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Bigfoot Press Conference Seeks DNA Test To Answer Bigfoot Mystery

A DNA test could prove the one thing that decades of grainy videos, mysterious footprints and unverified eyewitness accounts haven’t — the existence of Bigfoot.

Bigfoot researchers in California say they’ve obtained startling evidence, and are now trying to raise money for genetic testing on an oil residue purportedly left behind by the elusive hairy beast.

AOL Weird News has obtained exclusive photos taken recently by forensic expert Mickey Burrow, who examined the evidence, and those photos are available here for the first time.Lee Spiegel
AOL Weird News
The Huffington Post

Bigfoot Faceprint Photo

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Bigfoot or bear? Impression left on the driver’s side window of a pickup truck owned by Jeffrey Gonzalez. The bizarre image was left by an alleged Bigfoot in California’s Sierra National Forest over Memorial Day 2011. DNA samples of the impressions will eventually determine the identity of the animal responsible for them.

Bigfoot Faceprint Photo

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Close-up of the “paw” print image. The impression was reportedly left by Bigfoot on the window of a pickup truck in the California Sierra National Forest over Memorial Day weekend 2011.

Bigfoot Faceprint Photo

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Bigfoot or bear? Pictured is a second impression left on the rear side window of the same truck from the previous slides. According to forensic/law enforcement photographer Mickey Burrow, “What you’re seeing is a swipe mark. It looks like a small hand, swiping to the left, leaving another impression, and there’s hair within those areas — you can see where the hair would be.”

At a press conference today in Fresno, Calif., the Sanger Paranormal Society reached out to the public to help come up with the needed funds to pay for a thorough analysis of DNA from an alleged Bigfoot creature.

Sanger founder Jeffrey Gonzalez presented photographs taken of strange impressions left on the windows of his pickup truck that was temporarily abandoned in a snow storm when he and several others were on a Bigfoot expedition over Memorial Day weekend in California’s Sierra National Forest.

When the men returned to retrieve Gonzalez’s truck, they were startled to discover the window markings — including a large paw-like image — and what they first thought was evidence of hair on two of the truck windows.

Gonzalez called in forensic/law enforcement photographer Mickey Burrow, who has spent 14 years as a qualified court photographic expert and crime scene processor.

“I immediately started wondering if there could be some DNA left behind, because if this thing put its face on the window, I thought there was probably DNA on there,” Burrow told AOL.

“I’ve got the know-how. I’ve done it more than 5,000 times on crime scenes. In this case, I treated it like it was a vehicle that got burglarized.

“As I was looking at the windows, I told Jeff it looked like something came up to the truck, rubbed up against it, swiped along the side of it, and then just put its face up on the window and looked in — that’s what it looks like.”

Burrow photographed the images left on the truck windows and collected some DNA swabs. While Gonzalez suggested one of the impressions shows a hand print, Burrow isn’t convinced.

“I’m very iffy on it. To me, it looks like a paw print,” he explained. “I don’t think it was a primate or a biped, because it looks too much like a paw. But then again, we don’t know what Bigfoot is.

“I was just looking at what I could find off the truck. I didn’t find any hair or blood or prints, so we really don’t know what we have that touched it. We don’t know if it’s a bear or a Bigfoot or a mountain lion.”

Bigfoot is a legendary tall, hairy ape-like creature that has somehow defied capture and identification. Also known as Sasquatch, Abominable Snowman and Yeti, it supposedly lives in heavily forested or snow-capped mountainous regions of the world.

While most scientists deny Bigfoot’s existence, decades of huge numbers of eyewitness reports, pictures and films have kept the legend alive.

Previous attempts to analyze potential Bigfoot DNA haven’t resulted in anything that could be considered as the scientific find of the ages. That’s why Gonzalez is being very careful about who he’ll turn over his reported Bigfoot DNA to.

“We need somebody to come forward to take this DNA and get it mapped,” he told AOL. “Since nobody knows what a Bigfoot is, there’s no available DNA for it. But by testing this DNA, by process of elimination we can find out if it was a bear, gorilla, baboon or something else.

“If it’s not any of those, and you’ve eliminated all the possibilities, and it’s not human, then what’s left?”

Burrow is looking for an objective, science-based truth.

“I would like to just find out, because it’s got my interest piqued,” he said. “I believe Bigfoot exists, but I don’t believe it has mystical powers like many people say it does. I think it’s just an unknown species that hasn’t been discovered or hasn’t fully evolved.”Lee Spiegel
AOL Weird News
The Huffington Post


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by Colm Kellerher & George Knapp


How it all started - Part 1
I'm sitting on a white plastic chair in what seems like total darkness. Strapped to my chest and shoulders is an array of electronic gear--microphones, a video camera, a box that detects magnetic changes and a Geiger counter. Somewhere in the mix is a flashlight, the only device whose function I understand, and thus, the only device I cannot find.
In front of me, I can almost make out the sinister shapes of some truly spooky trees. Malevolent bugs are buzzing in and out of my eyes and ears, and it occurs to me that there must be a tavern open somewhere nearby, even in this remote corner of Utah. One hundred or more yards away, beyond a barbed-wire fence and a little creek, are my fellow paranormal rangers, equipped with their own video cameras, night-vision glasses and assorted scientific gear. They are supposed to be watching me to see if anything happens.
On this night, I am the bait. Bait for what, I wonder? The unspoken hope is my own inherent weirdness quotient might give me some sort of connection to the undeniably odd energy, or entity, that seems to have concentrated itself on this remote rural community, and, in particular, on this small ranch where I now sit, waiting for something to announce its presence.
Some very strange things have happened at the precise spot where I'm sitting. It is here that a visitor was accosted by a roaring but nearly invisible creature, something akin to the Predator of movie fame. It is here that a Ph.D. physicist reported that his mind was invaded, literally taken over, by some sort of hostile intelligence that warned him that he was not welcome. It is here that an entire team of researchers watched in awe as a bright door or portal opened up in the darkness and a large humanoid creature crawled out before quickly vanishing. And it is here that several animals--cattle and dogs--were mutilated, obliterated or simply disappeared.
For as long as anyone can remember, this part of northeastern Utah has been the site of simply unbelievable paranormal activity. UFOs, Sasquatch, cattle mutilations, psychic manifestations, creatures that aren't found in any zoos or textbooks, poltergeist events. You name it, residents here have seen it.
Retired schoolteacher Junior Hicks is the area's unofficial historian for all things weird. He's catalogued 400 or so incidents, most of them involving UFO sightings, but says there have been thousands of other cases. Hicks estimates at least half of the 50,000 residents of this basin have seen weird things in the sky--flying saucers, cigar-shaped craft, zigzagging balls of light, so many different objects that local police and the Highway Patrol long ago stopped taking reports. (Many of the lawmen have been witnesses themselves.) Hicks and members of his family have witnessed their own UFO events over the years.
"The UFO activity really started getting intense in the early '50s," Hicks says. "There were cases where the whole school and all the teachers saw these things hovering over the town in broad daylight. In the '60s and '70s, we probably had more UFO sightings than any place in the world."
But run-of-the-mill UFO events don't begin to describe the rich array of unusual phenomena in this area. The Ute Indian tribe has been here far longer than white settlers. Tribal leaders are reluctant to speak to outsiders, but their oral history is replete with examples of strange creatures and sightings. Indian lore refers to some of these beings as Skinwalkers. Other cultures call them shape-shifters, werewolves or Bigfoot.
"The Utes take this very seriously," Hicks says. "They think the Skinwalkers are powerful spirits that are here because of a curse that was put on them generations ago by the Navajos. And the center of the whole legend is this ranch. The Utes say the ranch is `the path of the skinwalker.' Tribe members are strictly forbidden from setting foot on the property. It's been that way for a long time."
The ranch in question is a 480-acre spread of rich, well-watered pasture and a few thick patches of tall cottonwoods. It's divided into three sections, each section being a former homestead. Thick brush and a small river are on one side. A rocky, picturesque ridge is on the other side. Skinwalker Ridge is what the Utes call it, according to Hicks. A long dirt road is the only way in or out of the ranch.
When rancher Tom Gorman (not his real name) bought the place in 1994, it had been vacant for seven or eight years. Gorman, his wife and two kids were curious about the impressive array of bolts that covered the doors and windows of the main house. There were deadbolts on both sides of the doors. Even the kitchen cabinets had bolts on them. And at both ends of the house, iron stakes and heavy chains had been installed. Gorman guessed the previous tenants had positioned large guard dogs in the front and back of the home, but he had no idea why.
The Bulletproof Wolf
On the day the Gormans moved their furnishings onto the property, they had their first foreshadowing of the events that would follow. They spotted an extremely large wolf out in the pasture. The wolf cautiously made its way across the field, and, to the surprise of everyone, sidled up to the family, acting like it was a familiar pet. It had rained that day, and the family remembers the wolf smelled like a wet dog as they were petting it.
After a few minutes, the wolf strolled over to the corral and grabbed a calf by its snout, attempting to pull it through the corral bars. Gorman and his father began beating on the wolf's back with sticks but it wouldn't release the calf. Gorman grabbed a .357 Magnum from his truck and shot the wolf at point-blank range. The slug had no noticeable effect.
Gorman pumped another bullet into the wolf, which then let go of the calf but stood looking at the family as if nothing had happened. Gorman shot it two more times with the powerful handgun. The big animal backed off a bit, but showed no signs of distress, not even any blood.
The mystified rancher retrieved a hunting rifle and shot the wolf again, once more at close range. Gorman is not only an experienced marksman but a big-game hunter of considerable repute. Five slugs should have been enough to bring down an elk, let alone a wolf. The fifth shot caused a chunk of hair and flesh to fly off the wolf, but it still didn't seem fazed. After a sixth shot, the wolf casually trotted across the field into a muddy thicket. Gorman and his father tracked the beast for about a mile, following its pawprints through the mud, but the tracks suddenly ended, as if the wolf had simply vanished into thin air.
Returning to the corral area, Gorman examined the chunk of wolf flesh and says it looked and smelled like rotten meat. He made inquiries among his neighbors, but no one seemed to know anything about any tame, over-sized wolves in the area. A few weeks later, Mrs. Gorman encountered a wolf that was so large, its back was parallel with the top of her window as it stood beside her car. The wolf was accompanied by a dog-like animal that she couldn't identify.
Over the next two years, a menagerie of weird animals was reported by family members and neighbors. While driving into the ranch on a bright afternoon, Gorman and his wife saw something attacking one of their horses. They described it as "low to the ground, heavily muscled, weighing perhaps 200 pounds, with curly red hair and a bushy tail." It somewhat resembled a muscular hyena and seemed to be clawing at their horse, almost playing with it. Gorman got within 40 feet of the animal but says it literally vanished before his eyes. Poof. Gone. They checked the horse and found numerous claw marks on its legs. (A few months later, the wife of a deputy sheriff reported seeing a similar muscular, reddish beast running across the property.)
Another visitor to the ranch had a more ominous encounter in the middle homestead, the same place where I was set out as bait. The visitor, along with Gorman and his son, say they saw a large blurry "something" moving through the trees. The visitor has been meditating when this thing showed up. It swiftly moved from the trees, across the pasture, covering 100 yards in seconds, and when it reached the man, it let out a ferocious roar, something akin to a large bear, a roar loud enough to be heard hundreds of yards away. But this was no bear. It was, according to the Gormans, nearly invisible, resembling the camouflaged being in the movie Predator. The visitor was so scared, he grabbed on to Gorman and wouldn't let go. He left the ranch and has never returned.
Other creatures and beings were also seen, including exotic, multicolored birds that were certainly not native to the region and could not be identified. There were numerous close encounters with dark, nine-foot-tall beasts that resembled a Bigfoot or Sasquatch. (More on those incidents will follow.)
As if those visual experiences weren't enough, the family claims its other senses were also challenged by assorted weird events. They often were overwhelmed by strong musk odors. The pastures would unexplainably light up at night like a football stadium. They claim to have seen shafts of light that seemingly emanated from the ground, They (and others) say they heard what sounded like heavy machinery operating under the earth. And they heard voices. Tom, his son and his nephew remember hearing a loud, disembodied conversation in some unintelligible language. The disembodied male voices spoke in what the witnesses say was a mocking tone and sounded like they were emanating from 20 or more feet above their heads, but they saw nothing. The dogs accompanying the three witnesses growled and barked at the voices, then took off in a panic.
There were physical manifestations that aren't easily explained. While checking on his herd in the third homestead, Gorman noticed that someone had dug up his pasture. Hundreds of pounds of soil had been scooped out of the ground. The edges of the hole resembled perfect, concentric circles, as if someone had dropped a gigantic cookie cutter on the pasture. Several smaller scoop marks were also found.
The Gormans also report phenomena similar to crop circles. One formation found in their pasture consisted of three circles of flattened grass. Each circle was approximately eight feet in diameter, and they were arranged in a triangular pattern, with each circle about 30 feet from the others. Keep in mind, there is only one road leading into the ranch. Anyone coming in or going out would almost certainly be noticed by the Gormans or their neighbors.
UFOs And Other Aerial Oddities
In the spring of 1995, the Gormans started seeing strange things in the sky. While out checking on their cattle, Gorman and his nephew spotted what they thought was a recreational vehicle parked on the property. They approached it, figuring the driver might be having mechanical trouble. As they got closer, the RV moved silently away from them. They moved closer, it moved further away. They climbed a fence to get a better look at it, and that's when they knew this was no Winnebago. The craft rose above the treetops and slowly flew away, making no sound as it departed. It certainly wasn't a helicopter. The witnesses had a clear view and say the object was shaped like a refrigerator, with a single light on its front and a red light on the back.
Before long, everyone in the family was seeing weird aerial objects. Mrs. Gorman says something that resembled a stealth fighter, but ringed with blinking disco lights, silently hovered about 20 feet above her vehicle before zipping off. Each family member had repeated sightings of a cloud that usually hovered just outside the property. The cloud was characterized as having "blinking Christmas tree lights" or "silent, mini-explosions" inside. Among the other aerial craft seen by the Gormans, their neighbors and other witnesses were classic flying-saucer objects, flying sombreros, shafts of light similar to fluorescent light bulbs and a cigar-shaped craft several football fields long.
By far the most common objects they witnessed were floating spheres of different sizes and colors. In 1995 and 1996, the Gormans and others reported 12 separate incidents of seeing large orange circles flying over the trees of the center homestead. Tom Gorman claims that holes occasionally opened up in the orange spheres and other smaller spheres would fly out. (A neighboring rancher told this reporter of his own encounters with what he called a flying orange basketball.)
By early 1996, the sightings of blue spheres at the ranch became almost commonplace. These orbs were said to be about the size of a softball, made of glass and filled with bubbling blue liquids that seemed to rotate inside. Mr. and Mrs. Gorman say that in April 1996, they watched one of the blue orbs repeatedly circle the head of one of their horses, The horse was illuminated by an intense blue light, and there was a sound like static electricity in the air, but this wasn't ball lightning. The orb seemed to be intelligently controlled. When Gorman approached the horse with a flashlight, the orb darted off, maneuvering through tree branches with speed and dexterity.
The Gormans say the blue spheres seemed to generate severe psychological effects on the family. Family members felt waves of fear roll over them, far in excess of what might be normal, whenever the blue orbs appeared. It was the appearance of one blue orb in particular that finally convinced the Gormans to sell the ranch.
One evening in May 1996, Gorman was outside with three of his dogs when he noticed a blue orb darting around in the field near the ranch house. Gorman urged his dogs to go after the ball. The dogs chased and snapped at the orb, but it dodged and maneuvered enough to stay just beyond the reach of their snapping jaws. The ball led the dogs out across the pasture and into the thick brush that borders the field. Gorman says he heard the dogs make three terrible yelps, then they were silent. He called for them, but they didn't respond.
The next morning, Gorman went to look for the dogs. What he found were three round spots of dried and brittle vegetation. In the middle of each circle was a black, greasy lump. Gorman surmised that his dogs had been incinerated by something. One thing for sure, the dogs were never seen again. The disappearance of their dogs prompted the Gormans to think about getting out.
Mutilations And Other Animal Mysteries
Tom Gorman wasn't some country-bumpkin farmer trying to get by. He had college degrees and advanced training in animal husbandry, was considered an expert in artificial insemination and had plans for raising hybrid, high-end stock at the picturesque ranch. His herd, which ranged from 60-80 head, consisted of expensive, top-of-the-line heifers and four 2,000-pound show-class bulls.
From the day he moved his herd onto the ranch, though, his hopes--and his animals--seemed to be under assault. The balls of light that were seen so often on the property seemed to take special interest in the cattle and were often seen buzzing around the heads of the animals. Sometimes, the cattle would react violently, the herd splitting suddenly as if some invisible force was plowing through their middle. It soon got worse.
Although the Gormans kept close watch on their stock, something began exacting a terrible toll. One cow was found dead in a field. A strange, crisp hole had been cut in one of its eyes. There were no tracks or blood, and Gorman wondered what could do such a thing. He noticed a strong musk odor around the carcass, a smell he would come to know all too well.
Other cattle were carved up, as if with pinking shears. Cattle mutilations have been reported throughout North America for several decades. In typical cases, the ears, eyes, udders and sex organs are removed with surgical precision. Gorman's animals were subjected to all of the above.
As an experienced hunter and rancher, Gorman was more than familiar with the capabilities of natural predators. This wasn't being done by coyotes or mountain lions. The butchery was simply too clean. And no blood was ever left at the scene of the attacks. His other animals also suffered. His favorite horse had its legs slashed, as if by sharp instruments or claws. (The musk odor was still in the air when he discovered the damaged horse.) His dogs seemed to develop paranoia. They stayed inside their doghouses for days at a time, too fearful to emerge for food. Six of the family's cats vanished in one night.
Soon, cattle started disappearing altogether. One of the animals vanished from a snow-covered field. Gorman saw the hoofprints lead into the field, but the tracks simply stopped, as if the animal had been plucked from the sky. A 1,200-pound cow leaves tracks in snow, Gorman told himself, so what happened to this one?
In all, 14 of Gorman's prized animals were either sliced up or vanished. In one instance, a cow was found mutilated just five minutes after Gorman's son had checked on it. Something cut a hole, six inches wide and 18 inches deep, in the animal's rectum. The cored-out section extended into the cow's body cavity, yet there was no blood on the cow or on the snow-covered ground.
The loss of 14 expensive animals from an 80-head herd is extreme by any standards. (There were other losses as well, but from explainable causes.) It meant that Gorman was close to financial collapse. One April afternoon, Gorman and his wife took a quick drive to town for supplies. As they passed the corral that contained their four bulls, they commented to each other that they would really be in trouble if something should happen to one of the bulls.
When they returned to the ranch less than an hour later, all four of the bulls were gone. The Gormans began a frantic search for the missing behemoths but couldn't find a trace. As a last resort, Gorman decided to peek into a metal trailer that is situated inside the corral. He thought it highly unlikely that the bulls would be inside because, from the corral, there is only one door into the trailer and it was secured with thick metal wire, wire that clearly was still in place.
Gorman was shocked to see that all four of his bulls were inside the trailer, squeezed like so many oversized sardines into the tiny enclosure, crammed in against the sides of the trailer and against each other. When he yelled to his wife that he had found them, the bulls seemingly woke up, as if from a dream state, and started kicking the hell out of the trailer and each other.
"There is simply no way that anyone could coax those four bulls into that trailer," says Colm Kelleher, a microbiologist who would come to know the Gormans well. "It would be tough enough to get one of them into the trailer, but all four? Virtually impossible. The only door leading from the corral into the trailer was still securely fastened with wire. And there were cobwebs on the inside of the door, proving that it had not been opened. It's almost as if someone overheard the ranchers' worries about their bulls, then decided to mess with them."
NIDS To The Rescue
Kelleher didn't realize it back in 1996, but the Gorman ranch was to soon become his home away from home. Kelleher is the deputy administrator of NIDS, the National Institute for Discovery Science, a Las Vegas-based research organization founded by local businessman Robert Bigelow. Bigelow's long-standing interest in paranormal topics, including UFOs, animal mutilations and human consciousness, prompted him to assemble an impressive team of physicists, engineers, psychologists and other doctorate-level professionals for the purpose of investigating subjects that are largely shunned by mainstream science.
By the middle of 1996, the Gormans were ready to cash in their chips. Those who know Tom Gorman say he blamed himself for the weird string of events that had ruined his ranching operation. He didn't want to give up but felt cursed, and was ready to bail for the sake of his family. In an uncharacteristic moment, he told parts of his story to a news reporter. A respected journalist from Salt Lake City heard about it, came to the ranch and talked to the family. Pictures were taken, and a wire service picked up the story. That's how Bob Bigelow first learned about the ranch.
Bigelow and his team flew to Utah and introduced themselves to the Gormans. NIDS staffers checked out the story, interviewed neighbors and evaluated the Gorman's seemingly incredible tales. Bigelow offered to buy the ranch outright with the idea of transforming it into an interactive paranormal laboratory, an ongoing experiment that might shed some light on questions that have been viewed with scientific skepticism. Amazingly, he talked the Gormans into staying at the ranch as caretakers.
By that point, the family was a wreck. The UFOs, balls of light, cattle mutilations, animal disappearances, Bigfoot sightings and Skinwalker legends were bad enough, but there had also been an ongoing series of more personal events. Things had occurred within their home that had made a normal life impossible. They saw apparitions in the house, blinding lights, dark creatures peering in the windows. Furnishings, tools and everyday items moved around, disappeared or turned up in unusual places.
No one could sleep. When they did manage to grab a few hours, they were plagued by violent nightmares, often discovering later that different family members had experienced identical dreams. The two kids, honor students before arriving at the ranch, saw their grades plummet. Mrs. Gorman lost her job at a local bank because of her repeated absences and disturbing water-cooler tales. Hoping for safety in numbers, the Gormans slept each night on the floor of their front room.
The folks from NIDS offered moral, emotional and financial support to the Gormans. What's more, they had a plan. The ranch presented what appeared to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to legitimately study a full menu of paranormal activities. They endeavored to seal off the ranch, pack it with high-tech monitoring equipment, staff it round-the-clock with trained observers, and see what happens.
Some residents sarcastically wondered what the hucksters from Las Vegas really had in mind. A scam of some sort was one oft-mentioned possibility. UFO buffs whined that Bob Bigelow was a "shadowy" guy who may or may not have CIA connections and that he was out to somehow corner the market on E.T. They demanded that whatever happened at the ranch should be made immediately available for their evaluation. And paranormal debunkers predicted the NIDS team would come up empty-handed because unexplained events inevitably wither under careful scrutiny.
As it turned out, all three groups were wrong. NIDS did seal off the ranch from outside observers but not for any monetary gain. Neither the CIA nor any other government agency had any input or access to the things that have occurred under the NIDS watch. And the phenomena itself did not wither or evaporate.
For the past six years, events at the ranch have been under constant scrutiny. Witnesses, including highly accomplished scientists and law enforcement personnel, have documented a mind-boggling array of unusual activity. But there has been a near-total blackout on the release of any information about the site.
By agreement with Bigelow, this reporter was granted the first outside access to the ranch and to the scientists and ex-lawmen who've been studying it. Interviews were conducted with ranch personnel, as well as with community members who had reported unusual events. And several nights were spent out on the ranch itself, watching for odd lights or other manifestations.
No one who has studied this can say with any certainty what's going on here. The NIDS researchers are not making any claims about E.T.s or ghosts or Skinwalkers. They are merely collecting data and trying to make some sense of it. That is small comfort to me as I sit in the darkness on my little plastic chair, waiting for something to happen. The mind certainly can play tricks in such an environment, but could so many witnesses be completely wrong?
Next week: We'll examine a long litany of bizarre activity that occurred while the NIDS team was stationed at the ranch, including the shooting and tracking of an unknown creature, the destruction of electronic equipment by something unseen, the unexplained creation of "ice circles" and the opening of what some say is a portal to another dimension.
Warning to paranormal enthusiasts: Do not travel to the ranch. You are not welcome there. It is private property and the people who live on or near it don't want to be hassled by curiosity seekers or the media. What's more, the level of unexplained phenomena has taken a steady nosedive over the past several months, so chances are you wouldn't see anything even if you could get on the property.
Copyright © Las Vegas Mercury, 2001-2002 Stephens Media Group

Is A Utah Ranch The Strangest Place On Earth?

Part II
By George Knapp
Copyright © Las Vegas Mercury

This is the second of two reports about persistent stories of anomalous phenomena in a section of northeastern Utah. The activity, as reported by hundreds of witnesses over several decades, includes UFOs, unusual balls of light, animal mutilations and disappearances, poltergeist events, sightings of Bigfoot-like creatures and other unidentified animals, physical effects on plants, soil, animals and humans, and a vast array of other unexplained incidents. 

The activities seem most concentrated on a 480-acre cattle ranch owned by the family of Tom Gorman. (Gorman isn't his real name.) In 1996, the ranch was purchased by Las Vegas businessman Robert Bigelow, who arranged for an intense, ongoing scientific study of events at the ranch. By agreement with Bigelow, and at the request of many of the witnesses, a few names have been changed or omitted to protect those who don't want to be hassled by media outlets or UFO enthusiasts.    

 It began as a dull white light, appearing out of nowhere in the darkness of the middle homestead of the Gorman ranch. Tom Gorman saw it. So did a researcher named Chad Deetken. It was nearly 2 a.m. on Aug. 28, 1997. Gorman and Deetken were out in the pasture as part of an ongoing effort to document unusual activity on the property.   Both men watched intently as the light grew brighter. It was as if someone had opened a window or doorway. 

Gorman grabbed his night vision binoculars to get a better look but could hardly believe what he was seeing. The dull light began to resemble a bright portal, and at one end of the portal, a large, black humanoid figure seemed to be struggling to crawl through the tunnel of light.   

After a few minutes, the humanoid figure wriggled out of the light and took off into the darkness. As it did, the window of light snapped shut, as if someone had flicked the "off" switch. 

Deetken had the presence of mind to snap a few photos of the event, but would later learn that his film had recorded little of what the two men had witnessed.   

Tom Gorman, his wife, two teenage kids and several extended family members had grown accustomed to weird things happening at the ranch. They had seen numerous UFO-type craft, as well as balls of light that seemed to be intelligently controlled. 

Their neighbors had seen them too. Residents of this basin have been reporting similar phenomena since the '50s. Native Americans say the sightings extend back even further. But aerial anomalies weren't the strangest occurrences on or near the ranch, not by a longshot.   

In his two years on the property, Tom Gorman had lost 14 head of cattle from his hybrid herd. Some animals simply disappeared, as if plucked from the sky. Others were carved up with surgical precision. Family members and neighbors had also seen Bigfoot-like creatures, oversized wolves, animals and birds that no one could identify. Their horses had been attacked, their dogs incinerated, their cats abducted.   

The Gormans themselves were bedeviled, almost daily, by odd little household incidents that, separately, wouldn't amount to much, but when considered together, were hard to dismiss. 

Windows and doors in their home would rip open or slam shut, seemingly on their own. Frequently, when Mrs. Gorman would take a shower, she'd emerge from the tub to find that her towel and personal items had been removed from inside the locked bathroom. On one occasion, she returned from town with a large haul of groceries and other supplies. She carefully put the provisions away in various cabinets, walked into another room for a few minutes, and returned to find all the supplies back out on the kitchen table.   

Clothing, tools and appliances seemed to develop lives of their own. But this wasn't the equivalent of socks disappearing in the laundry. For example, Gorman's son worked up a considerable sweat to meticulously stack a one-ton pile of cord wood on the south side of a treeline in the middle homestead. He took a 30-minute water break and returned to find that the ton of wood had been moved 100 yards to the north side of the tree line. Tools often disappeared, then reappeared on the range. In one instance, a heavy post hole digger vanished. It was finally discovered, days later, high up in the branches of a cottonwood tree, as if placed there by a crane. The uneasy feeling grew among family members that they were constantly being watched, but they had no idea who, or what, was doing the watching.    

 Enter Robert Bigelow   and NIDS   

Las Vegas businessman Robert Bigelow first heard about the Gorman ranch in the summer of 1996. A small newspaper article about mysterious events at the property prompted Bigelow and his team to fly to Utah. Bigelow bought the ranch and convinced Tom Gorman to stay on as caretaker, against the wishes of his family.   

Bigelow is the founder of NIDS, the National Institute for Discovery Science, a Las Vegas research organization dedicated to the study of unexplained phenomena. 

NIDS staff members include highly trained and educated scientists, engineers and former law enforcement personnel with solid credentials, degrees and experience. Although the organization investigates seemingly bizarre events, it has no preconceived ideas about the true nature of the subject matter and is primarily interested in getting to the truth, wherever that truth leads. (This observation is a personal one, based on more than six years of interaction with the NIDS organization.)   

NIDS staffers emphasize that they are constantly drilled by Bigelow and by his Science Advisory Board to rigidly adhere to the scientific method. ("The Science Board really holds our feet to the fire," one staff member confides.) Because the subject matter itself is so controversial in science circles, NIDS realizes that any deviation from the scientific method would mean a loss of credibility. If they were deemed a crackpot organization, their findings, no matter how profound or well-documented, would be dismissed out of hand.   

The Gorman ranch presented a unique opportunity to study a rich tapestry of strange stuff. It was as if someone had ordered up the Weirdness Pizza With Everything on It. UFOs and Sasquatch, balls of light and cattle mutilations, poltergeists and crop circles, psychic manifestations and Native American legends--the ranch sounded like a unique place in all the world. NIDS staffers knew they had to be careful but also knew they couldn't merely dismiss the stories told by locals.   

"We had no preconceived ideas about what was going on, but we decided to use an 'open-filter' approach to gathering information," says one senior NIDS staffer. "We had a lot of reservations about the legends of skinwalkers, Bigfoot sightings, all the things the family claimed to have seen, but we decided to collect all the data we could get, without dismissing it outright, and figured we could evaluate it all later."   

The NIDS team set up shop. They installed a command post, positioned video and other monitoring equipment around the ranch, built new fencing around the perimeter of the property to better control access to the site, constructed observation posts in the pastures and staffed the property with trained observers. The effort constitutes the most intense and thorough surveillance of a UFO hot spot ever undertaken.  

 UFO researchers were incensed at being excluded from the study. They floated rumors that Bigelow was working for the CIA, that he and NIDS were already in contact with E.T., and that whatever information was gleaned from the ranch probably would be locked away in dark vaults under the Pentagon. The constant criticism prompted the publicity-shy Bigelow to grant a rare interview. He told a Utah newspaper that NIDS was not communicating with either extraterrestrials or lizard people. He appealed, perhaps in vain, for a reasonable amount of time, free from outside interference, so a legitimate study might be undertaken.  

 "We know so little in terms of what the overall scope of the phenomena are that it's just embarrassing to try and make some conclusions at this point," Bigelow said. He admitted that the activity at the ranch seemed to be "selective in how it exposes itself and to whom," suggesting that a tailgate-party atmosphere where people sit around outside the ranch, barbecuing hot dogs while awaiting flying saucers, would not be conducive to a scientific study. Not surprisingly, this plea for sanity fell on deaf ears among the UFO faithful. They were so busy expressing their outrage over being barred from private property that they failed to grasp the major clue dropped by Bigelow during his interview.     

A pre-cognitive   intelligence   Contrary to some predictions, the odd phenomena at the ranch didn't evaporate under the glare of scientific scrutiny. Activity continued, but grew even harder to comprehend. NIDS staffers saw the same balls of light, even UFO-type craft that the Gormans had seen. But their attempts to photograph or videotape the sightings were largely futile. Team members, accompanied by Gorman and former lawmen who were hired for the study, often saw anomalous aerial phenomena, with their eyes, their binoculars and with night vision equipment. With few exceptions, though, the images inexplicably could not be recorded on film or video.   

A confidential report prepared for NIDS board members and obtained by this reporter documents dozens of encounters involving NIDS staffers, the Gormans and other witnesses. 

After several months of round-the-clock surveillance, a mind-boggling pattern began to emerge. The phenomena, whatever they represent, seemed capable of anticipating the moves of the scientists. If they placed extra cameras and personnel in the southern field, the activity would pop up in the northern pasture. If they concentrated their observations in the center homestead, the activity might move to the ridge overlooking the ranch.   

Skeptics might suggest that such an explanation for a lack of photographic evidence sounds a little too convenient. But something happened on July 19, 1998, that sheds further light on the challenge faced by the research team. Soon after arriving at the ranch, NIDS had installed three telephone poles in one of the pastures. Atop each pole was a sophisticated package of sensoring equipment, including multiple video cameras. The cameras had a full view of that section of the ranch and were connected to video recorders back in the command post. At exactly 8:30 p.m., the three cameras on the westernmost telephone pole were suddenly disabled. When NIDS staffers went to check out the problem, they saw that something had shredded their electronic equipment. Wires had been ripped out of the cameras with considerable force. Plastic brackets were snapped in two. Thick layers of duct tape that had been used to secure the equipment had been ripped away. A foot-long piece of TV cable was missing. Analysis of the remaining cable showed it had been slashed with a knife.   

Team members excitedly returned to the command center, knowing that the telephone pole that had been assaulted was in full view of cameras positioned atop the second pole, located about 200 feet away. 

The assumption was that, whatever had ripped the guts out of the first camera would be clearly visible on video recorded by the second. But when they rolled the tape back, they saw nothing. At the exact moment the first camera package was being vandalized, nothing visible could be seen anywhere near the second telephone pole. 

This incident set a pattern for what was to follow.   "I came up with a term for it," says Col. John Alexander, a retired Army intelligence officer who still works on classified projects with Los Alamos National Laboratory and remains an adviser to NATO organizations. "I called it a pre-cognitive sentient intelligence. It certainly seemed to be intelligent, and it seemed to know what we were going to do even before we did it."   

Alexander is a former adviser to NIDS who made the trip to the ranch to see what was going on. As a scientist and military insider, he is reluctant to jump to any conclusions about the nature of what has happened there. But he suspects, after exploring the property and reading the witness reports, that there is an intelligence behind the assorted phenomena and that it almost seems to be playing a game with those who are trying to observe it.   

Another NIDS staffer arrived at a similar conclusion. He has a doctorate in physics, a long list of peer-reviewed papers about cutting-edge scientific concepts, and a lengthy employment history with prominent think tanks and classified military programs. He asked that his name not be used in the belief that he would never again be hired for sensitive scientific work if his involvement with the ranch were made public.   

"It's a very messy affair. Nothing is clear cut. It isn't as simple as saying that E.T.s or flying saucers are doing it," the scientist said. "It's some kind of consciousness, but it's always something new and different, something non-repeatable. It's reactive to people and equipment, and we set up the ranch to be a proving ground for the scientific method, but science doesn't seem amenable to the solution of these kinds of problems."     

Ice and dinosaurs  

 As if to punctuate the point, the phenomena at the ranch seemed to constantly evolve. One of the most recent incidents occurred on a cold morning in February. The caretaker for the property was patrolling the grounds early in the morning. As he walked past a watering hole, he noticed an odd circular impression in the thin ice that had formed overnight. Something had carved a perfect circle in the ice. The circle was just under six feet in diameter and seemed oddly reminiscent of the crop formations seen in English wheat fields.   

The cuts extended only a quarter-inch into the ice and the ice itself was perhaps another quarter-inch thick. The question arises, how could this have been done? Someone standing on the muddy bank would have left footprints. The only prints were cattle tracks. The ice itself was so thin that it could support almost no weight and certainly would have cracked and broken if someone stood on it. Could someone have suspended themselves above the ice patch and then somehow carved a perfect circle? How, and more importantly, why? NIDS staffers, following the scientific method, collected and analyzed ice shavings from the spot, took readings for magnetic fields and EM radiation, checked for tracks throughout the area but found no clues. There is no natural explanation for such a subtle event, and it has never been reported again.   

NIDS employees compiled a confidential report containing information about all the assorted incidents on the ranch. Reading this report will make the hair stand up on your neck. To date, the researchers have recorded seven distinct incidents involving magnetic abnormalities. Simply put, their compasses went nuts while out on the range. The needles of the compasses either spun out of control, or pointed straight down at the ground. No one has a reasonable explanation.   There were several instances involving some sort of invisible force moving through the ranch and through the animals. One witness reported a path of displaced water in the canal, as if a large unseen animal was briskly moving through the water. There were distinct splashing noises, and there was a foul pungent odor that filled the air but nothing could be seen. A neighboring rancher reported the same phenomena two months later. 

The Gormans say there were several instances where something invisible moved through their cattle, splitting the herd. Their neighbor reported the same thing.   

Of all the strange incidents at the ranch, this one may take the prize. It occurred on the night of March 12, 1997. Barking dogs alerted the team to something lurking in a tree near the ranch house. 

Tom Gorman grabbed a hunting rifle and took off in his truck toward the tree. Two NIDS staffers followed in another vehicle. Up in the tree branches, they could make out a huge set of yellowish, reptilian eyes. The head of this animal had to be three feet wide, they guessed. At the bottom of the tree was something else. Gorman described it as huge and hairy, with massively muscled front legs and a doglike head.  

 Gorman, who is a crack shot, fired at both figures from a distance of 40 yards. The creature on the ground seemed to vanish. The thing in the tree apparently fell to the ground because Gorman heard it as it landed heavily in the patches of snow below. All three men ran through the pasture and scrub brush, chasing what they thought was a wounded animal, but they never found the animal and saw no blood either. A professional tracker was brought in the next day to scour the area. Nothing.   

But there was a physical clue left behind. At the bottom of the tree, they found and photographed a weird footprint, or rather, claw print. The print left in the snow was from something large. It had three digits with what they guessed were sharp claws on the end. Later analysis and comparison of the print led them to find a chilling similarity--the print from the ranch closely resembled that of a velociraptor, an extinct dinosaur made famous in the Jurassic Park films. (For the record, no one at NIDS is saying he shot a velociraptor. They don't know what it was.)    

 More cattle deaths   

Two days before the above incident, another animal was found mutilated on the ranch, and it is the only case from the ranch that NIDS has publicly confirmed before this article. Gorman and his wife spent a bright Sunday morning tagging the ears of newborn calves. 

They put a tag on the ear of a calf born near the ranch house, then wandered out into the pasture for a period of 45 minutes. In that interim period, with the Gormans only 200 yards away in the pasture, the calf was completely stripped of flesh. 

The Gormans were alerted by a wail from the mother of the calf. The calf's entrails had been placed, almost ritualistically, on the ground, but all of its flesh was simply gone, leaving only bone and hide behind. There was no blood on the ground or on the animal.   

A NIDS team was at the ranch and quickly scoured the area for evidence. The remains were sent to two pathology labs. Both pathologists concluded the calf had been butchered by two distinct instruments, something like a heavy machete and something like sharp scissors. How this was done in broad daylight, in an open pasture and in clear sight of the ranchers remains a mystery. (A second calf disappeared that same morning after being tagged and was never found. In all, 12 cattle have met a similar end since NIDS has been on the ranch. A full report on the calf incident can be found on the NIDS website.)     

So, what's going on?   Capt. Keith Wolverton spent more than 20 years as an investigator with the Cascade County Sheriff's Department in Great Falls, Mont. In the mid-'70s, that area experienced a similar wave of UFO sightings and cattle mutilations, as well as Bigfoot sightings, and Wolverton investigated them all.  

 "I asked my boss back then to give me six weeks to solve the mystery," Wolverton says. "It's 30 years later and I'm still left with a lot of questions but no answers."   

Wolverton wrote a book about his Montana experiences. He came to the ranch to share his expertise with NIDS, and while there are similarities between the things that happened near Great Falls and at the Utah ranch, Wolverton says he's never heard of any place with such a concentration of weird activity as the Gorman ranch. Microbiologist Colm Kelleher has reached a similar conclusion.   

"I thought that if we threw enough personnel and equipment at this one, pull out all the stops, adhere to the scientific method, that we would probably get answers," Kelleher says. 

"We have all of these strange cases, close to 100, many of them well-documented, but if you try to call that scientific evidence of anything, you'd be laughed at."  

 The main reason NIDS has been unwilling to go public with information about the ranch is there isn't much that can be said. For a scientific organization to merely toss out a lot of scary stories would be counterproductive, especially if it resulted in hordes of UFO nuts flooding the property and interfering with whatever goes on there. Make no mistake, the activity at the ranch certainly seems to have an interactive component. It responds to people, events and disturbances. In many instances, it seems capable of anticipating things that were about to happen.  

 "The only thing that jumps out of the data is how unreproduceable these things are," Kelleher notes. "No two events ever repeated themselves in the same fashion. It's almost as if it's a learning curve and we were being led along. It's the only thing consistent here."   

What could possibly explain all that has happened at the ranch? Natural predators, rustlers or pranksters might conceivably be responsible for some of the events, but certainly not all of them. NIDS staffers considered the possibility that Indian shaman or black magic practitioners might have been carrying out some sort of ritualist campaign at the ranch. They note that the Ute people consider the ranch to be an unholy place, a forbidden place, but that explanation falls far short on many levels.   

Hardcore UFO believers have proposed an E.T. connection to events at the ranch, but NIDS staffers say there isn't an iota of evidence to prove such a hypothesis. The possibility exists that unknown military units might be capable of producing nearly all of the events that have been reported in the area, perhaps as an experiment in psychological warfare. (Tom Gorman was convinced of this for a long time, but came to realize the theory was more than a stretch. Someone, somewhere would have seen these military men operating in such a rural area.)  

 That doesn't leave much. There is one possibility that's worth considering. Cutting-edge physicists have proposed the existence of alternate dimensions or parallel universes. Quantum physicists believe that portals may exist between our world and other worlds. The concept of wormholes is no longer considered to be the stuff of science fiction. New York physicist and author Michio Kaku theorizes that there are 11 dimensions in our universe, although humans have only identified four. Might a wormhole resemble the portal of light that was seen on the ranch? And if such portals do exist, could they allow beings on the other side to travel into our world? As wacky as it all sounds, leading scientists believe that wormholes and alternate dimensions are perfectly consistent with known laws of physics. If so, then it isn't much of a leap to suggest that UFOs, aliens, Bigfoot beings or other creatures, even poltergeists or spirits, could come and go and never be detected by puzzled, mystified humans.   

"Aliens may be here now," says Kaku, "here in another dimension, a millimeter away from our own world."   

Admittedly, it all sounds farfetched. But if anyone has a better explanation, let's hear it.    

 A final note   For further discussion of the Gorman Ranch mystery, along with a few personal observations, check out the Knappster column elsewhere in this issue. Also, the website of the National Institute for Discovery Science is packed with information and research papers concerning these and other issues. Anyone with information or insight about the ranch, UFOs or mutilations is welcome to contact NIDS through the website. All such contacts will remain confidential.   Another word of warning to UFO diehards: It is probably futile to ask for restraint on the part of the faithful, but here goes anyway. Visitors are not welcome at the Gorman ranch. The ranch is patrolled 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and NIDS emphatically declares that trespassers will be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. One of the principal caretakers of the property is a 20-year veteran of Utah law enforcement and will not hesitate to bust people who mess with the property, the animals or the staff. The people who live in the area do not want to be hassled. So leave them alone. Don't be a jerk.   

Furthermore, anyone expecting to find the ranch and see UFOs or Bigfoot will be deeply disappointed. Paranormal activity on the property has all but disappeared over the past year, which is a primary reason that access was obtained from NIDS for this article.    

 The NIDS website is at www.nidsci.org. The NIDS online report form, where people can electronically report UFO sightings, animal mutilations, etc., is at www.nidsci.org/reportform.html. The NIDS UFO hotline number is 702-798-1700.       Copyright © Las Vegas Mercury, 2001 - 2002 Stephens Media Group



by Colm Kellerher & George Knapp


8-28-99 - I read this book with fascination. I had dreamed about meeting a Sasquatch several years ago who was brought to my house to meet me. He had a face that was longer in the jaw than the drawing on the cover of this book, but otherwise very similar. In my dream, the Sasquatch smiled the whole time he was with me.

Jack "Kewaunee" Lapseritis has investigated the Sasquatch for 40 years all over the United States. He has conducted countless interviews and spent weeks alone in the forest - quietly trying to communicate with them, rather than hunt them.

In the summer of 1977, an elderly lady sat quietly reading a book on the porch of her cottage in a densely wooded area in northern Wisconsin. Suddenly, an invisible force sent the book from her hands onto the porch floor. She heard someone laughing. At the edge of the forest stood the form of a huge apelike creature with dark auburn hair all over it s body. This credible lady continued to have telepathic conversations with the man-creature for four consecutive summers and came to know him as Sasquatch!

The "Psychic Sasquatch" provides us with revelations about these gentle creatures and the astonishing truth about their connection to extraterrestrials and why they cannot be found. The Sasquatch consider themselves to be the first "people" to populate this planet and they were brought here millions of years ago by their friends, the Starpeople! There were bipedal human-type creatures here at the time, but the Sasquatch considered them to be 'animals' because they were so unevolved that they had not even yet discovered fire. The Sasquatch say that they are transported to new regions of wilderness whenever hostile humans or developers enter the creature's immediate domain. The Sasquatch insist that ET intervention occurred with all races of humans and higher hominoid types. The Sasquatch also said that seven races of Bigfoot have been seeded on Earth, with one race less than five feet tall and another up to fifteen feet tall.

In 1985, a Sasquatch told Kewaunee that by 1990 the Earth, environmentally, would be at a point of no return if we did not drastically change how we treat each other and the environment. We could avert this disaster by drastically reducing the global population and dramatically slowing down our exploitation of natural resources. Then the present resources would better sustain a smaller world population without depleting it to a life-threatening level. We are at the very brink of some stupendous calamity - something that will strongly landmark all of human history. Both the Starpeople and the Bigfoot creature have talked about such catastrophic events occurring over the next few years. Christians might label it Armageddon. The Amerindian tribes call it The Great Purification. Because everyone and everything is cosmically connected, all living organisms will be profoundly affected.

To book Kewaunee for lectures, interviews, and consultations contact: 1-800-897-7857 Access Code "00" Order Book EMail Kewaunee

10-10-99 - Since I created this page, I have had a couple experiences that rather unnerved me because it was unexpected at the time. I was sitting outside watching the stars especially for meteors and satellites. While I was sitting there in the dark, I could hear a cow bellowing and bellowing about a quarter of a mile away. It went on and on and I wondered what was wrong with it because it didn't stop and it wasn't the usual
time of year for giving birth. I had heard that sound before but not recently. As I sat there, suddenly I heard loud grunting sounds behind the house low to the ground. Because we had been studying the book, reading the other websites, and dowsing a map that showed that Bigfoot was closeby, naturally I assumed that one of the creatures was letting me know it was there. I didn't get scared, but I have to admit I was nervous, so I got up slowly off my chair and went into the house and locked the door. I've been outside at night since then but haven't heard the cow bellowing, so I'm not worried about it for now. I'll let you knowhere if I ever meet one. Dee

NOTE: Per Anna Hayes: In her recent book Voyagers (1999) the Quenventelliur are large, long-haired beings which are ape-like, with great intelligence and sensitivity. They work with the ETs both on board the ships and on the ground to monitor earth's environment.

