Crop Circles - Their Meaning  
and Connections to Dreams

Research From:
 Joseph E. Mason  
Dee Finney

 A great power has arisen, directing thoughts and perception in a certain direction towards a  more complete and satisfactory view of reality than the modern conventions of materialism  have previously allowed. Gently, subtly, with no disturbance or panic, we are being guided  across a watershed, from one worldview to another. And this is in no way arbitrary, but a  purposeful process, in accordance with the interests of eternal nature and the necessities of  the present. We now can see something of what the ancients meant when they spoke of  revelation.
                                                 John Michell, author of twelve books, specialist in sacred geometry

by Joseph E. Mason

This page is intended to be a complete source of information about the crop circles. On the lower part of this page, you will find links to many other crop circle-related sites. There are links to special articles, that we believe are significant. The first part of the page has links to articles by my partner, Dee Finney, and myself.

Our articles come from almost twenty years of research into the phenomenon. Our extensive experience with dreams and meaningful coincidences is part of the story. Dee and I, along with a number of others, believe that the crop circle formations are related to dreams and human consciousness. Most serious researchers favor the theory that the formations are, for the most part, not being made by the human specie, and seem to be symbolic messages from an unknown, high intelligence.

The ET/UFO phenomena, often associated with the crop circles, may well be a function of the collective unconscious of mankind, rather than physical entities from another solar system.

We suggest that doubters read the article, "Arguments Against the Hoax Theory of Crop Circles".

The majority of crop circle sites concentrate on presenting the data concerning  the crop circle formations . . . photographs, diagrams, locations, dates, accounts of strange coincidences or events, and such. The thrust of this site is to present as much as possible about the theoretical meanings of the strange geometric formations that are appearing by the thousands all over our planet. In a number of cases, the formations are clearly related to myths and religions. Our work involves comparing the formations to ancient symbols, and dreams of today. We believe that this is the best method in researching the crop circle formations in order to arrive at the correct interpretations. It seems apparent that a Native American prophecy is underway - as the earth changes unfold, the Sacred Symbols will be newly understood.

Six-pointed Stars in English Fields - Messages for the West, Islam and Israel

The New Jerusalem Message of the Crop Circles
by Joseph E. Mason

The New Jerusalem Design

The Nazca Sun-Star
as the Magic Square of Mercury

by Joseph E. Mason
The Nazca Sun-Star as the Magic Square of Mercury

Saint Francis, the Popes, and Crop Circles

Top Graphic from

The Chualar Crop Circle Formation = The New Jerusalem

chualar crop circle



 Singapore 2012 Crop Circle Mayan End Seminar 

The main meanings of the crop circles.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

  1991 Barbury Castle Crop Circle Formation


 Index to the Articles of Joseph E. Mason  



 New and Recent Articles  

Featured Article by Martin Keitel

 A startling new study:

  A crop circle in Italy reveals the meaning of December 21st 2001  

The End of the Mayan Calendar

On June 17th 2012 a very important crop circle appeared in Santena, Italy.
 It reveals a sequence of planetary alignments between 1962 and 2012 and points directly at Dec 21st 2012.  


Santena Crop Circle of 2012

Note About 2012 From Joseph E. Mason

I see the 2012 "end of time" or "end of the world," as the end of one cycle, which will be followed by a new one.
Perhaps certain people will be able to experiences the "end of time" in the sense of a change of consciousness,
where the reality is perceived as the "Eternal Now."

Leading scholars of the Mayan Calendar also teach that a new cycle will begin, as the present cycle ends. This was
expressed in an ad for the 2012 Tipping Point Confrence of 2010. This is an excerpt from Stanislav Grof --

The purpose of this conference is to explore a radically different, more optimistic interpretation of the Mayan
prophecy � as referring to the end of the world as we have known it: a world dominated by unbridled violence
and insatiable greed, egotistic hierarchy of values, corrupted institutions and corporations, and irreconcilable
conflicts between organized religions. Instead of predicting a physical destruction of the material world, the
Mayan prophecy might refer to death and rebirth and a mass inner transformation of humanity.


