JULY. 2012



7-1-12 - DREAM -  Ii was in the country with some older people - in their 50's.  The woman gave me the rights to a large piece of property from which she said I could sell lots, and then she and her husband left quickly.

I then  met a younger couple.  The woman had long blonde hair and the man was handsome and muscular.  I got the impression that she and him were going to run away together and I saw them running through a field and then down some sand dunes and they went the ocean where a plane was parked on the water nest to an old age home that was built overlooking the ocean.

All of a sudden someone started forcing all the people in the old age home to get up and get on a bus, which was stabilized so it wouldn't rock while all the people were getting on all at once and everyone was removed quickly.

I then met a woman, who was in her 40's.  She handed me a paperback book and told me,  "Everyone has been wrong all this time.  The Saviour isn't going to be a white man.  He's going to be a black man.  They've been reading the wrong book all this time."  She then pointed out to me in the last half of the paperback book that the story was different than we had always been told.

I woke up and was laying there, making sure I remembered the details of the dream, and then this happened.

7-1-12 -  VISION -  "a man with a movie star type voice said, "Hi!  I'm a RIPZON owner!  and I saw a scene that was a team of black basketball players, and they all jumped up at once like they had won and started to run for the exits!


7-2-12  - the card game  DREAM -  This dream is part of a longer dream   I was sitting at the kitchen table with some teens - both boys and girls.

The game was devised by the girls who invented the game perhaps -  the cards were 2 inches by 1 inch, handmade.  

I was told the numbers  11  3  and 4  were the important ones.  I just watched the first couple of games that only the girls played.  I didn't understand what they were doing so I asked them to teach it to me.

At that point, one of the younger boys started to play.

The cards were dealt one at a time by the younger boy.. 

The younger boy dealt me an 11 which I had to play and he asked if he could play three cards.  I answered, "What if I say, "No!"  and he didn't respond.

I had in front of me some kind of a small machine that created balls of salted butter about 1/4" round, which I pasted three of those up against a square shaker bottle of white salt that was about 2 inches tall.  I don't know why I did that..

Again, I was dealt the number 11 and the other older boy grabbed my number 11 and replaced its with a ball of salt mixed with butter.

I woke up at that point.  I really didn't understand t he game.



7-2-112 -   A BROWN DREAM -  The entire dream was colored brown and white.

I was  at wide fast flowing shallow river that had rivulets in it that ran through a forest.  On one side of the river stood a man who was thin, wearing a ankle length robe.  On my side of the river stood his son who was about 10 years old.

The Father told his son, "I will teach you how to fish.

The man took a long thin pole about 30 feet long (probably bamboo)  to which he affixed a black line that was long enough to run the length of the pole plus about 10 feet longer to which there Waa a wire encased met about a foot square.

note:  ANDY GRIFFITH passed away on 7-3-12 -  his famous scene on TV was of himself with a fishing pole and taking his son (Ron  Hard) fishing.


The Father lowered the net into the fast flowing river and scooped up a fish immediately.

The scene changed and  I was looking a wider, faster flowing river that had two canoes with a man in each one going downstream as fast as the river flowed.  They seemed to have no control over the canoes and I wasn't close enough to the men to give them any advice even if I had any, which I didn't.


7-3-12   FIRE IN THE SKY  -  DREAM

This was a lucid dream - in other words, I was really awake.

I was told to take a piece of paper that had squares on it, and to write vertically over toward the right side the words  'FIRE IN THE SKY'

I was then told to turn the piece of paper over and write what it meant to me to see FIRE IN THE SKY..

I looked at the paper and there were lots of letters on the paper already, all gibberish, but blurry.  I couldn't read either side of the paper.  All the spaces were already filled in.

Again, I was told to write vertically,  FIRE IN THE SKY on the front side of the paper and on the back side to describe what it meant to see FIRE IN THE SKY.

I managed to write the words FIRE IN THE SKY vertically on the right side of the paper then, but on the back, it was already filled in with gibberish so I couldn't do what I was told.

I guess I have to do it on my computer instead.




before I had this dream, twice - I was looking at my dream journal and turned a page and within the text, the music  SOMEBODY TO LOVE started to play.  The second time, I fell into this dream:

I was living in an apartment with my boyfriend Norman.  (He passed away in the late 90's.  He had emphysema and was getting sicker by the minute.  He stopped visiting, I started moving on with my life without him.) 

In the dream, he and I were together, in love, and sleeping together.  He was asleep; and I saw huge airplane going over the city.  The airplane was dragging a long red balloon behind it on a tether.  The airplane started spiraling around the city, getting lower and lower, and the red balloon was getting smaller, and eventually, the airplane crashed outside my apartment amidst a whole bunch of little kids,  all because he wouldn't wake up. I was told that this would have happened after 23 or 13


one dream was about my friend Donna who came to my school in 7th grade.  I also went to high school with her.

The other5 dream was about another schoolmate whose name is Beldin.  In 7th grade I considered him my enemy because he dumped a handful of worms into my hand, saying it was a gift.  He went to an all boys high school so 8th grade was the last time I saw him.

In both dream, these people appeared to be about 20 years old.  (Both are the same age as me  73)

In Donna's dream, she was walking down a street in New York City towards me with a woman who looked exactly like her - a twin (she was an only child)   When they came near me, their hair got voluminous and kinky curly and long, then both of them crouched down on the sidewalk in front of me and sat on their haunches until the dream ended.

In Beldin's dream, he also had a twin of him, walking wit him, and when they neared me on the sidewalk, the two of them also sat down on their haunches and sat there until the dream ended.


I don't know what that means.


Dee's dream: > 7-5-12 starting a school
> > >
> > > I was in the basement room I built in yesterday's dream. I was about to
> > > start school.
> > >
> > > In front of me, sleeping on their backs peacefully in one pound size ham
> > > cans were six light brown bunny rabbits. They were in a group. Off to the
> > > front of the rabbits were two dark blue snakes in 5 pound white ham cans,
> > > waiting for the rabbits to wake up.
> > >
> > > I was afraid the rabbits would scatter if they all woke up at the same
> > > time, so I quickly, in one fell swoop shifted their positions so they were in a
> > > line in front of me.
> > > I woke up before I saw what the snakes did.
> >
> > Year of the Snake will be 2013. Year of the Rabbit was 2011.
> > The average rent in the USA right now is $1,041 a month and rents are set to spike. The blue snakes could also be the "thin blue line" of police.
> >
> >
> >
> > --- In, dee777@ wrote:
> > >
> > >
> > > 7-4-12 = nap dream there is nothing real about this)
> > > I was in a livingroom-kitchen type area of the house that had the sink
> > > facing the back of the house which is north.
> > > We were preparing for a seminar of some kind and had an open stairway to
> > > the basement which we were partially finishing - the part that could be seen
> > > through an open stairway from the livingroom.
> > > My daughter was at the sink washing some dishes while the children played
> > > on the livingroom floor, and I went to the basement with some finished two
> > > by four boards that were three feet long - like stairway spindles - but they
> > > were for decoration along the west wall in an upper section of the wall. I
> > > was measuring them to make sure they matched the ones that were already
> > > installed to make sure they were identical in size.
> > > Joe went out front to get the mail that had been delivered.
> > > Just then, I heard a truck pull into the driveway, and could see its
> > > headlights pulling in and past the house on the west side of the house toward
> > > the back of the house. At the same time, I heard Joe yell to me, "The mailman
> > > is going to the back door", which meant to me that he was delivering
> > > something heavy - perhaps like building materials, but I couldn't imagine how
> > > Joe thought I could get to the back door faster than he could from the front
> > > yard since he was outside and I was in the basement.
> > > _
> > > +%22back+door%22&gs_l=serp.3...5744.22840.0.24686.
> > > 0j28j1.42.0...0.0.WAqZ4Yt5Oiw&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=a36f27d
> > > 042e7b540&biw=1280&bih=767_
> > > ("back+door"&oq=site:greatdreams.c
> > > om++++"back+door"&gs_l=serp.3...5744.22840.0.24686.
> > > 10j28j1.42.0...0.0.WAqZ4Yt5Oiw&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=a36f27
> > > d042e7b540&biw=1280&bih=767)
> > > _
> > > BASEMENT++DREAM&gs_l=serp.3...12916.15338.2.16355.
> > > 3j8-1.6.0...0.0.bOGuD97suww&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=a36f27d04
> > > 2e7b540&biw=1280&bih=767_
> > > (
> > > .com++++BASEMENT++DREAM&gs_l=serp.3...12916.15338.2.16355.
> > > 599.0j2j3j8-1.6.0...0.0.bOGuD97suww&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=a
> > > 36f27d042e7b540&biw=1280&bih=767)
> > > 7-5-12 starting a school
> > >
> > > I was in the basement room I built in yesterday's dream. I was about to
> > > start school.
> > >
> > > In front of me, sleeping on their backs peacefully in one pound size ham
> > > cans were six light brown bunny rabbits. They were in a group. Off to the
> > > front of the rabbits were two dark blue snakes in 5 pound white ham cans,
> > > waiting for the rabbits to wake up.
> > >
> > > I was afraid the rabbits would scatter if they all woke up at the same
> > > time, so I quickly, in one fell swoop shifted their positions so they were in a
> > > line in front of me.
> > > I woke up before I saw what the snakes did.
> > > _
> > > (
> > > _
> > > ( >


