saw the principal standing inside the office, crying softly.  Then I realized that something was wrong, and I slipped into the office, slammed the door and told the woman to call 911.

I woke up with my heart trying to leap out of my chest. I was so scared.

NOTE: this is the second hostage type situation I've seen in two days.  The news below is of a school shooting.

Chicago School Shooting Hurts 3
2-7-02 - CHICAGO -- Three 16-year-olds were wounded in a shooting outside a Chicago high school, police said.

The shooting, which left one boy in serious condition, occurred about 2:50 p.m. Thursday in between two dismissals at Roosevelt High School, said Sgt. Craig Cristoe of the Chicago Police Department's school patrol division.

A 16-year-old boy was being sought as the shooter, Cristoe said. The motive wasn't immediately known.

A boy who was shot in the back was in serious condition Thursday night at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in Chicago, a nursing supervisor said. The two other injured students -- a boy and a girl -- were treated and released.

None of the students was identified.

The girl was a student at Roosevelt, Cristoe said. The two boys who were wounded were students at Schurz High School, another nearby Chicago public school, Cristoe said.
Copyright 2002 Associated Press

2-8-02 - DREAM - I can't say I understand this. I was in an old house. There were other people with me, but I didn't see any of their faces. I guess their names and faces were unimportant. . It was just the ideas that were important.

Inside the house, people were throwing things away that were still usable.

I took a whole stack of small notepads and put them into my purse because I could still do a lot of writing on them.

I went outside then and saw that I was on the porch of an old dilapidated cabin and I was in Africa.

The people there were having a funeral for an old man and his dying chimp, but they weren't dead yet. They were laying on wooden sleds on the porch and the people had gathered to watch them die.

Then they were going to pull the sled into a funeral pyre and burn up the old man and the chimp - before they were even dead.

I'm not sure why they were doing this - to keep a disease from spreading - or to spare them from pain perhaps.

I was going to help the old man, when he got up off his death sled, picked up his beloved chimp who had worked for him for many years. He carried him into the funeral pyre himself and self-immolated themselves.

I didn't actually see the deaths - I just saw what they planned to do.

Following this I saw a huge black number 7 and what looked a newspaper article. I got a good look at the writing in the article and I'm sure the partial words I was seeing meant that this event hadn't yet happened.

The big black 7 perhaps means it will happen in  7 days or 7 years - perhaps it means the extermination of the chimp or the extinction of a program which studies the animals - then I remembered - Jane Goodall.

I was supposed to write an article about her program many months ago and haven't done it yet.



2-15-02 - DREAM - I don't know what city I was in, but it had to have been Wisconsin. I knew all the people and my kids were grown - like teens and older.

I was in process to rent an apartment for myself, and most of my kids were with me except for Bill - He had gone to rent a small apartment of his own. His older brothers thought this was a sign of his being mentally ill, but I said, "No! He just wanted to get away from his Father and stand on his own two feet and that's a GOOD thing!" Naturally I would say that because I was doing the same thing.

I started out in the courtyard of a huge apartment complex. These were huge buildings, but beautiful and ornate. I was looking to see what kind of people lived in these buildings. At first, I didn't see any white people and wondered if I would be accepted in a place like this - then I saw a woman who looked just like myself at the other end of the courtyard and knew that these buildings were well integrated.

I then was driving along the street and was almost got run into by my first boyfriend Roger and a buddy of his. They were driving along the street on some kind of bicycle - carrying a political sign, endorsing someone. I didn't pay attention to the name on the sign. 

I said laughingly - "Oh! I should have known it would be someone like you!"

He got off the bicycle and sat down to talk to me and my kids. He had grown a great deal since high school - he was rather giant size and had a deep suntan like he was outside all the time.

I walked into the building to pay the landlady and get the keys to my new apartment, which was number 33. 

Just as I was going to walk into the apartment, a Chinese woman pushed past me and walked into it ahead of me.  Someone said, "No! This isn't your apartment, this is 33 north, you will be in 33 south."

I felt confused, I didn't know there were two buildings. 

So, I, my kids and friends I had accumulated along the way started to leave the building and someone said, "Why don't you pay your rent to the landlady as long as you are here?

That was a good idea, so I stopped at a counter to write a check for the rent. It was going to be $175." That was really cheap for what I was going to be getting. The woman I was with was concerned that I had spent all my money, but I told her, "No! I made sure that I set aside enough to pay the rent."

I wrote the check - then we went out to the car and the parking lot was at the top of a hill with rolling hills and valleys al around us. It was a beautiful scene.

All of a sudden a storm was coming and a huge wind came up. The kids ran for the building to keep dry. They got way ahead of me. I saw a driving rain coming and the wind came, along with a whirlwind which came out of the north, they way my children had gone. I couldn't get to either building without getting soaking wet. 

I looked at that and someone behind me said, "If you close those windows and save the property, you will be known as the "Hero of ____ Hill" 

I couldn't just walk away and let the building be destroyed by the wind and rain, so I ran into the building. the painters/maintenance crew had gone home and left al the lights on and windows open, but on the hallway side, where people could get in, they had closed the door and put up a protective door - to keep out intruders. But I couldn't close the windows if I didn't go through this extra barrier door. The door had a small emergency knockout piece of wood in the center, which I easily kicked out, but the hole was low to the floor and small -- like for a large dog and I didn't want to get on my knees to get in there, so I moved the whole barrier door and walked around the side of it. 

Once inside the apartment, all my friends came in behind me. This apartment was huge and a duplicate of what I was going to be moving into.

The rooms were huge and there were room dividers over head made of glass or crystal which one could pull down.

I went to the kitchen where the windows were open and the floor was made of thick crystal - overlaying a colored underlayment. I was barefoot now and walking on the crystal floor was exquisite feeling. 

But the windows were up high and open and there were stained glass shutters to close over them with brilliant colors. I had to pull up a chair and stand on it to close the shutters.

Meanwhile, there were other people there now, watching me, including Seth from One Life to Live and he was standing there, twisting a elegantly carved wooden pillar. 

I was so upset, I had to stop him and I needed up taking an iron frying pan and slamming it into his nose like he was a pig.

"Golden SUN Crop Circle Anchors the
inner Christ, Awakens The Inner Child, Bridges Earth with the Heavens.
On the Mayan day 1 CIMI (May 4, 1998), between 2 and 4 am, a 33 petaled
crop circle appeared in a field of golden rape seed (Canola Oil), near Silbury
Hill in Sommerset, England. The circle, the first of the season, appeared the
very evening there was a powerful ceremony during the 3rd Annual Mayan
Dreamtime Festival in Glastonbury. This crop circle is intimately linked to the
Mayan Calendar by the frequency of 33. The master number 33 represents
Christ consciousness and the awakening kundalini. The 33 is the 13 numbers and the 20 Suns in the Tzolk’in, a
sacred calendar for the human being. The 13 numbers are our spirits and the 20 Suns are our bodies. When we
merge spirit with our body, we activate the sacred 33 within our 33 vertebrae and our kundalini. The Mayan day, 1 CIMI, represents energy flowing from the great creator creating a bridge between the worlds. Those who stood inside the circle could feel a powerful flow of energy from the cosmos entering the circle. Many felt childlike, charged, healed, healthy and strong. "

See 33 DREAM


2-15-02 -  VISION - September, 1993 - Buildings coming down due to #13


2-16-02 - DREAM - I was in a building somewhere - an old couple came in with a gift to say 'thank you - It was a huge bowl of beet borscht.

It seems we must have had a group prayer or meditation. A woman came forward and said she had a vision of a man whom we were concerned about. She said, "He's going to have a long, but lonely life."

We then saw Saddam Hussein come out of his house wearing only his underwear. A voice said, "Saddam wishes to show you what he has - that he has balls - and he showed us a close up of Saddam's underwear and instead of a penis, he had the head of a huge black dog - a Doberman or pit bull (known for killing people)  It came to me that he's going to fight like a junk yard dog.

Then we saw what else Saddam had - I saw red and gold condom packages - Ont he front they said, "ISRAELISM - 105" 

See Dreams and Visions of Iraq and Saddam Hussein


2-17-02 - DREAM - The 1st two beams weren't full pictured dreams - They were more like I was looking into a window and the action was taking place behind the window - more or less like live television but the two scenes were being shown to me on purpose so I could analyze them.

Both windows had dead people behind them - in Europe who had died in a mysterious way and it was still being investigated as to the means of death. 

The first one was female and cause of death was unknown. The second one was male and had died in bed. I was being shown various mattresses to see whether I thought he had had acid poured on him or not.



I was about 17 years old, standing at the door of my house with one of my boyfriends. He said to me, "I can't see you anymore".

I asked, "Why not?"

He answered, "You're just too negative," and he walked off into the dark alone.

Not to be dismayed, the next day I went to see another one of my boyfriends. He was sitting in 1/2 darkness in a big closet when I got there. He was working on something at a desk, but I don't know what.

I stayed out in the light and said to him, "I got dumped yesterday by N." He said, "How come?" I answered, "He said I was too negative."

He asked, "How come?"

I said, "Because I've been talking about being self-sufficient for 10 years!"

J., who was a hunter said, "I don't see anything wrong with that."

That made me feel better.

The next day, J and I were out at a park. It was obvious we didn't go there together, because when I met him, he was pacing up and down along the bank of a river with a big thick rope in his hands, like they use to moor ocean-going vessels, which went across the river to something behind a big truck. He looked like he was in deep despair.

I asked him what was wrong. He said, "I really wanted to use my boat today, but the water is too rough."

I looked at the river and I have to admit it was really rough. There were waves on it about two feet high, but the water was perfectly clear and I could see the gravel bottom of the river. It was clean and not much more than two feet deep it seemed. I wondered why he didn't just wade across the river and go sit in the boat. It didn't appear like the water was going sideways along the bank. It was more like a lake. But I know rough water can be dangerous if you lose your footing, so I took the rope from J and walked over aways so I could actually see the boat which was hidden behind the big truck.

When I did that, I saw that the boat was actually a rubber raft, sitting in a smooth-watered pond, beyond the truck and if J had changed his perspective like I did, he could easily have let go of the rope, walked over to the road we had come in, crossed the bridge, and walked along the opposite bank of the river to where the truck was parked and sit in the raft on the pond all day.


I couldn't help but wonder why he didn't think of that.



3-2-02 - 1:11 a.m.  DREAM - SEE - HOLIDAY TERRORISM



3-8-02 - VISIONS - I saw 7 individual golden discs or coins with pictures of a wolf on each one. I then saw the 7th disc of the wolf descend, but it wasn't complete yet.

NOTE:  I thought this meant the ages.  Joe thinks it relates to the 6 of the 7 - ?




3-9-02 - DREAM - I was working in a factory office. I was in charge of moving patterns for castings.

Len Johns, my boss, who was in charge of measuring and inspecting patterns came into work and was getting ready to go down to the factory to inspect some work.

I had the list of patterns which he needed.  I also had new pattern cards made out and ready to use. I as torn as to which to give him and decided he should have a copy of the list.

I rant to the copy machine and ran the 3" x 11" piece of paper through the copy machine. My list was written in black and the copy came out in red.

As I held up the red copy, it changed to what looked like a black radar screen. Near the top of the screen was
'Flt 47' and lower down was the number 6777.

NOTE: This probably is about a series of plane crashes.  During the crash of Flt 587 in Queens, New York, the wake pattern of Flt 47 was deemed responsible for Flt 587 over doing the controls and the tail broke off, causing the planet to crash.

When I was listening to the radio the other day, there was a crash of a plane where the pilot said he was having trouble with the controls, then the tail of the plane fell off and it spiraled down and crashed.


3-12-02 - SPIRIT MESSAGE 3


3-13-02 - DREAM - I was in a large city. I was supposed to meet some people for dinner, but wasn't appropriately dressed, so I took a shortcut through a large mall to get to my home to find some proper dinner clothes.

This seems very strange now, but my nose was to the floor and I had a red crayon and I was making my passage by drawing a wide red line down the hallway floor. Others had done this before me, so this was not unusual. I just widened the line and left my mark as I went. I was hoping nobody was watching me from behind though.

I looked at my crayon and it was about 1/2 way worn down when I reached home.

When I reached home at the end of the mall, it was more like an office. There was a clothing rack with hooks on it where my clothes were supposed to be, but all that was there was a supply of empty triangular hangars.

There was a vine wrapped around the clothing rack, so I unwound it and was going to take it with me because it was mine, but I didn't want to deprive others of looking at it, so I left it there.

There wee some small plants there too I put into small containers to get rooted.

I was really hungry but my mother refused to feed me, though she was feeding the others in the area, but I had some money in my pocket. I knew I wasn't going to starve. I could buy my own food.

I decided I would help with the dishes before I left, even if I didn't eat anything. There were two 9" square glass baking dishes on the floor that people had to jump over to get past, so I picked them up to put them into the sink, which was like one of those large double-wide deep laundry tubs people have in their basements.

I also saw empty mayonnaise jars and wastepaper baskets in the tubs which I took out and put into the floor so they could be used appropriately.

A tell, blonde guy came past to go to an office nearby. He spoke with a German accent. He said to me as he passed by, "You know nobody cares if there is war as long as they have their sports."

I understood what he meant. Our soldiers were off at war in another country, and we just kept watching football and basketball like there was nothing going on.

We knew there was a war going on, but we didn't know how it got started.  I said, "Who really gets to declare war?" 

Nobody knew, so we were going to look it up in the encyclopedia.

We went outside then and were standing in an alleyway near a small grove of trees. The German man, myself, and another young woman were standing there, trying to understand how wars get started when an older gray and ugly yellow station wagon came down the alley. A middle-aged man bellowed something out the window of the car which we couldn't understand as he went by. His voice was loud and intense like he was angry.

The car pulled to a stop overlooking the edge of what was either Lake Michigan or the ocean. I just know it was a beachhead type of area.  We heard him bellow the same word across the water but we still couldn't understand him.

We avoided him by walking to the other side of the grove of trees so he couldn't run us over with his old car as he went by. Twice ore he went by bellowing something we couldn't understand.

We kept hiding in the trees so he couldn't hit us.

Finally he got out of his car and walked past us. Now that he was walking, we could understand him, but still - in an angry voice, he bellowed - "PEACE! NOBODY WANTS ANY!"




3-15-02 - 




NAP DREAM -  3-16-02

I saw a bunch of women with white aprons on, standing in a wooden tub with upright staves. They were on an ocean like Winkin - Blinkin - and Nod with something hanging over their heads. 

I saw a portrait of a man, dressed all in black with a hat and clothes on from the 13th Century.  He was surrounded by a spiral.

Main Entry: obliv·i·on 
Pronunciation: &-'bli-vE-&n, O-, ä-
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin oblivion-, oblivio, from oblivisci to forget, perhaps from ob- in the way + levis smooth -
Date: 14th century
1 : the fact or condition of forgetting or having forgotten; especially : the condition of being oblivious
2 : the condition or state of being forgotten or unknown

It is possible to review the history of WWII as the sequencing and escalation of targeting civilians as much or more than military objectives under the assumptions that terror would break the enemy's will to fight.

The first purely and truly massive civilian targeting by Allied forces devastated Hamburg in Germany in a succession of night bombings by combined US and British bombers. In those raids, post-raid estimates show that maybe 80% of housing was destroyed along with upwards of 50,000 to 80,000 lives and untold injuries.

These raids in 1942 also revealed the first widely studied firestorm conditions within which winds combined the inferno into hurricanes of fire sweeping the city and producing temperatures estimated at 1,000 F. or higher which acted like incinerators and totally sucked breath and life and physical being into new dimensions of oblivion. In a few nights of one bombing campaign relatively early in the war, more death and destruction was reaped on one German city, Hamburg, than during the entirety of the Nazi devastations on all of Great Britain throughout the war.

In Europe, the massive targeting of civilians carried out by Allied forces failed to break the German civilian will or to collapse morale in any meaningful way. The culmination, in Europe, of firebombing cities was Dresden rather late in the war. Those raids, on a city previously spared, showed that conventional (what a term!) weaponry of that time was capable of levels of destruction only barely exceeded by the Hiroshima and Nagasaki efforts shortly to follow.

In terms of barbarity, it is clear in retrospect that Allied forces in pursuit of their aims, our aims, took the lessons of Guernica and learned nothing except how to be more barbaric, if possible. And over the succeeding years, technology has expanded the capacities and capabilities of ever-renewing militaries to be ever more barbarous, however clinically, in pursuit of whatever objectives may have been or are involved in whatever conflicts were or are of the moment. The successions from Molotov cocktails through napalm to the near nuclear destructiveness of fuel bombs is linear and exponential.

Rinpoche notes: "We are living on a planet with no top and no bottom, in space which has no beginning or end. So isn't it easy to see it all as a dream?"

From; http://www.swans.com/library/art7/mgc040.html



3-18-02 - VISION - I was told that there was going to be an earthquake along the Madrid fault that was going to create an island in the Mississippi River all the way from St. Louis to Minnesota. 

I then saw a man named McMullen standing at a podium in Congress, asking for resources twice.

NOTE:  See Madrid Quakes


3-20-02 - SPIRIT MESSAGE 7


3-23-02 - DREAM - I was working at a place like A-C. the time was just before noon. Nobody had been paid yet. The boss, who I pictured as a tall, thin man wearing a black tweed topcoat and black hat, had all the paychecks. Everybody was hanging around, waiting for their checks so they could go to the bank, cash the check and go eat lunch. 

My friend and co-worker Alice and I and another female co-worker were going to do the same thing - go to the bank, go out the opposite entrance and right into the restaurant to eat lunch. 

Meantime we were all hanging around in the office.

The teacher came in and gave me a receipt to keep with some others I had. All of them had "0" balances. Most of the receipts were labeled, "Dead Bible".  I had so many of these receipts. I jokingly said, "I wonder how long it'll take me to add them all up?  Dun!!!  That was the joke - no matter how many there were, the balance would still be "0". 

A man came in who had just been released from jail. His name was Jack. I don't know what he was in jail for, but even he wanted to get paid. 

I was hand-writing a proposal I wanted to make to the boss. I had used several colors of ink including green and I needed to type up this proposal. I also had some book reports to do and was feeling anxious that I hadn't finished my work yet. 

Alice came over and I was telling her how much work I had left to do. She was astonished. She said that the teacher had her girls, which she supervised, typing up my 'model' to follow. Then it was my turn to be astonished.

There was an older man there who wanted to go through the old pay records, in the file cabinet. He pulled the file cabinet up to his own desk, but I snapped a gold lock onto the cabinet before he could get the top drawer open. I told him that it would do him no good to go through the old records anyway. 

Another man came in with his son. He brought wit him a machine that looked like an upright vacuum cleaner in it. While they were standing there, the engine, or something in that area on the bottom rolled out, and rolled out across the floor towards me. This was supposed to be the part that exploded. It was the prototype of a bomb and it was being transported like it was a vacuum cleaner. 

We were all so astonished as this 'bomb' thing at our feet. We looked at it carefully. It looked like a small green cabbage, yet it looked kind of like a skull. I saw that it had 16 eyes or energy centers in it. The energy centers started to glow and then pulse ominously. 

As I woke up, the whole scene turned black, and all I could see was a vision of these energy centers exploding all at once. 