777 Coincidence Title graphic

The Bridegroom, Zer Anpin, and the Repair of the Tree of Life


 The Mayan 11:11 Crop Circle Formation Video  


Number 72
 and the Code of the Ancients

by Joseph E. Mason
An interview with Tally Koren


 Crop Circles With A Heart  
by Joseph E. Mason


Coincidence and 11:11 
 Compiled by Dee Finney & Joseph E. Mason  


Indonesian Crop Circles of 2011
Part Two

The Fourth Indonesian Crop Circle Formation  
How the Creator Creates

by Joseph E. Mason


Indonesian Crop Circles of 2011
Part One

The First Chakra, Continuous Creation,
& The Order of the Heavens
Made Apparent on Earth

by Joseph E. Mason


 The Tuning and Our Part In It  
Nine-Circle Crop Formation

May 28, 2011


 The Mayan 11:11 Crop Circle

 A special "11:11" type crop circle formation appeared
 17 August 2010 at Lurkeley Hill near East Kennett, Wiltshire.
 The glyph within the circle looked similar to one of the
 illustrations on the left -- the fourth one from the bottom.
 Each of the two glyphs on the bottom represent the Mayan
 number eleven. Could this suggest the end of the Mayan
 calendar on December 21, 2012, at 11:11 AM Universal Time?  


 2010 Crop Circle Formations  
Part One
Chakra Messages - The Crossover
Humanity's Leap to the Heart Chakra

by Joseph E. Mason


 First Crop Circle of 2010  
Venus - Mars

compiled by Dee Finney


444, The Triplets, & The Creation
By Joseph E. Mason

Image credits: Lucy Pringle & Steve Alexander

 The Yatesbury Field Spiral Crop Circle Formation  
A Reference to the Chakra System
And Revelation 11:11
With Update About the Great Spiral in the Sky in Norway
By Joseph E. Mason

More About the Great Spiral
in the Sky in Norway

 Blue Beam Spiral in the Sky - Norway  

Dee Finney
(The images on each side are from
Dee's dream and meditation)

Read about the many opinions

Code of the Ancients
& the DNA Repair

 Interview of Joseph E. Mason by Rick Ozmon of Oopa Loopa Cafe 
(Includes information about the Code of Carl Munck, ancient
sites, ancient numbers, crop circles, and the "DNA repair")

The Omega Project
by Dee Finney
Teilhard de Chardin termed the Omega Point, or the moment of conscious separation
 of those on the green ray and higher paths from those still trapped in third-density yellow 

 The Sun Vs the Phoenix and the Storm Bird Zu  

Dee's Dream and
 the Phoenix Crop Circle at Yatesbury,  
near Cherhill, Wiltshire, 12 June 2009

 The Sacred Birds  
 (Recent 2009 Bird Crop Circles Added)  

The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius On Valentine's Day
February 14, 2009
 Birth of the Divine Child Within Us and the Attainment of Enlightenment  
with Jude Currivan PhD

Video - New Swirled Order Crop Circle Documentary 2009
From: NuoViso Film Production
Exopolitics Germany

Find More Crop Circle Videos on YouTube

 Extraterrestrials & Crop Circles
 Videos & Articles About BOLS/ORBS With Crop Circles 

Featured Article

What Do Modern Crop Pictures Mean?
by Charles Reed and Harold Stryderight

A persistent debunking of crop circles by the international media has successfully influenced group opinion, so that most people have no idea about the true phenomenon as it may been seen visibly in Wiltshire each summer.

Now that is one good reason, at least, why most otherwise intelligent people on Earth today do not believe in the paranormal reality of modern crop pictures! The international media have persistently refused to inform the public truthfully about this important phenomenon, although good reports are sometimes written in local newspapers from Wiltshire, or other regions of England or Italy where new crop pictures sometimes appear.

Alternate Site

 Crop Circle Display of the Biblical Story of  
The153 Fish In The Net

Miraculous Feedings of the Five Thousand  
   And Crop Circles

Creation Numbers
The Differences in the Squares of Mirror Numbers 
and the Relation to Solfeggio Music Numbers

(Related to the DNA Healing Frequencies)

Belgium - England
Crop Glyph Comparison
 Is NASA Making an Error?  

(Alchemy in the Fields)

The Da Vinci Code Crop Circle
Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper

by Joseph E. Mason

The Crop Circle Mystery
The 7/7/7 Crop Circle
 at East Field,
Alton Barnes, Wiltshire  

The 21

 The 2006 Crop Circle Formations 
The New Jerusalem
Metatron's Cube - Merkaba
Divine Light Vehicle of Ascension
The T-Tau, Sign of Resurrection

by Joseph E. Mason

 All About 2012
 With Connections to
Crop Circles and 11:11
(THE END was at
am Exactly!)