7-6-12   DREAM -  I was living with a bunch of homeless people somewhere in a wooded area.  We had both black and white people there.

We slept on blow up type mattresses on the floor.  They were comfortable enough, but for some reason, I took my mattress out into a wooded area near the road and put the mattress down where no one could see me from the road.

At some point, a huge animal sat down on its haunches by the road and blocked me from getting home again. It was about the size of a large gorilla.

One of the black men from the house came and found me and helped me get back home.  I don't know what happened to the gorilla.

Back at home, one of the white girls was playing with candles and there was pink candle wax all over the table.

I was able to scrape the candle wax off the table with my fingernails so we could make another ca,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=a36f27d042e7b540&biw=1280&bih=767ndle with it.


7-7-12  DREAN -  I was with a large group of men in a room who all looked like movie stars who played in a movie about Alaska miners who came down to California.   I can't name them, but they all looked like actors from the 40's and 50's.



7-7-12 - DREAM -  I was in a room with a large group of men and women who all looked like movie stars and politicians.

At the end I was talking with a man who resembled Al Gore and he said since I lost the 110 pounds, I was the spitting image of Victoria the _____ who men in Caribbean sailed the oceans to see,  "but I can't go there now because I have too much to think about!"  and another male actor who stood beside him said,  "So you say!"  and smiled. 

Then the whole group of people walked out into a meadow that led to a forest and the entire scene shimmered in a golden green color with all the means shirts loose in the back that shimmered and all the women were blonde with longish hair flowing down over their shoulders and their dresses were all loose also so they shook and shimmered behind them as the whole group walked away through th meadow -  there as over 50 of them.








7-7-12 -  frenetic dream -  I went to work somewhere and had to write a FAX to someone about a book.  I typed it up and then made a copy of it before I sent it.  I asked the other secretary if she wanted a copy of the FAX for the records.  She said "Yes"  You are wanted in a meeting for a couple  I looked at the copy of the FAX and it looked nothing like my original piece of paper which was very small, and the copy seemed to have picked up other people's things from before me.  On one side was a complete map of the United States, but with no states indicated, and there was text all around it and on the other side, along with my own text.  I don't know how it all got on one sheet of paper.


7-7-12  DREAN -  I was with a large group of men in a room who all looked like movie stars who played in a movie about Alaska miners who came down to California.   I can't name them, but they all looked like actors from the 40's and 50's.


7-7-12 - DREAM -  I was in a room with a large group of men and women who all looked like movie stars and politicians.

At the end I was talking with a man who resembled Al Gore and he said since I lost the 110 pounds, I was the spitting image of Victoria the _____ who men in Caribbean sailed the oceans to see,  "but I can't go there now because I have too much to think about!"  and another male actor who stood beside him said,  "So you say!"  and smiled. 

Then the whole group of people w3alked out into a meadow that led to a forest and the entire scene shimmered in a golden green color with all the means shirts loose in the back that shimmered and all the women were blonde with longish hair flowing down over their shoulders and their dresses were all loose also so they shook and shimmered behind them as the whole group walked away through th meadow -  there as over 50 of them.





That was news to me, but all of a sudden it was lunch time, and everything was chaotic and full of people.

I thought the lunch room was next door, but this lunch was on the second floor. 

Before I went upstairs, I didn't want to take my keys or my purse with me, and I thought I'd give my keys to my husband, but he wasn't around.  I didn't know what to do with my purse.  I have no idea what I did with it.

Getting to the elevator was like going through maze, but I ended up turning left three times, and the button with the number 2 on it was above the elevator door, and I was the only one tall enough to reach it.  Three young men went upstairs with me who couldn't reach the button.

Upstairs, it got wild.  They were serving buns with cheese, ham, and lettuce, and you had to put them together yourself.  I remembered I didn't ea bread, so I had to wrap the cheese and ham in the lettuce.  I didn't really remember eating any but my mouth tasted like that when I woke up anyway.

However, all kinds of people, including REX and Marcie from One Life to Live told me that I needed to say  blah blah blah to so n so which I can't remember, and REX told me we were getting a new supervisor who was really tough, and I was supposed to write a book that was going to be made into movie.  About what topic I don't know.  (I was told to write a ook about the creating of the community two years ago and started but got nowhere where and neither did the community.

Every few seconds someone else was grabbing my arm to tell me something I was supposed to ay to someone else.  I remember none of that.

On the way back down, I knew I had to water the lettuce which was growing everywhere.

I got back into the office, and a woman was trying to carry a brown screen on a 30 feet pole all by herself and couldn't manage it, so I attempted to help her and we a least got it over to ne side of the office.

Everything had been moved since I had been here before lunch so I didn't know where anything was and even the people were different.

I woke up all frazzled and confused.  What book and about what?



7-8-12  MEDITATION:   I heard five loud knocks in my left ear and saw the word 'BLACK'.

I said mentally, "I'm sorry I don't open the door for anything black."

I then saw a newspaper headline with large black letters that said,  NOVEMBER 28TH

I then saw a large, wide computer screen with a lot of typing on it in three colors of typing, red, white and black, and the black was larger and darker and bolder than the rest of the type, but being off to the left, I couldn't read it and I didn't want to shift my eyes and lose it completely, so I said mentally, "Please shift the screen to the right and clarify the print."

The screen then shifted to the center of my gaze and became slightly smaller but it still couldn't read the screen, even though the black sentences were extra large and bold.

The screen then changed to a smaller size.  It had less print on it and less black, bold print.

Then a fourth screen came up with less bold and black print.

that was the end.

November 28th is the day before Thanksgiving, though I distinctly heard the words  Black Friday, which is normal shopping words for the day after Thanksgiving, but in this case might have a different connotation.


The election, I believe is November 7th, and this might be connected in some dark way.



I saw a child's hand open a book, which then opened a doorway on the right hand side of the screen.

from the doorway appeared a very tiny Apache Indian Boy who wanted to jump over a deep crevice from the doorway to my side of the crevice.  He was finally kicked over to my side, but another Indian boy, and one by one four animals with long snouts appeared and started blowing black stuff out of their noses.  The black stuff got larger and larger and finally turned into large black triangles with white lines on it.

At that point, the animals that were lined up next to the four long snouted animals got larger and larger4 and I saw they were elephants, and finally they got so large that the long snouted animals could no longer seen.  The long snouted animals were apparently donkeys.


7=8=12 = everything FOX


I was in a Theatre, which was quite large and there was a game show being televised.  I recognized all the people involved, but can't identify them by name.  Some of them I saw on local TV and others nationally.  The game show was about getting married and they were acting silly.

The game show host was extremely thin, wearing a white suit, with a pencil thin black mustache and dark hair. 