05/19/2010 9:31 PM | KSAX.com

Bigfoot: Alive and Living in Greater Minnesota?

BENA, Minn. - Bigfoot alive and living in northern Minnesota?  The co-founders of the Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Society say, "100 percent yes." 

They said they  have received more than 75 reports of sightings, captured images, and Bigfoot footprints in just three years. They're sharing their insight while sorting fact from fiction as they take KSAX on the hunt for Bigfoot.

"I'm a skeptic of Bigfoot because I've trapped this whole area and never, ever did we see any Bigfoot tracks or see Bigfoot anywhere," William Tucker of Bena said.

Long time trapper William Tucker is anything but a believer, but just miles away from Bena, mind boggling footprints were found.

Each track was a bit different, different pressures, different depths, eliminating the possibility of some sort of footprint stamp.

This is just one of the things the co-founders of the Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Society say confirms the fact, Bigfoot is out there.

"I'm 110% convinced that it exists. There's just too much evidence, too many people's emotions showing when they recount their stories," Bob Olson, a co-founder of the Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Society said.  "One lady cries when she recounts her story of how this thing stood up and looked at her. She felt it looked into her soul."

Since 2006, Olson and Don Sherman have received about 75 reports of similar Bigfoot sightings in Northern Minnesota, some of which have been captured on camera.

The most recent was captured in Remer. Though to some, the image may look like a man in a suit, a comparison with 6 foot 5 inch Bob Olson showed this man would have had to have been at least 7 feet tall.

Sherman and Olson say "wood knocking" is just one more way Bigfoot makes his presence known. Olson said Bigfoot responded to him at Carey Lake when he knocked on a tree five times.

What about bones? One KSAX reader says,  "I believe Bigfoot is 100% real, as are a lot of the other creatures of Cryptozoology. But i believe in their true form, they are spiritual creatures, that manifest in flesh as they so desire. That is why we will never find bones, or other such evidence of them."

On the other side of the coin, Olson says giant bones belonging to Humanoid creatures were found in the late 1800's, stretching 10 to 12 feet.

While there haven't been any Bigfoot skeletons found, many trappers say they've never come across any bear, wolf, or other large animal skeleton either.

Other signs Bigfoot exists include branches plucked straight out of trees, strange looking shelters, and stick men to warn other Bigfoot of humans in the area.

"When there's stuff that doesn't go away, there's gotta be something to it and the evidence just keeps mounting up," Olson said.

For some Bena residents, the legend of Bigfoot is far from a tall tale.

"I never seen it, but like I says I believe in it," New Prague resident Leo Hinderscheid said.

"I don't know what to say Megan but I believe in it and that's the way it will be," Helen Tibbetts of Bena said.

So, the hunt for Bigfoot continues.

If you've seen, heard, or had some kind of Bigfoot encounter, Bob and Don want to hear about it! You can reach them at 218-308-1451.

 Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center

Written for the web by Megan Brown


Bigfoot Mating Season Underway In Florida Everglades

It's Bigfoot mating season in the Florida Everglades and researcher Dave Shealy says this furry creature is attracted to women on their periods.

It's Bigfoot mating season in the Florida Everglades and researcher Dave Shealy says this furry creature is attracted to women on their periods.

Thursday, May 13, 2010 17:10 GMT

OCHOPEE, Fla. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Bigfoot mating season is underway in the Florida Everglades and the furry, horny creature is out for blood.

Dave Shealy, an RV park owner in Ochopee, Florida, is the leading researcher of the Skunk Ape, Bigfoot’s “smaller, smellier cousin.”

He says there are seven to nine Skunk Apes currently living in the Everglades and right now is the best time to spot one because it’s their mating season.

Lately, he’s heard lots of campers report strange sounds coming from the swamps. He figures it’s the Skunk Ape’s mating call, which sounds like a low-pitched dove cooing.

Though Skunk Apes are generally shy, Shealy says women on their periods should be careful when hiking the area because the cryptoids are attracted to the scent of menstruation.

They’re also aroused by used lingerie, so female campers shouldn’t hang their panties out to dry because, in his words, “That’s like raising a flag and inviting them in.”

© Copyright 2010 Wireless Flash News Inc
Here is an important e-mail from  Karl A. Breheim
From: savebigfoot@gmail.com
Sent: Wed, 26 Sep 2007
To: shinecentral@inbox.com
Subject: Great Idea

Hi Shine,  think your idea about forwarding information about Bigfoot is excellent. I've tried everything I know to do, and get blocked at each turn. I will do a brief synopsis now:

To all concerned eco protectors,

My name is Karl Breheim. While engaged in mineralogical research along the Rogue River in Oregon a few years ago, our encampment began receiving "visits", from what turned out to be Sasquatch.

Soon afterwards, we began discovering evidence of their existence, tracks, spoor, odors, and finally, eyewitness examination of them.

The locale they are in, was chosen by the Bush administation to be clear-cut of old growth timber, trees which were hundreds of years old, irreplaceable, and a major component of the thriving eco system in place there for several millennium.

I and others, made several expeditions to this area, further encountering these majestic creatures, and never feeling danger or anything to fear from these gentle folk.

I spent thousands of dollars contacting leading scientists, BLM and Forestry head men, Greenpeace, Jane Goodall, University Of California DNA scientist Dr. Joy Halvorsen, presented evidence in person to Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Great Ape and Bigfoot expert, who assured me I had legitimate evidence, The Portland Institute, three newspapers, Bill Clintons office in New York, and many more.

I worked with Joe Serres, environmentalist and lawyer in Ashville, Oregon, presented evidence in person to him. The only result was time passing along with no results.

I finally developed my web-site: Savebigfoot.org., and packed it with evidence and a journal I maintained throughout the years of expeditions to the Rogue River area. I believe it to be imperative that people access this site to learn all of the factors in the Bigfoot equation. The journal is free for downloading, as are all photos and letters sent to major players.

I am not making one cent from this. I am doing this for the eco-system, the Bigfoot, and you and your children's children who have the right to know of this, and what is happening to the eco system.

Time Magazine reported in their Jan.2005 edition, of the discovery of what they termed "The Congo Ape", discovered by a well funded scientific group who obtained permission to overfly the jungles of the Northern Congo. Their evidence and photos depict what they termed, a missing link between monkeys and great apes. These creatures walk and run upright, build beds on the ground, and hide from discovery.

They are Sasquatch, in every measure of degree. They are the exact creatures I reported to Dr. Meldrum and the news, including the discovery of beds made on the ground, appearance, spoor composition, etc, almost three years prior to this discovery in the Congo jungle.

Lastly, the old growth timber being clearcut as I write this, is being shipped to China continuosly on mega ships. The clearcuts are conducted behind lock out gates, on the sides of mountains not visible to aircraft routes or hikers. I have seen them with my own eyes. I ask that anyone reading this report, please access my web-site, and learn for yourself the details of what is transpiring now. You can make a difference. You must...or we all lose.

Regards, Karl A. Breheim


Sasquatch Sighting At Moricetown, British Columbia - March 8, 2009

Breaking News !

I just got off the telephone as a person called me to file a report of something unusual that took place in Moricetown, British Columbia on March 8, 2009. From what I was told there was some kind of loud sounds coming from the back end of a person's property, this happening in the dark hours. The person told another family member who was there the next day about what took place and they went out back to check to see what may have caused this commotion. The person arrived at the fence line and did see where a Moose was present as tracks from it were visible. But, what shocked them was seeing large foot prints from something. They appeared to be human in shape and hair was found in the area as well. Also human like scat is in the area. Pictures of the foot prints in the snow were taken.

Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research will be heading to the area most likely tomorrow as I have to gather some things together.

On another note, I reported a Sasquatch sighting, or three sightings in Moricetown, British Columbia I believe on January 1, 2008. I ended up having no luck whatsoever talking to these folks who claimed to have seen these creatures. Well I will be finally speaking to one of the folks who had a run in with a Sasquatch in Moricetown while they were dropping a letter into a mail box. This meeting is set up.

I will get everything posted when I get back and have time to write everything up.

Take care
Brian Vike
Director of HBCC UFO Research

Web: http://www.hbccufo. org
Email: hbccufo@telus. net
Phone: 250 845 2180
http://www.sylvanic.com/Media%20Page%2002.htm - video files

Protecting Bigfoot

Bigfoot investigator Todd Standing discussed his observations of large primate creatures, which his team has videotaped in a remote mountainous area. A kineticist who analyzed some of the video footage said that the creature moved faster than any human could.

Standing believes these creatures are a species known as
Gigantopithecus that are primarily nocturnal and particularly skillful at evading humans. Near their "domicile," they use a "day watcher" to keep an eye out while they are sleeping, he reported. Standing is promoting a petition to make Bigfoot a protected species, and the Canadian House of Commons is now considering it.

During the last hour of the 4-8-07 radio show, "Bugs," a previous guest of Art Bell, phoned in to go over his account of shooting and burying two Bigfoot back in the 1970's, in the Texas Panhandle, while Standing reacted. The creatures, which Bugs and a fellow hunter initially thought were bears, had reddish-brown hair, nose and eyes similar to humans, and the female had breasts. He estimated the male was 8˝ ft. tall and weighed around 500 lbs.

The Associated Press, Saturday, December 31, 2005

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Authorities began searching the jungles of southern Malaysia on Friday for the mythical "Bigfoot" following a reported sighting of three giant human-like beasts, officials said.

Wildlife authorities may set up cameras in the 309 sq.mile Endau Rompin National Park in Johor state to see if the creatures do exist, they said.

Park director Hashim Yusof ventured into the jungle Friday to survey the site where three fish farm workers reportedly saw the beasts -- two adults and a young one -- last month, Hashim's secretary told The Associated Press.. She did not want her name used and declined to give details.

The fish farm workers were in the jungle to clear an area for a fish pond. They alerted their employer who photographed what appeared to be footprints measuring up to 17 inches, said Lim Teong Kheng, the chairman of the Malaysian Nature Society in Johor.

He said brown hair reeking of body odor was also reportedly retrieved nearby, and a broken tree branch at the site appeared to indicate the creatures were some 10 feet tall.

The New Straits Times newspaper on Thursday reprinted one of the photographs taken by the fish farmer, showing what appears to be a
triangular depression in the undergrowth.

Lim welcomed the investigation by the national park saying "Bigfoot" sightings have been reported for decades in the area but never taken seriously for lack of evidence.

"Nobody dared say anything in case people say they are out of their minds," Lim told the AP. "But sightings have been enumerated by many others before this at the Endau Rompin area."

"Bigfoot" is a popular name given in the United States to giant hairy creatures walking on two legs. Sightings of such beasts are reported in many parts of the world but never confirmed.


By Angela K. Brown
Associated Press Writer
October 18, 2005


JEFFERSON, Texas - Next to a lifelike replica of a giant ape head, the believers milled around tables Saturday covered with casts of large footprints, books about nature's mysteries and T-shirts proclaiming "Bigfoot: Often Imitated, Never Invalidated."

While they can have a sense of humor about it, the search for the legendary Sasquatch is no joke for many of the nearly 400 people who came here to discuss the latest sightings and tracking techniques at the Texas Bigfoot Conference.

"It's not a matter of believing, like faith, when you believe in something you can't see," said Daryl G. Colyer, a Lorena businessman who has investigated hundreds of reported Bigfoot sightings in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

"It's a flesh-and-blood animal that just has not been discovered yet. And I think we're getting closer and closer and closer," Colyer said.

Outlandish theories about the origin of Bigfoot abound, including that it might be an extraterrestrial. Many believe that a towering, ape-like creature descended from a prehistoric 9- to 10-foot-tall gorilla called a Gigantopithecus, and that it now inhabits North American forests.

Hoaxes have been a large part of the making of the Bigfoot legend. California construction company owner Ray L. Wallace donned 16-inch wooden feet to create tracks in mud in 1958, and it led to a front-page story in a local paper that coined the term "Bigfoot."

But there have been more than 2,550 seemingly credible Bigfoot sightings reported in North America the past century, according to Christopher L. Murphy's 2004 book "Meet the Sasquatch."

Murphy believes thousands more witnesses are too afraid of ridicule to come forward.

"You see one of these things and it changes your whole perception of reality," said Craig Woolheater, the office manager of a Dallas company who co-founded the Texas Bigfoot Research Center in 1999, five years after he said he saw a hairy creature walking along a remote Louisiana road.

Colyer and others estimate that about 2,000 are in North America today, reclusive nocturnal animals living in thickly wooded areas with waterways, eating meat and plants and making nests out of trees and brush.

Pictures and film footage are often disputed, such as the 1967 footage of a creature walking near a California creek. Most evidence centers on hundreds of casts of footprints collected since the 1950s.

Jimmy Chilcutt, a retired fingerprint analysis expert for the Conroe Police Department, said many of the hundreds of prints he examined belonged to a primate, but not a human, ape, gorilla or chimpanzee.

Like Chilcutt, other well-respected professionals have come forward to say such evidence should not be dismissed.

"To me it's still an open question, but here's some evidence that warrants some serious consideration, so give it a chance," said Jeff Meldrum, associate professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University who has studied more than 150 casts of footprints. "This is not a paranormal question; it's a biological question."


By Mark Baard
November 1, 2005


LEWISTON, Maine - As a cryptozoologist, Loren Coleman rarely gets to play the straight man at meetings with his fellow scientists.

"I had to put up with people saying, 'Oh, you're the one who believes in little green men,'" said Coleman, a writer and academic who investigates Bigfoot and other folkloric monsters.

But at a weekend symposium called Cryptozoology: Out of Time Place Scale <http://abacus.bates.edu/acad/museum/crypto/> at the Bates College Museum of Art <http://abacus.bates.edu/acad/museum/> here in Maine, Coleman says he feels quite normal.

Maybe that's because he's surrounded by artwork featuring depictions of Bigfoot as a hairy lesbian, subterranean reptilian humanoids and cave people wearing Viking helmets.

Coleman was keynote speaker at an exhibition of artwork inspired by his quest for proof of mythological creatures.

The point of the Bates symposium, said the museum's director, Marc Bessire, "is not to legitimize or de-legitimize cryptozoology, but to find where it intersects with (art and popular culture)."

It's a hot topic at the moment. Though the art exhibit is relatively small, popular culture is currently going cryptozoology crazy.

Coleman noted the television networks' fall prime-time lineup is chockablock with shows such as Lost, Invasion and Surface, all of which have cryptozoological themes running through them. He said in recent weeks he has been busy doing hundreds of TV and radio interviews.

The media's renewed interest is partly due to the recent discoveries of the "hobbit" remains on Flores Island in Indonesia and the giant squid photographed by Japanese scientists, Coleman said. But mythological creatures are also a diversion from the Iraq War, corrupt politicians and the deteriorating environment.

Not everyone in the media takes Coleman seriously, however. Coleman told the symposium's audience that he had to turn away a TV reporter because he learned that the reporter worked for a comedy show that planned to ridicule his research.

Cryptozoology has been taking its knocks since the discovery of Neanderthal man in the 19th century.

Many mainstream scientists at the time insisted the remains of Neanderthal were actually those of a sick or deformed human, said Coleman.

But the greatest blow to cryptozoology came when Texas oil millionaire Tom Slick, a major backer of Yeti expeditions in the Himalayas, died in a mysterious plane explosion in 1962. "When that plane exploded," said Coleman, "all of the funding for serious cryptozoological research disappeared."

Like artists, cryptozoologists draw upon local legends and sightings of fantastical creatures by fishers and hunters. Mainstream zoologists
typically laugh off these stories as superstition, Coleman said. "Often it's a form of racism that causes scientists to reject these stories," he said.

But such legends -- like those about a prehistoric fish, the coelacanth, or the Indonesian hobbits -- sometimes turn out to be true, Coleman said. And when that happens, these creatures leave the realm of cryptozoology and enter zoology.

But zoology's gain can be art's loss. Artists sometimes take discoveries of once-mythological creatures as a disappointment.

"I'm happy they've found the giant squid," said artist Sean Foley, who is participating in the cryptozoology exhibition at Bates and another at the Kansas City Art Institute. "But now I have to fantasize about something different."

Coleman said he is comfortable with the liberties artists have taken with his field of study, and does not see their work as damaging to
cryptozoology. He is more concerned with the influence pop-culture movies can have on eyewitness accounts.

"Whenever I go to investigate a sighting," Coleman said, "one of the first things I ask is, 'What's playing at the local drive-in?'"


By Associated Press
October 17, 2005


LEWISTON, Maine -- A Maine scientist is preparing to release details of a $1 million reward for a photograph that leads to the live capture of Bigfoot, the abominable snowman, or the Loch Ness Monster.

Loren Coleman, a professor at the University of Southern Maine, said the bounty would be paid by an unnamed company and he plans to release more details at a cryptozoology symposium at Bates College over Halloween weekend. Cryptozoology is the scientific study of hidden, rumored, or unknown animals.

''It's the time for something like this," Coleman said. ''Back in the 1960s, hardly anybody was talking about this. Today, it's phenomenal."

The mysteries surrounding these creatures have long been the subject of debate.

Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, is said to be a huge, hairy, humanlike creature with long arms. The abominable snowman, or yeti, is a large, hairy, manlike mammal reputed to live in the Himalayas. The Loch Ness Monster is a dinosaur-like creature reputed to live in a lake in Scotland.

The $1 million bounty would be paid by a company to anyone who produces a photograph that leads to the live capture of one of the three creatures, Coleman said.

''We don't want people running around with guns trying to kill something to get the money," Coleman said. ''It's not a contest, either. It's a very specific bounty that depends on the permanent capture of a live specimen, with emphasis on 'live.' "

Coleman, a cryptozoologist who is considered one of the world's leading experts on Bigfoot, said he would release some details about the bounty at a Bigfoot conference over the weekend in Texas. He is saving the rest for Lewiston, where he will speak at the symposium on Oct. 28 on the Bates campus.

The three-day symposium, to be held at the Bates College Museum of Art, will focus on cryptozoology, science, and art.

''What we like about the subject is that there is such a fine line between truth and fraud in the field, and that goes way back through history," said museum curator Mark Bessire. ''We're looking at how the possibility of these beasts becomes a part of the cultural canon."

The event will include panel discussions about the science of fantastic creatures and artistic interpretations of their stories. It will feature two movies, including ''The Legend of Boggy Creek," a 1972 film about an Arkansas town terrorized by a swamp monster.

Coleman said most sightings are hoaxes, mistakes, or misunderstandings. But the $1 million reward is on the level, he said.

''The company that's behind this really understands the situation," he said. ''They understand the interest in the creatures and monsters that are really out there and they are willing to step forward."

Bigfoot Sighting

A group of longtime Bigfoot hunters say the plaster casts (shown above) were taken from prints found two weeks ago next to a logging road near Clover Mountain, CA. The prints measure 15 inches long by 6 inches wide, with a stride length of more than 5 feet.

"These have to be two of the most pristine prints I've ever seen, and I've been in this business a long time," said Bigfoot hunter Tom Biscardi, who also claims to have seen the beast on the April 5th. 2005  outing.

A group of longtime Bigfoot hunters say the plaster casts (shown in the photo) were taken from prints found two weeks ago next to a logging road near Clover Mountain, CA. The prints measure 15 inches long by 6 inches wide, with a stride length of more than 5 feet.

"These have to be two of the most pristine prints I've ever seen, and I've been in this business a long time," said Bigfoot hunter Tom Biscardi, who also claims to have seen the beast on the April 5th outing.

According to Biscardi, he heard a rustling noise in the brush and turned to watch as a "blurry blackness" rose from a squatting position about 100 yards away. After a brief pursuit the beast disappeared into the woods. "It walked upright like a man," said Biscardi. "It wasn't a deer. It wasn't a bear. It was unbelievable

More at:  Redding Newspaper  (Registration Required - Free)


By Linda Florea
Orlando Sentinel
September 4, 2005


WINTER HAVEN -- It's had more sightings than Elvis.

They call it Yeti in Nepal, Yowie in Australia and Sasquatch in Canada. In Florida, it's called Swamp Ape, Skunk Ape, Stink Ape or Stink Man. More plainly put, Bigfoot.

For one man, finding the creature has become like searching for the Holy Grail, and he is teaming up with other believers the first week in November for a field research class through Florida Keys Community College. He hopes to bring back proof of its existence.

"I know it's there. I know it on several levels," said Scott Marlowe, a founder of Pangea Institute in Winter Haven and instructor of an online class in cryptozoology, the study of creatures that may or may not exist, through Florida Keys Community College.

"Of all the species on Earth, man is presumed to be the only one that has one example of its genus -- the only genus that has only one species still alive. All other species have more than one."

Marlowe isn't the only one with faith that the creature exists.

Patricia Edwards of Lakeland has seen what she believes is the Swamp Ape in the Green Swamp. Although her sighting was in the fall of 2002, it was not until she read about another sighting that she decided to go public.

It began when she was going to visit a relative in an Ocala hospital. The morning was clear, and she was driving along Country Road 471, a long, straight stretch of road through the Green Swamp. She said she saw something less than half a block away.

"If I live to be a couple hundred years old, the story will not change," said Edwards, 69. "There was very little traffic and I see something that ran out in front of me. It looked like a giant sloth except I know they're slow moving -- this one moved fast and dove down into the edge of the road into a ditch area."

"It started out running, galloping on fours like a dog, but when it dove I could see the arms come up. It was sizable, almost like a bear, but not a bear, not the way its arms moved."

Chester Moore is a Bigfoot researcher from Orange, Texas, who will be attending the Florida expedition. He is also an outdoor journalist, has a degree in zoology and is founder of Project: Zoo Quest and the American Primate Conservation Alliance. The Alliance recently awarded Marlowe the J. E. Smokey Crabtree Cryptozoology Steward of the Year award for 2005.

Moore said he has also seen and heard Bigfoot.

"I've gone far past the point of trying to answer the question for myself -- these animals are real, not paranormal," he said.

Since 1999, he estimates he has logged about 300 days in the field tracking the creature. He said although he and three friends saw it in 2000, it was the vocalizations that made the biggest impression. He said the closest thing he has heard is a howler monkey.

"It's a serious pursuit and a fascination," Moore said. "I write for dozens of publications about all sorts of thing, but this is the biggest, hugest prize."

There will be about 20 participants in the field research class, said Marlowe.

Experienced hunters will be teamed with neophytes, most of whom have already taken some of Marlowe's classes.

Because the Swamp Ape is believed to be active at dusk and dawn, the daytime will consist of coordinating data and workshops, while the night hunts will rely on infrared cameras and night vision.

The location of the hunt will depend on a reported spot of Swamp Ape activity, but Marlowe said possible locations include Collier, Monroe and Levy counties and the Okeechobee and Green Swamp areas.

To learn more about the field study, log on to: http://www.pangeainstitute.us


Globe and Mail
Thursday, July 28, 2005


It's a bison.

A hair sample that some claimed belonged to a sasquatch in the Yukon is actually the fur of the large mammal.

David Coltman, an University of Alberta geneticist who did a DNA test on a hair sample, confirmed that it was 100-per-cent bison. He said the DNA sample was not fresh.

The hair sample was taken from a bush near Teslin, Yukon earlier this month where several people said they had seen and heard a large, hairy creature.



July 26, 2005


VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA - The debate over the existence of sasquatch, aka Bigfoot, an ape-like creature said to haunt the wilderness of western Canada has entered the world of modern DNA testing.

A laboratory will test hair samples that several residents of Teslin, Yukon, say were left when the large, but so-far mythological creature made a late-night run through their community in early July.

University of Alberta wildlife geneticist David Coltman, who agreed to do the tests as a favor to a colleague, said on Monday that scientists have cataloged the DNA of nearly all large animals in the Yukon such as bears and bison.

"So we'll compare it to all of that, and if it doesn't match anything, then it's potentially interesting," said Coltman, who suspects the hair was actually left behind by a much more mundane Yukon bison.

"If sasquatch is indeed a primate, then we would expect the sample to be closer to humans or chimpanzees or gorillas," Coltman said.

The legend of a large, hairy, two-legged creature lurking in the mountains of western Canada and the United States dates back to before Europeans settled the continent. This was the second report of the creature near Teslin in just over a year.

In the latest sighting, a group of Teslin residents told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. they heard branches cracking and saw a large human-like creature run by a house. It left behind large footprints, they said, and the hair tufts that were given to wildlife officials.

Coltman expects to have his results on Thursday and said that even if the hair turns out not to be from a sasquatch, the process should serve as good way to get students interested in the field of DNA testing.

"It's sort of like a wildlife CSI story," he said.

By Joanne Kimberlin
The Virginian-Pilot
February 21, 2005


MANASSAS - Those who know 46-year-old William Dranginis say he's a levelheaded guy.

He has a sharp mind, an easy smile, an attractive family, a nice home and a trustworthy job designing surveillance equipment for the government.

But 10 years ago, Dranginis says he crossed paths with something in the deep, dark woods of Culpeper County.

Snicker if you want, but his life has never been the same.

March 11, 1995. Dranginis recites the day with unwavering detail.

Blue skies. The hint of spring. A perfect Saturday to mess around with his latest passion: hunting for artifacts with his new metal detector.

Today had a special destination: a string of old gold mines from the early 1800s that still stab deep into the rolling earth of Virginia's Piedmont. He headed out early with an old friend, an FBI agent named Frank, who shared his itch for hidden treasures. About an hour southwest of home, near Richardsville, they picked up another agent, a man Dranginis was meeting for the first time.

The day slipped by peacefully. The three hiked along dirt roads and forested paths, poked into old mine shafts and scoured the soil. Around mid afternoon, they turned back toward the car, tired and empty-handed.

On a logging road, about a half-mile from the pavement, Frank abruptly shot his arms outward in a silent signal to halt.

"Behind that tree," he whispered. "There's a man."

The three stood stock-still, staring at a cluster of slender pines just ahead on the right. Why would a man duck out of sight unless he was up to no good? Frank drew the 9 mm handgun he wore holstered on his side. The other agent produced one as well. Both trained their barrels at the shadows behind the trees.

Suddenly, Dranginis says, a dark, shaggy head peered out at them from behind a pine, then jerked back. Seconds later, he says, a creature like none he'd ever seen darted out and began running, following the edge of the road.

"It ran for about 75 feet, moving from our left to our right, before it took a sharp turn that took it deeper into the woods," Dranginis said. "We watched the top of its head bobbing as it disappeared down into a ravine."

During that 10 or 12 seconds, Dranginis says, he was shocked into a kind of tunnel vision.

"I don't remember hearing anything, and I can't tell you what its face looked like," he said. "I was just stunned by how tall it was, like 7 feet. And it was so quick and agile. It moved on two legs like a man, but so much more powerfully. I remember watching the muscles work as it ran. And the hair flowing, back and forth, every time it pumped its arms."

The creature was gone, but the men didn't move. The agents stood frozen in their firing stances. A minute passed. Maybe another. No one spoke. Finally, the agent from Richardsville found his voice.

"That was a bear," he said quietly. "Let's get out of here."

They double-timed it to the car, looking over their shoulder the whole way. They drove in silence, dropped off the Richardsville agent, then stopped for a bite.

Over a burger, Dranginis finally looked Frank in the eye. "That was no bear," Dranginis said.

"I know."

Until then, Dranginis says, he had not entertained a single serious thought about Bigfoot. A big hairy creature, hiding out in North America, that no one had ever managed to capture?

Come on. That stuff was for supermarket tabloids.

Actually, the legend of an elusive, upright, ape-like animal spans centuries and cultures. The towering Yeti of ancient Asia. Abominable snowmen of the Himalayas. Sasquatch of Native American lore.

The term "Bigfoot" took hold in the 1960s during a rash of footprint finds and creature sightings in Northern California. "Bigfoot fever" hit a high point in 1967, when a Sasquatch-type animal was supposedly filmed on a few grainy frames of now famous -­ and much disputed ­- footage.

Real or not, the film became the cornerstone of a subculture of Bigfoot believers. They flourished in the Pacific Northwest -­ an untamed place where it seemed possible for a giant to hide.

But here? In long-settled, heavily trod Virginia?

John Green, 78, is considered by many to be "Mr. Sasquatch." He lives in remote British Columbia, an epicenter of Bigfoot lore. Green has spent much of his life probing the mystery.

In 1976, he crossed the U.S. to document sightings. Green says he found reports in every state except Hawaii.

"Maryland was absolutely loaded with sightings," Green said. "And Virginia is right next door."

If Bigfoot does dwell in the Old Dominion, state wildlife experts say, it's news to them.

"I checked around with our long time game wardens," said Julia Dickson-Smith of Virginia's Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. "None of them remembers ever getting a report about Bigfoot -­ not from the public and not from anyone on staff."

Green says he's not surprised.

"Your wife doesn't believe you. Your best friend doesn't believe you," Green said. "It doesn't take long to realize that the smartest thing to do is shut up."

But what folks might hesitate to tell a uniform, they will tell cyberspace. Bigfoot Web sites have ample reports from Virginia,
with encounters from the Blue Ridge to the Dismal Swamp.

The experiences range in intensity ­- from no more than other worldly howls in the night heard at Surry's Chippokes Plantation State Park in 1998 to a 1981 report of a Bigfoot sprinting through the middle of a campground in Chesapeake's Northwest River Park.

All that chatter from Virginia -­ as well as other Eastern states -­ has won the attention of seasoned researchers, who once thought the West Coast had a corner on the phenomenon.

"No, we don't think Bigfoot is sitting in downtown D.C.," said D.B. Donlon of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. Based in California, the group bills itself as the oldest and largest of its kind.

"But we have good reason now," Donlon said, "to believe that the same creature being seen in the West is also being seen in the East."

Even among believers, theories about the creature's identity ramble widely. On the far fringes: Bigfoot is an alien, or a ghost, or even the ghost of an alien.

Most students of Sasquatchery, however ­- including a handful of reputable scientists -­ think Bigfoot may be a remnant relative of Gigantopithecus, a large primate found in fossils in Asia, but thought to be long extinct. A nocturnal, skittish lifestyle, they say, coupled with thin numbers and more brainpower than most animals, has helped the creatures avoid mankind.

Still, after decades of searching, doesn't it seem someone would have collared a Bigfoot by now, dead or alive -­ or at least found some
verifiable remains?

"I can't explain that," said Jeff Meldrum, an anthropologist and associate professor at Idaho State University. "I only know that just because you lack a body doesn't mean you're justified in offhandedly dismissing all evidence."

Meldrum specializes in primate studies, with a focus on how two-legged species walk. Fake Bigfoot prints abound, Meldrum says, but scattered among the pranks have been a few he considered genuine.

"Details ­- like toe dynamics, flexibility and weight shift ­- all pointed to a real animal," Meldrum said. "That's when the hair stands up on the back of your neck."

Dranginis' friend, Frank, does not want his last name used in a newspaper story about Bigfoot. He's retired from federal law enforcement now, but says he still works a job that requires a security clearance.

"I can't have people thinking I'm a nut," he said. "I never told anybody about what we saw. I figured they wouldn't believe me anyway."

Dranginis told anyone who would listen, even his co-workers at Windermere Group, an Annapolis, Md.-based private contractor specializing in government security. A gadget geek by nature, Dranginis has spent 14 years designing spy stuff for the company ­- hidden eyes, bug detectors and the like.

His job also requires a security clearance, but no one at work seemed too worried about his state of mind. Most just raised an eyebrow, then asked what he'd been drinking or smoking. Others tried to suggest some reasonable explanation: Man in a monkey suit? An old hermit? Kids playing a joke?

Few took him seriously, except his wife, Carol.

"I've known my husband since high school," she said. "He came out of those woods a different man."

Over and over, Dranginis returned to Culpeper, hoping for another glimpse. When that proved fruitless, he began building camera systems to show the world, once and for all, that Bigfoot was real ­- and that he, Dranginis, wasn't crazy.

He tried motion-triggered setups. Heat-triggered. Cameras mounted in trees. Wrapped in camouflage. Buried in the ground.

None found a Bigfoot. Dranginis suspected the equipment was emitting tiny, ultrasonic noises that were alerting the cagey creature.

He kept trying, trolling online auctions and supply houses, spending just about every spare dollar he had on ever-more sophisticated components.

After a while, Bigfoot became his full-time hobby. Maps of sightings papered his garage. Electronic gizmos took over the shelves. Late-night hours found him red-eyed, but still in his workshop.

By early 2001, Dranginis had given his mission an official name: the Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization <http://www.virginiabigfootresearch.org/>. He placed an ad in a rural magazine: "Have you seen a Bigfoot or Sasquatch-type creature here in Virginia?"

More than 60 people responded. Dranginis wrote down their stories and checked out still-hot trails.

Two years ago, he turned the key on the Bigfoot Primate Research Lab ­- a 24-foot Ford camper once used as a mobile veterinary clinic. Now outfitted with an arsenal of high-tech spy gear, the camper has cemented his status as the state's go-to guy for Sasquatch.

In all, Dranginis figures, those few seconds in the woods of Culpeper have cost him around $55,000.

"At first, I just wanted to look this creature in the eye, to see what it was, then get back to my life," he said. "But after a while, it became
something I had to prove ­- not just for me, but for everyone else who's seen it."

So far, Bigfoot hasn't cooperated. After a decade of trying, Dranginis has managed to land little more than a couple of fuzzy photos and an intriguing clump or two of hair.

His family, however, still supports him.

"My friends think it's cool," said Katie, 18, the younger of his two daughters. "They come over here, and they're all into my dad. They're really impressed with his toys."

Dranginis found what might be his best evidence on an old farm in Chesterfield County, south of Richmond.

The couple who own the property don't want their names or the location of their home revealed. Word has already leaked out, drawing gun-toting trespassers with a thirst to be the first to bag Bigfoot.

The couple
are working with Dranginis because they like his no-kill approach.

"He doesn't want to hurt these creatures and neither do we," said the husband, a country preacher. "We're just curious about their origins."

Neither he nor his wife claim to have seen one.

"It's all from people who come to visit us or work on the place," the husband said. "They've asked me, 'What kind of animals are you raising here? Orangutans?'"

They have noticed huge prints in the snow shaped like a human's bare foot. They've heard chilling sounds from the 2,500 acres of woods hemming their property. They've wrinkled their noses at an overpowering, sewer-like smell ­- a scent often reported by people who say they have gotten close to Sasquatch.

"For the longest time, we thought it was a bear," the wife said. "But wild bears don't walk on two legs."

Dranginis mounted one of his cameras on the couple's barn. The few images it captured were too dim to prove anything. Then, the hair turned up, a few wads of reddish-brown mats fluttering on the ground nearby.

Dranginis sent a portion of it to a specialist at the Smithsonian's natural history museum. A copy of the results he received says the sample "most closely matches the characteristics of human hair."

He sent the same hair to a lab for a chemical profile. Janet Starr Hull, a Texas nutritionist well-known on lecture and radio talk-show circuits, reviewed the readings. Hull said she's puzzled by the low level of toxins in the hair.

"I've studied hair analysis for many, many years," Hull said. "I've never seen test results like this. Humans are exposed to all kinds of pollutions and chemicals that show up in their hair. This is not a human profile. At least not a modern one."

Dranginis wants to have DNA analysis done on the hair, but the going rate at a private lab -­ around $5,000 ­- is too steep. He has tried to persuade a number of university labs to do the work for free, but so far, there have been no takers.

"The most hurtful ridicule comes from science," Dranginis said, "the people I expected to at least be anxious to disprove me. I can't even get them to take me seriously enough to look at it."

Every now and then, though, Dranginis gets a little backup when a respected expert steps a toe onto his side ­- like Jane Goodall, the famed primate researcher.

"Jane has heard similar stories from indigenous people all over the world," said Nona Gandelman, a Goodall spokeswoman. "She is open to the possibility that there may be a primate out there we haven't met yet."

But -­ once again -­ here? In Virginia?

Some long time believers still aren't buying it.

Bob George, a Portsmouth native and long time Bigfoot researcher, teaches biology at Florida International University in Miami.

"Look," George said, "when you start talking Virginia, it's getting to be a little preposterous. I mean, what's next? New Jersey?"

Well perhaps. According to the Sasquatch Information Society <http://www.bigfootinfo.org/>, folks say they've bumped into Bigfoot at
least four times in the state better known for its turnpike than its green space.

Bigfoot could not be reached for comment.

Sasquatch In Northern, British Columbia - Photos
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
HBCC UFO Research has © for owners of story and photos. Any requests to use the story and photos should be directed to HBCC UFO Research.
The names have been changed in this report to protect the people privacy. Also I have typed up the letters as I received them. (HBCC UFO Research)
This report starts in mid October 2001. While in the Canadian Tire parking lot, Dan, a long time acquaintance came up to me and started telling me about three Sasquatch that had been hanging around his property the whole summer the pervious year (2000). when I asked him why he waited a whole year to tell me this, he said that he didn't know who to contact. It was only when his grandchildren saw my name on the web did he learn of my interest in the Sasquatch. Arrangements were made to visit him at his home to get more details.
Dan's house is the last one on the left hand side of the road. Behind the lot and running back along the street for three quarters of a mile is a large area of undeveloped crown and park land. Behind the houses there is also a natural gas pipeline and the clearing for it is called the Pipeline Road. During the recession of the early 1980's a make work program, the heavy brush and scrub trees were removed and the area thinned out. A number of access trails were made by cutting the trees close to the ground. This area is well used by dirt motorcycles, mountain bikes, horse riders and hikers.
Above: Pipline Road behind Dan's home looking south towards Old Lakelse drive and the bench where it connects to old Lakelse Drive. Drive on the left runs into Dan's yard. Pictures taken in mid January, 2003. a few days later it snowed.
It is in this area, surrounded by houses and buildings that the Sasquatch were for the whole summer.
In early May 2000, Dan's seventeen year old granddaughter accompanied by a large sized dog was walking along Pipeline Road. About 150 feet past Dan's house, towards the hill was a flat area on top. Their dog suddenly pressed against the granddaughter's legs and stopped her. The granddaughter wondering why the dog was acting so strangely, she saw about 250 feet ahead of her, three hairy men crossing the road from the park to the brush on the other side. Two were brown and one was white.
Dan knew what these hairy men were.
Not long after this, Dan decided to take a horse back ride in the park. The horse refused to leave the Pipeline Road and enter the park and it was this way all summer. Also noted was all the dogs in the neighborhood were barking much more than usual.
Several times during the summer Dan walked through the area looking for signs of these creatures. All that was found were places on the moss that had a very strong unpleasant odor where the Sasquatch had apparently bedded down. It was also noted that all the wild berries had disappeared and no bear droppings were seen. A number of times his horse and the neighbors dogs were acting up and nothing could be seen to cause this at night.
During the summer, once he hung out an old work jacket on a high fence post that was on the bush side of his yard which he soon forgot about. When he finally thought about it and went to retrieve it several days later it was stinking strongly of urine and had to be washed. Apparently this is what the Sasquatch think of us humans.
Also during the summer a large tree came down across Pipeline Road and Dan cut it up for firewood. It was wheel barrowed in as it was needed. In mid October around 7:30 p.m. he went for another load of wood. With him was a Husky breed of dog that he was looking after. When he was heading out he noticed a group of kids on the road and they were taking their time in going home as it was getting dark.
When Dan reached the firewood which was at the location where the granddaughter was when she saw the hairy men. The dog was some distance further down the road investigating the roadside. Just as the first piece of wood landed in the wheelbarrow a loud scream came out of the bus across the Pipeline Road from the parkland and where the dog was sniffing around. The dog was paralyzed and didn't know what to do, but came to Dan when he was called.
He could also hear the voices of the concerned kids on the Road. The wheelbarrow was loaded and they started back. As they neared the fence of his property line there was another loud scream from the bush on the same side of the road which made the dog whimper with fear. The kids who were on the road had heard enough. From their scared voices and running feet it was obvious that they were clearing out.
Meantime, Dan was trying to calm the dog and at the same time talk to the creatures in the bush with a soothing voice that meant no harm. By now it was too dark to see any thing in the bush, but there were more screams. What he did was a number of "ough,ough,ough and some chatter which gradually moved away. It appears that there were at least two at this spot. It is my feeling that the screaming was at the dog for being so close and not at Dan.
A few days later, Dan began to make the sounds that he had heard and all the dogs within hearing distance would start barking. By mid November the dogs would no longer bark so franticly, so Dan tired his horse again. This time it went into the park. The dogs and horse knew that the Sasquatch were around even if the people didn't. Even with heavy use, these creatures despite their huge size managed to stay out of sight for the most part.
This is the next report on the Sasquatch. On the previous report Dan had first told me that in mid October 2001 what had happened the previous year (2000). Dan was rather hard to get a hold of at his home. Being retired and a widower, plus living alone he likes to spend a lot of time shooting the bull at the local watering hole. because of this the final details were not obtained until November 24, 2001.
Terrace Mountain as seen from the road scales looking northwest. The white spot is a rock the graduation class usually paint their year on. The Sasquatch rock was in line to the left in the center of a discontinued power line which is the brown strip.
Above: A view of Terrace Mountain.
During the summer of 2001 there were no signs of Sasquatch in the park area. When mushroom picking season arrived, the park area became rather crowded so he went up Terrace Mountain. he also took his dog with him. while he was looking for mushrooms the dog was doing his own exploring. Dan's dog started a howling session so Dan went to investigate. When he arrived to where his dog was he saw about a 4x6 foot flat rock, on the rock were three big piles of strange looking scat. (animal droppings) Dan knew there weren't from a bear. Also his dog has never showed the slightest interest in bear droppings before. However the dog went owly over these scats. They were not touched but Dan kept a lookout for the creature after that. He has been up the mountain recently and found that recent heavy rains had washed two of them away. One was under an evergreen tree and was still intact. Also he had found three large footprints that has a six foot stride across a slide area. Dan approached Mike to see if he was interested in seeing this and would take him up on the mountain to have a look. Of course Mike was interested in seeing the scat as he felt it could not be faked. The only problems was that Mike is 83 years old and has arthritis in his left knee. Dan felt that Mike could make it by using his cane, so the next day, November 25, 2001 we went up to retrieve the scat, taking along an ice cream bucket and some plastic to pick it up.
Above: Scat picked up November 24, 2002. Weight was one pound, four ounces.
It all was as Dan had described it. There were only stains on the rock where the two other scats had washed down the sides. The base of the rock was checked and there was nothing there. I'm looking around and wondering what attracted the creature to this spot so often as there was no food here. Dan had already figured it out. This rock was in the center of a now discontinued power line right of way. a hundred yards below was a good view of a nature hiking trail. Below that was a busy road with a bridge across the Skeena River. It was the ideal place to do some people watching.
The scat was put in the pail and it was off to look at the tracks, there were three in an almost straight line across a narrow shale slide area. The footprints were just oblong depressions, four inches deep and about six feet apart. Dan is 6 ft 2 and weighs 280 pounds and left no visible footprints on the slide area, even just below the Sasquatch tracks. From this observation how much would a 10 foot tall Sasquatch weigh?
The scat weighed one and a quarter pounds. It was loaded with plum stones as if the creature had raided someone's orchard. About 1000 feet away on a bench was a sizeable housing area. Another member who drives a taxi counted nine plum trees in that area. Even though word had gone around that something was in the area .. nobody had reported seeing anything like this creature. During the summer of 2003, full reports were sent to the Washington State University, Oregon Field Guide and a B.C. Anthropologist. None replied even though they regularly appear on TV documentaries. A check was also made to the B.C. government and they have no testing facility for this type of work. And could offer no more help.
The plum stones that the Sasquatch ate are sharp and rough and are in the fasces. There is some headway being made to prove scientifically that the Sasquatch exists. In the meantime the scat was allowed to dry out and is now one third of its original size.
After we had picked up the Sasquatch scat, Dan told me of an incident that took place at the home of a long time mutual acquaintance. Due to the circumstances involved his name can't be given so we'll call him Jim. When I arrived at his home, Jim had been expecting me to drop by. The incident in question took place in summer around 1980. As with most people of that time he really didn't believe in wild people living in the woods.
One night about two a.m. he was awakened by some noise outside his bedroom window. There, silhouetted by the street lights, was a large human like figure that filled much of the five feet long and 3 feet high window. He thought that it was standing on a ladder because its head was near the top of the window which was 10 feet off the ground. Huge hands were on the window sill. The creature that he believed didn't exist .. was here at his bedroom window.
Thinking that the creature was trying to break in and fearing for his life, he hurried to the closet where he had a double barreled shotgun and a box of shells. Quickly loading the gun he went back to the window. There at point blank range he raised his shotgun to the center of the forehead and let go with both barrels. One after the other right through the glass. He then rushed to the shattered window to see the results of his marksmanship. To his disbelief he sees a huge human like figure high tailing it down the driveway to the road. At the speed it was going nothing on legs would have caught it. It would have been foolhardy to go outside in the dark, so the gun was reloaded and he went back to bed. In the morning there were huge footprints under the window but not a drop of blood could be found. The next question asked was about the color of the fur and he said it was white. The last question was if this had been reported to the police. His answer was that the police would never have believed him. There was no body, no blood, and the footprints could be fakes.
He would have probably been charged with dangerous use of a firearm in a residential area. The houses across the street were peppered with bird shot. However enough velocity was lost so no windows were broken. No damage was noticed. And no reports were made to the police.
It is safer to talk about it now as there is less skepticism that the Sasquatch exists. So what happened here ???? We can surmise that the creature saw movement in the room and decided to exit in a hurry. It moved just far enough aside for the hail of pellets to miss its head and ended up with a good scare and badly ringing ears.
There were no more reports of a Sasquatch peeking into any house windows. However, in my talking to loggers, there was mention of a Sasquatch doing similar things on the Queen Charlotte islands. This gives our local report some validity.
Another report came in from a logging crew. While on a logging site they saw at a distance, a human form. They were sure that what they were seeing was not a human.
I would like to request if anyone has been witness to a Sasquatch/Bigfoot I would really like to hear the story. Thank you, Brian Vike - HBCC UFO Research
Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research Home - Phone 250 845 2189 email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.com Redirect: http://www.brianvike.com Redirect: http://www.hbccuforesearch.com
Excerpted from: http://rense.com/general52/sas.htm



Press Release
Jeff Rense Program
February 23, 2004


The world famous Roger Patterson 'Bigfoot' film, taken in 1967 at Bluff, Creek, California, which has baffled scores of scientists and skeptics alike for nearly 40 years, will finally be proven to be a HOAX.

This new, stunning evidence will be revealed on nationally-syndicated Jeff Rense Program Monday, March 1, 2004, 7-10pm Pacific Standard Time. Jeff Rense is heard on over 100 stations in the US and also broadcast around the world online.

"I am looking forward to hearing this remarkably important new evidence which is promised to, at long last, bring in a final verdict on the
Patterson Bigfoot film controversy. The public has a right to the know the facts, and I am expecting some shocking and surprising new information and details." said Rense, host of the popular program known for its hard-hitting journalism.