 11:11 - The Audio  

Radio Interview of
Joseph E. Mason
About the 11:11

The incredible crop
circle formation at Lurkley Hill
corresponds with The New
Jerusalem Plan, Ezekiel's
Four Living Creatures, and
the Sri Yantra

 The Interrelated
2005 Crop Circle

Amazing relationships
between formations

The Crop Circle Music Wheel
Geometry and Numbers

The Puzzles of Life
Can We Solve Them?
 The Dream and the Reality


 The Chakra System Crop Circle Formation  
We have been writing about the chakra
connection for many years. It is now
verified by this incredible pair of formations.
Photo credit Francine Blake

 The Bee-Hive Crop Circle Formation
June 2004

 Sacred Numbers to Resuscitate the Dead 
Lazarus and Awakening the Giant

(Includes the Triplets: 111, 222, 333, 444, etc.)

People from around the world
are reporting coincidences of
seeing 11:11. A number of
crop circle formations have
rectangles that may also
suggest this number image.

 11:11 - What Does it Mean?  

 The Return of the Feminine 
The Summer Triangle
The Three Marys & John 11:25

 The Can Opener - What is the Symbol Telling Us?  
War & Peace?
Crop Circle at Cherhill, near Calne, Wiltshire
7 August 2008

 The Vault of Heaven - The 28th Path
 (Tree of Life, Crop Circles, & More)  

 2006 Crop Circle at Herington, Kansas
(Sun-Moon Duality) 

 The Pope's Visit to Temple Mount  
and the Third Secret of Fatima

 Crop Circles Predict Future Comets/Asteroids  
compiled by Dee Finney 7-7-08

 Articles by Joseph E. Mason
and/or Dee Finney

 The Tree of Life Crop Circle Formation
Connections to the Chakra System
and Kundalini 

 The Menorah crop
 circle formation

May 1999
This Biblical Symbol is
related to the Tree of Life

 Crop Circle Formations As Chakras

Humanity On The Pollen Path
A leap to the Heart Chakra
The major message of the earth change

 The Mandelbrot Set Crop Circle Formation 
Manifests incredible "coincidences"

and relates to the Tree of Life

 The Swallows come to Save Earth  
2003 Crop Circle

Birdstar - Merkabah, our Menorah-Like
Vehicle for Mass Ascension
(Related to Solara's 11:11 Doorway)

The American Tragedy: 
 A Symbolic Event

September 11, 2001 Events Relate to St.
John's Revelation and
Crop Circles

The Dharmic Wheel Crop Formation

The Great Turning of Being and Becoming
Review of article by Michael Green

The Trinity Connection
1991 Barbury Castle Pictogram

 Dreams About The Triple Male Trinity  
(The 'Great Keyhole' crop formation
of 1990 as 'The Earth Goddess')

The Most Important Crop Circle 
1999 Crescent Vortex at White Horse,
near Hackpen Hill

Strange Attractor Crop Formation
and the End of Time

1997 Fractal relates to the end of the Mayan
calendar on December 21, 2012,
at 11:11 Universal Time

 The Aliens Arrive
by Dee Finney


Revelation 11:11
The original short version of humanity's leap to the Heart chakra

Arguments Against the Hoax
Theory Of Crop Circles


The Trinity - The Crop Circle Theme of 2001
by Dee Finney

  The Opening Eyes - The Aperture  
Crop Circles of July 2000

The All Seeing Eye -
 The Crop Circle Connection to Creator and the Stars
1994 and 1995 formations look like CBS Logo
(may relate to the the 2004 Chakra System formation)

  The Eight Fold Crop Circles, 2000   
An Eastern Mandala in the Fields

The Way God Creates A Crop Circle
1992 formation at Winterbourne Stoke

 The Magnetic Field  
 A Crop Circle Under Scrutiny For Meaning
 July 2000 Formation at Avebury Trusloe

 The Rainbow of Creation  

 The Keepers of the Trumpets  

 Predictive Outline of Ideas About the Great Change  
(Includes the Sacred Grid at the Yucatan)

Crop Circles Mystery
1992 Article in The Dream Network Journal

The Black Sun
Includes Swastika symbols, which may relate to the
2004 cross type formation with the Chakra System formation


(Prehistoric numbers in crop circles)


The Symbolism and Spiritual
Significance of the Number Nine

Weaving - The Mythology and the Reality

Minnie & Mickey Mouse, Dreams
Symbolism & Crop Circles

 UFO Sightings, Dreams, and  
Crop Pattern Relationships

Behind the Hoaxers - The History of Circle Faking
Review of Article by Marcus Allen

Colin Andrews Says!!!
Crop Circle Researchers Respond!!!