The woman getting married was from local Sacramento TV.. either channel 10. 13 or 31 and she has moved to Florida to be with family she said when she left/

The other two men were handsome and on the chubby side, including the man who was interviewing me in the audience.

The man interviewing me was asking me about the seat I was sitting in which was dirty with cracker crumbs on the side.  There was nobody sitting ahead of me in the audience, there being only one other man in the audience, sitting to my left, who I never looked at.

The man interviewing me said I had a blood spot on my skirt and I looked and near the hem of my dress was a dark red blood spot.

I got up and went to the bathroom and there was a beautiful Young blonde woman in there with long curly hair and I recognized her from TV as well but can't come up with her name either. (It is Madison from As The World Turns)    We discussed female issues in the bathroom, too personal to discuss here.

I went back to the audience and I wanted to write down the name of the game show host and all I could think of was Firefox - later I thought maybe it was Jeff Foxworthy,

I started writing down Firefox, using a red pen that wrote with red ink on white paper, and I started moving my physical fingers, trying desperately to write Firefox, but started writing foxfire instead.

Later, I remember touching someone on the forehead and seeing a red FOX paw print.



7-9-12 - DREAM -  LYDIA:  I went to a bar/pub type place where women went to practice their music. 

In the first cubicle was a group of people hovering around a beautiful young woman named Lydia. 

Lydia was the most gorgeous dark-skinned black woman I've ever seen, long eyelashes, gorgeous face, perfectly proportioned, with everything going for her - a perfect singing voice.

She stood there crying her heart out because she wasn't who she really wanted to be.

I said, "What is not what you want?  She responded.  I want to be blonde. "

|I said, "If you want to be blonde, then be blonde.  You can be anything you want to be."

So, she made her hair blonde, and I put her in an Egyptian costume and she was beautiful. 

The problem was -  she had a boyfriend, shorter than herself, dressed in grey with a milkman type hat, and he stood in front of her with goo goo eyes and stared into her eyes from about a foot an a half distance.   Nobody else could see Lydia but him.

I grabbed him by the back of his shirt and yanked him backwards and yelled into his face, "Did someone hire you?  Give her some space."

Now she could be seen and heard for who she was and I praised her and she finally had a smile on her face.

I walked around to another cubicle that was wrapped in a plastic bag that was sealed.

I could see that three men were laying down inside the plastic bag and what was being pumped into the bag to keep it inflated I didn't know and I feared for them.   So, I put my thumb through the plastic bag and deflated it. 

Once the bag deflated, I could see my son Tom laying face down on the bed, laughing his ass off.  I didn't know who the second man was, but the third man with his back to me was a fully dressed Indian in native regalia with a quiver of arrows on his back, ready for war.

NOTE:  Joe woke me up just about 1 a.m. yelling and I heard the words  'alech lok' or alech loch'.  I poked him awake and asked him what he was dreaming and he said he was in a house somewhere and a witchy type woman was trying to come into the house and he was trying to stop her. That's all he could recall. Those words are in several languages, but not together so I haven't identified them.


The meaning of the name Lydia is 'Noble kind; of the noble sort'.
Means "from Lydia" in Greek. Lydia was a region on the west coast of Asia Minor. In the New Testament this is the name of a woman converted to Christianity by Saint Paul. In the modern era the name has been in use since the Protestant Reformation.
Related Names



7-10-12   DREAM  - I was probably in London - never actually been there, so I can't be sure, but I was invited to a wedding by my friend and buddy Princess Diana.   We got all dressed up in appropriate dresses and hats and got into a car with the Queen Mum who was at least 100 years old.

The wedding was being held out on a country estate, not in a fancy church, and it was being held in a place where I've been before because I recognized the turns in the roads.  They were very familiar.

We arrived at the farm and we all got out of the car.

The Queen Mum looked very  classy - dressed all in a cream colored dress with a cream colored silk shawl wound around her head which fell softly over her hair and around her face and across her chest - rather like a Mummy would wear if you get my drift.

Princes Dianna walked around in the huge driveway looking at familiar trees and such, and saw the Queen Mum coming towards us, but now there were multiples of her at least 6 or more.  As she came towards us, she and the others who looked like her were getting smaller as they came towards us except for her head.  The head stayed the same but the body shrank until it was a large head with feet and no body.   None of the Queen Mum's ever changed expression either.

It was quite creepy.


7-10-12 - DREAM -  I was in a city somewhere that was not familiar and I got hungry and thirsty, so I chose to stop in at a city college that had a restaurant to get something to eat and drink.

When I walked into the lobby, I saw there was a lot of large pieces of mail on a table that were undeliverable because of their size and people were supposed to look through the mail and take what was theirs. 

Nobody bothered me while I sorted through the pile, looking for something to read.

I found a newspaper about Rasafarianism, which wasn't even in English, but I took it anyway because it looked fascinating.  I also saw something with a return address of  BAST which was familiar, so I took that, and I saw two more items with return addresses that matched my son Michael though the last name was misspelled by one letter -  no 3.   So I took those as well because I was curious.   There was also a classified newspaper ad section.  I thought that might be helpful.   NOTE:  \that same name belongs to a man I saw in a video about extreme temperatures and the environment  that I saw at 10:am today. A coincidence?  I doubt it.

I never did get anything to eat and took the reading material and left the building and went to my apartment building nearby.

I was walking slowly down the hallway on my floor and seeing a filing cabinet in the hallway, I saw some reading material piled on top of it, so I stopped to see if there was anything else I could read for free.

There were several scientific newspapers right on top about electricity or free electricity - not sure, so I took one and just then a tall man came along and I recognized him as Al Gore.  He put his hand on the pile of reading material right over my head and asked if I was interested in the subject matter.

Of course, I answered, "Yes!" though I was just curious, but now feeling quite guilty because I got caught looking at something that obviously wasn't mine

I don't remember what else he said to me, but I quickly went to my room with all my reading material and got into bed with a mound of jumbled quilts and blankets around me.

I decided to smoke a cigarette right about then and relax which obviously was not a good idea, and I dropped the cigarette somewhere in the jumbled quilt/blanket mess.

I jumped off the bed, scrambling to find the lit cigarette to no avail.  I never did find it and never saw smoke either, and shook all the quilts and blankets and there was no hope of finding the cigarette.  I vowed never to smoke in bed again.

At that point, young guys were knocking on the various doors in my apartment and I had to go to the bathroom, so I never did read any of the stuff I brought home with me.













7-11-12 -  DREAM -  I was in a city somewhere.  They teens were dressed like in the movie Saturday Night Fever, wearing skin tight black leather pants with tight shirts, and the rils wore flouncy skirts and had blonde pony tails and or long braids.

At some point, I had a conversation with one of the young men that kids fall in love too fast as opposed to older people whoh take their time.

Instead of cars like in the movie, they were riding bicycles very fast.

I noticed the sun wasn't shining, but didn't know if it was dusk or dawn.

I hid behind a huge pine tree and picked up a close sticky in cone and watched as the boys rode over to a fountain in th middle of the street and ripped off their pants and jumped around butt naked in the water of the fountain.




I lived in New Berlin and had a big hulking brown bear station wagon that was a 56000000 vehicle.  I knew it needed to be looked at because that wasn't healthy.  Afterward I had a 7800000 station wagon that was like a race horse, but even then it had to be watched to make sure it stayed healthy.

I noticed then that all the dirt of the hill behind the house was removed and it opened up access to the basement of the house from that side of the house and let the light in.

I then moved to an apartment and I was just waking up and felt groggy when someone knocked on the door.

I slowly went to the door and saw that I had 5 hook and eye locks lined up on the door in order to allow someone to come in.

I opened up the door once I unlatched the top hook and in came David -  a friend I met in 1991.

David came in and  told me to turn on the TV because there was a lot going on in the world.  He flipped on a TV set but there was no picture, just flashes of light and he kept walking and went into the pantry of the kitchen.

I realized that David had turned on the wrong TV so I turned on a second TV that was in front of the window.  There still was no picture on the TV but I could see out the window at the same time.