3-24-02 - I know I was in California because my daughter came to visit and we talked about he coming to live with me. She was going to go to Colorado to school anyway and had to leave home anyway. She cried a moment because it was a big change for her and I told her how great it was here and I was certain she could have her choice of horses to ride and care for, which she would love.

The house we were living in was made of poured concrete and was immense and there were lots of people living here. It also had a maintenance work crew who had very little to do. As I walked through their supply area, they had just played a game with water supply turn-off knobs and there were bright blue star-wheel shaped turn off handles all over the floor. 

As I went upstairs, it wasn't through an area where there were little girls dresses hanging on hangars on a rod. I knew that nobody had a little girl that small anymore so I took them all down to pack them away. It turned out they belonged to Bonnie, who was just a room away - packing to move. 

I got introduced to her husband and her husband's sister, (large people like Bonnie) then she and I got into a discussion about the lease on the house because it was up at the end of the month. She had planned to move out, but as we talked about the lease, she decided she would take it over and I would move out instead. 

I met my Father up on the second floor, right after my daughter said she preferred to live in the barn with the horses. That was fine with me as long as she didn't use open flame to heat it because it was made of wood. 

My Father said there were too many people living in the house and I had to agree. 

There were massive piles of clothes that nobody wore anymore, dresses and petticoats from square-dancing, from the 60's with tons of lace. I was going to try on one of the brown lace dresses, but I figured it belonged to Bonnie anyway.  There was a lot to pack up and get rid of or give away. But if it was Bonnie's, that would be her job. 

The house seemed to grow after that because I could never find my way back to where I came from. There were stairways up and down in every direction. 

I came to one room where Bonnie was turning it into a cozy livingroom. The room itself wasn't all that large, but it had large comfy furniture in it, and on one wall, it had an immense fish tank that took up on whole wall. It didn't have any water in it yet as she was just setting the room up. 

As I explored more rooms, these were immense, and the poured concrete walls and floors were covered with padded, patterned and flowered material on the walls and carpeted floors. 

I went down some steps into a room that was being decorated by our son Mike Mason.  It actually glowed like the sun was shining in nit and was the color of the desert. He and his friends were attaching fake cactus-type plants, and bushes to the walls and floors so it looked like you were outdoors. 

I forgot to mention, there were no windows in this place. It felt like it was underground in a huge basement. There was never any lighting in evidence either. The rooms were all naturally lit from somewhere, but I couldn't tell how.

Mike said he was thinking about making the walls white instead of beige, but I thought it looked natural as in a sand color and told him he probably wouldn't like the white as much. 

I then started moving some padded furniture into an immense room farther on and the doorway, which was a huge beam, had a slot to fit high furniture into, made just to fit the high furniture. Whoever built this place thought of everything. Here too, the rooms were all padded material on the walls and carpeted but no windows. 

I wanted to take a large reel of green water hose outside to water the flowers, but I couldn't find the door to go outside, though I had been outside earlier and saw that grass had been cut and that there was a channel for water though there was no water in it.

Finally, I found an exit door. It was nighttime by the sky, but the area was brightly lit from somewhere so I could see everything. 

I could see I was in a heavy forested area as I was surrounded by lots of trees. 

The poured concrete house was behind me and ahead of me in the clearing was this immense brick building. It looked like it had windows with shutters on them, but I figured it was probably fake windows just for design.

I heard a single gunshot and the building ahead of me became electrified and the whole building flashed with electricity and turned from brick to golden fieldstone like the brick of the building had been a hologram.

A man's voice from somewhere yelled, "Enter the SAFEHOUSE!"  I was afraid I'd get electrocuted but a large door opened in the middle and I went in.

From this point, the whole thing felt strange. I was moving fast through the rooms, but I wasn't walking, it felt like I was floating.

I didn't see any windows. Everything was made of golden fieldstone and all the stones were rounded and about a foot across with no cement between that I could see. They were all perfectly fitted together.

There were massive free-standing bookcases in the massive rooms. They were also made of fieldstone. One was labeled 'The Dictionary" and held one single book - a Webster's Dictionary with a red cover. 

I was imagining how many of my own books I could bring into this house. 

Other bookcases were labeled with numbers like 39, 57, and other numbers. I was moving past them too fast to see. 

I floated into another massive room that had a huge fireplace built into one wall and built with smaller golden fieldstone, and above the mantle of the fireplace, it read MT. SHASTA.

From this room, I could see other rooms through the doors, but they were all down from this level. All the other rooms were underground.

NOTE: I can't say this was specifically for myself.  There are those who say Mt. Shasta is the home of beings from ancient races of people like from MU.  There are also many rumors going around that the government is building underground shelters for government officials and high business moguls. We need to be aware of that.


11-03-90 - Meditation:

Q. Will there be an earthquake on the New Madrid fault?

A. The voice said, "It will occur December 2 between 1 and 2 .m. It will not affect Wisconsin. After it occurs, the land will settle down again.

NOTE: There was a very small earthquake at the time predicted herein. There was no earthquake on the 3rd and 4th as the doomsday author had predicted.

Since then, there have been numerous small quakes and there is much concern that if a large quake hits this area, the damage will be devastating since this area's building codes are not anything like they are in San Francisco which has strict laws on such things.

See the dream above on 3-18-02

also New Madrid Quakes


12-19-90 - VISION - I heard a voice say, "There will be 42 earthquakes. I saw a man with a paintbrush and brown paint. He paints both sides of an east/west borderline between 2 countries. He said, "It will include Saddam country.

NOTE: This was just prior to the U.S. declaring war on Iraq and liberating Kuwait, which occurred on the 15th of January. Iran and Iraq suffer large, deadly quakes every few years. Iran had a 7.7 magnitude quake in 1990. For more than 1,000 years Iran and Iraq have been hosting some of the most deadly earthquakes known, including this one, which killed more than 35,000 people. In the past four decades, Iran has suffered more than 30 major shakes. In 1978, a big one hit just hours after an unusually powerful underground nuclear detonation in Siberia. The suspicion factor rose higher when Iran refused to allow seismologists access to the site. With the advent of underground bomb testing in Pakistan, this kind of event will most likely escalate. 



I've had other dreams about the crack in the world, but it was in a different kind of area than this one:

I was an observer, not a participant in this dream.

I saw a man on horseback discover the crack in the earth. I thought it was Roy Rogers, but Roy Rogers is deceased so he symbolically represents another person who is a cowboy-type person.

I was then in a kitchen, looking at a large dark brown oval table.  The table was divided in half and was separating and coming apart.

I was told that the Russians were trying to buy up the land on both sides of the crack to prevent people from juming from one side to the other.

NOTE: That last comment sounds like it is political as well as physical. 

On another note, when I woke up, Afghanistan had had another large earthquake of 6.0 and estimates are that deaths will range from 1,800 to over 5,000 because there is no infrastructure in the area of the quake and buildings are made of mud brick in that area.

Revelation 11:11 - 13

But after three and a half days a breath of life from God entered them, and they stood upon their feet, and terror struck those who saw them. (12) Then they heard a loud voice from heaven saying to them, "Come up here," and they went up to heaven in a cloud while their enemies looked on. (13) At that very hour there was a severe earthquake and a tenth of the city collapsed. Seven thousand people were killed in the earthquake, and the survivors were terrified and gave glory to the God of heaven.

3-26-02 - VISION - I saw the orange cat  Garfield whirling, flipping, and doing somersaults to the right. In his paws - all four of them had various gardening tools in them, like a hand rake, a small hand spade, etc. to plant and take care of a garden.

3-26-02 - VISION - I saw a young boy's red snowsuit. It had black mittens and rainboots attached to it.

NOTE: This may refer to the earthchanges. That would make sense, to go from spring to winter in one big change.






3-30-02 - VISION - I saw a man in a raft paddling quickly by an iceberg. 


3-30-02 - VISION - I saw a title like on a web page url. It was :  'Stephen Greer/2/dialogue



4-1-02 - (just remembered the end of the dream)  My son Bill was sent on a mission on a bicycle. Part of the instructions was to take 'NORTHWAY'.  I asked him if he'd like me to drive him. He gave me a dirty look like he was saying, "Oh Mom! Give me a break, will you?"   :-)

My husband was driving the car towards home. I couldn't see out of the windshield. It was a triangle shape on on his side. All I could see was red sunlight flashing on the road like at sunset.

We pulled into the driveway and up into the yard. There were people sitting around like we had just entered a hospital emergency room. There was a man all bandaged up, sitting at the top like on a bunk bed.

There were sign all over - one said ' CONFIRMED DEAD' , one said, 'METPHYS - German documents missing', another one said. ' 1 million singers in Heaven'


4-3-02 - SPIRIT MESSAGE 11


4-5-02 - SPIRIT MESSAGE 12




4-6-02 - INDIA DREAM - I cant remember enough details about this one. It seems that India and the U.s. were like two clouds in the sky or two thought bubbles and they couldn't get together for 7 years.


4-14-02 - DREAM - I was laying in bed and Joe left for work. I could hear a man talking on the phone in the bathroom and I was rather freaking out because why would Joe go to work and leave a strange man in the house with me. I could hear part of the conversation. The guy's wife had flipped out and left him. 

The man stuck his head into the bedroom, still talking on the phone to his wife. It seems her name was Ursula or something like that. 

In the dream, I thought his name was George but it was James Orvedahl, a purchasing boss in our office at A-C.

I wanted to get out of bed but my bathrobe was in the bathroom. George/James then came into the bedroom and went over to the air-conditioner, which for some reason I thought was a coffee pot, and he said I needed to make fresh coffee. 

I quickly sneaked into the bathroom while George/James complained about one of my cats was taking a crap in the corner in the bathroom. He said he was going to take the cat outside and show it where to go potty. Since my cats are outdoor cats and not indoor cats, I didn't care if he took the cat 3 blocks away.

I then looked outside and saw an old teacher of mine. I'm thinking he was names Thomas and he was planting seed and digging soil and George/James was standing next to him.

For some reason the words, "Nation Building" jumped into my head and I thought those guys were George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

NOTE:  When I had this dream, it didn't make any sense, but from the point of view of 2004, the US is definitely doing Nation Building, and we are currently working on Afghanistan and Iraq.  Not too much trouble figure out who George is either. And how many people have died because of it.  Many thousands.


4-15-02 - DREAM - I was in a house somewhere which seemed more like an apartment building. I had started knitting a large circular blanket but hadn't finished it yet. The knitting club was just about to start. I saw on the clock that it was just past 11 a.m. so I got my knitting project off the shelf in the closet to show it to them. 

All of a sudden a large Irish setter dog appeared. It was friendly but didn't belong there. It belonged to Robb R. who lived down the hall so I had to take it down there. 

I had a baby boy and his diaper was wet, so I went to change him and when I opened the diaper pin on the left side, it poked him. His crying was so pitiful, I could hardly bear it. I felt so bad for him. 

I had to take care of the dog situation and saw that Robb and his mother were moving and they had their beds standing on end by the door and several young men were in their apartment helping them. 

I went back to my own apartment and Michelle had been taking care of the baby and he was laying on the floor. He had grown a great deal and was getting fat and was all smiles. 

NOTE: A situation developed for Robb and his Mother and was very painful for them. So this dream was very prophetic. 

Michelle and I both think the baby represents the newest book I just wrote Pole Shift II


4-16-02 - SPIRIT MESSAGE #13 http://www.greatdreams.com/spirit_message13.htm



SPIRIT MESSAGE #14  http://www.greatdreams.com/spirit_message14.htm




4-22-02 - As I was waking up, I was overhearing a conversation between some women. One kid was missing the bus and the other one said, 'The bus will come back for him". The other one said, "Since the war in Syria and Oman, there has been such an influx of refugees that it looks like the front lines are in Charleston and Williamsburg. And they are making the buses easier to drive so that the war widows can drive them. "



4-24-02 - DREAM - I was seemingly working on a computer screen. I was lining up a series of numbers such as 007, 008, 009, 010, 011, 012 - The purpose was to stop a war. 


4-26-02 - DREAM - I was working on a writing project and was told to separate the writing into two separate columns whenever possible. It seems that the initials were K & T. The writing looked good that way too so I agreed. 

NOTE: K.T. stands for Cretaceous and Tertiary boundary between the two ages between dinosaurs and new smaller animals. That boundary line is a dark brown line like dust all over the world that separates the two age periods. 

In my dream, the two pages were separated by a dark brown line between them.

I think it means to keep dream pages separate from non-dream pages. The dream pages are at  greatdreams.com and the non-dream pages are at earthmountainview.com


4-26-02 - Michelle had a dream in which she mentioned my name. She was told to do  web page on ghosts coming out of the grave. She was told that the Indian Nations were bringing back the Ghost Dane because its necessary at this time as the 'dead coming out of the grave' is mentioned in the book of Revelation in the Bible.

Michelle told the people in her dream that web pages were Dee's job. She was told, "Dee is too busy!"

NOTE: I was rather busy today. I did 2 complete web pages. Dreams of Contracts - contracts.htm and Mind Control at earthmountainview.com/mind_control.htm


4-29-02 - VISION - "May 11th - Transatlantic II"


4-29-02 - VISION - Something like a Caramboard (game)- a square pool table wit holes with nets in the corner. I heard a low pitched voice say as they punched up through those nets - 'the 25th - we've got to get our feet back up on the table." 

NOTE: This might be about Reptilians coming back up to the surface.  



5-3-02 - I only remember the end of this dream.

DREAM - I had a job in a big hotel to hang up coats for big shot men who were arriving. The meeting was going to start at 4 p.m. However, it was only 1 p.m. and one man in a long black winter overcoat arrived.

He told the receptionist he wanted to see Marshall and he was directed towards me and I took his coat.

I told him that some of our own gentlemen were already upstairs.  He thanked me and handed me some odd trinkets and said, "I hope you'll feel like using these later." and smiled at me. Politely I said, "I might!", knowing I wouldn't. I then took his coat to hang upon a hanger in a coat room that was set up to handle hundreds of coats. I also moved some flannel shirts around, one of which was green and black plaid.

I took the trinkets over to where Joe the maintenance man was sitting to ask him what they were. One was a longish balloon with a picture of a blonde woman on  it. The other one looked like a foot long imitation of a blue match.

As I was waking up, I was shown a replica of a bison rock carving and was told, "Kimber was given the job to sweep off this carving and it took her 45 minutes."

NOTE:  I think that this was the meeting of the Bilderbergers.



5-5-02 - A WORK NIGHT - DREAM - I was manager of an apartment building scheduling maintenance work and doing other people's laundry along with my own white and pink sweaters.

It seemed like most of the people in the building wanted their bathroom plumbing fixed all in the same day. We had never been so busy.

I made note  that it had got steadily warmed up outside and all of a sudden everything iced over like an ice age. Someone scratched off a bit of ice and there was a date revealed 1-02-2022.




5-6-02 - DREAM - I was looking at a computer screen. I was given the initials of a person and if I guessed who it was, the rest of the line filled in automatically. I was then given the initials RRR.

I thought it was Paul Revere's Raiders, but his first name was Paul not something with R.

After I woke up, I was thinking about it and a loud knock hit the wall behind my bed. I suddenly remembered the motto, "One if by land, two if by sea."



5-13-02 - MICHELLE'S DREAM  - I don't know what country I was in, but was on the shore of a large body of water where there was a small harbor.  In the harbor were 4 boats. They were pleasure boats with canopies on top.  There was one person on each boat, one from England, on Italian, one from Greece, and one I thought was China.  The boats were stuck in this harbor. 

The news media was there, especially people from CNN, but many reporters from all over. 

The boat from England had a woman on it and she was pregnant and was in labor. It seemed like a tragedy because the people couldn't get off the boats.

All the press and rescue equipment was there but nobody did anything but talk. 

Something was supposed to happen to these countries, but not until an Italian Prince was born.

The English woman gave birth to a black-haired baby. The husband was flown in to the boat with their firstborn son.

The baby was wrapped in white lace and the husband held the baby like a sack of potatoes.

We couldn't figure out why they didn't move the boats. Then we found out that nothing would happen until a new Prince was born in Italy. 

Michelle called Dee there and told her, "You have to do a web page on this because the world has to know about this. I said, "But nobody pays attention anyway." 



5-15-02 - DREAM/VISION - I saw 12 large planets on a page, which turned to all text.





5-20-02 - DREAM - I don't have all the details. It was about the earth marrying.  The other planets were witnesses. I saw a chart of the days of the week. The groom had not yet arrived.

I was sitting in a car, waiting for the groom to arrive, with the people who were representing the other planets.



5-23-02 - DREAM - I was hired to work in a gas station, while the owner's daughter was getting married. The first job they gave me to do was to iron the bridal gown, which I had to d on the top of the bed because there was no ironing board.

Nobody but the mother was doing anything so I had to keep telling everyone what to do.

Nobody wanted to lift a finger to do anything about cleaning the house or change clothes.

Finally , when it came time to actually work in the gas station, I had to go home and change clothes to drive home, I put on white - see-thru coveralls with large red roses all over them.





5-29-02 - DREAM - I was on my way to night school. It seemed like I was flying high over Milwaukee, WI and I saw that the valley was flooding. It wasn't coming downriver, the flood was coming up the valley from Lake Michigan. until the whole valley was flooded and I could see the whole valley was flooded and shining in the moonlight. I couldn't stop though because I was going to learn the 5 rules of freedom. 


6-1-2002 - Pakistan, India and nuclear war


6-2-2002 - VISION - A folder that opened and the center was a page titled, 'THE BLOODY WAR FOR JOEL FOR WARREN!"



6-2-02 - VISION - A sky full of dirty clouds - all facing the same way like chemtrails.



6-4-2002 - SPIRIT MESSAGE 18 - Communicating with spirits, ghosts, walkins and starseeds


6-11-02 - SPIRIT MESSAGE 19 - mercy killing and forgiveness


6-13-02 - DREAM - I don't know exactly where I was. It seems I was in an army barracks with 8 guys who were re-enacting an attack in which they had been surrounded and some of them wounded during a previous war.

These guys all seemed to be in their 50's, so the war would have had to have happened at least 30 years ago.

As for myself, I was oung, - so it was either Korea or World War II, though it could have been Vietnam.

It was scary in the barracks. They helped me put on a cotton, long-sleeved robe so I fit into the scene as well.

Everyone was in bed, but I was sitting on the floor between the beds because I hadn't been there in the real deal.

They told one guy, "don't lean against the headboards - remember, the bullet came right through the wall and headboard."

It was rather dim or dark outside, but somehow I got outside and was viewing this whole scene from above the scene now and I saw a group of at least 16 Chinese soldiers running in to make an attack on the barracks and it didn't look like no re-enactment.


6-14-02 - DREAM - I was living on 16th St. and my friend Dee from Milwaukee lived across the alley from me. I had a small Fingerhut catalog and wanted to place an order, so I called on the phone and the other Dee answered the phone. I was shocked and asked her how she got the job. She said she had called AT&T to tell them she couldn't pay her bill and they asked her if she wanted to work foro them, so she said, "Sure!"

I then walked across the alley to visit her. She lived in a basement apartment, so I knocked on the outside door and went down the stairs. The stairs and hallway was stark white and the building looked like it was made of concrete block.

Her washer and dryer and then her kitchen was right there. Both of them had windows way up near the ceiling, so it was bright in the room.

All her dishes were crystal clear red-purple color. They were beautiful.