Wisconsin Lake Crop Circle

DNA Repair, Dreams and Crop Circle Formations
by Joe Mason

Cinnamon Buns and The Beast - The Spiral of Creation
by Dee Finney

Huge 7-7-7 Formation at Alton Barnes Appears in a Flash
(military attacks people)

Video Files

 Crop Circle Reporter Blog  
 Michael Glickman & Gary King  

  Tula Mexico Crop Circle Formation 2012  
The Re-Flooding of Atlantis

 Stonehenge Crop Circle 9th May 2010  

Wilton Hill Math Code

 Mandala Formation in Greenfield, California  

Alien Messages
Video by Maurice Osborn

 First UK Crop Circle 2010

Crop Circle Diagram
Display & Spinning

Marcel's Flash Animation
Early CCs 2010 Merged

 Huge 777 Formation appears in a Flash  

Ancient technologies of seed
fertilization with John Burke

Government Circles
Colin Andrews

Amazing New Crop Circles June 2011

Most Important Crop Circles EVER
(ET Messages)

Jay Goldner On Crop Circles 2010 Crop Circles 

More Video Files

Crop Circles 2009 (May - June)

Crop Circles 2009 (Late July)

 Grasdorf Plates Crop Circles
(Three metal plates found under formations)

 Crop Circles 1990-2007
(1 of 3) YouTube

Lights Forming Crop Cirlces

 Crop Circles 1990-2007
(2 of 3) YouTube

 Mathematics Practical Assignment  
(made with Geogebra)

 Crop Circles 1990-2007
(3 of 3) YouTube

   Aztec Crop Circles
Jaime Maussan

Sound, DNA, Crop Circles, 2012
David Wilcock

Turning Point of the Sacred Circle

Crop Circles Complexity

Search Results for
July 2009 Crop Circles

Crop Circles Decoded?
(alien messages)

Crop Circles and DNA

  Search Results for
 Crop Circles on YouTube

2009 Mayan Inspired Crop Circle

 Crop Circle Film - The Wake Up Call  

Crop Circles : Weird Phenomenon

John Scott Artist Channel

 UFO Latest Finding Crop Circles & DNA  

Audio Files

 The 11:11 Phenomenon  
Robbie Thomas Interview of
John and Lia Ramses

Sources of Information About Related Geometry

Sacred Geometry
Charles Gilchrist

 Ancient Egyptian Flower  
 of Life at Abydos

Flower of Life
Graphic - Animated

 Seed (Flower) of Life with
graphic from MathWorld

Flower of Life - The Golden Mean
Spiral and The Merkaba

Transcription -Drunvalo's Presentation
Flower of Life Overview

Flower of Life (graphic of FOL grid)
from MathWorld

Sacred Geometry
by Bruce Rawles

Sacred Geometry Home Page
by Bruce Rawles

Interactive Tree of Life

Lynnclaire Dennis' Geometry

Metatron Cube, Tree of Life,  
Eve's Grid & The Tesseract


BLT Research

This site features in-depth scientific investigation of physical changes induced in the plants
and soils of crop circle formations. Over 90 percent of the formations studied, both simple
and complex, have had the physical changes, supporting the "non human creation" theory.

Crop Circles In The News

British Government Secretly Studies Crop Circles & UFO Connection  
by Michael Salla, Ph.D.


Articles Added Recently

2012 and Crop Formations
by Geoff Stray
(Note: The cycle ends December 21, 2012
at 11:11 AM Universal Time)

Crooked Soley -
A Crop Circle Revelation

Sacred Numbers & DNA
by Allan Brown

The Soul in Crooked Soley
(The Mitochondrial DNA Formation)
Review of book by Allan Brown
and John Michell

The Art of Crop Trolling
The 2001 Mega Glyph
with 409 Circles

Specific Crop-Circles' Forms &
the Shape of the Local Universe
by Jonah Ohayv

Crop Formation At Legendary
Serpent Mound, Ohio

  Crop Formation Near Kassel, Germany  
(Knights Templar & Chakra Connection)

Crop Circle Communication
Yin Yang & Interlocking Rings 2009

Bert Janssen

Wheat from the Chaff
Articles by Michael Glickman

Euclid's crop circles
Science News Article

Crop Circle Music - Jonah Ohayv

Quintuplet Squaring the Circle
Bert Janssen

The Authentic Crop Circles
Cannot Be Made By Man

Revival of an Ancient Science

Eye witness to the Formation of a
Crop Circle Opposite Stonehenge

Archetypes - Sacred Geometry -
Blueprints/DNA - Symbols

Crop Circle and Vision Confirms
that the Dimensions are Merging

2010 Mandala Formation in
Greenfield, California

Perceptions of Sacred Geometry
Contained in Crop Circle Formations

by Dr. Colette M. Dowell , N.D.