I was in the kitchen then and had a recycle basket for glass where I saved clear bottles and jars.  There was one dark brown beer bottle there as well upside-down.  I recalled being told by the recycle man that one bottle wasn't even counted, there had to be multiple dark brown bottles to even be counted.  There had to be at least three of them. So I put David's beer bottles into the recycle basket so there were three of them.

I then went outside to do some work.  I was apparently in charge of recycling clothing to give away to the poor.  I had a booth out in the yard where I refurbished very nice clothing and gave it away to the poor.  A young dark skinned girl came and got all she could carry.  There was no charge to her, nr did she charge anyone either   It was all given away free.

Out in the yard, there was a very large dark skinned woman who was selling the most glorious vine plant along with some lilac bushed that were very large.  They were so beautiful and I had the perfect place to put them at my apartment which I could see from there.  However, I was afraid if I dug up those plants and moved them, they could possibly die.  I could see them from my window so I decided not to buy them.

So I went into a room nearby where plants were made of green silk ribbon and there was one hanging from the ceiling that was made of dark green silk wound into roses.  It was 10 times more beautiful than the plans out in the yard, and I could purchase it and move it without it dying, so I decided to get that one instead.



I don't know where this took place, but when young rabbits came along, we cut their thighs and haunches in half and baked them.  Then we took the older rabbits and baked them whole.   We then took all their clothing and laundered them and redressed them.

The younger girls were flown to school and reeducated, and then their mothers were done the same way.

It was a total reprogramming issue, bloodless and complete.


Herman Cain's Sick New Political Ad Mutilates a Rabbit
Herman Cain's Sick New Political Ad Mutilates a Rabbit. Posted March 26, 2012 at 8:15 pm | No comments yet. Herman Cain may not be on our Presidential ...
March 26, 2012<

Despite suspending his presidential campaign, Herman Cain has continued to advance the conversation on key issues, especially those centering on economics. To illustrate his stand about the tax code and how the current administration is allegedly killing small business in America, he has produced a short clip now on YouTube in which a squealing rabbit is catapulted through the air and then shot by a Mad Men-esque skeet shooter. While it’s not a barb directly at sportsmen, flinging a domesticated rabbit and inferring that you’re killed it with a shotgun isn’t exactly portraying shooters and hunters in the best light. And this at Easter no less

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Herman Cain Political Ad Shoots Bunny Rabbit » Viral Viral Videos
Mar 27, 2012 – Then she says this is what the current tax code does to small business, and places the bunny in a catapult where it is launched and shot by a ...
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IN OTHER WORDS: A trip down the political rabbit hole

BY Washington post

Halfway through the D.C. Council’s heated debate last week on a tax hike for the city’s highest earners, council member Jack Evans said, “You feel like you’re in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ sometimes listening to people up here.”

He may have been referring to the Queen of Heart’s famous quotation, “Sentence first — verdict afterwards” in Lewis Carroll’s opus, because things seem to be out of sync at city hall of late.

First, several council members tried to replace Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s income-tax proposal with a tax on out-of-state bonds, figuring they could “buy it back” with future revenues. A liberal contingent of council members called them out on it, and now there’s an income tax increase on people making more that $350,000 a year and a tax on bonds purchased after Jan. 1.

The mayor’s office also is getting its sequencing right. It decided Thursday that it should check the legal sufficiency of nominees to boards and commissions before announcing their names in public to avoid an embarrassing incident like the one that sank Robert L. Mallett, Mr. Gray’s pick to lead the Board of Elections and Ethics.

Or maybe Mr. Evans was thinking of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” when the Cheshire Cat noted: “We’re all mad here.”

Running from Obama

In 2009, NBC political commentator David Gregory asked Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate R. Creigh Deeds during a debate if he identified himself as a “Barack Obama Democrat.”

“I’m a Creigh Deeds Democrat,” the state senator replied.

Last week, incumbent state Sen. Phillip P. Puckett, Russell Democrat, took that line of thinking even further. Mr. Puckett, who is facing tea party candidate Adam Light in the 38th District race in southwest Virginia, said he would not support Mr. Obama in 2012.

“He doesn’t listen to me,” Mr. Puckett told WJHL-TV of Johnson City, Tenn. “And quite frankly, he was not my choice for the Democratic nomination.”

Indeed, Mr. Puckett backed Hillary Rodham Clinton for the party’s nomination — though he campaigned for Mr. Obama in the general election. Billboards in southwest Virginia plaster Mr. Puckett’s image with an “Obama ‘08” poster on one edge and a picture of the president on the other.

Clearly, that’s not exactly where things stand now.

“It’s very clear to me that the administration does not support the coal industry in a way that’s beneficial to our area, so I don’t plan to support President Obama for re-election,” Mr. Puckett said.

He and Mr. Light, not surprisingly, are portraying themselves as friends of the coal industry. Nearly a year ago, coal helped topple longtime incumbent Rep. Rick Boucher, who was ousted by former Virginia House Majority Leader H. Morgan Griffith in the state’s 9th District congressional race. Mr. Boucher had supported and helped draft federal cap-and-trade legislation to regulate carbon emissions. Debate season


7-13-12 -  NAP DREAM -  I was in my kitchen, taking drinks of grape juice and it tasted like  lemonade every time.

I then went outside, on a busy city street and watched a boy about 10 years old who talked about a fat kid who couldn't ride his bike, and then I saw him wheel his bicycle out into the middle of the street and he couldn't get onto his own bicycle because it was a girl's bicycle and he was trying to get onto it left footed, when he was right footed.

I took another drink of grape juice, and again it tasted like lemonade/


7-14-12 -  DREAM - ASTRAL EXPERIENCE:  After a 4 hour telephone call, met this man:

and I knew him immediately.  In our phone conversation, I explained to him the difference between a dream and an astral experience, and when I met him, I knew I had met him before, and there is no doubt in my mind that this was him:

At the end of his visit, we talked about winter gloves and that I thought one should have gloves long enough to cover bare skin in winter because it can get really cold sometimes.

We had a similar conversation I the phone call about winters being a lot milder now than they used to be.

very intriguing.


7-15-12 -  DREAM -  This dream seemed to take place a long time ago.  My children were still young and my Father was still alive.  That said, nothing in the dream was what really happened in real life.

In the dream, I was getting ready for work, but I had to stitch onto a white bath towel with  bright red thread an outline and then within this outline, stitch the words,  "THE PRICE IS TOO HIGH".  By now I was late for work, but I had to hang up the white towel with it's message for everyone to see.

At that point, my Father walked into the room and lay down on the floor.  I could see that he was wearing only one sock on his left foot which was grey and white underwear).  He said to me,  "My right foot is cold", so I had to go find him a sock to match his left sock and put it onto his right foot so his foot would warm up.

Now I was really late for work, and I still had to take a bath myself and wash my hair.

The tub already  had some little girls in it - one older girl around 10 years old, and two little girls  about 2 or 3 years old.

The water was coolish to me, but the older girl said,  "Don't turn on the hot water."

However, I decided the water was too cool and reached over and turned on the hot water, and then realized that the hottest water would be right behind the littlest girls.

The water came into the tub so fast, the little girls were now nose deep in the water and the water was rising so fast I couldn't believe it, but instead of reaching over and turning off the water, I made myself wake up because I knew the girls would drown and they already couldn't breathe.

Now, that my eyes were open, I could still see back into the dream and the girls were now head deep in the hot water, but I couldn't undo what I had done.  I tried turning off the water and that didn't work.  I tried pulling the plug on the tub and letting the water out but that didn't work either.  By now, the little girls were four feet under water and despite how scary it was, I had to let myself go back to sleep. I

Back in dream land, fortunately, I went back into the dream and somehow was able to unwind the dream to the point where the older girl told me, "Don't turn on the hot water."  and let the water be too cool for me, and then wake up again.




7-16-12 - DREAM -  For some reason I was presented wit six dolls.  I'm calling them trolls.  They were ugly, bald, and had their tongues partially sticking out of their mouths.  