The Jeff Rense Program exclusive three hour feature story will be truly historic and definitive, and features the following guests:

1) Kal Korff, - Internationally-known Author, Broadcaster, and Prague-based Investigative Journalist, who has written the Foreword for the explosive new book, The Making of Bigfoot: The Inside Story, which blows open the Patterson Bigfoot case. Korff will discuss the secret investigation that was launched years ago that finally broke the Patterson case, plus other projects that will affect the public that are coming up.

2) Joining Kal Korff on the program will also be Executive Television Producer Robert C. Kiviat, President of Kiviat Productions, best known for his highly-rated Fox network TV specials such as Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction?, and World's Greatest Hoaxes: Secrets Finally Revealed, which first began to crack open the Bigfoot hoax. Kiviat will talk about the development of his TV special and efforts to bring the expose to the airwaves.

3) Also featured on the Rense Program will be Greg Long, author of the historic, new expose book, The Making of Bigfoot, which rips open the legend of the Patterson film. Long will present and document his exclusive, hard-boiled evidence that proves the case is a fraud.

The HIGHLIGHT of the program is truly an historic event: author Greg Long will also have with him a surprise, 'mystery' guest - THE VERY MAN WHO ACTUALLY WORE THE BIGFOOT SUIT IN THE PATTERSON FILM HOAX.

His name and identity will finally be revealed, and he will talk live for the first time ever in public.

4) The final segment of the The Jeff Rense Program will feature Prague-based Czech Broadcaster and Journalist, Michaela Kocis, author of the exclusive newspaper expose about the breakthrough book and the solving of the Patterson film hoax.

Says host Jeff Rense, "The Patterson film is considered by many to be the single, greatest piece of hard evidence for the reality of a Bigfoot-like creature. On March 1, 2004, this particular, historic piece of evidence is promised to be laid to rest."

"It is critically-important to expose fraudulent cases whenever possible. Not only will the man who reportedly wore the costume give his testimony but a number of other revelations are promised as well, including learning the identity of the man who allegedly made and sold the costume to Patterson for the film. This program promises to be a blockbuster."


The Jeff Rense Program

September, 26 , 2003

Yeti's 'non-existence' hard to bear

Daniel Lak

BBC correspondent in Kathmandu

Dr Nabuka breached "yetiquette" with his claims of non-existence

A row has erupted in Nepal after a Japanese expert on Himalayan languages insisted the yeti was nothing more than a case of linguistic mistaken identity.

Dr Matako Nabuka is a researcher and mountaineer who spent 12 years in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan conducting, he says, research into the elusive abominable snowman.

Hackles began to rise in Kathmandu earlier this month when Dr Nabuka told a press conference in Tokyo yetis were not mysterious apes or hairy hominids living in the High Himalaya.

They were, quite simply, Himalayan brown bear, known in a regional Tibetan dialect as "meti", he said.

"This has spread too far," said Dr Nabuka, referring to belief in the yeti.

Many claim to have seen it, he said, but no one has proof.

The tribes of the Himalayas worship the brown bear as a deity, Dr Nabuka pointed out, and have endowed it with supernatural powers.

He said he had pictures of bear paws and other artefacts from the animal being venerated by mountain tribes people.

Linguistic dispute

But no sooner had the story hit the Nepali press than local opinion chimed in.

A letter to the editor of the Kathmandu Post headlined "Yetiquette" took Dr Nabuka to task for linguistic carelessness.

A "yeti" from contested footage shot in California in 1967

Signed by Bha Dawa, the letter says the Japanese researcher may have spent too long in the wrong mountains and had himself mixed up his words.

Both "yeti" and "meti" mean a near-mythical beast, said Mr Dawa.

Dr Nabuka has other opponents.

Dr Raj Kumar Pandey, who like the Japanese scientist researches both yetis and mountain languages, says it is not enough to blame tales of the mysterious beast of the Himalayas on words that rhyme but mean different things.

"Look at all the foreign expeditions that have seen [the yeti]," says Dr Pandey, naming British mountaineering legend, Eric Shipton, Italian super-mountaineer Reinhold Messner and the British Everest expedition leader from 1953, John Hunt.

"We have much more research to do on language and in zoology before we believe statements like this [from Dr Nabuka]."

Japanese rivalry

A very informal straw poll of mountaineers in Kathmandu carried out for BBC News Online at the city's legendary Rum Doodle Bar, a favourite hangout of climbers, found at least three people who claimed to have seen the yeti.

We'll get a picture this time and then all disbelievers will learn their lessons

Yoshiteru Takahashi,

rival to Dr Nabuka

None wanted their names used but all denied vehemently that their claims had anything to do with the amount of locally brewed Everest beer they were drinking.

In the end, it all probably comes down to rivalry between Japanese mountain-climbers.

Dr Nabuka's press conference came just weeks after Japan's most celebrated yeti-hunter, Yoshiteru Takahashi, left his country to make "the definitive attempt" to photograph the beast.

Mr Takahashi claims to have found a yeti cave on the slopes of Dhaulagiri, the world's fifth highest mountain, in western Nepal.

His camera froze in 1994 when he tried to photograph the denizens of the cave, he said in Tokyo before leaving.

This year, he is using nine infrared cameras with motion sensitive shutters, and wrapping them up well against the Himalayan chill.

"We'll get a picture this time," he said, "and then all disbelievers will learn their lessons."

By Stefan Lovgren
National Geographic News
October 23, 2003


It's been the subject of campfire stories for decades. A camera-elusive, grooming-challenged, bipedal ape-man who roams the mountain regions of North America. Some call it Sasquatch. Others know it as Bigfoot.

Thousands of people claim to have seen the hairy hominoid, but the evidence of its existence is fuzzy. There are few clear photographs of the oversized beast. No bones have ever been found. Countless pranksters have admitted to faking footprints.

Yet a small but vociferous number of scientists remain undeterred. Risking ridicule from other academics, they propose that there's enough forensic evidence to warrant something that has never been done: a comprehensive, scientific study to determine if the legendary primate actually exists.

"Given the scientific evidence that I have examined, I'm convinced there's a creature out there that is yet to be identified," said Jeff Meldrum, a professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University in Pocatello.

Thousands of Sightings

Sasquatch stories go back centuries. Tales of mythical giant apes lurk in the oral traditions of most Native American tribes, as well as in Europe and Asia. The Himalaya has its Abominable Snowman, or the Yeti. In Australia, Bigfoot is known as the Yowie Man.

Bigfoot advocates hypothesize that the primate is the offspring of an ape from Asia that wandered to North America during the Ice Age. They believe there are at least 2,000 ape men walking upright in North America's woods today.

An adult male is said to be at least 8 feet (2.4 meters) tall, weigh 800 pounds (360 kilograms), and have feet twice the size of a human's. The creatures are described as shy and nocturnal, and their diets consist mostly of berries and fruits.

Matt Moneymaker had been searching for Bigfoot for years. In the woods of eastern Ohio, he claims he finally came eye to eye with the elusive primate.

"It was 2 o'clock in the morning and the moon was a quarter full," recalled Moneymaker. "Suddenly, there he was, an eight-foot-tall creature, standing 15 feet away, growling at me. He wanted to let me know I was in the wrong place."

Moneymaker, who lives in Dana Point in southern California, is a lawyer who runs his own marketing agency. In his spare time, he leads the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, a network of more than 3,000 people who claim to have seen the Sasquatch.

Unfortunately, no one has been able to snap a clear picture of the beast. 

Perhaps the most compelling photographic evidence of Bigfoot is a controversial short film shot by Roger Patterson in 1967, which appears to document a female Bigfoot striding along a riverbank in northern California.

"It certainly wasn't human"

Now, Bigfoot advocates are increasingly turning to forensic evidence to prove the existence of the giant creature.

Investigator Jimmy Chilcutt of the Conroe Police Department in Texas, who specializes in finger- and footprints, has analyzed the more than 150 casts of Bigfoot prints that Meldrum, the Idaho State professor, keeps in a laboratory.

Chilcutt says one footprint found in 1987 in Walla Walla in Washington State has convinced him that Bigfoot is real.

"The ridge flow pattern and the texture was completely different from anything I've ever seen," he said. "It certainly wasn't human, and of no known primate that I've examined. The print ridges flowed lengthwise along the foot, unlike human prints, which flow across. The texture of the ridges was about twice the thickness of a human, which indicated that this animal has a real thick skin."

Meldrum, meanwhile, says a 400-pound (180-kilogram) block of plaster known as the Skookum Cast provides further evidence of Bigfoot's existence. The cast was made in September 2000 from an impression of a large animal that had apparently lain down on its side to retrieve some fruit next to a mud hole in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington State.

Meldrum says the cast contains recognizable impressions of a forearm, a thigh, buttocks, an Achilles tendon and heel. "It's 40 to 50 percent bigger than a normal human," he said. "The anatomy doesn't jive with any known animal."

A few academics believe Meldrum could be right.

Renowned chimpanzee researcher Jane Goodall last year surprised an interviewer from National Public Radio when she said she was sure that large, undiscovered primates, such as the Yeti or Sasquatch, exist.

The Skeptics

But the vast majority of scientists still believe Bigfoot is little more than supermarket tabloid fodder. They wonder why no Bigfoot has ever been captured, dead or alive.

"The bottom line is, they don't have a body," said Michael Dennett, who writes for Skeptical Inquirer magazine and who has followed the Bigfoot debate for 20 years.

Bigfoot buffs note that it's rare to find a carcass of a grizzly bear in the wild. While that's true, grizzlies have not escaped photographic

Hair samples that have been recovered from alleged Bigfoot encounters have turned out to come from elk, bears or cows.

Many of the sightings and footprints, meanwhile, have proved to be hoaxes.

After Bigfoot tracker Ray Wallace died in a California nursing home last year, his children finally announced that their prank-loving dad had created the modern myth of Bigfoot when he used a pair of carved wooden feet to create a track of giant footprints in a northern California logging camp in 1958.

Dennett says he's not surprised by the flood of Bigfoot sightings.

"It's the same kind of eyewitness reports we see for the Loch Ness Sea Monster, UFOs, ghosts, you name it," he said. "The monster thing is a universal product of the human mind. We hear such stories from around the world."


BBC News
Thursday, October 9, 2003


Siberian scientists say they have a discovery on their hands which raises the possibility that the local legend of the yeti -- the abominable snowman -- is more than mere fiction.

According to Russian TV, the well-preserved furry limb of a mystery creature was found some 3,500 metres up in the permafrost of the Altay mountains, in Russia's remote Siberia region.

"I turned the limb over and examined the sole of the foot, and I thought it looked unsual," Sergey Semenov, the mountain-climber who made the find, said.

"So I decided to bring it back with me."

Scientific tests and X-rays show that the bones are several thousand years old, but attempts to identify the creature they belonged to remain inconclusive.

Local opinion on the find, described as "surprisingly well-preserved", is divided.

There is a long tradition of alleged sightings in the area of what might - or might not - be the abominable snowman.

Size 36

Local people say the creature must have walked on snow, because the sole of the foot is furry.

They have already labelled the discovery as the foot of the yeti.

But veterinary scientists and academics at the local animal research institute and agragrian university tend towards a more rational explanation.

"It looks very human," Yuriy Malofeyev, vice-president of the Russian association of veterinary anatomists, told the TV after examining the X-rays.

"There are many similarities," he said.

That view appears to be supported by the fact that the length of the foot is about 24 centimetre - normal for a human being.

"A size 36 shoe would fit him just fine," the TV concluded.

BBC News
October 2, 2003


A forensic expert in the US believes he has some of the strongest evidence yet that the Bigfoot, or sasquatch, creature exists.

The creatures are real enough to those who say they have spotted them - but most scientists remain sceptical about their existence.

Investigator Jimmy Chilcutt of the Conroe Police Department in Texas, who specialises in finger and footprints, has said he believes he is certain around six footprints found - claimed to have been made by Bigfoot - are genuine.

He added that one 42 cm (18-inch) print found in Washington in 1987 has convinced him.

"The unique thing about this cast is that it has dermal ridges - and the flow and texture matches the ridge flow texture of one from California," Mr Chilcutt told BBC World Service's Discovery programme.

"The ridges are about twice as thick as in a human being."

'Physical evidence'

Before becoming involved in bigfoot studies, Mr Chilcutt had amassed a huge collection of ape and monkey prints as part of a police research project.

He added that the ridge flow pattern was crucial in proving the prints had not been made by a very large-footed human or other primate.

"The ridges run down the side of the foot - in humans, the ridges run across the width of the foot," he said.

"That's what makes it unique. The only other animal I've seen this in is a howler monkey in Costa Rica.

"As a crime scene investigator, I don't deal in what I believe or what I think.

"I examine physical evidence and make a determination... I know there's an animal out there, because I've seen the physical evidence."

The Bigfoot is considered to be a North American version of the yeti of the Himalayas. The name bigfoot comes from several huge, mysterious foot impressions found in 1959 in a Californian forest.

Hundreds of other prints have been found since, although many have turned out to be hoaxes.

"There have been reported sightings in every state of the United States, other than Hawaii and Rhode Island," said Craig Woolheater, director of the Texas Bigfoot Research Center.

"It's not the missing link, it's not an extra-terrestrial, it's just an animal - a flesh-and-blood primate that has learned to be elusive around man and avoids man where possible."


Mr Woolheater's organisation investigates about 100 Bigfoot sightings in the state each year - as well as the surrounding states of Arkansas and Louisiana.

Members use a wide range of technology - remote-controlled cameras, video surveillance systems, night-vision, and thermal imaging - in an effort to get video and photographic evidence of these creatures.

So far it has proved unsuccessful.

However, other evidence gathered through time includes footprints, audio recordings and "limb twists" - where branches of trees have seemingly been twisted by a type of primate with massive strength.

These twists are a common aspect of primate behaviour and Bigfoot hunters say they occur in areas where there have been a number of sightings.

But most of the evidence - such as photographs, hair samples, and even blood - has turned out to be fake.

"There is a significant amount of evidence for Bigfoot - there are tracks, there are fuzzy photographs, there are hair samples, there are sighting reports - the problem is that it's not good evidence," said Benjamin Radford, managing editor of Sceptical Inquirer magazine.

"I liken it to a cup of coffee - if you have many cups of weak coffee, they can't be combined into strong coffee.

"It's the same with scientific evidence. If you have lots of weak evidence, the cumulative effect of the evidence doesn't make it strong evidence - and what science needs to validate a Bigfoot is strong evidence."


Bigfoot is probably the best-known of the subjects of "cryptozoology" - the study of hidden creatures.

Some scientists are highly sceptical, believing these creatures to be nothing more than tricks of the mind.

"One of the problems - and I know this from my background in psychology - is that it's actually fairly easy to fool ourselves," said Mr Radford.

"What often happens is that people will be out in the wilderness and they'll see something out of the corner of their eye - something dark or hairy or fast - that will surprise or shock them.

"If they're already thinking that there's a Bigfoot in the area, it's easy to make the leap between saying: 'I saw something, I don't know what it is,' to: 'I saw something and it's Bigfoot.'"

But others say it is best to keep an open mind.

"Every now and again big things turn up," Colin Tudge, zoologist and author of the book The Variety Of Life, told Discovery.

"The okapi - a horse-sized relative of the giraffe - turned up only in the early 20th Century.

"A few years ago somebody discovered an absolutely enormous shark in the

"The most recent - and I think the most spectacular - is an animal that
people think is a goat-antelope, some kind of relative of the shamuar, which
has turned up in the forests of Vietnam.

"This is an animal about the size of a Shetland pony with long horns, that
nobody even suspected was there until just a few years ago - it was finally
identified in about 1994."


Legend of Bigfoot Has A Big Following


Northern California town set to play host to serious symposium
by Blair Anthony  Robertson
The Sacramento Bee

WILLOW CREEK - They are tall, heavy, hairy, stinky - at least to us - and surprisingly nonaggressive. People say they must have excellent eyesight and a keen sense of smell.

They are very shy - either that or they roam and forage mostly at night. On the off chance they are spotted, they are almost never in a group setting. Same goes for the people who say they've seen them.

Whenever they leave behind footprints - big ones - people invariably rush out with plaster of Paris and make chunky castings. These creatures are the subject of books, websites and scientific papers and yet no one knows what they eat, how they socialize, where they live or if- and its a humdinger of an if - they exist at all.

Snicker if you will, but Bigfoot still is a serious subject in some quarters, especially in Northern California, outliving the label of urban myth and withstanding all the mockery.

Beginning today, Willow Creek will play host to the International Bigfoot Symposium, attracting everyone from crackpots to tenured professors for two days of scientific findings, pseudoscientific theories, spirited debate and the appropriate dose of folklore. Organizers say nearly 200 people had registered for the 4125 conference.

One of the most heated topics in Bigfoot circles is whether someone should kill one, present it to the scientific community for study and end the mystery once and for all.

Some say they have heard of people who have had a sasquatch in the their gun sights but could not pull the trigger. The thing looked too human.

David Walsh, a longtime psychology professor at the University of Southern california, reported seeing a Bigfoot in 2002 while hunting wild pigs in MOnterey County. Too surprised to react as the creature disappeared into the woods, Walsh knows what he'll do next time.

"I have a rifle in my gun case specifically bought for that purpose," Walsh said of his $2,500 .378-caliber Weatherby magnum.

"I'm against killing one," said 79-year old Al Hodgson, who used to run a general store in the Humboldt County town. "But you know something, they've done an awful good job of protecting themselves so far.

So good, in fact, that Bigfoot sightings in California appear to be drying up. Is it possible that Bigfoot will become extinct before one is even found?

"I haven't heard much. It just seems like a quiet year," said Daniel Perez, publisher of the Bigfoot Times, a monthly newsletter.

Regarding the debate over killing a Bigfoot, Perez says, "What's the objection? Here's a chance t solve one of the biggest questions the world may ever know."

willow Creek residents are divided on the overall issue. some say they're reluctant to have serious conversations on the subject, fearing hurt feelings and heated tempers.

But no one denies it's good for the small town's bottom line.

"I firmly believe in the economic impact of Bigfoot," said Jo Ann Hereford, a volunteer at the Willow Creek-Chine Flat museum which has a Bigfoot display. Interest in Bigfoot is such that the museum recently began operating five days a week, up from three.

Bigfoot enthusiasts still are smarting from ray Wallace's death in 2002, when his family revealed that the famous footprints "discovered" 40 miles north of Willow Creek were a hoax made with feet carved out of wood.

Believers say that although the hoax was bad publicity, it doesn't affect the numerous other sightings, credible footprints and other evidence.

Pointing to lack of evidence

Still, skeptics wonder why no one has found a bone, a carcass, an encampment, feces - anything that can be tested for DNA.

"Many prominent people in town don't believe," Hereford said. "We have business people who push everything Bigfoot, but the evidence hasn't persuaded them to believe."

One of those is NOrm Evans, who has a Bigfoot mural on the wall of his Union 76 gas station and a 4,000-pound chain-saw carving of the creature out front.

"It's a lot of fun, but I don't think there is a Bigfoot," Evans said. "There would have to be a Mrs. Bigfoot and junior Bigfoot, too. This country is remote, but people go into the woods hunting or growing marijuana, and no one has ever seen one.

That statement might be heresy at the International Bigfoot Symposium. Attendees would point to the landmark "Patterson-Gimlin" film shot in 1967 or the recent work of Jimmy Chilcutt, a fingerprint expert with the Police Department in Conroe, Texas, who says footprint castings he's examined have distinct dermal ridge patterns that are not human.

Chilcutt, 38, whose work is seen is giving the Bigfoot quest a badly needed shot in the arm, will be one of the symposium's most anticipated speakers.

"We just want to know what the truth is - with no fanfare or flash." Chilcutt said, "I have no interest one way or the other. I'm just telling the facts. The evidence I have examined shows there is a north American primate out there somewhere."

But where?

That's the question no one seems able to answer, and the reason for the growing call to bring ina Bigfoot dead or alive.

"I'm kind of proud of this guy. He has managed to evade capture for a long time," Chilcutt said.

Walsh, the 56-year old USC professor, says he didn't even think about Bigfoot initially when he saw the huge, hairy creature sauntering through the forest 18 months ago. At 6-foot 6 inches tall himself, Walsh says the creature stood 7 to 8 feet tall and weighed about 1,200 pounds.

When heh met up with two hunters later that evening, "I wasn't about to say anything to these guys. They would have thought I was a raving lunatic."

But the professor is no longer afraid to talk about it. His brush with Bigfoot prompted him to read and study the topic in detail.

"I would say the odds are 99 percent that there really is such a creature living in the wilderness of North America," Walsh said.

And if that creature is discovered near Willow Creek, everyone there agrees it will be good for business.

By Marsha Walton
Saturday, August 9, 2003


(CNN) -- From a remote region in the heart of Africa to a genetics lab at the Omaha Zoo, scientists are trying to find out if they have a new big ape on their hands.

"It doesn't look much like a gorilla, it doesn't look like a chimpanzee," said primatologist Shelly Williams, who captured a bit of video of the female mystery ape with a baby.

Pictures of the rare ape are scarce. Wildlife photographer Karl Amman, who was first to spot the mysterious mammals a few years ago, said the animal has feet that are about two inches bigger than the average gorilla and is more flat-faced than other apes. Its behavior also sets it apart from other apes, researchers say.

The mystery ape often sleeps in big ground nests. Chimpanzees, for example, usually nest in trees to stay away from predators. And the mystery apes hoot when the moon rises and sets, something chimps don't do for fear of attracting lions and hyenas, Williams said.

So what could this animal be?

"We cannot rule out the possibility that it is a new species of ape, or a new subspecies or some form of hybrid," said Duane Rumbaugh, a professor at Georgia State University.

"Discovering any new primate is a huge thing, a new ape would be incredible," said Ed Louis, conservation geneticist at the Henry Doorly
Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska.

Common ancestor

Chimpanzees, bonobos (also known as pygmy chimps), and gorillas are all members of the ape family. Present-day apes and humans had a common ancestor in the distant past -- perhaps 6 million years ago, scientists say.

But Amman found some evidence and plenty of local legend to suggest another type of big ape also may call Africa home. The forest in the north central area of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the mystery ape lives, is known to be populated by chimpanzees. The nearest gorillas and bonobos are hundreds of miles away.

Williams, who speaks the local language, Lingala, interviewed villagers about their sightings of the creature in the Bili forest of what was once the Belgian Congo and later the Republic of Zaire.

"Some people call them 'lion eaters' because they are so big," Williams said.

Using clever tricks

On her last trip to the region earlier this year she got within about 15 feet of the animals. With some local trackers she was able to follow the apes for several hours. Williams and the trackers used some clever tricks to lure the mystery apes.

Pictures of the 'mystery ape' are rare because the animals are skittish and aggressive. Here a researcher captured an image from afar of one of the animals with her offspring. 

"One of my trackers made the sound of a duiker, a small antelope, as if it were in pain," said Williams. Four or five of the mystery primates fell for the ruse and came running to kill it.

Chimpanzees and bonobos both are carnivorous. Chimps are known to eat monkeys, and at times other chimps; bonobos catch and eat fish.

Williams also has a fascinating anecdote from a longtime resident of the region, an 84-year-old Norwegian Baptist missionary known as "Madame Liev."

"Years ago, she was driving an old truck and one of these apes walked by in front of her. It was walking bipedally (upright) and was taller than her, and she's six feet tall," Williams said.

Comparing DNA

Conservation geneticist Ed Louis at the Omaha Zoo is working on an important piece of the ape mystery also.

"We compared fecal samples from this unknown animal to the DNA of captive gorillas, bonobos, and chimps," Louis said. "Our preliminary data shows that the mitochondrial DNA is chimp-like."

But mitochondrial DNA is passed down only from the mother's side. So if this species or sub-species is a hybrid of a chimp mother and a gorilla father, current DNA would only identify information from the mother.

Tests yet to come are nuclear DNA tests: This roadmap would come from both parents.

Is it a hybrid?

If the mystery animal does turn out to be a hybrid of a chimp and a gorilla , for example, such inter-breeding would not be unique in nature. There are several examples of different species breeding successfully, said Louis.

There are hybridized green sea turtles and hawksbill turtles, as well as some hybrids of Borneo and Sumatran orangutans.

Such pairings "can throw a monkey wrench in our idea of species," Louis said.

Louis said he's eager to examine further samples from the mystery ape.

Williams hopes to return to the African habitat this autumn.

She's already working on some tactics to improve her observation. She'll camouflage her skin because the animals have not seen light-skinned humans. She'll also follow the animals and try to camp out near them overnight, and she'll set up three more observation platforms near the animals' nests.

Bigfoot Spotted in China & Tennessee


A Bigfoot sighting has been reported in a forests in central China, where legends say the creatures live. It was seen by six people, including a journalist. Another one was spotted in Tennessee. A Bigfoot researcher, speaking at a conference nearby, was able to make a cast of the its footprint.

The Chinese sighting was described as a grayish "mythical ape-like animal," 5 1/2 feet tall with shoulder-length black hair. Reporter Shang Zhengmin says it was moving quickly, and by the time their car caught up with it, the Bigfoot had disappeared. He and the other five passengers got out of their car and found several 3 foot-long footprints and newly broken branches nearby. They also discovered a patch of "foul smelling urine-like liquid" on the road where the creature was seen. Several years ago, China's state press announced that scientists had unearthed hundreds of fossilized teeth from giant apes in the same area where this Bigfoot was spotted.

Hal McKenzie writes in cosmictribune.com about a Bigfoot sighting near the Alternate Realities Conference in Tennessee. A local woman called the conference to report that she'd seen a Bigfoot staring at her through the window of her trailer.

Bigfoot investigator Sherry Lee Malin, who was speaking at the conference, hurried off to investigate and made a cast of what appeared to be a footprint in the soft ground. It shows two indentations 16-17 inches apart, which could be toes and a heel, or knuckles and a knee if the creature kneeled.

One conference attendee was inspired by the sighting to divulge his own Bigfoot encounter, which he'd kept secret until then. On a winter hike, he followed a line of huge footprints in the snow that led to a still-steaming hole where a bipedal creature had just urinated. He was startled to see a huge, reddish-gray hairy hominid only 15 feet away striding through dry leaves and twigs, without making a sound.

July 4, 2003


An investigation has been launched in China after six people claimed to have spotted the Wild Man of Shennongjia.

The 5ft 5ins, grey-skinned human-like figure, which had shoulder-length black hair and crooked arms and back, was seen walking across a road.

The Wild Man of Shennongjia, a Yeti-like creature, is said to live in the mountainous forests of Hubei Province.

The six people who saw the creature were traveling in a vehicle in the Shennongjia Nature Reserve, reports the Hong Kong edition of China Daily.

One of the witnesses, Shang Zhengmin, a local reporter, said they saw the beast as they turned a corner on a mountain road.

He said the "ape-like" animal was moving fast on the road and by the time the vehicle finished the turn, it had disappeared.

Passengers got out of the vehicle and found several 12 ins footprints, newly broken branches and a large patch of "foul smelling urine-like liquid" on the road.

Dozens of sightings of the Wild Man have been reported in the area and China organised several searches during the 1980s and 1990s but to no avail.

'Bigfoot' sighting in China

Monday, June 30, 2003 

BEIJING, China -- Chinese authorities are investigating several apparent sightings of a legendary 'ape-like' beast at a nature reserve in the central Hubei province.

The mythical creature, suspected by locals to be a 'Bigfoot', was apparently seen by six people, including a journalist in the Shennongjia Nature reserve on Sunday afternoon, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

Local legend has it that the reserve is home to the half-man, half-ape creature but several high-profile searches in the past three decades have failed to find any evidence of its existence.

Speculation the 'Bigfoot' could be a descendant of apes mounted after China's state media reported several years ago that scientist had found fossilized teeth of giant primates in the area.

The latest sighting described the creature as a grayish ape-like animal, the Xinhua report said, about 1.65-meters tall with shoulder length black hair.

A vehicle carrying the journalist and five others was making a turn when the occupants saw the creature moving fast across the road, the Xinhua report said.

By the time the vehicle had stopped, the animal had disappeared.

The passengers found several 30 centimeter-long (12 inches) footprints and newly broken branches in the jungle near the road, the report said.

They also claimed to have discovered a three-meter-long (9.9 feet) patch of "foul smelling urine-like liquid" on the road where the creature was seen.

While some scientists theorize the creature could be the missing link between primates and humans, other hypotheses say it may be a bear, monkey or an elaborate hoax.


Bigfoot Tracks Found in Canada


In British Columbia, Francis Joe found a trail of huge 15 inch footprints in his strawberry field on the reservation where he lives. He thinks they belong to the legendary creature the Cowichan people call Thumquas. He says, "That's not the tracks of an ordinary human."

He heard his dogs barking, but didn't pay any attention to them because they often "bark all night." Local fishermen told him they've heard growling noises in the brush along the river.

Thirty years ago, his three daughters saw a sasquatch in the same vicinity. "It was just getting dark and it was standing by a ditch just staring at us," says Jeanne Bob. "It was really big, black and hairy, and had a very strong smell. I wasn't kidding then and now I really believe it."

The soil in the berry patch was too soft to reveal a double ball on the foot, which some investigators believe separates real bigfoot tracks from fakes. The double ball would be necessary to carry the weight of the eight-foot creature. John Kirk, of the B.C. Scientific Cryptozoology Club, says, "Each foot print also has to be different because of walking mechanics. With fakes, every footprint is exactly the same." The footprints are three inches deep, which Kirk says is important because, "An imprint deeper than a human's indicates a greater weight."

Bigfoot Prints in Colorado


While some Bigfoot prints have been faked, not all of them are. Trevor Denny is one of the people who has seen and photographed a Bigfoot footprint. He was hiking with his dog on the Mesa Cortina trail in Colorado when he noticed several footprints on the trail. The largest measured 12 to 13 inches in length, and they looked human, with five distinct toes, but were far larger than any human feet he's ever seen. They were intermixed with bear paw prints. He followed them until they faded away, and two days later, he returned with his camera and took pictures of them. According to the Bigfoot Field Research Organization, there have been several Bigfoot sightings in Colorado in the past.

Taken from: http://www.parabolicmirror.com/

Thursday, January 16, 2003

Bigfoot Walks Along Logan, Utah Canal

© 2002 by Linda Moulton Howe

January 15, 2003 North Logan, Utah - The mother and son in a North Logan, Utah family who have seen tall, hairy Bigfoot creatures walk along the canal behind their house have asked not to be identified for fear of public ridicule. The mother first saw a Bigfoot when she was 15-years-old in 1968 in almost the same place that her 16-year- old son saw another large, hairy creature on January 2, 2003. It was 11:30 p.m. MST and "Billy," as I'll call him, was talking with his cousin on his grandma's back porch two houses over from his parents' house. Click here for more.

Snow elusive, but not mysterious Kashmir Snowman

Was it the visitation of the Abominable Snowman, also called Yeti by some? Villagers in this Jammu and Kashmir village are sure it was. At least 20-year-old Raja Wasim has no doubt it was the Snowman that attacked him.

Fondly called Raju by his parents, the young man came out of his uncle's home to feed cattle at a cowshed. He heard a strange noise among the greens in the lawn of the house. When he turned around, there it stood: a four-foot-tall monster, covered with dense, dark, black hair all over, "looking menacingly" at the youth.

Claims Raju: "The is no mistake about what I saw. The monster had the face of a man with monkey-like features. It was four feet tall, but extremely sturdy. It was the Snowman. "It pounced at me and I jumped back on the veranda, shouting for help." Click here for more.

John's Comments

It is possible that the creature in the second story was an ape, judging from the description of it. However, there is another possibility as well.

The 'veil between worlds' as it is often called, might be thinner right now. I don't pretend to know what it is that controls this barrier, but two sightings of Sasquatch type creatures might be a signal that our two worlds are closer right now.

Be sure to keep your eyes and your mind open, and a good camera handy. *grin*

Happy Valentine's from the Skunk Ape


Hi There!

The Himalayas have the Yeti, Indonesia has the Orang- Pendek, the Pacific Northwest has Bigfoot. But there is no crypto-primate quite like Florida's Skunk Ape.

The skunker is famous not only for a smell so powerful that it has been known to drive even swamp fishermen who have not bathed since childhood to crazed flight, it is also known for raising a riot (and a few other things) during its mating season.

According to RV Park owner David Shealy of Ochobee, Florida, two visiting Swedish ladies have found out just what skunker mating season can mean--the hard way.

They were peacefully fishing when they smelled something unpleasant. Then they heard growls, and soon discovered a skunk ape in some bushes near their rental car. The ape was in a visible state of sexual excitement.

It remained nearby for a short time, sniffing the air in a strange manner. Once it had departed, the two ladies got in their car and, as Mr. Shealy put it, "left in a huff."

Presumably, they are now back in Sweden. If you want to read more about this story, click on the link below, but be warned that it contains a graphic description of the ape's sexual state, so if that sort of thing offends you, don't push the button.

FROM:  http://www.denverpost.com/Stories/0,1413,36%7E53%7E1089877%7E,00.html

Bigfoot believers

Legitimate scientific study of legend gains backing of top primate experts

By Theo Stein

Denver Post Environment Writer

Sunday, January 05, 2003 - EDMONDS, Wash. - After enduring decades of ridicule, Bigfoot researchers are enjoying support from some of the world's most respected scientists in their efforts to prove the hulking creatures of legend are no myth.

Post / John Epperson

Richard Noll of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization photographs a site in the North Cascades, northeast of Seattle, last month. Noll and colleagues discovered an imprint near a mudhole where the Skookum Cast was recorded two years ago.

The persistence of reported sightings of Bigfoot-type creatures in North America and elsewhere has convinced leading researchers on primates - including Jane Goodall, made famous by her studies of chimpanzees in Tanzania - to call for something never seriously considered before: a legitimate scientific study to determine whether the greatest apes that ever lived persist in the world's moist mountainous regions.
(GRAPHIC: Myth or mammal?)

Skeptics, who include those in the scientific mainstream, scoff at such ideas. They say reported Bigfoot encounters, tracks and other evidence are either hoaxes or mistakes, and that people who believe such nonsense are soft-headed.

But dedicated amateurs and a smattering of professionals are trying to change that attitude. Using accepted scientific methods, they believe they can show at least some of the claimed evidence for Bigfoot - footprints, hair, voice recordings and a 400-pound block of plaster known as the Skookum Cast - are authentic traces of a rare giant primate.

Recently they have received support from a handful of the field's top experts.

Daris Swindler, for example, is not the typical Bigfoot believer.

When he retired in 1991 after more than 30 years at the University of Washington, Swindler was an acclaimed expert in the arcane study of fossilized primate teeth.

His book, "An Atlas of Primate Gross Anatomy," went through several printings and was among the standard references in the field.

So it comes as a surprise to some of his peers that Swindler believes that the Skookum Cast, discovered by amateur Bigfoot researchers in 2000, is a genuine record of a hairy giant that sat down by a mudhole to eat some fruit.

"Daris said that?" asked Russell Ciochon, a prominent paleoanthropologist and professor at the University of Iowa. "He's an important figure. But I still don't think Bigfoot exists in any form."

Mythical giant apes lurk in the traditions of nearly every Native American linguistic group and in legends handed down through the ages from Europe and Asia. Each year, Bigfoot or similar creatures are reported by hundreds of hunters, hikers, motorists and others from central Asia to the central Rockies. But no one has provided the minimum proof required by science: a type specimen or remains that researchers can pick up, measure and argue over.

Nevertheless, Goodall is intrigued.

"People from very different backgrounds and different parts of the world have described very similar creatures behaving in similar ways and uttering some strikingly similar sounds," she said. "As far as I am concerned, the existence of hominids of this sort is a very real probability."

George Schaller, director of science at the Wildlife Conservation Society, has spent 40 years studying rare animals in remote places, including pioneering studies of Central Africa's mountain gorilla, which Western scientists first discovered in 1903.



A world-famous primate researcher and author, she revealed, in studies of chimpanzees in Tanzania's Gombe National Park, surprising behaviors in humanity's closest living relative. Goodall has won numerous international awards for her contributions to conservation, anthropology and animal welfare. Currently affiliated with Cornell University, she serves as the National Geographic Society's explorer-in-residence.


International science director for the Wildlife Conservation Society. His pioneering field studies of mountain gorillas set the research standard later adopted by Goodall and gorilla researcher Dian Fosse. Schaller's 1963 book, "The Year of the Gorilla," debunked popular perceptions of the great ape and reintroduced "King Kong" as a shy, social vegetarian.

Schaller's studies of tigers, lions, snow leopards and pandas also advanced the knowledge of those endangered mammals.

In 1973, he won the National Book Award for "The Serengeti Lion: A Study of Predator-Prey Relations," and in 1980 was awarded the World Wildlife Fund Gold Medal for his contributions to the understanding and conservation of endangered species. During the past decade, he has focused on the little-known wildlife of Mongolia, Laos and the Tibetan Plateau.


A trained primatologist, herpetologist and biological anthropologist, he has discovered five new species of monkey, including two last year. Mittermeier has conducted fieldwork in more than 20 countries around the tropical world, with special emphasis on Brazil, Guyana and Madagascar.

Since 1989, Mittermeier has served as president of Conservation International, which has become one of the most aggressive and effective conservation organizations in the world during the last decade. His publications include 10 books and more than 300 scientific papers and popular articles.


Emeritus professor of anthropology at the University of Washington, Swindler is a leading expert on living and fossil primate teeth and one of the top primate anatomists in general. His book, "An Atlas of Primate Gross Anatomy," has become a standard reference in the field. A forensic anthropologist, Swindler worked on the Ted Bundy and Green River murder cases along with hundreds of others.


A functional anatomist affiliated with the American Museum of Natural History, Sarmiento focuses on the skeletons of hominids. In 2001, he participated with George Schaller in a search for Congo's Bili ape, a possible species super-chimp reported by natives but unknown to Western science. Sarmiento has also studied the Cross River gorilla, a critically endangered subspecies on the Nigeria-Cameroon border whose population is thought to be numbered in the hundreds. He has taught in the U.S., South Africa and Uganda.

Schaller remains troubled by the fact no Bigfoot remains have been produced, nor have any samples of feces whose DNA can be chemically poked and prodded to unlock the identity of their maker. And he is mindful of hoaxing.

But he, too, considers Bigfoot an open question.

"There have been so many sightings over the years," he said. "Even if you throw out 95 percent of them, there ought to be some explanation for the rest. The same goes for some of these tracks."

"I think a hard-eyed look is absolutely essential," he concludes.

The most common evidence allegedly left by these animals are the footprints: big prints in remote locations, some deeply pressed in sand or gravel firm enough for a grown man to pass without leaving a trace. Some footprints, like those Ray Wallace's family claim he left near Bluff Creek, Calif., in the late 1950s, are hoaxed. Many more are too vague to be conclusive. But a few are so detailed and anatomically accurate that they baffle the experts.

"Either the forgers are spending an awful lot of time on this, or there is reason to give this evidence another look," said primate researcher Esteban Sarmiento of the American Museum of Natural History. "I think a serious scientific inquiry is definitely warranted."

Skeptics argue that large mammals, particularly great apes, simply aren't discovered anymore. Not true, says Russell Mittermeier, vice president of Conservation International, who has co-authored scientific papers describing five new primates.

Since the 1990s there have been several spectacular finds, he said, including the antelope-like spindlehorn from Vietnam and a South American peccary thought to have gone extinct thousands of years ago.

"I'm not one to pooh-pooh the potential that these large apes may exist," Mittermeier said. "I guess you could say I'm mildly skeptical but guardedly optimistic. Whoever does find it will have the discovery of the century."

Words of encouragement like these are music to Bigfoot researchers' ears.

"My whole motivation has not been to convince anybody of the existence of the animal, but to convince them that there's a body of evidence begging for further consideration," said Idaho State University professor Jeff Meldrum, whose expertise in primate locomotion led him to become one of the few academics openly researching Bigfoot tracks.

"This is immense," said author John Green, who has tracked Bigfoot reports for almost half a century from British Columbia and investigated some of the most famous sightings and track finds. "The possibility that there could be a real animal behind it just didn't occur to scientists 20 years ago."

The flap over recent claims of Bigfoot hoaxing has not deterred Swindler. But the lack of a body plus the acknowledgment of at least some hoaxing adds up to too many questions for Ciochon.

Like that of Swindler, Ciochon's work focuses on fossilized primate teeth, but of a very special species: Gigantopithecus blacki, the giant Asian ape of the Miocene epoch, which lasted from about 24 million to 5 million years ago.

Most Bigfoot supporters advance Gigantopithecus, or Giganto for short, as the likely ancestor of Bigfoot, if not the hairy beast itself. It's a tantalizing but entirely unproven link that drives Ciochon to distraction.

Ciochon thinks his study subject, which co-existed with the human ancestor Homo erectus for hundreds of thousands of years, may well be the archetypal inspiration for the "boogeyman" and other nocturnal monsters that populate the traditions of aboriginal cultures from Nepal to North America.

But he vigorously rejects any suggestion that Giganto, which he thinks was a specialized, bamboo-eating vegetarian, could persist today.

And he worries that the hotly contested grants that fund his work overseas may go elsewhere if the stigma of the shambling sasquatch of Native American lore attaches to his study subject.

"My biggest problem is there's no evidence, other than conjectural hair and these footprints, some of which we know are faked," Ciochon said.

"If someone finds a skeleton, I'll be there in a nanosecond," he said. "But that's what it's going to take to get me to change my mind."

"There are so many problems," agrees Swindler, who six years ago told a USA Today reporter to count him among the skeptics.

But as he examines the Skookum Cast on a rainy December afternoon in this Seattle suburb, Swindler points out landmarks in the lumpy landscape: a hairy forearm the size of a small ham, an enormous hairy thigh, an outsized buttock, and a striking impression he feels confident was made by the Achilles tendon and heel of a creature that is not supposed to exist.

"Whatever made this was very well adapted to walking on two feet," he said. "It's not conclusive, but it's consistent with what you'd expect to see if a giant biped sat down in the mud."

Swindler hopes that his assessment of the Skookum Cast, and a Discovery Channel documentary set to air Thursday, will generate support for further research.

The key, Schaller said, will be finding dedicated amateurs willing to spend months or years in the field with cameras. "So far, no one has done that," he said.

It was a group of dedicated amateurs that discovered the Skookum Cast. A team of volunteers from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization had spent two days in Washington state's Gifford Pinchot National Forest, putting out pheromone-basted plastic chips during the day and blasting sasquatch calls at night in an attempt to attract an animal.

On the second night, researchers heard a powerful reply to their broadcasts, said Richard Noll, an aerospace toolmaker who has spent 30 years researching the mystery. The next morning, Noll was stunned to realize that an unusual impression of a large animal on the edge of a mudhole near their camp could have been left by their elusive quarry.

"An elk will gather their feet under them when they get up," he said. "But there are no elk hoofprints in the center of the cast."

Meldrum and Swindler concur there are only two logical explanations for the cast: Bigfoot and elk. And they have also ruled out elk.

John Mionczynski, a wildlife researcher who has spent 30 summers studying bighorn herds in Wyoming's Wind River Mountains, has his own reasons for believing in Bigfoot.

On a moonlit summer night in 1972, he backhanded an animal he thought was a bear as it sniffed at a bacon stain in his tent, then watched as the silhouette of a giant, shaggy arm with a broad hand at the end swept toward his tent, collapsing it on him.

"That hand was three times as wide as mine and had an opposed thumb that stuck out as plain as day," Mionczynski said.

He spent the rest of the night huddled by the fire with a revolver in his hand as the creature lobbed pine cones at him from the dark woods behind his tent.

"That pretty much eliminated bears," Mionczynski said.

Mionczynski is working on a contraption of tiny hooks and barbed wire that he intends to place near seasonal foods he thinks sasquatch depend on. He hopes the snare will let him get a DNA sample.

North of Seattle, Noll is collaborating with Owen Caddy, a former Ugandan park ranger who studied chimpanzees in the mid-1990s.

For the last 18 months, they've scoured certain sandbars on a north Cascades river, documenting more than 30 suspected sasquatch footprints they believe were made by a mother and two young. They hope to identify the animals' food sources and travel corridors, then set out a picket line of infrared camera traps.

"I feel the animal is out there, and I don't hedge on that," Caddy said. "I've found physical evidence myself, and I'm confident in my analysis of it.

"Something is making these tracks, and it's not people."

By Timothy Egan
New York Times
January 3, 2003


SEATTLE, Jan. 2 ‹ No region in the country has a lower percentage of churchgoers than the Pacific Northwest. But ask people here about the existence of a camera-resistant, grooming-challenged, upright biped known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch and the true believers shout to the misty heavens in affirmation.

So it came as a considerable blow when the children of Ray L. Wallace announced that their prank-loving pop had created the modern myth of Bigfoot when he used a pair of carved wooden feet to stomp a track of oversized footprints in a Northern California logging camp in 1958. Mr. Wallace, 84, died on Nov. 26 at a nursing home in Centralia, Wash.

"This wasn't a well-planned plot or anything," said Michael Wallace, one of Ray's sons. "It's weird because it was just a joke, and then it took on such a life of its own that even now, we can't stop it."

Bigfoot defenders, including at least two scientists and a clinical psychologist who says he ran into the Big Guy two years ago in southern
Oregon, are undeterred.

They give Mr. Wallace credit for the hoax, which led to news stories around the world and began thousands of campfire debates. But, they say, other evidence is too strong to let a prank kill something that has become ingrained in the culture.

And, curiously, the death of the original Bigfoot comes at a time when he has been making more appearances than Elvis.

In the Northwest, the hirsute hominid, who dates to American Indian lore as Sasquatch, is a minor industry. A publisher -- Sasquatch Books -- and an N.B.A. team mascot -- Squatch of the Seattle Supersonics -- are both named for the ape-like primate. Several organizations host regular conferences on the subject. There are field guides for tracking Bigfoot, music tapes and CD's with his sounds (a low, heavy-breathing moan, not unlike a winded Homer Simpson), and innumerable works of art inspired by his shaggy essence.

To say that Bigfoot is dead, and existed only as a set of wooden feet, is like saying there is no serpent in the depths of Loch Ness, or that Babe Ruth did not lay a curse on the Red Sox after being sold to the Yankees.

"All it means is that Ray Wallace is dead, not Bigfoot," said Dr. Wolf Henner Fahrenbach, a zoologist in the Portland area who is retired from the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center.

Mr. Wallace loved to play jokes, and no prank was bigger than the one he put together in 1958 outside a logging camp in Humboldt County, Calif. Though some Bigfoot believers had long suspected that Mr. Wallace created the tracks, he kept his secret, and his family never confirmed it until his death.

Michael Wallace said his father had a friend carve the feet. Then he had a truck drive him slowly, to create a large gait, as he stomped the prints in the ground. It created a sensation in the press and made Humboldt County prime habitat and ground zero for hunters and hoaxers alike.