Coments On National Geographic's,
Beyond the Mystery" Crop Circle Show (2005)

by Nancy Talbott, BLT, Inc.

Crop Circles & Their Relationship to
Euclidean Geometry & Diatonic Ratios

The Perfect Stone/Tone
By Jerry Vano

"UFO" Photos Around
Crop Circles in Holland

Crop Circles -

Crop Circle Changes
As Researchers Watch

Crop Circle Analysis Shows
Most Are Not Hoaxes

Euler's Equation Crop Circle
with Animation

Crop Circles, Synchronicity, &
Inter-Intelligence Communications

2010 Wilton Windmill
Crop Formation Decoded

Explosion of Crop Formations
in Germany

2002 Circle Season Develops
Geometrical Lessons

The East Field / South Field Duality
By Allan Brown

Eye witness to the formation of a
crop circle opposite Stonehenge

Crop Circles
Inter-Intelligence Communications

Transmission of a Crop Circle

Origin of Crop Circles Baffles Scientists
by Leslie Kean

USA Alignments of Crop Circles 
& ancient earthworks

The Amazing Number Nine
(includes the 1996 crop formations)

Pictograph found in
Oregon desert, 1990

Crop Circles and Their Message
by David Pratt

Planetary Codes
Krsanna Duran

The 'Tree of Life' Formation
by Paul Vigay

The Scorpius Hour 1994
by Kris Weber Sherwood

Now Comes a Crop Circle
Quantum Teleportation

Crop Circle Geometry
(links to many articles)

Striking Similarity of 2001 Crop Circle -
to Deb's 1984 Pryamid Sunrise

National Geographic Channel
Misrepresents Circle Research

by Nancy Talbott of BLT

Excerpt of "The Monkey
& The Tetrahedron"

Gallery of Crop Circle Effects


Milk Hill Script Translations
by Robert Boerman

 The Vessel Glyph

The Gog Magog Angel Formation
Charles Mallet

Angel Formations
Link between Belgium & England?

Gog Magog Theory:
Pandora's Box Opens

by Thomas Jude Germinario

Crop Circles Corner
articles by Jonah

The Gakayil & the
Windmill Hill Formation

Comparison of Two Leading
Crop Circle Formation Theories

Articles on Crop Formations
by William C. Treurniet

Anomalous photos from Crop Formations
by J. Marshall Dudley

Grasdorf Plates - Gold, Silver & Bronze
Found Beneath Crop Circles

Crop Circles and Their Message
by David Pratt

Robert Van Den Broeke:
"UFO" Photos

The Chilbolton Arecibo Message

Comparison of Solar System
Crop Circles at Longwood Warren

Quetzalcoatl in English Crop Circles

East Field Alchemy
by Bert Janssen

Milk Hill Magic
by Bert Janssen

Squares and Circles
by Bert Janssen

More Squares and Circles
by Bert Janssen

Crop Circles and Government
by Nick Pope

The Spiritual Genome
(DNA Crop Circles)

Crop Circles & Mayan Time
1998 Beltane Wheel Formation

The Chilbolton Crop Circle
and The Cassiopaeans

Opening Heart Chakra
Surry, NH Crop Circle of Dec. 17, 2004

Dreams, Disappearances
and Magic Carpets

by Lucy Pringle

Pope Celestine V's Crop Circles
(Basilica of Collemaggio's Holy Door)

M.I.T. Kids' Crop Circle Attempt Yields An
Interesting (And Totally Inadvertent) Result

2012 Debate
(Not the End of the World)

Sacred Blueprints
Java Crop Circle

Amazing Jellyfish Crop Circle UK 2009

M.I.T. Kids' Crop Circle Attempt Yields an
Interesting (and totally inadvertent) Result

Musical Theorems in Wheat Fields

72 Divine Names, Crop Circles
& The DNA Repair

UFO Involvement in Crop Circle Study The Melatonin Molecule Formation
by Karen Alexander
Photo History of Crop Circles Nancy Talbott�s Letter to National Geographic
Crop Circle World Crop Circle Museum