I saw  purchase order buying them.  The total price was  $1918.14 

I saw my name as Dolores Dolores on the purchase order, but I signed it with my whole name below that.  I also saw the name Minerva on the paperwork - she might have been the person who made the dolls.

I saw these dolls laying on the floor of a hallway and were not very big.

Somewhere in the dream, I was working on a computer with a photo of m son Michael and was editing the photo so it didn't have any text on the side of it.  I don't know why I was doing that.  It doesn't seem connected to the dolls.


7-16-12 - DREAM - I was with a girl from work.  It might have been Juanita a small dark-haired girl.  We planned to work on personal things after work in an empty office where we would have privacy.

We  got on the elevator to go to the 4th floor that we worked on and I saw the number 4 marked on the door and then the elevator went up to the 8th floor which surprised us because it didn't stop for the floor we had pressed the button for.  It had only hesitated.

So, when the door opened for the 8th floor, there were several people standing there to get on the elevator so Juanita and I got off and found an empty office t work in.

Juanita and I sat near the windows at a desk, and I had a clipboard with paper on to write on, and she sat next to me, doing exactly what I don't know.  But we sat side by side and I had a radio or tape recorder in front of us which I turned on to listen to an interview of a man who was talking about earthchanges. I started making a chart of the earthchanges that were expected to happen on the paper in front of me.

At that point, a stocky built man came in and sat down at a desk at the opposite side of the room near to the door.  He h ad dark hair and a mustache, probably a boss but not anyone we knew.  He sat at the desk reading a book.

Another girl came into the room who sat to my left at a small table that had a radio on it.  She turned it on and her music was blotting out some of the words from the interview Juanita and I were listening to, so I turned up the volume on my radio so we could hear better.

At the same time, the man with the mustache came over and he turned the volume up even louder because he was listening to my radio too and he needed to hear it from across the room.  Then he went back to his desk.

Another man came in who was this other girl's boss.  He asked her how she was feeling after being off for two days for illness. 

She began to talk with a voice that sounded like she had a bad cold or sinus infection.  She told him that she had been prescribed to sit by a red light to heal her. He said "Okay" and left.  During that conversation she said she was a transcriptionist.

The stockiiy built man than asked me if I knew where to buy books cheap and I told him I would buy them at a used book store.   I saw that he was reading "The Bringers of The Dawn" and I knew that it was about aliens, and so did Juanita. 

I asked the man if he was a researcher like I was, without telling him any further information that I knew, and as soon as I said that, Juanita got scared at the turn the conversation had just made and she quietly scampered out of the room, leaving me to talk with him myself.

He asked me if I had seen the sequel to "The Brings of the Dawn"..

I said, "No" I hadn't, and he showed me his book.  "The Bringers of The Dawn"  (which I actually have at home here because I collect books about ufos and aliens and have done so since 1960 when I saw a huge ufo go overhead on the 4th of July in Wisconsin where I was living then..

Inside the book, I saw a brief picture of himself, and then on the inside flyleaf I saw a drawing of a man holding up a cigarette and lighting it with a BIC lighter. It looked exactly like the guy who had handed me the book.

He then left the room, and came back a couple minutes later  with a very large bright orange bag from a book store which he had brought up from his car.  He came over to me with the orange bag and took out a book and handed it to me and said, "Here is the sequel to "The Bringers of the Dawn".

I took the book and inside the front fly leaf was the same drawing of the man lighting a cigarette with a BIC lighter.

I was amazed that the same man had written those books because it looked like the man who just handed me the book.

(It was actually channeled by Barbara Marciniak. )

My thought now is that perhaps this man was really a Pleiadian and she had channeled him.  (I could be wrong but that's what came to mind.

Anyway, I looked through the book and found a two page chart in it about earthchanges. 

I saw in one column where it mentioned WEATHER and it was predicting that WEATHER would be  ACTIVE.

I wondered what ACTIVE meant because I thought all weather was ACTGIVE.

After I woke up I went to my bookcase and got out Barbara Marciniak's books and found that the sequel to The Bringers of the Dawn" is called  "EARTH. "


7-17-12 -  I was in a dream hospital four times during the night and waking up with my heart beating too fast and with a sore throat, so maybe I was snoring too.  I don't know.

The first time I was in the hospital having my heart rate checked and was with a woman who was pregnant about 4 months.

The second time I was holding a screaming black baby girl who couldn't calm down.

the third time, I was part of an Olympic type sports team and a runner.

The fourth time, I was with my friend Barbara's mother and aunt and other family members.  Everyone there was having their heart rate checked.

The druggist from down  the street was doing the heart rate checking and he said that there weren't enough people around to do the job.

The last part of the dream, food was being served to all these people in plastic coated cardboard dishes.  I woke up with my mouth tasting like the baloney I had been snacking on.  Ugh.



I saw a map of North America   and the word  AMERICA was placed in capital letters on top of the map that was all black.

I questioned why was the map all black, and the answer came into my  head,  "How can I put seven dangers on a map of America all at the same time?

Now the question is  "What are the seven dangers?"

I already know that two are drought and famine.  The corn crop is already destroyed in the central states.

We ar4e still having fires in California and other states.

So that is three -  What else could there be?

financial collapse, Totalitarian government, chaos, civil war
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Dene Donovan 5:58pm Jul 17
the lack of connection

nuclear power plants, drought, famine, fires, earthquakes, volcanoes,  etc.




7-17-12 - meditation;  I was attempting to contact the Pleiadians on the 8th dimension, and I started thinking about the dreams I've had that aren't typed yet, and I was shown a dream journal and I opened up and I was shown that the sheets of dreams were all music.


7-18-`12 - DREAM -  This was like a comedy routine.

I lived on a regular farm with regular farm chores like feeding the chickens, slopping the HAWGS, milking the cows and getting them out to pasture.

After that, you wash your hands and do whatever comes next, but living on a farm is not a neat-clean thing to do.  you are always mucking around in something.

In this case,  Eddie Murphy and Whoopie Goldberg lived with me and they were as grubby as I was in doing the farm work.

I noticed there was a white car out in the driveway and suddenly it came to me,  "MOTHER IS COMING", and we had to turn on the hot water, clean up, get our best clothes on, and I saw Eddie Murphy ad Whopie Goldberg, put gold bands around their neck and heads -  had to dress up like royalty went Mother comes.

I woke up in a panic - thinking,  MOTHER IS COMING"





I needed to know what the people could prepare for, and I was told  NUCLEAR.



7=19=12 = DREAM - I was first observing and then had to assist a small group of Navy Seals who were in training with some dangerous underwater machinery - that had a lot of yellow hoses on it.  The hoses actually entrapped one of the men and I had to assist untangling him.  These men were in perfectly superb physical shape, otherwise they couldn't survive this training.  It was held in an underground facility.


dream 2  I was assisting my sons painting a new construction with white paint.  It would be3 beautiful when complete.


7=19-12 = DREAJM - I  was in a public garage and on the floor of the garage was a pile of grubby dirty white teddy bears.  I decided I would wash and dry them in the public washer/dryer and give them away to people who needed them.

I picked them all up and carried them in a black plastic bag over to the washer to start the process.

I then got into my dark green car to start another project and when I got out o the street, the car stopped running and I couldn't start it again.  I tried and tired and probably flooded it. 

My husband came along to rescue me and he told me the ambulance driver was just about to come into the car through the sunroof hatch when he got there.

I then noticed I was in the back seat of the car and I had the same switches and foot pedals that the front seat had, so my husband drove the car even though my feet were on the pedals inn the back seat which didn't make any difference.

My husband got out of other car and I was now driving the car from the back seat and I have to admit I was a bit out of control.  How I was able to drive the car without hitting anyone, I don't know, but I managed to drive the direction I wanted to go.

I finally got back to a driveway that went back to the garage where I had come from, which was in the middle of a large park which I recognized as a cemetery, and cars were coming out of the driveway, driving on the left side of the driveway.  Maybe I was in England????   So, I entered that driveway, also on the left and I could go forward only to the point where another car was too far to the right, and I had to wait until he drove around me so I could go forward again.