Dr. Fahrenbach has tried to prove -- by DNA analysis of hair samples -- that Bigfoot is a species heretofore unknown to science. To date, he has come up empty, which he attributes to fragmented DNA.

But Dr. Fahrenbach has done an extensive analysis of 706 footprints, and has concluded that the average length of the animal's foot is 15.6 inches and that an adult Sasquatch can weigh up to 2,000 pounds.

"Sasquatch feet grow in substantial excess of general body dimensions," Dr. Fahrenbach wrote in one study. "Hence the justifiable moniker Bigfoot."

It may seem remarkable that Ray Wallace's staged footprints, which appear to have launched the term "Bigfoot" into popular idiom, were within an inch or so of the other prints, but Dr. Fahrenbach is unfazed.

"I've gotten close enough to smell him," said Dr. Fahrenbach, recounting a backpacking trip to a remote valley in the North Cascades of Washington.

How did he know precisely what eau de Sasquatch smelled like? "I didn't at the time," he said, "but I was later able to match the smell with other descriptions."

Nor has the Wallace family's revelation altered the views of Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, a professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University in Pocatello. Dr. Meldrum is perhaps the only active academic supporter of Bigfoot, a position that he said had brought everything from open ridicule to curious sympathy from his colleagues.

Dr. Meldrum said he was a skeptic until he saw Bigfoot prints, then began collecting and analyzing them. Some are easily identified as hoaxes, he said, but other defy explanation.

"What concerns me about the Ray Wallace story is that it puts a damper on legitimate researchers," Dr. Meldrum said. "They're seen as kooks or cranks. But what it actually does is steel them all the more."

Dr. Meldrum and Dr. Fahrenbach may have some academic investment in Bigfoot, but Dr. Matthew Johnson, a clinical psychologist from Grants Pass, Ore., said his conviction could not be dismissed as scholarly bias.

Dr. Johnson said he was too big -- 6 feet 9 inches tall -- too educated, and too familiar with the outdoors after living in Alaska for years to be fooled by some guy in an ape suit, or a logger with wooden feet.

"I've never had a U.F.O. encounter and have not seen the Loch Ness monster," he said. "I was just a husband and father out for a hike."

Two years ago, while hiking with his family in the Oregon Caves National Monument, Dr. Johnson said, he ventured off to the side of a trail, looked up to some trees and stared, eye to eye with Bigfoot. He reported his find to the National Park Service.

"Ray Wallace may have indeed hoaxed his own tracks," Dr. Johnson said. "But I can guarantee you that Ray Wallace was not walking around in a nine-foot Bigfoot suit in the Oregon Caves at the age of 82. What I saw was real."

Since the encounter, Dr. Johnson, now president of the Southern Oregon Bigfoot Society, has led numerous outings to feed and track Bigfoot. He leaves bananas and husked corn for the animal.

What nearly all Bigfoot stories lack is proof: a skeleton or a body, or a picture or film beyond dispute. Bigfoot is among the most camera-elusive of beings.

Supporters note that it is rare to find a carcass or skeleton of a grizzly bear in the wild. True. But grizzlies have never escaped photographic documentation.

What remains as the Holy Grail for believers is a home movie made in 1967 by an amateur Bigfoot hunter, Roger Patterson, who has since taken his secret to the grave. Filmed in the Six Rivers National Forest in Northern California, not far from where Ray Wallace laid his tracks, the short film shows a bewildered-looking apeman walking upright, while glancing at the camera.

The film has its believers, Dr. Meldrum and Dr. Fahrenbach among them. And it has its detractors, including Cliff Crook, who has sought the mythic beast for 45 years.

"I get beat up for saying this, but the Patterson film is a fake," Mr. Crook, who heads a group of like-minded enthusiasts called Bigfoot Central from his home near Seattle.

He is not moved by the Ray Wallace family confession. "Most of us knew he had faked those tracks," Mr. Crook said.

So they soldier on, tramping through the woods, spreading bananas and taking plaster casts of tracks, sniffing the air for a telltale stench of something that has gone a long time without bathing.

"We're feeling pretty confident we're going to have irrefutable scientific proof," Dr. Johnson said. "It's just a matter of time."

To all the searchers, the Wallaces say Godspeed. "As long as Dad was alive, he was Bigfoot," Michael Wallace said. "He may be gone, but I still think people should keep looking."

Moorhead man has been hunting bigfoot for 16 years


MOORHEAD, MINN. -- If a bigfoot is living in the dense, wooded areas of Minnesota, Mike Quast hopes to be the one who finds it.

Quast, 34, who lives in Moorhead and works for a custodial company, has his work cut out for him.

First of all, most people scoff at the existence of such a creature. And second, most of the people who believe in the existence of a bigfoot-like creature are searching for it in the Pacific Northwest.

Quast's belief stems from his own sighting. It happened in 1976, when Quast was 8 years old. He was in a car with his parents when he saw what he believes was a bigfoot. or sasquatch. They were driving near Strawberry Lake, on the White Earth Indian Reservation north of Detroit Lakes.

"I was kind of stunned and didn't say anything for a while," Quast said. "I told my parents later, and they didn't take it too seriously."

His mission began when he graduated from high school in 1986. Since then, he's collected stories from people who claim to have seen a bigfoot, and he's hunted for the creature. He's collected his observations and reports in a book called "The Sasquatch in Minnesota."

"When I first started looking into it and reading all the books, there were nine reports of sightings in Minnesota, but the official records were really incomplete," he said.

Car attacked

The first story he ever investigated was about a creature that was seen in the Vergas, Minn., area.

"There was an urban legend story going around there about the hairy man that I heard about from my brother-in-law," Quast said. "He said he knew someone who had seen it."

Quast tracked down a mechanic who told him that when he was a teenager in 1968 he and his brother and his brother's girlfriend were driving around in a wooded area near Vergas and that a creature leaped out at them. When they turned the car around to get another look at it, it attacked their car.

They later found a large dent in the trunk lid. They described the creature as weighing about 300 pounds and standing 7 or 8 feet tall.

"He said it had a face like a gorilla and an upright body like a man, and it was covered with hair, a standard bigfoot description," Quast said.

The townspeople built a story around it, saying that it was some crazy hermit who lived in the woods.

"They started to hunt for the thing over the next few months, and they saw it a couple of more times, running at night," he said.

They never saw the creature in the winter, so they figured it was hibernating. Then one spring, they found a shack with a hole dug under it. It smelled like a dead animal so they burned the shack down.

"I heard about other stories, and I started searching the area," Quast said.

Different sizes

Quast spent much time searching the Vergas area.

"In August of 1989 I found what I believe were bigfoot tracks."

The tracks were 16 inches long with three toes. He made plaster casts of the tracks. In August 1970 he found a set that was 20 inches long, and, over time, he's found three different sets of tracks, one only 12 inches long.

"I thought it might have been a small family group that passed through the area once in a while," he said.

"I haven't found anything there in recent years because there's been a lot of development out there," he said. "It's still a woods, but it isn't as wild as it used to be."

Then, in the early 1990s, Quast met a trapper who lived near Zerkel, east of Mahnomen in Clearwater County.

"He found some tracks on his property that he couldn't explain," Quast said.

The tracks were of a two-legged creature, but they weren't typical bigfoot or human tracks. The tracks were circular with two large toes and, where the three other toes should have been, there was an impression of hair growing under the toes. Tracks were found of slightly different sizes, and Quast speculates the tracks were from a subspecies of bigfoot.

"The DNR suggested he get in touch with me," Quast said. "It became a fascination with him too."

The trapper found the first set of tracks in December 1990 and more tracks in March 1991.

"The tracks turned up again, and there were a lot more of them the second time," Quast said. "He thought he saw close to 2,000 tracks that day."

The trapper put up notices around town and started asking people in the area if they had seen anything.

"Other people had seen tracks, and there were sightings over the years," Quast said.

Scream in the night

The trapper became the best source of information Quast ever had, and Quast spent a lot of time searching on the trapper's property, even after he died more than a year ago.

"During the time I knew him, there were occasional reports, and he found more tracks," Quast said. "After a while, he started finding the more common type of tracks with the more human type of foot. Many of the tracks were smaller, indicating they were from a young bigfoot."

Since then Quast has concentrated his bigfoot hunt in the White Earth State Forest in Clearwater County in a heavily forested area the locals call the Buckboard Hills.

One night when Quast was camping on the trapper's property he heard what he believes was a bigfoot.

"If you study the bigfoot literature, they describe the sound as a scream, and I think that I heard it one night when I was camping there," he said. "At about 10 at night, this noise just came out of nowhere. It was so loud, the woods just shook with it, and I remember feeling very alone and very vulnerable out there, at that time. I think there were two of them calling back and forth to each other, because I heard it come from two different areas."

Quast said he will keep searching until he has proof that bigfoot exists.

"I think one of the main reasons why science doesn't take this animal seriously is because we have labeled it a monster, and nobody is supposed to believe in monsters," he said. "If it had just been thought of as a new species of wildlife, there would have been scientists out there looking for it."


The Texas Bigfoot Research Center - Texas Bigfoot Conference 2002

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Quote: "...if the skeptics are right and there is no such creature as Bigfoot, then it is a fact that thousands of Americans and Canadians are either prone to hallucinations, or compulsive liars, or unable to recognize bears, deer and vagrants.", Janet Bord

By Rosanne Lin
Shanghai Star
July 25, 2002


North American skeptics take note -- in 1976-77, the Chinese Government sponsored a yeren (wildman) -- commonly known to the West as Bigfoot -- expedition to Shennongjia Mountain Forest in central Hubei Province consisting of 100 people, including army personnel.

That trip and others have produced numerous samples of what Yuan Zhenxin, a well-known paleoanthropologist from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, claims are the hair, footprints and feces of an undiscovered species, possibly the missing link between man and ape -- the wildman.

Eye-witness reports describe the wildman as about 9 feet tall, with five-toed feet measuring some 40 centimetres in length, red hair and terrible body odour. He is apparently a vegetarian who prefers corn-on-the-cob.

Since the 1970s, government sponsored expeditions have managed to detail scores of wildman sightings among local residents, although the wildman himself continues to shy away from both outsiders and cameras, complicating independent verification.

However, scientists remain resolute in their investigations. According to a August 2, 1988 report in Shanghai's Wenhui Bao, an analysis of hair samples allegedly taken from the wildman prove he exists.

And wildman is not alone.

Yuan believes some 1,000 to 2,000 of these Chinese Bigfoot creatures are currently roaming the dense forests of Hubei's mountain area -- interactions with locals have ranged from crude attempts at communication to encounters of a more personal nature. Yuan notes that he has personally investigated stories of abduction, including two cases where farmers were kidnapped by
the creature but managed to escape. Yuan fails to elaborate on the nature of these abductions, but according to victims of wildman's American cousin, Bigfoot, the creature has a voracious sexual appetite.

Some critics will inevitably attribute these sightings to poisonous Western influences, however they would be wrong. Reported sightings of the wildman date back thousands of years before China had any contact with the West.

A statesman-poet named Qu Yuan who lived in the third century BC in the Shennongjia area referred to "mountain ogres" in his verses. While a seventh century historian described a tribe of "hairy men" living in the same region, and an 18th century poet spoke of a creature "monkey-like yet not monkey" in adjoining Shaanxi province.

Liu Minzhuang, a biology lecturer in Shanghai who has been researching wildman for more than 20 years, notes the convincing testimony of one old peasant. According to the elderly witness, he accompanied Kuomintang soldiers as they tracked eight wildmen through thick forests for 10 days in 1947. One wildman was eventually killed and dismembered by the soldiers, the
peasant said, but records of the incident were lost in the chaos of the civil war.

Such violent encounters may explain the wildman's reluctance to mix socially with the human species. Perhaps the wildman is a distant hominid cousin of homo sapiens from some lost prehistoric era who has already survived tough lessons. Should it surprise us that the wildman would go to extremes to avoid contact? Considering recent events -- from the September 11 attacks to
the bombing of innocent civilians in Afghanistan -- how can we feign surprise.
May 23, 2002

Team 2: Tracking Bigfoot

MT. ST. HELENS - These footprints (left) could be proof that the creature known as "Bigfoot" existed.

A California man says this giant, fossilized footprint suggests the legend is true. He discovered it among rocky terrain while he was looking for gold.

And more evidence suggests the creature known as Sasquatch could still be alive today.

In the past month there have been two Bigfoot sightings near Mt. St. Helens.

KATU's Ed Teachout set out to investigate what one man says he not only saw, but attempted to catch.

"I get down here and he's peeking through the trees," Jerry Kelso told KATU.

Kelso couldn't believe what he saw with his family last Saturday near Mt. St. Helens.

While his wife and 2-year-old waited in the car, Kelso chased after what he originally thought was a man in a suit pulling a stunt.

"And he's standing about 40 yards over there, and when I broke through I went, 'Wow' and my wife starts screaming," said Kelso.

But as Kelso got closer he says began to believe he was face to face with the real thing--Bigfoot.

"He was about six foot, six foot one, very dark brown almost a black and hairy all over," said Kelso.

That didn't stop Kelso. He says he continued to chase the thing until he says he saw he was carrying a club.

"That," said Kelso, is when he knew, "it was a Sasquatch, what else?"

Not believing his story, we followed the trail the beast allegedly took. We found signs of elk and maybe bear.

"It's been eating grass whatever it is," said Kelso.

Then Kelso and KATU's Ed Teachout found a track that looked like nothing we've seen in the woods before.

"That looks like a track there. That's not a human foot," said Teachout.

Kelso, who's an aerospace consultant, says he wouldn't have told a soul, but after hearing another man had sighted a Bigfoot 10 days before, a mile from where he sighted his, he decided to speak up.

Though his creature looked similar to what others say they've seen before, this creature reportedly was smaller and didn't smell at all.

After getting back into the car, Kelso wanted to chase the thing, he said, but his wife forbade him.

"She was very scared," said Kelso. "I guess I think I'm tough or something you know. I've been hurt too many times to worry about some little guy with a club," Kelso said.

So the elusive Bigfoot gets away again leaving only his footprint and legend behind.

The Bigfoot Field Researchers' Organization is making castings of the footprints and interviewing people who live in the area.

More Information: The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization

Search for Bigfoot a tall order
Documentary filmmaker getting scientific in quest for Sasquatch

Associated Press

BOISE -- The hunt for Sasquatch, aka Bigfoot, in the gloomy rainforests of the Pacific Northwest has always involved a little bit of science and a great deal of bluster about supposed encounters with a North American ape.

A producer of films for the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet has consulted with Idaho State University anatomy professor Jeff Meldrum and other experts on a documentary that hammers the myth with a lot of science.

''I just want some darn answers that at least come from a position of research and knowledge,'' said Douglas Hajicek of Whitewolf Entertainment in Minnesota.

Hajicek is filming ''Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science,'' which is scheduled to air on Discovery in November.

Sasquatch has been part of Indian legends for centuries. The name is the English version of the Salish Tribe's word for wild man, or hairy man.

Like other people who have taken up the hunt, Hajicek's journey started when he glimpsed some tracks. He was at Selwynn Lake in Canada's Northwest Territories filming giant trout. But he spotted some giant footprints, about 18 inches long.

''They went through gravel, beach sand, dirt, moss,'' he said. ''It was incredible the depth of them, even in the gravel. I was told by the guides there were no grizzlies there, no polar bears -- and I know bear tracks.''

Meldrum also documented a trail of more than 40 footprints he encountered along a muddy road adjacent to the Umatilla National Forest near Walla Walla.

An expert in primate locomotion, Meldrum said those tracks and others appeared to have been left by a biped whose feet are much more flexible than the human foot, with a high arch and better adapted for mountain terrain. They would be as tall as 10 feet and weigh 1,000 pounds.

Hajicek examines several supposed close encounters with the hairy humanoid over the last 40 years.

In October 1967, Roger Patterson claimed to have captured on film a female Bigfoot retreating across a sandbar in northern California. Skeptics have passed off the fuzzy film as a man in a monkey suit.

Hajicek took the footage and ran it through highresolution equipment to highlight the limbs as the subject walks. The resulting computerized anatomical model is seen from several angles, including from above.

''The film shows tons of muscles expanding and contracting,'' he said. ''If it's a guy in a suit, he had to be attached to the skin.''

In 1996, campers at a northern Washington lake filmed a subject racing over boulder-strewn ground. Meldrum said it appears to pick up a young Bigfoot and set it on its shoulder.

Hajicek will employ high-resolution scanners on the same site, contrasting his footage with the original one. He also will employ a track star to run across the same route to compare the speed.

In 2000, a group of Bigfoot hunters near Mount Adams in Washington set out apples as bait and played recordings of the creature.They said Bigfoot called back to them and left an indentation in the mud at the bait which seems to show the hindquarters, forearm and Achilles' tendon of a large primate.

They made a plaster cast of the indentation, and Hajicek is having hairs that were embedded in the cast and saliva on the fruit analyzed for DNA. Sound recordings made at the site also are under study.


Wednesday, March 20, 2002


Two men in northern India claim to have seen the region's equivalent of 'Bigfoot' building a nest.

The witnesses say they saw the beast on separate occasions and one says he filmed it.

Wildlife experts say the animal was probably a bear and officials have been sent into woodland to track it down.

The Straits Times reports the so-called Mande Burung was first spotted by Nebilson Sangma while hunting in the state of Meghalaya.

Sangma said the animal walked like man, had built a "house-like nesting place" and lived off bananas.

He said: "After overcoming the initial shock, my brother and I observed this gigantic hairy creature for three consecutive days from afar."

His reports were backed up just days later by Dipu Marak who says he filmed it near its nest.

Footprints which measured 20ins long were then found in the same area around the foothills of the Nokrek National Park.

By Axel Bugge
Tuesday, December 18, 2001


BRASILIA, Brazil (Reuters) - Imagine this: a hairy, six-foot monster, howling and stinking of death, crossing your path in the semi-darkness under the canopy of the mighty Amazon jungle.

Among Amazon Indians, legend has it that such a creature stalks the forests like a tropical Abominable Snowman -- never photographed or captured.

The animal species called "Mapinguari,'" or giant defenders of the forests, by the Indians, is also known to the thousands of hunters that brave the forests every year. One such person, Joao Batista Azevedo, says he saw a Mapinguari 20 years ago after a 45-day canoe ride from the nearest village.

"I was working by the river when I heard a scream, a horrible scream," the now 70-year-old Azevedo told Reuters by telephone from his remote Amazon village. "Suddenly something looking like a man came out of the forest, all covered in hair. He was walking on two legs and thank God he did not come toward us. I will always remember that day."

Veteran Amazon ornithologist David Oren takes such stories very seriously. So much, in fact, that since 1988 he has been on a quest to find one of the creatures in the name of science and has led several expeditions into the depths of the world's largest rain forest to hunt for it.

"It's still being sited regularly. Several people think they came face to face with the Devil in the forest," he says of people like Azevedo who have helped guide him on his search. He believes there are dozens left.

Oren's theory is that the beast could be the world's last living giant ground sloth -- a distant relative of existing tree sloths -- that became
extinct more than 10,000 years ago. 

That belief has cost him dearly, he says, in the often conservative scientific community where reputation is everything. The National Geographic Society turned him down and he has funded his expeditions largely with his own money.

Paul Martin, a Meritus Professor of Geosciences at the University of Arizona and leading expert on the theory that humans were responsible for the extinction of such animals as the giant ground sloth, is one skeptic.


"I think he is 13,000 years too late. This sure does sound like the hunt for a Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster," Martin said. "The part of me that is completely romantic is rooting for David Oren. But where the science part of me is concerned I don't give him a chance."

Oren argues that a kind of giant ground sloth could still be alive in the Amazon because the forests offer huge, remote areas providing the necessary isolation to survive. Thick and impenetrable, the Amazon's continuous forest covers an area larger than all of Western Europe and is home to up to 30 percent of the world's animal and plant life.

Scientists say giant ground sloths were in abundance across the Americas, evidenced by fossil finds of such creatures in places as far apart as Patagonia in the south to the northwest of the United States.

The beast could have moved to the Amazon to escape hunting and encroachment of man on its natural habitat elsewhere.

Claudio Padua, a doctor of ecology who teaches at the University of Brasilia, is one of the few scientists prepared to believe Oren because the Amazon is still hiding thousands of undiscovered species.

"It would be the find of the century, it would have an extraordinary impact" if found, said Padua.

He points out that 10 species of monkeys were discovered in the Amazon in the last decade. "As a scientist I accept that everything is possible until there is proof to the contrary," he said.


Generally a well-respected scientist, Oren is originally American but now carries a Brazilian passport. He first came to the Amazon in 1977 and for years worked for the Emilio Goeldi Museum in Belem -- one of Brazil's foremost Amazon research centers.

While he plugged away mapping the biological makeup of the Amazon, his fame may be best-connected with the Mapinguari.

Oren moved this year from Belem to take up a post with U.S. environmental group Nature Conservancy in Brasilia, thousands of miles from the Amazon, making it very difficult for him to hunt the Mapinguari. So has he lost his belief?

Not at all, he says. Indeed in June, just after leaving, he wrote his second scientific article in a decade on the beast, presenting all his evidence.

"When I wrote the 1993 paper, I had never interviewed anyone who had claimed to have killed one of these supposed animals," he wrote in the newsletter of the World Conservation Union's Edentate Specialist Group.

He has now talked to seven hunters who claim to have shot the animal and another 80 people who have seen it, he says.

"What they describe: a creature approximately two meters (six feet) tall when standing upright; a very strong, unpleasant smell; extremely heavy and powerful build; capable of breaking thick roots with its footsteps," the article says.

Most likely a defense mechanism, the smell is described by some witnesses as a mixture of feces and rotting flesh.

Oren says the beast has long coarse fur, four large teeth and that it moves on two or four legs. It also has an "extremely loud, roaring vocalization ... similar to a human calling loudly, but with a growl at the end."

In fact, on his expeditions, Oren says he himself yelled into the darkness and it howled back to him.

In his Brasilia villa, Oren keeps more evidence that includes a clay mold of a footprint, about an inch deep, with three large toes. The toes face backward because the creature walks on its knuckles, he says.

A series of pictures includes a photo of claw marks on a tree, eight of them about a foot long and an inch deep.

But there are big holes in the story. For one, the hunters who say they shot it did not keep any fragment of the creature, apparently throwing the parts away due to the strong stench.

Oren remains convinced though, arguing that the story needs to be widely published to ensure that if one is shot again its remains are inspected by scientists.

And despite the skepticism of many, there's no doubt scientists are fascinated by Oren's hunt.

"I'd be thrilled out of my mind if he (Oren) succeeded, it would be in my wildest dreams," said Martin. "We (humans) resonate with these large animals, so everybody in town is going to feel the emotion of such a find."

'Indian bigfoot caught on tape' claim

 From: http://www.ananova.com/yournews/story/sm_548934.html

Two men in northern India claim to have seen the region's equivalent of 'Bigfoot' building a nest.

The witnesses say they saw the beast on separate occasions and one says he filmed it.

Wildlife experts say the animal was probably a bear and officials have been sent into woodland to track it down.

The Straits Times reports the so-called Mande Burung was first spotted by Nebilson Sangma while hunting in the state of Meghalaya.

Sangma said the animal walked like man, had built a "house-like nesting place" and lived off bananas.

He said: "After overcoming the initial shock, my brother and I observed this gigantic hairy creature for three consecutive days from afar."

His reports were backed up just days later by Dipu Marak who says he filmed it near its nest.

Footprints which measured 20ins long were then found in the same area around the foothills of the Nokrek National Park.

October 30, 2001


A group of British explorers claim to have found irrefutable proof of a "Yeti-like" creature on an Indonesian island.

The team has discovered a footprint and hair samples of a primate which has long lived in the mythology of tribes people in Western Sumatra.

A cast of the footprint and strands of coarse hair are being sent to research institutes at Oxford University and the University of Canberra in Australia for verification.

If the finds are substantiated, they could provide valuable scientific clues to an unidentified creature which could hold the key to the missing link between humans and apes.

Andrew Sanderson, Newcastle upon Tyne, Adam Davies from Stockport, and Keith Towley from Macclesfield, spent three weeks in the rainforests tracking a creature called Orang Pendek -- meaning 'Little Man of the Forest'.

Sightings on the island describe the creature as being 5ft tall with chocolate-brown, orange hair. It's distinguishing feature is its humanlike gait - walking upright on its back legs without the aid of its front fists.

Crypto-zoologist Mr Sanderson said: "Over the years there have been many sightings of the yeti, but no one has actually come up with any concrete evidence. We seem to be the first people to do that.

"We didn't see the creature ourselves but we tracked it for several weeks and we managed to make a plaster cast of one of its footprints. It is absolutely perfect and experts are already beginning to get excited about it."

A digital re-print of the footprint has been sent to Colin Groves, a professor of primatology at the University of Canberra. The hair samples are being sent to the micro biology unit at Oxford University. The group hope that DNA testing will prove the existence of a previously undiscovered primate.

Despite the potential scepticism for such a find, the team remain confident that their discovery is unique.

They're dedicated, they're picky and they're an endangered species.
By Phil Busse
June 8, 2001


Three concrete molds of large feet lie in the grass at the base of Richard Knoll's truck. They're about the size of a frying pan, and stand out distinctly against the dry, brown grass. Knoll says they are impressions left behind by Bigfoot as it walked alongside a riverbank somewhere in the dark recesses of the Pacific Northwest. He won't say exactly where. It's claimed by believers like Knoll that Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is a living species of giant primate. The annual Bigfoot Daze conference, held on the fringes of Carson, a small town in Washington state, is a gathering point for a loose community of Sasquatch enthusiasts. Knoll arrived the day before and, in the late afternoon, explained to a group of about 50 believers how to determine whether a footprint is a hoax.

Like hundreds of other Bigfoot enthusiasts, Knoll is fiercely independent, but at the same time drawn to a community that provides a stage for him to express his unwavering belief that Bigfoot is out there somewhere, waiting to be discovered.

"It would be kind of sad if we found Bigfoot," Knoll says suddenly, unexpectedly. "Without the possibility of Bigfoot there is no wilderness left." He pauses again and adds, "The possibility of Bigfoot is the possibility of wilderness."

Whether it's a shadow in the wilderness that can't be explained, or a strange noise in the dark, Bigfoot is about believing. A smattering of
Bigfoot enthusiasts have coalesced into a small but energetic group of believers over the last 15 years. There were 15 bona fide organizations around North America by 1998, with an estimated 2,000 self-proclaimed Bigfoot seekers -- almost as many as the number of Bigfoot supposedly roaming the backcountry.

There's a group of neighbors in Placerville, Calif., who routinely meet and talk about Bigfoot's whereabouts in Northern California. In Washington, a man named Cliff Crook signed up his wife and son to form Bigfoot Central. Even in Maine (about as far away from Bigfoot in the U.S. as one can get), a group of so-called crypto-zoologists pour over hair follicles, footprints and a grab bag of evidence.

Here in Oregon, the self-proclaimed largest Sasquatch organization in the world, the Western Bigfoot Society (WBS), meets for lunch every Tuesday at the Lighthouse Café in the blue-collar town of Linton, about five miles north of Portland. The numbers attending vary from 4 to 15.

"I don't know why we started meeting on Tuesdays," says WBS director Ray Crowe. "I think it started because I had something to do the other days of the week."

At the lunch meetings, the subject of Bigfoot is almost as elusive as the creature itself, bobbing in and out of conversation about the members' grandchildren and the Lighthouse lunch specials.

About 10 people are seated around a heavy oak table at my first meeting with the WBS. "I'm not a believer or a nonbeliever," claims Lloyd, a retired veterinarian. He wears a wide-brimmed hat and has the personality of a kind uncle who pulls quarters from your ear. He goes on to tell me that for centuries, there were rumors about giant black-and-white bears roaming the alpine hinterlands of China. Then, in 1936, the first panda bear was captured. "It was all bullshit until then," he says. "There is new stuff out there all of the time."

Lloyd jerks a thumb toward the densely green hills flanking the restaurant. "There are millions of acres of forest," he says. "You could hide an elephant up there."

These people are chummy -- Bigfoot is both a reason and an excuse for meeting. While the reality of the beast may be a bit hazy, the idea of it remains enough of a core for this motley subculture.

"This is the last, greatest hunt in the world," says Sam. "It gives us a reason to look at the hills differently." In 1993, Sam (who prefers not to use his real name) spotted what he believes were three Bigfoot standing in a quarry at the base of Saddle Mountain, near Seaside. But even he has his doubts. "To a lot of people I have to ask: Are you really trying to find this thing or are you just enjoying a mystery?"

Paradoxically, as long as Bigfoot is never captured, these groups will have a reason to exist. Until then, there are no absolute answers for those attending these meetings, only speculative questions: Is Bigfoot a herbivore or a carnivore? Friendly or mean? And, well, does he even exist?

Any gathering of humans develops its own invisible hierarchies and rules for belonging, from sorority girls to NASA. The interior dynamics of the Bigfoot community are no different, with gripes ranging from petty personality conflicts to serious theoretical disputes.

Even the amiable and polite Crowe has his detractors. They believe that putting an open and public face on the Bigfoot community plays too much into the general public's perceptions about the creature. After years of ridicule, from tabloids claiming that Sasquatch has taken Marilyn Monroe as his bride to Nike using the elusive beast as a foot model for a national television campaign, there is a discernible opinion that the community should shield itself from the public and shape its image. One longtime tracker stopped attending the annual Bigfoot Daze after Crowe organized a wedding ceremony two years ago, where the groom wore a gorilla suit. "He's playing into the parody factor," said the detractor, who preferred to stay anonymous.

Knoll, a globally recognized engineer from Edmund, Wash., bemoans that Crowe "just collects information." To Knoll, who painstakingly tries to filter reliable accounts from the hoaxes and "crazies," such an approach is undisciplined. "He just presents what he gets and doesn't analyze it." There is no common profile of a Bigfoot enthusiast, but most are earnest, over 40 and financially stable. Many have advanced degrees and enjoy the outdoors. Some have a military background. What's more, simple "willingness to believe" is not necessarily a ticket to join this group. "There is no clear policy," concludes one insider, referring to the unspoken rules that govern admission. But clearly, he continues, some people get "cold shouldered." Among the cold-shouldered are UFO "weirdos" ("they give the
whole thing a bad name!" one WBS member exclaims) and the greatest pariahs of the community, "the hoaxers" -- those who plant phony footprints in the wilderness or claim sightings. Some hoaxers are simply pranksters; others are current members looking to gain favor from a community that, to a large degree, ranks its members on the amount of information one possesses about Bigfoot.

Last July, a psychologist from southern Oregon, Dr. Matthew Johnson, was hiking with his family along the coastal bluffs of Cave Junction National Monument. Suddenly he heard a low chirping noise and caught a whiff of something rank. He claims the peculiar sound startled him so much, he was almost struck incontinent. Instead, he scurried to a nearby bush and from there, with his trousers around his ankles, Johnson says that he caught an unobstructed view of a 7-foot-tall Bigfoot, which, at the time, was watching his family.

Johnson's story is the type that fuels the group's enthusiasm, the seemingly sincere conversion of a nonbeliever. But these sightings also carry a vexing dilemma. Where does this new person fit into the group dynamic, where information and reputation are the measurements of social rank? "All it takes is a sighting to put you at the top of the pyramid," claims one tracker. "And that pisses a lot of people off."

Johnson was catapulted to the summit of the Bigfoot community within days. He conducted upward of 100 interviews with newspapers and TV stations. No more than a week after the sighting, he posted a Web site explaining the alleged event. He was, in this community, an overnight sensation. 

Two weeks after Johnson's sighting, someone posted an inquiry on one of the more active Bigfoot chat rooms. The question was subversive: "When did Dr. Johnson register his URL?" The insinuation was that Johnson might have requested the domain name before his encounter with Bigfoot.

A barrage of messages jumped to Johnson's defense, proclaiming that his Web site was testimony to the new inductee's desire to help validate Bigfoot sightings. "He wants to create a paradigm shift," said one supporter. "He wants to get rid of the stigma and get credibility."

Without proof and despite this outpouring of support, the damage was done; Johnson's reputation in the Bigfoot community had been sabotaged.

At a mid-July lunch meeting of the WBS, speculation ran rampant. Clearly, even if Johnson was bringing good news, the group was uneasy about a newcomer.

"He started selling T-shirts," says one skeptical member. Big money is rare in the Bigfoot community, whereas UFO sightings can yield tens of thousands in honorariums at conferences or book deals. The lack of monetary incentive seems to lend credibility to the Bigfoot sightings. Theata Crowe, Ray's wife, joked that she had only made $7 from her book, "How to Cook a Bigfoot."

"As far as I'm concerned," says Theata, "that moves him to the back of the bus."

"That was Cave Junction's doing," Crowe interrupts, referring to the concession stand at the National Park that immediately began selling T-shirts after Johnson's sighting.

All heads turn to him. "I've talked to him a few times now," Crowe tells the group. He pauses. "I think I believe him." His statement stops the conversation.

There are two roads to belief, and ever since Galileo proclaimed that the earth was not the center of the universe, these paths have taken different routes. One road is less an actual pathway than a single leap of faith; the true, unflinching believer starts with the premise that God, reincarnation, Santa Claus or Bigfoot exists. From here, true believers cast their belief backward, lining up bread crumbs to show how they reached this point. Unexplained twists of fate, miracles, weird noises in the dark, broken tree branches and the unexplained suddenly add up to a graspable reality.

A handful of members begin to talk at another BFS meeting about some of the people who have cycled through their organization -- and why those people aren't around anymore. One member was upset about a tracker who had borrowed his camper about a year ago for a backwoods Bigfoot excursion. "He must've gotten drunk and walked on the roof," the member said. "The damn roof leaked after he dropped it back off."

His wife quickly adds: "And, he left the thing without any gas!"

The members at the lunch table then begin to discuss other former members whose credibility fell short of the group's standards. "You can tell the guys who will eventually see Bigfoot," says one member. "They talk themselves into it," adds Theata, from the far end of the table. Lloyd, the retired vet, leans toward me and says, "More like smoke themselves into it." He smiles and winks at me. Although popular conception may categorize Bigfoot enthusiasts as easy-to-please believers, the serious Bigfoot enthusiast spends four to six days a month on the ground, hiking through remote Pacific Northwest forests, pawing river banks for footprints and combing tree branches for shreds of evidence.

A man sitting next to me claims he spends four to five days a month in the Pacific Northwest backcountry looking for Bigfoot. He has thick forearms and says he's a bear hunter. He finishes his sandwich in a blink of an eye. Four summers ago, he was camping with his son at Squaw Mountain in southern Washington. In the late afternoon, just as the hard edges of the sun were softening, they pitched their tent on a bald spot of the mountain. His son had brought his bugle and was practicing on a perch overhanging the wooded valley below. After a few minutes, they heard a noise from the dense foliage returning their calls. The man grabbed his video camera to capture the sound.

"I know elk vocalization," he says. "This was something else -- something with huge lung capacity."

Returning home, he sent the tapes to several local colleges. The University of Washington returned the tape, saying that the sounds were inconclusive.

The urge to document Bigfoot has been a central force in the community for the past three decades. In 1967, two amateur Bigfoot enthusiasts, Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin, ventured into the Bluff Creek National Forest, a remote patch of land just south of the Oregon-California border. Only 10 years earlier, the area had been accessible only by a two-day hike. When a logging road was constructed in 1958, the crews allegedly found scores of oversize footprints in the soft sand. A press release referred to the
creature's "big feet," saddling the elusive beast with its current popular name.

While riding on horseback through the area, Patterson and Gimlin claim to have spotted a Bigfoot. They filmed it walking across a gray sandbar. Lasting a mere 4 seconds, the film shows a languid creature calmly swinging its arms as it moves back into the woods. Shot on an old 16 mm camera, the footage is out of focus and muddy. The image is distant and looks a lot like a person dressed in a gorilla suit.

The so-called Patterson film sparked a powder keg of boyhood fantasies and would-be big-game explorers. Countless amateur scientists set off into the Pacific Northwest woods over the next decade, hoping to snare the first irrefutable evidence that Bigfoot exists. It is the ultimate romantic search, the type that promises to change the way we think, to provide a solid pathway -- not a leap of faith -- to the Truth. It was an era that molded a new mentality and set the challenge for Bigfoot enthusiasts.

Perhaps the person who most shaped this era -- one that lasted from the surfacing of the Patterson film until three years ago -- is Peter Byrne.

Byrne is a contemporary Indiana Jones, polite, charismatic and well-respected in and out of the Bigfoot community. Byrne had established a top-notch trekking outfit in Nepal long before hiking the Himalayas was a yuppie coming-of-age ritual. Then, in 1960, Byrne moved to the Pacific Northwest. From then forward, he was a Bigfoot enthusiast. In the late '70s,  after publishing "The Search for Bigfoot: Monster, Myth, or Man?" (Pocket Books), Byrne established the Bigfoot Research Project. For several years, this outfit was headquartered in The Dalles, Ore., and became a familiar sight for travelers along I-84. On average, he maintained a half-million
dollar flow of contributions each year, from benefactors as diverse as the Boston Institute of Science to former trekking clients. One major contributor, Texas oil millionaire Tom Slick, also currently funds a hunt for giant salamanders in the California desert. "If the Pacific Northwest was the closet of America," says one current tracker, "then Peter Byrne brought us out."

Byrne used his reputation as a big-game explorer and respected trekker to lend a certain degree of validity to the Bigfoot community. About half the Bigfoot seekers interviewed cite Byrne as an inspiration. His research methods inspired others to follow suit, giving a certain scientific rigor to the chase.

Then in 1997 Byrne retired from Bigfoot hunting and moved to the Los Angeles area. He left behind a trail of Bigfoot researchers -- believers who now had the advantage of online research and communication. At first it looked good for the community, but in fact, the Internet explosion coupled with a marked increase in the public's appetite for outdoor activities may actually send Bigfoot enthusiasts scurrying back into the shadows.

Late last summer, a Portland chapter of the Audubon Society sponsored a five-day "Bigfoot" camp for 12- to 15-year-olds. The century-old environmental organization, typically more associated with bird-watching and quiet strolls through the woods, used Bigfoot as a sales hook to interest adolescents. The teenagers camped near Mount St. Helens, where there have been hundreds of sightings, and learned tracking techniques, but ultimately the Audubon Society distanced itself from any serious pursuit of Bigfoot. It's just a way to get kids into the outdoors, said Steve Robertson, education director at Audubon. "We don't want to give people the wrong idea that the Audubon Society believes there's a Sasquatch," he explained.

Many members of the Bigfoot community believe that such half-serious outings threaten to co-opt their personality. For a group of outsiders, who take pride in being as elusive as the creature they are hunting, such acceptance may ultimately corrupt their tightly knit community. This and the rise of the Internet have diminished the need for organizations like the Western Bigfoot Society and annual conferences like Bigfoot Daze. By providing a virtual, year-round swap meet for information and Bigfoot data, the Internet has swiped one of the primary purposes of these Bigfoot organizations and  events. A longtime Bigfoot conference in British Columbia was canceled last
winter and attendance at last summer's Bigfoot Daze in Washington was poor. Several speakers failed to show. Another "celebrity" said it would be his last.

"These events are dying," he claimed, asking that his name be withheld. "There is no need to get together." Standing over a table of books, tracking records and Bigfoot postcards at a recent Bigfoot conference, Crowe brushes aside such speculation. "No," he says, "people want something that they can hold onto."

"Well," quips one attendee, referring to the potential demise of such events like the weekly Western Bigfoot Society lunches, "at least we won't have to waste our Tuesday afternoons anymore."

"We'll just move on to Loch Ness," his wife adds.


About the writer
Phil Busse is the managing editor for the Portland Mercury, in Oregon.

6.27.01 Sasquatch/yeti: Scientific, other proof shows creature is REAL No wild tales here. The latest scientific data, along with personal testimony and other HARD evidence, gives every indication that the "abominable snowman/sasquatch/bigfoot/yeti" creatures are as real as you and I... which I guess is more or less pretty real. Right?

(Thanks to Jeff Rense for publicizing this information.) http://rense.com/general11/yhet.htm

Yeti Hair Defies DNA Analysis

LONDON (dpa) - British scientists on the trail of the Yeti have found some of the best evidence yet for the existence of the mythical Himalayan creature a sample of hair that has proved impossible to identify,
according to a publshed report Monday.
Genetic tests on the hair, which was gathered from a tree in Bhutan, have failed to match its DNA to that of another animal, said the report in The Times. The findings, which have surprised sceptical researchers, raise the strong possibility that the sample belongs to an as yet undiscovered species.

In Bhutan, an expedition team was led by an official Yeti-hunter" to a forest in the eastern part of the country, where he was convinced that an animal was at large.
He told us that he had found evidence of the Yeti in the hollow of a cedar tree," Rob McCall, a zoologist who was part of the expedition, was quoted as saying. Dr. McCall's team removed strands of hair from the tree and returned to Britain to have them analysed. Bryan Sykes, professor of Human Genetics at the Oxford Institute of Molecular Medicine, one of the world's
leading experts on DNA analysis, who examined the hair, told The Times: "We found some DNA in it, but we
don't know what it is. It's not a human, not a bear nor anything else we have so far been able to identify. It's a
mystery and I never thought
this would end in a mystery. We have never encountered DNA that we couldnt
recognise before."

(c) 2001 Deutsche Presse-agentur All rights reserved Copyright (C)
1998-2001 Internet Technologies China. All rights reserved. http://rense.com/general11/bigf.htm

James Aiken sent photographs of a Skunk Ape to Art Bell. The photographs were taken near Sarasota, Florida by an elderly woman who did not want to be interviewed. The creature was in her backyard late at night. She didn't realize the creature was there until after the photos were taken. This is not considered a Bigfoot, but an American Ape. It is estimated to be 7 to 8 feet tall. Apples were cut up and left out for the creature as bait, but it would not eat the cut apples, but did eat a whole apple, which is a sign of intelligence as the cut apples were been contaminated by human smell. The website with further information is http://www.ifrs.com - (The link isn't working but might later in the week)

The man who originally contacted the eldery woman is named David Barkasy. (Experts said that the Skunkape is not considered to be a Bigfoot. The difference between a Skunkape and a Bigfoot is rather obvious if one could see their feet. A Bigfoot 'foot' is large but humanoid. A Skunkape foot is more like a Chimpanzee and rather more like a hand which spreads out ... much different than a 'foot'.

Fortean Field Guide on the Skunkape - Florida
Lauren Coleman photo enhancements

Anderson County Texas
Palestine, 75801

"On August 5, 2001 at 0313 CDT, on US Hwy 287, which is 31 miles west of Palestine, Texas, I was traveling westbound at 65 mph when I saw what looked like a bear cub or a very large dog sitting in the middle of the road. I slowed down to 15 mph; I hit my high beams and stopped about 20 yards away from the animal. I put on my 4-way flashers, turned on my interior spotlight.

As I looked up I saw a huge bipedal creature that I will call Bigfoot. It walked from the soft shoulder of the road to the animal in the road. As he (I am pretty sure it was a male) walked in front of my tractor he shielded his eyes, not seemingly out of shyness, but more as an effort to protect his eyes from the bright lights. I reduced my headlights to low beam, but decided not to turn them off as I was in the middle of the highway. I was doing my best to protect them by blocking the road with my tractor-trailer. The big male went over to what I realized was a 'toddler.'

"He" grabbed its shoulder and attempted to grab the little one's arm. The little one "scooted" away like a child trying to get away from a parent that wants the child to go somewhere and the child doesn't want to go.

The little one had greater agility than the big male. The little one squirmed, scrambled, and scooted further up the road from where they were. Then something caught my eye and ear directly next to my driver's window. I casually looked over and within two feet of my face was a female. No doubt female, she had "nursing breasts" (extended nipples). Her eyes were almost even with my eye/level. I measured from where the top of her head came up to my mirror; it was 7' 4" tall. The male was at least one foot taller than her, plus some. She had a "gamy" smell but didn't stink. Immediately upon seeing her, I smiled with all the teeth I have.

From the interior spotlight, which was pointed down toward my lap, I am sure she was able to see me clearly. I certainly saw her clearly, so clearly I could smell and feel her breath. I particularly noticed the volume of air that she breathed. Not out of breath, or even heavy breathing, just a large volume of air with each breath. I again smiled at her and asked, "Is the baby okay?" She slowly "smiled" back at me. I noticed a dental anomaly...either she had a double row of teeth or the crowns of her teeth were split on the top center to give the impression of two rows of teeth.

She then reached into the tractor and stroked my beard (like I do when I'm thinking). My beard is mid-chest length and multi-colored. It was then I realized the large male's head was identical to mine, although his beard was shorter. The female had thin facial hair on her chin. The rest of his hair/fur was dark brown with traces of gray/white on his shoulders, back and chest. She was a mixture of brown and reddish-brown hair/fur, mostly reddish-brown. As she took her hand off my beard, and took her hand out of my tractor, I extended my hand out to her. She sandwiched my hand between her two hands, her hands were 2x-3x larger than mine. Her hands felt like roughneck work gloves (rough leather). At this point she gave me a "soulful" look. From her facial expressions and her watery eyes, I took it that she was saying, "thanks for not running over my baby". The eyes were not dead eyes, they were bright and moist, just very dark brown, not black.

The large male had the "child" under his left arm like a sack of potatoes. He never looked directly at me as I watched him walk back into the treeline. I noticed at least 3 more (I suspected even more) at the treeline. They ranged from the height of the female to slightly shorter, but none came close to the size of the male.

**Please do not use my name. I have no objections to your use of this report, but please do not use my name. As I told you on the phone, I am not a fan of the paranormal
(UFO's, Aliens, Time- travel, etc.). I had no belief in what I saw, until I saw it. I had no fear of these creatures (as I explained on the phone).

I believe any use of deadly force would have been borderline homicide (no doubt in my mind). Twenty-one years of investigating experience teaches you to observe, remember as much as you can, and immediately write it down. That's what I have done. The encounter ended at 0317.

I have thought of ten million things that I coulda/woulda/shoulda done, if given the opportunity again. I know, however, this was a once in a lifetime event."

Use this report, I don't care how, just please don't use my name. I'm not seeking publicity or monetary gain from this experience.

Credit report sent in by investigator <mailto:timolson62@msn.com>Tim Olson
Witness details not available per request of witness !


B.C. man's 50-year search:
A disputed film, a few footprints and a beer ad - but no sightings
Mark Hume
National Post


VANCOUVER - René Dahinden, the world's leading authority on Sasquatch, has died after spending nearly 50 years searching for the legendary beast.

He never saw one, but right to the end he believed an ape-like hominoid was haunting the forests of British Columbia -- even though a few doubts had started to creep into his mind.

Mr. Dahinden, who was 71, collected hundreds of footprint casts and traipsed all over the Pacific Northwest investigating sightings and interviewing everyone who had a breathless story to tell about a hairy encounter with Bigfoot. He spent "years and years" in the bush by himself, trying to find one piece of solid evidence that would convince the scientific community to take the legend of Sasquatch seriously.