Older Articles

On the Brink
An Overview of Crop Circles

by Rodney Michael Carr-Smith

Anatomical Anomalies
In Crop Formation Plants

Great Lakes 11:11 Crop
Circle Formation

Anatomical anomalies in crop
formation plants
W. C. Levengood

Nancy Talbott - Cropformations:
A biophysical Investigation

Semi-Molten Meteoric Iron
Associated with a Crop Formation

Gerald Hawkins Euclidean Geometry
& Diatonic Rations in Crop Circles

Evidence of Sacred
Geometry in Crop Circles

by Freddie Silva

The Glyphs of the Gods
Radio Isotopes in Crop Circles

Curving Beams of Light
Peter Sorensen

The Great Oregon Sri Yantra
Ground Marking by Iyles

1/4 mile square symbol
gooved into a lake bed

Andrews Reveals Long-Promised
Hoaxing 'Evidence'

The internal Geometry
of Crop Circles

by Bert Janssen

Crop Circle Geometry
3 D - Fractals

by Bert Janssen

A Brief Education
On Crop Circles

by Freddie Silva

80% Proof
The Voice of Reason

Crop Circles
Astra Mate

Number 26, The Mayan Tzolkin,
& the Grid Crop Circle

The History of Crop Circles
by Freddie Silva

Octahedral Crop Circle
Formations 2000

by David Wilcock

The Philosopher's Stone
A Stone Most Precious

by Kris Weber Sherwood

Crop Circles:
Messages from the Universe

The Sequence
by Wolfgang Schindler

The Great A&E and Discovery
Channel Crop Circles Hoax

by Freddie Silva

by Freddie Silva

So it's all done with
planks & bits of string, is it?

by Freddie Silva

Crop Circles Hoax Aftermath
by Freddie Silva

1996 Laguna Canyon
Crop Circle Formations

By Ed & Kris Sherwood

 The "snake" formation at Alton Barnes  
as the Kundalini/Kukulcan

Conversation with
Francine Blake

The Jung Center searches for cause
and meaning of crop circles

Australian Land Marking
2 1/2 Mile Long Man

Crop Circles =
Sirius, ancient symbols
Stargate Manuscripts

The Emergence of the
Mother of All Crop Circles

David Wilcock

The Crop Circle
Connector F.A.Q

Is Sound Behind the
Creation of Crop Circles?
by Freddy Silva

Crop Circles, An Elliptical View
by Jack Sullivan

Theories on the Formation
of Crop Circles
By Brian Hussey

Chakras & Crop Circles - Crystalinks

Crop Circle Geometry
& Construction Lines
by Bert Janssen

Construction Myths &"The Moire"

Dowsing Crop Circles
by Freddy Silva

Crop Circles 2001
UK Review, Part 1

Mars, Jupiter &
2001 Crop Formations

Survival Manual & Update of 1998
Crop Circles - Cariel Quinly

Terrestrial Anomalies - Crop Circles

The Language of Light
by ilyes

(ilyes Home Page)

Subconscious Communication
With Crop Circles
(& Dowsing)
by Freddie Silva

Crop Circle Peculiarities

Circular Madness,
The Descent of Cereology
by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

A Biophysical Investigation

Nancy Talbott

The Secret History
of Crop Circles
by Terry Wilson (Book Review)

Crop circles mystify
Russian farmers - BBC News

Short-Lived Radionuclides in Soil
Samples from an English Crop Circle

The Oliver's Castle Video Debate
(did balls of light create the formation?)

The Spiral in the Consciousness Units
David Wilcock

Crop Circle Correlates To
Grek-5 Numerical Pyramid!

by Gary Val Tenuta

RealAudio on The
Crop Circle Connector

Links to Articles at the
Crop Circle Connector

From the Heart of the Sun
by Simon Burton

Crop Circle Insights

Comparison of Plasma Vortex
and Hoax Theories

Science News - Mathematics
Crop Circles: Theorems in Wheat Fields

Audio of Nancy Talbot
of BLT Research

Primary Formation
of May 2005 a Sacred Gift

By Bearcloud

 Crop Circles Made By Balls of Light  
Dr. Eltjo Haselfoff

Are There Crop Circle Designs
on the Bell Tower of Duomo?

The Mayan Boomerang

Crop Circles - BBC

Planker, Matthew Williams,
 Presentation Fails to Convince

Crop Circles Lead to American
Civil War Past Life Memories

Articles On DCCA
Dutch Crop Circle Archive

Blown Nodes in the
"Earth Is Missing" Formation

Journey to Mystical England

 Martin's Dream just prior to learning
of the Alien Face Formation

Alien Face & Disk Formation
Lucy Pringle's page

Paul Vigay's Analysis of the
Alien Face & Disk Formation

Ground photos of the 2002
'Alien Face' - Paul Vigay

Crabwood Alien - Part 1 - Martin Keitel

Psychological Aspects of the Pitt "Alien"
Formation, by Jonah Ohayv

Crop Circle Statistics

Clay Mineral Crystallization Case Study:
1999 Edmonton, Alberta Canada Crop Formation