7=19=12   AT 8:20 P.M.  I had a vision of an analog clock that showed the time  (;6-  or 10 minutes to 10.

we don't know why  it may be predictive of something going to happen.

NOTE:  over 50 people were shot and 14 killed at a theatre near Denver, Colorado at the batman movie.  Horrible massacre there.



7-20-`11 -   3 DREAMS - ALL THE SAME COLOR

It started out that I was going to a store to purchase doll-size cups and saucers for a tea set, and when I got there, they started bringing out full-size human type cups and saucers, and then all kinds of trays to serve food on - and it was all pink lavender in color

In dream 2 - three blonde women, wearing the same color pink-lavender dresses were brought into the hallway.  They looked a little unsure of where they were.

The 3rd dream seemed to be moving towards sexuality with these same women and it was also all colored pink-lavender.

Joe mason says this color is midway between the 6th and 7th chakra, so that is a good thing.


7-21-12 -  The telephone rang once in the middle of the night.  I jumped up and looked at the clock.  It was 1:32

I knew it was a reference to a Bible verse.


After that I was driving around in a silver car.  Someone was talking to me about business, telling me that large successful businesses always use large buildings.  I don't know who was talking to me.  I seemed to be alone in the car.  I wasn't always in the car either.  Sometimes I was watching the car drive around from a distance.  There was hardly an traffic, but the car always obeyed the rules of the road.




7-22-12 -  DREAM - I was working for a doctor who ran a group of health clinics on all the Caribbean Islands.  I saw the map where they were located and there were many of them.

I helped deliver a baby to the young woman who answered the telephone for the doctor.  She had to do this even while delivering her child.  She was very dedicated to the work.

Her baby, when born, was a boy and had black hair and blue-grey skin.  He was not a happy child.

She went back to answering the telephone because this doctor was a very busy man.

The baby was hypnotized at birth to carry out his proscribed mission, and he didn't want to do it.

The baby was now an animal.  At first I thought he was a cat, but it became more apparent as I carried out the hypnotism on him,  I touched the top of his head, his right ear, and then his right paw, and instead of getting passive as expected, he stayed stiff as a board because he didn't want to go north and work with the Eskimos.

He now looked like a tri-color marmoset, with beige body fur with evenly spaced brown fur that had black tips on the brown hairs.  He was beautiful, but totally uncooperative for his duty to come.


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    7-22-12 -          NAP DREAM -  I  had just walked into a doctor's waiting room.  It seemed summery there.  I and the woman behind the counter were wearing summery dresses, very light weight. 

    The counter was similar to a soda fountain, but very sparse, with stools along the counter, which was wet from washing it.

    The woman put some kind of small metallic thing on the counter in front of me, and thanked me for sending her the meditation I had shared with her.

    Then from behind the wall, I heard the doctor, who was evidently a psychiatrist, asking me about the dream I had sent him.

    He said, "In analyzing the dream you sent, you could be planning a funeral,  a trip, or any number of things.  I would like to ask you what is your relationship with the ETs and what do you do with this information you get?

    I ignored the comment about what I could be doing, and said, "I share the information I get with all kinds of people. "

    Then he said, |And what is your relationship with the President?"

    I kind of coughed a bit, and said, "I'm sorry!  I didn't quite get your question"  and woke up feeling a little queasy because I didn't want to answer the question at all.


    7=23=12  I was living in a small town somewhere I've never lived before with my husband and kids and at least one small dog who stayed behind the refrigerator for some reason.

    Our car wouldn't start so my husband called a local car repair man to come over and start it for us.

    Meanwhile, there were two other women in the house who were both puttering around with things, as was I, trying to keep busy while he car was being fixed, evidently not being able to go anywhere else to do something.

    After the car was fixed, the wiry little black man handed me a small bill about the size of a check.  I didn't pay attention to what his name and address was on the bill, but I saw the amount was  $499.99.   I took the bill and asked him to come into the house while I asked my husband to write him a check fro that amount.

    Even after my husband gave him the check, the car repair man didn't seem to want to leave, but he watched me and the other two women putter around the house because we were waiting for him to leave.

    One of the women named Mary, who was very large, whether she was Italian or black I'm not sure, but her name was Mary.  She had children at home, but she was helping me keep house.  I don't know where my kids were, maybe at school.

    She asked me if I knew what charity she could get her kids involved in.  I told her that one of our neighbors ran a children's charity her girls might like to get involved in from a small home church two doors down.

    I asked the other woman if she had Bonnie's phone number, and she said she had it written down somewhere, so while shew was looking for Bonnie's phone number, I started sorting papers on the kitchen counter.

    In one pile of paper, I found no less than 12 box sides from Bisquick with recipes on.  I didn't know why I had 12 of them, because when you buy Bisquick, the recipes are right on the box, so I threw away 11 of them.

    I ten found the side of an old sack of flower fertilizer with a yellow rose pictured on it.

    I took the flower bag side over to the car repair man and asked him how long fertilizer was good for.   I don't remember his answer, but I said, "You mean I don't have to save this information for 45 years?  and he responded, "Yes!"  and I put the paper down on another counter nearer to the door.

    I don't remember who the other woman was, but she was a small blonde woman.  I think she might have been working on the laundry or ironing or something.  She kept herself busy even though she didn't live with us either.

    I didn't want to start dinner until the car repair man left and he was getting closer to the door, but he didn't want to leave for some reason either.


    7-24-12 DREAM  I was at someone's home somewhere.  They had a large red book (the size of a Webster's dictionary - and I wanted to take it home with me, along with a bag of Fritos, but someone had broken open and torn the bag of Fritos and ate most of them, so I could only take the book with me.

    I went outside and my car was several blocks away and I didn't want to walk that far to get it, so I told a young man I would loan him my car if he would go get it for me.

    that's all I remember


    7-24-12  Dream   I  was on my way to find a bookstore to buy a large book but lost my way and couldn't find the main street.

    At the corner of 4 streets crossing, I came to a bright red wagon a car was pulling with a lawn mower in the back.  It was the shiniest red color I've ever seen.  Apparently, this man mowed all the lawns in the neighborhood because they all looked perfect. 

    I thought I should follow this man because he had to know all the streets ad would lead me to the main street.

    As I walked down the street, lookiing at the perfect lawns, I found a spot where one weed was poking its head up out of a bare spot, so to help out the mower guy, I pulled out the weed and threw it way, and then planted three lily plants in that person's garden in the corner so it formed a triangle.


    7-25-12 - DREAM  - I was with my work/friend Diane (from A-C), my cousin Mary Ann (who passed away a couple years ago) and Rick (from the Bold and the Beautiful - who played the pat of a gay woman in this dream)

    We lived together for a time, and Diane told Rick that she and I were lovers, which made Rick think he could get in on the relationship (NOT)

    There was a scene that took place in a huge barn made of 4 x 8 panels aligned sideways and many panels high and a rough sticky man who said that he hired Indians to help out on the farm, but he told them if they needed to rest they had to go live elsewhere.  That sounded really strict.

    In that scene, I scraped dog poop off the floor and saw tat the dogs slept in empty dog food bags to keep warm on the concrete floor.

    Later on I got a small envelope in the mail from Mary Ann .  The return address was somewhere in Illinois. Mary Ann age me her phone number and aid she was pregnant and not to tell anyone.  It made me feel really good that she felt she could confide I me with that secret.

    There as no real story or conclusion to this dream.


    7-25-12 - DREAM - I lived next door to a very round woman who didn't want anything round in her front yard, so she made her husband who was equally round to, plant her entire front yard - about 30 feet by 30 feet in sections of bushes two inches thick by 3 feet long.  Since this was a new planting, and not leafed out yet, I could see precisely each section of bush he had planted.  It looked nice, but who wants a bush 30 feet by 30 feet in their front yard.  How would you keep it trimmed neatly after it leafed out?

    The ground at this point in spring was extremely wet and I couldn't walk anywhere that didn't have grass growing on it which was only about 1/2 inch tall, but the man who was planting the bushes for his wife decided to cut across the corner of my lot with this 4 wheeled cart so he could burn the trimmings of his bushes in my driveway.