While I was there, other people also came in and we ewre chatting about the Fingerhut catalog and people were lining up to buy stuff too.

All of a sudden, someone discovered a water leak in the laundry room. The water was coming in so fast, the room was filling up fast and sloshing back and forth, about chest high, threatening to drown the people.

So, I opened the door to the hallway to let the water spread out some and it was still coming in fast.

So, as the water ran down the hall, I ran ahead of it, telling people they had to evacuate. I h ad to knock on every door and tell the people to evacuate as a flood was coming. they had to leave no matter what they were doing.

As I went down the halls, I saw a wide stairway that went downward to a sub-basement and I figured the water would run down the stairs before it could harm anyone, but I was obligated to evacuate the building - so I kept on knocking on doors and telling people they had to evacuate.



6-16-02 - DREAM - This was a night of symbolic nightmares.

I was shown a basement with a string of linked laundry tubs, each one 1/2 full of packages of various sizes. These tubs were not lined up straight, but in a zig-sag fashion. When all the sinks were loaded with these packages, then they were suddenly all filled with water - it filled all of them and was spilling over on the floor. There were 265 of them.

I then saw a vision of a statement that told me that when all 265 sinks were full of water, then everything would go back to normal.

NOTE: I have to assume that this means that there will be 265 Earth days with various events in various parts of the world. And when the 265 days of events are done, we will be back to normal events again.

On second thought, I remembered that most people only do laundry once a week, so we might be talking about 265 weeks instead.

Here are the end-dates depending on whether it's days or weeks.

265 days = March 18, 2003

265 weeks = June 26, 2007


6-16-2002 - VISION - I saw three laundry tubs, lined up on a diagonal. There was a tall straw sticking out of each one.


6-18-02 - MICHELLE DREAM - matches mine from the 14th.

Michelle and Paul went to Canada to visit relatives. When their vacation ws over, they tried to get back into the U.S, but the border was closed.

As it turned out, the rest of the world had had a Pole Shift, except for Canada never felt it.

Michelle and Paul were taken to a crowded camp where people were being taken. At the camp, there was a television on, showing the news from the U.S. It showed that there was an election going on to vote in a new President. (It wasn't mentioned what happened to the old President)

Then they showed a map of the U.S. showing major disasters from coast to the other.

Most of the East coast was under water. There was no State of Florida. Where the Mississippi river was supposed to be, was a huge inlet of the sea that widely divided America, all the way up to Minnesota and Wisconsin.

California, Oregon, and Washington State were mostly gone under water, except for the mountains which stood out like small islands.

In the northern area of California, the sea had encroached all the way to Salt Lake City, Utah. Salt Lake City was now beach front property.


SPIRIT MESSAGE #20   Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child -   Speaking of Discipline


6-23-02 - DREAM - I was standing on the southeast corner of the intersection of Center and Teutonia Sts.

There was like a large doorway in the middle of the intersection.

A long string of teens and kids as young as 10 were handcuffed together and dragged off to fight in a war. Following them, a long string of prisoners, handcuffed together were dragged off towards the north to fight in a war. they were really rough - looking guys, rather like you would see in Kosovo or Czechoslovakia.

My thought was - "and they are going to give these guys guns????"

NOTE: I meditated on the above - Two visions said, "Future 9 B and Future - Page 9B.


6-30-02 - VISION - I was typing/copying a letter that was handwritten on light blue paper from Graham Alexander. I was told I would only get half of it done and I did the first page, but didn't get to the other side of the letter.

A brilliant yellow paperback book with a drawing of a black sun with tendrils coming out of the upper left side (as facing me) and a face like it was evil.




7-20-02 - DREAM - I was living in a house with some important people. It seemed I worked for them. The women of the house was leaving on a trip and she asked if someone could fold her white dresses.

I volunteered just to be nice and get in her good graces because things weren't going too well in the world and she and her husband weren't very happy.

I went upstairs to fold her white dresses and saw that everything she had was white, including her car. I sat down inside the front seat f her car - it was made of soft leather and it was wonderful. I was told by someone else to get out of there so I got out and went back to my work.

There were some political events going on that was making the people in this household very unhappy.

When I went to sleep that night, I dreamed that this world had been seeded by some other people. I also dreamed that this country had had 4 opportunities for growth and we had ignored them.

In the morning, I saw a small portable white TV on a table. It had 4 thin wires plugged into it next to the screen on the right side.

I turned it on and there was a chart of 6 things that had happened in this country that had been ignored by the leadership over the years.

One was that this world had been seeded in 1941.

One was that there were 4 opportunities for growth after a war and we hadn't taken advantage of it.

I can't recall the other 4 but even these two coincidences to my dreams had to be told. I couldn't let them keep ignoring them.

So I pretended there was a fire to wake them up and let them know what was going on.

So I put a smoke alarm over a candle so the alarms would go off and called upstairs - Mr. Bush - FIRE, Mr. Bush - FIRE, Mr. Bush - FIRE.


7-29-02 - THE TUNING - I was sitting in a car with another blonde woman and her daughter. A third dark-haired woman came along and was going to get in the back seat and the 3 of us were going to work together on a project.

But before we did this, the little girl, who we called Carl wanted to get out of the car and play for a bit.  Since she wasn't involved in a the project, we allowed her to put on play clothes and get out and enjoy herself for a bit.

Her formal dress and brand new red high-helled shoes were kept in the car to keep them clean.

The blonde woman and i looked over some of Carole's clothing which she was out-growing - a silver skirt and a brown shirt. We decided they would have to be replaced.

While I was still in the car, I was embroidering a picture of a river that was long. The picture was just of the river and I was working with pink thread taking stitches on a diagonal every 1/4" inch all the way up the river. These pink stitches represented the reflection of the sun as it set and shone on the waves of the water. I was thinking that it was like 'the path'.

While we sat in the car, there was a sudden chill in the air like fall was coming. An old woman came by who was taking her daily walk and she commented on the change in the weather. She said, "There is only 'two week's left to enjoy ourselves.

At that point, I was feeling a little chilled and thought about putting on a light blue sweater over my dress to keep my arms warm.

I got out of the car and went into a garage-like place where there were tow radio chassis side by side. I began working with two leads from one radio and touching them two wire connection son the other radio in order to produce the sound and worked on the tuning.  There was a tall man behind my right shoulder who was watching me to see that I was doing it correctly. It also seemed like he and I were the only two people who knew how to do this.

A phone call came in then asking about the bright red shoes that had been left in the car. The call came from a TV show which was trying to determine who they belonged to.

It seems that this call came from a higher level and I told the woman that the shoes belonged to Carol.  (Carol means 'song of happiness')

While I talked about the shoes, I could see them in my mind. They were sturdy high-helled shoes - held together with what seemed like an invisible wire and each shoe was facing in the opposite direction. It was improbably that Carol could wear these shoes any time soon.

I was supposed to go sing at a concert and if I didn't hurry I would be late, but this was just the rehearsal. I could hear the choir practicing in the background while I was getting ready to go there -each successive passage was on a higher note. They left certain parts blank where I was able to sing my solo. It was a beautiful song and  was anxious about doing it correctly, but that was MY part to do.



9-2-02 - DREAM - I was in a house, doing laundry, getting ready to go on vacation with Joe.

I didn't know when we were leaving, so I had to keep up on the laundry because I didn't want any dirty laundry laying around when we were away from the house.

Joe came home from work, so I asked him when he planned to leave. This was a Thursday and he said that he had to work part of Friday yet, so I knew it would be at least one more day before we left.

I then went outside to check some roads to see how they would be when winter came. I went down one street and a man was sitting on a huge bulldozer in his back yard. He was ready for whatever came. I noted that the sun was low in the sky and a huge dark shadow from his house lay over the road next to it, so I knew it would be icy by his house.

I then drove north on the north/south road to see how bad the snow could get on this road. the farther I went the higher the road go towards the north, so I figured they would be okay if the snow got too deep.

I then had a vision of a map of northern U.S. and all of Canada. There was no snow all the way to the arctic circle.  (GLOBAL WARMING?)

On the map was a Trans-Canada Highway  way in the northern part of the land. It was kind of a curvy highway because it had to go around al the lakes that were up there. The highway was labeled I-90  (I know that I-90 is in northern U.S.) but I don't know how Canada labels their highways.

I also knew that my daughter and her husband were driving east on the highway all the way across Canada, but they liked snow and skiing so they would be okay  if it started to snow.

My attention was called back to the present because of a dangerous traffic situation.  I was on a boulevard type road where the traffic goes one way on the east side of the median, but here traffic was going both way s on my side and there were near accidents because vehicles were parked on both sides. I saw there was cars parked on the other side the way they were supposed to be.

I was still trying to figure out why traffic was all of a  sudden going both ways on this side, when I came to a long string of army jee sparked on the side of the road in the wrong direction with soldiers in them. the soldiers weren't doing anything, it was obvious they were waiting for something to happen.

Then I saw what was going on when I got to where a multi-story college dormitory was and there was a string of army jeeps waiting in line to go into the college parking lot. I knew that when the army left, this school would be known as just another gay college.



DREAM - I was living in New Berlin, WI. I and my husband drove up to the top of the hill at the intersection of National Ave. and 172nd St. (Calhoun Rd.) There is no stop sign for National Ave., so traffic going north and south has to stop at the stop sign and then creep slowly forward and hope no car is coming from the east or west and slam into you. Since this is at the top of a hill, nobody can see where any other cars are coming from.

So, when we got to the top of the hill, it was pitch black outside. We could see one car trying to cross National Ave., both from the north AND from the south. We knew that because we could see their headlights.

The car from the south was further into the intersection than the one from the north and was slowly inching its way forward, still hoping no car came from the east or west before he made it to the other side of the intersection.

We pulled into the driveway of the house on the corner to wait our turn to cross the intersection. We had our headlights on as well.

Suddenly the outside lights of the house came on and a woman came to the door to see what we were doing in her driveway.

So, my husband went to the door of the house to talk to her, while I waited in the car.

When the woman opened the door, two dogs bounded out the door. I immediately recognized the dogs - they were 'THE DOGS OF WAR' - and they belonged to Benjamin Franklin.  One of the dogs was light brown with a dark-brown - almost black mask on its face around its eyes. The other dog was a silvery color.

I was petrified because these were the 'Dogs of War' and my feet were dangling outside the car and I was afraid I was going to be attacked.

My husband finished talking to the woman and we decided to go back home, but to my dismay, "The Dogs of War' went with us in the car. When we went back into our livingroom, I sat in a pink wing-backed chair and the the two dogs sat at my feet - one to the left and one to the right.

The next day, I went out into the garden where I had planted thousands of pink plume-fronded flowers. Towards the center of this garden, but with a path from one side, was a small concrete goldfish pond.  I was standing by the pond.

A schoolbus with a class of small girls came by and one of the little girls came running over. She wanted to give me a hug so her intentions were good, but she came running towards me as fast as she could go - though her teacher was yelling. "Go around! Go around!", the girl leapt up into the air, just barely clearing the flowers and landed in the center of the garden near the goldfish pond where I was standing.

I understood what the girl's intentions were, she just wanted a hug, but she was in too much of a hurry to get to where I was standing.

The girl hadn't damaged any flowers by leaping over them, but she might not leap as far if she tried it a second time, so I told the little girl's teacher that I would tell the little girl a secret so she'd never have to leap over the flowers again.

So, I bent down and whispered in the little girl's ear, "Time goes on forever, so you see you have plenty of time to walk around the garden. The hug will always be there waiting for you."

The little girl looked up at me and smiled, now knowing the secret of time.

I then went back into the house, into the boy's playroom. The playroom had a hard tiled floor of light blue. I saw 12 sky-blue eggs laying on the floor. I couldn't tell whether the eggs were plastic, hard-boiled, or raw but the boys playing with the eggs had cracked some of the eggs and they were in danger of cracking all the way through. So, I gently pushed the all the eggs together by the side of the room, where no one would step on them.

I noticed that the boys were outside playing war games. They had taken sides and it was getting rough.

Then I noticed that there was a set of marbles laying all over the floor. They were all the same color - crystal sky-blue.  I bent down a flipped a marble into the corner with my foot, where there was a ring etched in the tile and I scored a perfect hit.

So, I invited the boys to come into the house and settle their game of war by playing a game with the marbles. All they had to do was choose a marble (they were all alike), name the marble for a world leader and if the boy shot the marble perfectly into the ring in the floor tile like I had done, he would win the war.

The first marble chosen was name Benjamin Franklin. The marble didn't make it into the corner ring, so he didn't win.

The second world leader chosen was Ronald Reagan. When his marble was shot into the corner, it missed the ring as well, so he didn't win the war either.

I told the boys not to worry, there were still hundreds of marbles to choose from. All they had to do was name a different world leader each time until someone won the war.



We were at home and my husband's friend from England came over, all in a panic.  My husband asked him what was wrong. The friend from England said, "We need more 'acid-lava'.  My husband said, "What do we need 'acid-lava' for?  The friend didn't specify what the reason was, but was adamant that we needed more 'acid-lava'.  My husband said, "I really don't want to do this, but if we really have to, I'll drive you there.".  

We all got in the van together, with my husband driving and the English friend giving the directions to where the 'acid-lava' was located.  When we got to the place, it was like the 'tar-pits'. The 'acid-lava' was bubbling up from the ground in blue-green-black pools.  Some of it had hardened around the edges of the pools where people came to visit, but it was dangerous to get too near it.  

My husband was driving really fast and I cautioned him to slow down but he wouldn't.  We got to the tar-pit area and my husband backed in to the area so fast the back wheels went over the hard edge and began to sink down into the tar-pit area.

We were all really freaking out, wondering how we were going to get out of this situation. I knew we couldn't open the car doors because the 'acid-lava' would start to come in the doors of the car and we'd sink faster.  I wondered if maybe we could cut a hole in the top of the car and climb out on top and be rescued that way.  

Meanwhile, we were all trying to figure out how to get out of the car, and it was sinking farther and farther down into the tar-pit with the 'acid-lava'.

At some point, the man from England vanished and I was sitting alone in the car with my husband as it sank farther and farther down into the 'acid-lava'. Finally the windows cracked and the 'acid-lava' started leaking into the car anyway and we sank down until the entire car was covered with the stuff and it was black inside the car.  

My husband said, "I'm so sorry! It looks like we're not going to get out of this alive.!  What makes me happy though is that you didn't blame me for what happened."

I was freaking out and wanted to leave my body so I wouldn't suffer the pain of being eaten alive by the 'acid-lava'. But my husband begged me to stay with him because he was afraid to die alone.  Finally, I agreed to stay with him and suffer death alongside him. It was inevitable. There was no way we could be saved from death. So I hugged my husband and we sat there, waiting to die.

I started to wake up, and I had a sudden vision - It was the face of Dick Cheney, the Vice President of the United States. A voice said clearly , "Dick Cheney"!


9-15-02 - THE HOLLOW EARTH - DREAM - I was at a school somewhere. The school had a huge playground and I noticed that in the corner, a huge hole had opened up. I don't know why nobody else noticed it. Perhaps I was the first one and others would see it once I showed it to them.

I looked into the opening, which was quite large already. Down inside the hole, it was lit up like there was sunshine down there just like we had and it was obvious that people lived down there just like we did on the surface of the earth.

But it was  dangerous to have this hole in the schoolyard. Near the opening, the ground wasn't as thick as in the rest of the area. My fear was that when the  final school bell rang at the end of the schoolday, all the kids would come running out of the school in the same direction and the ground would crumble beneath them, and they would all fall through into the hole.

My Mother came to the school to meet me as we were going to go shopping together. I met her on the sidewalk next to the school and told her about the dangerous hole in the ground. I asked her if she would like to see it. She said, "Yes!"

My Mother's leg was injured, so I had to put both arms around her and walk with her up the steps to the school playground, and then close  to where the hole was so I could show it to her. Other people were still oblivious to the hole in the ground, so it was very dangerous. I had not raised the alarm as yet - that the ground was ready to break through near the hole as the ground was getting thinner and thinner there.

I noticed then that my mother and I were both wearing bright red coats, but we had different hats on. My Mother's hat was all red and mine was red with a white crown - which looked like rabbit fur. It wasn't until I took my hat off that I noticed that the white rabbit fur part of my hat looked rather dingy, so I didn't want to wear it anymore. So as I walked away, I found an all red knitted hat and put that on instead.

I as still walking in tandem with my Mother when we walked past my significant other man in my life. He didn't like my red hat and told me that it messed up my hair, but I made up a story about meeting another guy who liked my red hat and had that he had asked me to marry him. I said that just to make him jealous, so he would know that other people though I was okay.

I continued walking down the street with my Mother, still holding onto her with both arms. We got to the next intersection and met another woman who also had a red coat and red hat on, so now there were three of us standing together with bright red coats and hats.

This was so bright, we almost glowed.  Nearby, I noticed that several other women were sitting in a room near the intersection , and though they weren't wearing coats at the time were also wearing bright red hats.

We continued walking and came to a door, where there was a ladies room.

As we walked by, I could hear several women yelling for help. My mother got scared and stopped walking, so I had to let go of her and run into the ladies room by myself to see what was wrong.

By the time I got inside, the yelling had stopped, but one of the women who had been yelling for help was standing by the sink washing her hands. I asked what was wrong. She said she had come into the ladies room to use the toilet and there was only enough toilet paper to use once and she had to go 50 times. All the other women were having the same problem. There wasn't enough toilet paper.

So my mother and I decided not to use that ladies room.

I don't know where my Mother went, but I continued on walking down the hallway that went past the ladies room. This seemed to be either an apartment or it was a school for girls.

There was a series of small stairways along this hallway and on the first set of stairs there were a series of small gifts set up against the steps , which were awards for those who made it this far.

There were several little girls right behind me in the hallway. I spotted a plastic baggie with some shiny jewels in it, so I picked it up and handed it to one of the girls and told her to share it with the other girls.

The little girl was happy to get the jewels and didn't even see the other gifts that they could have had as they walked along this particular part of the hallway. None of the other gifts were jewels but equally nice to have. They would be found by other girls coming along this way.

As I was getting closer to the end of my journey in this hallway, I saw that my own personal colors which were like jewels in a rectangular pattern matched exactly the pattern of colored jewels I was supposed to have in this lifetime.

I woke up feeling really good about myself.

See Hollow Earth Dreams


9-26-02 - DEATH CALLED ON THE PHONE  The Pope's Death?



8-2-02 - DREAM - OMINOUS - THE ELEVATOR MEN - I was living/working in an apartment building.  All my own children were there, sitting around in a dimly lit livingroom, except my son Michael who was in the kitchen working. The kitchen was immaculately clean except that there was a massive water flood in the middle of the floor. MIchael said that my daughter had spilled the water. I went to the livingroom and asked her politely and quietly if she would go to the kitchen and m9p up the water she had spilled. She sat there like she was deaf and didn't move.

She needed to be punished, but she was too old to just scream and yell at, so I did what any civilized mother will do - TURN OFF THE TV. I noted on the clock that it was 10:30 a.m.

As I walked through the apartment, I thought it would be nice to listen to music on the radio while I worked, but I was unable to tune the radio so it would be heard by everyone.

I went into the bedroom and saw that there was massive dust under the bed. I grabbed a dust mop to remove the dust, but the mop was too small for the job, so I got a big wide squeegee to wipe the dust off the floor. That worked really well.