Crop Circles in South Africa

Crop Circles -
Rocco Porreca of Italy

Two Largest Snow Formations
December 2009

Crop - A Language for Crop Circles
(a computer program to draw patterns)

Why Crop Circles Can't Be Hoaxed

Research Articles
Crop Circle Connector

2011 Crop Circle Formations

 Crop Circle Connector  

 Lucy Pringle 2010 Crop Circles  

Silent Circle

Crop Circle Archive 

Crop Circle Wisdom

 Location Map of 2011 Crop Circles

 International Crop Circles  

Crop Circle Archive Diagrams

 Youngblood Blog

Final call from the
Ionosphere: Lighten UP!

2010 Crop Circle Formations

 Silent Circle

 Lucy Pringle 2010 Crop Circles  

Crop Circle Reporter

Crop Circle Archive 

 Crop Circle Archive Diagrams  

 Location Map of 2010 Crop Circles

2009 Crop Circle Formations

  Crop Circle Archive

 Lucy Pringle 2009 Crop Circles  

Silent Circle

Visible Signs 2009

  UFO Above Dutch Crop Circle  

Italian Crop Circles 2009

YouTube Videos
2009 Crop Circles

Crop Circle Archive Diagrams

Psychedelic Adventure

 Cream of the Crop Circle Season : 2009  

2008 Crop Circle Formations

 Lucy Pringle 2008 Crop Circles 

Crop Circle Archive 2008

2008 Crop Circle Occurences

Temporary Temples

Swirled News

2007 Crop Circle Formations

 Lucy Pringle 2007 Cro Circles 

 Crop Circle Archive 2007

2007 Crop Circle Occurences

 Crop Circle Connector Forum  

2006 Crop Circle Formations

 Lucy Pringle 2006 Cro Circles 

 William Betts 2006 Crop Circles  

Crop Circle Archive 2006

 Circle & Ring, June 2006  
Herington, Kansas, USA

Crop Circle Connector Forum

2006 Crop Circle Occurences

2005 Crop Circle Formations

 Lucy Pringles 2005  
Crop Circles

 The Interrelated 2005
 Crop Circle Formations

 Crop Circle Archive 2005  

Crop Circle Directory 2005

 Crop Circle Connector Forum  

2005 Crop Circle Occurences

2004 Crop Circle Formations

Lucy Pringles 2004
Crop Circles

 Seven-Armed Pinwheel, 25 May 2004  
Knobel, Clay County, Arkansas

Crop Circle Archive 2004

Crop Circle Directory 2004

 Double Spiral in Vesica Pisces  
Icknield Way, near Pegsdon,
3 May 04 (in French)

Reconstruction of the Tegdown Hill
Formation of 2004

Resource for the Tegdown Hill
Formation (see link on left)
The Tipharet Helix

Compare Image to Double Spiral
(link on left)

Also: Dreams of Spirals

Triangle, 30 June 04, Tegdown Hill
near Patcham, East Sussex

 Bee-Hive, 25 June 04, Milk Hill, Wiltshire  

Information related to Folded Bee: Tan Hill
 symbolizes pineal gland of Land Earth Goddess  

Oval Sunburst, 13 July 04, West
Kennett Longbarrow, Wiltshire

Compare to Sunburst -
Pyramid Sunrise of 2001

Eye & 2 Teardrops, 15 July 04,
Southfield, near Alton Priors, Wiltshire

Pictogram with Crescents, 17 Jul 04,
Windmill Hill, near Avebury Trusloe,Wiltshire

Chakra System, 22 Jul 04,Pewsey
White Horse, near Pewsey,Wiltshire



The 2001 Gog and Magog Hill Crop Circle Formations

666' Ring at Gog Magog Hill
 near Cambridge

 Angel at Gog Magog Hill (2) Crescents  
and 75 lines, July 26, 2001

Crop Circle Co-Creation

 Cambridge (UK): Crop Circle site 
Gog Magog Hills Formation 2

The Amazing Aztec Sun Stone Calendar of 2 August, 2004
at Silbury Hill, near Beckhampton, Wiltshire, with Informitive Links

At Lucy Pringle's Site

The Aztec Calendar

Legend of the Four Suns

 The 4th & 5th Worlds of the Aztecs & Mayans  

 The Aztec Calendar at MIT  

The Butterfly Effect

The End of the World

BBC News Article

 Crop Circle Warns of World's End  

Serpent Glyph from the Sun Stone (timestar)