    He lit the dry stuff on fire and it didn't burn well because it was so wet so it just smoldered for a bit and went out again.

    I couldn't smell the smoke.

    I begged him not to drive on my lawn and then went into the house.

    Inside my house, the walls were wallpapered with a yellow background with orange flowers all over it.

    Every few feet was a gold doorknob and I didn't know until I opened the door which were also wallpapered,  whether it was a closet, or a door to another room or just an opening the door fit into which most of them were.  They were doors to nowhere.

    My daughter came to visit and I showed her this weird room.  We couldn't figure out why someone would build a room like that.

    I heard a telephone ring somewhere in the house, but by the time I found the right door to the next room, it stopped ringing.



    7-26-12  DREAM -  I was evidently working at A-C because I had to deliver some mail to my old boss Leiweke, but I was working now for Clint Buchanan from One Life to Life TV show in the dream. 

    I had a co-worker with a strange hairdo, combed forward from the back of the head over the top.  She looked like she had a lot of hair when she actually didn't.  Clint wore his hair the same way, so I decided to do the same thing.  It looked pretty cool. when I looked in the mirror.  And we all looked the same if you just looked at our heads.

    Clint Buchanan had a collection of photographs that were autographed, but he wanted me to write their names down in white ink on a piece of paper, and when I wrote the name very carefully, the ink would vanish.  I tried to write the name several times, and each time the ink would be disappearing by the time I finished the name and within a moment the name vanished.

    I was trying to write  Richard Williamson, and when that didn't work, I tried writing Williamson, Richard and that didn't work either.  It became very frustrating, because I wrote the name five times with no success.

    The name Clint means:  Old English origin and meaning is settlement near the headland

    Famous Richard Williamsons:

    famous Buchanan's 

    James Buchanan | The White House

    James Buchanan. Tall, stately, stiffly formal in the high stock he wore around his
    jowls, James Buchanan was the only President who never married. Presiding ...
    James Buchanan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    James Buchanan, Jr was the 15th President of the United States (1857–1861).
    He is the only president from Pennsylvania and the only president who remained ... Buchanan

    famous Leiweke


    7-26-12 mediation   First I saw a series of beautiful women's faces and after a bit I saw a tall, narrow cup which I assumed was a juice cup.  It was beautiful to look at, with pink rims, and what looked like a white 4-leaf clover with leaves and flowers.  It was beautiful.



    I was living on 16th St. and the woman next door came over and using a big water hose, she turned it on full force against my window to make me think it was raining hard and she did that just to get my attention.

    I went over to her house and then back home and Ellen DeGeneres was laying in my bed with my daughter with the covers over her because she was cold.  So I woke up and I was cold, so I got under the covers to warm up.

    I was then working in the apartment building in Milwaukee, and my husband Ed was there.  I heard music and bells started to play in 1,2 3 timing so I got up and danced down the hall doing the shuffle 1,2,3  all the way down the hall.

    Then I heard Ed coming down the hall, following me just to see what I was doing, so I woke up.

    I closed my eyes, still at the end of the hall, and a young woman came in, wearing a checkered dress and confessed to me that she had been talked into a money making profession.  I knew what she meant and she stood in front of me with her guilty face twitching until I made myself wake up.

    I went back to sleep and I was still in that same room, and a young blonde man came into the room wearing a brown and yellow checkered shirt.  He stood in front of me with his face twitching, and his heart beating practically out of his chest really fast and just stood there.  I knew he was the guilty man who had been with the guilty girl.  I didn't want to stand there and watch him feel guilty with his heart beating so fast, so I opened my eyes, and I could still see him hanging in the air looking guilty with his heart beating fast.  At least it didn't stay there hanging in the air for 10 minutes like it sometimes does.


    7-28=12   DREAM -  In the dream, my husband woke me up by picking me up bodily from the bed, saying that I had a scissor in my hand and was jabbing at my own stomach trying to abort myself of a baby (something I would NEVER do) He hugged me and begged me never to try that again.

    After I was fully awake, another woman who lived with us, who was a good friend said she was nauseas and thought she might be pregnant.  (She looked like the teacher Our Miss Brooks) 

    Neither one of us knew if we were really pregnant, and I wondered whether my husband was responsible for her condition as well.

    There seemed to be a lot of garbage in our house, mostly newspapers, some of it in good condition, some full of bird seed, some with bird poop, some with dog poop, and some just for reading.   There was so much of it, I needed help getting rid of it.

    Our in the yard, a yellow plane was going over, acting like it was taking photographs.  I didn't want my picture taken, so I lay down on the ground and hid my face from the airplane.

    A couple minutes later, a young blonde man with a moustache I recognized as a friend of my sons came over and said he was the pilot of the plane which he had landed nearby.  He said he liked to take pictures of people because he always got different reactions - some liked to have their picture taken and posed for him, others ran from view, and others just stared up at him wondering what he was up to. He was amused by people's reactions to him.

    Another man came to help me take the garage out of the house, and asked me to turn on the oven to 350 degrees.  Inside the oven was a lot of instructions and numbers, but I couldn't find the knob to set the temperature.  The oxen was going to do what the oven wanted to do until someone helped me figure out how to control it.

    The man who was helping me with the garbage, asked me about the man with the airplane and coyly asked me if I was interested in the guy personally, which I wasn't,, and then he intimated that he might be interested in me personally, and suggested that I might fool around with the 'right' guy.   He then disappeared over the edge of a green stairway.

    Out in the yard, I saw a male cat stand up on its rear haunches and spit nastily into the air at something, and nearby to the cat crouched a female furry animal I'm not quite sure what it was, and it lovingly nuzzled its one and only baby that it nudged along with a paw to take care of it and keep it away from the cat.

    also see



    DREAM - I was living with many of the characters from One Life to Live TV show and I knew them intimately evidently, though I called myself Dee in the dream.

    The dream started out in the private apartment or hotel room of a very large woman, wearing fancy clothes. I cannot identify her by name or character name, but her apartment or hotel room was full of very large furniture suited to herself no doubt and she walked around her apartment like she had the personality and demeanor of someone who had everything and knew everyone and the world outside be damned.

    I went to a private party of show bushiness people - still all characters from One Life to Live TV show and they were all dressed up in beautiful strapless gowns and men in tuxedos.

    The character (Lindsey)  MEANS FROM THE LINDEN TREE) who on the show killed people and got away with it numerous times, was speaking at a long banquet people and there were at least 100 or more people at this party.  She stood up and played a Frank Sinatra song which may have been a parody and when the music started, booze came running down her arms and drenching her dress and she bent over swaying to the music and her boobs fell out of her dress.  When that happened, every other woman at the tables also bent over and swayed to the music and all of their boobs fell out of their dresses and nobody cared and nobody was embarrassed.

    After that party, we went to our private apartments, and I looked out the window and saw that storms had come through the city and wiped out most of the town and I could see at least four more tornados coming in the sky.

    So I ran next door to the private apartment of the same woman from the party, and had several guests over night and they were just getting up and making breakfast for themselves using pans that would serve at least 25 people.

    The same characters from One Life to Live TV show, who were singers and entrepreneurs in bars were there in the apartment and they didn't really care that tornados were coming - they were serving breakfast and I joined in and we ate with our hands right out of the pans and the food was great.  The black man - a really handsome guy put a bread in front of him that was flat and when he dumped it out o the pan, it had a design on it that we a scene of some kind with Jewish people on it and he wanted to frost it with frosting that comes in cans, so we advised him what colors to make the people in the design.

    Shew bread comes to mind but Im not familiar with that term personally. 

    I woke up tasting the scrambled eggs from the pan - so how does that happen when I haven't eaten any scrambled eggs in months?