"His quest, his mission, was to have the government put some money into research and to convince the scientific community to do something about finding it and protecting it," Christopher Murphy, a friend of Mr. Dahinden's, said yesterday.

"It never came about, because nobody ever found any proof, other than footprints. He thought most of the footprints were fake, the vast majority, but he believed in some of them. He put faith in the footprints because he said, 'They couldn't be left by the imagination.'"

His pursuit of Sasquatch made him so famous that a few years ago the brewers of Kokanee beer asked him to play himself in a television commercial.

Even then he didn't get to see the Sasquatch. Facing the camera, with the modest trailer he lived in as a backdrop, an off-camera voice asks if he ever used B.C.-made Kokanee beer to lure a Sasquatch.

"Do you think I'm crazy or something?" asks Mr. Dahinden, unaware that behind him a Sasquatch is sneaking into his trailer to make off with a case of beer.

If it had happened as depicted, you can be sure Mr. Dahinden would have poured a puddle of plaster goop on the ground to make a cast of the footprint.

Wherever he travelled, Mr. Dahinden had a collection of footprints with him. They were his touchstone to reality in a world where people armed with little more than absolute faith try to prove the existence of a mythical creature.

Dmitri Bayanov, in his book, America's Bigfoot: Fact, Not Fiction, writes that in a 1971 visit to Moscow, Mr. Dahinden was challenged at a public meeting to produce evidence. "Dahinden held up a weighty plaster cast of a huge footprint and quipped: 'If anyone finds this kind of evidence immaterial, let me strike his head with it'."

The Russian author and Sasquatch hunter wrote that Mr. Dahinden had a considerable impact in Moscow, where he presented a film that purportedly shows a Sasquatch running into the woods near Bluff Creek, Wash.

The film, shot by Sasquatch hunters Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin in 1967, was called a fake by many. But Mr. Dahinden, who bought the rights to some of the footage shortly after it was shot, believed in it.

In Moscow, he showed the film in the boardroom of Izvestia, the national newspaper, to the Union of Writers of the USSR and to the Central Scientific Research Institute of Prosthetics and Artificial Limb Construction.

"As the meeting at the Institute began, over one hundred scientists and technicians, wearing white coats, assembled to watch the film. In Dahinden's words, 'the whole joint came to a standstill,'" wrote Mr. Bayanov.

Mr. Murphy, who is writing a book about the film titled Circumstantial Evidence, said Mr. Dahinden was skeptical of many Sasquatch sightings, but he defended the film, even after it was widely dismissed as a hoax.

"For a long time I was never really able to nail him down on his view of the film. But towards the end he said: 'It's definitely real,'" said Mr. Murphy.

Mr. Dahinden sold rights to the film several times to television producers, and used stills to produce Sasquatch posters, but he never made much money.

To support his Sasquatch expeditions, Mr. Dahinden worked on the grounds of the Vancouver Gun Club, where he collected lead shot from spent shotgun shells.

"He worked really hard," said Mr. Murphy. "He'd go out and salvage the lead. He'd clean it off. He'd end up with hundreds of pounds of lead. He worked with his bare hands ... I don't think it could have been too healthy. He'd put it in bags and sell it back to the people who manufacture shotgun shells."

Mr. Dahinden was born in Switzerland, but immigrated to Canada in 1953. Just a month after he arrived, he heard a radio report about a Daily Mail expedition to the Himalayas to search for the legendary Yeti, a hairy beast that supposedly wanders the mountain wilderness, high above the tree line.

Don Hunter, who in 1973 co-wrote the book Sasquatch, said that on hearing the report, Mr. Dahinden turned to the Alberta farmer he was working for, and said: "'Now wouldn't that be something; to be on the hunt for that thing?' And he said, 'Hell, you don't have to go that far; they got them things in British Columbia.'"

And so the mission began. He promptly moved to B.C. and began his life's quest.

Mr. Hunter said Mr. Dahinden "investigated with an exhaustive thoroughness countless stories of Sasquatch sightings, thousands of footprints -- and not a few Sasquatch hunters themselves. He has badgered every branch of science in North America that could possibly relate to the existence of a hairy bipedal giant hominoid, with little success. For the most part he has met with responses that ranged from vague expressions of 'cautious interest' to the attitude of: 'It can't exist, therefore it doesn't exist.' ... He has never seen a Sasquatch; he is not easily persuaded by those who say they have seen one ... He says: 'Something is making those goddamn footprints and I'm going to find out what it is.'"

He never did find out -- but his unwavering belief inspired others to take up the cause.

"He got calls from absolutely everywhere," said Mr. Murphy. "And he went everywhere. He spent years and years in the bush," he said. "He never, ever found anything when he was out on his own. But when he responded to others, to reports, he'd scout the area, and he'd find footprints. He'd take statements from people, he'd interview everyone.

"His passion overwhelmed him. But one day he said to me: 'You know, I've spent over 40 years -- and I didn't find it. I guess that's got to say something.'"

That's as close as he ever came to admitting defeat.

Mr. Dahinden died last week of natural causes. His memorial will be held at the Vancouver Gun Club, in Richmond, tomorrow.


Ad people marvelled at his off-the-wall yet down-to-earth aura
By Patrick Allossery
Financial Post


Before hiring a celebrity spokesperson, advertisers will often search far and wide to find the candidate who exhibits just the right mix of star wattage and natural brand fit.

Sometimes, however, the stars align on their own, and the ideal person simply appears out of nowhere. In the case of René Dahinden, the spokesman
for an enormously successful Kokanee beer campaign in the late 1990s, that is precisely what happened.

To say the least, Mr. Dahinden, who died April 18 at age 70 after a brief illness, was a colourful character. Shortly after immigrating to Canada from Switzerland in 1956, he became enthralled by the mystery of the Sasquatch, and he set off in dogged pursuit of the mythical beast. It was to be a quest that lasted 45 years and, by all accounts, came to define his existence.

In 1997, Scot Keith, then an account director with Vancouver agency Bryant Fulton & Shee, which at the time handled the Kokanee beer account, was looking for an angle to revive a campaign already based on the myth of the Sasquatch. By chance, he read an article about Mr. Dahinden in a newspaper, which led in turn to a number of phone conversations between the two. The rest, as they say, is history. "Our talks formed the basis of an ad featuring René that tested through the roof," said Mr. Keith, who now works as an account director at the Vancouver office of MacLaren McCann.

The 60-second spot shows Mr. Dahinden (who is dressed in his own clothing because wardrobe could not make him look more authentic) responding to questions from an off-camera interviewer.

Toward the end, the questioner asks him if he has heard the talk that the Sasquatch prefers Kokanee-brand beer. Mr. Dahinden dismisses this as a myth, but as he is speaking, the viewer catches a glimpse of a large furry animal exiting his trailer with what look suspiciously like a case of beer.

"One of the great things about René is that he was serious about what he did, but he could laugh at himself," Mr. Keith said. "He knew what people thought of him, but he didn't care."

It was precisely this combination of the down-to-earth and the off-the-wall that made Mr. Dahinden the perfect spokesperson for Kokanee, said Rick Kemp, the creative director of the spot. "Essentially, our idea was to send up his life's work, and he was okay with it."

Mr. Dahinden's attitude and the situation fit Kokanee's brand like a glove, said Mr. Kemp, who is creative director with J. Walter Thompson in Toronto. "I don't think you could have invented him. What made it work was that he was a real person. That, to me, was the magic of the campaign."


Legend of Bigfoot Put to Test!


http://www.denverpost.com/news/news0114a.htm   (link may not work)

Legend of Bigfoot put to test By Theo Stein Denver Post Environment Writer Jan. 14, 2001 - All things considered, 2000 was a rather big year for Bigfoot researchers. In April, two fly-fishermen reported huge, humanlike footprints 7 miles apart along the banks of Colorado's Eagle River.

Bill Heicher, a wildlife biologist at the Colorado Division of Wildlife, evaluated the evidence and drew two conclusions: The tracks weren't faked, and they weren't made by a bear. Says Heicher: "It's no animal that we know of." In August, two hikers forced by a storm to camp in high wilderness north of Crested Butte emerged with quite a tale. They said they had been shadowed for two nights by at least one Bigfoot that peered into their camp and approached their tent.

On Sept. 22, a team of researchers found a huge body imprint in a mud wallow in the Cascade Range of western Washington state. Several researchers, including a physical anthropologist at Idaho State University who examined a plaster cast of the Cascades imprint, said the impression - of a hairy forearm, thigh, buttock and heel - was not made by any creature known to science. Of course, claims of encounters with an elusive, hairy giant have been the stuff of legend for more than a century. Could such a creature exist? An eclectic assortment of scientists and academics is testing the proposition that Bigfoot isn't a myth but an ice age survivor that has managed to persist just outside the vision of Western science. Drawing on each other's disciplines, these researchers are sharing information and applying sophisticated forensic techniques as never before.

Many experts want conclusive evidence Still, their work is greeted with skepticism - if not outright hostility. For most biologists and anthropologists, no evidence short of a carcass or bones will suffice. "Most people in my field would need the beyond - the - shadow -of-adoubt kind" of proof, said Walter Hartwig, an anthropology professor who is editing a book on primate fossils for Cambridge University Press and who studies extinct South American monkeys. "They want to see the body. I'm confident enough that it's not going to happen. We're not naming new mammals in North America, and that's because we've exterminated most of them." Michael Shermer, publisher of the magazine Skeptic, is even harsher. "If you believe in Bigfoot, you most likely believe in the Loch Ness monster, the lost continent of Atlantis, whatever." Despite such views, a few investigators are expanding their efforts in the wake of new discoveries, using scent, sound and food baits, thermal imagers and remote camera stations to gather more convincing evidence. Last year, they received support from an unexpected source: a Texas police fingerprint expert who has worked on more than 300 cases for the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Agency. He says he has no doubt that at least some alleged Bigfoot footprints were left by a large primate unknown to science. "Being a crime-scene examiner, I have to be very careful about getting the facts right," said Jimmy Chilcutt, a Conroe, Texas, police forensics investigator. "But I knew after examining the prints that there's a real animal out there. The skin pattern is unique and consistent with itself. There's no doubt in my mind." One of the few academic Bigfoot researchers is physical anthropologist Jeff Meldrum, an Idaho State University professor who has examined hundreds of claimed footprints from Bigfoot, also called Sasquatch in the Northwest.

Many he has rejected as hoaxes, others as misidentifications. But more than 100, he said, represent the trace of an unknown animal with a big, flat foot and five toes. Meldrum's lab in Pocatello is crammed with typical academic paraphernalia. Posters of evolutionary trees festoon the walls, rubber models of ape feet and hands sit in a cabinet. Bulging bookshelves, charts and cabinets sit full of papers relating to his main area of study - how our stiff, stub-toed running foot evolved from the flexible, grasping ape foot of our distant ancestors. Long study convinces researcher of possibilities Rather than simply an enlarged human foot, Meldrum said, the Sasquatch foot displays a unique combination of recognizably different anatomic features to solve the problem of two-footed locomotion. The result is a proportionally wider, flatter appendage with long, flexible toes and a spring-loaded, ape-like hinge in place of our stiff arch. "This animal's little toe is about the same length as my little finger," he said, holding his hand up against the side of one of his casts. "This toe probably has the same grasping ability as my finger, too." So far, Meldrum's theories have failed to gain even a toehold of acceptance with the anthropological establishment, which regards talk of Bigfoot as heresy. A reporter's question about Bigfoot so upset one prominent academic that he sputtered into a rage and quickly ended the conversation. Others politely decline interview requests. But a few of Meldrum's peers admire his work and his pluck. Forensic anthropologist George W. Gill, a professor at the University of Wyoming, studied the Bigfoot phenomenon in the 1970s. A former director of the American Board of Forensic Anthropologists, Gill said the argument is simple: Either the most sophisticated hoax in the history of anthropology has gone undiscovered for centuries, or the big ape exists. Another is Hartwig, who vouches for Meldrum's "rigorous" methods even as he questions his conclusions. "Jeff has executed the model approach," said Hartwig, who is editing a book on human evolution to which Meldrum is contributing a chapter. "He's weeded out what he believes might be hoaxes or misidentifications. And for the ones he can't exclude, he's devised a theory for what those footprints represent. In a sense, it's beautiful and well-controlled, inductive science. You may think it's far out, but methodologically speaking, he has toed the line very strictly. And he's bold enough not to allow any outside pressure to direct his science." What Meldrum and other researchers, professional and amateur, suggest is bold by any standard. They believe a few thousand of these powerful and intelligent creatures live widely dispersed in mountainous forest from the Pacif ic Coast to the Colorado Rockies and beyond. They believe the big apes are opportunistic omnivores, eating roots and berries when available, preying on deer and elk whenever possible. And they think Bigfoot are curious apes, often sneaking into the camps of people who have intruded in their territory, even stealing camp food when they can.

So where's the body? Bigfoot advocates say the main reason no one's found a body is that a dead animal decomposes quickly and completely. The carcass of a rare animal with no known predators would be almost impossible to find. By way of example, Colorado Division of Wildlife bear biologist Tom Beck says he's never found the remains of a bear that died a natural death. Most anthropologists argue no Bigfoot corpse has ever been found because the animal doesn't exist. Convincing his peers to look at his collection of more than 100 footprints, knuckle prints and other trace evidence has been "without question the biggest obstacle," Meldrum said. "If someone takes the time to visit the lab, they are almost uniformly overwhelmed by the amount of data. Usually, they have no concept of the amount of evidence that's been collected." Gill, the Wyoming professor, chides his colleagues for not taking a close look at research like Meldrum's. "Even if there's only a remote chance this animal is alive today, to think that anthropology is basically blowing off this stuff is disheartening." Ron Westrum, a sociologist at Eastern Michigan State University, has studied how scientists have historically grappled with anomalies, or observations that are "contrary to law." "Scientists who make these observations learn to shut up because other scientists will punish them," said Westrum. "These are really taboo topics in science, which is a reputational business. Your reputation is your career." For those reasons, Westrum thinks Meldrum's footprint research, the alleged Sasquatch body imprint and any other evidence will continue to be ignored. "Scientists don't see this as a problem," he said. "As far as they're concerned, the evidence has never been recorded." Said Meldrum: "But the bottom line is, these casts are taking up drawer space. These are points of datum. You can't simply sweep them under the rug. Well, you can, but you end up with a pretty lumpy rug."

In addition to Meldrum's footprint research, Henner Fahrenbach, a primate researcher at a private lab in Oregon, has identified a dozen hair samples, collected from four Western states, that he believes came from an unknown primate. Fahrenbach identified a fragment of similar hair that was plucked from the so-called Skookum Cast, a cast of the body imprint found in September. Others have recorded incredibly loud, bellowing vocalizations from an undescribed animal, calls which when broadcast at night near reported Bigfoot sightings have produced identical replies. And then there are sighting reports - literally thousands of them - made by foresters, biologists and geologists, as well as campers, hikers and motorists. All tell of a remarkably large, hairy ape that covers rough ground with a strange, fluid motion not unlike a cross-country skier. What's significant, said Meldrum, is that the evidence attributed to Sasquatch is consistent with what people report. "The long and short of it is, there's a beautiful orchestration between what I'm seeing in my footprint analysis and all of the anecdotal reports of its gait: the forward lean, deeply bent knees," he said. "It's all a strategy for supporting a heavier, bulkier biped. And it's a very elegant adaptation, I think, in the context of its very broken and rugged habitat." Film most famous anecdotal evidence In 1967, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin, two Bigfoot enthusiasts, filmed what Meldrum and others believe is a female Sasquatch, complete with hairy breasts, striding away across a loamy streambed on Bluff Creek in Northern California. While some have since claimed that the film is a hoax, longtime Hollywood special-effects creator Bill Munns said it would have been impossible in 1967 to fake a creature suit like the one depicted in the film. "With today's technology, yes, you could fake a fur suit like that," said Munns, who did just that when he built a life-size model of the giant fossil ape Gigantopithecus blacki - a possible evolutionary link to Sasquatch - for University of Iowa anthropologist Russell Ciochon. "But in the 1960s, short, dense stretch fur was nonexistent." Meldrum thinks that, at a minimum, fossils of Gigantopithecus show that evolution could have produced a Sasquatch-size ape that lived in temperate forests.

"It's tempting to draw the line between the two, but so little is known about either," Meldrum said. If Giganto still exists, then it has been a successful line. Fossils of the creature were discovered in cave sediments dated to a million years. The last fossils date to 300,000 to 400,000 years ago, a time when Homo erectus still populated Asia. Ciochon, who has studied Gigantopithecus sites, rejects the link between Gigantopithecus and Sasquatch. He believes Gigantopithecus was a slow, sedentary knuckle-walker like the gorilla, not a wide-ranging omnivore like the bear. Ciochon believes Giganto went extinct because of climate change, bamboo die-offs, and perhaps human hunting. Ciochon declined to be interviewed for this story. For Meldrum, the PattersonGimlin film is doubly significant because several frames provide the only existing images of his study object, the creature's foot. A plaster cast of tracks left by the creature shows an apelike, midfoot hinge that he says is a defining characteristic of the Sasquatch foot. Lyle Laverty, until recently the top Forest Service official in the Rocky Mountain region, started his career as a timber manager in northern California during the late 1950s and 1960s. He investigated the Patterson-Gimlin sighting the day after the film was shot and photographed several footprints left by the animal. Laverty says the film site was so close to a logging road that he still worries the film might somehow have been faked. Laverty But Laverty refused to rule out the possibility that Bigfoot exists. Starting in 1958, his logging crews reported finding hundreds of gigantic footprints around their new logging sites. Whatever left the prints was powerful enough to tumble logging equipment and toss 450-pound drums of gasoline, he says. "You never want to count it out," said Laverty, who was recently tapped to head the Forest Service's national fire plan, with its $1.2 billion annual budget. "Some of these crews really felt something was up there. And anything that can pick up a 55-gallon drum of fuel is a big dude." Meldrum's skepticism vanished in 1996 when he investigated a freshly laid line of alleged Bigfoot tracks in Washington's Blue Mountains. After analyzing the tracks, he determined the animal that left them had proceeded out of a remote drainage along a soupy farm road, then turned and sprinted for the woods, as if it were fleeing something or someone, Meldrum said. "In order for someone to have faked that, they would have had to walk out of that drainage carrying three or four different sets of feet, which they changed intermittently in mid-stride without any obvious breaks," he said. "It just becomes ludicrous to suggest that." Last year, Meldrum received unexpected support from Chilcutt, the fingerprint and forensics expert who's also one of the world's few authorities on primate skin patterns, or dermatoglyphics. When Chilcutt saw Meldrum on television talking about apparent skin impressions on some plaster casts of alleged Sasquatch footprints, he offered to examine them, expecting to find Meldrum's claims were inaccurate. Chilcutt developed an expertise in primate skin patterns as an offshoot of his ongoing study of the human fingerprint. His archive of more than 1,000 ape-skin impressions - prints he collected from tranquilized orangutans, chimpanzees and gorillas - is the largest such collection in the world.

When Chilcutt visited Meldrum's lab, it seemed his hunch would turn out to be accurate. He quickly determined that the ridges he found in the first track Meldrum gave him were from a human finger. But when he examined the rest of Meldrum's collection, Chilcutt found two casts with coarse ridge patterns similar to each other but different from humans or known great apes. One cast of a footprint discovered in Washington's Blue Mountains in 1985 astonished him with the distinctive puckered scars of several healed wounds. "When primate skin heals, the ridges curl inward toward the wound," he said. "Someone would have to know a real lot about biology and dermatoglyphics to know that. Anybody that smart wouldn't be messing with fakes." While Chilcutt allows that any single track could be a hoax, he said the skin impressions he has identified in the Blue Mountains track were consistent with those found in a Bluff Creek track from 1967. "We're talking about 18 years and 700 or 800 miles apart," he said. After he spoke about his finding on National Public Radio, a sheriff's deputy sent in a cast of a track he'd found in Georgia in 1977. Same pattern. In mid-November, Chilcutt examined skin impressions from alleged heel impressions from the body imprint discovered in Washington. He said they match the other four examples he's identified.

Unlike other Bigfoot researchers who are often the object of professional scorn, no one has stepped forward to contradict Chilcutt. "I'm so well entrenched, my reputation as a latent fingerprint examiner is secure," he said. "So I don't have that problem. Knowing my background and expertise, they accept my findings." Chilcutt said he's encouraged Meldrum to continue his research. "I tell Jeff, "There's no question this animal is out there, so don't give up,'- " Chilcutt said. "I want him to not give up on this. He's on to something." Copyright 2001 The Denver Post. All rights reserved.

BIGFOOT'S BUTTOCKS? (12/22/2000):
By Kurt Kleiner
New Scientist


The imprint of a hairy backside in the mud of Washington state is the strongest hint yet that Bigfoot is roaming the North American far west, according to researchers who made the discovery.

Many people doubt whether the giant primate, commonly known as Bigfoot, actually exists. Hundreds of its supposed footprints have been photographed and cast, but this is one of the few body impressions of the hypothetical creature.

"If we can just get other scientists to look at this with an objective view, I think they'll say there must be something out there," says LeRoy Fish, a zoologist and retired wildlife ecologist who took part in the expedition that discovered the imprint.

Most stories of the bipedal apelike creature are dismissed as misidentifications or hoaxes. But Fish and others think Bigfoot, or
Sasquatch as it is known in Canada, may be living hidden away in remote wilderness areas.

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO), which includes some trained scientists, sponsored a 13-person expedition in September to look for evidence in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in southern Washington state. To attract one of the creatures, the team set out food, spread pheromones and played recordings thought to be the calls of other Bigfoots.

After placing apples in a muddy spot one evening, the investigators returned the next morning to find an impression which, they say, shows the left forearm, hip, thigh and heel of a large primate. They believe the impression was made as the creature sat down and reached over to pick up the bait.

Anthropologist Jeff Meldrum of Idaho State University says the imprint seems to have been made by a large, hair-covered hominid more than 2.5 metres tall. Meldrum says he found markings that look like human fingerprints on the heel print. "All we're trying to say at this stage is that there's evidence that justifies objective consideration," Meldrum says.

The BFRO is inviting outside scientists to examine the casts, but has so far had no offers. "It's been a challenge," says Meldrum. "For most people, you just mention Bigfoot and you get a snicker." Benjamin Radford of the Skeptical Inquirer magazine agrees that mainstream scientists are wary of the subject because of a history of fakes. "After a while they just get tired of wasting their time on hoaxes."



First-of-a kind Bigfoot discovery has skeptics taking notice October 2, 2000, 08:30 AM MASON COUNTY – One of the Northwest’s biggest mysteries, the Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot, is no longer a
legend – it’s alive, according to researchers who have discovered what they say is its imprint.

The Bigfoot Researchers' Organization

Deep in the northwest mountains, a team of 14 researchers tracked the elusive primate-type beast for a week deep in the mountains of the Gifford Pinchot national forest. The imprint appears to be a hair-covered body lying down on its side, reaching over to get some fruit, the researchers said.

Thermal imaging confirmed that the body print was only hours old. From the imprint, they created a 250 lb. plaster cast of what they say is the lower half of the Sasquatch. "We actually almost missed it,” said researcher Derek Randels. “It dawned on us all at the same time, and it was overwhelming." "These heel impressions weren't made by a person getting in the mud wallow and squirming around," said Dr. Jeff Meldrum of Idaho State University.

The trackers gathered hair samples that will be analyzed by DNA testing. They also made voice recordings of what they think is the Sasquatch wailing, also being sent off for analysis. The creature is believed to be 7 to 8 feet tall, weighing 800 to 1,000 lbs. The researchers believe there are hundreds just like it throughout forests in the Northwest. There are a lot of sightings, they added, but estimate that more than 90 percent of sightings go unreported for fear of ridicule. “This cast is very hard to argue with,” said Randels. “We have had a lot of very intelligent people looking at it in the last two days and I think it’s just going to be a heck of a shot in the arm for the credibility of the creature’s existence.”
Subj: [SO] Sasquatches? Sea serpents? They're here in Kansas
Date: 12/21/2000
From: SHnSASSY1@aol.com

Sasquatches? Sea serpents? They're here in Kansas By Beccy Tanner The Wichita Eagle In 1869, Crawford County residents spotted a gorillalike wild man. And in 1886, a newspaper reported that a hair-covered "wild family" had been captured by a search party in Washington County.

Bigfoot in Kansas? Well, maybe. Through research, a Kansas author has discovered that in nearly every decade in every Kansas county, there is a story of weird, bigfoot-type creatures, or Sasquatches, as they are sometimes called. Consider these Kansas reports: In 1978, the chief of police for Chetopa, in Labette County, reported finding 2 1/2 miles of animallike tracks with footprints measuring 17 inches long and 55/8 inches wide. And in 1984, a Sedgwick County woman and her daughter reported being followed by a large animal as they walked
along a dark, country lane.

Topeka resident Lisa Hefner Heitz, author of the 1997 book "Haunted Kansas," is working on a book of strange and unusual sightings in Kansas. "It seemed like a natural progression from ghosts," Heitz said. "As I was collecting all those stories, people also started telling me stories of other creatures, UFOs and even sightings of a sea serpent in a sinkhole by Inman." "Just as I am a ghost agnostic," Heitz said, "I am a bigfoot agnostic. I can't tell you why these stories exist. I don't know what these people are seeing. But there is a sort of eternal fascination about the mysterious creatures that reside in dark areas. Things that normally exist in our imagination, when they show up in reality, are not only frightening but fascinating.

These types of hairy humanoids are reported all over the world." Could it be that Sasquatch is in Kansas? Go back to an Aug. 15, 1869, article in the St. Louis Democrat. The newspaper reported that nearly every resident of Crawford County had seen a beast nicknamed "Old Sheff." "Several times it has approached the cabins of the settlers, much to the terror of the women and children.... It has a stooping gait, very long arms with immense hands or claws; generally walks on its hind legs but sometimes on all fours."

In October 1978, The Wichita Eagle reported that an 8-foot-tall, bigfootlike creature was seen twice in three weeks roaming by the Kansas Turnpike near Lawrence. Heitz said her collection of Kansas stories won't be limited to bigfoot tales. For instance, in the 1950s residents near Inman developed a fascination for "Sinkhole Sam," a rather large snakelike creature that inhabited a local sinkhole. "Folks speculated that Sam could have been living in an underground cavern and, when the sinkhole filled with water, crawled up and made his home in the big sink," Heitz said. "They said he looked like a big snake or eel and was reported to be 15 feet long and 21 inches in circumference." Heitz has already collected more than 350 stories for the book, and she is looking for more Kansas legends and strange creature stories to research. "This is part of our folkloric traditions," she said. "And besides, these stories fascinate people.You don't have to be a believer to be fascinated."

Reach Beccy Tanner at btanner@wichitaeagle.com.

© 2000 The Wichita Eagle
Subj: [SO] Bigfoot Lives - Online!
Date: 12/20/2000
From: SHnSASSY1@aol.com

Hot pursuit - Bigfoot lives -- online. By Samantha Martin-Evans From the December 18, 2000 issue Who knows what our vast forests are bearing silent witness to at this very moment?

Bigfoot could be out there swinging from the treetops, and we would never know it. Until now. If Thom Powell and the other curators of the
Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization have their way, Bigfoot's days of stealth are numbered. Mr. Powell is head of the BFRO's Wireless Wilderness Project, which seeks to install wireless Webcams and microphones in areas where Bigfoot sightings have been reported. The BFRO's team of researchers is trying to attract sponsors to finance an arsenal of strategically placed Webcams that would allow the public to tune in to remote locations, 24 hours a day, by PC. Mr. Powell and his associates are not asking people to believe. "We're just asking [them] to contribute to the pursuit of better evidence," he says. Mr. Powell says images captured by motion-triggered digital video cameras would lend the project the credibility it sorely needs. "The impact that such evidence would have on cryptozoölogy would help sway certain scientific parties," says Mr. Powell. "[Bigfoot researchers] are tired of being the point men on the 'does it exist?' debate." They just long to solve what the BFRO says is one of the most important scientific questions of our time. Maybe the Webcams will help these mocked researchers get some respect.

wireless wilderness project. BFRO Geographic Database of Bigfoot/Sasquatch sightings and related reports. ©1997-2000 Red Herring Communications. All Rights Reserved
12' Tall Bigfoot Seen By Four Workers And Officer In Maryland
From Kenny Young
Special thanks to researcher George Clappison for informing of the two news items enclosed below.

'Mysterious Creature Spotted In Maryland
From WMAR Channel 2. Baltimore Maryland newscast

8-2-00 HANOVER -- Move over, Pacific Northwest. Maryland now has its own version of the legendary Bigfoot. Construction workers fled the Arundel Mills mall construction site early Tuesday morning after they reportedly spotted a 12-foot-tall creature that left abnormally large footprints. The sighting has peaked the interest of state officials, residents and even the television show ``Unsolved Mysteries.'' Three workers say they were sleeping in their van when they were awakened by a towering animal running on two legs, Anne Arundel Police Sgt. Joseph E. Jordan said. They retreated to a nearby restaurant and called police, who sent an off-duty officer to investigate. Officer Nicholas DiPietro persuaded the workers to return to the site, where they discovered a 15- to 20-inch-long footprint, Jordan said. But when they caught another glimpse of the creature, the workers again ran away. DiPietro said he later spotted a large animal on a hill. The officer said he blew an air horn, but the creature sat motionless and silent, glaring at the officer for nearly a minute. It then ambled down the hill and disappeared. Department of Natural Resources searches have turned up no sign of the creature. DNR spokeswoman Susan O'Brien said it may have been a bear, which would have been about 5 feet tall and 300 pounds. She said poor lighting and the workers' fear may have made the animal seem larger to them. The unusually large footprint could have been made by an animal that slipped in the mud, O'Brien said. County ExecutiveJanet S. Owens expressed concern that the sighting may slow the mall's construction. It is scheduled to open

November 16. 2000 Copyright 2000 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.


Tales Of Creature Tall On Interest, Short On Details Animal sighting lures media to Arundel Mills
By Laura Barnhardt - Sun Staff SunSpot Online Archives

8-2-00 The sighting of a 12-foot-tall, black, mystery creature seen lurking in the dark of night near the Arundel Mills construction site sparked a media frenzy yesterday in the light of day. The report of the "strange sighting" was checked by police early Monday morning and quickly became a joke about the sighting of an imaginary Loch Ness Monster from the Severn River. State wildlife officials were called in to search the area yesterday, where the large, unidentified beast that walked upright had scared several construction workers. The workers said they were awakened just past midnight Monday while napping in a van at the mall site in Hanover. Yesterday, reporters from television shows questioned police and Department of Natural Resources officials as they gathered in the area. County workers laughed about the tourism possibilities for the county's sasquatch. But County Executive Janet S. Owens' spokesman remained serious, expressing Owens' concern that Arundel Mills mall open Nov. 16. 2000

The frightened workers said the "thing" ran past them so fast they weren't sure what it was. After fleeing to a nearby fast-food restaurant, they called police, who dispatched an off-duty officer working security at the site. He had trouble persuading the men to return to where they say they first spotted the animal. Later, when the officer and the workers caught another glimpse of the creature, the workers ran away again. Hours later, the officer spotted a large animal in the dark with his floodlight
, but it was unclear whether it was the same
beast spotted earlier by the workers. DNR sent a regional wildlife biologist to the construction site, but the search for the animal or its prints came up empty, said Susan O'Brien, a department spokeswoman. "It was most likely the bear spotted on [Route] 295 not two or three miles from that site," O'Brien said.

The female bear, which had been with a small cub killed by a car on the road, would have weighed at most about 300 pounds and would be about 5 feet tall if it stood upright, she said. She said the animal might have looked much larger - distorted by the witnesses' fear and horror and by poor lighting. That is, if the bear was the same animal that terrified the construction workers. The officer reported finding a 15- to 20-inch-long print and seeing a large animal near a pond on the construction site about 3 a.m. Although the print would have been too large to be from a bear - even a large one - O'Brien said it was possible that the animal had slid in the dirt, creating an elongated print. Bears have been sighted by residents in the Baltimore area recently, she said. If confronted by a bear, residents should make their presence known by standing straight, talking and then backing away slowly in a nonconfrontational manner, said O'Brien. UFO Research

http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/news/archive/2000/06/15/state2 030EDT0271.DTL
*Big hopes riding on Bigfoot exhibit
MICHELLE LOCKE, Associated Press Writer
Thursday, June 15, 2000
Breaking News Sections (06-15) 17:30 PDT
WILLOW CREEK, Calif. (AP) --

Some people believe in Bigfoot. Most don't. Some aren't sure what might be tramping around California's backcountry. Margaret Wooden is skeptical, but she knows one thing: Bigfoot could be good for business. ``He's quite a drawing card,'' says Wooden, who helped organize the Willow Creek-China Flat Museum's new
``Bigfoot Wing.''

The idea: put some local history on display and see if this struggling ex-lumber town can jump-start its economy with a big hand from Bigfoot. ``It was a natural,'' says Jo Ann Hereford, another in the squadron of volunteers who keep the museum going. Bigfoot goes back a long way in Willow Creek, an old Gold Rush town about 300 miles north of San Francisco.

Tracks were reported in 1958 at Bluff Creek, a remote spot about 50 miles north. Newspapers quickly took up the story. ``Huge Foot Prints Hold Mystery of Friendly Bluff Creek Giant,'' reads one headline preserved in the Willow Creek exhibit. Seventy-six-year-old Al Hodgson remembers it well. He was running a general store in Willow Creek when a reporter for a local paper talked him into giving her a ride up to remote Bluff Creek. Soon, he was making regular trips into the woods, Plaster of Paris at the ready. Hodgson never found Bigfoot, although he did make casts of some prints. But he was there the night in 1967 that Bigfoot hunter Roger Patterson came into town saying he'd just captured his elusive quarry on film, the much-debated grainy footage that shows a shaggy ape-like creature walking. ``I really personally think he absolutely did see Bigfoot,'' says Hodgson, recounting the story, country fashion, in a laid-back drawl. ``I've had my doubts at times but I just don't see anything else really. I just don't think he faked it.'' The scientific community hasn't exactly embraced the concept of Bigfoot. But that hasn't quenched amateur enthusiasm.

Sightings have been reported all over, although the Pacific Northwest is a favorite. This July, explorer J. Richard Greenwell will lead his fourth annual Bigfoot expedition into the forests of Northern California. Greenwell is a research associate with the International Wildlife Museum and secretary of the Tucson-based International Society of Cryptozoology, a society dedicated to the scientific evaluation of evidence for
``unverified animals.'' His first and third trips turned up some strange prints, weird howls and mysterious nighttime visitors who sneaked food; the second year's outing was a month of ``absolutely nothing.'' ``A lot of scientists think the thing cannot exist, it's impossible so why waste time even testing the hypothesis. ``In real science ... you start off with, 'Let's examine the evidence.''' Greenwell says. ``If you start off by saying it's
impossible, then what you're doing is you're taking the short-cut.'' Greenwell thinks the Willow Creek exhibit is ``fairly well done. It's not like the Smithsonian, of course, but for the resources they had I think they put a lot of thought into it.''

The bulk of the memorabilia was willed to the museum by Bigfoot enthusiast Bob Titmus, on condition it be put in a worthy setting. Town boosters, looking for something to replace the dwindling logging industry, went to work, getting $9,000 in federal grants, stirring up chili cook-offs and putting sweat equity into a new, two-story addition. The main part of the Willow Creek-China Flat (the latter is the town's original name) Museum consists of a lovingly tended collection of regional artifacts -- from antique baby booties to gold mining mementos. The Bigfoot room is dominated by casts of -- you guessed it -- big feet along with the stories and pictures of the people who found them. There's also a fun case filled with Bigfoot toys and books. The exhibit, which is free although donations are accepted, is attracting ``all kinds,'' says Hodgson, who serves as one of the volunteer guides. ``Some of them are really the person who takes it up on the weekend and there are people that are really sincere, down to looking for anything they can find.''

Drive into Willow Creek and it's not hard to tell you're in Bigfoot country. You can snack on a Bigfoot burger and play a round or two at the Bigfoot Golf & Country Club. You can even take a
spin on the Bigfoot Byway, a scenic stretch of road that ends in Willow Creek. Looming large in front of the museum is a two-story high statute of the local legend, sculpted by chain saw from a fallen redwood. Sometimes Hodgson gets a little good-natured chaffing about his conviction that the statue's real-life counterpart is out
there somewhere. ``I tell Al, 'Well, I am from Missouri,''' -- the ``show-me state'' -- says Wooden with a smile. Others aren't so sure. ``My position is there's something -- there had to be something,'' says E.B. Duggan, who with wife, Dallas, is a staunch museum supporter. ``People that I really believe in have done the collecting of the evidence. I have to believe that there's something out there. What it is I'm not really sure, but I know it sure as heck isn't no bear.''

Eds: The Willow Creek-China Flat Museum is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday-Sunday and holidays through the first week of October.
July 9, 2000
Statesman Journal

BELIEVER: Salem native Matthew Johnson was hiking July 1 at Oregon Caves National Monument with his wife, Rochelle, and children Hannah, 7, Micah, 4, and Levi, 9, when he saw what he reported to be Bigfoot. Johnson hopes his discussion will give legitimacy to other sightings.

Hiker fights Bigfoot denial The Oregon psychologist stands by his report that he saw the huge creature. ALAN GUSTAFSON, Statesman Journal Matthew Johnson confirms what Bigfoot believers have long said about the legendary beast: It stinks. “It was musky and rotten,” Johnson said. “It was putrid.” Besides having terrible body odor, Bigfoot is very large, hairy and frightening, according to his account. How large? “I’m 6-foot-9. I’m 280 pounds. Size 16 feet,” Johnson said. “This thing made me look small.” Johnson, a 38-year-old clinical psychologist who lives in Grants Pass, rattles off Bigfoot’s characteristics with an air of certainty. As he tells it, he recently got close enough to smell, hear and see the Pacific Northwest’s fabled apelike creature, also known as Sasquatch. Johnson, a former Salem resident, said the close encounter occurred July 1 while he was hiking with his family near the Oregon Caves National Monument. Since then, he’s described the incident to dozens of newspaper and television reporters.

Though stung by lighthearted treatment of his story by certain television stations, Johnson said Friday that he’s not backing down. In fact, he talks about waging a campaign to counter “the ongoing denial in our society that Bigfoot exists.” “I’m a shrink. I’m not looney tunes,” he said. “I do parenting workshops, mental health workshops. I love public education. It’s a passion of mine. Now, we’ve had this encounter, so how can I not make this an issue of public education? To me, it’s not a risk if I tell the truth, and I am telling the truth. I saw Bigfoot.” There is no official confirmation of his story. Rangers who responded to Johnson’s reported Bigfoot sighting found nothing unusual when they checked the area, monument Superintendent Craig Akerman said. “I have spoken with Dr. Johnson, and he seems to be a very credible person, but that’s the only assessment I can make,” Akerman said. “I cannot either confirm or refute his story because I was not there.” Johnson said his brush with Bigfoot happened after he toured the Oregon Caves with his wife, Rochelle, and their three children, ages 9, 7 and 4. The family was hiking on one of the monument’s backwoods trails when they began to hear strange, guttural sounds in the distance. “I was a resident of Alaska for 20 years,” Johnson said. “We’ve done a lot of outdoor activities. Hiking, camping, fishing, hunting. I’ve come across grizzly bear, black bear, moose, caribou. I’ve never heard anything like that.” Family members kept hearing the same pattern of sounds — “whuh, whuh, whuh, whuh” — as they continued along the trail for about 10 minutes, Johnson said. He then hiked a short distance by himself and went behind some trees to relieve himself.

Johnson said he was squatting in the woods when he spotted the creature standing upright about 60 feet away. “I turned my head quickly, and I saw this very tall, dark, hairy animal walk from behind one tree and over to another tree,” he said. The creature was watching his wife and children, Johnson said. Terrified, he ran back to his family and hustled them away from the area. “I didn’t immediately tell them what I saw,” Johnson said. “I didn’t want to freak my kids out. I didn’t want to freak my wife out.” When the family stopped along the trail for a water break, Johnson confided in his wife. “I said, ‘You’re not going to believe this, but I saw Bigfoot.’ She said, ‘I believe you.’” Bigfoot researchers, accompanied by a park ranger, later retraced the family’s path along the monument’s Big Tree Trail. Johnson said they found a large “impression in the ground.” He termed it a partial footprint. But Akerman said the finding proved nothing. “I wouldn’t call it a footprint, simply a disturbance in the soil,” Akerman said. “The woods are full of disturbances. They can be caused by other hikers. They can be caused by rolling rocks. They can be caused by a tree branch falling. Or it can be caused by a large animal. I would be going out on a limb to speculate unless we had an identifiable track, which we did not have.” Johnson said he was not discouraged by the analysis given by the monument’s top official. “The park is understandably saying the evidence is inconclusive,” he said. “But I know what the heck I saw. I also know that that footprint makes my size 16 shoe look pretty small.” Since going public, Johnson said he’s been contacted by other people who tell of their own Bigfoot sightings. He wants to compile those stories into a book that will feature his own experience. Meanwhile, Johnson has more interviews scheduled on radio and television. He’s far from weary of recounting his tale. “No, no, no, I’m not tired of telling the story,” he said. “In fact, I’m compelled to tell the story.”

On Friday, June 9, 2000, at approximately 7 a.m., the female witness was driving to work on Route 30 between
Jeannette, Pa. (population 11,300) and Greensburg, Pa. (population 16,400) four miles (6 kilometers) to the
southeast, when she spotted a Bigfoot. "The lady had left her home earlier that morning and was enroute to her job. She had slowed down to look at a car that was for sale and was looking towards the right side." "Seconds later, her attention was drawn to a large dark manlike creature which was standing on a back road surrounded by woods." "While the observation lasted only 15 to 20 seconds, the witness saw the creature cross the road and enter into a nearby wooded area. The woman estimated that the creature stood about 6 to 7 feet (2 meters) tall and weighed approximately 300 to 400 pounds. The witness states that she slammed on her brakes as soon as she saw the creature, but it could no longer be seen."

When the witness (first) noticed the creature, it was approximately 300 feet away. It was standing sideways in a 'hunched' position on the back road. As the witness watched, the creature turned its head and looked towards the
highway, then took two or three long strides into the thick woods where it was lost from sight. The woman stated
that the creature was covered with long back hair. While no facial features could be determined, the head seemed somewhat oval in shape, and their was very little neck apparent." Greensburg is located 30 miles (48 kilometers) southest of Pittsburgh.

(Many thanks to Stan Gordon and Eric Altman, director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society for this report.)
Monday May 1, 2000
SOURCE: International Society of Cryptozoology

Society of Cryptozoology Scientists to Search for Sasquatch Evidence
TUCSON, Ariz., /PRNewswire/ --

A team of scientific investigators are preparing to spend a month in a remote wilderness area of the U.S. Pacific Northwest in an attempt to obtain evidence for the Sasquatch or Bigfoot, a supposed 7-8 foot-tall, bipedal primate.

The four-person team, headed by J. Richard Greenwell, secretary of the International Society of Cryptozoology, based in Tucson, Arizona, will be completely cut off from civilization as it uses special attractants to entice one or more of the supposed primates to its camp. Previous expeditions sponsored by the Society have produced track and ``bed'' finds, and loud, unidentified vocalizations.

Cryptozoology is the scientific evaluation of evidence for unverified animals, the Sasquatch being the most famous in North America. The term ``Sasquatch'' derives from an American Indian name, while ``Bigfoot'' originated with 1950's California press accounts. The Sasquatch is dismissed by most scientists as mere folkloric creations or purposeful fabrications, although over 1,500 eyewitness reports and two films of the supposed primate now exist. The new field project will include a wide array of electronic equipment, including thermal and seismic detectors, night-vision binoculars, state-of-the-art photographic and video night-cameras, and a powerful broadcast system for propagating gorilla calls down canyon walls into deep drainage systems. ``We're not claiming the Sasquatch exists,'' states Greenwell, a mammalogist with the International Wildlife Museum in Tucson. ``What we are saying is that zoology has a duty to deal with these kinds of unresolved issues.

Although difficult, this particular problem can be resolved, given enough resources. Simply ignoring the mounting evidence for 40 years is really not consistent with either the spirit of scientific inquiry or the principles of scientific methodology.'' The ultimate purpose of the project is to film the supposed primates. ``We recognize,'' adds Greenwell, ``that film footage in itself will never really constitute proof. What we are hoping
for is that other scientists, and funding agencies, will be swayed sufficiently by any new evidence to support further investigation. That, in turn, could lead to the ultimate proving that such a primate exists.''

Technical preparations and fundraising for a late-July departure are currently underway.

CONTACT: J. Richard Greenwell of the International Society of Cryptozoology,
520-884-8369, iscz@azstarnet.com or Richard White of International Wildlife Museum,
520-629-0100, ext. 252, rwhite@safariclub.org.

*Bigfoot Believed Living in China Yearlong trek yields traces of what some say is undiscovered species Yuan Zhenxin, a paleoanthropologist, is convinced that Bigfoot exists in central China and says that these plaster casts of foot prints prove it.

By Los Angeles Times BEIJING --

Yuan Zhenxin keeps up his search for Bigfoot. Yuan is convinced that between 1,000 and 2,000 of the apelike
creatures roam the forests of central China, particularly the Shennongjia Nature Reserve in Hubei province. Yuan dabbles in stories of abduction, including those of two farmers who say they were kidnapped by Bigfoot but escaped to tell the tale. Another person claimed to have spent two hours in conversation with the creature, who reportedly gesticulated and mimicked bird sounds. "They're very clever," said Yuan, a retired paleoanthropologist and member of the prestigious Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Yuan describes Bigfoot as more than 6 1/2 feet tall, with reddish brown hair, long limbs and a rather nasty case of body odor. In 1976-77, the government sponsored a Bigfoot expedition to Shennongjia consisting of 100 people, including army personnel. That trip and others yielded numerous samples of what Yuan maintains are the hair, footprints and feces of an undiscovered species, possibly descended from a giant ape whose fossilized teeth can still be found in the region. "They're a cousin of humans," he said of Bigfoot, known in Chinese as "wild man." But money for such study has dwindled, because fewer and fewer of Yuan's fellow scientists are willing to approve funding without more conclusive proof. Yuan and his supporters have been forced to dig into their own pockets to keep three informal research centers operating. One of Yuan's colleagues even divorced his
wife, sold his home and moved permanently to Shennongjia to carry on the work.

News Wisconsin Milwaukee Waukesha

Wisconsin a new home for Bigfoot?