I went towards the kitchen again, which was already clean, but right next to it, on the wall, I saw that the toilet was missing, an odor control electrical unit was missing too. That meant I needed to call in real maintenance men.

I looked around the amount of work to do was massive and overwhelming. I felt like I was the only one making an attempt to do any work to straight out the problem.

There was so much stuff sitting around on the counters and on the floor, one could barely move around. I twas all usable and good stuff, but there was too much of everything.

Then I noticed that all the plants were turning yellow and dying. So my first priority was water them. So I headed for the sink to water the plants and my attention was called to some little girls who were playing dress-up with adult sized jewelry. They had large clip-on earrings like clamps. They put them on their ears, but when they tried to take them off, they just pulled on them without opening the clamp - everyone who has ever tried that knows how much that hurts., so I had to take the jewelry away from them.

On a table nearby were massive amounts of pearls and beads which all needed to be sorted. All I could think of was that it would be best to just sweep them into a large box and clean off the table in one fell swoop and sort them out later.

I was trying to fix something while walking around and underneath the metal plate, all the threads were too short to work with and all I could think of to do was to pull them all out and start over. While I was doing this, I went outside and looked at the garden, everything looked like it was growing well, but nobody had thinned the plants so there was room to grow, there was just too much of everything. I couldn't even walk between the rows because there was just too much there.

Back inside the apartment, I saw the same everywhere - there was too much of everything everywhere.  It was so overwhelming that the only thing one can do is just take your and and sweep it into a box and start over.

Just at that moment, the door to the bosses office opened. Inside it was hushed and quiet, but I knew there was an executive meeting going on. The men inside who all ran elevator companies were having a meeting, planning on how to take everyone upstairs at the same time. These men were all wearing black suits and all I could think of was that it meant 'DEATH!'



8-15-02 - DREAM - I was making a web page abut Star Wars Database and Hans Solo



8-15-02 - MICHELLE DREAM - She was seeing tow pair of men's hands - closeup while they were sitting at a conference table. One had a southern accent, one had a Jewish accent.

They started talking about the possibility that if Iraq sent a biological weapon into Israel, they could attack Saddam Hussein with a nuclear bomb; that nobody could blame them for retaliating.


8-19-02 - MICHELLE DREAM - The Jewish man said, "But he hasn't done that and if he did do that, it would kill 1/2 of our people."

The man with the southern accent said, "But what if it was a 'controlled' attack. What if it was 'CONTROLLED?"

The Jewish man then said, "What nuclear weapons?  like he didn;t know about any nuclear weapons.

The men with the southern accent said, "With these", and threw him a set of keys.

"A biological or chemical attack could be done in a controlled way"



DREAM - I was living in New Berlin, WI. I and my husband drove up to the top of the hill at the intersection of National Ave. and 172nd St. (Calhoun Rd.) There is no stop sign for National Ave., so traffic going north and south has to stop at the stop sign and then creep slowly forward and hope no car is coming from the east or west and slam into you. Since this is at the top of a hill, nobody can see where any other cars are coming from.

So, when we got to the top of the hill, it was pitch black outside. We could see one car trying to cross National Ave., both from the north AND from the south. We knew that because we could see their headlights.

The car from the south was further into the intersection than the one from the north and was slowly inching its way forward, still hoping no car came from the east or west before he made it to the other side of the intersection.

We pulled into the driveway of the house on the corner to wait our turn to cross the intersection. We had our headlights on as well.

Suddenly the outside lights of the house came on and a woman came to the door to see what we were doing in her driveway.

So, my husband went to the door of the house to talk to her, while I waited in the car.

When the woman opened the door, two dogs bounded out the door. I immediately recognized the dogs - they were 'THE DOGS OF WAR' - and they belonged to Benjamin Franklin.  One of the dogs was light brown with a dark-brown - almost black mask on its face around its eyes. The other dog was a silvery color.

I was petrified because these were the 'Dogs of War' and my feet were dangling outside the car and I was afraid I was going to be attacked.

My husband finished talking to the woman and we decided to go back home, but to my dismay, "The Dogs of War' went with us in the car. When we went back into our livingroom, I sat in a pink wing-backed chair and the the two dogs sat at my feet - one to the left and one to the right.

The next day, I went out into the garden where I had planted thousands of pink plume-fronded flowers. Towards the center of this garden, but with a path from one side, was a small concrete goldfish pond.  I was standing by the pond.

A schoolbus with a class of small girls came by and one of the little girls came running over. She wanted to give me a hug so her intentions were good, but she came running towards me as fast as she could go - though her teacher was yelling. "Go around! Go around!", the girl leapt up into the air, just barely clearing the flowers and landed in the center of the garden near the goldfish pond where I was standing.

I understood what the girl's intentions were, she just wanted a hug, but she was in too much of a hurry to get to where I was standing.

The girl hadn't damaged any flowers by leaping over them, but she might not leap as far if she tried it a second time, so I told the little girl's teacher that I would tell the little girl a secret so she'd never have to leap over the flowers again.

So, I bent down and whispered in the little girl's ear, "Time goes on forever, so you see you have plenty of time to walk around the garden. The hug will always be there waiting for you."

The little girl looked up at me and smiled, now knowing the secret of time.

I then went back into the house, into the boy's playroom. The playroom had a hard tiled floor of light blue. I saw 12 sky-blue eggs laying on the floor. I couldn't tell whether the eggs were plastic, hard-boiled, or raw but the boys playing with the eggs had cracked some of the eggs and they were in danger of cracking all the way through. So, I gently pushed the all the eggs together by the side of the room, where no one would step on them.

I noticed that the boys were outside playing war games. They had taken sides and it was getting rough.

Then I noticed that there was a set of marbles laying all over the floor. They were all the same color - crystal sky-blue.  I bent down a flipped a marble into the corner with my foot, where there was a ring etched in the tile and I scored a perfect hit.

So, I invited the boys to come into the house and settle their game of war by playing a game with the marbles. All they had to do was choose a marble (they were all alike), name the marble for a world leader and if the boy shot the marble perfectly into the ring in the floor tile like I had done, he would win the war.

The first marble chosen was name Benjamin Franklin. The marble didn't make it into the corner ring, so he didn't win.

The second world leader chosen was Ronald Reagan. When his marble was shot into the corner, it missed the ring as well, so he didn't win the war either.

I told the boys not to worry, there were still hundreds of marbles to choose from. All they had to do was name a different world leader each time until someone won the war.



We were at home and my husband's friend from England came over, all in a panic.  My husband asked him what was wrong. The friend from England said, "We need more 'acid-lava'.  My husband said, "What do we need 'acid-lava' for?  The friend didn't specify what the reason was, but was adamant that we needed more 'acid-lava'.  My husband said, "I really don't want to do this, but if we really have to, I'll drive you there.".  

We all got in the van together, with my husband driving and the English friend giving the directions to where the 'acid-lava' was located.  When we got to the place, it was like the 'tar-pits'. The 'acid-lava' was bubbling up from the ground in blue-green-black pools.  Some of it had hardened around the edges of the pools where people came to visit, but it was dangerous to get too near it.  

My husband was driving really fast and I cautioned him to slow down but he wouldn't.  We got to the tar-pit area and my husband backed in to the area so fast the back wheels went over the hard edge and began to sink down into the tar-pit area.

We were all really freaking out, wondering how we were going to get out of this situation. I knew we couldn't open the car doors because the 'acid-lava' would start to come in the doors of the car and we'd sink faster.  I wondered if maybe we could cut a hole in the top of the car and climb out on top and be rescued that way.  

Meanwhile, we were all trying to figure out how to get out of the car, and it was sinking farther and farther down into the tar-pit with the 'acid-lava'.

At some point, the man from England vanished and I was sitting alone in the car with my husband as it sank farther and farther down into the 'acid-lava'. Finally the windows cracked and the 'acid-lava' started leaking into the car anyway and we sank down until the entire car was covered with the stuff and it was black inside the car.  

My husband said, "I'm so sorry! It looks like we're not going to get out of this alive.!  What makes me happy though is that you didn't blame me for what happened."

I was freaking out and wanted to leave my body so I wouldn't suffer the pain of being eaten alive by the 'acid-lava'. But my husband begged me to stay with him because he was afraid to die alone.  Finally, I agreed to stay with him and suffer death alongside him. It was inevitable. There was no way we could be saved from death. So I hugged my husband and we sat there, waiting to die.

I started to wake up, and I had a sudden vision - It was the face of Dick Cheney, the Vice President of the United States. A voice said clearly , "Dick Cheney"!


9-15-02 - THE HOLLOW EARTH - DREAM - I was at a school somewhere. The school had a huge playground and I noticed that in the corner, a huge hole had opened up. I don't know why nobody else noticed it. Perhaps I was the first one and others would see it once I showed it to them.

I looked into the opening, which was quite large already. Down inside the hole, it was lit up like there was sunshine down there just like we had and it was obvious that people lived down there just like we did on the surface of the earth.

But it was  dangerous to have this hole in the schoolyard. Near the opening, the ground wasn't as thick as in the rest of the area. My fear was that when the  final school bell rang at the end of the schoolday, all the kids would come running out of the school in the same direction and the ground would crumble beneath them, and they would all fall through into the hole.

My Mother came to the school to meet me as we were going to go shopping together. I met her on the sidewalk next to the school and told her about the dangerous hole in the ground. I asked her if she would like to see it. She said, "Yes!"

My Mother's leg was injured, so I had to put both arms around her and walk with her up the steps to the school playground, and then close  to where the hole was so I could show it to her. Other people were still oblivious to the hole in the ground, so it was very dangerous. I had not raised the alarm as yet - that the ground was ready to break through near the hole as the ground was getting thinner and thinner there.

I noticed then that my mother and I were both wearing bright red coats, but we had different hats on. My Mother's hat was all red and mine was red with a white crown - which looked like rabbit fur. It wasn't until I took my hat off that I noticed that the white rabbit fur part of my hat looked rather dingy, so I didn't want to wear it anymore. So as I walked away, I found an all red knitted hat and put that on instead.

I as still walking in tandem with my Mother when we walked past my significant other man in my life. He didn't like my red hat and told me that it messed up my hair, but I made up a story about meeting another guy who liked my red hat and had that he had asked me to marry him. I said that just to make him jealous, so he would know that other people though I was okay.

I continued walking down the street with my Mother, still holding onto her with both arms. We got to the next intersection and met another woman who also had a red coat and red hat on, so now there were three of us standing together with bright red coats and hats.

This was so bright, we almost glowed.  Nearby, I noticed that several other women were sitting in a room near the intersection , and though they weren't wearing coats at the time were also wearing bright red hats.

We continued walking and came to a door, where there was a ladies room.

As we walked by, I could hear several women yelling for help. My mother got scared and stopped walking, so I had to let go of her and run into the ladies room by myself to see what was wrong.

By the time I got inside, the yelling had stopped, but one of the women who had been yelling for help was standing by the sink washing her hands. I asked what was wrong. She said she had come into the ladies room to use the toilet and there was only enough toilet paper to use once and she had to go 50 times. All the other women were having the same problem. There wasn't enough toilet paper.

So my mother and I decided not to use that ladies room.

I don't know where my Mother went, but I continued on walking down the hallway that went past the ladies room. This seemed to be either an apartment or it was a school for girls.

There was a series of small stairways along this hallway and on the first set of stairs there were a series of small gifts set up against the steps , which were awards for those who made it this far.

There were several little girls right behind me in the hallway. I spotted a plastic baggie with some shiny jewels in it, so I picked it up and handed it to one of the girls and told her to share it with the other girls.

The little girl was happy to get the jewels and didn't even see the other gifts that they could have had as they walked along this particular part of the hallway. None of the other gifts were jewels but equally nice to have. They would be found by other girls coming along this way.

As I was getting closer to the end of my journey in this hallway, I saw that my own personal colors which were like jewels in a rectangular pattern matched exactly the pattern of colored jewels I was supposed to have in this lifetime.

I woke up feeling really good about myself.

See Hollow Earth Dreams


9-26-02 - DEATH CALLED ON THE PHONE  The Pope's Death?


10-2-02 - DREAM - I was in a city somewhere. I was with some other people. We went to a building, something like a school. Inside this building, on the ground floor was a small room, lined with upright skyblue boards.

Laying on the floor in this room and on a wood table were the bodies of a large gorilla male, female and baby.

I thought these were dead bodies and people started taking the bodies out of the room, leaving the large male on the floor.

There was barely enough room to walk around this gorilla and all of a sudden, I saw the arm of the gorilla start to move. I wanted to leave the room immediately, but the body of the gorilla was in the way.

I started to get afraid of the gorilla and finally, I had to open the door and risk getting close to the gorilla.

So, I squeezed past the gorilla's feet and opened the door and ran out and I realized the gorilla was following me through the building and I ran outside in fear.

NOTE: Interestingly enough, a gorilla escaped and attacked some people in Dallas, TX in March, 2004


10-3-02 - DREAM - I was in a large house, getting ready for a big event to occur.

Outside, there had been two large fires and I had to set the third fire myself before the work was done.

There was a door at the bottom of the room I was in with a screen on it. Outside the screen was a stylized black and white lion jumping up and down on its hind legs - full of anger and fury, indicating that it wanted us dead.

The second fire went out, so I went outside to set the third fire right in front of our own house.

Before the flame lit the dry tinder on the ground, the whole air flashed with flame first, like it was full of gas and it was like the whole earth caught fire at once - every little twig and blade of grass burst into flame at the same time. It was an amazing sight to see.

I went inside the house again to keep from being burned up myself and explained to a woman that was there with me that each fire took two hours for a total of 6 hours for the third fire.

The third fire had to die down before the big event could take place.

Meanwhile, the stylized black and white lion was still at the screened door, jumping up and down with his angry face, and shaking his head and mane at us, wishing us dead.



10-06-03 - DREAM - Dog Napping - I was living in the country somewhere.  I didn't recognize the area, so I don't know what state I was in.

I was walking down the road and my neighbor lady was outside, so she invited me into her yard. We got to talking about dog and she took me into her barn to show me how she took care of her dogs. she had several beautiful dogs, one was an Irish Setter, the others were long haired dogs, but I donn't know what breed they were.

She showed me how she did their flea treatments. She had a huge can of flea powder and a big brush about 4" across on a long handle. She dipped the brush into the can and then dusted the dogs liberally with the flea powder. It seemed like a good idea to me.

She said she had too many dogs so she offered some to me and I said, "Okay!"  So I took 3 of the dogs with me - along with their licenses which she also gave to me. They looked like plastic credit card.

So I took the dogs home with me and they got along fine with my dogs so we were all happy.

My Father came to visit and I showed him how my neighbor had flea dusted her dogs. He thought it was a pretty good idea.

I had to go to the store then to get dog food and some other things, so I got in the car and drove to the store. There were lots of people there, but few of them were actually shopping in the store. The store had an ante-room where most of the people were sitting around on benches and chairs, all wearing heavy black winter coats and hats.

one of the older teens there said that he wasn't allowed inside the store, because you had to be over 21 to go into the store.

I said to him, "You mean to tell me that I can't send one of my kids to the store for bread or milk anymore? I He said, "Nope! The law says you have to be over 21 to buy anything anymore."

I was stunned to hear this. I didn't know why all these other people were sitting in the ante-room. Were none of them allowed in the store either?

I reached in my pocket and took out a handful of plastic credit cards to mae sure I had the right one with me.

Nobody shopped with cash anymore. You had to have a credit card with your number on them. I check mine to make sure they were validated. I looked at mine and tow of them actually didn't have the letter D after the number, so I couldn't use those two, but I had plenty of other credit cards that were valid. I was one of the lucky ones.

I did some shopping and headed for home, stopping along the way at the entrance to a golf course.

There were some people standing there, wanting to go into the golf course but they weren't allowed in there for some reason. A lot of cars came out of the place in a hurry and one of their dogs got hit by a car. They quickly scooped up the blood of the dog and drank it to honor him.

The thought rather gagged me, but I thought maybe I could honor the dog if I mixed the blood with milk.  So I put a glob of blood in a pan and poured milk into the pan. I started to drink the milk, but I stopped drinking before the blood actually got to my lips. I just couldn't drink the blood of the dog.

i went back home then and went to see my dogs to see how they were getting along.

It appeared I had 6 dogs because there were two piles of 3 dogs, laying on top of each other.

The neighbors dogs were laying in a pile against the door like they missed being in their own home.

My husband took them out there having a good time, when I heard a shrill whistle. I saw a big lue pick up truck at the curb and the neighbors three dogs went bounding over to the truck and jumped in and he drove away with them.

But I had the dog's licenses now. He had the dogs and they were happy to be going home.





10-17-02 - END OF DREAM - I was in a bathroom, looking in a mirror and a woman who looked like Rose Ann Barr came in, slapped a piece of brown duct tape on my forehead - over my third eye.

I immediately saw in the mirror, the numbers 80 and 30, followed by a short sentence like ' mass destruction'.

I immediately then passed out in the dream and woke up in bed.

80 days from now is January 2, 2003  (List)

Adding 30 more would be February 1, 2003 - (List)

There is a big controversy about Weapons of Mass Destruction not being found in Iraq and whether George Bush Jr., lied to the country to get the war started without real cause.  (Blackened Whitehouse)


10-19-02 - DREAM - My husband was acting all mysterious . He never liked playing the lottery, then all of a sudden he came home and showed me that he was playing the Illinois lottery and had bought 3 tickets in Chicago. The numbers were 1, 2, 3.

I was laying in bed and he had to go somewhere by himself, so he brought the baby in and lay him on the bed with me. It was Bill, our youngest.

Bill crawled up by me and we cuddled nd went to sleep.

The next day, we went for a ride in the car. This is the second time we had been to this place.

The man's business card had the name Majorstar Overlord, but this was the Jair farm. These people grew everything from scratch themselves.



10-21-02 - DREAM - I was in a variety of places in this dream, but basically was at work in a house.

The most important issue of this dream was a discussion of the AIDS virus and why the virus passes from person to person the way it does.

I said, "When the AIDS virus was first known, people though you could catch it just by shaking hands or touching a person, but that was proven not to be true - it could be caught during sexual contact or through actual blood transfusions.

I said, "What comes to mind, the reason for this is most likely that the inner tissues of the body without being too graphic here, are larger receptacles for the virus than the outer body tissues, and therefore more receptive to the virus.

I then showed an animated map of the boroughs on Long Island that showed certain areas of the boroughs had many more cases of AIDS than did other ones for some reason.

In the rest of the dream, I was getting ready for work and wanted to wear brown slacks. I put on a pair I had worn before and saw that the left side of my left knee was dirty from a fall or brushing against something, so they had to be washed, so I had to wear a different pair of brown slacks and hoped they weren't the same as my bosses brown slacks.

Later in the office, I sat next to my boss and looked at my bosses slacks and was thankful we weren't dressed alike. His brown slacks had a 3D pattern on them of little circles about the size of a dime all over them which were shiny silvery brown. They were really gaudy.

At the end, I was outside with some young women and I was demonstrating that some women were really good athletes and was fling a  woman around on a ring at the end of a long pole. She never lost her grip and hung on no matter how I swung the pole around. She was really good.