    1. Showbread - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
      Showbread (Hebrew: לחם פנים lechem haPānīm‎, literally: "Bread of the Presence"), in the King James Version: shewbread, in a biblical or Jewish context, refers ...
    2. The Table of Shewbread - Similar
      'The Table of Shewbread' (Ex 25:23-30). images/N9.gif ... The priest had at his right hand the table of shewbread or also referred to as the table of the presence.
    3. 28. The Table and Shew-Bread - Similar
      And this shew-bread table was not only typical of Christ, as to the matter of it; being made of such excellent, incorruptible wood, and that overlaid with pure gold; ...
    4. Shewbread - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster ... - Similar
      Definition of SHEWBREAD. : consecrated unleavened bread ritually placed by the Jewish priests of ancient Israel on a table in the sanctuary of the Tabernacle ...
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      SHEWBREAD or SHOWBREAD (Heb. לֶחֶם פָּנִים / הַפָּנִים; JPS, "bread of display"), the bread laid out in the Temple on the golden table (Ex. 25:30; I Sam.
    6. Cone Shaped "Shewbread" - Similar
      In his first Dallas lecture, David Hudson talked about shewbread and the conical shape of its depiction in Egyptian art: “Okay this is out of "Ages in Chaos" by ...



    7-29-12 -  NAP DREAM -  I, my husband and our little boy were on a road trip. 

    We came around a corner in the highway and the road went up a steep hill and at the top of a hill was a turn off where busses stopped like a rest stop.  There was no one there from what we could see, but my husband pulled off the road where a public garage was before going up that hill.

    We had just parked the car, and I saw a large bus appear at the top of the hill and as it came down the hill, another buss appeared at the top of the hill followed by several cars.  The busses were colored similar to greyhound busses.

    All of sudden, there was so much traffic on the hill, it seemed like the second bus had run into the back of the first bus out of sight behind me.  However, I didn't actually see it happen.

    Then some rescue vehicles came down the hill with young men in them, wearing blue uniforms and flat topped brimmed hats.  There were six young men in each rescue vehicle.

    They pulled off into the driveway nest to where my husband had parked.

    One of the young men peered into our car to check out my husband because I saw he had slumped over in his seat like he was sleeping.

    I looked at my little boy on my lap and he looked back and said, "I love you."  I said back, 'I love you too,"  and my eyes crossed and he appeared to have just one eye in the center of his forehead.  I leaned over and kissed him on the forehead and woke up.



    7  -30-12  DREAM  I was in an office somewhere and I was given a large green 3-rimg binder with about 1,000 pages in it and it had the title 64 LIFE CHANGER PROGRAM.  It came with two blue envelopes that had a piece of paper in it that had printed on it  $1.77.  Those blue envelopes were supposed to go to my next door neighbor and the woman across the street from her.

    I got into the post man's car with him and we delivered the first envelope to my neighbor just in time, but the woman across the street wasn't on his delivery route so she didn't get one.  He just said, "Oh well!"

    I was also told that South Korea was going to rebuild their wharf.

    I went for counseling for the 64 LIFE CHANGER PROGRAM, but the female counselor was so busy talking to another woman, she didn't have time for me and I finally got tired of waiting.

    I then met two other people in the office.  The woman turned out to have wooden arms, but no hands and she was a Veteran.  The guy next to her was also a Veteran and he was so angry at the Veteran's program he told both of us never to give them any money, and the woman agreed because she never was given hands.

    Later, Joe's two grandsons got a donut making machine that you could make either donuts or personal pizzas with it and sell it to your neighbors and make money.  The dough was sweet but otherwise tasteless and was puffy and you couldn't make any wrong or bad so it twas guaranteed.  They actually looked like they were made of plastic and the kids had fun with it and people actually ate them.

    My mouth still tastes like that plastic sweet dough. 


    I was in my office at work which was large with several desks in it.  I was there alone and there was nothing  to do so I was waiting for my friend and co-worker Kimber to come in so I could talk to her about the 64 LIFE CHANGING PROGRAM.

    I noticed that a small desk had tipped over that had two of its legs on wheels that came out, so I re-inserted the legs and stood the desk back up.

    Just then, one of the bosses from across the hall walked in and went over by the window looking outside.

    I noticed two small water puddles on a decorative brick walkway that went through the office and I apologized for the water and told the boss I didn't know where it had come from. He responded that there probably was a leak somewhere.

    Then he asked me if I was going to take advantage of the 64 Life Changing program and buy some of those donuts.

    I was surprised that he had heard about that, and simply said, "Yes!"

    He left the office then, and then I saw Kimber's red-violet winter jacket and blue wool neck scarf laying on the floor between the office outside back door and the bathroom door that hadn't been there before.

    From inside the bathroom, it sounded like she was hand-rolling paint on the bathroom wall.

    I was just about to open the bathroom door when I heard a clicking sound outside and instantly woke up, so I never got a chance to talk to Kimber about it.


    7-3-=12 - MARTIAL LAW DREAM

    I don't know where I was living but my sons were young men and we were in process of packing the truck to move to a new house.  The boys had just taken the furniture out of the room I was sitting in, trying to finish some knitting before I left.  They took everything out of the house but my purse.

    iT was almost dinner time and on  the way to the new house, we had to stop at SEARS to pick up something we needed and we were trying to decide which SEARS to stop at.  We were right in front of it and nearby, I could see the hospital where my youngest son was a patient. 

    I thought I would give a quick visit to my son while the men were buying whatever it was from SEARS, and before I could even get to the hospital door, I saw a nurse, pulling some metal carts on wheels across the sidewalk to prevent anyone from coming into the hospital.

    I looked to my right and about a block away, I could see people slamming gates shut and fencing off EVERYTHING.

    Two medics were walking right behind me, and one of them said, "We were told not to tell anyone, and you can\t even get on the internet with this, but  THIS IS IT!"



    6-31-12 - dream  -  I'm on my way home right now, being followed down a hallway b a shirtless guy sneaking along a green and yellow checkerboard hallway who I co9uldn't lose just by opening my eyes.  The green and yellow checkerboard were light hanging in the air pulsing to my heartbeat.  the man disappeared first, and finally the lights disappeared when I turned on the bathroom light.

    However, we have to stop at the hospital pharmacy on 56th St. on the way home and pick up some medicine from a actor named Morton Seymour and a CD of Sigourney Weaver singing La Boheme for Dorian Lord who is expecting her boyfriend to give her that for her anniversary.

    We had to pick up 5 books my sons had borrowed and not returned.  We already have them in the truck.  I've forgotten their titles however.

    LA BOHEME,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=171613b98e654d82&biw=1280&bih=775

    SOGPIRMEU WEAVER,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=171613b98e654d82&biw=1280&bih=775&bs=1

    shew as famous for her part in the movie -  aliens



    Morton Seymour Fane - Funeral Details - Ira Kaufman Chapel
    Aug 28, 2009 – Morton Seymour Fane, 77, of West Bloomfield, died on 24 August 2009. ... The family of Morton Seymour Fane will be gathering through the ...

    Dorian lord  - from one life to live TV show 

    Morton Seymour Fane - Funeral Details - Ira Kaufman Chapel
    Aug 28, 2009 – Morton Seymour Fane, 77, of West Bloomfield, died on 24 August 2009. ... The family of Morton Seymour Fane will be gathering through the .




    7-31-12   MEDITATION DREAM -  I was sitting in my chair, just starting to meditate, when a small sprayer plane went very low right over the house.  It was so low, I wondered what I would do if it crashed into the house.

    I knew I had three hoses next to the house to water my gardens, a red one on the west, a green one on the south, and a green one on the east.   While I was thinking about this, the airplane went over the house twice more and then more at a distance.

    I listened to the drone of the airplane and fell asleep to the sound.

    In the dream, I was sitting in the yard knitting a sweater in three colors, red on the bottom, a white row, and then a blue row.

    I planned to do a red row next but the yarn was very tightly wound in a bundle, so I asked my husband to help pull the yarn out for me.

    He grabbed the red yarn and attached it to the bumper of his yellow pick up truck.  He started pulling on the bumper, pulling the pick up truck backwards and it tipped upside-down and flipped and it landed with its front wheels right on his body.

    Immediately I saw the name HALPERN on top of his body.

    I woke up immediately, recognizing that HALPERN is all about music and sound.