Deliveryman says he saw huge, hairy beast carrying a goat in Clark County
By Keith Edwards
Special to the Journal Sentinel
Last Updated: April 4, 2000

Granton - James Hughes was minding his own business, delivering the Black River Shopper last week when he says he saw something he'll never forget - an 8-foot-tall, two-legged, shaggy creature carrying a goat. Sasquatch? Bigfoot? Yeti? Abominable Snowman? Or justa really tall hairy guy carrying breakfast? Hughes isn't sure, and authorities are scratching their heads over the reported sighting. "He was all covered with hair, a real dark gray color, with some spots that looked a honey color. It was walking on two legs, and it was mighty, mighty, big," Hughes said in a phone interview Tuesday. "You better believe I was scared. That creature could have tipped that car upside down and thrown it in the ditch. It was that big." Hughes filed a report with the Clark County Sheriff's Department, and a deputy was dispatched to the scene but couldn't find any big footprints, said Capt. Mark Cattanach. "We have no goats reported missing, or any other types of small animals that may meet that description," Cattanach said Tuesday. "I'm not sure what we could do. I don't know that there's ever been any indication, at least that I've been told, that there's any danger to the public."

Hughes, 57, was on his newspaper delivery route around 5:15 a.m. March 28 when he said he saw the creature at the side of the road, on County Highway H about 1 1/2 miles from his rural Granton home. At first, he thought it was a man, but as he got closer he said he realized it didn't look human - about 8 feet tall, 500 pounds and hairy with an ape-like face. After getting a closer look at the creature, which he said appeared to be carrying a goat or small sheep in its hand, Hughes said he floored his gas pedal and quickly drove away. "I didn't call it in (to the Sheriff's Department) until the next day, because people would think I'm crazy. And I don't drink, I don't use dope, and I was wide awake," Hughes said.

Cattanach said Hughes gave a very detailed description, but without tracks or other evidence suggesting a creature was in the area, there's not much the Sheriff's Department can do. He also said the reported Bigfoot sighting is the talk of the community. "There's been a fair amount of joking around with this," said Cattanach.

Journal Sentinel reporter Meg Jones contributed to this report. Appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on April 5, 2000. © Copyright 2000, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. All rights reserved.
http://seattlep-i.nwsource.com/local/big01.shtml *A Sasquatch alert in the Hoh Rain Forest Saturday, July 1, 2000 THE ASSOCIATED PRESS PORT ANGELES -- Gene Sampson doesn't know what's been lurking in the woods behind his home on the Hoh Indian Reservation. But he knows what he's seen -- he describes them as giant footprints -- and what he's heard: "Bam, bam, bam, stop, bam, bam, bam, stop, bam, bam, bam," Sampson said this week. His tales have residents on the reservation, near the Hoh Rain Forest on the Pacific Coast,
locking their doors, shutting their blinds and closing their windows. Sampson said some Hoh natives believe the invader is the elusive Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, the large, hairy creature that has been reported around the world but it is most closely identified with the Pacific Northwest. Sampson says he found two sets of footprints, which he measured at 14 inches and 17-1/2 inches in length, and 7 and 8 inches in width. He also says he found trampled trails. The Bureau of Indian Affairs investigated and is skeptical. "I saw some big indentations that looked like footprints, but they were not that recognizable," said the bureau's Scott Small. "There is something big going through their yards, but it's most likely a bear." Grover Krantz, a retired Washington State University anthropology professor and author of a book called "Big Footprints," said he believes the evidence on the Hoh reservation indicates one male and one female Sasquatch. Richard Greenwell of the International Society for Cryptozoology calls evidence of such creatures inconclusive. "On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I absolutely believe in Bigfoot, after I evaluate all the data and read all the information," Greenwell said. "On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, I think it's all nonsense. "On Sundays, I rest." © 2000 The Associated Press. All rights reserved
Sunday, January 2, 2000

Village abuzz over sighting of 'mawas'
By Hah Foong Lian JELEBU:

A day into the new millennium, villagers of Kampung Chennah, 28km from here, don't seem to be too enthusiastic about the happenings around the world. They are engrossed instead in talking about a recent claim of a sighting of the elusive mawas (a big ape-like animal). The town is abuzz with the news that the local "Bigfoot" was sighted by villager Liong Chong Shen, who claims that he saw a couple of mawas when he was at his rubber small- holding and durian orchard a week ago.

STRANGE ENCOUNTER...Liong relating to a reporter his `encounter' with the two `mawas' at his durian orchard in Kampung Chennah a week ago. Kampung Chennah is a small and remote town of 30 households where most of the villagers are smallholders. Liong, 50, claimed that the incident occurred about noon when he was working in the orchard. "Wild boars had been attacking my durian saplings in the orchard, located about 11km from Kampung Chennah. I went there to chase them away," he said yesterday. Liong said he was busy with the durian saplings when he suddenly sensed a strong animal scent. "I then heard a grunt near the young rubber trees. "My heart started pounding fast when I saw two mawas standing near the rubber trees as I feared they would attack me," he said. "I was about 10m away from the two mawas and I had a clear view of them," he added. Liong said one was about 1.83m tall with long, black and shiny hair all over its body, including the face. The other was shorter, about 1.52m tall with long and brownish hair all over its body. He said the two just stared at him and later walked away into the jungle.

More Recent Northwest Bigfoot Encounters


Thursday, December 16, 1999
(Thanks to CNI News)


BEIJING, Dec 3, 1999 -- (Agence France Presse) China has launched a new campaign to track down a legendary half-man half-ape creature dubbed China's "Bigfoot", official media reported Friday.

A team of scientists from the prestigious Chinese Academy of Sciences are on the hunt for the mythical animal in the remote forests of the Shennongjia Nature Reserve in central Hubei, Xinhua reported.

Wang Fangcheng, head of the Committee for the Search for Rare Animals and Plants, said that paleoanthropologists from the academy were determined to find proof of the "Bigfoot".

"After repeated frustrations in previous searches, many people have become disappointed in finding Bigfoot, however, a few scientists believe the possibility exists that such an animal is still there," Wang said.

A team of scientists, reporters and local officials entered Shennongjia in October this year after receiving reports of sightings of the animal from a hunter in August.

According to the hunter, the animal was 2.5 meters tall, covered with long, red hair, and moved very fast.

The scientists have discovered 40-cm-long footprints, brown hair and chewed corn cobs at the spot where the hunter said he encountered the strange beast.

After examining the evidence, Yuan Zhenxin, an established paleoanthropologist from the academy, ruled out theories that the mystery
animal was in fact a bear.

"There are abundant forests, food and water in the Shennongjia Natural Reserve which have a warm climate that quite suits the Wild Man," Yuan said. Scientists have unearthed hundreds of fossilised teeth of an extinct giant ape in the area, proving that Shennongjia was a home to big primates, Xinhua reported.

Some scientists have speculated that the "Bigfoot" might be a descendent of one of the giant apes, Xinhua said.

Hundreds of local people have reported Bigfoot sightings over the past decades.

China has organized several high-profile searches for the unidentified animal in recent years, but no conclusive evidence was obtained during the hunts.

"CHINESE 'BIG FOOT' HUNT" (8/25/1995):

China's COMMITTEE FOR RESEARCH INTO STRANGE AND RARE ANIMALS is preparing to launch a high-tech search for China's version of "Big Foot." Residents in Hubei Province have reported 114 sightings and collected hair and footprints from the Chinese Big Foot during the past 40 years. China's Big Foot has also been popularized by "The Wild Man From China," a documentary shown on American Public Television.

While earlier searches this summer by the COMMITTEE FOR RESEARCH INTO STRANGE AND RARE ANIMALS turned up nothing, now they plan to launch balloons equipped with infrared-sensing instruments 2,000 feet above the forest. Wang Fangchen, the leader of China's search team told reporters, "Any activities conducted by large-bodied mammals would be recorded by the apparatus."

Source: Earthweek, August 18, 1995 --DS



Honey Island Swamp Monster cast of footprint.

"The Honey Island Swamp Monster" which has been reported to have been seen in the Southeast swamp
areas of Louisiana.   Near the town of Covington Louisiana, just above New Orleans.

The outside world learned about Louisiana's Honey Island Swamp Monster in 1974 when two hunters emerged from a remote area of backwater sloughs with plaster casts of "unusual tracks." The men claimed they discovered the footprints near a wild boar that lay with its throat gashed. They also stated that over a decade earlier, in 1963, they had seen similar tracks after encountering an awesome creature. They described it as standing seven feet tall, being covered with grayish hair, and having large amber-colored eyes. However, the monster had promptly run away and an afternoon rainstorm had obliterated its tracks, the men said.

The hunters were Harlan E. Ford and his friend Billy Mills, both of whom worked as air-traffic controllers. Ford told his story on an episode of the 1970s television series In Search of . . . . According to his granddaughter, Dana Holyfield (1999a, 11):

Harlan Ford continued to search for the monster until his death in 1980. Dana recalls how he once took a goat into the swamp to use as bait, hoping to lure the creature to a tree blind where Ford waited-uneventfully, as it happened-with gun and camera. He did supposedly find several, different-sized tracks on one hunting trip. He also claimed to have seen the monster on one other occasion, during a fishing trip with Mills and some of their friends from work. One of the men reportedly then went searching for the creature with a rifle and fired two shots at it before returning to tell his story to the others around the campfire (Holyfield 1999a, 10-15).

The most famous of the Southern Big Foot Creatures is the "Fouke Monster", aka "Boggy Creek Monster".  This creature has been reported around Fouke, Arkansas.  A small town in the Southwest corner of Arkansas, just a short distance from Louisiana and Texas state lines.  It is best known from the movie created around it's existence, "The Legend of Boggy Creek".

From: http://www.gcbro.com/


Some say Fouke monster is alive; legend sure is

RODNEY BOWERS ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT-GAZETTE FOUKE -- The Fouke monster, a legendary bigfoot look-alike, still stalks the lowlands of Miller County, according to local residents. "There were 40-some sightings last year," said Rickie Roberts, Fouke's unofficial monster spokesman. "There were 22 sightings in one day. ... There's even one guy who swears there's a family [of monsters] who live behind his house."

Roberts, who owns the Monster Mart grocery on U.S. 71, said the latest sighting came July 17 when four people purportedly saw the creature walking along a dry creek bed about 5 miles south of town. Sightings of the Fouke monster have been reported since the 1940s, according to newspaper articles. In all that time, no one has photographed the creature or captured it.

For a time, the only evidence of the creature was a plaster cast of a 131/2-inch footprint taken from a local soybean field. The cast was destroyed in a service station fire in the late 1970s, Roberts said. "That was the only real proof you'd have around here" that the monster exists, he said. Though scores of residents have reported seeing the hairy creature, experts scoff at its existence. Frank Schamback, an archaeologist at Southern Arkansas University at Magnolia who debunked the footprint as a hoax in the 1970s, said he doesn't believe in the Fouke monster.

"They like mystery," he said. "It's just that. People like to have a mystery."

Residents would have proof by now if the creature existed, Schamback said. "There are people down there with dogs who would have run it down in two days" if it existed, he said. Toby Giles, Miller County's chief sheriff's deputy, said there haven't been any reported sightings in the past few years, but "we do [have one] every once in a while." The sheriff's office used to receive a few reported sightings when he joined the department about 14 years ago, Giles said. "But nothing was ever confirmed," Giles said. "It's still a well-talked-about subject." The town plays up its connection with the monster. Down the road from Monster Mart, a visitor can poke his head through a hole in a metal silhouette and have his photo taken as the monster.

Roberts, who sells monster T-shirts, caps and bumper stickers at his store, said the long-armed creature has been described as 6 to 9 feet tall with red, brown, black or black-gray hair covering its body. Roberts said he has never seen the animal, which he speculates might be a "swamp ape," and he wouldn't admit it if he had. "I wouldn't say a word," he said. "People'd think you're crazy." He has heard an eerie howl, possibly from the monster, that almost defies description, Roberts said.

"I've heard it twice. It's a different sound. I don't know what you would call it," he said. "It'd be a sound like a cross between a cow bellow and a panther screaming." The monster has never harmed anyone although it may have caused a few heart-pounding frights, Roberts said. "This thing has never attacked anyone," he said. The Fouke monster brought attention to the town in 1972. Film crews descended on Fouke that year to make the Legend of Boggy Creek and forever put the community on 
the map.

The town of 614 is listed on the Internet as one of the top 10 places in the world to look for bigfoot, the name associated with creatures similar to the Fouke monster, Roberts said. "We get people in here every day" looking for the monster, he said. "We had a guy save his money for two years to come down from Indiana this summer."

Roberts' wife, Beverly, said too many credible people have seen what they described as the monster for her not to believe it exists. "I've got family members who firmly believe they've seen it," she said, noting that they moved away shortly after the experience. "Whatever it is, there is something." Tracy Nichols and Sue Page, who work at City Hall, said they have heard scores of monster tales over the years.

Nichols, noting that the creature is generally associated with "a bad odor," 
said a local man recently saw the monster twice, "but he won't talk about. 
He's afraid of being ridiculed." Although uncertain of her own beliefs, she said, "I've heard credible people come through here who said they've seen it." Nichols admitted that the legend is fun. 

"We went hunting for it the weekend before last," she said. Page, whose constable father appeared as himself in the Legend of Boggy Creek, said, "I don't know if it's true or not." "We have calls from way off [from people] wanting to know about it," she said. Fouke resident Lavelle Brune said she thought she saw the monster recently.  "We saw it" while driving out of town, she said, but "we got to looking, and it was just a bush."

This article was published on Tuesday, December 1, 1998
Credit: Loren Coleman

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http://darkwing.uoregon.edu/~hak/bigfoot.html The Bigfoot Research Project A few Statistics : General: Nomadic, nocturnal (with daytime activity only as a result of disturbance Habitat: Forested mountains of the Northwest
Eating Habits: Omnivorous Height: Over 6'0quot; average Weight: Up to 500 lbs. Strength: Far in excess of man, very powerful...

http://www.angelfire.com/oh/ohiobigfoot/ Ohio's Abominable Snowman? { The background on this page is a photograph that was taken in Coshocton County, Ohio. It was choosen for this page to show you the viewer
how dense some of the forest in Ohio really is. } Not since the famous film shot by Roger Patterson at Bluff Creek...

http://www.freenet.hamilton.on.ca/~ad112/bigfoot.html Welcome Bigfoots The Bigfoot Research Project Western Bigfoot Society

http://www.parascope.com/articles/1196/bigfoot.htm Was a makeup artist behind the Patterson film? (c) 1968 R. Dahinden Bigfoot Goes to Hollywood by D. Trull Enigma Editor (PSCP Trull@aol.com) Capturing the fleeting sight of a seven-foot apelike creature retreating into the Northern California wilderness, the Roger Patterson Bigfoot film is among...

http://www.cactusventures.com/bgftcentrl.htm Bigfoot Central Bigfoot Central PO. Box 147 Bothell, WA, 98041 Contact Person: Mr. Crook We now have a Sasquatch Watch Message Board where our readers can leave messages of general interest, queries, reports,

Europe Germany: 1985; Hahn AirBase, in what was then West Germany. Near the base High School. Two Men Witness huge creature at edge of dense forest.

17 May 1995 Scientists disapprove of 'Bigfoot' reward BEIJING, May 17 (UPI) -- Scientists searching central China's forests for a legendary being said they oppose any offer of a reward for the capture of a half-human and half-ape creature known as quot;Bigfoot,quot;
the official Xinhua news agency reported...

http://freespace.virgin.net/brian.goodwin/bigfoot.htm Bigfoot and The Yeti The Yeti, or Abominable Snowman Perhaps the most widely celebrated of the elusive wilderness monsters is the so-called Abominable Snowman - or as Nepal's mountain dwelling Sherpas say yeh-teh, or Yeti, whose tracks have been often discovered
in the frigid lands of perpetual...

http://www.2cyberlinks.com/bigfoot2.html Big Foot from Liverpool, New York by Christa Kilmartin's and Mary Eames's classes at Willow Field Elem. Mrs. Kilmartin's class, two kindergarten classes of about 20 students each participated in their part of the creation of Bigfoot. The groups designed the legs and knees ...

http://www.claytonbailey.com/robwilson.htm MORE BIGFOOT EVIDENCE: Rob Wilson, curator of the Redding Museum of Art, tries-out the quot;Artist's Conception of a Bigfootquot;; a ceramic sculpture by Clayton Bailey.
This item was purchased for the collection of the Redding Museum in 1990.

http://www.n2.net/prey/bigfoot/articles/obsesion.htm Publication: The Salt Lake Tribune Published: 08/06/95 Laugh Lines: Obsession With Bigfoot Takes Big Toll on Family Byline: By Roy Teicher LOS ANGELES TIMES Elkin Haas returned home from work. It had been another day of great disappointment. Such is the life of
America's last Bigfoot hunter.

http://www.n2.net/prey/bigfoot/articles/dna.htm Researchers Using DNA Testing to Verify Bigfoot Nov. 6, 1995 COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Scientists are using a new DNA matching process to determine whether tufts of hair,
recovered in the Blue Mountains of southeastern Washington state in August,could belong to the beast...

http://www.n2.net/prey/bigfoot/articles/myrtle.htm THE SUN NEWS, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina July,27,1997 - Byline Pat Butler Small town bitten by Bigfoot bug Witnesses stick by story of hairy, 8-foot-tall beast NEESES -
Sonja Gleaton doesn't get out into the sw much. But if Bigfoot should ever venture out of the woods and into Town Hall to get...

Newspaper: The Long Beach Press Telegram Article titled: quot;SMELLY' BIGFOOT SIGHTING HAS HUNTER SNIFFING FOR CLUESquot; Published: Sunday,
September 16, 1990 - Strange, half-human, half-animal tracks discovered by mushroom pickers

Bigfoot NE Bigfoot Center, 21 Benham St #F, Bristol, CT 06010: quot;Bigfoot Recordquot; Bigfoot Co-Op, 14602, Montevideo Dr, Whittier, CA 90605 Bigfoot Research Project, PO Box 126, Mt. Hood, OR 97041: Call 1-800-BIGFOOT to report your sightings. The Michigan/Canadian Bigfoot Information

The Unexplained 11-1-98 The Shadowlands' U.F.O. page The Shadowlands Bigfoot page Mysterious Creatures Sea Serpents Lake Monsters: Myth or Reality ? Shadowlands...

http://k2nesoft.k2nesoft.com/esoteric/bigfoot.html Bigfoot! As with most things on the Web, sites come and sites go. If you find links that no longer work, please let us know. Bigfoot Research Project Sasquatch Journal Other Meta-furs - by Blair Rosser Shadowlands Bigfoot - pictures of footprints as well as a picture from the Patterson...

http://www.crossfields.com/~ufomus/bigfoot/bflinks.html BIG,BIG,BIG BIGFOOT LINKS !!! ...

http://www.mcsi.net/alahoy/memoirs.htm Bigfoot Memoirs: My Life With the Sasquatch to Order the Book - book on personal contacts with Bigfoot. Description - Stan Johnson is a life-long friend of the Sasquatch people and has known them personally for years. He has traveled and visited with them. He reports here his memoirs...

Pic was actually taken in Winters Bayou,Texas. You can barely see a dark figure off to the left. Make of it what you will. Photo of a Bigfoot that was sighted in the Florida Everglades in Ochopee. It was shown on a local news station here in the Ft. Lauderdale area.

http://www.cgocable.net/~rgavel/links/links.html Gigantopithecus Blacki The Global Bigfoot Encyclopedia The Granite State Bigfoot Society The Hairy Hominid Archives - Lots of interesting information Humboldt Bigfoot Article Idaho Bigfoot The Internet Virtual Bigfoot Conference #034;Digest#034; subscription The Internet
Virtual Bigfoot...

http://www.ncf.carleton.ca/~bz050/HomePage.cbf.html Scientists to Search for Chinese quot;Bigfootquot; Date: April 1995 BEIJING (AP) -- Chinese scientists are setting off on a year long expedition to investigate reports of a
7-foot quot;Bigfoot'' wandering the wilderness. The 30-member team will set off next month for the Shennongjia Nature Reserve in central...

The Texas Bigfoot Video Footage, an Investigation by: Scott McNabb DATE: Oct. 5,1995. 1:30 PM. The Temperature was around 70 degrees on a nice sunny day. LOCATION: San Jacinto County, Texa.; Sam Houston National Forest. OBSERVED: The story goes that Danny Sweeten, was inspecting some property...

http://www.cactusventures.com/bigfootbks.htm Bigfoot Reading Suggestions 1. Bigfoot the Unforgettabale Encounter VHS Tape 2/pack Click Here to order or for more information 2. No Longer Available 3. Field Guide to the Sasquatch (Sasquatch Field Guide Series) Book Description : Over the last 150 years, hundreds of sightings...

http://www.vpg.net/bigfoot.htm Conversations With Bigfoot Gordon Langely Ives Ph.D. What follows is the first recorded contact with a Bigfoot (or, as they evidently call themselves, a Priorian). . . A lovely chapbook with a recorded conversation between Dr. Gordon Langley Ives,

http://flashnews.com/news/9jtt8jt0.htm Tue 03-10-98 12:10 pm MAN OFFERING $1 MILLION FOR A BABY BIGFOOT TOLEDO, Wash. (Wireless Flash) #150; A construction tycoon in Toledo, Washington, is offering $1 million to the first person who can bring him a live baby Bigfoot. 79-year-old Ray Wallace has tracked Bigfoot for more than 40 years...

http://www.n2.net/prey/bigfoot/sketches.htm Contributed To This Website With Grateful Appreciation By: © Darskii quot;ibeXXquot; ibexx@bmi.net Walla Walla, Washington January 13, 1997

http://www.n2.net/prey/bigfoot/articles/legends.htm Published: April 6, 1996 Legend of Bigfoot May Be All South Weber Has Left Town Can Cling to Bigfoot - Huge gravel pits dot this city's landscape. Gravel is the biggest business in town,

http://www.n2.net/prey/bigfoot/photo.htm Sycamore Flat Cground, California 1971 These three students from left to right are: Brian Goldojarb, Richard Engels and Willie Roemerman.They are shown here holding a cardboard reconstruction of the huge figure that pursued them from their c-site;

http://www.ncf.carleton.ca/~bz050/HomePage.bff.html Sent to: bigfoot conference v1.93 Going on the assumption that no knowledge is useless, and also risking that I may possibly offend some researchers, I offer the following DID YOU KNOW items. These are little things that jumped out at me ...

http://www.cactusventures.com/bigftproj.htm Bigfoot Research Project Bigfoot Research Project PO. Box 126 Mount Hood, Oregon USA, 97041 (503)352-7000 Contact Person: Peter Byrne We now have a Sasquatch Watch Message Board where our readers can leave messages of general interest, queries, reports, and any information they wish...

http://www.angelfire.com/ok/smhane/paradox.html Bigfoot Sighting

http://www.n2.net/prey/bigfoot/stories.htm ~ ENCOUNTERS AND SIGHTINGS ~ What you are about to read are actual letters from people, mostly Californians, who have had encounters, sightings or weird coincidences and have felt compelled to write their stories to this website.

http://www.angelfire.com/biz/bigfootcentral/ THIS IS BIGFOOT COUNTRY BIGFOOT (aka) SASQUATCH ----- Periodical reports in forested wilds of North America have told of rare, manimal appearing forest giants known as
Bigfoot or (Sasquatch). These reports from the backwoods haunts...

http://www.bigfootbiologist.org/  Welcome to the website of John Bindernagel I am a wildlife biologist who is seriously studying the sasquatch in North America. My interest in this animal began in 1963 when I was a third year student in wildlife management at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. My field work began in 1975...

PROFESSOR: TRACK DOWN, KILL A SASQUATCH LOS ANGELES TIMES WALLA WALLA, Wash. -- Gordon Krantz, anthropology professor at Washington State University, has touched off something of a controversy in Bigfoot circles by openly advocating the view that a specimen should be hunted down and killed...

http://www.angelfire.com/wa/sasquatchsearch/ The Washington State Sasquatch Search Group -Olympic National Park, Washington State.New Expeditions Posted .. Quinault Rain Forest Expedition Mt. Rainier Expedition Hoh River Rain Forest...

http://users1.ee.net/pmason/april.html OHIO BIGFOOT RESEARCH AND STUDY GROUP SASQUATCH FIELD INVESTIGATION OF APRIL 14, 1995 by George Clappison In April 8, 1995 a trip to Eastern Ohio was taken to investigate sasquatch sighting locations. We started out at 6 AM from Peggy's house and arrived at Flushing...

Sasquatch Journal - Sequence: Prologue man moving shaggy the habitat knows his photo the haberdasher plaster casts in Bluff Creek the question is no longer there is another kind of forgetting quick arrest convict hope he...

May 28, 1996 Search for Sasquatch becomes a bear of a task By Maria Goodavage MOUNT HOOD, Ore. - Vultures take to the sky, and in an instant, Peter Byrne turns off the engine of his red Jeep and...

http://members.aol.com/Weirdware2/bwwb.cz-hbs.html Hairy BipedsReports come from around the world of creatures who walk on two legs like humans, but are covered with fur. The most famous examples are the bigfoot, the sasquatch, and the yeti (also called the abominable snowman). The Abominable Snowman (Antonopulos) The Abominable Snowman...

http://members.ncats.net/gob/etiquette.html GoB's Rules for proper Sasquatch-catching etiquette! Rule #1.Never wear long-sleeved shirts while on a Sasquatch-catching expedition: It offends them. Anyway, the 2'nd Amendment gives all Americans the Right to bear arms, so you can bear those arms with pride!

Big Foot-Prints: A Scientific Inquiry into the Reality of Sasquatch by Grover S. Krantz 1992 Dr. Grover Krantz has the distinction of being one of the few scientists who accepts the existence of the legendary Bigfoot.

http://www.cfar.umd.edu/~keverill/Games/Earthdawn/Compatriots.html The Compatriots of the Great Hero Sasquatch First, let me tell you of the many and varied members of this illustrious group, for in order to truly understand their experiences, you must understand at least a little of what makes each of these Name-givers unique.

http://www.intergate.bc.ca/personal/alahoy/orvin.htm Orvin - A Sasquatch Questions Answered This photo was taken in the hills of Southern Oregon by myself during July, 1995. At the time I was with a group and through the Instrument, Dr. Ki, instructions were given by a sasquatch who calls himself Orvin to point my camera

http://members.tripod.com/~chopaka/ Ever thought about the legendary existence of Sasquatch or the Okanagon Monster-man of Palmer Lake? Now is your opportunity to explore the region in the Pacific Northwest where these
famous mythodologies originated.

http://users.sdccu.net/alahoy/memoirs.htm  Bigfoot Memoirs: My Life With the Sasquatch book on personal contacts with Bigfoot. - Stan Johnson is a life-long friend of the Sasquatch people and has known them personally for years. He has traveled and visited with them.

http://www.cactusventures.com/southeasbf.htm The Southeast Sasquatch Association Contact Person: Henery B. May IV...

Rutherford County Reports August 1987 Near J Percy Priest Lake; Witness watches a Sasquatch cross the road in front of her car. Summer, 1987 Near Percy Priest Lake and Walter Hill Community; Two witnesses see a 6 1/2 foot Sasquatch.

http://www.beyond-the-illusion.com/lists/iufo/1998/May/0839.html IUFO: International Sasquatch Symposium: Author MIKE SPITZER, a.k.a., HeNayNei

http://www.cactusventures.com/sasquery1.htm Sasquatch Queries Question from our Readers We now have a Sasquatch Watch Message Board where our readers can leave messages of general interest, queries, reports, and any information they wish to provide to others who have similar interests.

Was Beachcomber A Sasquatch? Whatever it was, it wasn't your average beachcomber. Three Vancouver herring fishermen all saw what might be the latest sighting of the legendary and elusive Sasquatch. While fishing in Bute Inlet, about 115 miles north of...

Madison County Reports August, 23rd, 1997 Huntsville, Madison county, near Bankhead PKWY; Biker encounters Sasquatch while riding a trail. Bigfoot Field Researchers'

Marshall County Reports July, 1997; Man and his mother witness a Sasquatch while walking in the woods. Bigfoot Field Researchers' Homepage Submit a report, an
article, or comments...

Jackson County Reports 1988, Ten miles northwest of highway 140 in an area called salt creek. Part of the Butte Falls water shed. Closest town is White City Oregon; Two hunters find track way of a Sasquatch, then witness a partial view Sasquatch as it runs away.

Lycoming County Reports August 3rd, 1997 Big Run Area, 1 mile up from Susquehanna River 2 miles from River Road; Two hikers witness a Sasquatch while hiking in the woods. Bigfoot Field Researchers'

Cook County Reports 1979, June; Teens witness large bipedal animal running through the woods. 1979, Summer; Teens are chased by sasquatch in an area of multiple events.

http://home.earthlink.net/~batsquatch/batsquatch.html is that a typo?) No, it's not. Many deny existance of Sasquatch, the Loch Ness monster, and aliens trailing in Hale-Bopp's dust but documented proof of Batsquatch's
existance cannot be refuted. Artist’s rendition based on the following description: Pterodactyl-like creature with purple body, blood...

http://home.fuse.net/rschaffner/TRACK.HTM From Creature Chronicles #7 Autumn, 1984 TRAIL TRACKING Charles J. Wilhelm Ron Schaffner Rarely does an investigator find a perfect print of the alleged creature called
Sasquatch. This is to be expected because of all the things that could cause the print to be distorted.

http://www.gcbro.com/ Seeking the truth in the United States, and World Wide! BigFoot, Sasquatch, or any of the other names for which it is known,is no stranger to the South. For years we have all heard stories and tales

http://gcbro.com/general.htm In North America the name Bigfoot (Plural/Singular), or Sasquatch, brings thoughts of some strange unknown monster wandering about in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.

Wasco County Reports February 1993, near The Dalles ; A couple travelling by train observe a sasquatch for several minutes as it observes the train during an
unscheduled control stop about 10 minutes outside The Dalles along the Columbia River.

Provided by Bobbie Short: (sierra@n2.net) and her California Sightings Web Site LOCATION: Bonner County, Idaho. Kelso Lake area. DATE: May 30, 1997; Weather clear and sunny. WITNESSES: A North Idaho sawmill builder said he and his son found a giant footprint of a Sasquatch the end of May while bear hunting...

(From 1958) NEW 'SASQUATCH' FOUND - IT'S CALLED BIGFOOT EUREKA, Calif. (AP) - Jerry Crew, a hard-eyed catskinner who bulldozes logging roads for a living, came to town this weekend with a plaster cast of a footprint. The footprint
looks human, but its is 16 inches long, seven inches wide,

Ersatz Sasquatch Has Feet of Clay, Police Say By Leef Smith Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, July 15, 1997; The Washington Post An ape-like creature, covered in a
tangle of leaves and branches, emerged yesterday from the bushes along a rural road in Fauquier County, prompting...

Kootenai County Reports June, 1997; 5 miles North of Athol; Former Highway patrol officer witnesses a Sasquatch cross the road behind him. Bigfoot Field Researchers

http://www.cactusventures.com/bigfootbks.htm Bigfoot Reading Suggestions

http://www.n2.net/prey/bigfoot/stories/btitmus.htm BOB TITMUS EULOGY July 1, 1997 Written by his neighbor and good friend, John Green Bob Titmus, a key figure in Sasquatch/Bigfoot investigation for almost 40 years, died at Chilliwack, British Columbia, on July 1st, following a heart attack suffered a few days before at his home in Harrison Hot

http://www.n2.net/prey/bigfoot/articles/grover2.htm Publication: The Salt Lake Tribune Types: Nation-World
Published: 01/22/96 Professor: Track Down, Kill a Sasquatch Byline: LOS ANGELES TIMES PROFESSOR: TRACK DOWN, KILL A BIGFOOT WALLA WALLA, Wash.Gordon Krantz, anthropology professor at Washington State University,

http://www.n2.net/prey/bigfoot/stories/cloverda.htm Cloverdale, California As a truck driver for a major oil company, I make the Northbound I-5 haul through Siskiyou County as frequently as anyone on a regular route. I can tell you that in 16 years of driving in that area, I have seen Sasquatch cross the highway twice.

Bigfoot/Sasquatch reports from Mexico Aguas Calientes Baja California Norte Baja California Sur Ceche Coahuila Colima Chiapas Chihuahua Distrito Federal Durango Guanajuato Guerrero Hidalgo Guadalajara Estado de Meacute;xico Michoacan Morelos Nayarit Nuevo Leoacute;

http://www.cactusventures.com/emerson.htm HERALD AND NEWS Klamath Falls,Oregon, Thursday, Jan. 8, 1998 Search for Sasquatches is being organized by Dorris true believer By Lee Juillerat (HN Regional Editor) DORRIS - Doubters, beware. Beyond a doubt, Ryan Emerson and other members of his Dorris-based U.S. Expedition and Exploration...

Whatcom County Reports June, 1975, near Deming ; a man and his wife are harassed by unseen creatures at their c site late at night. Local Indian loggers claimed there were territorial Sasquatches in this particular area. Bigfoot Field Researchers' Homepage

Yakima County Reports September 20, 1998, Yakima County, Washington; foul smell followed by vocalizations. 1997, Yakima County, Washington; sasquatch seen while father and son were hunting elk. 1996, August. Near Naches River; Woman sees bigfoot on two occasions along the same road. Fall, 1941...

http://ohwy.com/bc/h/harrison.htm Harrison Hot Springs British Columbia Located north of Highway 7, near Harrison Lake, Harrison Hot Springs is visited by travelers from all over the world. Guests soak in the famous
springs, windsurf, boat, parasail, or hike around the lake. Mountain goats frequent nearby Sasquatch Provincial...

http://www.n2.net/prey/bigfoot/articles/tom.htm Contra Costa Times, California October, 1994 PUBLISHER HOPES BOOK WILL ENCOURAGE SASQUATCH REPORTS Bigfoot rules Tom Morris' life. Yes, that Bigfoot. As in Sasquatch. Morris has never seen the big guy, but he did find some dung that seem a bit too big to belong to a bear. He'll show you...

Newspaper article : The Vancouver Daily Province, 1914 As reprinted in the BC Cryptozoology Club newsletter no. 2 August 1989. Sasquatch Still Feared by Indians Do you believe in the existnce of the Sasquatch? Few white men do, but the Indians a couple of generations back had no doubt of his...

http://www.22online.com/199901/14/brief4.html Newsum Ad Nauseum Sasquatch film real Pant zipper explained TRAIL, B.C. - A reclusive Sasquatch emerged from the woods...

http://www.cactusventures.com/saswatch.htm ; INTERMOUNTAIN RESEARCH CENTER Sasquatch Watch /

http://www.angelfire.com/biz/bigfootcentral/ THIS IS BIGFOOT COUNTRY *****WELCOME TO BIGFOOT
COUNTRY!**** BIGFOOT(aka) SASQUATCH-----Periodical reports in forested wilds of North America have told of rare, manimal appearing forest giants known as Bigfoot or (Sasquatch).

http://users1.ee.net/pmason/obrsg.html OHIO BIGFOOT RESEARCH AND STUDY GROUP The Ohio Bigfoot Research and Study Group is an organization dedicated to the study of Sasquatch in
and around the state of Ohio. The headquarters is in Cincinnati, Ohio and all members are volunteers.

http://www.cactusventures.com/sasquery1.htm Sasquatch Queries We now have a Sasquatch Watch Message Board where our readers can leave messages of general interest, queries, reports, and any information they wish to provide to others who have similar interests.

http://www.angelfire.com/ny/diana123/ SASQUATCH DIANA SANTOS- She is a sasquatch because she eats hole fish in the woods..... while they are alive. DANIELLE LaVERDE- She is a nut and suffers sasquatch syndrom....... MARTY RICHARDSON- He loves Diana because she eats hole fish alive........ SEA SLUG- The master of the world...

Hillhouse Investigations, Inc. Bigfoot / Sasquatch / Yeti A powerfully foul odor in the otherwise pristine wilderness; A length of unidentifiable hair caught in the bark of a tree; A huge footprint on the bank of an Oregon river. All are pieces in a one-thousand year old puzzle that still lies...

http://www.ncf.carleton.ca/~bz050/HomePage.bf.html The Hairy Hominid Archives This list of articles and news reports will really be growing a lot, as there is a lot of sasquatch/hairy hominid info out there. Michigan Bigfoot The Bigfoot and Thomas A historical bigfoot account. A BC scientists's search for sasquatch Idaho Bigfoot Sighting Vermont...

http://www.inetdesign.com/candykitchen/juneau.html Read back issues of our newsletter, The Candy Wolf. Visit the Wolves ..

http://www.cactusventures.com/southeasbf.htm The Southeast Sasquatch Association ; The Southeast Sasquatch Association

http://www.angelfire.com/oh/ohiosasquatch/ Sasquatch...The Mounting Evidence Is Bigfoot Really An Ohio Resident? Here's A New Documentary Which May Prove That It Is!! { The painting above was created by an actual eyewitness of a sighting near Sharon, Ohio on July 2'nd, 1984. She and her three young children observed the creature...

For years people have heard rumours of a giant manlike beast that lives in the north woods. He has been known by many names: Seatavik, Saskaheevis, D'sonaqua, Bigfoot, ...

http://www.intergate.bc.ca/personal/alahoy/orvin.htm Orvin - A Sasquatch Questions Answered This photo was taken in the hills of Southern Oregon by myself during July, 1995.; At the time I was with a group and through the Instrument, Dr. Ki, instructions were given by a sasquatch who calls himself Orvin to point my camera in the area of the...

Geographic Database of Bigfoot/Sasquatch Sightings Eyewitness reports from across North America Subscribe to the BFRO mailing list Newest additions to the geographic database Submit a Report, an Article, or Comments Here's where you can provide input or your eyewitness report.

Sasquatch out there, says scientist Story Posted Sun Jan 17 2:15:08 EST 1999 DIRK MEISSNER VICTORIA (CP) - John Bindernagel is obsessed by a pair of huge footprints...

Density of US bigfoot-sasquatch sighting reports circa 1981, density of human population circa 1980, and density of geographic place names associated with bigfoot-like creatures circa 1996. Notice that neither the bigfoot-sasquatch sighting reports nor the bigfoot-sasquatch geographic place names...

http://www.zoomnet.net/~sjlang/saschron.html THE This page is dedicated to the study of one of the greatest mysteries in the world....the Sasquatch. Also known as the Yeti, The Alma, The Skunk-ape, the Chinese Wildman, and of course... Bigfoot. Seen in remote (and sometimes not so remote) areas all over the globe. Here you'll find pictures...

Sasquatch [Sasukatchi] ; Species Bigfoot Real Name Sasquatch Native Place Canada Birth Year 1903 Height 166 cm Weight 180 kg Width 208 cm Foot Size 80 cm ; Ran'nyuu Character Aulbath Boss Character Jedah ; ; Nagewaza, Tokushuwaza, Oiuchi Kougeki,; Hissatsuwaza, EX...

http://www.rense.com/ufo2/bigfootman.htm SIGHTINGS ; Another Man Says He Was Bigfoot In 1967 Patterson Film By Linda Ashton The Oregonian 2-1-99 ; YAKIMA, Wash. (AP) - A Yakima man is claiming he wore the fur suit in the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin home movie of a sasquatch in northern California -- film...

http://ee.edmonds.wednet.edu/98EEWeb/Teachers/MrB/scripts/bestbookclub.htm Best of the Sasquatch and YRC 1999 Nominated Books ESD Librarians' Best Books Club - One great list with great activities!Readers Theater Scripts for all the Best Books. Exciting dramas created by librarians of the ESD. Checklist before reading scripts Annotated List of Best BooksAuthor Links...

http://www.pnta.com/cutsheets/sasquatch.html Project: Tradeshow Booth Client: Sasquatch Books Design: Christopher Hope Location: American Booksellers Association Tradeshow, McCormick Place, Chicago Date: March 1995 click belowfor morePacific Studioprojects Tradeshows Museums...

http://www.angelfire.com/yt/yeticave/ You have wandered into YetiKid's Home Cave! Home ;middot Gallery ;middot Display ;middot Links ;middot Guestbook ;middot Contact It starts! Feel free to wander around all you like. The pics in the gallery are free for personal use, but askLord Sasquatch if for some reason you want to put one on...

http://sterba.com/nightlive/sasquatch/photos.html Sasquatch's Lair - Photos Patrick Swazye? Back to Sasquatch's Lair Monday Night Live - Monday Nights - 9:00 - Channel 23...

http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Portal/1982/sasquatch.html http://www.food-smart.com/links.html ; Here are some interesting Sasquatch and Bigfoot related web sites that we've found. Have fun visiting them! The Bigfoot Research Project The Western Bigfoot Society Internet Virtual Bigfoot...

http://directory.mozilla.org/profiles/sasquatch.html Editor: ; sasquatch Edit Summary Name: ; Brian Trinen Email: ; Send to sasquatch ;Bookmarks Categories Science: Cryptozoology Copyright ;copy; 1998 Netscape - Feedback...

http://www.n2.net/prey/bigfoot/edwards.htm Sasquatch and the Edward;#146;s Air Force Base Surveillance Written By Doug Trapp The Sun dropped quickly behind the desert rock-piles revealing a deep red glow to the western sky as Corey Rudolph and I made c at the east end of Avenue J in Palmdale one spring night in 1977. We had been...


http://users.uniserve.com/~gludwig/guide/guidemnu.htm Climbing Areas Malamute - Squamish Sasquatch Prince - Harrison Hot Springs Coquihalla Canyon - Hope Stawamus Chief - Grand Wall Stawamus Chief - Apron Stawamus
Chief - Tantalus Wall Stawamus Chief - Bulletheads Comic Rock Little Smoke Bluffs Murrin Park Lighthouse Park Skaha Bluffs Jupiter and...

http://bigfootmovie.com/synopsis.htm ; ;; THE SASQUATCH HUNTERS is a mock-umentary, following a number of unusual characters as they search for, and obsess over, Bigfoot. The film blends satire with a genuine affection for characters who can be silly, sad, and very human. Franklin Burns (DAVID RICHMOND), the filmmaker...

http://www.teleport.com/~caveman/steyehah.html The IVBC Almas and Yeti Gallery The Almas drawings are from Asia, the Yeti drawing is from Asia, and I think these beings are very similar if not the same species as what we commonly call bigfoot or sasquatch in the Pacific Northwest of North America. Almas (thanks to Silas Salmonberry) Almas 2...

http://home.fuse.net/rschaffner/ INDEPENDENT INFORMATION AND NEWS SERVICE CRYPTOZOOLOGY AND WILDLIFE PHENOMENA Updated: February 15, 1999 Relevant News of Interest News from the Past Current Investigations Articles from Past Issues About Creature Chronicles Commentary and Critical Thinking Database of Alleged Bigfoot/Sasquatch...

http://starbase.neosoft.com/~grosin/yeti.html The Yeti Yeti. Abominable Snowman. Sasquatch. Bigfoot. Mapinguari. The Skeptic's Dictionary Hillhouse Investigations A hairy creature running Nutty Neti Nutty Neti on What Is PlatyNet The...

http://www.moneymaker.org/BFRR/GDB/index.htm This database is the most comprehensive online collection of bigfoot/sasquatch sighting reports and articles. It is collectively maintained by various bigfoot field researchers in the U.S. and Canada, and the entire online bigfoot research community. Researcher e-mail addresses can be found in the...

http://www.hooked.net/~kylemi/bigfoot/legends.html Bigfoot-Like Figures in North American Folklore and Tradition Bigfoot-like characters abound in the folklore, legends, and oral history of Native American tribes across North America. From the well known ;quot;Sasquatch;quot; of the Coast Salish in the Pacific Northwest to the...

http://ccwf.cc.utexas.edu/~gallo/sasquatch/ ; official friends of the sasquatch society this is a web site for all you sinners who would care to snare the non-bear he ain't no wookie gimme back that cookie put him in a zoo,; just to see what he do but sasquatch gonna get you sasquatch gonna get you ; join friends of the...

http://cgibin.erols.com/bdwilner/.../cryptozoo/ Sasquatch: The Evidence ; This is a scene from the controversial Patterson-Gimlin film of a sasquatch, or bigfoot, taken in 1967 in California. Many critics called the film a hoax despite the fact that leading special effects experts were...

http://www.moneymaker.org/BFRR/GDB/CNTS/MN/SL/mn_sl001.htm Report Submitted to the Western Bigfoot Society public reports page. Submitted by Chris Machmer [Email address provided upon request to researchers] on Mon Jan 15, 1996 Observed: Saw a sasquatch looking through our cabin door. I was looking out at him/her. This happened when I was very young and...

http://www.iosphere.net/~twocats/sasquatch/sasqinfo.htm Sasquatch information page The SASQUATCH Writers' Performance Series was founded by Juan O'Neill, (613) 238-5911, who remains its director. Juan has provided the following eloquent description of what constitutes the essence of the SASQUATCH series... quot;Often, the artist is like a hairy beast...

http://www.bladecomputing.com/sasquatch/ This web site is part of the Ring Buddies web ring...

http://www.ohwy.com/bc/s/sasquapp.htm Sasquatch Provincial Park Though the park is named for the legendary quot;Bigfoot,quot; visitors are more likely to see deer, squirrels and beaver. Four attractive lakes and beautiful forests surrounded by mountains offer a focus for cing, canoeing, nature study, swimming, fishing, photography and...

http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/explore/parkpgs/sasquatc.htm Sasquatch Provincial Park This park was named after the legendary BIGFOOT who is said to of roamed the area. It is also known for its four attractive lakes and beautiful forests surrounded by magnificent mountains. Green Point picnic area borders on Harrison...

http://www.nwmyst.com/nwmyst-bigfoot-0009.html Larry Lund, Sasquatch Sleuth by Greg Long ;#151; February 1, 1997 I'm a tall person, so I had to bend slightly as I entered Larry Lund's basement office in his house in Vancouver, Washington. It wasn't just the low ceiling; it was also the...

http://home.earthlink.net/~batsquatch/batsquatch.html (is that a typo?) No, it's not. Many deny existance of Sasquatch, the Loch Ness monster, and aliens trailing in Hale-Bopp's dust but documented proof of Batsquatch's existance cannot be refuted. Artist;#146;s rendition based on the following description: Pterodactyl-like creature with purple body...