10-31-02 - DREAM - WASHINGINGTON'S PICNIC - I was on a farm and there was a man there with a big machine, digging up a tree to move it. When it was replanted into a new spot, it was covered with mulch, but the mulch was so deep, I couldn't find the tree in it.

Then I looked up in the sky and saw a small red car coming across the sky, followed by 3 red cookie-cutter stars rolling.

Then I looked up into the sky and saw a tiny red car with 3 people in it, one behind the other. This was followed by 3 bright red cookie-cutter stars rolling across the sky, end over end, and that was followed by 3 bright red cookie-cutter battered appearing squares. These were also rolling end over end. I was then shown in the sky that these people were Kruchev, Elizabeth Taylor and the Pope.

I walked over to an embankment which had been built over an area that was marshy and sandy, on the edge of the ocean. I looked at the water and saw that it was rising fast and it would soon inundate the land.

Before I woke up, I was shown a plain white page with the words WASHINGTON'S PICNIC at the top.

SEE:  http://www.greatdreams.com/political/picnic.htm


11-2-02- Michelle's Dream - Terrorism -

The dream takes place in New Hampshire in a small town.  The local news reported that someone was throwing hand grenades at homes around suburban and country roads.

Michelle was planning to go shopping and went out to the driveway with her youngest child, preparing to put the child into her carseat.

Just as she was doing that, she saw a dark blue mini-van coming down the street. Living in a a cul de sac and not a thru-street - it was her habit to look and see who was coming.  In the mini-van she saw a Muslim woman with head veil and several kids in the vehicle.

Michelle didn't know any women like that, so went back to getting her daughter into the car seat.

Just as she did the mini-van turned around in the cul de sac and started back down the street.

Michelle glanced up just as the Muslim woman flung a hand grenade out of the car window, directly at them. The hand-grenade had a handle on it similar to a bowling pin, so the moment the hand grenade landed at her feet, Michelle was able to grab it and fling it over into the neighbor's yard where it instantly exploded.

By then the mini-van had sped away and was gone from view.

Michelle and her child were splattered with metal fragments from the grenade, Michelle picked up her child and ran screaming toward the back of her house where her husband was working in the yard.

Her husband used his first-aid kit to pick the metal fragments out of her back and arms and clean the scrapes from his child as Michelle fearfully told him that they had to hurry and pack and get away from the town.

Her husband was trying to remain calm, while the radio was announcing that Muslim women terrorists with children in their cars to make themselves appear innocent were driving around and throwing hand grenades at random at homes in quiet neighborhoods.  The police admitted they hadn't paid attention to Muslim women because they weren't considered to be terrorist, especially those who had children with them.

Michelle and her husband started to argue about what to take with them as they fled and her husband said, "there is no hurry, they won't come back again so take your time and get together all the important things - we don't' need to panic."

Michelle went into her son's bedroom (that was built over the garage) that had windows facing the front driveway. She looked out towards the damage of that hand grenade made and at the same time she saw the same dark blue mini-van coming back down the street.

She ran screaming into the livingroom that the car was coming back, so her husband quickly tipped over the recliner chair on its side so it provided a protective barrier between them and the front of the house.

The children ducked down first and Michelle and her husband lay over them to protect them from getting hurt.

Just then, the woman in the car flung a hand grenade at the house. It hit a plexiglass window in the garage door and bounced back it not he driveway - rather than going through like glass would have allowed. Sot he grenade exploded int the driveway instead of inside the garage below the bedroom like it might have done.

As soon as the explosion subsided, Michelle and her husband ran outside to look at the damage and hopefully to escape the neighborhood.

Both cars they had were damaged so badly, they couldn't be driven, so Paul ran next door where his neighbor had 4 cars parked in the driveway. the neighbor wasn't home, so Paul hot-wired one of the vehicles, left a note for the neighbors that they were taking the car, got all the kids and their important papers and kids clothes, in tot he car and escaped the neighborhood and headed north towards Canada where they were able to cross over because her husband was still a citizen and they were allowed to go through customs.


11-4-02 - DREAM - I get the impression that I am someone else and that I am in England.

I am in a playground or schoolyard, playing some kind of ballgame with children. The building is so old, the brick looks almost black.

I work for a small bar named Georges.

Someone famous named Spencer was murdered nd I hear that they are looking for me, but I don't turn myself in.

I am still in the schoolyard with these kids when they come and arrest me. But they don't have any evidence and they have to let me go.

I go home then and turn on my computer and find the colorful webpage with the name SPENCER in the upper left-hand corner.

NOTE: The police vehicles in this dream was not like an American car. It was black and wide - almost like a humvee type vehicle.


11-5-02 - DREAM - This dream is vague and even while I was in the dream, it seemed dark and vague. Here again, I was a man and part of a gang of killers. See the previous dream.



This started out with two visions - The word ALASKA and the number 92. I was laying awake, trying to determine if the number 92 represented 92 events or the year 1992.

At that point the dreams began - I knew some of the people as people I've worked with in the past, but they weren't connected to each other in real life that I'm aware of. It was like they all had a particular job to help clean up Alaska, but each one had a specific task in separate events with various groups.


11-21-02 - DREAM - This is too vague to make anything out of. I saw nine men in blue. Maybe the council if 9?



12-2-02 - DREAM - I was working in an office where the boss and his Vice President sat out in the front office, which was neat and tidy. However, the inner room behind them was in chaos with toys on the floor, all in a jumble and even the furniture was in chaos, none of the chairs matched, nor even faced a desk or table.

I didn't actually see the boss and the Vice President, but I heard them voices, as they were trying to reassure an auditorium full of people that everything was great.

The boss introduced the Vice President in glowing terms, about how hard he worked, but I knew how either he really did, he had a black box on his desk and he hid behind a single prospectors paper when he sat at his desk. He did nothing else.

There was a woman the boss introduced and told the audience," she only wears "gray" when there is bad news."

I wanted to interrupt him and tell the audience , "She always wears gray".

Indeed, she always wore a gray suitdress. She stood up at the introduction and was wearing a gray suitdress, but not only that, she was wearing a hat made of a long black plume feather that draped around her face and ended under her chin - the sign of death.

I then saw her business card and her name was McBuffet.

I decided to go into the inner room and try to clean up the chaos.

I started by putting the 4 chairs around a small table in the center of the room. The chairs each had a different color - red, orange, yellow, and green.

Then, finally I saw the President of the company. He not only was wearing a gray suit, he was draped completely from head to toe in long black plumed feathers.



12-3-02 - DREAM - I was working in a huge factory - my job was in the office. It wasn't bright enough, so I went over to the wall, turned on the light switch.

The second shift guys were just coming in to work - they were older white-haired men, but really spry and energetic.

The painter was dressed all in white, but there was also a carpenter and a man who was in control of the water system.

The man who was in control of the water said, "Starting tonight, I'm going to put out the word that we want all the water to come in from one direction." The man indicated with his hands that all the piping should be controlled from one direction and disbursed to the other factory parts from there.

We all agreed that was a good idea and we would spread the word that that was best.

I went back to my office and some people were looking out the window, remarking about how unusual the sunset was - a storm was blowing across the sky, but we could still see breaks in the clouds where the red sunlight was trying to shine through before it went down.

I then saw two big ominous donut shaped black and white clouds side by side in the sky. I called another woman over to look at them.

When she came over to the window, I tried to point out the donut clouds in the sky, but what I was seeing was really the back ends of 3 shiny silver oil tanker trucks parked side by side in the parking lot.

I didn't' quite know what to make of that.

I got a phone call then from Mike - Joe's son - who said he got a second job at night fixing refrigerators. He was based out of Oakdale (where Hwy 108 and 120 meet) While he talked, I had a vision of a large list of cities he was responsible for. He said that his Dad could work with him - there was so much work to do - he could divide the work into two territories.

I could see from the list how much work there was to do, but I said, "Yeah! That would be a great idea, but you know your Dad doesn't like to go back out again at night, once he is sitting down.

See: http://www.greatdreams.com/donut.htm


12-5-02 - DREAM - I was living in New Berlin. I looked out the front window of the house and saw that water was rising out in the street and then I saw that the water went all the way across the valley to the south and west of us. I was grateful at that moment that we lived on the side of the hill, but at the same time, I wondered if we had enough food in the house to last until the water went down again. I knew there was no way to get the car from the garage, down the driveway to the street so we could go to the store. It was too late to get prepared for the flood now - the water was already too high.


12-7-02 - DREAM - I was working in the kitchen of a home. Animals started to die - the cats and dogs all lay on the floor as if dead, then later the dogs started to come back to life and limp around.

Women were looking for a new boyfriend. I ironed a yellow suit jacket - running the wrinkles on the jacket back into 5 parts. Each division had the names of groups of pages and blackened the name of Mozzshad Zzu.

My iron burned the name of Moshad ZU  It was area code 784 - then i saw the word 'forever'



12-8-02 - It seemed that this dream took place in a foreign country, but all the speech was English. The men in the dream were dressed rather like Indiana Jones - It had that feeling. The dream was about teaching people to read:

DREAM - A man who was a film-maker had a new concept of teaching people to read. He was showing us the words. The words themselves were English letters but had no vowels - only consonants.

One of the words appeared and where the vowel should have been in the world, there was a circle with the number 17 in it. And when I saw the number 17, I heard the name 'Mohammad'. (When I saw the number 17, my physical 4th toe on my right foot cramped up so bad, I was instantly awakened and the pain was so bad, I was forced to throw off the covers and stand up.)  I then lay back down and went instantly to sleep and the dream continued.

SEE:  http://www.greatdreams.com/sacred/17-muhammad.htm


12-23-02 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house and was trying to move some skirts on hangars from one spot to another and it was too dark to see easily so I reached over to the light switch to turn on the light. The bulbs immediately burned out. I was only a few feet from the diningroom light switch, so I reached around the corner and got a huge shock from the switch because the lightbulb was off and I caught my glove on the loose screen. I got really angry and went back out into the parlor where there was a large elf statue hanging.

I was so angry, I ripped its arm off and went to hit it on the head with its own arm. It started to speak like it was alive and I instantly apologized and said I was sorry.

The elf said, "If anything happens, will you protect us?"

I said, "Of course I would."

He said, "(this was printed on his teeth) Well Reuters Newspath just announced ... " and nothing further came. But he had been looking upward - like he was indicating the sky to the Northeast.

I woke up all upset that he didn't finish the message.  

On 12-25-02 I was thinking about how to save the elves and a voice said, "The angels are coming to your people!"  


1-13-03 - DREAM SNIPPET - I was somewhere , looking at a piece of property that was supposed to be next to a lake. The house itself was on stilts so if the water level rose, nothing would get wet, but I didn't see any water, not even the lake. Where the lake should have been was a large green meadow.

I wondered if I was in the right place and looked at the advertising brochure again. In the picture was the lake with waves coming in to shore (they were real waves moving in the picture) and there were two large stone planters with flowers blooming in them. But when I looked up from the brochures, the house looked the same, but there were no flower plants and no lake.

I wondered maybe if I was on the wrong side of the house. I looked down at the brochure again and there was the lake with waves coming into shore - looked up again and just saw green meadow.

I felt very confused.

NOTE: a sign of drought coming? ???  There are places in the west of the U.S. under years of drought conditions. Elsewhere in the world this is happening, while at the same time other areas are getting outrageous amounts of rainfall. Something is definitely wrong with the weather patterns. This is probably due to the unstable condition of the sun - OR possibly because there is another large planetary object coming from outerspace which we can't see yet, which is affecting the sun conditions.


1-15-03 - DREAM SNIPPET - The deadline to sign up for college was today, because they had a deadline of graduating from highschool by April 30, 1991 to be eligible, so this was the anniversary of that date, which would make today Apr. 30, 2001.


1-17-91 - Dream: I was having a party and all the guests were women. A man came to the door advertising a group called "MOON". It was about developing a person's psychic abilities. I wanted in the worst way to tell everyone that I was psychic, but I didn't want to just come right out and say it. So, I figured that I could just be the best at all his experiments he was going to conduct and he could be the one who would discover it for himself. My opportunity came when one of the men wanted to communicate with his boss. (He must have sneaked in) The experiment was for me to think about the communication with mental telepathy to cause the boss to call out to the man next to me. So I did that. We were on a big yellow bus at the time, going to a school. I began to think the thought, then I saw three pair of eyeglasses dangling in the sky and a voice in my head said, "No! The fourth!" and immediately the boss called out to the man next to me. I immediately announced what I had seen.

Then we went into a white sterile looking kitchen where a film was to be shown on the white wall for another experiment. The man next to me suddenly had to blow his nose and slipped out of the room, so the opportunity came for me to demonstrate my ability to the whole group. I was shown some puffy marks on a wall. I saw more and more stains on the ceiling in the kitchen and in the bathroom where the upstairs toilet was. So, I bravely announced that the person upstairs either had a leaky toilet or there was steam escaping from a broken pipe in the walls. The only way to know was to knock a hole in the wall where the pipes were. Everyone was amazed that I would know that.

3-4-91 - Dream: I was at a school and there was an air raid test. Everyone ran for cover and they did quite well except for two things. I looked into the sky and saw many rocks or bombs in a cluster (like cluster bombs) already falling from the sky and when the people went into the shelter, they didn't close the doors all the way and could be gassed to death.

4-29-91 Dream: I was on 16th St. On a chart I was shown all jobs and fun things were done in pairs by two people to perfection. (shown by two white dots for each item) I then planned to go to the 3rd St. library with a friend but on the way we ran into my friend Diane and she gave me many books and said they came from the 16th St. library and were free. so, the plans were changed to go to the 16th St. library.

I went with my friend to meet Diane on 15th St. and my friend told me that Diane had always wanted to be a singer and even if she had to use a music machine instead of a band, that's what she was determined to do. Diane had always told me that she wanted to be a dancer and I was surprised at the news.

We reached the corner of 15th St. and the two girls went arm in arm into Diane's house. They did not invite me in, but left me standing there alone. So, I left there and walked back to 16th St. by myself, noting that dawn was coming and I needn't be afraid, but henceforth, as I went to school, I would be doing all things alone.

I then was shown on another chart that all things would henceforth be done alone. And another chart showed me that lucky numbers were to be played on the waning moon.


11-11-91 - DREAM - There was no work to be had in the country, so I had gone to town to look for a job. There were no longer stores along the main city streets, they were in clusters at intervals. There were big government offices everywhere. Along 17th Street, lawns were being reconstructed and I tried to assist but there wasn't enough grass to go around.

The men were huddled around the bars, not drinking, but checking the stock market, worrying themselves sick if they had lost everything.

It was a well kept secret, but I had been chosen as mediator between sides between our country and the overtakers. The schools were being organized at this moment to march the children to government camps and take them away from their parents.

I managed to sneak up to the 20th street school where my youngest son was in 1st grade. I spotted him and grabbed him by the arm and we rushed down the street together. He said, "'I've been calling you all day, hoping you'd come and get me."

I was watching the other mothers who weren't able to find their children and rescue them before they were marched away to camp. I helped one mother up from collapsing. She was so devastated that her daughter hadn't been seen.

I knew that the secret guns were trained on Madison, (the capital city) and these children were going to be used as hostages.


1-24-2003 -   DREAM - I was working with some people and seeing what they were going through, yet looking at it from afar like I was hovering above it.

I was looking down on a large area of the U.S. like it was a 3D map. My perspective was such that I was like in the Seattle area, looking southeast.

There were pegs/posts embedded on this map, equally spaced over the entire U.S.

Each peg/post had a number similar to a zip code.

At the number 8090, which looked like it was on the Gulf coast of Texas, the wind was so strong, it was whipping up the waves of the ocean so that they were coming half way up the sides of the buildings that lined the shore.

My sight zoomed in so I was with the people. The wind was so strong, they could barely stand up against it. The people tried to put up long tunnel-like barricades against the wind, but it was impossible to work in such conditions.

Again, I was looking at the map from afar and I saw the peg/post number 4090, which again was by the ocean shore in the area of Alabama or Northern Florida where it stretches along the coast.

Here I saw the white Dove of Peace come flying in to land amongst the people.


Subj: Re: [earthchanges] An Important Dream 1-24-2003

Date: 1/24/2003 8:33:55 AM Pacific Standard Time

From: newagesister@xxx


I do dream interpretations for people and I must tell you that this dream sounds more like a vision to me. A prophetic one. Here is a possible meaning of 4090: The earth, unity and beginnings, the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, followed by unity and beginnings again.

And if my numerology isn't wrong 4090 breaks down in the number 4 meaning Earth. Which is almost like this is a meaning within a meaning.

8090 could mean Death, resurrection, beginnings, end of one cycle and the beginning of another, followed by new beginnings again. The numerology break down of this one would be 8 which is a number of death in dream interpretations.

Don't forget this dream, Dee. I think it is prophetic. Note how your mind picked numbers that seemed to fit with the events that you were seeing.

In peace,

NewAgeSister (Cami)



1-26-03 - DREAM - I was at a large school and it was time to go home. So I headed up the path towards home and came to a railroad track.

As I crossed the track, I saw a light coming - the train was coming.  That was an exciting thought.

I love trains and I was crossing the track before the train got to the path, which was all well and good, but as I turned to tell the others that the train was coming, a young blonde boy was following me and would have been on the railroad tracks when the train came.

So, I had to turn back and grab the boy up into my arms to keep him out of harm's way until the train went by. Then I could go home.

That was all well and good, but when I turned back to wait for the oncoming train, some people, riding bicycles were slowly riding down the path on the other side of the tracks and were slowly coming across the tracks to the school and didn't see or hear the train coming.

So, I yelled at them, "Get off the tracks, the train is coming."

That was all well and good, but that didn't make the people move any faster. They actually stopped on the tracks to look to see if the train was actually coming like I was saying.

Then, more and more people  came behind them, all on bicycles, dressed in heavy winter clothes.

They were all ON the track ahead of the train, riding slowly and nonchalantly. That would have been all well and good that they were coming to the school, but the train was coming down the track faster than they were riding.

I yelled even louder at them to get their attention, "THE TRAIN IS COMING, THE TRAIN IS COMING!"

Some people turned to look and see if I was telling the truth, but nobody moved faster at my warning cries. I was like my words were falling on deaf ears and I started to feel afraid for them. I just couldn't get them to move faster before the train got there.



SPIRIT MESSAGE - 1-31-03 -  Good evening: I have come to you to tell you good tidings. There are evil beings everywhere, but they have been curtailed for the time being.

In every life there are challenges and tribulations. You have had your own as well.

Some say there will be more, just for now, only peace and tranquility. It is well for now.

Though the world is war torn and more to come, the inner peace is hard to come by, but so necessary for well-being and much sought after.

For some, they never achieve it, as some only achieve one goal, another is sought, and peace is never achieved.

Not so for you. You have learned to achieve and then let go. The trials behind, the pain of achievement and trial left behind, the mind is free to feel joy and contentment. Never be afraid for joy always comes in the morning.  After every test and trial, comes joy upon the achieving of the goal.

Many are there who do not see it this way, but only see the negative tests and trials. But there are those who win and the achievement is a glorious bliss.  That is only for a few though and usually short-lived.

The The trials of men are hard even for the best of circumstances, particularly in the other countries other than your own.  You are blessed to live in such a place and helped to bring forth this glorious land in past lives.

There is much that people of faith do not accept , but we know that you do.