Mayan Calendar
(explanations of glyphs)

The "Snake" Crop Circle (Kunalini)

 Large detailed Red Aztec Calendar  

XOCHIPILLI The Prince of Flowers

Very Large diagram with explanations 

Plasma Physics: Meso-American Mythology

Greenish colorful Sun Stone

The Aztec Calendar: Math and Design

Clear image of Aztec Calendar

9x9 Checkerboard, 6 Aug 04,
Hillwood, Aldbourne,Wiltshire

Info: Dreams of Red and Black

Info: Moon Magic Square

 Info: Collection of Strange Magic Squares  

Info: Mecury Magic Square

Info: Venus Magic Square

6 & 12 Star of David, 7 Aug 04,
Wilton Windmill, near Wilton,Wiltshire

 2 Circle Interference Pattern, 8 Aug 04,
Shalbourne, nr Hungerford, Wiltshire

Crop Circles & Quantum Mechanics

Diatonic ratios, interference patterns

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good articles &
great photographs

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good graphics & articles

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largest database, but
only recient material
available to non-members

2012: Dire Gnosis
Geoff Stray

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Good Articles

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dmoz Open Directory Project


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Elohim's Crop
Circle Links

Crop Circle Links

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Significant Crop Circle Formations of the Past

  Included are sources of information about related geometry  


Are Extraterrestrials Steering Us to a
 One World Religion Through Crop Circles
by Dee Finney & Joe Mason

Joe Mason and Dee Finney have studied crop circles since 1990. The main focus of their studies of the formations is for meaning. There have been over 10,000 glyphs in many countries around the world. Before the 1990's, the formations were simple circles and rings. Beginning in 1990, increasingly complex glyphs started to appear. Some researchers have discovered sacred geometry in the formations and others have discovered music ratios in them. Joe and kDee have found spiritual and religious references in quite a few crop formations and have discovered that people are dreaming the formations before they appear.

Read the details of the various crop formations and see how they fit into the earthly paradigm of spiritual practices and religions that humanity practices around the world. The crop formations run the gamut from Christianity and Judaism through all of the ancient and New Age religions and practices.

Thus the question must be asked: Are extraterrestrials or "other dimensional beings" steering us to a one world religion through crop circles? Should we accept it or reject it? Are we being drawn into acknowledgement that we are all ONE?

The Crop Circle Web Ring
This Crop Circle Web Ring site is owned
by Joe Mason and Dee Finney
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Crop Circle Movies

William Gazecki's film
Crop Circles: Quest for Truth

A feature-length documentary
VHS/PAL tapes and DVD discs will be available
 Do not be misled by the mass media; learn the real true story  
Produced by Suzanne Taylor

What On Earth?
Inside the Crop Circle Mystery
A Film by Suzanne Taylor
 Said to be the kind of horizon-expanding documentary that  
literally changes the way we see the world around us.


"Signs" - an entertaining fictional Movie featuring crop circles staring Mel Gibson

 The Unofficial "Signs" Movie Site 

Shyamalan Tackles the Crop
Circle Phenomenon in 'Signs'

 Swirled News - Signs Movie  

"Signs" Competition
Causes Hoax Concern

Other Movies that include Crop Circles:

"A Place To Stay" - Crop Circle Movie

 Special Announcement
Our favorite dream magazine,
 The Dream Network Journal,  
is in financial difficulty.
Please help by subscribing.

Crop Circle Photographers
We thank the crop circle photographers and urge support for them.

 Lucy Pringle  

 Busty Taylor  

 Stuart Dike  

Freddy Silva

Ron Russell
 Crop Circle Anomalies

Steve Alexander
 and Karen Douglas

 Peter Sorenson  

Werner Anderhub

Frank Laumen

.Janet Ossebaard

Andrea Feliziani

Julian Gibsone

 Eva-Marie Brekkesto  

Bert Janssen

Jan Schwochow

Olivier Morel

Graham Tucker

Nick Nicholson

Andreas Müller

Peter Sorensen

Colin Andrews

 Clemens Richter  

Patricia Murray

Seiichi Nakazato

David Russell

Richard Wintle
Calyx Photo Services

Andrew King

Richard Harvey

Russell Stannard

Doe Kelly and
Andrew Wheeler

Summer Garland

A.J. Samuels

Jim Miller

Rob Speight

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Lucy Pringle's Crop Circle Photograph Library

Crop Circle Archive - X-Cosmos

Crop Circle Archive - Bertold Zugelder

Crop Circle Connector
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