Sasquatch Provincial Park his park was named after the legendary BIGFOOT who is said to of roamed the area. It is also known for its four attractivelakes and beautiful forests surrounded by magnificent mountains.

http://www.forteantimes.com/artic/111/ape.html Sian Hall reviews the South African traditions of man-like creatures Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot ... these are all familiar names for that legendary man-ape that haunts the ancient mind and the remotest regions on this planet. Glimpses of such a beast, mythical or real, can be found in a multitude of...

http://www.network1000.com/sasgd/index.html Sasquatch Graphic Design Address 3845 FM Houston, TX 77068 ;; Phone: (713) 587-0999...

http://www.spiretech.com/~sas/whoami.htm SASQUATCH Hello, my name is Ward. Sasquatch is my handle on IRC (Efnet). I got my handle from my friend, Jim Mei, who calls me Sasquatch as my regular name. I am 6' 4;quot;, 285 lbs and hairy from head to toe. My home channel is #paradise!!! on Efnet, and you can find me there at various times...

http://home.icsmedia.de/~kanada/ Sasquatch Tours - Abenteuer Westkanada ; Ski Total Europa Buddenstr. 6, 48143 Muenster, Germany Tel.: 0251 - 46800 Fax: 46801 e-mail: 100121.164@compuserve.com Im Sommer Abenteuerurlaub in Westkanada, im Winter zusaetzlich noch Ski Total in ganz Europa -- das ist das ultimative Urlaubsangebot von...

http://www.fortunecity.com/roswell/rune/184/link.htm BIGFOOT LINKS PAGEThe Washington State Sasquatch Search GroupThe Cybersquatch Bigfoot Links pageA VERY thorough collection of linksCentral Ohio Bigfoot HomepageRich LaMonica's Northeastern Ohio's Researchable Kryptid Accounts Gulf Coast BigFoot Research OrganizationThe Eyes of the Forest quot;Journey...

http://www.thenetcat.com/andy/eyes/bigfoot.txt.html Something is Out There - By Andrew M. Haworth 'Something is out there.' Bigfoot, sasquatch or yeti, there are unexplained sightings of some kind of creature. By: Andrew M. Haworth Date: 07/27/97 A little more than a week ago, the town of Neeses could have been considered the model for a sleepy...

http://emerald.oz.net/veils/veilsv2n11/sasquatch.html VEILS November 1, 1997 Volume 2, No. 11Return to Contents pageDay 83- How the Sasquatch Legend Was Started;Provided by Patient #627Last saturday night Clara and I went to a Sasqatch party. Clara, like me,has been genetically altered to appear human so that we may fulfill ourmission of using...

http://ufobc.org/big1.htm Abbotsford mill worker tells symposium he encountered a Sasquatch near Spuzzum. The Vancouver Sun. Monday, June 9, 1997 Standing in front of a crowd of about 50, Mike McDonald explains that up until two weeks ago he didn't believe in Bigfoot. That was, he says, before he...


http://members.aol.com/bgconnor/sasquatch.html Patrol Leader - Steve C.Eric S.Jim C.Matt D.Jefferey R.J.J. M.Eric St.;;;;;...

http://www.moneymaker.org/BFRR/REF/bfmedia.htm BFRO List of Bigfoot/Sasquatch Videos, Sounds, Photos, Books, Newsletters, Etc. Videos : ; The A;E Documentary quot;Bigfootquot; (includes the Patterson footage). Scott Herriott's comedic quot;Journey Toward Squatchdomquot; video -- a spoof on bigfoot documentaries. ; Photos : ; Still Frames of...

http://www.rust.net/~mignash/cssasquatch.html Sasquatch for Chions Real name: Dr. Walter Lankowski Other known aliases: Box III. Occupation: Canadian government super agent. Current group affiliation: Alpha Flight. Past group affiliations: Army of the Goddess. Major enemies: The Great Beasts, The Master of the World. First appearence...

http://www.strangemag.com/paranormalanim.html STRANGEhome M A C R O S C O P E PARANORMAL MANIMALS IN LATIN AMERICA by Scott Corrales While Latin America has always a steady source of information on UFOs and encounters with nonhuman creatures. Creatures tentatively classified as Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, and a host of other denominations are...



http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~btcarrol/skeptic/bigfoot.html ; Robert Todd Carroll ; SkepDic.com ;Bigfoot [a.k.a. Abomindable Snowman of the Himalayas, Mapinguari (the Amazon), Sasquatch, Yowie (Australia) and Yeti (Asia)] ;quot;There is a Yeti in the back of everyone's mind; only the...

http://www.atlcom.net/~chris/Sasquatch.html Sightings Of Sasquatch Sasquatch, the missing link or just another hoax? A photo of Sasquatch, before his disappearance. ;;; While to many people Sasquatch is only a legend, to The ;Ccedil;owGod, he is very real indeed.; Sasquatch does not exist.; At least, he does not...

http://novagames.simplenet.com/redcaps/mem/sas.html This web page has been uploaded comfortably using The Homepage Upper for Windows 95 (unregistered). SS Name: Sasquatch! Real Name: (unkown) Gender: Male Location: Seattle, Washington (USA) Favorite Birds of Prey: Warbird Email Me! Warning: Must Have SASQUATCH in Subject...

http://php.iupui.edu/~jwarvel/windsurf/teamindy/ian.htm Ian Wright (Sasquatch) Email: igwright@surf-ici.com 2235 Foxcliff North Age: 61 Martinsville, IN 46151 Weight: 240 lbs Home: (317) 342-2656 Longboard: Advanced Work: (317) 342-2656 Shortboard: Intermediate Pager: Waveboard: Novice Boards: Mistral Equipe, F2 Comet (original model), Copello 295...


http://www.travreflib.com/Books/C/lmbiagrg.htm Columbia Gorge

http://www.ufobc.org/athabasc.htm ATHABASCA SASQUATCH SHIP The following account is taken from the Manchester Guardian March 16 [year unknown]: - ;quot;According to a letter from a man in Canada the Athabasca Indian Scouts of British Columbia have found a sasquatch ship in the forest. ;A sasquatch ship...

http://www.iosphere.net/~twocats/sasquatch/index.htm * * * * * Want to know what's going on, literary-wise in the Ottawa area? Check out our quot;famousquot; Literary Schedule page, Ottawa's most complete literary event listing. * * * * * SASQUATCH featured resources at other sites...

http://www.accessv.com/~ehuang/sasquatch.html ; Saquatch quot;There must be someone who has an evil design.quot; Full Name - Sasquatch Origin - Canada Height - 166 cm Race - Bigfoot Year of Birth - 1903 Weight - 180 kg Story - The Bigfoot tribe had once wanted to become earth's rulers.; They soon forgot though, after then began developing...

http://users.uniserve.ca/~gludwig/guide/sasquatc.htm Sasquatch Prince, Harrison Hot Springs...

http://www.veils.com/veils/veilsv2n11/sasquatch.html VEILS November 1, 1997 Volume 2, No. 11Return to Contents pageDay 83- How the Sasquatch Legend Was Started;Provided by Patient #627Last saturday night Clara and I went to a Sasqatch party. Clara, like me,has been genetically altered to appear human so that we may fulfill ourmission of using...

http://oak.conncoll.edu/~rjsyl/Deadpool/Sasquatch.html quot;This large furball is Walter. He likes to call himself Sasquatch, and he can be a self-righteous pansey sometimes. He also owes me five bucks, so I can't kill him, yet.quot; Back...

http://www.freeyellow.com/members6/jpakin/index.html The Georgia Sw Ape Research Center Welcome...to the web home of G.S.A.R.C. Somewhere in the dense forests and sws of the United States an enigma is alive and well. This enigma has been reported in many stories and known by various names for centuries. Known as Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Skunk...

http://www.parascope.com/articles/0797/bigfoot.htm ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Bigfoot was described as quot;really fatquot; with discolored teeth quot;like baby blocks.quot; The Boy Who Cried Bigfoot Shady Sasquatch Sighting in South Carolina by D. Trull...

http://www.moneymaker.org/BFRR/GDB/CNTS/WA/TH/wa_th001.htm Newspaper article : The Oregonian, May 27, 1981 ANTHROPOLOGIST SUMMONED TO EXAMINE BIGFOOT TRACKS OLYMPIA (AP) - Thurston County sheriff's deputies have summoned help in studying some mysterious tracks that may lead to another Bigfoot hoax or perhaps the legendary Sasquatch. Deputies took...

http://www.spiretech.com/~sas/ward1.htm SASQUATCH 'S PICS; (PAGE;2) Receiving the SSPA Technical Support Star Award. Getting big lobsters in Boston. At the wheel of ;quot;Old Ironsides;quot;. Proud Dad fresh from the operating room...

http://www.bladecomputing.com/sasquatch/friends/code.htm Friends of The Sasquatch Webring Fragment Code In order to become a part of the Friends of The Sasquatch Webring, you must place the ring fragment code on your page. Rules for the ring fragment placement are: 1) Do not change the code without The Sasquatch's permission. If you get The Sasquatch...

http://home.muenster.net/~kanada/fortsasq.html Fort Sasquatch Unser Geheimtip im Norden von British Columbia 121 Grad West, 56 Grad Nord - das ist die genaue Position unsereres absoluten Geheimtips im Norden British Columbias. In der N;auml;he des Highway 97, der wenig spaeter in Dawson Creek zum legendaeren Alaska Highway wird, liegt inmitten...

http://www.xproject-paranormal.com/archives/cryptozoology/bf_whistling.html Buy books from Amazon.com Message Boards News Headlines Opinion/Polls Book Store Featured Link Content Archives Para-Gallery Subscribe FREE About Us/ FAQ Send Feedback Contact Us Para-Links Escape Frames A Whistling Sasquatch by Jesse Glass POSTED...

http://www.cactusventures.com/bigfootboard/sasboard.html Sasquatch Watch Message Board [ Post Message ] [ FAQ ] Little twits - Jay 18:36:31 4/13/99 (1) twits - Walt 19:29:42 4/13/99 (0) SCREW YOU - To Danny Ezell 09:49:32 4/13/99 (0) The Stunner - Stoned Cold Steve Austin 09:42:07 4/13/99 (2) me - josh gow 09:44:46 4/13/99 (1) Da bomb - Andes 09...

http://hubcap.clemson.edu/~bbradle/sasquatch.html Sasquatch Who is Sasquatch? You may be wondering: quot;Who is Sasquatch?quot; Or, maybe you've seen one to many episodes of Unsolved Mysteries and you think you know exactly who Sasquatch is. Well, whatever you're thinking, you are probably wrong. Sorry. Bottom line: I am Sasquatch. No, I am not the...

http://art.net/~levi/pages/sasquatch.html http://www.travreflib.com/Books/F/ldgdsqtc.htm To menu bar Field Guide to the Sasquatch Society of Cryptozoology, David George Gordon $5.95 ISBN: 0-912365-54-4 May 1992; 48 pp. 5.5-by-8.5-in. paperback Sasquatch Books North America...

http://dmoz.org/Bookmarks/S/sasquatch/ Home- About the Open Directory Project- Feedback the entire directory only in sasquatch Top: Bookmarks: S: sasquatch Neato cd labels, Verbatim and TDK disks, media, music CDs, DVD, cds, labels, cdlabels, cd-labels, kits - CD and DVD labels by Neato. We specialize in Neato cd labels and the DVD...

http://st4.yahoo.net/skishop/kidssasquatch.html Just for Kids, this is a lightweight, durable, easy to use shoe made special for small feet and lighter loads up to 75 pounds. 6.5 x 17.5 inches. 1.6 lbs.Kids Sasquatch#5353Regular price: $79...

http://www.moneymaker.org/BFRR/GDB/CNTS/WA/GH/wa_gh008.htm Submitted by FRED B on Thursday, February 25, 1999 DATE: We saw a Sasquatch that came just outside of our c. LOCATION: North River area eight miles south of Aberdeen washington, Grays Harbor County. OBSERVED: THIS TOOK PLACE, August, 23or 25, 1985. I had learnt of a report of a group traveling...

http://oberon.educ.sfu.ca/sasq/notes/ramble.htm Sasquatch Journal - The Creative Process (supplemental) Automatic Writing Follow the links below for an exle of how automatic or stream-of- consciousness writing has given me many concrete ideas that make their way into the completed poem. We can only hope that with this bit of typing going on...

http://www.food-smart.com/oldevent.html ; Past Events Sasquatch Has Demonstrated Food Smart At: April 1996 Wellness Show Vancouver, British Columbia April 1996 Canadian Diabetes...

http://www.food-smart.com/newevent.html ; Upcoming Events Sasquatch Will be Demonstrating Food Smart At: September 1996 Canadian Diabetes Association 75th Anniversary of the Discovery of...

http://members.xoom.com/sasqmoab/who.html asquatch designs is a professional graphic design company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Sasquatch Designs recognizes the power of the Internet, and strives to provide small to intermediate sized companies with an opportunity to get established on the World Wide Web at a minimal cost. We...

http://ro.com/~jethridg/bigfoot.htm It has had many names given to it, many stories told, and rare but unforgettable sightings. Its name is Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquatch, the Abominable Snowman, etc... It is the missing link, a perhaps living relic from another time. A time long before civilization spread its grasp to include much of...

http://wlma.org/assoc/orders.htm The Sasquatch Reading Award: Ordering Information for Librarians TitleAuthorPublisherDateISBN Dead LetterBetsy ByarsViking1996 0670868604 FrindleAndrew ClementsSimon;Shuster19960689806698 Robin's CountryMonica FurlongKnopf1995 0679943323 Wagon Train 911Jamie GilsonLothrop1995 0688145507 The Kid Who...

http://www.net1fx.com/~rph/sasquat.htm SASQUATCH ; TEAM INFO: President ; CEO - Jonathan Molina Director of Hockey Operations - Ian Fudge Director of Public Relations - Tara Cameron Stadium - Kokanee States Arena Capacity - 19, 955 Inaugural Year - 1997 VHL Runner Up - N/A VHL Chions - N/A 97-98 ROSTER: Samsonov...

http://home.earthlink.net/~realbadger/bigfoot.htm LinkExchange Member Sasquatch Links: The following list of Sasquatch and Bigfoot sites is also available on the Fortean Times page of Bigfoot links… Bigfoot (Robert Todd Carroll: skeptical viewpoint of hairy bipeds) Bigfoot - Crookston Minnesota (building a Bigfoot museum) Bigfoots Links Bigfoot...

http://rivendell.fortunecity.com/lair/316/final/finalh/sasq.htm ; Sasquatch: ; He is another secret character, but is not that useful...

http://www.moneymaker.org/BFRR/GDB/CNTS/OR/or_ja.htm Jackson County Reports; 1988,; Ten miles northwest of highway 140 in an area called salt creek. Part of the Butte Falls water shed. Closest town is White City Oregon;; Two hunters find track way of a Sasquatch, then witness a partial view Sasquatch as it runs away. Bigfoot Field...

http://www.moneymaker.org/BFRR/GDB/CNTS/OK/ok_ma.htm Marshall County Reports; July, 1997; Man and his mother witness a Sasquatch while walking in the woods. ; Bigfoot Field Researchers' Homepage Submit a report, an article, or comments...

http://www.moneymaker.org/BFRR/GDB/CNTS/PA/pa_ly.htm Lycoming County Reports; August 3rd, 1997 Big Run Area, 1 mile up from Susquehanna River 2 miles from River Road; Two hikers witness a Sasquatch while hiking in the woods. Bigfoot Field Researchers' Homepage Submit a report, an article, or comments...

http://sterba.com/nightlive/sasquatch/patrick.html Sasquatch, E.R. And Patrick Swayze - The REAL Story Where did Sasquatch come from? What do they have to do with E.R. and Patrick Swayze. These questions will all be answered to you if you read on! Once Upon A Time, there lived three public access TV show hosts. Their names were Hansel-Ed, Gretel...

http://www.hancockhouse.com/titles/tracsasq.htm On the Track of the Sasquatch by John Green 8 1/2 x 11, SC, 64 pp. ISBN 0-88839-341-5 - Price: $7.95 Sign Our Guest Book Order Here...

http://www.hancockhouse.com/titles/bigfoot.htm Sasquatch: Bigfoot - The Continuing Mystery by Thomas N. Steenburg 5 /12 x 8 1/2, SC, 128 pp. ISBN 0-88839-312-1 - Price: $11.95 Sign Our Guest Book Order Here...

http://mypage.direct.ca/j/jbanner/sasquatch.htm My friend Sasquatch ; ; (aka Darcy Henderson); if(navigator.userAgent.indexOf(quot;MSIEquot;) != -1) document.writeln (''); else document.writeln...

http://www2.gvsu.edu/~lefeverl/ Sasquatch Homepage (By Lyle Le Fever -- a.k.a. ‘Sasquatch’) (Top of Page) Table of Contents ;His House Christian Fellowship ;Denver Bronco Fanatic!!! ; I Smell Roses!!!!!! ; Christmas Special ; Wanna Reach Me? His House Christian Fellowship Hey you!!! Yeah you, the one...

http://www.comox.island.net/~johnb/ Welcome to the website of John Bindernagel I am a wildlife biologist who is seriously studying the sasquatch in North America. My interest in this animal began in 1963 when I was a third year student in wildlife management at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. My field work began in 1975...

http://www.ncf.carleton.ca/~bz050/HomePage.byrne.html Date: Sunday, July 2, 1995 Source: By Bill Donahue, Special to the Chicago Tribune. Section: TEMPO Copyright Chicago Tribune ON THE TRAIL OF BIGFOOT PETER BYRNE IS TRYING TO MAKE HIS LIFELONG DREAM COME TRUE: HE WANTS TO FIND SASQUATCH You feel, the moment you enter Peter Byrne's home...

http://www.cybertrails.com/hastings/marvel/sasquatch/sasquatch.html Contributed by: The Alpha Zone Sasquatch Real Name: Walter Langkowski Former Aliases: Box III, Wanda Langkowski Group Affiliation: Former member of Alpha Flight First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #120 Creator: John Byrne Walter Langkowski happened to meet Robert quot;Brucequot; Banner while in graduate...

http://home.fuse.net/rschaffner/TRACK.HTM From Creature Chronicles #7 Autumn, 1984 TRAIL TRACKING Charles J. Wilhelm ; Ron Schaffner Rarely does an investigator find a perfect print of the alleged creature called Sasquatch. This is to be expected because of all the things that could cause the print to be distorted. Specifically, the...

http://www.mcsi.net/alahoy/memoirs2.htm Bigfoot Memoirs: My Life With the Sasquatch to Order the Book INTRODUCTION By Richard Schroeder quot;Stan Johnson is an inspiring speaker, teacher and healer. His new book relates his heartwarming experiences of meeting not only the Sasquatch people, but also the star people, who are our friends as...

http://www.iosphere.net/~twocats/sasquatch/links.htm Sasquatch Literary Links page This page is a collection of literary information and resources on the Web (comments in parentheses). NEW: misquote ink, A CANADIAN LITERARY LABEL The music-poetry group SugarBeat Council for the Arts in Ottawa The Elgin...

http://afm.infinit.net/@@d1OlExQAobBhL9TG/chro/inex/bigfoot.htm Voyage au pays du Sasquatch (Big Foot)Par Yves Baril L';eacute;t;eacute; dernier, lors de mon voyage dans l’ouest canadien, je me suis ‘aventur;eacute;’ dans le village de Harrison Hot Springs situ;eacute; dans la r;eacute;gion commun;eacute;ment appel;eacute;e ‘Le pays du Sasquatch’. Pour ceux...

http://www.dsp.net/solo/fusebox/color_pages/sasquatch.html Sasquatch:Colored for Fleer trading cardsand Marvel Comics 97'View larger image back to:comic color...

http://www.bladecomputing.com/sasquatch/hub.htm The Hub Welcome to The Sasquatch's Domain. You have reached The Hub, which is basically the table of contents. From here, I have links to the rest of my web site. Enjoy! News - Here's what's happenin' with the site and my life. Major Sections Minor Sections...

http://www.n2.net/prey/bigfoot/stories/emailed2.htm Email from Texas: A white Sasquatch encounter When my father was about 18 or so (that would put the year at about 1938-39) He was about to join the Navy. He and a few friends got together to go coon hunting one night. the area where they went to coon hunt is south of Red Oak, Texas in the bottom...

http://www.iosphere.net/~twocats/sasquatch/schedule.htm Sasquatch literary event schedule This page is a listing of literary events in and around the Ottawa area. If you know of an event that is not listed here, please drop us an e-mail. Last update: April 12th, 1999. All events are free unless otherwise specified. Click here for...

http://www.dsp.net/solo/fusebox/color_pages/view_larger/sasquatch_larger.html ALpha Flight © Marvel...

http://www.burgoyne.com/pages/porters/mffl/ss.html Sucia Island Samurai Sasquatch Team: Sucia Island Samurai Sasquatch Owner: Dave Adams Owner E-mail Location: Sucia Island, Washington Stadium: Capacity: Team Song quot;Higher Groundquot; Team Colors: Yellow, Fire Red, Green Most Valuable Player: Jerome Bettis Overall Record: Regular Season Post...

http://www.dzogchen.org/yeti/ytale1.html A Yeti Tale: IntroductionThe essay belowwill be included in a forthcoming book by Lama Surya Das.IntroductionThe legendary yeti, or Abominable Snowman, isprobably the most well-known of Himalayan denizens-- even more famousthan the Dalai Lama of Tibet. Reputed to be a huge, hairy ape-likecreature...

http://www.yeti.com.pl/ Uzyj Netscape 2.0 lub nowszego, poniewaz Twoja przegladarka nie rozumie ramek...

http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Dungeon/8591/main.html YRA Homepage Yeti Research Association Welcome to the YRA homepage. In case you didn't notice before, YRA stands for quot;Yeti Research Association.quot; My partner and I are the heads of this administration. We are also experienced yeti hunters. This site, and our association, is dedicated to the...

http://www.serve.com/shadows/yeti.htm The Yeti Or the abominable snowman as it is commonly called has been sighted in the Himalayan mountains for 100's of years. The creature is a tall manlike creature coverd with shaggy hair. The people of Nepal see the creature regularly. Accounts say it's height is approx. 6-8...

http://www.south-asia.com/yakti.html Fill up our reservation form to book a room An Ideal Location Settled in the very heart of Kathmandu - only 15 minutes from the airport - is the legendary Yak and Yeti. A spectacular 'new' hotel that blends with an equally splendid 18th century palace, creating an unrivalled 20th century...

http://www.yeticycles.com/ VISUAL INTERACTION PRECAUTION! The Yeti web Site contains explicit photographs of custom tubing and perfect welds. In addition, all models are under the age of eighteen (in fact, they're all '98s). If you are opposed to this kind of material, please refrain from entering...

http://members.xoom.com/USS_Yeti/index.html ...

http://www.yeti.com.au/ -- frames -- -- non-frames...

http://www.angelfire.com/ma/yetipage/ In about four seconds you will be takin to the new yetipage.....enjoy. It's actually the same but with a whole lot more page! Click on the flashing cack to hear me and Rich blabber! SOUTH PARK SOUNDS ARE NOW HERE!!!!!!!!!!! GET TO THEM THROUGH THE CONTENTS PAGE! THE INCREDIBLE PICTURE IS NOW THERE...

http://www.angelfire.com/yt/yeticave/ You have wandered into YetiKid's Home Cave! Home middot Gallery middot Display middot Links middot Guestbook middot Contact It starts! Feel free to wander around all you like. The pics in the gallery are free for personal use, but askLord Sasquatch if for some reason you want to put one on...

http://outside.starwave.com:80/magazine/1298/9812yeti.html Outside Magazine, December 1998 Yeti or Not The Great Reinhold Messner unmasks his latest conquest By John Tayman The yeti, mythic kin to bigfoot, has puzzled the west since 1832 when a British naturalist reported tales of a quot;hairy ape-like creaturequot; loping nonchalantly across the Himalayan...

http://pw1.netcom.com/~ytispgti/home_video.html Now, Netcom has pictures! Photos coming soon! presents... The 1997 Web Directory WELCOME TO YETI-SPAGHETTI ON-LINE!PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SELECTA QUICK PAGE AND SURF ON!the independent studio the latest comedyvisit larry's homevisit the franklin stewart academy for the mentally deficient i...

http://www.farhills.org/s/yeti/ Yeti's Rebellion Homepage is no longer up and running. Yeti has found that bigger and better things have taken up all of his precious time. He apologizes for any inconvenience that this may cause to anyone. Please remove all links to this site. Notify the webmaster that had a link to this site to...

http://www.newweb.net/cgi-bin/yeticgi.pl Yeti, The Abominable snowman. You said: Hi Yeti says: HI!, I'm Yeti, The Abominable Snowman. Talk to me and I will talk to you. Scold me and I will scold you. .

http://www.conknet.com/~D_king ...

http://www.awn.com/yeti http://yakandyeti.com/

http://www.magmacom.com/~yeti The Yeti Or the abominable snowman as it is commonly called has been sighted in the Himalayan mountains for 100's of years. The creature is a tall manlike creature coverd with shaggy hair. The people of Nepal see the creature regularly. Accounts say it's height is approx. 6-8...


http://www.cactusventures.com/saswatch.htm INTERMOUNTAIN RESEARCH CENTER PO Box 368 Chester, South Carolina 29706 yetiwatch@aol.com Sasquatch Watch / Link to the rest of this site Please include the word quot;Sasquatchquot; in your e-mail subject This site is dedicated to the collection and reporting of Bigfoot...


http://www.dzogchen.org/yeti/ytale2.html A Yeti Tale: A Lama Scalps a YetiThe story belowwill be included in a forthcoming book by Lama Surya Das.A Lama Scalps a YetiLama Sangyay Dorje lived all alone on thesnowy mountainside above Dingboche, near the world's highest peak, MountEverest. He was a holy hermit, vowed to silence, who...

http://www.mg.co.za/mg/news/97jul2/29jul-yetis.html ELECTRONIC MAILGUARDIAN July 29, 1997 I've seen the Yeti, says climber A dare-devil Italian climber says he's stood eye-to-eye with a Yeti in Pakistan and photographed it. But the world can't see the pictures until he's finished writing a book ... IAN TRAYNOR BOASTING OF close encounters... Welkom op de homepage van de S.V.A.C. Yeti. Als je geen idee hebt wie en wat we zijn, begin dan eens met de knop quot;Wat is Yeti ?quot; Voor de trouwere bezoekers is dit niet meer nodig, zij zullen de weg wel vinden... Zoals je ziet is de de Yeti Homepage (de naam...

http://jump.altavista.com/rns.go?yeti A RealNameSM is an easier way to find web sites using everyday language. Please check the list below for RealNames related to yeti. Yeti-SpaghettiHome Video Market Yeti's Rebellion PageYeti#39;s Rebellion Homepage Stockholm MTB YetiStockholm MTB...

http://www.awn.com/yeti/ http://users.cwnet.com/yeti/ Yeti's Homepage This page is intentionally left blank. #160; Send Mail to Yeti ...

http://www.yetitech.com/ Here's what we do (click on the bullets for details): Bottom line? Our prices are low. Partly because of our low overhead. Mostly because that's the way we want it. Click here and see for yourself. Build Custom PCs Consult and train with Small to Mid-sized businesses, and...

http://www.arconet.es/Cyberarte/Yeti.htm El Yeti El Yeti Roberto Daniel Yon Leon ryon@die.udec.cl quot;Muchos aventureros han caminado sobre Doraak, buscando el sendero de la gloria, tratando de inspirar a los bardos con sus aventuras, pero es un camino lleno de magia, sangre, honor y traición,donde la muerte puede encontrarse en la proxima...

http://www.arconet.es/Cyberarte/yeti2.htm Yeti-Roberto Daniel Yon Leon Autor: Roberto Daniel Yon Leon e-mail: ryon@die.udec.cl Introducción a El Yeti Esta historia narra el enfrentamiento entre un guerrero (Trojan) y una bestia legendaria (el yeti) y se encuentra ambientada en el mundo de Doraak, cuya idea original fue desarrollada por...

http://www.ufomind.com/people/y/yeti/ The Day the Earth Stood Still (movie) An early alien contact movie -- a 1950s classic EOBHAEMTEGHOSTLGAHKEBOEFSVENEVHAMAJAYABYOIUBSRUR? Search for keyword e.g. Satan, Lazar, archeology, Vatican, Aurora, etc. Unofficial Link Page For Yeti This is not an official home or personal page...


. http://www.eskimo.com/~mohundro/mush/yak/index.html Kebrlool Kebrlool's name is a combination of the first two letters of each of his player's characters on LegionMUSH and LegionOutpostMUSH: Kent Shakespeare, Brin Londo, Loomis and Ol Gardan. Vital Statistics: Kebrlool's boyhood home, Everest Occupation: Acting Yeti King/[Yeti Prince...

http://www.bris.ac.uk/Depts/Union/BTS/Scripts/Web/web5.html THE WEB OF FEAR by MERVYN HAISMAN and HENRY LINCOLN EPISODE FIVE first broadcast - March 2nd 1968 running time - 24mins 19secs 1. LABORATORY (The DOCTOR, JAMIE, VICTORIA, ANNE, EVANS and the COLONEL watch in horror as two YETI walk in. Following them is the gaunt figure of PROFESSOR TRAVERS. The...

http://www.teleport.com/~caveman/steyehah.html The IVBC Almas and Yeti Gallery The Almas drawings are from Asia, the Yeti drawing is from Asia, and I think these beings are very similar if not the same species as what we commonly call bigfoot or sasquatch in the Pacific Northwest of North America. Almas (thanks to Silas Salmonberry) Almas 2...

http://www.hotelbook.com/static/welcome_03945.html Reservation Numbers | Promotions | E-mail | Search | Utell | Travel News | Fun | Help Yak And Yeti Hotel Address:Po Box 1016Durbar MargKathmandu, Nepal...

http://www.hist.unt.edu/09w-ar7o.htm Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti et alia. General Pib's Collection of Cryptozoology Resources, by Philip R. quot;Pibquot; Burns. I rate this the best Cryptozoology resource. It has commentary and links to quot;Bigfoot (Sasquatch), Yeti, and other unknown hominids; Cats; Chupacabra; General; Jersey...

http://www.knopfler.com/YetiNet.html The history of The Yeti-Net by David Knopfler First published in the Starston Gazette December 1993 Copyright David Knopfler 1993 . A long time ago, when nets were still used for catching fish, there existed in California, a collection of altruistic designers, musicians, craftsmen, poets, writers...

http://starbase.neosoft.com/~grosin/yeti.html The Yeti Yeti. Abominable Snowman. Sasquatch. Bigfoot. Mapinguari. The Skeptic's Dictionary Hillhouse Investigations A hairy creature running Nutty Neti Nutty Neti on What Is PlatyNet The...

http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Fortress/4806/ICEPALACE.HTML ICE PALACE Shoot the bell to open the door which leads to several Yeti in cages. The floor has several springboards which will catapult Lara towards the ceiling. The small springboard over to the right will launch Lara up to a ledge where you can obtain a medkit. Return to the floor and line up...

http://www.inc.com/users/bniraula.html Yak Yeti Imports Bijay Niraula 21610 Orrick Ave. #7Carson, CA 90745USA phone: 213-856-5601 | fax: 310-834-8652 sddv@worldnet.att.net Business Description Importers of Handmade silver jewelry with semipricious stones and other handicraft from Nepal. Created: Sun Sep 22 1996 An Inc. Online - Create...

http://unmuseum.mus.pa.us/yeti.htm Member of the Internet Link Exchange Yeti: Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas A tibetian fortress below the mountains were the Yeti is supposed to roam. The Himalaya Mountains, the highest range on Earth, have been referred to as the quot;roof of the world.quot; If that is so, there is a mystery called...

http://sciplus.com/experiment/23466.html Yeti Serum Bottle Terrific clear glass bottle, shaped like a standard serum bottle, but much bigger. A whopping 57 mm dia x 104 mm tall, it has rounded shoulders a 15 mm ID opening and (2) reinforcing lugs at the neck/shoulder joint. Unfortunately we have no caps or stoppers, but a #5 Cork should...

http://www.gryphonheart.com/Creature_Pages/yeti.htm Yeti, or Abominable Snowman The yeti are giant man-ape creatures which inhabit the snow-line of the Himalayas. The Nepalese have documented three types of yeti: the small yeh-teh, the large meh-teh and the giant dzu-teh. An elusive creature, most evidence of its existence rests upon trails of its...

http://www.cisci.org.au/orgs/2712.htm Youth Empowered Towards Independence - YETI Sue/Steve/Donna frs 07 4051 4927 12/6/98 Fax 07 4051 7095 1/4/95 -,77b Lake Street,City,Cairns. No/No P.O. Box 2704,Cairns 4870 Last Updated: 31/3/98 Home Page: No homepage available for this organisation...

http://alldirect.com/book.cfm?CartID=276539390021798isbn=1562943499 Home Find Books Search Mega-Browse#153; Specials New Books Bestsellers ...For Dummies#174 Audio Books Ordering View Cart Shipping Info About Us Help~Info~FAQs E-Mail Yeti, Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas Author : Elaine...

http://www-astronomy.mps.ohio-state.edu/~ignaz/ Alias: Ignaz Wanders Eerste posting: lang geleden Laatste posting: oktober 1995 Zeldzaam en beschermd wezen uit koude streken. Was in tegenstelling tot de verhalen beslist niet bloeddorstig en was...

http://www.ecis.com/~rabrown/ Welcome to Yeti's Place! Inside you will find various links that I find useful, fun, interesting, and/or important. You'll also find some of the Midi files I've collected, a page dedicated to my Datsun 240z, some cool Disneyland links, and perhaps someday an entrance to Mrs. Yeti's Place! You won't...

http://www.xmission.com/~theyeti/ The Yeti The Yeti is also known as the quot;Abominable Snowmanquot; of Nepal, but the Park City quot;Yetiquot; is a snowboarder that usually rides all but 5 weeks of a year. I go to any extreme to find snow even in and through the summer. Accompanied by my love in life, Benny, we search and ride anything...

http://www.green-lotus-trekking.com/hotels/hotel-yak-and-yeti.html Location Durbar Marg Number of rooms 270 Attached bad or shower...

http://south-asia.com/yakti.html Fill up our reservation form to book a room An Ideal Location Settled in the very heart of Kathmandu - only 15 minutes from the airport - is the legendary Yak and Yeti. A spectacular 'new' hotel that blends with an equally splendid 18th century palace, creating an unrivalled 20th century...

http://www.knopfler.com/Yeti-Shed.html Welcome to the Yeti Shed Random links Want to lucky dip through my bookmarks? Click any button et bon voyage. . . Lucky dip Did it actually work? Good grief. That's a surprise. Speaking of surprises . . . URL Roulette A must for the dilettantely challenged the roulette...

http://www.alizanet.com/uri/yeti.htm Frozen Cavern This large frozen cavern is almost entirely devoid of light. The cave floor has a slick icy surface covering it, and several shattered icicles lie about the edges, obviously fallen from above. Occasionally you notice a bone or piece of flesh frozen inside the ice. Strange sounds...

http://tawny.bu.edu/JandJ/AsISeeIt/Commentaries/960422.html April 22, 1996 Yet a Yeti (by Janet) It was abominable. Sighting in the U.S. have spurred new interest in the rare and mysterious Bigfoot. But while American film crews were chasing this giant furry mammal in California, John and I were on a filming spree of our own. It began as he came crashing...

http://view.showstat.com/cgi-bin/showbasic.exe?user=yeti Error occured. The user with the name you asked for does not exist... ...

http://www.allproducts.com/sup006/yetishine/ Yeti Shine Air Freshener Co., Ltd. Our product line offers almost any style of air freshener you'll need including liquids, gels, grains, aerosol or natural substance sprays. Straight from the expertise of or product design perfume development department, our plastic injection factory...

http://freespace.virgin.net/jc.watson/yeti.htm The Yellin' Yeti Page YELLIN' YETI has a drum kit valued at #163;15, sports a HUGE BEARD, and is constantly accompanied by a VENTRILOQUIST'S DUMMY named REG. YELLIN' YETI and his HUGE BEARD narrowly missed being used in an EMBASSY REGAL advertising caign. He is soon to publish his own CHIP AND...

http://www.samourai-int.com/yeti-why-english.htm ...

http://library.advanced.org/10131/nepal_yeti.html NepalHimalayas General Info #183; Solo Khumbu #183; Namche Bazar #183; Thyangboche #183; Pangboche #183;...

http://www.samourai-int.com/yeti-gauche-francais.htm HOME Liens Pourquoi Internet ? ...

http://www.samourai-int.com/yeti-gauche-english.htm HOME Links Why Internet ? ...

http://www.charasee.on.ca/YETI.HTM Diary of a Yeti by Brian J. Grieveson Paperback - 90 pages I.S.B.N. 0-919862-02-0 'Everest', the name has fascinated me since my childhood. I was in Asia five years ago and intended to go to Nepal but it didn't happen. Fate ordained otherwise, and I had always regretted it. It was therefore...

http://www.dzogchen.org/yeti/ytale4.html A Yeti Tale: How to be Free of YetisThe story belowwill be included in a forthcoming book by Lama Surya Das.How to be Free of YetisMany yetis used to live on the slopesof Mount Everest, near Soulu Kumbu in eastern Nepal. The Sherpas of thevillage of Namche Bazaar eventually grew accustomed to them...

http://www.otherplane.com/am/amyeti.htm OTHERPLANE BEYOND IMAGINATION Ancient Myths - Abominable Snowman/Yeti There are numerous articles, sightings and accounts of the quot;Abominable Snowman/Yeti.quot; This account of the quot;Abominable Snowman/Yetiquot; parallels that of quot;Big Foot/Sasquatch.quot; Here are some interesting statistics on the quot;Yeti...

http://www.dzogchen.org/yeti/ytale3.html A Yeti Tale: Protection Against YetisThe story belowwill be included in a forthcoming book by Lama Surya Das.Protection Against YetisOnce an aged Nepalese man carried alarge sack of corn through the forest to a small abandoned mill, to beground into meal. Darkness fell before his task was completed...

http://www.n2.net/prey/bigfoot/articles/yeti.htm Beijing, China January 13, 1998: Associated Press Release - The Yeti, or Abominable Snowman, is nothing more than an ordinary brown bear, according to a Chinese wildlife expert who has been following the traces of the mysterious creature for more than 10 years.Liu Wulin, head of the wildlife...

http://www.mtbr.com/dream/bikes/2242.html Yeti Racing FRAME Yeti ARC Easton SHOCK White Bros SC70 BOT. BRACKET Race Face CRANKS Race Face CHAINRINGS Race Face PEDALS Ritchey Logic TWS Titanium FRONT DER XTR CHAIN Dura Ace REAR DER XTR COGSET XTR HUBS Spinergy SKEWERS Kore Elite SPOKES Spinergy RIMS Spinergy...

http://www.yeti-dental.com/mail.htm Auf dieser Seite kouml;nnen Sie eine Nachricht erstellen, die per E-Mail an: YETI Dentalprodukte GmbH Industriestr. 3 D-78234 Engen Germany uuml;bermittelt wird. Bitte geben Sie hier Ihre Mitteilung an uns ein: Absender (Bitte ausfuuml;llen, da sonst keine Beantwortung mouml;glich) Firma: Name...

http://members.aol.com/ogd/jeffpage/yeti1.htm What do the Himalayas and the Pacific North West have in Common?I am a serious theatrical producer and have no time for this silliness. Answer:Large hairy creatures with big feet. and Jeffrey Spolan...

http://members.aol.com/monstertoy/page28.htm Marx Battery-Operated Yeti (c1962) Back...

http://members.aol.com/ogd/jeffpage/jsyeti.htm Yeti School of Veterinary Medicine: Department of Yeti Cosmetology and Grooming The Department of Yeti Cosmetology and Grooming is proud to have education as it's number one concern. Our goal is to help the student be the best yeti cosmetologist they can be. We also are actively involved with our...

http://bootan.com/yeti.htm Bhutan, Bhutan, Bhutan, Bhutan, Bhutan, Bhutan, Bhutan, Bhutan, Bhutan, Bhutan, bootan.com bootan.com/index About Bhutan Bhutan News Bhutan Links Festivals Sakten Treks Sarpang Orchards Travel Info Yeti Update YETI The Abominable Snowman The people of Bhutan...

http://www.go2net.org/adventure/fear.htm 2Net article: The Yeti of Lake Iliamna, Alaska This author describes his personal encounter the legend of Yeti that some local fishermen believe inhabit the...

http://www.globalserve.net/~oakleys/yeti.html Waiting for the Yeti By Stuart T. Oakley he winds blew cold that winter. Frost, born of some artistic god, left its mark in pretty patterns on window panes. I hurried into my winter cloak as quickly as I could, struggling with zippers and buttons that turned me into some kind of colourful mummy...

http://members.tripod.com/~DK8/Yeti-Net-Article.html The history of The Yeti-Net by David Knopfler First published in the Starston Gazette December 1993 Copyright David Knopfler 1993 . A long time ago, when nets were still used for catching fish, there existed in California, a collection of altruistic designers, musicians, craftsmen, poets, writers...

http://www.msue.msu.edu/msue/imp/modc1/91997009.html Michigan State University Extension 1993-97 Landscape CAT Alerts - 91997009 12/10/97 UFO's, Yeti's and the Brown Recluse Tom Ellis Entomology 9-19-97 Lore: Traditional knowledge or belief...

http://yakandyeti.com/home/conference/index.htm Widely known for its mountains, exotic wildlife, religious sites and casinos, Nepal is now actively promoting itself as an attractive conference destination. To cater to the diverse requirements of conventions and conferences the Yak Yeti offers venues housed in the elegant 19th Century neo...

http://brian.la.asu.edu/~yeti/nova-spec.html Peter H. Hauschildt I have moved, my new homepage is here, please update your bookmarks...

http://vanbc.wimsey.com/~ayoung/yeticlaw.htm The Yeti Claw When the ruckus subsided, one of the elders, wrinkled and stern faced, shuffled his seat closer to the fire, closer to the conversation. His position must have been one of relative respect, his movement was enough to quiet the residual laughter and draw most eyes toward him. He took...

http://www.geocities.com pour créer votre compte gratuit... écrivez moi à yeti_box@hotmail.com Ce compte est offert par le Club-internet...

http://www.visitnepal.com/nepalinfo/yeti.htm Nepal Yeti and Bigfoot Adventurous people have witnessed the existence of the #145;Yeti#146;, the giant snowman with a thick hairy body the size of a large gorilla. The Yeti's hands and feet consists of four fingers each. About a dozen people have claimed that they saw the Yeti. Among those who...

http://www.christs.cam.ac.uk/~pfj20/mutual/gear.htm The Yeti's Gear Page Contents: Cing GearClothingClimbing gearRucsacs CCRAMS Homepage The Yeti Homepage Feedback to pfj20@hermes.cam.ac.uk...

http://users.ids.net/~skogut/yeti.htm Ask the YetiEven though he's not of our culture or even our species, he'll be there struggling with the question of his own existence as well as any of your questions about love, your future, career, etc. Go ahead, ask him anything. You will be surprised just how smart he is!Ask the Yeti...

http://www.fts.frontec.se/~bjst/yeti/otter/ Webmaster: The Sea Otter Classic Klicka på en bild för att se en större version. Bilderna är 30-50 KB stora. Race Oh Juli! Race Kerrunch! Whoa horsie Leeeaaaaan... Where my bike at? Inside pass. What's so hard about this turn? Safe. Darn pedals Darn pole! Observe and learn Ow, ow...

http://www.mscf.uky.edu/~kilroy/magic/db/cards/karplusan_yeti.html Karplusan Yeti Summon Yeti [3/3]: 3RR Text: T: Karplusan Yeti deals an amount of damage equal to its power to target creature. That creature deals an amount of damage equal to its power to Karplusan Yeti. Flavor: ``What's that smell?'' --Perena Deepcutter, Dwarven Armorer Rulings: Misc: Print...

http://www.ms.uky.edu/~kilroy/magic/db/cards/mountain_yeti.html Mountain Yeti Summon Yeti [3/3]: RR2 Text: Mountainwalk protection from white Flavor: The Yeti's single greatest asset is its unnerving ability to blend in with its surroundings. Rulings: Misc: Print Run: L/C U1/C3 Cloisters(Price/StdDev): 1.20/3.36 Artist: Dan Frazier...

http://www.planetc.com/users/bigfoot/yeti.htm Yeti The Yeti, taken from the name ‘yeh-teh’ meaning in Sherpa “that thing”, also called the Abominable snowman, has been a universal belief to Tibetans for centuries. The Yeti is said to be the size of the North American bigfoot, between six feet and eight feet tall, with long, shaggy hair...

http://www.bootan.com/ bootan.com/Index About Bhutan Bhutan News Bhutan Links Festivals Sakten Tours Sarpang Orchards Travel Info Yeti Update...

http://yeti.sbp.ri.cmu.edu/ yeti.sbp.ri.cmu.edu This is Dean Jackson's web server, located in the Carnegie Mellon University Sensor Based Planning Laboratory. This page has had 573 hits. If you would like space on this server, ask me about it. Questions? Mail dkj@yeti.sbp.ri.cmu.edu What exactly is a yeti? Organizations...


http://www.chez.com/yeti/ Page Personnelle yeti more coming soon on this channel the author is yeti@chez.com...

http://home.mva.ch/yeti/actresses1/ Index of /yeti/actresses1 Name Last modified Size Description Parent Directory 14-Oct-98 18:44 - actresses1.html 20-Aug-98 17:56 4k ajohnson.html 20-Aug-98 17:55 1k ajudd.html 20-Aug-98 17:55 1k amilano.html...

http://www.riven.donet.com/yetimezera/main.html http://members.aol.com/jh99/bergman.htm BERGMAN BROOME - Man, Myth, Yeti... DISCOGRAPHY:9 Dinosaur Songs is a melodic, spunky collection that will engage both children and adults of all ages. This tape is very cool for kids or anyone who likes dinosaurs, and is full of wit and wonderful...

http://sunsite.unc.edu/subgenius/bigfist/ears/X0047_YetiDook.html From: leslucid@aol.com (LesLucid) The Yeti Dook RantOpus IX - by LesLucid A Yeti Dook did smartly ride Where crosswinds blow and drifts collide. Through time and luck he gave and took, Wringing dong and banging nook. A golden seam where Yeti stood Illuminating anglehood - He basked in his...

http://wheel.ucdavis.edu/~btcarrol/skeptic/bigfoot.html Robert Todd Carroll SkepDic.com Abomindable Snowman of the Himalayas, Bigfoot, Mapinguari (the Amazon), Sasquatch, Yowie (Australia) or Yeti (Asia) The creature goes by many names but in northern California we call it quot;Bigfoot...

http://www.crystalinks.com/big_foot.html Crystalinks: Big Foot~~Sasquatch~~Yeti~~YoserBig Foot~~Sasquatch~~This picture, of a supposed Big Foot, was taken in the late 1960's.A large ape-like looking creature seems to have been seenin many parts of the planet. Different cultures game theanimal different names and developed...

www.novagate.com/~zuidemac/renfro.html I hope you enjoy the new pages, and thanks for the support! -Yeti...

http://freespace.virgin.net/dominic.jackson/coi/is10.htm THE DISUSED YETI THE NEWSLETTER ON EARLY DOCTOR WHO ISSUE 10 14 JANUARY 1998 Edited by Bruce Robinson (robinsba@ozemail.com.au) Robert Franks (TelesnapGuy@compuserve.com) Astrid : ‘I suggested that we meet under a disused jetty by the river.’ Doctor : ‘Disused Yeti?’ (The Enemy of the...

http://www.angelfire.com/ak/yetijindal/ Yeti Jindal THE COMMON MAN - 50 years of India THE COMMON MAN - 50 years of India THE COMMON MAN -A series on 50 years of Indian Independence. FREEDOM! This will be the most common refrain heard in India this year, even as we enter the 50th year of our Independence. 50 years ago we had made an...