Be blessed and heartfelt. We bid you adieu.

Blessed BE~!


1-31-03 - VISION

I saw a newspaper article titled   POPE PREPARES FOR DEATH AND SMOOTH TRANSITION

Below the headline was a photo of the Pope and  papal guards standing on both sides of him.

SEE: pope-death.htm


2-2-03- DREAM - I was working in an office somewhere in the midwest. (not somewhere I've worked before)

I walked up to this huge typewriter that a huge black woman claimed was hers, but there were 2 purchase orders already in it that I needed to put dates on. Because the typewriter case was adjustable, but loose, all I managed to type was 5 for the month.

The black woman came and adjusted the typewriter so it would tye better but put a cloth over it so I couldn't see what it typed. Then she got angry when I could see what it typed.

This typewriter also had a huge radio as part of it and it was really loud. I managed to turn it from music to news, but couldn't find the knob to turn it off.

I looked at the purchase orders. One was for a Diffuser and the other for a pattern repair.

I was going from there to another company to work as well at a second job. I needed to change clothes to do that and changed from winter to spring clothes. But when I finally got ready I was dressed all in pink, but then I had 3 purses and since the pink one was empty and I had 2 wallets in the brown one and miscellaneous old stuff in the black one and dint' have time to move everything over, I had to leave the pink purse behind.

One of the men was there, he said he had lost a tremendous amount of weight and couldn't wear any of his winter coats, so he just walked out wearing just a silk shirt and gabardine pants.

I was bare-legged and wearing sandals and I felt tremendous joy because I loved my job and the people there so much.

I walked down the stairs and at the bottom of the steps lay a woman, crumpled up on the ground.

I helped her sit up and felt her forehead to see if she had a fever and she didn't but as soon as she sat up, she vomited out water about 10 feet.

I was astonished. She said, "That is nothing - tey say that in bad cases, they expectorate like that for 100 feet."

When she said that, I heard a black man, out of the window, made some kind of comment something like, "Why is it always us"!

At the curb a large 18 wheeler truck pulled up. It had to be loaded with items from the company to take it from the midwest to California.

The driver refused to drive the truck to California though. He said, "No farmer will drive trucks to California because all the cattle are quarantined from sickness."

I thought about driving the truck myself just for the fun of it, but I had my own job to get done.



2-8-03 - DREAM - I was told that two women were going to put on the play 'Alice in Wonderland'.

"  Born at Daresbury, Cheshire. Was educated at Yorkshire, Rugby, Oxford. Lived and worked in Oxford as Math Lecturer."

I then saw an American woman go into room 4 and start saying the lines to someone, but she was supposed to go into room 3.

I then saw a young woman go on stage and start saying the Jabborwocky speech in Russian. I could see the words while she was saying them.


Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe

Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!

He took his vorpal sword in hand:
Long time the manxome foe he sought -
So rested he by the Tumtum tree
And stood awhile in thought.

And, as in uffish thought he stood,
The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
Came wiffling through the tulgey wood,
And burbled as it came!

One, two! One, two! And through, and through
The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head
He went galumphing back.

And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?
Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
A frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!
He chortled in his joy.

Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

I then went somewhere where I was telling other people this amazing thing about the play being put on.

I decided to go down the main street to watch a race - there were thousands of people there. I went down some steps to get closer to the racers and there stood my Mom. She looked like she was about age 50 or 60 (she is now 86)

I gave her a big hug and we talked about the miracle of finding each other in a crowd this size.

We went home together so she could rest.

I decided I wanted to go find my kids who were also at the race, but two little boys came running into the room and threw themselves into my arms. They were so cute.

After they settled down and went over to play with their toys, I went into the next room and a huge white bird came from behind me and landed on my head. He wasn't heavy, but I could feel his feet entangled in my hair. There was another large colorful bird there, like a parrot, sitting on top of a large cage, who was scared of the bird sitting on my head and he came towards my chest like the children had, spread out his wings and feet and clung to me in fear like the little boy had previously. I held him to calm him down.

I may have woke up at this point as I started dreaming I was writing down the dream about the two women doing the Alice and wonderland play and seeing the words to the second girl's play in Russian.

I then started to dreamt hat I was telling someone about the two women doing the Alice and Wonderland play.

I then realized I had never written it down, that I had only dreamed that I wrote it and really needed to get up and write it down.


2-8-03 - VISION - I saw a business card announcing the play and across the top was written, "Lord of the Flies"

2-8-03 - VISION - I saw a business card announcing the play and a large black fly was crawling across it.

2-8-03 - VISION - I then saw two rows of text, referring to the play and it was repeating wider and wider

2-8-03 - VISION - I saw an e-mail receipt  from ARRES OF 11. It was about a school.

2-8-03 - VISION - I saw a letter about the school

2-8-03 - VISION -  I saw a door open - it was number 289 and 491 and it said TRAIN DAY TO GO INTO NIGHT!


2-9-03 - DREAM -  I was given a set of maps drawn on a white board. They were outlines of what looked like islands. The main island had the number 82,500 written on it.

I took this map board to an office where some people worked who would have been interested in it, but when I got there, only one girl was working and she was nowhere near where those other people worked. The whole area was dark.

There were dozens of cubicles in this office.

I saw that the area where this girl was had dim light and there was a light switch on the pillar where she was standing. So I asked her where the light switch was for the dark area and she said it was back by the door.

I didn't want to go all the way back to the door just to turn the light on, so I left without telling anyone about the map.

NOTE:  during that same day, I realized that the Turkey earthquake was quite near those islands. My perspective had been from the north and the maps on the internet were from the perspective of the south.


2-10-03 - DREAM - I was seemingly in a resort town in the Southeast. A woman with dark hair and a southern accent was giving a tour of the town in a open mini-bus.

I was on the back of the bus and she drove so fast, I felt like I was going to fall off the bus into the street.

On every corner in this town was a store where one could buy goodies to eat. The very first one was a light blue store that had a large sign painted on teh window 7 FLAVORS of icecream.

I got hired to manage an apartment building and I was checking to see which apartments were empty, because we had to repair them quickly so new people could move in. The plaster was rough in the repaired rooms -it looked like it was plastered and then finished off with the tines of a fork in a vertical direction - it wasn't smooth anywhere.

I met the plaster Mason repairman and he told me that he was going to plaster over a wooden beam archway so nobody would know it was there. I didn't like that idea because I like wooden beams in doorways to start with and by plastering over it the way he described, there would hardly be any headroom to walk under the arch and made the room look like a cave.

When I finished talking to the Mason, out in the hallways, people were lining up, waiting to go upstairs where they w ere giving away kittens at the eighth gate.

The last woman didn't have anything to carry her kitten in, so I quickly washed the dirt out of a discarded bowl that was chipped, but had handpainted fruit on it, that she could carry her kitten in.

I then planned to walk over to the rental office so they could give me a list of empty apartments so we could get them ready for occupancy.



2-25-03 - DREAM - I was in a large city. I was crossing a wide street like a boulevard. There was traffic going both ways.

I saw an American plane coming in low. It had white wings and had a dark circle with a white star in the center on the end of the wings. It slammed down into the street and ended up underneath the center boulevard, lucky not hitting any cars. The plane itself was in deep water under the boulevard and I could see the pilots' arm stick out from the fuselage, so I pulled his body out of the water. He was a thin, smallish man, waring a dark green pilot's uniform, like in the airforce. He wasn't dead.

I asked him his name but he couldn't speak. I quickly dialed 911 on my cell phone to get him some help.


2-26-03 - As I closed my eyes, I had two visions in a row - SEWELL MOUNTAIN, and another mountain name- both of which were used for radar tracking for incoming missiles or planes.


3-1-03 - VISION - Some kind of drug overdose and there were 2 white missiles like Iraqs' laying on stands in the parking lot.


3-1-03 - VISION - two black and gold fountain pens standing side by side on a desk to sign an agreement. (This might have something to do with the UN agreements that the US is working on about Iraq.


3-1-03 - DREAM - I was in my bedroom and there was a bookcase next to it. My small daughter came into the room and wanted information about two wars we had fought. I got two 'THIN' books out of the bookcase to give her the information.

NOTE: A prediction of a 'short' Iraqi war?


3-5-03 - DREAM - I dreamed I was looking at a computer screen about the number 9886. I was trying to read it, but I could only read parts of it. It was about tan island. It came to met hat the island was Madagascar.

I continued to try to read it but was unable to see a whole sentence.

I was then given two more words in my head about Madagascar. One was 'horrible' and one was 'scurvy.


3-6-03 - VISION - I saw a large hospital room with a soldier laying in bed with a black mask on his face. Then the door opened and a huge soldier dressed in green camouflage came in, carrying a weapon and wearing a hazmat breathing mask on his face.


3-6-03 - VISION - I saw a picture frame with a country scene. The bottom half of the picture was divided into two horizontal halves. It began to rain on the top half and the bottom half which was labeled THE EARTH turned white and froze over.



I was working for Ralph (the Jewish Judge) in an office. (I used to work for him in the real - in the real estate business)

He took out his briefcase (reddish brown) and pulled out a 3 -ring binder and handed it to me to work on. He showed me what my password was to get into the binder which had a lock on it.

Inside the binder was a series of colored maps of the continents. Over each map was a plastic overlay on which the changes were to be made with colored pencils.  Each overlay had a rectangular area marked out which overlay the coastlines of each continent.  I was also given the colored pencils and given the job of making the changes on the maps.

At the end of the day, I took the binder of maps and the briefcase home with me and Ralph had broken the lock on the briefcase. (The seal was broken)

SEE the book of Revelation about the seals.


3-10-03 - DREAM - I was looking at a computer screen and given my own password to get into a special program that showed the changes that are coming. (I couldn't actually read any of them, but they were numerous)


3-15-03 - THE PLAGUES

VISION - I saw 6 flashing stars with outgoing energy around them.

VISION - I then saw 6 mice-like creatures of varying sizes with outgoing energy around them.

VISION - I then saw 6 men dancing and was told that 'humanity's dance has begun'.  They were all facing left in profile.

VISION - I then saw a dark blue starry sky, with vermin and strange light blue symbols flashing behind them. This was not any recognizable language that I know of. After I woke up, it seemed that maybe the symbols might have been crop circles.  Anyway it seem extraterrestrial.

VISION - I saw an chartreuse green background with 6 white mice on it facing left.

VISION - I saw a light blue background with 6 white mice on it facing left.

Then outside I heard a crash of thunder and it started pouring rain like the whole sky was falling down. Oddly enough an hour later, the sky was blue like nothing had every happened, except there were puddles in the streets larger than there had been all winter.  That's how much rain had fallen in a few minutes.





4-1-03 - DREAM -  Was titled:  Abbreviations & FREEZING

               Dreams #2  was titled:  FREEZING & Abbreviations

In both dreams I was living in a large apartment building with my kids and their friends. The kids were out of school for the day, so I put them all to work vacuuming and cleaning the hallways and doing the dishes in a big silver stainless steel sink which was also in the hallways.

I told them we needed to be done by the end of the day so we could move.


4-8-03 - DREAM - I was working at a park, taking care of kids and playing games with them. My boss came up to me and asked me if I would do an extra job for him, which was to double-check the financial records of the bank. There was some kind of discrepancy in the records. The records of the mortgage payments had already been done by someone else and there was still a discrepancy. He handed me a stack of little pieces of paper, about an inch thick on which someone had listed all the mortgage payments for each year.  He told me to look for all the dash marks after each payment and see if any were missing. I wanted to know if the marks were 'good' or 'bad'. He didn't know and told me to call Carole at the bank and find out. He said that her phone number was '500'. There was a phone right there, so I punched in '500' on the keypad.

Carole answered right away and I described the situation.  She didn't now what was right or wrong.

While I was contemplating that, a woman came to the park with her kids and asked me if she could help. She pointed behind me and I turned around and saw this huge blanket laid out with all kinds of food on it that needed to be put away before the kids would get sick on it.

I didn't really have time to check the all these bank records when the kids health was at jeopardy if the food wasn't put away.

I went into the kitchen of the building there and started to put the food away and three men came in. These were big burly fisherman. They too made a comment about the food being put away and I was already doing that, so I felt a little angry about that.

I saw some post-card type pieces of paper, each of which had a picture of a large fish hanging up by the tail that these guys had photographed. It started to come to me that there was something wrong with these fish and I noticed that each one of these guys had cough drops and each one of them was trying to suppress coughing fits and it was related to the fish.

One of the little boys came into the room and wanted something to eat, so I opened the refrigerator door and right on top was a Hershey's candy bar. I figured that was healthier than the other food right at that moment.

NOTE: I wonder if this is related to SARS.  What I've heard is that it is caused by Chinese farmers raising geese with pigs. ???  Avian (bird) flu goes into the pigs and then they eat the pigs.


4-18-03 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building somewhere in Milwaukee.

A better opportunity came up for me so I moved up the street about a block to a different building. I was so much liked by the people in my building, half of them moved to the new building with me.

I hadn't yet picked up the "media" mail for the new building, so I got the key, which was a round key and not a normal key and opened the box - it was empty.

While I was standing there, I overheard a Geraldo Rivera look-alike  talking to two painters as they walked by.  He said that three Cong men who were sleeping around with some white woman so endangered a Tulghur operation, they were taken out by the C.I.A.

When I got into my office, I told this bit of news to a psychologist friend. She said there was no way  anyone could have known information like that. As I was talking to her, the radio was on with the news and the announcer began talking about the tulghur area and some war operation that happened 25 years earlier.

I said to the psychologist, "How could I know such information, even if I  dream it, even if I sat in front of the TV day and night 25 years ago?"

She couldn't answer the question. She didn't know.

NOTE: I found people in Ankara, Turkey with the last name of Tulgar. There is also a race of virtual people named Tulgar in the game "Spacemaster".

Is this symbolic for something more sinister in the real world?

Soviet carrier resumes last voyage

November 1, 2001

ISTANBUL, Turkey -- A relic of Russia's Soviet-era military might has finally been allowed to continue on its final journey to a new home after a 15-month legal wrangle between Turkey and China.

The engineless hulk of the vast aircraft carrier Varyag has been sold off to China as a floating "fun palace."

The vessel's voyage to China stalled last year at the mouth of the Bosporus since when Beijing has haggled with Turkey for permission for it to pass from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean.

Ankara had insisted the Varyag -- bought by a Chinese firm for $20 million -- posed too great a danger to bridges across the channel and historic buildings and homes in Istanbul.

Finally, after a deal was reached, the Varyag got the go-ahead to risk the tight curves and powerful currents of the strait -- the sole passageway between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean -- on Thursday.

In the event, the grey giant passed without incident through the strait into the Sea of Marmara -- though its passage was witnessed by a large crowd as traffic came to a halt.

Normal traffic through the Bosporus resumed by mid-afternoon after the unfinished flattop completed its six-hour passage. A normal oil tanker would make the trip in 1.5 hours.

"It was a successful operation," said Hucum Tulgar, head of Istanbul's shore security and marine rescue service.

Warning sirens whooped and sea traffic in both directions ceased as the 300-metre (1,000-foot) Varyag slid past historic palaces and mosques in a 12-ship convoy of pilots and tugs.

After Turkey refused transit permission, Chinese payments to ITC, the Dutch tugboat company, dried up.

Joop Timmermanns, the head of ITC, saw the passage of the Varyag as the end of a nightmare.

It cost the company $8,000 a day to keep the Varyag circling in the Black Sea while high-level delegations shuttled between Beijing and Ankara.

"It's all over now," Timmermanns, told Reuters. "The Chinese have settled all the money issues.

"The issue now is whether the Varyag goes through the Suez canal or south around the Cape of Good Hope."

Aircraft carriers were a key element in Moscow's plans, launched in the 1970s, for a navy strong enough to project Soviet power across oceans and rival Washington on the high seas.

However, only one carrier of the illustrious Kuznetsov class, Varyag's sister ship, the Admiral Kuznetsov, made it into service before the fall of the Soviet regime in December 1991.

The 55,000-tonne Varyag was to have housed missiles, guns, 2,500 men and 35 warplanes, but the Soviet Union abruptly collapsed when it was only 80 percent built.

For years it had lain at the Ukraine naval yard known in Soviet times as Nikolayev and now by its Ukrainian name Mykolayiv.

The Admiral Kuznetsov passed to Russia but attempts to finance completion of the Varyag failed.

Now a Chinese company -- Agencia Turistica e Diversoes Chong Lot Limitada -- plans to convert it into a pleasure palace of casinos, restaurants, hotel rooms and other entertainments, utilizing its 160 meters (525 feet) long and 30 meters (100 feet) wide main hangar and 300 metre (1,000 foot) flight deck.


5-9-03 - DREAM- I was in a huge non-place room where a meeting had been called. I was with a man named David D, who I used to work with at A-C. I'm missing some details here I think, but something needed to be repaired.
I was shown the female pattern for the repair. It looked like this.

Then I was shown the male pattern for the repair. It looked like this:

Then I was shown there was only one female patch and it was inside a jar of some kind of crystalline fluid, swirling in a circle. It seemed that an angel would use it.

Then I was shown 25 of the male patches, but they were held up like shields and all of a sudden ll these men were on horses and the men and horses became crystalline - all lined up in a row like warriors.

David said that he didn't feel right about something about his job, so I advised him, "If something doesn't feel right, the best thing to do is to go forward and move on."

It was time to leave then and we crawled over a counter-like barrier in the doorway - out into a dimly lit hallway where some teen girls were walking by.

One of them asked, "Who are you?" and I answered, "ME". She said, "Who is ME?" and I answered by pointing at myself , "ME!"


5-18-03 - DREAM - I was living in a small town or city somewhere in an apartment. I had my life going okay and my apartment cleaned up and then my husband Ed came home from prison.

He decided he would get a job and that was a good thing, but he decided he would get a job driving and that worried me.

He was one from the house and it was starting to get dark out.  I heard sirens outside and looked out the window towards the nearest intersection. The sound was like that of firetrucks. I waited for the red flashing lights of the fire trucks to go by the intersection but they didn't.

I could still hear the siren and I could see a  huge red glow in the sky to the north and woke up.

NOTE: There were a lot of fires in Northern California during the late summer and fall of the year.  There were also terrible fires in the south of California and northern Mexico and my cousin Jackie died of a heart attack while trying to evacuate the fires.  Her children lost their home to the fire in northern Mexico.

5-20-03 - DREAM - I was living in a semi-rural area. We were going to do a rehearsal to fight a big fire. We would have plenty of warning. Before our fire, there would be 3 Alaskas, an Australia, and a United States event. We weren't ready to fight this big fire yet. None of our equipment was ready. Our vehicle was full of junk, I didn't have my red fire-fighting jacket yet, every piece of electrical equipment had something wrong with it. The problem was, the men who normally fixed those things were off with their buddies. (I was shown black silhouettes of 3 Alaskas, one Australia, and 1 U.S. )

My new husband left me standing there in my nightgown because his buddy came to get him. He explained, "We'll always have each other, but my biddy only comes over once a week,"

I wanted to tell him I wouldn't be there when he got back, but I kept my mouth shut.

The women were gathering outside to rehearse to fight the fire and I went in and out the kitchen window 12 times before they were really ready.

I sent one of my friends to my apartment to get my red fire jacket.

Meanwhile, the chickens came to be fed. There were dozens of them - all dark brown and red chickens. The chicken feed was in the shed and when I got there, someone had piled all kinds of paint equipment on top of the chicken food container.

Finally, as I headed for the fire rehearsal someone showed me a map that showed the road we had to follow that went almost straight north.

I told them I was familiar with that map because we went that way to visit relatives every year.

NOTE: Psychic Hans Christian King said: There will be a pole shift in 2012.  We won't get get hit with a comet in our lifetime or our children's lifetime, but one would come and completely destroy earth. Mankind has been wiped off earth 4 times.  The U.S. will be hit with a nuclear bomb that will kill 125,000 people instantly within 3 years.

5-22-03 - DREAM - (The radio was on while I dreamed this)
I saw the moon come up. On the top of the moon was a long dome-shape housing something. It was labeled MOAB (Mother of all bombs?)

Next I saw a pyramid-shaped dome, but I couldn't tell what was in it.

I woke up worried about that.

I turned off the radio, then had this dream.

DREAM #2 - I was in a house or apartment in a big city. I was sitting in the livingroom and heard two male voices yelling at someone that they were going to murder them.

I ran to the window, planning to call 911, but I couldn't figure out which house or apartment the voices had come from. I didn't want to dial 911 and have the cops go to the wrong house and someone get killed because I made a mistake.

So I thought about transferring my hone to another apartment upstairs, then go out into the hall and outside and see if I could hear more voices and pinpoint where the threats had come from.

I went outside and saw Irv R car parked at the curb at the next intersection. I could see he wasn't in the car and I didn't see him coming down the street either. I decided I couldn't just stand there and wait for him. I had to do whatever I needed to do without him then. (Irv died in December 2002)

I went back to my apartment and started cleaning up, so that when I called the cops, the house would be clean.

There was a box of crayons on the sofa. It was a long, flat box. It looked like there was probably about 2000+ colors in it, but all the crayons were in a million tiny pieces, just barely big enough to hold in two fingers, no wrapper and all mixed up. I decided I had better buy the kids a new box of crayons.

Somehow, while cleaning, I found out that what I had seen on the moon was to protect it from bad-meaning intruders, and the voices threatening to murder someone was a rehearsal also meant to protect the people.

So, knowing that, I no longer had to call the cops, and was able make my apartment clean and pretty to see.

NOTE:  This seems to be about terrorist threats against the US.

5-27-03 - DREAM - I walked into the livingroom of a large house and a voice said gently - "Eldred!!!"

I knew my name was Dolores, but I decided to go with this and see what happened. So now I was Eldred Moore and I knew I had a sister named Elizabeth.

I heard a cry of a baby upstairs, so I ran up the staircase and found a baby girl in a crib. The baby had light brown skin, which surprised me but I looked at her and she was obviously Hindu with a broader, longer nose than American babies have. She was beautiful though and I stroked the skin of her arm and admired her.

All of a sudden, the room started to shake so I could barely stand up. My other loved ones were downstairs and I had to see if they were okay. I ran to the stairs and the air felt heavy and instead of walking down the stairs, I floated down through the opening and the air was full of every piece of dust and debris that existed. It too was suspended in the air like I as and then we all started descending like I was - slowly.

I finally reached the bottom of the staircase and ran outside.

Coming from the house next door were 3 friends I knew from highschool but who were adults now. They were all laughing hysterically. 

I said, "Did you feel the earthquake? I sounded like I was scared and panic stricken. They laughed and said, "Yes " in unison. They didn't seem scared at all.

I said, "This was my first earthquake."

I woke up instantly and asked Joe if he had felt an earthquake - thinking maybe there really was one and it generated the dream, but he said, "No!" There was no earthquake.


I was in Milwaukee at A-C. Some girls wanted to tour the building and were rather freaked out about using our elevator so I went up with them. Normally A-C had 4 stories but in this dream it had 8 and you could see the bricks whizzing by as we went up. The girls were all freaked out by this, but to me it was normal.

I enjoyed watching them freak out. I was used to it.

We got off the elevator on the 8th floor and oddly enough this was where I lived as well worked.

The first apartment we looked at belonged to a young woman friend. It was so overly stuffed with material things, one could barely walk through the apartment. It was a real mess.

Then we saw the same identical apartment with nothing in it but the bare walls and furniture and it was really nice and I admired it and could imagine putting my own things in it. It even had a nice wrought iron set of book shelves.

We then went into another apartment. I can't say it was mine because it was awfully strange.

There were a lot of black people visiting and I was told they were going to show the film Gone with the Wind, which is my all-time favorite movie and book. I was shown that there were nine versions of the film but only 4 were approved.

I had the same problem as the first women - too much - 'stuff', so I had to move a couple small items and the stereo so the film could even be shown.

Then I went to the kitchen to get a snack, and there was a chimpanzee ape-like creature sitting at the kitchen table making himself a sandwich.

I told him he would really like peanut butter sandwiches and he walked over to the sink and showed me, he had already made himself some peanut butter sandwiches with the peanut butter was 2" thick on top of toast.

There was a little girl here too - she looked to be about 2 years old. She had one of those little pails kids play with at the beach.

I watched her as she walked over to the ocean shore (on the 8th floor????) and dipped out a pail of water to play with.

I was told by someone out of sight that there were 13 dangerous pollutants in that water. It was all foamy on top like soap suds, but I knew she didn't put soap in it. then she crawled under the sink to play in this pail of water that was so thick with pollutants that I couldn't even see down into the pail, so I had to take it away from her.

Just then the film started. As soon as it started, I knew it wasn't a version I was familiar with - The scene was in a basement where there was a low-slung miner's vehicle with some people on it along with some blocks of ice.

The vehicle headed for a tunnel which was lined with an arched ceiling made of bricks. The amount of ice on the vehicle was too tall and it got stuck in the brick tunnel and repelled back out, looking like it had been jammed and fashioned into a sparkling rectangular igloo

and I woke up.




6-8-03 - DREAM - I was in a house somewhere. I looked out the window and saw my Father wrestling with a cow right up against the house. (I would call it a steer)  I got scared and ran to the opposite side of the room to call my sons so they could help my Father. I saw my sons out the window on the lawn and saw them struggling to subdue a two-pronged red deer with a jacket over its horns and eyes. 

That really scared me, so I ran outside and saw some people opening up an old house that had been boarded up for many years. They looked like a friendly family but they had a big red dog with them and they lost control of it and it started running towards me. I was already backing up, running toward me. I was already backing up around the corner of the house and ran inside and shut the door. 

Inside the kitchen, I discovered I had cooked way too much meat for dinner. I had a huge roasted turkey in one oven and a roasted duck in another oven.

We didn't need all that food for one meal no matter how good it was. But because of all the excitement, I wasn't ready for dinner and saw there were dishes all over the kitchen that had to be washed first before we could sit down to eat. 

As I woke up, but still in the dream, a low pitched male voice said, "Don't worry, the triple threat of Montauk is 55 miles away from Long Island." and I had the a vision of Montauk along the coast of the land across the gap of water between it and Long Island.

NOTE: As I told Joe about this dream, on TV - a commercial came on showing the fear of a man running from the ghosts of the past. 


6-11-03 - DREAM - I was working on a computer, trying to track 3 different germs as they moved from East to West across the country. There was some data on the program that seemed not to need to be there, so I tried deleting it, but it couldn't be done because the government had put it in place and I couldn't change it. 


After that I started making the rounds of my apartment building and I and the maintenance men were given new Master keys. (They open ALL the locks in buildings)  I suggested to one of the cleaning women that she test her key to make sure it worked, but it was both pouring rain and snowing heavily at the same time outside, so I told her she could wait until it subsided before she did that. 

I was talking to my friend Donna on the phone who lived in New York. She said she was going to send me a brochure in the mail that I needed to see. 

I went to do my round of the building and when I came back to my apartment, one of the girls who worked for me was delivering the mail and that brochure was there already. 

Most of the mail was on the floor still and I gathered it up. Some of it was colorful Native American catalogs or brochures, but the brochures from Donna was there already. It contained a detailed story of a major female news anchor who got cancer of the face. They allowed her to stay on the job and document the process.  The brochure became like a set of animated videos. It showed her face and voice deteriorating and her voice becoming more and more masculine. Then they showed diagrams of how they took her eye out and implanting a new eye. It was miraculous surgery. Then they showed her back on TV.  She now had short hair and talked like a man, but at least she was alive. 


6-12-03 - DREAM - (I had the same dream twice, but telling the problem to different people with the same frustrating result - that I knew the problem, but it was out of my hands to solve it and it freaked me out that I couldn't personally do anything about it. Besides that, I think I've had this same dream before.)

I was working at A-C in my old job as purchasing secretary. The men with the real responsibility weren't there - they were on vacation and not reachable.

I got a phone call from a machining company, telling me that we hadn't yet shipped them a stainless steel part - an impeller - so they couldn't machine it and they would be late to deliver it. 

I told the man I would check on the part, see where it was, and get back to him. 

I went to my boss' desk and pulled out the purchase order to find out exactly what part it was, then went to the pattern card file and got the pattern card where all the information for the pattern is recorded as to who made the part. 

The pattern card had nothing written on it since 1964, which meant that the pattern hadn't even been looked at, much less moved either to a pattern shop, or a casting manufacturing place to make the part yet, much less shipped to the machinist. 

I would have to call all the pertinent companies myself to straighten out the mess since my boss was not available, but first I had to find out where the pattern was. 

My first husband came into the office and I tried to explain the problem to him, knowing he would understand as he worked for a company that made castings - in fact - I had personally shipped patterns to his company and he had personally made some castings from my patterns. 

However, - it was lunchtime and he had to leave and go back to work, so I walked out into the company yard with him. 

There was a huge concrete all around the yard with a heavy concrete door which was opened by pulling on a cut off tree branch. 

He went through the door and it closed, leaving me alone in the enclosure. When I went to open the door, I found that the tree branch was old and rotten and it broke off in my hands. So, I reached up for a better grip and more of it broke off. Now there was nothing left to even grab hold of - so I pounded on the concrete door to try to get someone's attention and my fists against the concrete made absolutely no sound at all. 

But all was not lost. I had a bird there I thought I would tie a handwritten note to his foot and set him free and someone would see the note and come and find me locked in the concrete box of a yard when they found the bird.

So, I went to get the bird I would tie the note onto and the bird flew up into the air but its feet were caught on something and the bird rose into the air, leaving its feet behind.

This so freaked me out, I woke up. 

I went back to sleep and was now again in the office and trying to explain the problem of the missing pattern not being moved since 1964 - the boss being on vacation and unreachable. 

The girl I was explaining it to had her own problems to deal with and was trying to call for help for that. Besides that, she had no responsibility for the problem for the pattern.

Then, I realized that it wasn't my problem either since I didn't even work there anymore.

I felt so frustrated that I pounded on the wall like before - yelling - "I want to go back to work," but I couldn't - I was too old and had already retired - 

I was so frustrated, I woke up. 

NOTE :  See Alaska Dangers


6-13-03 - DREAM - I was looking at a map of Alaska - one of those kind where you can see the mountains and the valleys and all the colors in green and brown. 

Then - on this map were 7 vortexes - 6 in a large center and one in the center . These vortexes were set in place by electric wires and connected. 

A group of men had done this. I couldn't actually see the connecting wires but I knew they were there - underground. 

I was determined to figure out how to disconnect them, because of something went wrong on one of the vortexes while they were connected, they would all go off at once. 

While I was thinking about that puzzle, I was laying bed and a whole bunch of people came in to have a party and it was only 8 a.m. I didn't bother to get up, I just laid in bed and relaxed.

About 8:30 a.m., most of the people left, except for a couple. One really tall guy sat on the bed next to me and questioned me as to why I didn't get up and join the party and I said, "I was too lazy to get up. I just felt like being lazy." 

Finally, he lay down on the bed and I moved over to make room for him on my right. I no sooner did that and another guy got into bed on the man's right, so I moved over again to make room for the 2nd man. Then I noticed that the 2nd man was G. H. (my IOESOUS)

So, I got out of bed and walked around the bed and got back in on his right. That felt really good to have him next to me. 

Then a woman came over to talk to us and the other guy left. This woman looked like Joy Badar - the comedian, but she was saying things like a magical healer woman - or shaman and G.H. was having a problem with his stomach. 

She told G.H. to lay down on the bed with his head toward the clock. 

By this time, we had changed positions 4 times and were now back to where our heads were towards the top of the bed like normal and clock was above our heads.

Joy - The Shaman started staying a healing chant over G.H.'s body to heal him. 

Then she asked me how long we had known each other and  I said, "Since we were 18." She wanted to know if he had seen me before I had my teeth straightened. 

I said, "He's seen me at my absolute worst, and I've seen him at his absolute worst," and we still care about each other. 

I woke up and saw a vision of a photograph of my friend Michelle and her husband Paul at the top of a roller coaster about to go down the 1st run and she was already screaming. Paul looked scared too. 

To me, it didn't look like the roller coaster was very big - more like a kid size. 




6-25-03 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house. I went into the pantry and saw that the electrical cord was on fire, leading to the refrigerator. I got scared and ran all the way to the garage to tell my Father because he was an electrician and he could take care of it.

I opened the garage door and said to my Father, "I don't want you to have a heart attack but the wire to the refrigerator is burning." At the same moment, I realized I could turn off the refrigerator so it wouldn't need that live wire. 

I ran back to the house with my Father right behind me, ran up the stairs to the kitchen, dashed into the pantry and shut off the electrical power switch to the refrigerator.

I didn't see any fire in the electrical line when I ran back in, but there wouldn't be a sire for sure, but now the refrigerator would get warm.

As I woke up, I saw the year 1923. 

1923 New Hampshire ~ Good-by and Keep Cold by Robert Frost
1923 New Hampshire ~ Good-by and Keep Cold by Robert Frost Thousands of poems to
browse or send to a friend or love. ... 1923 New Hampshire Good-by and Keep Cold. ...

February 1, 1923
... 18 ft. Yawl for Cincinnati Mine February 12, 1923. February 15, 1923 Cold Day 8 o
above. January 29, 1923 to February 15, 1923. Click on image to view full page. ...
freepages.history.rootsweb.com/ ~jmohney/new_page_132.htm


6-25-03 - VISION - I saw an airplane that was shaped weirdly - it was non-aerodynamic.  Then I saw 3 more of them.

Airplane Exhibits - Indiana Aviation Museum
... The large, non-aerodynamic gas-guzzling P-47 fighters of that time were simply too
inefficient to escort bombers all the way to the target, fight, and return. ...
www.in-am.org/exhibits/Mustang_history2.asp - 11k - Cached - Similar pages

USAF, F-117 Nighthawk Stealth fighter Movies
... Also, with all of the very non-aerodynamic facets, the F117 Stealth Fighters had
to ... The modern stealth airplane is defined as a plane with a low radar return ...
www.yellowairplane.com/Books_n_Videos/ F-117_Stealth_Movies.html


6-26-03 - DREAM - I was in a high-rise building in downtown Milwaukee, probably around 6th St. north of Wisconsin Ave. I could hear a loud machinery noise and looked out the window. Across the street, at the end of the block, some men had a large steam shovel where they were demolishing a building. They were working extra fast towards the end of the workday, trying to get done before quitting time.

I could tell they weren't following safety procedures very well and I saw some guy almost got hit in the head with flying bricks. He just managed to get away with that accident waiting to happen and a huge hole about 50 feet across just suddenly dropped down into the  ground about 20 feet. That same man and about 10 to 15 others were at the bottom of the hole now, scrambling to save themselves. I could see by standing on tiptoes that the men were rescued okay.

A scary sight to be sure. 



7-3-03 - DREAM - I was in a city somewhere. It was dark outside and I was in a huge parking lot behind a row of stores. There was a big puddle of blood behind one of the cars. I thought  I should report this because it might be human blood, but I didn't have a call phone to call 911. I ran over to the line of stores which were all closed and dark and I saw some police and fire alarm boxes where I could just pull the handle down, but then I thought the cops might think that  I had killed a person in the parking lot. myself, so I didn't want to do that either. 

There was a large box type truck there and  I decided to drive that. I don't know if it was mine or not - and when I drove through the parking lot, I drove right through the puddle of blood and now the blood was all over the wheel that went through the puddle.

I was really scared and woke up.


 8-7-03 - DREAM SNIPPET - I was driving down the street and came to a car without windows that a homeless couple and child were sleeping in.

NOTE: This is all too common in our big cities these days.


8-14-03 - DREAM - I was seeing several pages of separate paragraphs like a record of something that happened. At the right of each photo of a layer of seeds. The photos were fine until the last 3. There were no seeds in the last 3 photos.  (famine?)



|         |        |         |
              end time -  year ended in 04

I asked to see it again so I could the whole date, but when I saw it, the words were too blurry to read.


Hello Dee,

I am passing along a prophetic dream I had on August 12, 2003.

 In this dream, I was taken to a palace and shown
a king laying in bed, asleep.  His wives and daughters were in the next room, combing their hair and adorning themselves with jewelry.
I was taken above the city outside of the palace, and given an aerial view of the city.  The city was old and had many white stone-type buildings and structures. Some of the streets were paved, but for the most part they were narrow dirt streets.  As I watched, I suddenly heard a sound like an explosion. Then there seemed to be many explosions and fire broke out.  The ground underneath the city suddenly began to ripple with a wave-like motion, much as you would expect to see with a tidal wave. As
the ground rippled, all of the homes and the buildings began to pancake down.
People began running and screaming in every direction in an effort to escape...everything began to burn around them.  I saw 3 little
girls run into a building to try and escape, and a split second later the building collapsed and caught fire. I then saw what 
appeared to be an elderly man with a white beard dressed in black robes that made me think of the Greek Orthodox religion. He suddenly fell down in the street..dead. After that, I found myself back in the bedroom of the king's palace. He was just beginning to wake up. As he awoke and sat up, his wives and daughters came into the room.
 Suddenly, I felt this awful choking sensation in the middle of my chest and a deep man's voice came out of me and began to speak and it said:  "The end is coming...because of your sins and transgressions I have taken away your cup of anointing, and in it's place I have given you a cup of blood, the cup of my wrath." Right after that, I woke up.

A week later, on August 19th, I was awakened by my youngest son. He was frightened.  He had had a dream. In the dream, he awoke from being asleep to find the house dark. None of the lights worked. He was scared because he felt as though something bad was present, but he couldn't see what it was. He ran out of his room because he felt he was being chased. He ran to my bedroom, and he said when he came into the room, I suddenly sat up in bed and began to speak in a deep man's voice and said, "The end begins August 27th" He said after I had spoken, blinking lights suddenly appeared in front of him and they spelled out the words: "A-bomb"
After that, he woke up and immediately came to wake me, and tell me about his dream.

I never told my son the details of my dream.
Everything I have said is the truth. You have my permission to share these dreams, if you wish.
Love & Peace,

10-5-03 - DREAM - I was working in a large office, putting together a list of information that included coordinates that had to be in the correct order.

We also lived in this place and we had to feed the women and girls who worked here.

Michele was making a salad and I was the supervisor of the food supplies. 

Most of the women pitched in to buy food, all except for one. All she had left in the freezer was a package of corn on the cob which had 6 large cobs in it. All the rest of the food had been eaten. 

I gave Mary a package of corn on the cob and a box of macaroni and cheese with which she could feed her children.