http://www.gfas.com/pilgrims/publications.html Anthropology Children's Books Develoment Education Ethnography Festivals Fiction Flora Folklore Guidebooks New Publications Language Poetry Proverbs Refugees Religion Travel Women The Yeti Ordering Pilgrims Book House Publications New Publications CHILDREN'S BOOKS... http://www.ncf.carleton.ca/~bz050/HomePage.yeti.html This article was taken from issue 67 of the quot;Fortean Timesquot;. Copyright is retained by Fortean Times please don't reproduce and redistribute. IN SEARCH OF THE YETI quot;Boom boom.quot; Not Basil Brush's catchphrase, but the call of a less unlikely sounding animal, the alma or almasty of the Caucasus...

http://www-white.media.mit.edu/~cwren/personal/mtg/extrauncommons.html Uncommons that have more than I need Repentant Blacksmith Ashnod's Altar Mountain Yeti Shield Wall Fountain of Youth Tormod's Crypt Dwarven Weaponsmith Celestial Prism Cursed Land Deathgrip Glasses of Urza Green Ward Hypnotic Specter Steal Artifact Wall of...

http://members.wbs.net/homepages/s/p/i/spindogscycles.html SPINDOGS-CYCLES JOHN AND CONNIE' SPINDOG CYCLES PROFESSIONAL SERVICE**** SALES*****PARTS AND ACCESSARIES quot;GTquot; quot;KONAquot; quot;YETIquot; quot;GARY FISHERquot; * **MOUNTAIN...


http://www.knowledge.co.uk/frontiers/sf003/ Science Frontiers #3 April 1978 Archaeology Stone Circles in Saudi Arabia Scientifically Acceptable Fossil Footprints Astronomy Strange Hillocks and Ridges on Mars Radio Signals From the Stars Biology Predaceous Insect Larvae Don quot;sheep's Clothingquot; Yeti Or Wild Man in Siberia? Geology...

http://www.arrakis.es/~blaze/form.htm RELLENA EL FORMULARIO CANARIO Nombre Coordinante: Apellido Tirolés: Teléfono de la Muerte: E-mail Patraña: Personalidad íntima: Pelotas de toro Cañón del colorado Valuartes de la Persona: Ser Clonado Nacido Muerto Cerebro Unicelular Replicante Antropófago Nacido Yeti...

http://www.yetiinternational.com/ Internet|Consultancy|About us YETI INTERNATIONAL LIMITED K-30A, Hauz Khaz Enclave, New Delhi-110 016 [INDIA] Phone : 91+11+6523410, Fax : 91+11+6864199 E-mail : info@yetiinternational.com Hits Received...

http://www.yeti.at/Main_M.htm Herzlich willkommen bei Y.E.T.I. YETI ist eine Innovations-

http://www.samourai-int.com/yeti-links.htm Yeacute;ti Marketing's Links CoolNotions IconBAZAAR Fascination St. Gallery Free Gifs Animations Animation Online Aaron Michaels - Animated banner and logo design GIF Wizard Home Page Making Money On the Internet for Your Financial Freedom!! FindLink.com - Search Engine...

http://www.sonic.net/~comix/anomalies/articles/ga00001b.htm TheAlma and Yeti: Wildmen of Asia The Legend - Variations - Evidence Theories - Chronology - Bibliography Chronology The known claims of evidence for the Alma and Yeti are listed here in chronological order: Dates Unknown or Unsure: 18??Zana - An Alma lived with humans. 1950'sThe Nepalese Yeti...


http://www.planetc.com/users/bigfoot/gallery/fttgalry.htm The Bigfoot Footprint Gallery (You may click on some images to view a larger version of the image) Photo Taken in 1951 by Eric Shipton, In Nepal (Yeti track) A recreation of the Eric Shipton track, created by a craftsman in Nepal. Taken in NE Washington State...

http://www.aci.net/cmachlan/football/teams/shaneu.html Saskatoon Yeti Owner's Profile Page Owner: Shawn Neutgens City/Country: ? Team slogan: None Team Homepage: None Favourite NFL team: Ta Bay Bucs. All I have to say is Tony Dungy. Favourite College team : Nebraska (Not a big College guy) Greatest/Most Hated SFL rival owner: I just started but I...

http://www.bena.com/nepaltrek/photos/ncyphoto.html The story of the physician Yuthok Yonan Gonpo being invited by the YetiWhen Yuthok was riding on the way to see a patient, at the footof a snow mountain, a female Yeti with a wishbone stuck inher throat was near death. The moment the male Yeti perceived thephysician coming along the road he went up...

http://www-astronomy.mps.ohio-state.edu/~ignaz/ Organisatie: Yeti Productions Stokpaardjes: Anne-Marie! Oehoeboeroe! Famous...

http://www.angelfire.com/co/Mangasdelyeti/ LAS MEJORES IMAGENES DE MANGAS Y LA VIDA REAL Dejence de cuentos y visiten mis links Mangas o comic a sus gustos Famosas colombianas Colombianas rechulas bienbenidos al primera pagina del yeti azul espero que se de vuestro agrado pero si no lo es por favor contactarme para sus recomendaciones y...

http://www.diamondway-buddhism.org/fun/fun-tim.htm Comics in Buddhism Tim in Tibet Story of a boy and a dog searching for a crashed aircraft in Tibet. They visit with a monastery and meet the Yeti. Available in several languages. Hergeacute;e: Tim in Tibet CARLSEN VERLAG Reinbek bei Hamburg 19679 ISBN 3-551-01509-0 for the German Edition...

http://www.cs.uit.no/Music/ViewAlb?alb_id=6054 Youthtribe poems of a bad boy Label:yeti-spirits Releaseyear:1994 Style:hardcore/ska/punk Tracks: salt on open scars but within dénouement ...and once again a bough so small maelstrome i d used to wait poems of a bad boy try burning friendship wasted mind

http://tawny.bu.edu/JandJ/AsISeeIt/AsISeeIt.html Old England A Tourist Attraction Old Growth The Road to Aberdeen Sitting Ducks Hope As I Can't See It I Was Born and Raised Here Fiji Was Hard to Swallow Crap Shoot The Koala Bear Population Explosion Fire Drill Revisting the Toilet Follow Me Through a Day in Ubud Yet a Yeti (by Janet) America...

http://wkweb1.cableinet.co.uk/dave.spencer/e3.htm Orange E3 Seat Post Cl : Titanium Bolt Handlebar : Azonic 3 degree DoubleWall Chain : Sedis Handlebar Grips : Yeti Tires : IRC Mythos Kevlar bead Shifters : Suntour XC-Pro Thumbshifters 8-speed Front Hub : Hope Suspension, 32 hole, cartridge sealed Rear Hub : Hope HG, 32 hole...

http://www.visitorinfo.com/video/mystery.htm Ancient Mysteries Video Series Ark of the Covenant This real-life search for the lost ark uncovers new answers to its possIble whereabouts. Item number #6593 $19.98 Bigfoot Does Yeti exist? Is Sasquatch just a figment of our imagination? JoTh the investigation into the woOds' most scrutThized...

http://zetatalk.com/poleshft/p45.htm ZetaTalk: Yeti The Abominable Snowman, known as Yeti by the locals, is simply a variation on the Bigfoot form. Just as man, migrating, has evolved to fit his environment, so the Yeti adjusted to the climate when it changed after a pole shift. White fur increases the survival in snowy surroundings...

http://destination-asien.com/nepal/yeti_cam.htm Webmaster's Yeti-Cam Pssssst..... leise, leise! Bitte, liebe Surfer, wenn Sie irgendeine Chance haben wollen einen Blick auf den legendären Schneemenschen zu werfen, dann bitte äußerste Ruhe und Konzentration. Wie Sie sicher wissen, ist der Yeti sehr scheu, aber ich habe keine Kosten und Mühen...

http://www.interlog.com/~pierat/yeti.htm Yeti barks (.wav file) Back to index...

http://www.unclebear.com/subgenius/index.html NOW IS THE TIME TO SCHIZM!!! If something as important as the details of X-DAY can be misinterpreted, what OTHER falsehoods are being foisted upon yetisyn by the nefarious Rev. Stang and his Subgenius Foundation? On July 5th, 1998, at 7am, the saucers of the Xists did not appear to the faithful as...

http://www.vorum.com/yeti.htm Vorum Research CorporationCANFIT-PLUS#153; Yeti#153; 3D Foot Scanner Scan 3-D foot shapes accurately in just seconds with the CANFIT-PLUS#153; Yeti#153 3-D Foot Scanner. The CANFIT-PLUS#153; Yeti#153; 3-D Foot Scanner is an opto-electric imaging device specifically designed to work with the...

http://www.shadowboxinc.com/yeti.htm Yeti (Abominable Snowman) No. 11007 The allusive Yeti of Himalayan legend. Model size: 7.5quot; x 8quot...


http://www.yeti.com.pl/logoen.html http://www.yeti.se/products.htm A. Konsulttjauml;nster fouml;r Elektronisk Handel A 1. Fouml;rstudie A 2. Kostnads och Intauml;ktsanalys A 3. Upphandling A 4. Projektledning B. Progrrodukter fouml;r Elektronisk Handel B 1. YetiLink EDI Gateway - Windows 95 B 2. YetiLink EDI Gateway - NT B 3. YetiLink EDI Gateway...

http://library.advanced.org/10131/tibet.html Tibethimalayas General Info Trans Himalayas #183; Lhasa #183; Shigatse Climate vegetation #183; Rainshadow Effect People Religion The Yeti Factor Photo Features #183; Glimpses of Buddhism #183;...

http://www.yeti.se/ | Huvudm#228;nnen | Produkter/Tj#228;nster | System#246;versikt | Nyheter | Pressreleaser | | Pressklipp | FAQ | Stordiapresentation | Tips | L#228;nkar | Leverant#246;rsgruppen Elektronisk Handel Leverant#246;rsgruppen Elektronisk Handel (LEH) #228;r en sammanslutning av tre v#228;lk#228...

http://www.hytti.uku.fi/~koppinen/friends.html Anne's Friends in WWW Foreign friends Hans Ellingsen alias Lostboy from Norway Gerald Hempel alias Yeti from Germany Finnish friends (Their pages are mostly in Finnish; unfortunately) Vesa quot;Veppequot; Ekholm, Life; needs no explanations :-) The floorball master of 31337 and SBMR! Jari quot;Alikkiquot; Tyrv...

http://www.cruzio.com/~cscp/bignews.htm WBS Recent Stories in the News Sponsored and Maintained by the (IVBC) Internet Virtual Bigfoot Conference quot;The alleged habitat of the famed Yeti, or Abominable Snowman, will become a major tourist attraction in China next year, the official Xinhua news agency reported. The government...

http://www.theater.ch/paneroe.html Eva und Peter Panero Tournee-Teatro CH-5415 Rieden bei Baden, Landstrasse 1 056 282 22 62 / 079 402 91 41 Winterprojekt: Cineacute;ma Yeti, ein turbulenter Theaterabend rund um den Film Gizmo. Ein Anlass, der Kulinarisches, Artistik, Schauspiel und Film in ebenso amuuml;santer wie tiefgruuml...

http://www.motor-city.com/tomb/vrml.html T.O.M.B. Virtual Reality The V.R . Box you will need SGI's COSMO to view these worlds Yeti world is a place of mystical ancient prophets and pharaohs. A stage of life for you to treasure. yeti An island in the sky spanning 20 miles. Search for the objects hidden in the mountains...

http://www.bootan.com/index.htm bootan.com/Index About Bhutan Bhutan News Bhutan Links Festivals Sakten Tours Sarpang Orchards Travel Info Yeti Update...

http://www.samourai-int.com/yeti-links-english.htm ...

http://bootan.com/festvls.htm Bhutan, Bhutan, Bhutan, Bhutan, Bhutan, Bhutan, Bhutan, Bhutan, Bhutan, Bhutan, bootan.com bootan.com/index About Bhutan Bhutan News Bhutan Links Festivals Sakten Tours Sarpang Orchards Travel Info Yeti Update FESTIVAL DATES FOR THE YEAR 1998 Festival Name Punakha...

http://www2.zemris.fer.hr/~yeti/ http://www.riven.donet.com/yetimezera/ CLICK TO ENTER This product is meant for educational purposes only. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. Void where prohibited. Some assembly required. List each check separately by bank number. Batteries not included. Contents may settle during...

http://www.samourai-int.com/yeti-links-francais.htm ...

http://members.tripod.com/~family_photos/yeti.html Yeti deanimated in 1993 and is currently in cryonic suspension at the Cryonics Institute in Detroit. This was taken when Yeti was 10, about 1987 This was taken in 1993. This was taken not long before Yeti's deanimation in 1993...

http://www.cognisoft.co.uk/brochure/yeti/yeti.htm YETI is CogniSoft's market leading Training Administration package. YETI for Windows is a Complete Trainee Information Management System available for both Training Managers/Providers and Training Enterprise Councils. A Report Generator with More Power than You Could Imagine ! All...

http://www.cs.duke.edu/~gac/goals.html The Future Here's my current idea of what the rest of my life looks like. This is of course excluding the small but non-zero probabilities of getting abducted by aliens, getting hit by a meteor, or founding a new major religion. Spring 1996: Finish my work on Myth/Yeti Summer 1996: Working for...

http://www.tranquility-base.com/magic/cards/Red/C_717.html Karplusan YetiKarplusan YetiSummon Yeti: Karplusan Yeti deals an amount of damage equal to its power to target creature. That creature deals an amount of damage equal to its power to Karplusan Yeti.3/3Banned from Standard (Type 2) Environment playComminality in Ice Age release...

http://amrvideo.com/new/SOE1/SOE-12381.htm Ancient Mysteries Series - Search for the Abominable Snowman This Video Title and 1,000's More Are Available At Discount Pricing From A M R ....Serving Satisfied Customers ... July 96' In the towering peaks of the Himalayas, he is known as Kang-mi, Temu and Yeti. To the Western World, he is...

http://www.the-strange.com/yeti.html Sponsor: Sponsor: Sponsor: Sponsor: Sponsor: Sponsor: Sponsor: Yeti or The Abominable Snowman Yeti or The Abominable Snowman as he is better known, is a creature or as many say, mythical creature that lives in and around the Himalayan mountains. The reports of encounters with this tall...

http://redfrog.norconnect.no/~poems/poems/00174.html From a Himalayan Expedition not Made by Wislawa Szymborska - 1957 Aha, so these are Himalayas. Mountains racing to the moon. They start forever captured against a sky that's suddenly rent. A desert of clouds transfixed. A thrust into nothing. Echo - a white mute. Silence. Yeti, down here there's...

http://www.bris.ac.uk/Depts/Union/BTS/Scripts/Abominable/intro.html THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMEN Season 5, 1967; 6 episodes This six part story from Season five introduced a new monster, the Yeti or Abominable Snowmen. Despite only two appearances in Doctor Who, the Yeti have become established as one of the more popular and enduring creatures in the series' history. The...

http://www.users.cloud9.net/~patrick/anomalist/obit.html Obituary: Jimmy Stewart and the Yeti Actor Jimmy Stewart, who starred in such classic films as quot;You Can't Take It With You,quot; quot;Mr. Smith Goes To Washingtonquot; and quot;It's A Wonderful Life,quot; died on July 2, 1997. He was 89. Little known to the general public, Jimmy Stewart...

http://hotelstravel.com/nepal.html Hotels and Travel in Nepal Country-Wide Hotel Directories Local Hotel Directories and Hotel Web Sites Maps Tourist Information Association of Business Travellers - Hotel Guide - Dir 1 - Dir 2 Dhulikhel: Dhulikhel Lodge Kathmandu: ***** Everest - Hotel Yak Yeti - Soaltee Crowne Plaza...

http://vanbc.wimsey.com/~ayoung/strange.htm T R A V E L . @ . T H E . S P E E D . O F . L I G H T Strange Tales The Salesman The Sweeper Just Scraping By La Matanza Spanish Customs The Yeti Claw Did this brown package hold...

http://bootan.com/ bootan.com/Index About Bhutan Bhutan News Bhutan Links Festivals Sakten Tours Sarpang Orchards Travel Info Yeti Update...


http://www.cms.dmu.ac.uk/General/general/HCS/Projects/Proposals1996/trouten4.html P-YETis Passive, YET responsive mobile robots The aim of this project is to investigate through simulation the utility of providing minimal robotic capabilities to devices in order that they can co-operate with task-driven mobile robots, largely by getting out of the way. This concept is best...

http://cambriabike.com/h2o.htm CBO Ordering Info Next Page H2O BOTTLES CAGES Hydration Systems Assorted Sm Bottles WTB, Syncros, Yeti, Etc. 68g 4.00 Assorted Lg Bottles Ritchey, Salsa, Ibis, Etc. 82g 6.00 Blackburn...

http://www.bonkworld.com/bonkravers.html BONK RAVERS BONK: AN ODE quot; I may expect a visit from a yeti A wildebeest is dropping by for tea But to the torment of my dog, A bulging eyed green frog Is sitting like a Buddha in my Gua-ra-na tree! BONK, BONK, BONK, BONK All the day lonk! I drink it, drink it, drink it...

http://village.cyberbrain.com/babyboy/story.htm TombRaider: The story Lara Croft has just returned from a hunting trip in the Himalayas where, having bagged a 12-foot tall yeti, she's itching for a new challenge. While enjoying a little R R, she's contacted Jacqueline Natla, a conniving business woman who convinces Lara to...

http://www.erapro.com/mountain/special.asp Mountain Frame Specials SOLD!! YETI Ultimate frame 16quot;grey $699 MANITOU Hardtail frame 17quot; black $899 MANITOU Full Suspension 17quot; natural complete bike with XTR, Kooka cranks and brake levers, Grip shift 800, Hugi hubs, Specialized wheels, Bontrager Ti saddle $2,699...

http://www.users.dircon.co.uk/~yeti/yetipoem.htm This poem was written by one of my Stepdad's cubs a couple of years ago: The Yeti The Yeti that I first espied, Was lug-eared, lank, and lean, His oval head was brownish-red, His ape-like face obscene. His hairy head was simply vile, It filled me full of fear. Completely...

http://www.subgenius.com/updates/X0004_HELP_NEEDED_FOR_YETI.html From: saint@prairienet.org (Andrew Matthews) Subject: HELP NEEDED FOR YETI PRODUCTION!!!! Date: 30 Oct 1996 07:18:00 GMT Okay, the Ogyr Network boys are in the middle of our magnus opus, which, if all goes well, will be performed in some shape or form at the next X-day drill...

http://www2.southwind.net/~thak/tripsofa/songs/yeti.txt Yeti ----- broken treasure pure as gold a king with growing beard and thorns a kingdom blows its mighty horns the righteous kill the heir to the throne lily's pleasures valleys dig holes of darkness in the drink man reaches his hand but thinks I don't want a quot;Son of Godquot;... chromasome machines in...

http://www.yetitech.com/aboutus.html The Birth of YetiOn September 15, 1997, after much careful consideration and two-weeks notice, we decided we'd had enough of Workin' for the Man. Not that the Man we were Workin' for was so terrible. But we craved the freedom and extraordinary stress of self-employment. So we struck out on our own...




http://www.staff.uiuc.edu/~jpbarber/mud/yeti3.txt Frozen Cavern This large frozen cavern is almost entirely devoid of light. The cave floor has a slick icy surface covering it, and several shattered icicles lie about the edges, obviously fallen from above. Occasionally you notice a bone or piece of flesh frozen inside the ice. Strange sounds...

http://www.netmusic.com.pl/strony/yeti/ Dziêki firmie Yeti Promotion prezentujemy tak d&sup3;ugo oczekiwane gad¿ety zwi±zane z niektórymi Polskimi wykonawcami. Mo¿ecie tutaj zamówiæ koszulki, kubki, oraz plakaty. Mamy nadzieje, ¿e oferta spotka siê z zainteresowaniem. EDYTA GÓRNIAK T.LOVE MAANAM Grzegorz...

http://www.knopfler.com/Yeti-Net-Article.html The history of The Yeti-Net by David Knopfler First published in the Starston Gazette December 1993 Copyright David Knopfler 1993 . A long time ago, when nets were still used for catching fish, there existed in California, a collection of altruistic designers, musicians, craftsmen, poets, writers...

http://hal.physast.uga.edu/~yeti/ Peter H. Hauschildt I have moved, my new homepage is here, please update your bookmarks...

http://galaxymall.com/market/mart/yeti/ Index of /market/mart/yeti Name Last modified Size Description Parent Directory 17-Feb-1998 20:18...

http://www.yeti.com.au/copy.html Copyright The material within this website remains the property of Yeti Sightings Pty Ltd. Unless otherwise stated, and apart from any use permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, no part may be reproduced by any process without prior...

http://www.samourai-int.com/yeti-homepage-english.htm ...

http://www.yeti.com.au/noframe/nf_copy.html Copyright The material within this website remains the property of Yeti Sightings Pty Ltd. Unless otherwise stated, and apart from any use permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, no part may be reproduced by any process without prior...

http://titan.glo.be/~gd31701/pistes.html KUNSTPISTES IN VLAANDEREN YETI SKI Olympische dreef 11, 1070 Anderlecht Tel 02/520.77.57 - Fax 02/523.30.55 Mattenpiste met lengte van 130 meter, grootse oppervlakte aan kunstskibaan van het land. SKIBAAN ZONDAL Ruggeveldlaan 488B, 2000 Deurne Tel 03/625.56.88 - WEBSITE Piste van...

http://members.tripod.com/~estudiantes_voluntar/ PEÑA quot;EL YETIquot; (DANKO CVJETICANIN) La idea es crear un grupo de aficionados con el fin de constituir una Peña para reunirnos, ya sea para ver los partidos (eso por supuesto), para tomarnos nuestras cañitas, para meter caña a directiva o jugadores que no den la talla y para realizar actividades que...

http://www.users.interport.net/~bdodge/ Bill Dodge's Home Page Yes, folks, I finally have put together a little web page for your personal enjoyment. This is my first attempt so bear with me. It will eventually be a lot better than most pages, including the yeti's ...

http://redfrog.norconnect.no/poems/poemupd?id=00174 POEMS UPDATE PAGE poem's title poet's name Aha, so these are Himalayas. Mountains racing to the moon. They start forever captured against a sky that#39;s suddenly rent. A desert of clouds transfixed. A thrust into nothing. Echo - a white mute. Silence. Yeti, down here there#39;s...

http://redfrog.norconnect.no/poems/poemupd?id=01920 POEMS UPDATE PAGE poem's title poet's name So these are the Himalayas. Mountains racing to the moon. The moment of their start recorded on the startling, ripped canvas of the sky. Holes punched in a desert of clouds. Thrust into nothing. Echo - a white mute. Quiet. Yeti, down there we#39...


http://www.compendium.org/Knowledge/q7.html Feathers or Lead? Combustible Yeti. Sapphire Mongoose (Helipad optional) quot;I'll have coffee, thank you. Oh - and a danish: Thanks.quot; These are not mutually exclusive; U238. Plancks constant. Neither. A combustible Yeti. Dragicoffintraversegmentitysonofabfourbeergmanti. Rhetorical expository...

http://www.users.interport.net/~bdodge/index.html Bill Dodge's Home Page Yes, folks, I finally have put together a little web page for your personal enjoyment. This is my first attempt so bear with me. It will eventually be a lot better than most pages, including the yeti's ...

http://slfa.com/supervision/jack_lenz/index.htm S.L.F.A. MUSIC SUPERVISOR SERVICES Jack Lenz FILM SCORE CREDITS quot;Pocohontas: The Legendquot;Protocol Entertainment quot;The Nutcracker Princequot;Warner Bros. (1990) quot;To Catch a Yetiquot;New World quot;Final Offerquot;NFB award-winning documentary RECORDED MUSIC quot;OK, Blue Jays, Let's Play Ballquot;Toronto...

http://www.unistork.simplenet.com/index.html Okay guys. My mother's funeral was on Friday. It was dignified, ect. I don't wanna bore you all with that stuff, so just click above and go to Yetimania Online. I've added a log of Starchat vs. #Wrestling. Also, the OFFICIAL homepage of Starchat #ICP should be ready very soon, as well as a semi...

http://pages.nyu.edu/~jbv201/yeti.html The Minnesota Yeti of the National Fastbreak Basketball Association Latest Team News Yeti off to a slow start in 1997 The Yeti are off to a slow start this year. After playing five home games, they stand at a woeful 1-4 in the Snow Palace -- due in large part to the fact that they were...

http://www.fts.frontec.se/~bjst/yeti/medlemskap.html Webmaster: Medlemskap Som medlem i YETI faring;r Du, utouml;ver gemenskap i ett glatt kompisgauml;ng, auml;ven varing;r medlemstidning och fina fouml;rmaring;ner hos klubbens cykelhandlare. Vi ger Dig ocksaring; raring;d och tips om utrustning och cykelkouml;p mm. Enligt varing;ra...

http://www.quantum-thoughts.demon.co.uk/hairball.htm Yeti's not-so-unique corner of the Net General Site Guide PANTS! : This is a load of quotes from the Star Wars trilogy that have been altered to include the word quot;pantsquot;, it's funny and it at the other end of the pants link, you might as well follow it and have a laugh, oh yeah before i forget, if...

http://bootan.com/sakten.htm Bhutan, Bhutan, Bhutan, Bhutan, Bhutan, Bhutan, Bhutan, Bhutan, Bhutan, Bhutan, bootan.com bootan.com/index About Bhutan Bhutan News Bhutan Links Festivals Sakten Tours Sarpang Orchards Travel Info Yeti Update Sakten Tours Druk Air Schedules Festivals Dates Geography...

http://www.funhouse.com/cgi-bin/artfetch/solan-1401962203580001@solan.dialup.access.net Path: jfwhome!news.ultranet.com!usenet.eel.ufl.edu!newsfeed.internetmci.com!panix!solan.dialup.access.net!user From: solan@panix.com (Susan Solan) Newsgroups: talk.bizarre Subject: I am Yeti, hear me roar. Date: 15 Jan 1996 03:04:40 GMT Organization: PANIX Public Access Internet and Unix, NYC Lines...

http://www.bris.ac.uk/Depts/Union/BTS/Scripts/Enemy/intro.html THE ENEMY OF THE WORLD Season 5, 1967/68; 6 episodes Season Five has earned the name quot;the Season of Monstersquot;, as it featured the established Cybermen, and introduced the Ice Warriors, the Yeti, and of course the Weed Creature. The Enemy of the World was the only story in the Season of Monsters not...

http://www.gorp.com/legendary/nepfact.htm Royal Nepal Spectacular rates include:• Three nights accommodation in the Yak Yeti Hotel in Kathmandu, including breakfast.• Two nights accommodation in the Shangri-la Village including breakfast and dinner.• Four nights accommodation in Ker Downey's Lodges, featuring:• Solar heated showers...

http://www.isc.tamu.edu/~astro/binstar/listserv.html Variable Star Email Explosions NOVANET - This is used mainly by professional astronomers for alerts and announcements of results. To subscribe, send a request to Peter Hauschildt at Arizona State University (yeti@asu.edu) who will send information. To post a message for automatic distribution on...

http://www.italysoft.com/curios/yeti.htm Abominable Snowman or Yeti by Pubblinet Switzerland Abominable Snowman or Yeti, legendary wild man of the Himalayas. Reports of sightings have come from Nepal (where the creature is known as Yeti) and from parts of China, Siberia, and other areas in Asia. Sightings have also been reported in...

http://www.gamewatch.com/indigo/myth/forum/messages/880.html If I had a yeti [ Follow Ups ] [ Post Followup ] [ Indigo's Myth Forum ] [ FAQ ] Posted by Warlord on March 29, 1998 at 20:53:25: Well, I heard about the new snow map, do you think bungie willaprove it? If they do, how will we know when and where we can download it?Please answer-Warlord Follow...

http://www.btinternet.com/~andy.gilham/amonduul2/ad2yeti.htm Yeti Yeti, a double album including one disc of improvisations, remains one of Amon Duuml;uuml;l 2's greatest recordings.The CD version comprises the entire original two-disc set, except that most releases have a cut version of quot;Pale Galleryquot; - the Captain Trip release is believed to be...


http://www.subgenius.com/bigfist/ears/X0010_million.html from BILLION DOLLAR BABIES (A. Cooper, M. Bruce, R. Reggie)

http://www.india-access.com/travel/gangpg01.htm Gangtok - In Sikkim, Land of the Yeti The capital of Sikkim, Gangtok, is a garden state at the foot of the Kanchenjunga mountains which is rich in thick green forests. It abounds in birds, butterflies, and 500 species of orchids. Gangtok is literally the quot;lofty hillquot; set amidst the clouds and mists...

http://www.users.dircon.co.uk/~yeti/index.htm The Yeti Homepage Hi there, welcome to my homepage. You are visitor number The yeti Homepage celebrates its 3500th birthday yeah!!!!! Quote of the week : what shall we do with a drunken Medic.... My new mail address at uni is ap60@le.ac.uk for anyone who doesn't know it. Well this is it, the...

http://www.tranquility-base.com/magic/council/jun97/Finalist4456.html The yeti/druid deck. Chris Foley This is the version of the deck as it was submitted to the Council for consideration in the contest. The most current version can be seen here Deck Information Deck Name: The yeti/druid deck. Misc. (G/R/W): DCI Classic (Type 1) Legal, DCI Classic Restricted (Type 1...

http://www.yak-yeti.com/gbindex.html Caucasus Trip and stay Skiing and equipment Mount Elbrouz Kamtchatka 1999 rates Contacts Brochure...

http://www.auto.tuwien.ac.at/~bernhard/mtb/test/komplett/rad42.html Yeti, Easton A.R.C Preis DM 2.700,- (nur Rahmen) Alter 1 Jahr Kilometerstand ? (Tacho kaputt) Gewicht 11 kg Ausstattung XT/XTR Rahmenmaterial Aluminium Gabel Rock Shox Judy XC Felgen (v/h) Mavic, Arraya Reifen (v/h) Tioga, IRC Kettenblauml;tter 24/36/46 Kranz 11-28 Der Tester fuhr mehrmals pro...

http://www.fh-landshut.de:88/~jschust/yeti/yeti.html Genieszlig;en Sie diese einmalige Aufnahme! Yeti auf einer saftigen Bergwiese im Himalaya bei der Erfindung des Fahrrads: Eventuelle Kaufangebote von Seiten groszlig;er Zeitschriftenhauml;user zwecklos! Unerlaubte Verouml;ffentlichung und Verfielfauml;ltigung verboten! ...und zuruuml;ck zur...

http://www.city.fi/ravintolaopas/menut/yeti.html Yeti ALKURUOAT Tarkariko soup 29,- - kasviskeitto Kukhurako soup 30,- - kanakeitto Kukhurako salad tato 34,- - lauml;mmin kanasalaatti Sandheko...

http://www2.zemris.fer.hr/~yeti/intro.html Intro quot;What can I find on this page?quot; Intro - This is it. This is where you are. :) About Me - Here you'll find all you allways wanted to know about me. Go right ahead. Profession - My occupation, place of work study. Official like data for science...

http://www.beo-news.ch/Juli98/yeti.htm Berner Oberland News Freitag, 10. Juli 1998 Kabelnetzsurfen aus der Seilbahngondel Ouml;ffentliche Internet-Station auf dem Belveacute;degrave;re-Areal in Interlaken erouml;ffnet S. Auf einer houml;lzernen Balustrade mit Treppenaufgang sind in den vergangenen Tagen auf dem Gelauml;nde...

http://www.beo-news.ch/Mai97/yeti.htm Berner Oberland News Montag, 12. Mai 1997 Einsprachen gegen Gastrozelt zuruuml;ckgezogen Auch in diesem Sommer eine Zeltbar auf dem Belveacute;degrave;re-Areal in Interlaken Gruuml;nes Licht fuuml;r die zweite Sommersaison des im vergangenen Jahr auf dem Belveacute;degrave;re-Areal am H...

http://members.aol.com/rtgoat/links.html O.S.S.S. Links Page Here is the new and improved O.S.S.S. Links Page! - The Unnatural Museum - The Alma The Unnatural Museum - Bigfoot - Sasquatch The Unnatural Museum - Gigantopithecus The Unnatural Museum - The Yeti Unexplainable Phenomenon...

http://www2.zemris.fer.hr/~yeti/intro_hr.html Intro quot;Æto mogu naæi na ovoj stranici?quot; Intro - To je to. To je gdje ste sad. :) About Me - Ovdje æete naæi sve Æto ste oduvijek Æeljeli znati o meni. Samo naprijed. Profession - Moje zanimanje, mjesto zaposlenja i studija. SluÆbeni podaci za znanstveno...

http://www.bike-visionen.ch/Spezialangebot/Flasche.html Yeti Trinkflasche 7dl Die Flasche mit 7 dl Volumen ist weiss und transparent erhältlich. Preis Fr. 9.-- Kaufen / Informationen Zurück Copyright copy 1997, Bike Visionen by MTB Cycletech Web...

http://www.fts.frontec.se/~bjst/yeti/dalamtb.html http://www.dramatists.com/text/betty.htm Betty the Yeti an eco-fable by Jon Klein Cast: 2M, 4W BETTY THE YETI, a satirical, fantasy blend of real life and make-believe, zeroes in on the human (and not-so-human) issues we all face as the protection of the planet becomes increasingly important to us all, even though we don't always know...

http://www.awn.com/yeti/english/presentation.a.html La Rosiegrave;re 1850 The place to be here, It's already quot;Europequot;! A small village resort, facing south across the Olympic Valley of the Tarentaise.La Rosiegrave;re has a marvellous view towards Val d'Isegrave;re, Les Arcs, La Plagne, and is 26 km from Bourg St Maurice where the...

http://www.fts.frontec.se/~bjst/yeti/ Yeti-nytt: Resultat från KepsCupen [Tis 29/9] Avgörande och komprometterande uppgifter från helgens KepsCup-omgång på Johannelundstoppen. Vi har hela listan. Resultat från VM [Tis 22/9] Resultatlistor från världsmästerskapen i Mont-Sainte-Anne, Quebec, Kanada: ·XC Herrar Elit (Philip Tavell #20...

http://www.maxcontacts.com/data/yetipetroleums.html Yeti Petroleums Ltd. ContactDepartmentLocation President Calgary,AB Main | Sles | Order Form | Update | More Information...

http://www.valley.ne.jp/~morisaki/yeti.htm MYSTÆdRIOUS YETI By: Dr. Trilok Chandra Majpuria Published in: WELCOME NEPAL INTERNATIONAL TOURISM MAGAZINE Inquisitive persons have a quench to get answers of several questions about yeti, the strange animal which has aroused interest and curiosity all over the world. Though it has not yet been...

http://www.samourai-int.com/yeti-homepage-francais.htm ...

http://www.conknet.com/~D_king/ lt; The oldest active Quaker out there Site is best viewed with netscape 4.03 Site created and maintained by{LOL}quot;YETIquot; aka {LOL}LagCannon ...

http://www.wayfinder.com/bikesmiths/yeti.html Yeti's racing heritage reads like the Who's Who of Professional Mountain Biking, from the inaugural World Cross-Country Chion to countless professional athletes who choose to race, train and play on their products. Yeti has remained unwavering in their quest to provide the finest quality product...

http://janeway.tscnet.com/pages/sholland/YETI.HTM Ok i'm ready... You say quot;Ok i'm ready...quot; -- Following your Party leader south -- Frozen Cavern Also here: Rand*, large yeti, grey guardian wolf, large grey guardian wolf,grey guardian wolf. Obvious exits: north, closed gate south [HP=339 (Resting) ]: Frozen Cavern Also here: Rand*, large yeti...

http://www.stockach.com/stockach/Yeti/AlteVeranstaltungen.htm Benefiz -Guggemusiktreffen in WahlwiesHier nun einige Bilder von unserem Benefiz -Guggemusiktreffen in Wahlwies.Viele Worte darüber ersparen wir uns, denn die anschließendenBilder sagenweitaus mehr zu dieser einzigartigen Veranstaltung vom26.September 1998. ...

http://www.cppctw.com/8025.htm Supplier List - Plastic House Ware YETI SHINE AIR FRESHENER CO., LTD. AIR FRESHENER FOR HOMES,BUSINESSES or AUTOMOBILES SCENTS! SCENTS! SCENTS! Our product line offers almost any style of air freshener you'll need including liquids , gels , grains , aerosol or...

http://sunsite.unc.edu/subgenius/bigfist/goods/o.m.subs/X0026_SubGenius_-_Your_Bes.html From: ljduchez@en.com (Lou Duchez) Date: 17 Jun 1995 Over the past few months, I've been buying the products produced by our Yeti brethren and sistren here on alt.slack. I will say that, without fail, everything I've bought has been a massively entertaining tour-de-force. If you aren't buying...

http://www.yi.com/home/GerhardSebastian/index.htm A big welcome to any user ! (except the Yeti, Helmut Hullen, Günni Gravenreuth and people with a bad attitude !:) My Name is Sebastian Gerhard, and the answer to all questions is either Jesus or 42...

Peter H. Hauschildt Peter H. Hauschildt Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy Dept. of Physics Astronomy and Center for Simulational Physics The University of Georgia Athens, GA 30602-2451 Phone: (706) 542-2860 Fax: (706) 542-2492 Email: yeti@hal.physast.uga.edu I am on the faculty of...

YETI in the wild catch the hairy beast live Thanks for your continued support! UPCOMING YETI SIGHTINGS: September '98 2 Wednesday - REDDEVILLOUNGE, Polk @ Clay, SF (note: this was originally supposed to be at the Paragon!) 18 Friday - CAFECOCOMO, Portrero Hill, SF...

The Global Bigfoot Encyclopedia Excite Search Engine Entrance (Click on the word bigfoot to enter the site) bigfoot. Bigfoot. Big foot. big foot. Yeti, yeti. Almas, almas. Yeren, wildman. Orang Pendek, orang pendek. bigfoot. An indepth site concerning bigfoot. bigfoot....

Use of YETI by ELTEC The following section has been written by ELTEC and is included with their permission and without any modification by CogniSoft. Use of YETI by ELTEC (East Lancashire TEC) #227; Copyright ELTEC - 16/02/98 The majority of our Training Providers use the YETI database...

YETI for Training Enterprise Councils - Introduction CogniSoft CogniSoft have been in existence for over 10 years. Since 1987 we have been heavily involved in various Government Training Schemes for Youth and Adult Trainees. YETI YETI for Windows is a completely new version of YETI, written with...

Tibethimalayas General Info #183; Trans Himalayas #183; Lhasa #183; Shigatse Climate vegetation #183; Rainshadow Effect People Religion The Yeti Factor Photo Features #183; Glimpses of Buddhism #183;...

Free Excerpts and a Peek at Action-packed Illustrations! [Flash: TPR is a finalist in The Writers Foundation's 1997 quot;America's Bestquot; award, novels category. The yeti excerpt from it, converted to a short story, is also a finalist in the short fiction competition!] Background: The genetics...

My Dear Darling Family For anyone who is even remotely interested, my parents are Anne Berriman and Antony Ho, and my sisters are Jenny Grover and Selina. More family members and pictures if I can get them Back 1997 AP (Mailto:

-yetiopme password ------ Makes you channel operator if we have ops -yeticome password ------ Makes yeti join #nepal -yetijoin password Channel name Makes yeti join the channel...

Waiting for the Yeti By Stuart T. Oakley he winds blew cold that winter. Frost, born of some artistic god, left its mark in pretty patterns on window panes. I hurried into my winter cloak as quickly as I could, struggling with zippers and buttons that turned me into some kind of colourful mummy...


Forteana Home Astronomy UFOs FringeScience Conspiracies Miscellaneous Forteana Bigfoot/Neanderthaloids/Sasquatch Nguoi Rung, Vietnamese Forest People, Wildman: mythical or missing ape Neanderthals may live on as the yetis of the modern world 'Skunk ape' photo Bigfoot sounds A...

Mariteacute; Calop Chalet Guimarik Hauteville Gondon 73700 Bourg St Maurice Savoie - France Situeacute; dans le village typiquement savoyard de Hauteville Gondon, agrave; 2,5 kilomegrave;tres de Bourg-Saint-Maurice, le Chalet Guimarik vous offrira un accueil chaleureux pour...

Remote Control Yeti response to a negative review in The Rutgers Review 92/10/22 by Apple-O To the Editor: I am writing in response to a review in this week's Arts section. Whoever wrote the review of the Remote Control Yeti/Sponge/Kiaro Skuro...

Wednesday July 58:00 (MS) Psyche Was Here8:30 (ST) Voir DireThursday July 68:00 (M5) Betty The Yeti8:30 (5T) Maggie's RiffFriday July 78:00 (MS) Psyche Was Here8:30 (ST) Voir DireSaturday July 82:00 (MS) Psyche Was Here1:30 (ST) Voir Dire8:00 (MS) Betty The Yeti8:30 (ST) Maggie's RiffSunday July 92...

Yeti Sightings Pty Ltd ACN 083 791 922
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http://www.yeti.com.au/noframe/nf_conta.html about yeti services clients contact us the field Yeti Sightings...

Yak and Yeti Review Not reviewed. Your comments welcome. Details Type: Indian Address: 185 South Ealing Rd, Ealing W5 4RH Phone: 0181-568 1952, 0181-568 1608 click to open larger map in new...

The Yeti Cryptozoology The Abominable Snowman - Fact Or Fiction ? For over 50 years, explorers returning from expeditions in the Himalayas Mountain Range have reported sightings of large...

TheYeti, or quot;Abominable Snowmanquot; The Legend - Variations - Evidence Theories - Chronology - Bibliography Evidence Theories The main evidence of the Yeti and Alma's existence falls into three categories: footprints, sightings, and scalps and hair. More unusual are the claims of actual contact...

YETI for Training Enterprise Councils - Jointly Developed with Users. CogniSoft, taking into account our users needs, has developed YETI over several years. This is a continuous ongoing process whereby YETI is continually adapted to take account of changing needs. There is a user group which is...

leslucid@aol.com (LesLucid) The Yeti Dook RantOpus IX - by LesLucid A Yeti Dook did smartly ride Where crosswinds blow and drifts collide. Through time and luck he gave and took, Wringing dong and banging nook. A golden seam where Yeti stood Illuminating anglehood - He basked in his...

http://www.subgenius.com/bigfist/hallscience/X0010_Yeti_Temporal_Contro.html From: cuthulu@prysm.net (cuthulu) Date: Fri, 23 Feb 1996 While the Yeti Genetic Research Institute was laying down on the job, here at Radar Labs we just isolated the Yeti Time Control gene. Results follow: LOCUS YETPOMC9 1230 bp DNA PRI 21-FEB-1996 DEFINITION Yeti proopiomelanocortin (POMC) gene...

YETI EVIDENCE TOO HARD! In SF#51, we printed a news item about photographs taken in the Himalayas by A.B. Wooldridge that were thought to show a Yeti. The latest issue of Cryptozoology contains a letter from Wooldridge in which he tells of his return, in 1987, to the site where the 1986 photos...

From the get-go, the Yeti dominated the field of play. According to the coaches...

http://sneezy.bates.edu/people/studpubs/BatesStudent/articles/sports17.5.html Yeti alert!With sports action being on the premium as of late, we decided to share a favorite pastime of ours with a bored Bates community. No it isn't wiffelball, frisbee, or mountainbiking, its Yeti watching. Mind you, this is no sport for the weak and feeble or those intimidated by animals...

Yeti-Roberto Daniel Yon Leon Autor: Roberto Daniel Yon Leon e-mail: ryon@die.udec.cl Introducción a El Yeti Esta historia narra el enfrentamiento entre un guerrero (Trojan) y una bestia legendaria (el yeti) y se encuentra ambientada en el mundo de Doraak, cuya idea original fue desarrollada por...

HAIRY HOMINIDS Main Screen USA Bigfoot/Sasquatch The Flintville Monster Honey Island Sw Monster Skunk Ape Vermont Wild Man SOUTH AMERICA South American Bigfoots DeLoy's Ape AUSTRAILIA Yowie ASIA Alma Nguoi Rung Orang Dalam Orang Kubu Orang Pendek Yeren Yeti AFRICA Pongo Engeco RUSSIA

FIRST YETI PHOTOS? A.B. Wooldridge claims that he observed and photographed a yeti in the Himalayas in March 1986. Travelling alone toward Hemkund, at about 11,200 feet, in an area with steep wooded slopes, he encountered strange 10-inch tracks, which he duly photographed.

The Yeti, otherwise known as the Abominable Snowman, is thought to live in the mountains of Nepal and Tibet. There are many tales of encounters with yetis and there are many similarities between the descriptions of them and those of Bigfoot in North America. Sherpas say that the yeti is...

The Yeti of Khumjung by Ivan Hughes Nir Kumar and I had been hiking together for two weeks, today we were descending back down to the Sherpa capital of Namche Bazaar for a day of rest at a reasonable altitude. My headaches were now gone and I was finally finding it easier to breathe as the trail...

In the years immediately preceding his death in 1919, M'Muh-town hinted at a growing disillusionment with the way in which his compromise had worked. In 1912 he wrote an article for Century magazine entitled quot;Is the Yeti Having a Fair Chance?quot; In it he criticized the fact that more money...

The Yeti Memoirs: July 1997 29/6/97: We marched along the dirt track under a mass of rucsacs in the steady drizzle that had become typical of our stay in Chamonix over the previous 48 hours. We’d stepped off the coach two days before after a 23 hour journey from London Victoria during which I got...

Restaurant Yeti Ratavartijankatu 3, Alkon talo 00520 HELSINKI Ravintola Yeti edustaa Suomessa suhteellisen harvinaista Nepalilaista tyyliä. Yeti (lumimies) on teemana suhteellisen tyylikkäässä seinäkoristelussa. Yksi seinä on varattu kokonaan kuvaamaan Nepalilaista vuoristomaisemaa. Ravintolan...

The Abominable Snowmen by Mervyn Haisman and Henry Lincoln (6 episodes) The Doctor attempts to return a lost holy ghanta to the Det-sen monastery in 1920s Tibet, to find the monastery under attack from the normally shy Yeti, and the High Llama under control of an alien intelligence.

Yeti (oder Big Foot). Alter: Er lebt seit einigen Jahrhunderten. Gewicht: Er ist 364 Kilo schwer. Groszlig;e: 2,5 Meter. Er ist grouml;szlig;er als ein Gorilla oder ein Bar. Geburtsort: Er kommt aus einem Wald (seine Eltern haben vor vielen Jahren die Polizei angerufen und haben gesagt...

The Yeti: The Yeti was born in the snowy mountains of Mongolia. The Yeti's were a laid back race of people. Who knew little in the ways of modern technology. They did, however, know how to: eat Kraft dinner, sleep, climb trees and disguise themselves as forest vegetation. The Yeti learned music...