Everyone could be fed one last time and then the food would be gone. After that, only those who were working and contributing would be fed. Even Mary's young daughter was working.

While I was walking through the office I noticed a puddle of water on the floor. I looked up and there was water coming down from a light fixture where our only light was coming from. There was a great danger here - a big explosion could occur - electricity and water together in a light fixture is dangerous. 

Mary's daughter was working quite near this area. 

I called Clarence the electrician to turn off the electricity and fix the water problem. 

He came immediately, but that meant that we would have no light, no water, no heat, no cooked food, and besides that the women who didn't contribute would not be getting fed once she ate her last package of corn. 


10-6-03 - DREAM - I can't remember the details of this dream - except it seems I was high in the sky  - an extra large being, and I were reaching over a fence and pushing out into extinction one wild animal after another. 

10-21-03 - VISION

A stack of envelopes. The prominent one was a window envelope with a hand filled out form in the window written in heavy black ink. My impression was that it had something to do with Social Security. It had a negative feeling to it. 

Vision #2 - A light blue check. Down on the right side was written the words "Pole Shift" - It wasn't where the signature was - but right above where the signature would be. It didn't appear that the check was signed ... yet.

4-11-04 - DREAM - I was given the opportunity to go to an observatory to watch Comet #8 go by the earth.

The man handed me a special mesh webbed headgear to wear for the event.

I took off my baseball cap to put on the headgear. It was shaped like a baseball cap on top but had tight mesh face mask over it like a welder's mask except this had a narrow slit in front of the eyes to see the comet and not get pocked in the face by the debris that was expected to be accompanying the comet flyby.

There had been 7 comets previous to this and comets ARE dangerous.

updated 1-5-05  -INCOMING COMETS




4-25-04 - DREAM : I had a global warming dream this morning, you will find interesting:

I was in my livingroom, which was sunken and I was trying clean while walking around in 4" of water, and water was falling from the ceiling and my hair was in my face and wet and I was a wreck, wet and cold and getting angry at not being able to control the water which was everywhere.

Someone suggested I go shopping, so I went to buy a coat. They had an awesome black and white diamond patterned raincoat in a size 21 - the only one one there was - The pattern was a swirling one - like a whirlwind. I held it up against myself and it only covered 1/4 of me. I was very upset that the only coats that would fit me were bright yellow.

So, I went home and a friend suggested we go to the library. She left ahead of me and I followed her up a flight of stairs and along a long, long hallway with doors leading to other rooms along the way. When I got to the other end without catching up to her, there were people standing around, even standing inside the elevator, which wasn't moving - waiting to go home. So I headed back down the hallway, thinking I might have missed my friend in one of those rooms. Half way back I came to an area where Christmas presents had been left for people but not picked up. Prominent amongst the gifts was a large silver crock pot. I reached out to pick up the crock pot and take it home and it started showing me messages which were: 

"France cannot control warming."
"US awards warming contract to INESCOE"
"INESCOE cannot control warming."
"US controls warming."

End of Dream.

My question: How can the US decimate warming? What does that mean exactly?

UNESCO: global warming links



December 17, 2003 - DREAM (implanted in my head after I heard a bell ring in my ear: 

There were 2 puzzles on the floor  -one with small pieces and 1 with large pieces. These had to be put together before we could leave.

So, I did the large pieced puzzle. It was of the United States. The right half of the U.S. was divided from the left half, at the Mississippi River.

So, I pulled the right half over to the left half and stuck them together. Missouri was a large Teddy Bear. Wyoming had a train locomotive with smoke coming out of its stack and was lower than the other pieces like there was a layer missing.   (Wyoming is where Yellowstone is) See: http://www.earthmountainview.com/yellowstone/yellowstone.htm

I finished up my part of the cleaning and left to go home. On the way, it was like I was flying over the roadway and all the traffic was going East and people were in a panic and passing each other in their hurry. I saw two cars crash and roll end over end. I stopped to access the crash and damage and I watched, along with other people as the car repaired itself into a picture like a house until it looked better than brand new. It was amazing to watch.


4-28-04 - DREAM - I was in an apartment, laying in bed. It was the middle of the night, and my husband hadn't come home from work because there was an emergency and he had to stay until he got the problem solved. I was all concerned that maybe he was lying to me and was really out with some woman and if he was, I'd get my locks changed and divorce him. 
I heard a door slam next door and I thought my neighbor was leaving for work.  Right then a man came to my door. He was dressed in a black coat and hat, smoking a cigarette. He came to the door with a firefighter in a red, full fire-fighting regalia and hat.
I was scared to start with and asked the man who he was. He said, "I'm Ken Kerri." ( I was yelling in the dream and out loud in the physical as well) I asked, "What do you want?"  

He said, "I need help."

Then the firefighter left. I told Ken Kerri he shouldn't be smoking. He didn't comment on that, then I asked him what he needed and he didn't answer. He started walking down the hall to go outside and I yelled after him, "What do you need, what do you need?" He walked out the door into the dark without telling me exactly what he needed.
Right after the outside door closed, the door opened on the room across the hall. Robert Redford and Paul Newman came out side by side. Robert Redford glanced over at me and then they followed Ken Kerri outside into the dark.
Then my son Michael came to the door and told me that the school bus was going to pick him up at 3:30 a.m. because it was snowing outside and the roads were drifting shut with blowing snow.
I started to wake up and Joe poked me and asked me what I was dreaming. So I told him the dream and Joe told me I was yelling out loud. He told me who Ken Kerri was and that people all over the state look up to him for his books and teachings about water treatment.  Joe knows that because he is the maintenance mechanic at the Modesto Water Treatment Plant.
I never heard the man's name before and Joe said he had never mentioned it before either, so there was no way I could have known that.  I asked Joe what time it was - it was 3:30 a.m.



8-27-04 - DREAM VISION - I had this same dream/vision at least  12 times during the night. In the scene, a man was holding up a newspaper with a headline that said: 16,000 to 180,000 DEATHS!

The scenes were in various shades of grey until they became almost black.

It wasn't until Joe told me in the morning that it was an awfully large number spread that I realized this anomaly. I also didn't see what the subject matter was - but the newspaper headlines in the morning told the story:

See below:   12-26-04


More than 250000 people are believed to have died in the tsunami giant waves that swept ... I did a search on google.com for 1011 water ocean tsunami. ...
www.greatdreams.com/weather/tsunami_in_our_future.htm - 161k - Cached - Similar pages


dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/29092/story.htm> TSUNAMIS Tsunami Toll Tops 175000 . ... Nature of Tsunami. The waves created by a sudden disturbance in the ocean ...
www.greatdreams.com/my_dreams_that_came_true.htm - 20k - Cached - Similar pages


in areas prone to earthquake-generated tsunami such as Japan and Hawaii. ... as Hawaii. March 1964: The Good Friday earthquake and tsunami of March 27 . ...

Flu pandemic could leave 200,000 dead

ATLANTA - Forty-two million Americans could be made ill and more than 200,000 could die if a powerful new strain of influenza caused a worldwide outbreak, according to a draft federal plan that sets out preparations for a pandemic.

The rapid spread of the illness - which might infect, if not sicken, one-third of the United States' population - could force hospitals to turn away patients, disrupt the economy, law enforcement and transportation, and trigger school and border closures, the plan says.

And because a vaccine against the new flu strain might not be available for six months, the authorities may have to federalise supplies of the drug to ensure the first batches are distributed where they are most needed.

The predictions of the impact of a possible flu pandemic - an event that has been anticipated by the health authorities for years - are contained in a draft federal plan scheduled to be released yesterday by the Department of Health and Human Services.

A copy of the document, formally called the Pandemic Influenza Preparedness And Response Plan, was obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

In the making since 1993, the plan sets out the preparations that divisions of the federal government - including the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - should make now to guard against the illness and social disruption that a pandemic would cause.

An influenza pandemic, a global epidemic caused by a novel strain of flu against which humans would have no immunity, is one of the most-feared events in medicine.

There were three in the 20th century - in 1918, 1957 and 1968.

-- New York Times

9-22-04 - In a series of dreams, I was shown first a map of Santa Catalina Island off the coast of California / Los Angeles and told that a bomb is planned to go off on one end of the island.  I was told that a Brigadier General knows about this. Its hard to tell which end of the island is to be effected because the map I have in my Atlas is not laying quite in the same direction as the one on the internet or in my dream. (It was not in the center - it was at one end.) (In my dream, the bomb was placed on the right end of the island)



Santa Catalina Island, CA, profile - California hotels, festivals ...
... Jobs. Jobs in the Santa Catalina Island area. Libraries. Libraries in or near Santa Catalina Island. Maps. ...
www.epodunk.com/cgi-bin/genInfo.php?locIndex=28060 - 56k -
Cached - Similar pages

Santa Catalina Island
... Santa Catalina Island. Santa Catalina is an island just off the coast of Los Angeles. ... On the picture above you can see the giant map of the island at the ...
In the second dream I was at a large auditorium. I was told that a man would be coming in with a bomb and he would be carrying an umbrella so I could identify him.  I was sitting way up near the top of the seats and I saw a man with a mushroom-shaped umbrella coming rushing across the floor down below - the umbrella was right down on his head so I couldn't see his face. He wasn't holding it up high.  To my shock, about 20 guys came hurrying along behind him, all with mushroom-shaped umbrellas over their heads, but these guys were crouched down by the floor - not standing upright. It was like the first guy was followed by a bunch of ducks - all with mushroom-shaped umbrellas.
In the third dream, I was in an office, getting ready to write to you about these two bomb events and I found that a woman had a direct phone line to the authorities in Los Angeles.  She wasn't using the phone herself, so I took the phone over to my desk, but the cord was hanging over the aisle between our desks and I was worried that people going by would get tripped up by the cord, but then the Brigadier General came by and said, "Thank you Dolores". He was followed by a man who looked like President Roosevelt. He also said, "Thank you Dolores."
So, because of them, that made my decision to send this dream to you.
Thanks for passing it on.  Even though the Brigadier General knows about Catalina Island, I don't know if he knows about the arena or the 21 guys with bombs coming.

NEWS - 2007 -

Brush Fire Breaks Out on Catalina Island

Hilltop Residents Evacuated to Beach

- A wind-driven 400-acre wildfire churned across Santa Catalina Island on Thursday toward Avalon, the major city on the resort isle more than 20 miles off Southern California. Evacuations were under way.

The fire was moving southeast through brush, prompting officials to evacuate residents from hilltop homes toward the beach area, said Los Angeles County fire Capt. Ron Haralson.

Smoke darkened the sky over Avalon's quaint crescent harbor, the landmark 1929 Catalina Casino and homes, restaurants and tiny hotels that cling to slopes rising sharply above the waterfront.

"There's an eerie glow over the town, we need to leave," Dan Teckenoff, publisher of the Catalina Islander, said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press.

The island's school and hospital voluntarily evacuated, Teckenoff said.

"It looks like the fire is over the ridge. You hear helicopters flying, you see the smoke," he said.

The blaze erupted about 12:30 p.m. five miles east of the island's Airport in the Sky. It was fanned by winds moving at 15 mph and gusts of up to 20 mph, Haralson said.

"That's not good, not when it's dry and the terrain is hard to access by ground," Haralson said.

One county firefighter was overcome by smoke and hospitalized in stable condition.

More than 100 firefighters, aided by four water-dropping helicopters, were battling the blaze. Three air tankers swooped low over ridges and canyons to drop lines of orange fire retardant ahead of the flames.

The air attack seemed to be working, said Chuck Martin, a resident insurance agent.

"We see as the retardant hits it, it kind of puts itself out," he said. "These guys are doing a real bang-up job."

State and county fire crews and engines were being shipped from to the island by hovercraft from the Marine Corps' Camp Pendleton, said Daniel Berlant, a spokesman for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. The hovercraft trip takes one hour to reach Catalina.

Late in the day the state received permission to use National Guard helicopters to fly 70 inmate firefighters across the channel.

"We can see heavy smoke from where we're at," said Art Peguero from the Hotel Mac Rae on the beach in Avalon. "I was born and raised here and I've never seen anything like this."

Peguero said about 20 hotel guests left and headed to the beach.

"They have no choice but to stay on the beach until further notice," he said.

Avalon resident Steve Adams said he was watching from his deck as helicopters dropped water on flames burning down a ridge toward town.

"Half the town has already been evacuated," Adams said by telephone.

"I've been here 25 years, and I've seen a few little fires but never anything like this," he said.

Efe Casellas, an employee at the Avalon Liquor Store and Gifts, said several customers stopped by to stock up on water and juice. "Right now we're just waiting," he said.

A huge plume of smoke was visible from the mainland.

Despite being well offshore, Catalina has been left parched by the lack of rainfall that has made the rest of Southern California easy prey for wildfires like the one that gave Los Angeles a scare this week.

Only 2 inches of rain have fallen on Catalina since January, said National Weather Service meteorologist Jamie Meier.

Catalina is a long, narrow island covering 76 square miles and is served by ferry boats from Los Angeles, Long Beach and other mainland harbors.

Avalon has a population of 3,200 that swells to more than 10,000 on weekends and in summer, according to the Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau.

Avalon harbor and the island's other moorings are popular destinations for yachts.

Most the island is owned by the Santa Catalina Island Conservancy.


10-13-04 - Here is the latest news - related to David Booth's Sister Lucy prophecy.
On Saturday - the day when there were 0 sunspots - the dark forces of the Universe tried to force the tuning to occur and failed. They were unable to do it. It has to be done when there are 0 magnetic flux between the sun and earth.

The sunspot number plummeted to zero this week--a sign that solar minimum is coming. The sun was spotless for two days until tiny sunspot 681 appeared on Oct. 13th. Strong solar flares this week are unlikely.

Sunday -10-13-04

See:  http://www.greatdreams.com/tuning.htm


In March of 2004 David started to experience a recurring dream. In it he is viewing Earth from space as a large dark planetary object comes up from beneath the Earth and collides with the South Pole. Then he sees huge explosions on the west coast of North America.

He says it looked too big to be an asteroid and it wasn't a comet.

He says he thinks it will happen after 8th June 2004. Venus going into transit is a sign.

When he appeared on Alex Merklinger's show on 19th February he elaborated on this saying that Venus goes into transit on 8th June. This is an 8 year cycle that only occurs every 105 years. This will lead us up to the end of the Mayan calender in 2012.

There are astronomers at the South Pole who are able to see something right now but are keeping it quiet.

Five hundred years ago Nostradamus predicted that 97.6% of the Earth's population would die because of a pole shift shortly after the year 2000.

On 16th March 2003 G M Scallion had a vision of 2 light beings pointed down towards Earth at the Wyoming/Utah area which was red. He said this will change the World in 18 months. That date is this September.

There is already a large movement of troops. The 25th Infantry Division has been sent down to Antarctica. By Spring 80% of the US military will be outside the continent of North America in preparation of some coming disaster.

The US and the Vatican have set up observatories in Antarctica.

Russian observatories know of a large number of incoming objects from space.

Iraq has some of the largest underground facilities. Only the US and Russia have more. The Iraqi facilities can hold up to 450,000 people and are now fully stocked.

Switzerland and Norway also have these facilities.

He is 100% certain that the World's Governments know that there will be a huge calamity soon. There is no possibility that he is wrong.

The US Government has designated 600,000 people to go underground to be protected.

I admit it. This scared me.   (This dream came true - See:  Tsunami_in_our_future  )
10-19-04 - I was laying awake in bed and heard a bell ring in my right ear.
I said, "I'm ready for a message"
I promptly fell asleep.
I was looking at a computer screen that showed a list of bids I made on ebay.com The dates on the bids ranged from October 1, 2003 through October 3, 2003 and beyond
The computer highlighted October 3, 2003, did some calculations and then a box appeared underneath it and the word  APPROVED appeared in it.
Then the computer did some more calculations and signed me off of AOL, and left a box beneath it for me to sign back on to AOL to activate whatever had been approved.
I went to tell Joe about it because I was scared to sign back onto AOL and activate something I didn't know what I was bidding on.
We went for a ride in the car and we found ourselves at the intersection of 172nd and Beloit Rds. in Wisconsin where I used to live. This is a purely country scene, with fields on all four corners normally.
I saw a car coming towards us going East and we were going West. I told Joe to back up across the intersection to see if we could tell what year it was.
So Joe backed up the car and we crossed the intersection backwards. I was stunned to see a brand new barn with a brand new green car parked in front of it. It was on the SE corner of the intersection.
I said to Joe, "What is the address of that building?" I saw the numbers above the door on the building change to white and they became "1011"
We were at home then, standing by Joe's desk. Joe pulled out a map and unrolled it. The map was a computer generated model map of a Tsunami - starting at one spot and spreading across the ocean.
NOTE: I don't know which ocean it was in. (Possibly SE?)
I did a search on google.com for 1011 water ocean tsunami. This is what came up:
I also did a search for my October 2003 dreams. 
I had bad water/flood dreams on October 5th, 2003
Just for record.

Received 12-29-04  From:  Freestone Wilson

My close high school friend, Dee, died in 1999, around September.  Months later I had a dream, in about January of 2000.
I saw him. then I saw something weird! A grey solid wall, as if I were in a grey room, the wall side to side and on it was the words
2005 DF   2005 DF  2005 DF   20005  DF  2005  DF   2005  DF   2005DF  2005 DF

2005 Df 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF

2005 Df 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF

2005 Df 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF

2005 Df 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF

---that is what it looked like!!


top to bottom and side to side.

Later in the day Ii read a magazine at the magazine racks about "hard drive failure"

there was something in a song playing on the store speakers that linked the hard drive failure to something about the earth.

DF= drive failure


the spinning of the earth like of a hard drive and it fails in some way.

 but the simplist, dee, explaination just could be...

DF= Death of Freestone!

but then again my friend, newly in heaven only a few months, could have mis-read some Records!


 you may post this dream in your great dreams, where ever you feel it fits!






45 Prophecies on the end of the millennium - on 1999-2000

... The collision with a comet (which should generate huge waves and, possibly, the "three ... 44) In a prophetical dream of Don Bosco, he saw two saints holding strips ...


... will appear as Kalki, riding a White Horse, with drawn sword, blazing like a Comet. ... this theory and applied science you can go back and look at my dream of the ...


... I tell the boy, "No, the comet is over here." I look at the spiral object again (looks ... I wake up from the dream at that time, AND I get the feeling I don't ...


... In a second dream, I saw the same map. ... is the one repeatedly discussed in my 'CWN Analysis' papers in which basically I associated it with Comet Hale-Bopp


... MISSION TO MARS? - Is Mars Facing A Comet Hit In May? ... Comet Impact Could Happen At "Any Moment?". 11-19-99 - RESULTS FROM THE LEONID METEOR SHOWER. ...

Prophesies About The NewMillenium

... 7-16-03 - LATEST COMET PREDICTION - WILL HIT THE MOON IN EARLY 2004 Following that - one will hit the earth. ... RED LINEBLUE LINE THE DREAM AND THE REALITY. ...





... page recently where I received a message from IESOUS OF NAZARETH in a dream: THE BLEEDING ... A mighty comet will fall to earth and great destruction will follow. ...


... This vision of bounty is like a dream of how beautiful life will be with Me ... Then once the Antichrist comes to full power, I will send My comet of destruction ...